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Football. DHNGIQH GUILD beat Holywell Reserve, in a friendly matoh at Denbigh, by 1 goal to nil. RHYL TOWN RBSBBVBS v. BANGoia.-This match in the third round of the Welsh Junior Cup was played at Victoria-park, Rhyl. The game was tame throughout, no goals being soored. LLANDUDNO SWIFTS V. RHYL TOWN. North Wales Coast league.—Played at Llandudno in good weather, before a large attendance. Rhyl, who won the toss, played with the wind and sun behind them. Even play ensued. Rhyl during the first half, seored twice. On ohanging over Llandudno were seen to better advantage, but they only succeeded in scoring once. Final result :-Rhyl Town, 2 goals Llandudno Swifts, 1 goal. CABNABVON IBONOPOLIS V. B.A.NGOB.- The league matoh between these teams attraoted a considerable orowd to the Carnarvon enoloiure. The home team won the to-a. With the wind behind them Carnarvon at once became dangerous. Frequent corner-kicks resulted in the Bangor end, and after a hot attack in front of the Bangor goal, W. Morris soored for Carnarvon. Play of an exoiting nature followed, Bangor being again severely pressed. Carnarvon soored a second goal from a scrimmage. Half-time followed soon after. Bangor now subjeoted the Carnarvon defence to severe pressure. The state of things which existed in the first half was reversed. Bangor equalised, after whioh there was a most interesting struggle for a winning point. Final result:—Carnarvon, 2 goals; Bangor, 2 goals. MOLD v. BBYHBO.- Wirral League.—The match at Mold, last Saturday, attracted an average gate. Brymbo won the toss, and J. R. Jones started the game on behalf of the Mold team. The major portion of the first moiety proved uninteresting, both teams playing erratically, and without combination. After fifteen minutes had elapsed from the start Welsh sent in a long shot, which was missed both by the Brymbo left full back and goalkeeper. Although the shot itself manifested a considerable amount of skill and judgment, it was not a diffioult one to repel and the downfall of the Brymbo colours was greeted with derisive oheirs. Moid appeared to be gaining a slight advantage, although Moss equalised ten minutes after. The visitors waxed more energetio, but the homesters were still the superior orowd, and it was not long before Peter Davies, from a pass by J. R. Jones, was observed making traoka for the Brymbo goal. Eluding both baoks, he oonoluded a run of fully quarter of the length of the field by a shot which the visitors' custodian vainly tried to negooiate. The arrival of half-time found the Mold team leading by two goals to one. Within five minutes of the restart Mold had seoured a third goal and it had become evident that the eleven sent to represent Brymbo were not the purveyors of beans to which the Moldavians sucoumbed on the oooaeion of their last meeting. Up to this point fou's were claimed with unpleasant frequency, and the culmina- tion arrived when North (the home left full back), who throughout had played superbly reoeived notice to quit from the referee, and he left the ground amid general manifestations of disatisfaotiou. Spurred on by this rebuff, the homesters played with a will their efforts resulting in a fourth goal. Towards the close of the oontest the Mold men appeared to have almost all the play, but nothing further was recorded. Final result:—Mold, 4 goals; Brymbo, 1 goal.




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