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READING & RECREATION ROOMS, HALKYN, TO BUILDERS. PERSONS willing to TENDER for the above Naw Baildioge, can see the Plans and obtain Quantities at the Office of the ArchItects-Messrs Douglas aud Forlham, 6, Abbey Square, Cheater, on and after MONDAY, 5TTA JULY, 1897. Tender.i eikdorsea render for Reading Rooms, be., HaLkyn," to be Hint, not later than 10 a.m., an MONDAT, 12th JULY, to the Olerk to tLe Fdziitk Council, Halkyfc. The towtat or any Tender not necespmly aocepted. Biring Bank, Halkyn. ST. W INEFRIDE'S BOARDING SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES WELL STREET, HOLYWELL. OURSE-Engliab; French; German; Drawing; Painting; Dancing; Calisthenics; Music (Vocal and Instrumental); plain and fancy Needlework. The Convent is under the Royal Academy for Ex- ana in Masic, to. WEBKLY BOARDERS REOBIVKD. A SELECT DAY SCHOOL for YOUNG LADIES is now OPEN at ST. WINEFBIDE'S CONVENT, Well Street. Only a limited number eseived. -For Terms, apply to the SUPEBJOEBSO. AND Co. IBilO TO ANXOUNCB THAT THB NBW STOCK OF ART PUBLICATIONS IK BOOKLETS, LEAFLETS, AND CHILDREN'S TOY BOOKS. NEWEST GAMES AND NOVELTIES. PRETTILY BOUND s T o :R. BOOKS AT ALL PEIOES, SUITABLE FOB NEW YEAR'S PRESENTS AND SUNDAY SCHOOL REWARDS. A CHOICE SELECTION 07 Sunday School Illuminated Reward Cards. STOCK OF NICELY BOUND PRAYERS AND HYMNS. HANMOXB Pocket and Presentation Bibles. NEW JJOOKSI NEW gOOKSII CONDENSED CATALOGUE 09 NEW BOOKS NOW = STOCK AT THB OBSERVER" OFFICE, HOLYWELL At 3s. 6d. la the Rocky Mountains Cruden's Concordance At 2s. 6d. Adventurous Boat Voyages j Aiming Higher Arabian Nights Debtor and Creditor Helen's Babies Habits and Characteristics of Animals King of the Conjurors j Lorimea Littlegood Little Mr Bouncer Making Haste to be Rich Manse Gat den Military Heroes of England Martin Rattler True to the Last The Country of the Dwarfs The Study of the Bible The Story of: P cjinanlar War Three Years io ♦ An Trap Robinson Crusoo Rising in the World Shakespeare Prince Charlie Parlour Pastimes Will Adams Milton's Poetical Works Living for Appearances Take my Advice At 2s. Notable Workers in Hamble Life Archie Digby Lost in tho Wilds of Canada Seed Time and Harvest Defoe's Journal of the Plague] Scott's Poetical Works, Confessions of a Horse Dealer Pilgrim's Progress Anecdotes of Birds, &o. Dr. Livingstone David Copperfield Dombey and Son Fifteen Months Among Kaffirs Heroes of the Battlefield/ Kenilworth Last Days of Pompeii Mr Midshipman Easy The Cure of Buiseon Retribution 1200 Reward Robinson Crusoa MinisteriDg Angel Oliver Twist Three Boots 1s. 6d. Si r Walter Raleigh Breakers Ahead Geological Gossip Goldeu Treasury Etching Words for the Weary Is. Geordie Stnart No Gains Without Pains Tom Cringle's Log Bewitched Lamp Caught at LaBt REMA RKA BLI-BAR GAINS I I A large Stock of beautifully bound v STANDARD WORKS and NOVELS, AT 11 id. each, ORDINARY SELLING PRICE, 2s. 0d. And numerous other Books to seleot from. COLOURED TOY BOOKS. SUNDAY SCHOOL REWARDS, &c., &c., at the "OBSERVER" OFFICE, HOLYWELL. I < SECOND ANNUAL I "EBENEZER" EISTEDDFOD WILL BE HHLD AT B A G I L L T SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER lira, 1897. LIST OF SUBJECTS. BRASS BAND CONTESTS, (Under North Wales Brass Band Association Rules) I.