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- MABKi-T NEWS., .\f ■ "...,v..:..


MABKi-T NEWS., \f ■ v. :4ll £ ARK-^urai.—The market was fjirly attended,>it •ftioe the late heavy purchases which have been con- cluded, f?tiy§rs adopt greater reluctance to enter into fresh.le ts of any magnitude. j tellers in the ineai^ij«e«howieBS reserye, and prjices pftaojstcqrealg are W|ea t—Englisji quoted at ,47s ,up to I aad r^da^Ms to 51s. Foreign descriptions meet a glow Bale. No. 1 hard Manitoba 56a ex-ship; 57e landed ;>Northern Spring, 53a 6d ex-sship aid Oaliferniahi ex-ship. White Walla Walla and red cn&minal in absence of offers. South Bassian, 47e to 62s, according to quality. 'The ^emand^foi" flteor has fallen off. and, after %reguf l&rfty, prices show an easier tendency. The M HI era -A^ocifrtitm have, however, made no further altera- tion, the present fixed price for toWn household! being$2b, ,>nd white, ..45s, Of* country makes, patents range at 41s to 43s; roller, 39s to 41s; and stone ip&de, vat 36s to 888" 6d; American first patents, 41s to 42s; second ditto, 37s to 40s; and first bakers at 35s to 38s; and- second ditto, 338 to 35s; Californian quoted at 38s to 40s, and Hungarian at bCW. ta, Vs-I per sa k, acwrdin- to qualify. Barl?v' fdr grinding purposes offers at easier rates: Odessa, 20s 9d ex-ship; Darm-' bian 21s 6d ex-quay; and Azov, 21s ex-ship. There has been little inquiry in oats, with only a liinited business passing at a' slight .decline. American mixed clipped, 18a 6d ex-ship; and un- dipped, 18s ex-ship; white clipped, 19s to 19s 3d px- ShIp; and South Russian,,17s 6d to 18s. according to quality. Maize .cheaper, round beingfJd and, flat 9d to Is lower on the week. American "mixed, new crop quoted at 18s 3d and Odessa at 23s 6d ex-shih.' Beans and peaa unaltered,.Egyptian splits being held for 218 ex-mill; Barbary, 19s 6d; and .Canadian, white peas rule at Vq.W lan(kd. LONDON METROPOLITAN CATTLE. Supply fair.: Prime 'and secondary qualities met a slow sale, but last weeka'currencies governed all transactions. Ft balls ruled slow and lower in price. Fat butchering co "Were.litèh.dy but quiet of sale. Scotch quoted 4s 2d to 4s 4d; Devons, 4s 2d; Norfolks, 4s Od to 4s 2d; shorthorns, 3s 8d to 3s lOd; and fat cows, 3s 4d to 3s 6d per .81b, The selection of Irish on offer consisted' entirely of store beasts. Moderate arrivals of sheep were received and trade tor neait wethers ruled firm, but heavy descriptions were dull and weaker. Ewes iiiet a slow demand, to "8- stone Down wethers, 5s 0d; 9-stone,' 5s Od; 10-stone, 4s lOd; balf-breds, 4s Qd to 4s 8d; ll-stone Hampshires. 4s 4d #o 4s 6d; 12-stone Lincolns, 4s to 4s 2d; 10-stone Down ewes, 3s lOd" fccr4s;~ and ll-stone half-bred ditto, 38 6d to 3s 8d. Lambs were in short supply, and realtsed occasionally more money; 5-stonefatDownfe, 7s' 2d to 7s 6d per 81b. sinking the offal. No calves were offered. Pig trade nominallyunchanged. Milch cows offered at £16 to' k22 per head. Coarse and inferior beasts quoted 2s 4d to 2s lOcl; second quality ditto, 3s to 3s 6d prime large oxen, 8»i€d! to 3» JOd; ditto Scots, &c., 4s Od to 4s 2d; coarse and inferior sheep, 2s lOd to 3s 6d; second quality ditto, 3s 8d to 4s 4d; and first quality, 4s lOd to 5s 2d; inferior lambs, 5s lOd to 6s 4d; second quality, 6s 6d to 6s lOd; and first, 7s 2d to 7s 6d per 81b., sinking the offal. SMITUFIELD MEAT.