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SPRING FASHIONS. -:0:- JAMES AYER, HOLDS HIS FIRST SPUING SHOW ON TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, March 31st, April 1st and 2nd. -:0:- Special Novelties will be OD view in the following Departments: Dress Goods in great variety. Ladies' Skirts and Blouses in all the new Shades. Hosiery, Gloves, Umbrellas, &c., &c. — NEW MILLINERY. NEW MILLINERY. -:0:- INSPECTION INVITED. -:0: VICTORIA ROUSE, HOLYWELL. ESTABLISHED,1786. :0:- CROSS STREET, HOLYWELL, MB8. A. tiXJQ-HES, Late E. J. Edwards, Thomas Harrison and Edmund Hughes, Wholesale and Retail Wine and Spirit Merchant, IMPORTER OF FOREIGN WINES AND SPIRITS, DEALER IN ALES AND PORTER OF THE FINEST QUALITIES Agent for Messrs. George Sandeman and Co.'a Houses at Cadiz and Oporto, ■ :o: M23, HUGHES begs to tender her thanks to the Public for their kind Patronage, and 7, 1° rrm u it^at f-he has jU8t seared a Choice Stock of Brandies, Whiskies, Wines, Ales, etc., of excellent Quality. -:0:- Brandies. Per Bottle 3a. 3s. 6d.; 4a. and 8. ILARTELLIS and HENNESSEY'S 1, 2, and 3 STAR BRANDIES, 5s.; 5S. 6d., and 6s. Scotch Whiskies. Per Bottle. £ 28. 6d.; 28. lOd.; 3s. and 3s. 6d. Fine Old Scotoh Malt, Master of Ravens- wood, Roderiok Dhu, Uam Var, Glen- livat, Gordon's, and 3 Star Highland Malt., 3g. 6d. per Bottle. Irish Whiskies. F/T~Bott!0. 2s- 6<i-; 20- 10d.; 3s. and 3s. 6d. MoOonnell a Old Irish Malt, Dews of Slievemore, Roppmoyue, Dmnville's and Henry Thompson's. 3s. 6d. per Bottle. Rum. FINEST OLD JAMAICA and DEMERARA RUMS, from 2s. 9d. per Bottle. Gin. FINEST LONDON GIN, 2s. 3d.; 2s. 7d., and 2s. lOd. per Bottle. D E K U Y P E R 'S HOLLANDS. :0:- Port. OHOIOE OPORTO WINE, from Is. 8d. to 6s. per Bottle. Claret. MEDOC, ST. JULIEN AND OTHER OHOIOE BRANDS. Sherry. FINE DRY GOLDEN MATURED SHERRY, from 2s. to 5s. per Bottle. Champagnes, Moet and Chandon, COMTE ST. FLORENTE and VICTOR PERE'S FINE DRY PURE CHAMPAGNE AT Is. 6d. per Bottle. PRICES OF ALL KNOWN BRANDS ON APPLICATION. -;0:- Worthington and Co's INDIA PALE ALE IN CASKS AND BOTTLE, BITTER BEER, MILD, LIGHT DINNER AND STRONG ALES, IN THE FINEST CONDITION. :o: Double Imperial Stout and Porter. '0"- PRIVATE FAMILIES SUPPLIED. -:0:- Mineral Waters. A Large Quantity of the above always kept in Stook. Cigars and Cigarettes. A CHOICE STOCK ALWAYS ON HAND. :0:- lit Inspect the Stock of HUGHES' Choice Matured Old Special Scotch Whislcie-s- Unequalled anywhere in Quality. -:0:- NOTE THE ADDRESS- THE OLDEST AND ONLY RECOGNISED WHOLESALE WINE AND SPIRIT STORES, CROSS STREET, HOLYWELL. IE) R ID PARRY, PRACTICAL SADDLER AND HARNESS MAKER, SBYHJOED STREET, HOLYWELL, — ■ :o: — ALL WORK EXECUTED ON THE PREMISES-GOOD WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED. -:0:- SADDLES AND COLLARS RE-LINED, AND GUARANTEED TO BE EASY — :0:- LEATHER JIER CHAB r; -:0: WHIPS, HORSE BRUSHES AND STABLE REQUISITES, OF ALL KINDS KEPT IN STOCK. -:0, NEW PATTERN CART LAMPS ON HAND -:0;- REPAIRS NEATLY AND PROMPTLY DoNE. vi PRELIMINARY NOTICE. HOPE HOUSE, PENYMAES, HOLYWELL. MR. W. H. BICKERTON BEGS to announoe