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BAGILLT. LIGHTING INSPECTORS' ANNUAL MEE rING. PARISH COUNCILLORS IN OPPOSITION. ANIMATED SCENES. The annual moating of tho Inspectors of Lighting for Bagillt was held at the Wellington Inn, Bagillt, on Wednesday week, at noon. The Inspectors present-were Dr. J W Parry, Messrs. W Pierce, Isaac Hughes (Paris House), Thos. Lloyd (Albert House), J Winter, Thomas Humphreys, Thomas Roberts, and T. Gratton Thomas (clerk) Messrs. R Foulkes and R J Jones were unable to be present. The Parish Councillors persent--wrre Messrs. J Edwards (vice chairman), W Hollia and S Lloyd. There were over thirty other ratepayers present. On the proposition of Mr S Lloyd, seconded by Mr T Humphreys, Mr Thomas Jones, Downhill, was elected to preside. The notice convening the meeting having been read, the minutes of the last annual meeting were read and submitted to the meeting for confirmation. Mr S Lloyd took exception to the passing of the minutes on the ground that the Inspectors appointed on thtit occasion were only for a period,—until the powers of tho lighting authority were transferred to the Parish Council, and it was understood that the transfer should take place as soon as possible. The inspectors would not have been elected but for that under- standing. The Inspectors had not transferred the powers, and as there was no entry on the minute bo )k he proposed that the minutes be not confirmed—Mr John Edwards seconded, and Mr Hollie supported the proposition. Dr. Parry proposed that the minutes be con- firmed.—Mr Thos Humphreys in seconding the proposition, said it was useless to object to the minutes. The transfer would take place in due time. The Inspectors had to carry out the duties of their office. Mr S Lloyd said his objection was that no mention was made on the minute book of the understanding upon the question of transfer. Mr Gratton Thomas said as no proposition was made on that matter, no entry could be made in the minutes. Mr John Edwards In June last year at a paiish meeting of the East and West Wards, it was decided by a substantial majority that the powers of theLightinglnspoctora be transferred. It was then said that the Inspectors would not transfer their powers until the end of the financial year. He should like to know why they had not done so. Mr Humphreys said he quite agreed that the powers should be transferred in due time, and that was to the next Parish Council. The Chairman said he was under the im- pression that he proposed that the Inspectors be re-elected until the Parish Councils came into force. Mr Gratton Thomas said the Pari3h Council Act had no power in that meeting, and the act had no power to transfer the lighting authority, The Parish Council called a meeting and de- manded the transfer by force. The question had been raised as to the legality of the parish meeting; also as t,) whether those present were electors. A poll was demanded but no action was ever taken. The reply of the Inspectors was given in good spirit that they were willing to transfer at the end of the financial year, but it was not taken. Mr Lloyd said they did not stand upon the legality of the meeting, they were dealing with the minutes. a The meeting decided by 14 votes to 7 that the minutes be not confirmed. The accounts as passed by the Magistrates were then submitted to the meeting. Several question were asked as to the cost of lamps and fittings. Mr S Lloyd said as a protest he would object to two items in the accounts, the rent of the room and clerk's salary. Mr Gratton Thomas said that was not before the meeting. Mr S Lloyd If we accept these accounts we hang ourselves. It is the chairman and not the clerk who is to dictate to this meeting. I beg to object to the two items named before the accourts are submitted to the proper authorities. Mr Gratton Thomas: Who is the proper authority ? Mr Edwards: The Parish Council. Mr Gratton Thomas Tfie Parish Council has no power over this meeting or authority. The Chairman If we pass the accounts it will be out of our hands, now is the time to bring anything forward. Mr Richard Jones I think it is out of our province to dispute these acconnts. They have been passed by the Justices. Any objection should have been made in the Court at the time. Mr John Edwards If Mr Jones had been in Court he would have seen what was done. Mr Gratton Thomas said the question was always asked Has; any ratepayer any objection to these accounts ?" Mr John Edwards: Didn't we engage a solicitor to represent us. and what did the magistrates tell our solicitor? Mr T Lloyd: To sit down (laughter), Mr Edwards: Don't laugh at me. I am as good a man as you (renewed laughter). Mr Lloyd: And I am as good as any of you. Mr Edwards was hoard to say that he would box his ears," which created uproarious laughter and commotion in which order and chair were loudly called for. The Chairman We must have order.