—Fair supplies of beef, which met a moderate sale. Mutton and veal ruled slow. Pork trade firm. Scotch beef quoted 3s 8d to I Is 2d; English, 3s 6d to 3s 8d American, Deptford- killed, 3s 2d to 3s 4d Liverpool, 3s 2d to 3s 4d; American, refrigerated, hind-quarters, 3s 4d to 3s lOd average, 3s 6d; fore-quarters, 2s Od to 2s 2d; average, 2s Id. Mutton: Scotch, 4s 4d to 58 Od; English wethers, 4s Os to 4s 4d; ewes, 2s 8d to 3s Od Argentine, 2s lOd to 3s Od. English lamb, 5s 8d to 6s 8d. Veal English, 4s Od to 4s 4d; Dutch, 3s 8d to 4s. Pork: Dutch, 3s 6d, to 3s lOd lind Irish, 3s 2d to 3s 4d per 81b. ■BILLINGSGATE Fisii.-Irish salmon, 2s 2d; Dutch, '2s; soles, Is to Is 6d; slips,TOd to Is; red mullet, ls 6d to Is 9d; dories, 4d per lb.; turbot, 7s to 9s brill, 7s to 9s; halibut, 5s to 6s; lemon soles, 4s 6d to 5s 6d; plaice, 4s 6d to 5s 6d per stone; steamer If to, 28s to 32s per trunk whiting, 5s to 7a; gur- net, 8s to 10s; skate, Ms to lis; cod, live, 18s to 20s dead, 12s to 14&per box; English mackerel, 12s to 15s per 60y Irish, 30s to 36s per 120; fresh haddocks, 7s to 12s per trunk eels, live, 20s to 22s iead, 18s- to 19s^per draft; lobsters, 20s/to 36s per JCOre; cuabs, 14s per hamper; Dutch oyster?; 8s; Erench, 6s per 100; winkles, 7s; whelks, 4s per bushel; mussels, 2s per bag; kippers, Is 6d to 2s per Oax;, smoked haddocks, 2s to 9s per dozen white- bait, 6d to 9d per quart; shrimps, 18s per bushel. Sum TRADE.—More inquiry for mustard. Rape- leed firm. Cocksfoot dearer. Tares slow. Rye ftuch wanted. Samples of ground canaryseed for feed are showing. Hempseed steady. Peas, hari- cots, and lentils unchanged. A small arrival is noted 3f the new Florida velvet beans. CovzxT, GAltDYJ. Apples, Tasmanian, cases, various, comprising Sturmer, N.Y. Pips., Adams' Pearmain, Sc., Nonpareil, F. Crabs, &c., 12s to 18s; banfl,nas,. bunch, 8s to 15s; cherries, per box, lOd to l* 2d; cobnuts, per 1001b., 16s,to 18s; figs, per iozen, 4s to 6s grapes, English, per lb., 3s to 4s Jifcto, Jersey, per lb., 3s to 3s 6d; ditto, Belgian, per lb., Is 4d to la 9d; ditto, Muscats, per lb., 38 to 10s; gooseberries, per quart, 6d to 8d; melons, each, Is 9d to 2s 6d; peaches, Per dozen (according to size), 12s to 18s; ditto, second quality, 6s to 8s; pines, each, from 2s to 5s; strawberries, per lb, Is 3d to. 4s. Asparagus, English, natural, per bundle, 4s; ditto Worcester Is 3d to 2s ditto foreign sprue, 6d ditto Victoria, large, 6s 6d ditto Argenteuil, 3s 6d to 4s; Sitto Spanish, lOd to Is ditto Toulouse Is 3d to Is 9d; artichoke^ Globe,: per dozen, Is 3d to 2s; ditto. Jerusalem, sieve, Js beans, English (Dwarf), Ibt, 9dtola; ditto Channel Islands, per lb., 8d to Uj beetroots, per bushel, 2s 6d; ditto per tally of 60, is; broccoli, per dozen, 6d to Is 6d; ditto crates, 2s toe..4s ¡, ditto pot, Is ditto, bushel, 6d cabbage, open,' per