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DRUIDS t. WESTMINSTER ROVERS. These teams played their tie for the Welsh Cup in Wynnetuy-park, Ruabon. Neither team was fully represented, the Rovers being without Ellis, one of their half-backs, who was badly kioked at Rhos on Monday, while the Druids were minus their centre forward Williams, and the oentre half-back Charles Thomas. Druids kioked off, but the Rovers returned well and Beetles cleared. The ball then travelled baokwarda and forwards from goal to goal in quick suceessiom, but the defence waa too good for either side to soore. The Rovers were eventually conceded a corner, but although it was well placed it was got away, and a oorner for the Druids soon afterwards proved equally futile, as did a second eorner oonoeded to the Rovers. A third corner was sent behind. The Druids pressed, and Jones scored for them. The Rovers equalised. Half -time-Druicle, 1; Westminster Rovers, 1; Final result—Westminster Rovers, 4 goals; Druids, 3 goals, WREXHAM v. FLINT. This matoh in the fourth round of the Welsh Senior Club played at Wrexham on Saturday, was witnessed by but a small number of spectators, the winterly weather being responsible for a poor "gate." The meeting between the clubs had been looked forward to, as they were taken as the representative olubs of their respective counties. The cup-holders, however, were prevented from playing three of their forwards, and three of the League team took their plaoe. The "Chemical Lads" played their full team. The ground w<< ■ very hard, but there was a covering of about half an inoh of snow, which rendered it still more difficult for the players to keep their footing. The homesters started, and within a minute of the start Wrexham scored from a oentre by Jones, which was headed through by Hughes. Directly afterwards another pretty run was put in by the forwards, but Davies headed over. Flint obtained a free kick for hands near the Wrexham goal, but were unable to make anything of it, and then the home forwards obtained a similar advantage but Hayes headed outside. For a short time the Wrexham forwards, who held the upper hand, played rather loosely, and although several shots were put in, none of them told. A corner fell to Wrexham, but. the,. could make nothing of it, and Singleton obtaining did some clever work which oame to nothing. After Bob DavieB and Lewis bad had shots at the Flint goal Ben did some clever work, as the result of which Hughes received the ball and added No. 2. The Flint left were the next to show up, and Evans, after a brilliant run along the touch- line, gave Ball a very difftoult shot, which tke latter cleared finely. After some rather un- interesting play Wrexham got away again, and Hughes, who had a good chance, tried a swift low shot, which hit the outside post. Another fruitless corner followed, and direotly after Bob Davies, after some capital work, centred beautifully, the ball striking the bar, and Lewis headed it through. For the remaining minutes of the irst half Flint played up, and were awarded a comer which was sent behind. Halftime— WBEXHAH, 3 FLINT 0. Flint started rather better, and Bartley had the goal at his mercy but shot badly. The Wrexham right went away nicely, and Ben Lewis made a gojd attempt which was frustrated by the opposing half-back. After Jones, the Flint custodian, had dealt with shots from Lewis and Davies, the scene of operations was transferred to the Wrexham end where Ball successfully negotiated three splendid shots in quick succession. For a few minutes play was confined to midfield, but the Flint forwards put more spirit into their play, and Singleton and Griffiths both endeavoured to lower the Wrexham colours, but failed. Some good defensive work waa done by Ellis, who finally cleared, and the home forwards obtained and went down, and for some time the home citadel was in danger. After a lot of hard play Davies notched a fourth point, but in doing so was hurt. After a short break in the game, however, he was able to piay on. Flint returned to the attack, and Ball was loudly cheered for a magnifieent save he effected. The ball was qaiokly taken to the other end, where the homesters obtained a corner, which was, however, sent behind. Then Evan Williams and Lewis shot, but neither of their efiort took effect, but a comer fell to the cup-holders soon after, and from this a fifth goal was scored. After this Flint seemed thoroughly disorganised, and a sixth goal was soon put past Jones as the result of some good play on the part of Harrison and Hughes. The inside forwards on the Flint side did combine once and put in some pretty passing, but they were brought up by the Wrexham baoks, and a rather one-aided game was brought to a conclusion soon afterwards, and the result being WBEXHAX, 6 goals; FLINT, 0. TeamsWrexham goal, Balls baoks, Samuels and Ellis half-backs, Jones, Williams, and Hayes forwards, Lewis, J. E. Jones. Harrison, Davies, and Hughem.-IPiint: goal, R. Jones; baeks, T. and J. Lloyd; half-baoks, S. Roberts, S. Deane, and J. Price forwards, Singleton, Bills, Bartley* Griffiths, and Evans.





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