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WILLS AND BEQUESTS. Estate duty at the rate of 7iV per cent., amount inj to £ 6273 10s. 4d., has been paid on £8,4Gi 7s. ra the vahle of the personal estate (including £ .3(1,G4 4s. 10d. in England), of the fifth Marquis of Water- ford, of Curraghmore, Portlaw, Waterford, M.P. for Waterford 1865-66, Master of the Buckhmmds 1885-86, who died on the 23rd of October last, aged 51 years. Lord Waterford's will bears date August 24. 1895, with codicils of the 25th of September and 9th of October. The executors are Sir Robert Nigel Fitzhardinge Kingscote, of Kingscote, Glou- cester, Captain Owen Randal Stacke, of Fane Valley, Dundalk, and Mr. Cecil Chaplin, of 21, Grafton-street, to each of whom for the executorship the testator bequeathed £400. Power is reserved to grant probate also to his widow, Blanche Elizabeth Adelaide Mar- chioness of Waterford, only daughter of the Duke ol Beaufort. It was Lord Waterford's desire that tht presents of jewellery, trinkets, ornaments, and furni- ture made to Lady Waterford should be regarded as hers absolutely. He bequeathed to his brothers, Lore Charles, Lord William, Lord Marcus, and Lord Dele Val Beresford S100 each for the purchase of « memento of him. He charged his mansion house in Charles street, St. James's, with the pay- ment of E100 a year to his daughter! Ladj Susan and Lady Clodagh Beresford, whilst un. married, and he appointed under settlements made in 1874 a sum of £ 20,000, and he charged all hit estate with a further sum of Y-20,000 upon trusts in favour of his said two daughters and their issue, but if either daughter should marry without the consent of Lady Waterford her interest in this sum is to bf forfeited in favour of the other. The testator charged his estate with the payment of E120 a year to Mist Keith Gomme, that she may continue the companion of his daughters whilst either cf them is unmarried, and he bequeathed, to devolve as heirlooms, the Aliir.,v Queen of Scots pearl necklace, the three row pearl necklace, a diamond bracelet, a diamond ring, a sapphire ring, and three miniatures. Lord Waterford devised and bequeathed all the rest, residue, and remainder of his estate, real and personal, to his son, Henry De la Poer, Earl of Tyrone, now sixth Marqu's of Waterford, or on failure of this trust in trust for such person as should succeed to the title. By his will, with codicils of March 10, 1890, and Jan. 8, Feb. 11, and May 4, 1894, the Hon. James Israel Fellows, of Saxon Hall, Palace Court, Bays- water, formerly of St. John's, New Brunswick, Agent- General for the Province, a Governor of the Im- perial Institute, who died on January 22 last, aged 67 years, bequeathed to his wife £ 500, his house- hold furniture, the use and enjoyment during her widowhood of his plate and articles of vertu, and an annuity during her widowhood of £ 1200,or in theevent of her remarriage an annuity during the reiiiarder of her life of £ 500. The testator bequeathed to his sister, Mrs. Mary Ann Langley, a life annuity of £ 200, and to her daughters Amanda and Alice Langley legacies of £ 100 each. Be bequeathed to his mother-in-law, Mrs. Mary Crane, during the widow- hood of Mrs. Fellows an annuity of £ 25, to be in- creased to e75 if Mrs. Fellows should marry again. Mr. Fellows bequeathed to each of his children such minimum number of his shares in the Fellows Chemical Manufacturing Company as will entitle each holder to vote at meetings of the company, and he bequeathed to Mr. Addison Prescott Hiller, of Holborn-viaduct, one of the executors of the will, £100 a year until all the testator's shares in the com- pany are disposed of. The executors are to take fis their remuneration four per cent. of the income of the residuary estate, which is left upon trusts for his son, Frederick Barrington Fellows, and his daughters, Mrs. Ida Backhouse, Mrs. Eva Harrison, Mrs. May Lambert, and Mrs. Zoe Kenny, but Mrs. Fellows's income during her widowhood is not to be less than that of each of the children. The personal estate left by Mr. Fellows has been valued at £ 18,975 8s. 2d. By his will, which bears date July 7, 1885, the Rev. Sir John Warren Hayes, of Newlands, Berks, third baronet, who was born in the year 1799, and was from 1839 to 1879 rector of Arberfield, appointed as sole executor Mr. John Simonds, of Newland?, Reading. Sir John Hayes died on January 23 last,, and his father died in 1809. The testator bequeaths to his daughter-in-law, Julia Anne, widow of his son, Captain John Beauchamp Hayes, £ 300, and he leaves the residue of his estate in trust to pay the income to her during her widowhood, and subject to her interest to hold the estate in trust in equal lhares for her children (all of whom are daughtersl by the testator's said son. On failure of this