that he is instructed by Ma. JD ABSALOM REDFBEN, Hope House, Peaymaes, Holywell, to Sell by Public Auction, on MONDAY, THE 4TH DAY OF MAY, 1896, the whole of his LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK, also, the excellent modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Fall particulars in future issues. Auction Offioe-Caerwys, Holywell; riinMire Intermediate Education V Scheme. COUNTY SCHOOLS FOR RHYL AND HOLYWELL. APPOINTMENTS OF HEAD TEACHERS. APPLICATIONS are hereby invited for the APPOINTMENTS OF HBAD TEACHBBS of the above dual Sohoola. The Head Teaohers will receive a fixed yearly stipend of not less than L 120 each, and also a capita- tion payment calculated on such a soale uniform or graduated as may be fixed from time to time by the School Governors with the consent of the County Governing Body, at the rate of not less than £ 1 10s nor more than X3 a year for each Soholar in the School. All Applicants must f-tate their age, and shall have taken a Degree in the United Kingdom or the British Possessions, or be a duly qualified Science and Art Teacher under the regulations of ')&a Department of Science and Art for the time being, or have such other qualification or Certificate, or other test of attainments as may be fixed from time to time by regulations of the County Governing Body. A knowledge of the Welsh Language is desirable. The Applicants appointed must carry out, and be subject to all the provisions of the above Scheme so far as the same relates to the Dual County Sohools for RHYL AND HOLYWELL. Copies of the Soheme will be supplied by the undersigned on receipt of 6d. for each oopy. Candi- dates canvassing directly or indirectly, will be disqualified. Applications, endorsed HEAD TBACHBB RHYL COUNTY SCHOOL," or HKAD TBACHBB HOLYWBLL COUNTY SCHOOL," accompanied by 25 Copies of THBEB DECENT TESTIMONIAIS, are to be sent to me, the undersigned, by not later than the 25th of Anu., 1896. THOS. H. OLLIVE, Clerk of the County Governing Body. County Offices, Mold, 12th March, 1896. N vylpW BOOKS!! v NEW BOOKS!! CONDENSED CATALOGUE OF NEW BOOKS NOW IN STOCK AT THH "OBSERVER" OFFICE, HOLYWELL. At 4s. Life of the Duke of Wellington Cruden's Concordence At 3s- 6d, In the Rooky Mountains Chris Willoughby Young Bonjamin Franklin The Study of the Bible Christian Work At 3s* Gulliver's Travels At 2b. 6d. Martin Rattler True to the Last Adventurous Boat Voyages The Island Home The Forest and The Prairie Earnest Women Stories of the lives of Noble Women Aiming Higher Our Sea Coast Heroes Swiss Family Robinson The Cabin in The Clearing Favourite Tales and Stories The Poetical Works of John Milton The Poetioal Works of Walter Scott Men Who have made Themselves The Military Heroes of England Uluetrious Women Story of the Peninsular War Life and Adventures of Dr. Livingstone Habits and Characteristics of Birds Illustrative Anecdotes of Birds, Fisbes, &c. Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress Wonders of the deep Robinson Crusoe The Arabian Nights Entertainments Will Adams, the First Englishman in Japan Prince Charles, the Young Chevalier The King of Conjurors Making Haste to be Rioh Rising in the World Debtor and Creditor Ten Nights in a Bar Room Living for Appearance Helen's Babies Lorimer Littlewood, Esq. Hinchbridge Haunted Confessions of a Horse Dealer The Way to Prosper Anna Lee Parlour Pastimes At 2s. Seed Time and Harvest Archi Digby Lost in the Wilds of Canada Notable Workers in Humble Life Bogatsky's Golden Treasury The County of the Dwarfs Storias about Animals Three Years in a Man Trap The Prince of the House of David Little Mr Bouncer and his Friend Mr Verdant Green The Adventures of Mr Verdant Green The Manse Garden Dutch Dolls At Is. 6d. Mopsie Princess Louise Alive in the Jungle Little Hazel the King's Messenger Breaker's Ahead At the Hollies The Victoria Cross how I Won it, Lost it, and Won it again The Young Woodsman Truth is always the Best Sir Walter Raleigh The Robber's Cave Readings for Young Men Views of English Society At Is, No Gains without Pains Old Friends with New Faces The Fairy Cobbler's Gold Geordio Stuart Wilful Winnie J Favourite Books of Fables Waldenscs Daily Praise At 6d. Gentleman Jim The Little Chimney Sweep Tim Leefon's First Shilling At 4di Bob's Bargain Heedless Harry Matilda's Mirror The silent Mill Wheel (Jipiiirs and the Two Sons A' -1 l'n rrms other Book* to select from at the 'OlJSL R i R OFFICE,, HOLYWELL. PRLIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. EBENEZER WELSH "INDEPENDENT CHAPEL GREENFIELD. A GRAND COMPETITIVE MEETING IN MUSIC AND LITERATURE, &c., WILL ø. BRLD IN TBB ABOVB CHAPEL, ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 13th, 1896. PHBSIDBNT :— WILLIAM JONES, ESQ., J.P., FRONDEG, HOLYWELL. CONDUCTOB :— MYNYDDWR, HOLYWELL. List of Subjects. Id., by Post lid., to be had from the Secretary-Mr. ALBBBT E. Jomss, North View Villa, Greenfield. .¡ ST. WINEFRED'S LODGE OF ANCIENT SHEPHERDS, GREENFIELD. THE SIXTH ANNUAL ANNIVERSARY & SPORTS WILL Bli HBLD AT FFORDD FER, HOLYWELL, ON WHIT-MONDAY, MAY 25,1896. A GRAND FOOTBALL COMPETITION WILL TAX8 PLACB FOB ELEVEN GOLD CENTRE MEDALS, The Entries for this Competition are limited to EIGHT TEAMS. This Competition opens from 9 a.m., and the final to be played at 4 p.m. ENTRANCE FEE, 5s. Rimim.Eirs- MESSRS. J. LL. WILLIAMS, J. H. HAGUE, D. REES, W. JERMAN. ♦ This Competition is under W.F.A. Rules, and is sanctioned by tbe North Wales C.F. Association. AFTERNOON SPORTS: Commencing at TWO o'clock. 1.—100 Yards Race, under 16 years of age. First prize, 6s.; Second, 3s. 6d. Entrance, 6d. 2.—120 yards. Open. First prize, 10B. Second, 6a. Entrance, 6d. 3.—High Jump. Open. First prize, 7s. 6d. Second, 3a. 6d. Entrance, 6d. 4.-QuoitingMatoh. Open. First prize, Us. Seoond, 7s. Third, 3a. 6d. Entrance, 6d. 6.—Quartet-of-a-Mile Hurdle Raoe. Handicap First prize, 15s. Seoond, 7a. 6d.; Third, 3s. 6d. Entrance, Is. 6.—Donkey Race. Open. First prize, 15s. seoond, 10s. Entranoe, Is. 7.—One Mile Bicycle Raoe. Open. First prize, 10s.; second, 7s. Entrance, 6d. 8.—220 Yards Raoe. Open. First prise, 16s. seoond, 7s. 6d. Entrance, Is. 9.—Siamese Raoe. Open. First prize, 7s. 6d.; seoond, 6a. Entranoe, 6d. 10.