-For the best rendering of Gems of Viet riau Melodita" (Rouni). First prize-19 Guineas. Consit-ting of t5 5s. Od. in caab, and a B flat Cornet, Excelsior Class A Quality, No. 2 Model, Triple Stiver Plated, Engraved, and with Gold Pom s, fitted complete in handsome Brown Leather Case, lined wita piush vaiue, L14 14s. Cd and a Silver Medal for the Bandmaster, presented by Mesers Boosey aDd Co., 295, RegeutSt., London, W. 2nd prize, 44; 3rd prize, 91. Ail Bituds to uottetopiay "Aberystwith" (as published by Round), conduoiei by thg Adjudicator previous to his adjudication. 2.—For the let played March "Dictator" (Round), on the day of the Eistaddfod. Prize, zC I Is. 3.-Mixed Cho,r Contest (not to exoted 30 in number). Test piee-" Enaid ou, maa dyfroedd oerion," (Isalaw). Prize, E3, and a handsome Electro Silver Prize Cap, JOiaehos high. (PreseLted by Me3srs Crane and Song, Liverpool). 4.-Juvenile Choir Contest. Min. 24, Max. 30. Test piece—" The Merry Bird" (D. Mylor Owen). Published by Hughes and Son. Prize Y,2 2s., and a set ot Silver.mounted Carve18 for the Conductor. 5.—String Qiartett, Mozart in D Minor." Prize, I Cacrcdua' Violin and Bow in case, value £10 10s. (Presented by Messrs Haynes and Co., Limited). 6.—Euphjtiutn Solo-" The Challenge" (Round) Prize, A handsome Gold Medal. (Presented by Messrs Joseph Higba-r, Limited, Manchester). List of Subjects will be sent on receipt of Id stamp by the Secretaries :— D. R. JONE3, The Poi I Ar3, Bagillt. HUGH JONES, New Brighton, Bagillt. "FOR THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE." IF THE MISCHIEF JS IN THE BLOOD I KNOW OF A CERTAIN CURE, QLARKE'S BLOOD MIXTURE, THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER A ND RESTORER. FrougoohIssop, Llechryd, Cardiganshire, March 16, 1896. Gentlemen,-I write to thank you for the grea benefit I ipeceived through taking Clarke's BIM; Mixture. I had suffered for over eighteen months from ulcerated sores on my leg. and was unable t(, walk about the house without crutches. During tin above period I had been treated by doctors, and had tried all sorts of remedies, but none did mi any good. At the latter end of last year I war, recommended to consult a noted person for sucl maladies in Glamorganshire; I went there and re- mained under his care for several weeks, but had to return home despondent, without having derived any benefit. A day or two after I returned home, Mr Jones, our police officer, called, and asked how I was, and I told him my experience in Glamorgan. shire. He replied If the mischief is in the blood I know a certain cure, Clarke's Ulood Mixture. After further conversation I made up my mind tt give it a trial, and shall never forget the day. In less than six weeks, and before I finished taking the second bottle, I was perfectly cured, and never felt better in my life. Evea since I have been able to attend to my household duties without the slightest difficulty whatever,—Yours truly, "AWN THOKAB." 4, Greenfield-street, Govan, Glasgow, Jan. 5,1it1 "Dear Sirs,—1 feel in duty bound to add mj testimonial in favour of Clarke's world-famed Blood Mixture. I have suffered for three years and six months with a dreadful sore on my upper lip and chin. I was forced to go to the Skin Hospital, in Elm Bank-street; they did not do any good to it. Then I tried most of all the principal institution* in Glasgow, and lastly the Skin and Caneer Institu- tion in St. Vincent-street, and paid one pound before receiving any advice, and the adviee wai that he was afraid I would lose my upper lip I received