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CROSS KEYS HOTEL, HOLYWELL -"0;- PROP-RIETOB- J. JENNINGS. -:0:- THIS HOTEL, WHICH HAS BEEN RE-ARRANGED AND DECORATED, IS NOW OPE JT For Coin'.njrcial Gentleman, who wifind every comfort and convenience. -;0:- MODERATE C I] A R G E S. -:0:- NOTE.—The Ales, Wines and Spirits are pronounced by the Public to be the finest qualities ever supplied in Holywell. STBICTLY I PRIVATE ADVANCES. ANY SUM FROM £ 5 TO £ 1000 ADVANCED ON EXCEP- TIONALLY EASY TEEMS, I STRICTLY PEIVATE ADVANCE*. -i MRs. Do BEHRMAN, 16, CITY ROAD, CHESTER, HAVING a Large Amount of Uninvested JLL Capital is wishful to Lend same in sums of £5 to f,1000 to any Respectable Person (Male or Female) on their own NOTE OF H AND, without delay, law costs, or any impertinent inquiries at interest highly boueficial to Borrower, and on Deeds. FROM 5 PER CENT. INTEREST. This advertisement being from a strictly private source, haHtual borrowers are requested not to apply. No good application is ever refused, and distance no object, a gentleman beiag sent direct from the offioe o carry out all advances. Apply in confidence to I he Actual Lender. MRS. D. BEHRMAN, 16, CITY ROAD, CHESTER (Next to Royalty Theatre) The best and cheapest Atlas ever produced in this coil itti-y.'?-Tm TIMBS. POPULAR EDITION in 6d. Monthly Parts of J ,.c The Universal Atlas. A New and Complete General Atlas of the World, containing II7 Pages of Maps, handsomely printed in Colours, and a Complete Index to about 125,000 Names. A full Prospectus of the Work will be sent ptst free on application to the Publishers. b.- ':1 Now Beady, price Id. The FIRST NUMBER of a NEW VOLUME 01 CHUMS I The Illustrated Paper for Boys. WITH WHICH IS PRESENTED A HANDSOME TINTED PICTURE, reproduced from the famous Painting by GEO. JOY, entitled "Wellington's First Encounter with the French." In this Number is commenced a New and Thrilling Serial Tale, entitled The Queen's Scarlet,* or, "By Your Right," by GEO. MANVILLE FENN. It will also contain the Opening Chapters of that World-famed Story, Treasure Island, by ROBERT LOUIS STEVEN- SON, with New and Original Illustrations. Gïr A Grand List of Prizes is offered, includ- ing a Pneumatic-tired Safety Bicycle, Silver Watches, Silver Pencil-Cases, Bronze Medals. &c. &c. The New Volume is commenced with Part 24, price Gd., including a Handsome Coloured Plate and the Tinted Picture announced above. A New and Exciting Serial Story of Modern Life, entitled II In Shadow of Shame," by J. Fitzgerald Molloy, Author of "The Die of Destiny," is commeftCed ift No. 573 of Cassell's Saturday Journal, price Id., forming the First Number ói a New Volume; also in Part 133. FR.E^ INSURANCE, £ 1,000 Death, £ 250 Disablement by Rail or Steamboat, with each Number and Part of "CAS^PT T 'Q SATURDAY JOURNAL." -LLb =-=.=. Magazines for every Home. MONTHLY, 6d. THE QUIVER. For Sunday and General Reading. ]\¡O:THLY. CASSELL'S MAGAZINE. Enlarged to Eighty Pages. 6d. "LITTLE FOLKS" MAGAZINE. MOXTIILY lg. 4D. THE MAGAZINE OF ART. Enlarged by th* addition of an Extra Plate. WORK. The Illustrated Weekly Journal for Mechanics. WEEKLY, id. MONTHLY, 6d. COTTAGE GARDENING. Edited by W. KOKINSON, F.L.S. Fully Illustrated. Weekly, Monthly, 3d. _-=-===-=-" tfi) KSW BOOKS for 1894-5, A 7.7-; £ of Cass fill Company's NEW VOLUMES for the SJ'-iSOX lHJ'-l-H will be sent, post free, on a; :piica (i-n. CAS..t.LL COM I ANY. Li.vm:D, Ludgate Hill, Lonclou, HAVI3 YOU M4BS YOUR WILL IF not buy one of Hiaie' Will Forrup. vrhit-* contains clear, ooneise and legai instruction** how to mike your own Will. 6 PRICE, SIXPENCE, SOLD AT THE OBSERVER" OFFICE. ST. AV INEFRIDE'S BOARDING SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES, WELL