—Sack Race. Open. First prize, 5a.; seoond, 2s. 6d. Entrance, 6d, 11.—Two Miles Bicycle Raoe. Handioap. First prize, £1 seoond, 16.. Entrance, Is. 12.—One Mile Walking Match. Open. Firot prize, 12s.; seoond, 6a. Entrance, 6d. 13.—Throwing a Cricket Ball. Open. First prize, 7a. 6d.; second, 3s. 6d. Entranoe. 6d. 14.—Old Men's Raoe, over 60 of age. First prize, 6s. second, 2s. 6d. Entranoe, 6d. RULES. No less than Four to oompete for the Races where three prises are given; also, three to oompete where two prizes are given, or no competition. Dresses to be below the knee, and competitors must wear pumps. Admission to the Field, in the Mornings 3d. in the Afternoon, 6d. THE WELSH FLANNEL MILLS PRIZE BRASS BAND, WILL BB IN ATTENDANCE. RBFBBSHHBNTB PBOVXDED ON THB GBOUND. For farther particulars, apply to- MD; RICHARD DIOKINSON, SBCEBTABY, lIIGB STBEKT, HOLJWBLL. OB MB. RICHARD TAYLOR, TBBASUBBB, Top Houou, HOLYWELL. I" PAIIAI1A FREE GRANTS OF UftNHUAl 160 ACRES OF LAND IN MANITOBA AND THB NORTH WEST. Enormous Crops in 1895. Reports of British Farmers and other new Illus- trated pamphlets containing information respecting tbe NOBTH-WKST TEBBITOBEBS and the Provinces of MANITOBA, ONTABIO, QUEBEC, NOVA SOOTIA, NEW BBUNSWICK, PRINOB EDWABD ISLAND, and BBITISH COLUMBIA, where land can be obtained either free or on advantagoous terms. Exceptional opportunities for farmers. Great demand for agricultural labourers and domestic servants. Full partioulars on all points supplied gratis and post free by MB. JOHN DYKE, OANABIAXT GtoVHBiniBlIT AOENT 15, WATER STREET, LIVERPOOL -.f-15, WATER STREET, LIVERPOOL Corporation of the City of Manchester. CONCENTRATED MANURE Made from Slaughter-House and Market Refused Exorement from Pail Closets, BLOOD, BONES, FISH, &e., Delivered in bags, carriage paid, in 2 Ton lots within 50 miles and 4 Ton lots within 100 miles, at Special price over 160 miles. Supply strictly limited. Orders should be given early in the season to prevent disappointment. Full particulars from: R. D. CALLISON, Indoor Superintendent, Cleansing Department, Town Hall, Manchester, or to BOLD ALDRED, Stamford Road, Altrinoham. Stamford Road, Altrinoham. TO BE LET—A BEERHOUSE, in Bagillt jrtso a fully-Iioensed PUBLICHOUSE, in Apply to KBLSTHBTON BBBWKBY 00. LD. wr_j QUICKLY CORRECT ALT IRHEOULARTTIFF, I'.RMOV* AIXL OBSTRUCTIONS, and rtlirrt the disfrtuxivg$;ir>ptoms j prevalqit with the grr,. Bex en, I'll JtS.'O ((.<• IsHpt eortnirn three timed t ([l1l'htÍlY) of <JoB I'ti, nr WIn ~i anywhere, on receipt of !,• or a! itu: li T. TO\V7j>i, Oheniif<t, jV't*'r.s a»j: Jj-.i.jre of ■' -.& St. MICHAEL'S CHURCH, CAE B_W Y S RE-OPENING SERVICES, Wednesday, April 8th, 1896. The following is a list of Services: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8th. 8 a.m., Holy Communion. 11 a.m., Morning Prayer and Sermon (English), preacher: THE BISHOP. 