dozen, 6d to 8d tied, per tally, 9d to Is ditto bushel, 6d; ditto bags, Is-; cress, dozen punnets, Is 6d; coleworts, or greens, per bushel, 6d; carrots, in bags, washed, 3s to 3s 6d; ditto in bunches 2s; ditto, new, bunches, per dozen, 4s; ditto, new round, Per bunch, 4d to 5d; celery, per dozen rolls, 12s to 158; cucumbers, per dozen, 2s to 3s 6d; endive, new, per dozen, 2s 6d; garlic, per lb., 4d horseradish, foreign, per bundle, 9d to Is; diytto, Cheshire (loose), per dozen, 2s; leeks, per dozen bunches, Is 6d to 2s 6d lettuce, cabbage, per dozen, 9d to lOd j ditto, cos, per dozen, 2s 3d to 2s 6d; mint, per dozen bunches 2s to 3s; mushrooms, per lb., 6d to 8d; onions, Egyptian, bags, 7s; ditto, green, per dozen bunches, Is 6d to 2s 6d ditto, new French per dozen bunches, 4s to 5s parsnips, per bag, Is 6d to 2s parsley, per sieve, 9d; ditto, per dozen bunches, Is to Is 6d; peas, flats, 3s to 4s 6d ditt o, Telephone, perlb.,9d; potatoes, Channel Isles, framed kidneys, per lb., 3d to 3kd; ditto, Malta kidneys, per cwt., 17s to 2 20s ditto, round, per cwt., 14s to 16s; ditto Canary liids, per, cwt., 15s to 20s; ditto, Algerine • kids, per cwt.V l8s to 20s; radishes,, long, per dozen bunches, 6d; ditto, round, per dozen bunches (home grown), Is to Is 6d; rhubarb per dozen (home-grown), natural, Is to 2s 6d; salad, small punnets, per dozen, Is 3d seakale, natural, per dozen punnets, 18s to 20s; shallots, per lb„ 2d; spinach, per bushel, 6d to 9d; tomatoes, English, per lb., 8d to lOd; ditto, Channel Isle's, per lb., 6d; ditto, Canary, deep boxes, 2s 0d to 3s Od; ditto, ditto, trays, Is to Is 6d; turnips old, per dozen bunches, 2s; ditto, new, French, 3d to 5d; Watercress, per dozen bunches, 6d to 8d. WOOL.-—There is still virtually no change to chronicle with regard to this branch of trade. Holders of wool keep to their stocks with the firm- ness of despair, and as a rule refuse offers they con- 8ider inadequate. What little business takes place is at easier rates, but exact figures are difficult to arrive at, as sellers do hot care to confess to yielding. These cases, however, are exceptional, but, to meet buyers, are unavoidable. Reports from the ultimate markets are still very disappointing and discouraging, so that spinners' position by no means improves, and unless they (5an obtain some concession from^holders of wool, nothing but loss would ensue from contracts taken at the present Tange of prices. The continued disturbed state of politics increases the depression, so that the outlook is still most uncertain and unsatisfactory. Downs, Sid to lOd; Kents, 8d to 8!d; half-breds, Sd. CAMBRIDGE CATTLE.—Not so many store beasts as last week, and trade slow. Trade slow for fat beasts at lower rates. Fat sheep a fair show, prices as last Week. Stores not so many to hand. A large number of lambs at lower prices. Fat pigs, trade not so brisk as last week. Hay, straw, and-roots, short and fair prices. Sheep, 376; lambs, 140; Pigs, 181; horses, 4. Prices: Beef, 6s to 7s button, 3s 8d to 4s 8d lamb, Eqd,. to 9W; pork, 611 to 7s. v.z






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