STREET, HOLYWELL. COURSE-Euglir,b; French; German; Drawing; Painting; Dancing; Calisthenics; Music (Vocal and Instrumental); plain and fancy Needlework. The Convent is under the Royal Academy for Ex- ams in Music, &o. WEEKLY BOARDERS RECEIVED. BB.EAKFAST—-SUPPER. E P PS'S GRATEFUL—COMFORTING. A COCOA BQI&im WAEB& OK, MILK. MONEY LENT WITHOUT SURETIES by the CHARING-CROSS BANK (Registered 28, BEDFORD-STREET, OHARING CROSS. LONDON. ESTABLISHED, 1870. Capital £ 300,000. Reserve Fund £ 100,000. Advances made upon approved Promissory Note as follows: Advance £ 25—12 monthly repayments of £ 2 5 10 "50 4 11 8 100 9 3 4 Larger amountsthe same in proportion. ADVANCES of £30 to £ 2,000 granted at a few hour's notice in town or cointry, male or female, on mortgage of furniture, trade and farm stock, plant, erops, &c., without removal, and to assist persons into business; also on deeds, policies, and reversions, at 5 per cent, for one month to 14 years. Distance no object. Easy repayments. StricHy private. Call or write. NOTICE.-Beforo applying elsewhere ask any Solicitor, Auctioneer, &c., in England or Wales knowing this Bank, and you will at once find out you are treating with an old established (1870) safe and bona fide Bank., Having large capital we do business cheaper than others. No good lone ever refused. CURRENT ACCOUNTS '6pen according to the usual praatke of other banks. No charge for keep- nig aecounts. Interest at the rate of 3 per cent. allowed on the minimum monthly balances. Deposits of £ 10 and upwards received at 4 per eent. per annum payable at 14 days' notice. Subjectto 3 months'noticeof withdrawal^per.cnt 6 << 6 "12 11 7" Interest paid quarterly free of Income Tax. N.B.—The only Bank where Depositors can have their Principal and Interest paid out quarterly A. WILLIAMS Manager. .AN ,"Ltlll¿, J hr t}) l'lfJ fSafl to HIT!! STATES & CABAlA. Under contract with the Canadain Government for conveyance of the Canadian Maite) FROM LIVERPOOL NUMIDI AN.For Quebec and Montreal.. Oct. 18 CARTHAGINIAN For St. John's and Halifax.. Oct. 23 PARISIAN For Quebec and Montreal.. Oct. 25 MONGOLIAN For Quebec and Montreal..Nov. I GOHEAN.For St. John's and Halifax. Nov. G LAURENiTAN.For Halifax and Portland.Nov. 16 FARES FOR OCEAN PASSAGE Saloon, 10 TO 18 GUINEAS. SECOND CABIN AND STEERAGE, AT Low RARSS. Through TUkets to allStationsatSpecialRates. Passengers are landed on the railroad wharf and transferred from ship to train without any incon- venience and expense. The Compunyls special conductoraocompanietWest-boundpassengers, QW Now.—This Line providesthe cheapest and moHt convenient route to all parts of Canada, Manitoba, the North-wost Provinces, British Columbia, and the Western States of America. Cheap through rates to Australia and New Zealand via C.P.R., Vancouver and Honolulu, Young Men desiring Agricultural Experience in Canada should in the first place coommunicate with the Allan bteamship Co. To w SPORTSMEN, and others- Round Trip Tickets to the wonderful scenery and Sporting Districts of the Rocky Mountains and British Columbia, and other placesof interest in United States and Canada. British delegates new reporteand all the latest maps and pamphlets free. Directserviccsf rom Glasgow to New York pud Soston and Philadelphia all the year round, Ful particulars 011application to ALLAN 0 TH E R S & CO. 19, JAMBBSTBBET LIVBEPOOI- OR FROM- ,g.THOMAS BALES, 47, Chester-street, tfliat. TiitrOTnAftl flatit LAMBERT'S HOTEL, HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL. ■ ■ :o: r POSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. -:0: Wedding Carriages, Hearse and Mourning Carriages. ■ :o: THE HEADQUARTERS OF THE C.T.C. -;0:- OMNIBUSES, or other Conveyances, meet