3 p.m., Litany and Sermon (English), Preacher: Rev. DAN ED WARDS, Rhyl. 1 p.m., Evening Prayer and Sermon (Welsh), Preacher Bov. D. WILLIAMS, Llandyrnog. THURSDAY, APRIL gth. 7 p.m., Evening Prayer and Sermon (Welsh), Preache: Rev. T. LLOYD, Bala. FRIDAY, APRIL 10th. 7 p.m., Evening Prayer and Sermon (Welsh), Preacher: Bev. JOSEPH DA VIES, Holywell. Collections will be made at each Service towards THE RBSTOBATIOIT FUND. HOUtfELL C HURCH CHORAL SOCIETY- V SIR JOHN STAINER'S LENTEN ORATORIO: 'THE CRUCIFIXION,' Will be performed in the HOLYWELL PARISH CHURCH ON GOOD FRIDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 3rd, 1896, OOMMBNCING AT iTlIREE O'CLOCK, (and not at Half-past Three o'clock as before etated). SOLOISTS Tenor-Mr. SNELSON, of Eaton Hall Choir. Baas-Mr. E. ROBINSON, Chester, OBGANTST: Mr. J. BY. HOPE, B.A., Organist Pariah Church OORDUOTOB Mr. ROBINSON. The Offertory will be applied towards the expenses incurred in the oleaning of the Organ. m!OYAL "ORDER ANCIENT SHEPHERDS, (LORD LODGE). A GRAND CONCERT WILL im HBLD AT THE NATIONAL SCHOOL, MOSTYN, OR WEDNESDAY, THE 8th OF APRIL, 1896, BY A WT7HBBB 07 BMIKTBNT Vocalists and Instrumentlists. OHAIBXAH THE RIGHT HON. LORD MOSTYN. ADMISSION ReserTed seats, 2s,; first seats, Is.; seoond seats, 6d. Doors open at 6.30 p.m. to com- mence at 7. Proceeds in aid of the Siok Fund of the ab3Ofe Lodge. V TO FARMERS AND OTHERS. DO you require your Corn ground P Send it to FLINT MILL. The work oan be done quickly and well. THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE. CLARKE'S WOBLD- BLOOD MIXTURE. FAXBD CLARKE'S WOBLD- BLOOD MIXTURE. FAMED CLA.RKE'S WOBLD- BLOOD MIXTURE. c RAWBD CLARKE'S WOBLD- BLOOD MIXTURE. 7AKBD THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. rpHE BLOOD THE BLOOD THE BLOOD THE BLOOD THE BLOOD THE BLOOD THE BLOOD THE BLOOD THE BLOOD THE BLOOD THE BLOOD THE BLOOD THE BLOOD THE BLOOD rpHE BLOOD THE BLOOD rpHE BLOOD THE BLOOD THE BLOOD THE BLOOD THE BLOOD THE BLOOD rpHE BLOOD THE BLOOD rpHE BLOOD THE BLOOD rpHE BLOOD THE BLOOD THE BLOOD THE BLOOD THE BLOOD fpHE BLOOD THE BLOOD THE BLOOD THE BLOOD rpHE BLOOD THE BLOOD The Blood is the source from which our systems are built up, and from which we derive our mental as well as our physical capabilities. If the blood is diseased the body is diseased and enfeebled. Clarke's Blood Mixture is warranted to cleanse the blood from all impurities, from whatever cause arising. In cases of Scrofula, Scurvy, Eczema, Bad Legs, Skin and Blood Diseases, Pimples, and Sores of all kinds its effects are marvellous. Thousands of wonderful cures have been effected by it. It is with great pleasure that I write to let you know of the wonderful effect of Clarke'B Blood Mixture has had upon me. For four months have had places break out on my arms and wrists (numbering atamt 36), lar$e painful, and very much inflamed, causing me to give up work, I have been to two doctors, and was also an out patient at onelof our leading hospitals for six weeks, but did not get any benefit ir°m their treatment, so I thought I would try Clarke's Blood Mixture, and aSPy £ ° that 1 soon felt better, and after having three bottles I feel a aifferent man altogether in faot, it has not only cured me, but has taken away the scars from my arms, which other medicines did not do. You can make use this if you like, as no doubt there are ^o will be glad to know of Clarke's onderful Blood Mixture.