treatment in this institution for one month, and received no benefit Then he told me he would have to take the lip off, but I would not consent, and of which I am a proud man to-day After this I went to the Western Infirmary, and was under a elever skin specialist I received treatment for 13 weeks, and received a little benefit, and came out and commenced working again at my occupation, but I soon got as bad as ever I then commenced with 'Clarke's World-famed Blood Mixture,' and after taking five bottles was completely cured. But I still continued taking the Mixture till I had taken thirteen bottles You can make use of my name in any way you please.—Yours truly, "WILLIAM PATEBSO*. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS For cleansing and clearing the blood from all impurities CLARKE'S BLOOD MIXTURE cannot be too highly recommended For Scorfula, Scurvy, Eczema, Bad Less Skin and Blood Diseases, Pimples, and Sores of all lrind, its effects are marvellous. As this mixture is pleasant to the taste and war- ranted free from anything injurious to the most delicate constitution of either sex, from infancy to old age, the Proprietors solicit sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL.-Cleanse the vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions, and sores cleanse it when you find it obstructed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse it when it is foul-your feelings will tell you when. Keep your blood pure, and the health of 'he system will follow. Sold in bottles, 2s 9d each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the world, or sent to any address on receipt of 33 stamps, by the Proprietors, THE LINCOLN and MIDLAND COUNTIES DRUG COMPANY, LINCOLN, CLARKE'S WOBLD- BLOOD MIXTURE. c FAMED CLARKE'S WOBLD- BLOOD MIXTURE. FAMED CLARKE'S WOBLD- BLOOD MIXTURE. FAKED WHEN you ASK for CLARKE'S BLOOD MIXTURE, don't be put off with something else. Many retailers stock substitutes for all articles in large demand, and pay their assistants a com- mission on the sale of these imitations. This explains why different artioles from the one asked for are so frequently pat before purchasers. $3- LADIESI LADIES REQUIRING ASSISTANCE and RELIEF i all FEMALE AILMENTS. IRREGULARITIES; SUPPRESSIONS, and OBSTRUCTIONS can obtain the most valuable information whereby difficulties are over- come, no matter how Obstinate or Long-Standing. THIS EXTRAORDINARY M KDICINE has met with immense success in THOUSANDS OF OASES after all others have failed. Read these extracts from Testimonials :— ,r MKXBORO' Dear Madam,—Kindly send me a bottle of your medicine and pills, I have tried them before; on cne occasion they put me right with FOUR DOSES AFTER SIXTEEN WEBKS, and another time ONB DOSE DID ME GooD,-Mrs L.T NEWCASTLK-OS-TTITB. Dear Madam,—My case was a very obstinate one of EIGHTEEN WEEKS, but with perseverenceand your good advice I am happy to say I got relief.-Mrs M.J. YORK. Dear Mrs Dasmail,-I received the medicine and pills safely. The last I had proved effectual after FIVE iioNTiia' SUPPRESSION AND A.VXIETY.