trust the residuary estate is to be in trust for the testator's daughter, Mrs. Ellen Anne Simonds. The personal estate of the late Sir J. W. Hayes has beeu valued at E5236 6s. 5d. The personal estate has been valued at £:?fJ,509 14s. lid. of Mrs. Ann Buswell Bennett, of Carisbrook Villa, Upper Tulse-hill, and of the firm of Lincoln, Bennett, and Co., hatters, of Sackville-street, Picca- dilly, who died on January 27 last, the widow of Mr. John Fletcher Bennett, of Sackville-street. The executors of Mrs. Bennett's will, which bears date August 2, 1895, with a codicil made October 9, 1895. are Mr. John Brouncker Ingle, of 20, Thread- needle-street, and Mr. John Bamford Slack, of 21, Queen Victoria-street, solicitors, to each of whom the testatrix bequeaths £ 100 to her friend and partner George Randell, EIOO; to William Tee, in acknow- ledgment of his long and faithful service with the firm, £ 500; to the testatrix's daughter Mrs. Clara Moyes, EIOOO; to her niece Mary Ann Spriggs, E500 to her sister Elizabeth Blamires the income during her life of a sum of £1000; to Florence Buss, £100; to her servants of one year's service, each six months' wages; and to the trustees of the Wesleyan Chapel, Brixton hill, £ 1000. Mrs. Bennett devised Carisbrook Villa and bequeathed the furniture upon trusts for her daughter Helen Mary Soldi, and she bequeathed her plate and plated articles, books, and pictures to her three daughters. Ann Jarichow, Maria Bretherton, and Helen Mary Soldi. The houses No. 81, 83, and 85, Upper Tulse- hill. Tulse-hill House, and the residue of Mrs. Bennett's real estate are left in trust for sale after 12 years, but not earlier, and in the meantime the income therefrom is to be paid to the testatrix's said three daughters, amongst whom the proceeds of sale are to be divided. The residue of Mrs. Bennett's personal estate is also left in trust for her said three daughters. The personal estate of Mr. Bobert Fowler, of Felt- ham House, Feltham, and of 28, Victoria-street, solicitor, one of the directors of the Law Land Com- pany, and one of the founders of other companies, who died on July 21 last, aged 65, has been valued at JE7637 gross and net nil. Mr. Fowler's will, which is throughout in his own handwriting, bears no date, but a certificate has been filed that the will was executed on December 21, 1886. The testator appointed as 'executors his wife, Mrs. Helen Mary Fowler, his son Mr. Archibald R. Fowler, and his friend Mr. F. W. Blunt, to the last-named of whom he bequeathed £100, and he left the residue of his property in trust to pay the income thereof to Mrs. Fowler during her life, and after her death to p;vy the income to his children, until the youngest of them attains the. aW of 21 years or is married, and then to distribute the estate in equal shares amongst them. The trustees are to arrange for carrying on the testator's practice as a solicitor, and may employ the trust funds as capital. The will, dated March 7, 14-, with a codicil, dated September 19, 1895, of Mr. John Death, late of Poplar House, in the Borough of Cambridge, who died on January 4, 1896, was proved on the 13th inst. by Anna Maria Owers, George Apthorpe, and Samuel George Wheaton, the executors, the personal estate amounting to 948,742. The testator bequeaths E100 to each of his executors; the plate presented to him by the University and Town of Cambridge to the Master and Fellows of Jesus College, and the Master for the time being to have the option of its custody to his nieces Caroline Aptborpe, £ 3000, and Anna Maria Owers the residue of plate and in- come of £10,000 whilst she remains unmarried, but on her marriage two-fifths of the capital to be divided equally between the children of Caroline Apthorpe, and the interest of the remaining three- j fifths is to be retained by Anna Maria Owers, with power of appointment in favour of the children of j Caroline Apthorpe; to his brother, James Pea an annuity of £ 150 to his sisters, Ann „ and Susannah Death, a joint annuity o and to each of his brother James's daughters, £ 00 on the death of their father (after bequeatmg Beveral other legacies to relations and fnendb. to his servants—John Bates, £ 300 Hannah Carlton, £ 200* Agnes Carlton, £ 120; Sarah Carlton, £ 120; Mary White, £ 120; and Edmund Mann, £30. The following legacies are bequeathed to Cambridge I charities: Adenbrookes Hospital, £ 2000; the Cot- tage Home for Little Orphan Girls, £ 500; Female i Refuge, CW the Town Fund of the Home and Training School for Nurses, £ 500 to the District Fund of the same institution, E500 (nnd F-15,000 to Anna Maria Owers, to be given to such charities as Bhe might gelect, revoked by codicil). The residue the testator bequeath;, to Anna Maria Owers au.- tutelv.


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