all Trains. (Sole Parcels Agent for the L. & N. W. R. Co. for Holywell and the District). -:0:- AN EXCELLENT WAITING ROOM FOR PASSENGERS FOR TRAINS -:0:- WHOLESALE WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, -;0: CRATED WATRES AND KOPS NON-ALCOHOLIC ALES, Both Wholesale and Retail. -;0:- BURTON MILD AND BITTER ALES AND LONDON STOUT IN 9 AND 18 GALLON CASKS. OTJZlEl&Ott A- JLj I H 0 L A-YS Ð Is the most reliable remedy for BAD LEGS, SORES, ULCERS, and OLD WOUNDS. Por Colds, Coughs, Sore Throats, Bronchitis, Gout, Rheumatism, Glandular SweHjwgs, Contracted and Stiff Joints, and all Skin Diseases it has no equal. Manufactured only at 73, tfew Oxford Street, London, And Sold by all Medicine Vewtort throughout the World. fr.B,A.dTi«e Gratis, at the above address, daily, between the hours of 11 and 4, or by letter, JL Schotl, em Academy, and a University. SCHOOL BOARD CHRONIOI*. « New Serial Issue, in Monthly Parity price 6d. CASSELL'S New Popular Educator. Amongst the subjects treated in CASSELL'S NEW POPULAR EDUCATOR are Acoustics. Algebra. Anthropology. Architecture. Arithmetic. Astronomy. Book-keeping. Botany. British Com- merce. Chemistry. Commercial Botany. Comparative Anatomy. Drawing. Electricity. Elementary Politics. English. English Litera- ture. French. Geography. Geology. Geometrical Perspective. Geometry. German. Greek. Heat. History. Human Physi- ology. Hydraulics. Italian. Latin. Light. Logarithms. Logic. Mechanics. Mensuration. Meteorology. Mineralogy. Music. Organs of Sense. Physical Geo- graphy. Plane Trigono- metry. Pneumatics. Political Econ- omy. Reading and Elocution. Shorthand. Sketching. Spanish. Terms used in Commerce water-colour Drawing. With Part I is issued a large andstrikillg Presentation Plate, suitable for framing. *m* Prospectuses will be sent post free, on application, by the Publishers. Entirety New Work, in MONTHLY PARTS, 6d. Cassell's Universal Portrait Gallery. Each containing 24 Portraits of Celebrities, handsomely produced with Autograph and brief Descriptive Notice of each subject. Entirely New Work. In Monthly Parts, price 7d. The Story OF The Sea. Elfila by Q, Author of Dead Maris Rock," The Blue Pavilions," &e. With New and Original Illustrations by Leading Artists. Part 1 includes LARGE PRESENTATION PLATE, Entirely New and Revised Edition, MONTHLY, price 7d. DR. BREWER'S DICTIONARY OF Phrase and- Fable. Giving the Derivation, Source, or Origin of Common Phrases, Allusions, and Words that have a Tale to Tall. -H: x '>£ MANCHESTER FIRE ASSURANCE COMPANY. ESTABLISHED, 1824. CAPITAL £ 2,000,000. T. BARHAM FOSTER, ESQ., CHAIRMAN; C. W. FURBRIDGE, EbQ., DEPUTY CHAIBMAN CHIEF OFFICE— 98, KING STREET, MANCHESTER J. B. MOFFATT, MANAGER AND SECRETARY. BRANCH OFFICE— MANCHESTER CHAMBERS, 28, REGENT STBEET, WREXHAM. M. PENNANT JONES, RESIDENT SEGBBTABY. THE COMPANY transacts Fire Business only ior Fir7craim?.eS0UrCeS aDd Fund8 are available Surveys are made and rates quoted for all descrip- tions of riwks free of charge. Applications for agencies are invited. ALFRED MAYERS, 8, MILFORD STREET, MOLD. BILL POSTER AND DELIVERER CADE'S (IOUT & JJHEUMATIO pILLS. SUFFERED AGONY FOR TIIIRTY YEARS, TTADE'8 T5ILL8. 30, fiandal Street, Bridge Road, — — Battersea, H.W., ITADE'S "DILLS. January 27th, 1892. Dear Sir,—I feel it my duty TRADE'S DILLS. to write and give you great praise for introducing such a valuable medicine as your Gout Pil's. Having SUFFERED UNTOLD AGONY FOR 36 YEARS. I can truly say I have never had anything to relieve my pain so quickly as your Pills. I used to lay in bed for two or three months at a time, but now I not only got relief rj-OUT in a few hours but am able to work in less than a week. Mv DHEUMATISM. complaint is the worst of ill Sour ths,k °»'- RHEUMAIISM. W. UTTLEJOHN. Mr. G. Eade." EADE'S GOUT & JJHEUiMATIG pILLS Prepared only bv George Eade 72, Goswell-road, London, E,C. Sold by all Chemibts in Bottles, Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. rADE'S QOUT & RHEUMATIO pILLS. THE BEST MEDICINE FOR BILE. THE BEST MEDICINE FOR WIND, THE BEST MEDICINE FOR INDIGESTION. 