—Mrs A-B, The above, and Thousands of similar Testimonials guaranteed Genuine UNDER A PENALTY OF £ 1,000. Abandon not hope; here you will find a Genuine SPECIALITY and CURE. Failure impossible. Send stamped addressed envelope for particulars. A, DASMAIL, POX, 887, Langdale House, Walthamstow, Londen, rfO BE LET—A BEERHOUSE, in Bagillt; £ t a, 'ally-licensed PUBLIOHOUSE, in flint. Apply to KBMTBBTON BBEWEBY Co. LD. e- -r F 1 41 M ^vpHATIpT l.l_ DECIRE: I N FOR MAT I () N' rwn_- I jk,ne Anrrf"ii:f!iral Resource* of Caiiada, th, Morth-^e-t jLcrr:tor»cs, and Ul:1tish CoJiiuibin. and or the fwold FJelflM In OntarIo and Ki'lrisSi (.'oliiuibiK, SHOULD WRITn: TO A1jhA?i J?ilOTJiJEKS, lit, James Street, LIV:E!tPOOI, FOR THEIR HANDBOOK AND PAM- PMLETS, ^HICH AKE SENT FREE. MO N EY LENT PRIVATELY by the CHARING-CROSS BANK (Registered 23, BEDFORD-STREET, OHARING CROSS LONDON. ESTABLISHED, 1870. Assets r.i••••••« £ 512,475 18 2 Liabilities. 209,475 18- 2 Capital and Reserve. £ 303,000 0 0 Advances made upon approved Promissory Note as follows:- Advance £ 25—12monthlyropaymente of £ 2 6 11 50 4 11 t- 100 9 3 4 Larger IIomounhthe samein proportion. LOANS of E30 to L2,000 granted at a few hour'snoticein town or country, male or female, on mortgage of furniture, trade and farm stock, plans, crops, &c., without removal, and to assist persont into business; also on deeds, policies, and reversions, at 5 per cent. for one month to 14 years. Distance no object. Easy repayments Strictly private. Call or write. NOTICE.—Before applying elsewhere ask any Solicitor, Auctioneer, &c., in England or Wales knowing this Bank, and you will at once find out you are treating with an old established (1870) safe and bona fide Bank. Having large capital we do business cheaper than others. No good loan evsr refused. TWO-AND-A-HALF PER CENT. INTEREST allowed on the minimum monthly balances of CUlL. RENT ACCOUNTS when not drawn below £ 110 Deposits of E 10 and upwards received at 3 ptr cent. per annum payable at 14 days' notice. Subjectto3monthe'noticeofwithdrawal L4 per cent IC. 6 «« «« 5 4 4 "12 <« 6 Interest paid quarterly free from Income Ta:t Depositors have no liability whatever, and are amply secured. Prospectus free.S A. WILLIAMS, Manager. CONNAH'S QUAY. GOOD WIRE-CUT BUILDING BRICKS ALSO, PRESS BRICKS. APPLY TO JAMES PRINCE, BRICK WORKS, CONNAH'S QUAY. JOHN JAMES HUGHES, BOOT AND SHOEMAKER, HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL, BEGS to announcethat hehaesuoceededtothe businessso longoarried on by his late Father, John Hughes, at the above premises, and trusts that by prompt attention and moderate charges, oombined with good workmanship, to merit a continuance of publicsupport. THE HOME-MADE DEPARTMENT Willoontinueto be a specialfeature ofthe business and great care wil I be exercised to ensure the best materials only being used. STRONG BOOTS The best andoheapeat Home-made Beotain the Market. WOMEN A ND -MEN'S BOOTS AND SHOES OF BVBBTDBSOBIPTION KBPT IN STOCK. YOUTHS AND CIIILDRENIS BOOTS AND SLIPPEB OF BVEBoY VABIBTY OBDBBS P BOMPTLY ATTENDED TO. Repairs neatly executed A. SCHWARZ, CLOCK AND WATOH MAKER, WHITFORD STREET, HOI YWELL BEGS to announce that after the ENLARGE MENT OF HIS PREMISES, he has been enabledtogreatly increase hieStock. ALL KINDS OF JEWELLER KEPI IN STOCK Clocks and WatchesofallUscripitonsinhand HANDSOME SELECTION OF ELEOTRO-PLATED ARTIOLES REPAIREPROMPTLYEXEOUTED ON THE PREMISES. A SPLENDID ASSOBTHENT OFJJ Guinea Gold Wedding and Keeper Rings. A present given with each ring bought. A privateroom to select in. DEALEBIN LOOKING GLASSES AND BAROMETERS SPECTACLES AND EYE GLASSES in great variety. WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. FOR ALL BILIOUS & NERVOUS DISORDER SUCH A a SICK HEADACHE. WEAK STOMACH IMPAIRED