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ART AND LITERATURE THE annual report of the directors of the V, Gallery for last year has been issued as a £ '°nal mentary paper. The pictures purchased duri*1" year, out of a Parliamentary grant in aid the »pecial vote, were: "The Vision of St, EUsN A Vittore Pisano; "The Descent of the 61" b by Barnaba da Modena The Hunting Pan 08^" Adam F. van der Meulen "TheHoly Famif' Sebaetiano del Piombo "Interior of a Chi Holland, by Gerrit A. Berck-Heyde; "Lani 14 with Portra4t of a Gentleman holding a ho^^l George Stubbs, R.A.; Corent-gardert \j > hi with St. Paul's Church," by B. Nebot; dola," by Francesco Guardi; "A Galiot Gale," by John S. Cotman; "Portrait C. by G. van den Eeckhout; St. Sebastian roUP by Angels," by Matteo di Giovanni; Christ ed from the Tomb," by Gaudenzio Ferrari; Tbe to Emraaus," by Lelio Orsi; StnuggWa J a~i Irish Coast,, by Julius CccsarIbbetson "Land with a View of Oxford," by Robert Ladbroke Head of St. John the Baptist," Milanese 16th century. The following are the bequest oot, donations to the Gallery: Bequeathed by Mrs. L and Stephens-" The Mystic Marriage of St. Cat.b,ri7ae 1. by Gheeraert David; "Portrait of a T Flemish School, 15th century. Beqn^»j by General Sir Montagu McM'urdo, n Portrait of Lieutenant Colonel R McMurdo, by Sir Henry liaeburn, £ ..v. sentedbythe Bight Honourable Lord Sayile o p/6" — A Betrothal, by Don Diego de Silva y Velas Presented ^by Mrs. E. Edwards—" A Tillage r$Uez* in France," by Francois S. Bonvin. Presented b reem Charles Butler-" Portrait of Cardinal de Riche1; by Philippe de Champaigne. Presented by thp, ^U', of Carlisle — "The Circumcision," bv Giov#4*^ Bellini. Presented by Mr. John P. HeseltiT111* The Yitgin and Child, with Angels," Italian Sch6 w 15th century. Presented by Si» J. C. Jiobinson Pal* Christ Drivin out the Traders from the TetIp,t. Domenico The*tocopuli. Presented by Mr. Arthnr lr —" Sea-piece, with ShiDping," by Hendrik DUKM7 Presented by Lady Weston—" A Street in Cairo ft*1 W illiam J. Miiller. Presented by the Duke of W 7 minster, K.G.—" Calais Gate," by William Ho^u Presented by Miss Mary Hervey—A 17th cent manuscript description of Hans Holbein's Dict.,JUr^ "The Ambassadors," numbered 1314 in the Natl °t Gallery collection. The following picture, offered a gift to the nation by Colonel Knight Prescott u88 Seen accepted for the National Gallery of Modern British Art—" Sacking of a Church in the Titne of. John Knox,by J. Prescott-Knight, R..4.. Cassell's Magazine for April contains a special article upon "Where Mr. Chamberlain Lives," illus- trated by sketches and photographs of the exterior and interior of the Colonial Secretary's residence just outside the range of Birmingham smoke. Thi, famous orchid-houses at Highbury form the subjeg of two of the illustrations. To the same number JdrJ Henniker Heaton, M.P., contributes a paper upon Cablegrams for the Million," advocating a reduo- tion in the present rates for cabled messages. THE spring season, as usual, offers a plentiful stock of new novels. Among well-known novelists who will be represented just before or after Easter are Mr. William Black with a story entitled Briseis Mrs. Oliphant with a tale, not historical as its title, The Two Marys," might, suggest; Guy Boothby, who has written a sensational romance- styled The Beautiful White Devil the pseudoayl mous author, X. L. who follows, "Ant Diabolus aut ISilnl," with a tragic picture of Russian society grimly named The Limb and Mr. John David- son, who will recount Mrs. Armstrong's and Other Circumstances." Rita and Mrs. Alexander should also be added to this list. MR. SOLOMON J. SOLOMON, who was recently elected an Associate of the Royal Academy, commenced his career about 20 years ago at Heatherley's, where' among others, Bume-Jones, Du Maurier, Frank Holl, Maurice Greiffenhagen, Macbeth, and Mr Jopling have also studied. From Newman-streefc Mr. Solomon passed to the Academy schoolai thence to the Beaux Arts, Paris, later to Munich,, and then back again to the Beaux Arts for close study under Cabanel. Mr. Solomon first sprang into notice through his picture of "Cassandra at tho Altar of Athene," in the Academy Exhibition of ,1886. The next year came "Samson," bought by the Liverpool Corporation, and the year after "Niobe." In 1889 theaftists's Academy picture was Hippeljta and Hercules," and since then we may recall "The Judgment of Paris," Sacred and Profane Love," "Orpheus," and the "Echo and Narcissus'* of last year. Mr. Solomon's scare of portraits includ4 Mrs. Patrick Campbell as Mrs. Tanqucraji, painted from 15 sittings;. Mr. Zangwill, the famous novelist, a compatriot and friend, of the artist; Mr. Arthur Hacker, a fellow Associate and, latest of all, Miss Lucy Ingram. The author of The Master," it ia interesting to note, consulted Mr. Solomon on all the many points that relate to art matters in his rather tedious novel, and actually wrote a portion of the book in his friend's studio. Mr. Solomon is about 36 years of age. VEEESTCI/AGIN, the famous Russian artist, at his house near Paris, has a large studio which revolves on wheels just as a locomotive engine is turned on the turn-table. The movement is effected by means of a windlass conveniently placed beside the painter's easel, and by this ingenious contrivance he is, able to paint the whole day with the sunlight falling in one direction on models or drapery. THE April number of the Quiver contains the open- ing chapters of a new serial story under the title of "An Unprotected Female," by Sydney C. Grier, author of Richard Jenkins, Master." TnAT distinguished critic, Mr. Edmund Goose, to whom we owe—thanks to his visit to Scandinavia more than 20 years ago-the introduction of Ibsen to Efiglish readers and playgoers, has a new volutno of essays in the Press. This book, which is entitled "Critical Kit-Kats," discusses Keats,Walt Whitman, Tolstoi, Christina Rossetti, Walter Pater, B- L- Stevenson, and other recent writers. Mr. Goose, who is a Londoner, born in 18-19, is, of course, n0*L so much a poet, though "Ferdausi in Exile," On "Viol and Flute are favourite volumes of ? verse as a prose writer who affects poetry. His DP8 essays are Gossip in a Library," and Seventeent Century Studies." DIRECTLY after Easter an exhibition of some studies by Sir Edward Burne-Jones will be h^e ,heBO the galleries of the Fine Art Society. A mops will be- preliminary drawings for most of his tant paintings, studies from life made with care, andobseved with themostadmirable inteliigen • All stages of his career will be represented,and his man- ner of using various mediums will be well illnstrateai Among the more important things in the show be five large tempera studies for the "Briar .Roe, and similar examples of his preparation for painting the Days of Creation," the Golden Stairs," Laus Veneris, II Venns's Mirror," and PersetfS- About the same time the Fine Art I Society will 61g0 show Mr. Fulleylove's drawings of Gre<k subjec and scenery, the results of a long stay which tb artist has made in that country.


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