18 E ADE'S A NTIBILIOUS PILLS. They quickly remove the irritation and feverish state of the STOMACH, correct the morbid condition of the LIVER, relieve the system of all impurities, which, by circulating in the blood, injuriously affect the action of the KIDNEYS, and by removing the cauaes of so much discomfort, restore the vital energief body and mind. E ADE' S ^NTIBILIOUS pILLS. Sold by all Chemists, in Boxes, 115: I1d. and 2s, Dd., or mailed free on receipt of remittance by GEORGE EADE 72, GOSWELL ROAD, LOXDOS, E.(J. TRADE'S A NTIBILIOUS TfcTT,T.S KING'S HEAD HOTEL, BOLTWELL. -:0:- THE LEADING FAMILY & COMMERCIAL HOTEL, HAS BEEN RE-FURNISHED AND TARIFF REVISED. -;0:- HEADQUARTERS OF THE CYCLISTS' UNION. -:0:- THE HOTEL OMNIBUS MEETS THE TRAINS AT HOLYWELL STATION T. J. HAYES. JOHN JAMES HUGHES, BOOT AND SHOEMAKER, HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL, BEGS to announce that he has succeeded to tht -D business so long carried on by his late Father, John Hughes, at the above premises, and trust.. that by prompt attention and moderate charges, combined with good workmanship, to merit a continuance of public support. THE HOME-MADE DEPARTMENT Will continue to be a special feature of the busines and great care will be exercised to ensure the best materials only being used. STRONG HARVEST BOOTS The best and cheapest Home-made Boots in the Market. WOMEN AND MEN'S BOOTS AND EnOES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION KEPT IN STOCI. YOUTHS AND CHILDREN'S BOOTS AND SLIPPER OF EVERY VARIETY OBDEBS FROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. Repairs neatly executed. TRY GRIFFITHS' BEAUTIFUL TEA, at Is. lOd. per lb. GOOD FAMILY TEA, at Is. 4d. per lb. Best Brands of TINNED EMITS. CANTON HOUSE, HOLYWELL &FOR- THE BLOODISJTHgTlEE* I.Œrn3D WORLQrFAMEQ For cleansing and clearing the blood from all impurities it cannot be too highly recommended. For Scrofula, Scurvy, Eczema, Skin and Blood Diseases. Pimples, and Sores of all kinds its effects are marvellous. It Cures Old Sores Cures Sores on the Neck Cures Sore Legs Cures Pimples on the Face Cures Scurvy Cures Eczema Cures Ulcers Cures Blood aad Skin Diseases Cures Glandular Swellings Clears the Blood from all impure Mattur, From whatever cause arising It is the only real specific for Gout sad Rheumatic Fains. It removes the cause from the blood and bones. As this Mixture is pleasant to the taste, and warranted free from anything injuriousto the most delicate constitution of either sex, from infancy to old age, the Proprietors solicit sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS "21, Orchard-street, Warrington, January 5tli, 1894. "r am,pleased to say that your Blond Mixture and Lotion, used as prescribed, has done my daughter Elizabeth, aged 16 years, a world of good. About eight months ago she was attacked with a severe skin disease. I tOJk her to the hospital here, and she attended for six weeks. I then took her to the Nfanchester Hospital for four months, but neither of them did her a bit of good (I was obliged to take her from her woik). At last I was persuaded to try Clarke's Blood Mixtures and I now thank God I have done so, for, I am happy to say, the disease has disappeared, and, I can safely say it, the medicine has worked a miracle in my daughter s case. Everyone that knows her savs it is a wonderful thing, she only having taken three bottles, to see the difference in her appealance now and a few weeks ago. This is quite unsolicited, and I send it hoping it will persuade other possible sufferers to try your valuable medicine.