DIGESTION- CONSTIPATION. LIVER COMPLAINT AND FEMALE AILMENTS. LARGEST SALE IN THE WORLD. Beecham's Cough Pills, For COUGHS ASTHMA, and a CHEST AFFECTIONS, In Boxes, 91d., Is. lid., and 2s. 9d. each Beecham's Tooth Paste, EFFICACIOUS, ECONOMICAL, CLEANSES THE TEETH, PERFUMES the BREATH In Collapsible Tubes, Is. each. Preparedonly by the Proprietor, THOMAS BEECHAM, St. Helens,Lancashire SOLD BY ALL DBUGGISTS AND PATBNT MBDIOINB DBALEBS EVEBYWHEBB. PENNVROYAL "DWLE's -4..STEEL. PI L L rOR FEM'A LES. QUICKLY CORRECT ALL rRREGULARrffES, REMOVB ALL OBSTRUCTINS, and relieve the distressing symptoms to prevalent with th sex. Boxes, Ill! & 2.!) (contains three times the quantity), of all Chemists. Sent anywhere on receipt of 15 or 34 stamps, by E. T. TOWLiE & Co., Manufacturers, Dryden St., Nottingham. ? B,ware 0 rmitattow, uriolA4 and u:01''f.Ue. Sale by Mr. William Freeman. TO PARTIES FURNISHING AND OTHERS. MR. WM. "FREEMAN Has received instructions t) SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, ON WEDNESDAY, THE 21st OF JULY, 1897, AT THB ASSEMBLY HALL, HULYWELL, Whither they will ba removed for convenience of sale, A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND OTHER EFFECTS, COMPRISING: Two cottage pianofortes, in walnut, a drawing-room suite, in figured repp, set of s-x mahogany frarced chairs with loose L-etts, in hair, gent's lounging and armed chairs, mahogany sideboard with oupboard and drawere, mahogany telesoope dining table with three inserting leaves, oval walnut drawing-room table on carved pil'ar, and other occasional tables, in mahogany, oak, &o., sofas and couch, large oil-paintings and other pictures, chimney mirror, dressing glasses, birch and other cheets-of-drawerg, dressing tables and wash- &tands, birch half-tester and iron bedeteads, five feather beds, palliasses, hair mattrass, wardrobes, night commodes, bedroom chairs, towel rails, fenders, fire-irons, eight-day clock with brass face, kitohen dresser, deal table?, cupboards, tin and brown ware, and other miscellaneous outride effects, wbioh may be viewed on morning of sale. SALB TO COKUBNOa AT 1-30 P.M. PBOXPT. Auction Office: Perthyterfyn Cottage, Holywell. BRYNFORD CHURCH. THE ANNIVERSARY SERVICES WILL BB HBLD AS FOLLOWS:— SUNDAY, 11TH JULY, 1897, ? At io a,m. W.ELS.H SER VICE PBBACHBB THE RECTOR. 3 fi-m-ENGLISE SERVICE PBBACHEB—THB REV. E. M. RODERICK, M.A., (Vioar of Mold, and Cbaplaio to the Bishop of St. Asaph. 6.30p.m.WELSH SER VICE: PBBACHBB-THB REV. R. OWEN, B.A., VIOAR OF BAGILLT. MONDAY, 12TH JULY, At 7.30 p.m.- W ELSa SER VICE: PBBACHBB—THE REV. R. JENNINGS, M.A., I JYICAR OF GLYN CEIRIOG. OolleJlions at all the Services in aid of the National Sohool., THE ANNUAL TEA PARTY' WILL BB HBLD AT BRYNFORD SCHOOL, ON WEDNESDAY, THE 14TH OF JULY, 1897. Tea on the Tables at Four p.m. A Band will be in attendance. Dancing, Games, Ice., will be held in the REOTOBT FIELD. TICKETS :-ONE SHILLING EACH. JULY SAILINGS, NORTH WALES AND_BACK THE SAME DAY. The Cheapest and least tedious Sea Trips out of Liverpool. BEST AND QUICKEST ROUTE TO HOLYWELL, St. Winefride's Well, PANTASAPH, PRESTATYN AND RHYL. THB VAST SALOON PADDLE STEAMER FLYING FATJOON, SIKQIK FABES RKTUBIT FABKS D»ck Is. 6d. Available for day of iesue only Bridge 2s. Cd. Deok 3a. Tickets not transferable. Bridge 3a. Children under 12 half-fare. Will sail from the Prince's Landing Stage and Mostyn (weather and other oiroamstances per- mitting) as ulader:- LIVERPOOL TO MOSTYN AND BACK THE SAME DAY. Average passage 1 hour and 45 minutes. Giving passengers two to three hours ashore, in one of the prettiest spots in North Wales. JULY SAILINGS. From Liverpool. From Mostyn. 