—Yours truly, „ „ "J: 8AUNDBBfl. Hill Street. Peckham, London, S.E., 2nd Sept., 1896." "I tried your Clarke's Blood Mixture for pimples, with which I have been much troubled as far back as I can remember. After I had taken six bottles there was not a spot left on my face, and I am glad ™ say the improvement has been kept hi»Hv?Cv.' m a^ition to that my general neaith has much improved, and I feel .gratefm to you for this splendid faithfully"^emainin £ > gentlemen> yonrs •« "I' C- "WATERHOUSE," Hampton Boad, Teddington 6th September, 1894. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS. fro £ r clf,an»in? and clearing the blood Mi»Z, 1111 impurities, Clarke's Blood tended 04111104 be 400 recom- ana8i^is m?x^ure is pleasant to the taste, Oua 7Zunted ^ree anything injuri- eith«» most delicate constitution oi Pronwf?x' f'om. infancy to old age, the trit?*?r8 s°llclt sufferers to a to test its value. Sold in bottles 2s. 6d. each by all thrl Patent Medictae Vendors aflP^hout the "World, or sent to any pS?re.8« on receipt of 33 stamps by the •"opnetors. the Lincoln and Midland c LARIKEYS c LARRE'S c LA.RKE'S c LARKE'S PAlarn WOPAM. PUQm WOSIJJ. PAJtSD VoatD. PAIrED nr OoinpaDy, tanco/n. BLOOD MIXTURE. BLOOD MIXTURE. BLOOD MIXTURE. BLOOD MIXTURE. AVHM?XTUR^S? !or CLARKE'S BLOOD thing else. Many be pnt off with some- all articles in large dem s B*00^ substitutes for a commission on the « ?nc*' an<^ Pa7 the'r assistants explains why difiperonfR °* these Citations. TbiB for are so frequently J, "k,°les f'om the one asked Put before purchasers. TO THE elector OV THB S URBAN DISTRI OF HOLVWELL. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN -i k you my sincere thanks for the oonf&to tender nave reposed in me, and for the honouraKi 06 Jon you have placed me in on the poll. i> position earnest endeavour to merit yoor confi ^1)0 m7 serving your best interests faithfully by Again thanking you, fttld well. I am, LADIES AND GENTLBI^ Yours faithfully, WALTER 0WT7T_ Stanley House, High Street, UWEN' March 31st, 1896. NORWICH UNION FIRE INSURANCE SOClijrpv Founded 1797. ly HBAD OFFICB:— SURREY STREET, NORWt w I 0 H B BAN cm MANAOBBB MESSRS. W. H. ANDERSSON AND o 27 CASTLE STREEx 0NS' LIVERPOOL. The Rates of this Society are moderate, and the Insured are free Singly liability. "om an This Office is distinguished for prompt and w settlement of claims, Y,11,000,000 having been already paid for Logses by Fire 8 been Total Amount insured exceeds P- 3 2 0, 0 0 0, 0 0 0. aJEOTT11 Uehtai°s °*0a3 00,6K«- pro.p«S S,tKSK Insurances may be obtained f Acting LOCAL AGENTS :— FLINT-MESSRS. T. B. TAYLOR & SONS PEBSTATTN—MESSES. SARSON & SCOTT GitONANT-MR. THOMAS HUGHES. HOLYWXLL-Mn. THOS. THOMAS. MOLD-ME. J. E. DAVIES. RHYL-ME WALTER DAVIES, ME. WILLIAMS, ME. E, W. KEATlNGE Norwich, March 26tb, 1896.. SUNINSURANCE 0FFICES FOUNDED 1710. V Sum insured in 1894. £ 393,682,400, For all particulars apply to the following Agents HOLYWELL.MB. ROBERT THOMAS OVI'A MESSES. KELLY & KEENF ST. ASAPH, ME. LI, LLOYD. BUCKLEY Ms. EDWARD ROBERTS. IRONFJY Y,2 to JB500 MONEY. W. WHITE HA. VING a considerable sum at his disposal is JLJL prepared to advance Loans from ze2 to £ 500 to respeotable Householders, Tradeam Farmers, &o., for long or short periods, on verv moderate terms. very No respectable application is ever refused Applicants can be assured of courteous treatment and strict oonfidence.