—Mr Edwards: I must call you to order. Mr S Lloyd: It is not from any personal feeling I object to the accounts. It is simply a protest against the action of the inspectors in not transferring the powers after the decision of the ratepayers. If the Inspectors had carried out the resolution of the parish meeting, these two items would have been saved. Mr Gratton Thomas How could they have been saved ? Would the Clerk to the Palish Council do work for nothing, or could you expect that he should ? Mr Edwards: Yes, he would, Mr Gratton Thomas Did not you propose you would do all you could for Bagillt ? Mr Edwards I am doing it. Mr Gratton Thomas You never asked any person to take the office when there were plenty of competent men in the parish. Mr Edwards is going too far. Mr Edwards: You draw in your words. The Chairman We are wandering from the pom1; Mr C Brace seconded Mr S Lloyd's proposition Mr W T Pierce said he scarcely thought that it was necessary to pass tho objection as a resolution. Mr Richard Jones, said in fairness to the Inspectors he would propose that the accounts be passed as presen:ed. Mr Goodman Edwards seconded the pro- position. Mr Richard Jones submitted that Mr Lloyd Was out of order. Mr Lloyd said the Parish Council had a solicitor to protest against the accounts before the magistrates, and his object was for the same purpose. Dr Parry said no amendment was necessary. Mr Lloyd could only protest against an item in the accounts. The Churraan agreed that tho protect could be entered on the rairjutes. Mr Richard Jones remarked there was a large amount <It "x rjn" us m itter it tr duced, I Mr Lloyd I dou t ailow Mr Jones to be so authoratttive, and to StV we are out of order I The accounts were [: i and a record of the protest directed to be eiuc < d on the minute •. The next business was the election of three Inspectors to succeed the retiring inspectors who had held office for the three years, viz. Dr J W Parry. Messrs R J Jones and Thomas Lloyd. Mr Edwards Where is your legal right to appoint inspectors when you are not in existence The Local Government Boaad says so. Mr Gratton Thomas We have nothing to do with that. Mr S Lloyd moved that the council do not elect the Inspectors. Mr John Edwards seconded the proposition. Mr Goodman Edwards proposed that the three retiring inspectors be re-elected until an amicable arrangement can be made between the Parish Council and the Lighting Authority to transfer the powers. Mr S Lloyd: That has been down. Mr Humphreys seconded the motion. Mr Richard Jones: There is a doubt about tho legality of the meeting, and better than cause friction we had bettor go through the formality again and in proper order. Mr S Lloyd There is a party of us determined to have no other meeting for that purpose. Mr Humphreys: It looks very much as though they were afraid (laughter). Mr John Edwards Theso Inspectors will swallow us if they can (laughter). The Chair- man there seems to be in favour of Mr Jones. The Chairman: I have my own opinion on the question, and I favour no one person more than another. Mr Edwards I only asked were you not over- ruled by him. Mr 0 Brace: Will the three Inspectors if appointed be willing to give up office. Mr Humphreys: Of course, they will if it is decided properly and legally to transfer. Mr John Edwards, (hotly) No they will not, you know that. A Voice: That question has put the "cat among the pigeons." The amendment not to elect the three Inspectors was carried by 19 votes to 18. Proceeding to the next business to order the issuing of the usual precept for X150 for light- ing purposes during the next season, Mr John Edwards proposed that no precept be issued. Mr Hollia said as they had not appointed Inspectors they had no legal right to order the issuing of a precept. The Chairman Is there any legal gentle- man who can direct us. Mr Godman Edwards I am afraid we shall be in the dark unless we are careful (laughter). Mr S Lloyd proposed that the meeting be adjourned to some other day and that the adjourned meeting be held in the evening. Mr C Brace seconded the proposition. After some further discussion it was agreed generally that the meeting stand adjourned to Wednesday, April 1st, at seven p.m. Several propositions were made as to the place of meet- ing, but it was ultimately decided to hold the adjourned meeting at the Wellington Inn, and that Mr Thomas Jones preside. A vote of thanks to the Chairman terminated the pro- ceedings.

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