8 Thursday 12 45 p.m 6 0 p.m 9 Friday 2 0 p.m 7 0 p.m 10 Saturday 3 0 p.m 8 0 p.m *12 Monday 7 30 a.m 9 30 a.m Is 6 15 p.m 8 30 p.m *13 Tuesday. 9 0 a.m 8 30 p.m 14 Wednesday 9 0 a.m 12 30 p.m 15 Thursday 9 0 a.m 1 0 p.m 16 Friday. 9 0 a.m 1 40 p.m 17 Saturday 9 30 a.m 2 30 p.m 19 Monday 10 30 a.m 3 45 p.m 20 Tuesday 11 0 a.m •• 4 30 p.m 21 Wednesday 12 0 noon.. 4 45 p.m 22 Thursday 12 30 p.m 6 15 p.m 23 Friday 2 0 p.m 6 15 p.m 24 Saturday 3 39 p.m 7 30 p.m *26 Monday 7 30 a.m 8 0 p.m *27 Tuesday I. 8 0 a.m 8 0 p.m *28 Wednesday 9 0 a.m 11 0 a.m 6 30 p.m 8 30 p.m *29 Thursday 9 30 a.m 9 0 p.m 30 Friday. 9 30 a.m 1.1245 p.m 31 Saturday 9 30 a.m 1 15 p.m 03° July 12th, 13th, 26th, 27tb, 28th and 29tb, Long Day Exoursion from Liverpool to Mostyn and Baok. 8" July 12th and 28th. Long Day Excursion from Mostyn to Liverpool and Baok. Southport every Sunday at 3 p.m. Return fare Is. 6d. Refreshments on Board at Moderate Charges. For further particulars apply Telephone No. 2334 FLYING FALCON STEAMSHIP Co., Ltd., 27, Water-street, Liverpool. ALFRED MAYERS, 8. MILFORD STBEET,MOLD. BILL FOSTER AND DELIVERER HOLYWELL I ROSE FESTIVAL AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY, 1897. ENORMOUS ATTRACTIONS! I INTERESTING NOVELTIES! UNIQUE CONTESTS! I The arrangements for this popular Festival are now being made. Fall particulars will shortly be announced. THOS. 0. GRIFFITHS, Secretary. WILLIAM FREEMAN, Treasurer. HOLYWELL ROSE EESTIVAL. ANTED-Sohool Boys to take part in the If above Festival as SOLDIERS AND SAILORS. Apply to Mr McLeish, at the Old Drill Hall, Brynford-t,treet, Holywell, on FBIDAY, JULY 9th, 1897, at Six p.m. CHESTER HORTICULTURAL CI 7? HHOW AND 1JETE, 28TH AND 29TH JULY, 1897. Magnificent Exhibition of Flowers, Plants, Fruit, &c. OVER R,500 IN PBIZBS. TWO CELEBRATED MILITARY BANDS. VARIETY ENTBBTAINMENTS. BICYCLE RACES. FIREWORKS AND ILLUMINATIONS. ADMISSION :-Firat Day, 12 to 1-38. 6d. eaoh; I to :4—2s. 6d. after. 4 p.m.-Is. Seaond Day, 11 to 7-1s. after 7—6d. Half-crown Tickets will bo sold at 2s. if purchased on or before Monday, the 26th July, on application to the SEOBETABY, enclosing Pottal Orders and stamped addressed envelope. F. A. WALKER-JONES, SECRETARY. Grosvenor Chambers, 6, Newgate-at., Chester. Denbighshire & Flintshire AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY'S SHOW WILL BB HELD AT 'p A A V% W!r ST. ASAPR, ON FRIDAY, THE 30th OF JULY, 1897. Prize Lists now ready, and can be bad from the SEOBBTABY, THOMAS WELSBY, SPBINGFIELD, 19, RIVBB ST., RHYL. NOTB—Owing to Entries being short in all Classes they will be accepted until SATURDAY NEXT, at ordinary fefs, and after that up to July 15th with Extra Fees, 118 per price list. NOTICE. MRS. W. OWEN, BE G S to inform the Public of Holywell and Neighbourhood that the Business carried on at STANLEY HOUBB, HOLYWELL, will be continued under the oare of her Son, W. S. OWBN, and humbly begs to ack for their oontinued patronage. All orders will be attended to well and promptly. NORTH AND SOUTH WALES BANK LIMITED. ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEENTH DIVIDEND. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Dividend of Ten Shillings per Share for the Half-year ended 30th ultimo, on the Capital of the Company, and a bonus of Four Shillings per Share will be paid to the proprietors on and after the 13th instant at the Head Office and the various branches, and at the London and Westminster Bank. The Income Tax will, as usual, be paid by the Bank. The TRANSFER BOOKS will be CLOSED from this date to the 13th instant, inolusive. By order of the Direotors, T. ROWLAND HUGHES, General Manager. Liverpool, 2nd July, 1897. HOLYWELL UNION. I the Undersigned, hereby Give Notioe, that the AUDIT of the Accounts for the half-year ended the 25th day of March, 1897, of the said Union, and of the several Parishes therein, and of the Accounts for the year ended the 31&t day of Maroh, 1897, of the Parish Councils or Parish Meetings for the Rnral Parishes in each Union and of any Joint Committees appointed in whole or in part by such Councils or Meetings, will commence at the Board-Room of the Guardians of the Poor of the said Union at Holywell, on THUBBDAY, the 29th day of JULY, 1897, at 2 o'olook in the afternoon. Dated this 2nd day of July, 1897. (Signed) E. MORGAN, District Auditor of the North Wales Audit District. L O ST. FROM Halkyn Hall, some weeks ago, TWO WELSH SHEEP and a LAMB.—One un- sheared with heart in pitch on rump, and one (with lamb) sheared with heart and letters T.P" on oide.-Apply to Mr. PIEBGB, on the farm. AGENTS wanted to push first-olass Machinery Oils. Liberal Commission—Box 31, Post Office, Liverpool. WANTED—a well-oduoatad, gentlemanly Youth as APPRENTICE TO CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST, one who has passed prelim. preferred. Small premium required .-JoHx PBINCE, Dispensing Chemist, Connah's Quay. WANTED a Strong YOUTH, age from 17 to 18, used to heavy work and understanding horses also, a general SERVANT, must have good reference from last situation. Wages LIO.- Apply, HUQHES, Wholesale Vaults, Croes-street, Holywell. GRAZING TO LET, also some prime old HAY for Sale.—Apply, E. PABBY, Penymaes. TO LET,—PBIMBOSB COTTAGE, Holway, Holy- well.-AppIr Mas. JONES, Talaore Arms, Holywell. TO L E T—••MONA HOUSE," GBBENFIBLD— Containing drawing and dining rooms, kitohen, baok kitohen, good cellar and four bedrooms, together with out-houses and good garden.—Apply to Mra Dymme, Pendre, Holywell. TO FARMERS AND OTHERS. DO you require your Corn ground? Send it to FLINT MILL. The work can be done quickly and well. HOLYWE LL. THE ANNUAL SERMONS IN BEHALF OF THE CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY, WILL BB FBBACHED IN THE PARISH CHURCH On SUNDAY NEXT, JULY 11TH, 1897, BY THB REV. W. M. ROBERTS, M.A., Organising Seoretary for Wales. Services English at 11 a.m., and 6.30 p.m. The offertories at both servicej will be given in aid of the Society's Funds. THE DIAMOND JUBILEE. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN. A GRAND DINNER WILL BE HELD AT THB HOTEL VICTORIA, By speoial request from numerous friends who would not be able to attend on the 14th, will take place ON THURSDAY, THB 22ND or JULY, 1897, rpO inaugurate the change of name of te old X King's Arms Hotel to the Hotel Victoria. TICKETS, 2s. 6D. EACH, Wbi.h should be tiken not later than THUBSDAY. 15th of JULY. TO CORRESPONDENTS. A Flint Citizen's" scathing letter on the Freedom of the Borough of Flint, cannot be published owing to his having teglected to send us his name and address.

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