-Apply by letter onlyTo W; WHITE, 2, North Terrace, Newtown, 5 • OB, W. WHITE, RHYL, 286, Gt. Cheetham St. West, Higher Broughton, MANCHESTER. W. White can be seen personally every FBIDAY Howell"0' 6 p-m" at !9> Pa',t01' STBICTLY PEIVATB ADVANCES. AHYSUMFEOM £ 5TO £ 1000 I ADVANCED ON EXCBP- I TIONALLY EASY TEEMS. | STRICTLY PEIVATB ADVANCES. JjLL R S. _L/ -D E H p M A N 16, CITY ROAD CHESTER, H A V I N G a Large Amount of Uninvested JLJL Capital is wishful to Lend same in sums of 25 to 21000 to any Respectable Person (Male or Female) on their own NOTE OF HAND, without delay, law costs, or any impertinent inquiries at interest highly beneficial to Borrower, and on Deeds. FROM 5 PER CENT. INTEREST, This advertisement being from a strictly private source, haKtual borrowers are requested not to apply- No good application is ever refused, and distance no object, a gentleman being sent direct from the office to carry out all advances. Apply in confidence to the Aotual Lender. MRS. D. BEHRMAN, 16, CITY ROA-B, CHBBTBE (Next to Royalty Theatre). NO APPLIOATION FEES CHARGED NOTICE TO FARMERS, COWKEEPERS, HOUSEHOLDERS AND OTHERS. A LADY, who will attend personally, haviDj? a large sum of money at her disposal, wiU ADVANCE amounts from £ 5 to £ 1,000 to all reponsible persona at any distance, on their simple Written Promise to repay, without sureties, delay or law costs. And the interest oharged is very loW, such as no other office or money lender can offer, as I have a large capital to command with, and therefore mynaterest is very low. Money advanced in full and the nterest is added to the amount lent, the whole to be repaid by easy instalments, either weekly, fortnightly, or monthly- Money advanced at borrower's own house, to save expense and a journey. All applications attended to without delay, and advanoes granted same day as applied for, thus Baving the inconvenience 0 borrowers, as usually experienced by them applying to the flattering advertiser, whose sola a1 is only to mislead the publio and obtain fees- Distance no object. As this is not a regular l°a offioe, habitual borrowers need not apply. t P.S,-Strictest privacy and honourable treattcect gnaranteed. APPLY— MKS S. DAVIES, Late VICTORIA HOTBL, FAIR VIEW, CHBSTEB-BOAD, MOI-ID. No connection with any other Office in the IhstrlC J/ E. P. LYONS,) GENERAL BILL POSTER & DELIVERER- HtJL YWELL. -1 Specially reserved POSTING STATIO v in Town and Country. Immediate attentioo given. Dales' COLD MEDAL Dubbin MakeB Boots and waterproof as a duok's and soft as velvet. A three times to the wear aV allows polishing. 19 EXHIBITION HIGHEST AWARPS- Tins 2d, 6d, Is, and 2s- 6 of all Bootmakers, Saddle LeatherseUerp, *c.