-I remain, Gentlemen, yours gratefully. "EuzABETii BOYLE." Witness Charles Price, 4S. Battersly-'ane, Warrington. "Just a few lines in reference to a wonderfu cure that Clarke's Blood Mixture has effected. I have been a sufferer for over three years with a bad leg. I have had several doctors, and tried dozens of receipts from people who professed to know what would do me good. but I never recei red any relief until I tried Clarke's Blood Mixture. I should also add that I was recommended by one doctor t, go to the infirmary as he could do ice no good, but a friend of mine asked me to try your blood mixture. I did so, and after using two lis. bottles my leg was completely cured. It wouid be impossible to tell you how many wounds I had on, M)- leg; it was comiletely black up as tl, us the knee. My friends were a'armed. and I though that I should lose my leg, but now it is all right You may use this letter as you please. Make it as public as you please, for I i-ecoilmend your blood mixture whoever I go JESSE TR'IIITH," "31, Jane street, Hetton Downs, County of Durham, Jan. IGth, 1893. Sold in bottles 2s. 9d. each, and in cases containing six times the quantity,lis.—sufficient to effect a permanent ure in the great majority of long-standing cases. By all CHEMISTS and PATENT MEDICINE YEXDOR throughout the Woild, or ser t to any address on receipt o 33 or 132 stamps by the proprietors. THE LINCOLN AND MIDLAND COUNTIE DUUG COMPANY, LINCOJUS TRADE MARK-BLOOD M1), TURE. ASK FOR CLARKE'S BLUOD 1IUXTLHE, Ioy & 4* !$" f* i, J- .40 Cb' Y ;¡r fl; V LIGHTNING CONDUCTORS. ELECTRIC LIGHTING Installations in Hotels, Mans ons, Private Resi- dsnces, Shops, &c., and Repaired on the Shorteet Notice. Thomas LLOYD, (LATH P. LLOYD & SON), ESTABLISHED, 1838, Electrical Engineer, Painter, Plumber, Ga Fitter, Bell Hanger, Glazier, Paper Hanger, Hot and Cola Water Engineer Shower Baths and Sprays Fixed and Repaired. CAST IRON LANDERS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION OILS, PAINTS AND COLORS OF THE BEST DESCRIPTION ALWAYS KEPT. THE LARGEST STOCK OF BRASS WORK & FITTINGS ,N .XI). Estimates given for all kinds of Work, ani Orders promptly executed on the shortest notice. EVERY VARIETY OF GLASS KEPT IN STOCK Experienced Workmen only kept. HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL, N.W, A. SCHWARZ, CLOCK AND WAPCII MAKER, WHITFORD STREET, HOLYWELL BEGS to announce that after the ENLARGE. J3 MENT OF HIS PREMISES, he has been enabled to greatlj increase L it Stock. ALL KINDS OF JEWELLERY KEPT IN STOCK Clocks and Watches of alldtscripttons In hand ,ttions:n hand HANDSOME-SELECTION OF EKEOTKO-PLATED AKTICJLES REPAIRS PROMPTLY EXECUTED ON THE PREMISES. ASFLNNDITASSOEIMEtrTOF Crtnea Gold Wedding and Keeper Rings s Apresentgive with each ring bought. A privatcroom to select in. DEALER IN LOOKING GLASSES AND EAROMETEIS SPECTACLES AND EYE GLASSES in great variety. S WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. FOR ALL BILIOUS & NERVOUS DISORDERS SUCH AS SICK HEADACHE. WEAK STOMACH- IMPAIRED DIGESTION- CONSTIPATION. LIVER COMPLAINT, AND FEMALE AILMENTS. — LARGEST SALE IN THE WORLD i Beecham's Cough Pills For COUGHS ASTHMA, and all CHEST AFFECTIONS. In Boxes, gld., h. qd., and 2s 9d. each. Feecham's Tooth Paste, EFFICACIOUS, ECONOMICAL, CLEANSES THE TEETH, PERFUM ES the BREATH. In Collapsible Tit I vs. 1. ê LtC iJ. Prepared only by the Proprietor, THOMAS BEECHAM, St. Helens, lancafhir SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS AND P A.T Mun