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Football. FOURTH ROUND FLINTSHIRE AND DENBIGHSHIRE CHARITY CUP. — VV> suninster Rovers v. Holywell, at Stanety Ptrk, Wrexhaat, on Saturday next, M>irch 25th. Referee, Mr. R. T. Gough, Oswestry. WELSH JUNIOR Cup.-The draw for the semi- final tie in this competition t >ok place as follows Holywell Reserve v. Wrexham Gymnasium. on the Mancott ground, Q ieensferry, on April 1st. Referee, Mr. Smith. RHYL V. BANGOR.—PJayed at the Summer-gardens, Rhyl, on Saturday, in grand weather and before a large crowd of spectators. The game was well contested throughout, and at the call of half-time Bangor led by two goals to one. On cbanginsr ends Bangor improved their lead, and won by 4 goals to 1. WALES V. SCOTLAND.—Played at Wrexham on Saturday. Final result: Scotland, 8 goals Wales, 0 goals. BAGILLT V. BIRKENHEAD MELROSE HOLDERS WIRRAL JUNIOR Cup.-Saturday next, kick-off four o'clook. Goal, Jones; backs, Pierce, Oare half- backs, Ellis, Bagshaw, D. LI. Jones: forwards, Burr, Baimbridge, E. Roberts, D. Evans, W. Evans. PRESIDENT v. VICE-PRESIDENT. Owing to the Holywell football team not having a fixture for last Saturday, and in view of the coming important cupties, the Committee arranged a match,—the President (Mr. Trevor Johnson Jones) v. Vice-President (Mr. H. T. Smith) of the club. The President's team was composed of the senior members of the team, that of the Vice-President being the Junior Cup team. Both teams were fully represented and were as follo-.k*s -Seniors- Goal, G. Jones backs, W. Jones and J. H. Hope half- backs, Dolan, Trevor Jones (captain) and Hague forwards, Gordon Jones, R. Jones, Morris, A. B. S. Roberts and R. Bromley. Juniors-Goals, A. F. Williams; backs, J. Jones and E. B. Roose half- backs, 1. O. Williams, H. T. Smith (captain) and J. Petrie forwards, Tom Jones, Charlton, R. Jones, J. Roberts and J. Hughes. Referee, Mr. J. Ll. Williams. The Vice-President won the toss, and placed his men to play downhill, with the sun at his back. The first half-time was evenly contested, the Seniors drawing fir,t blood by the aid of a good shot by Morris. The Juniors were not long before they equalized, and half-time arrived with the score one each. The second half began to tell on the Seniors who could make no headway, the Juniors soon put on a second goal, which was followed by two more, the final result being Vice-President's team, 4 goals; President's team, 1 goal. Great interest was taken in the game by the good number of spectators assembled. BAGILLT v. CREWE CELTIC. About three hundred spectators assembled at Bagillt, on Saturday last, to witness this match, and as the visitois had given Holywell and Fjint some good games, great interest was taken in the game. The Crewe captain having won the toss, E. Roberts started for the homesters, but the globe was taken to the home end, but Hoban shot wide From the goal kick the home forwards worked their way to the Celts' goal, but Harrison relieved. The game became now very fast each custodian being visited, but with no result. The visitors right, McNamara and Stevenson, made a prominent run, the latter sent in a good shot which brought Jones on his knees in saving. The home forwards had a good run and visited Morgan once more. W. Evans sent in a good shot, Morgan fisted out, but D. Evans met the return and scored the first goal after 35 minutes play. This was all the scoring up to half-time-Bagillt, 1 Crewe, nil. Dinan re-started and gave to Stevenson, but Oare 8teped in and robbed the latter, and the home forwards were in the Crewe goal and forced a corner. Lloyd Jones placing same well in, Pierce headed through, thus scoring the second goal. Keeping up the pressure they forced another corner, and Pierce headed through again, and now Bagillt were three goals to the good. The visitors now livened up, and through the 10jbe play of the home backs scored their first goal. After this the home- sters fell away, and from hands in the goal mouth, Crewe added a second goal. The ball being again restarted it was taken to the Celts end, Pierce having hard lines, as did Baimbridge in the next minute. Five minutes from time Crewe drew level, and when the whistle blew the score was Bagillt, 3 goals Crewe, three goals. LONDON WELSH v. OLD CRAULEIGHANS These teams met on the ground of the Welsh at Hensal Rise on Saturday week, when the home team won by four goals to nil. The Welsh won the toss and elected to play up hill in the first half. Very even and fast play was the order for some consider- able time after the ball had been set in motion. Then the Welsh attacked all along the line, and from a scrimmage in goal Pryce White forced the Crau- leigh custodian ball and all through, thus placing the Welsh a goal ahead. A few minutes later from a free-kick taken by Elias, R. Jones headed in and W. Lee Roberts headed through goal No. 2. The visitors got dangerous close on half-time and put in a good shot which Gillam volleyed out a tremendous distance. On resuming the Welsh again attacked, R. Lee Roberts executing a grand run down along the touch-line and centring across the goal his brother Will easily shot through. The visitors con- tinued to play up gamely and were often dangerous, but towards the close the Welsh again asserted their superiority, and from a pass by R. Lee Roberts, Price White notched another goal the Welsh thus winning a hard game by four goals to nil. LONDON WELSH:—Goal, S. G. Gillam (Wrex- ham) backs, M. L. Owen (Mold) and Rumsey Williams (Bangor); half-backs, Clenyg Jones (Pwllheli), O. Elias (Swansea) and P. J. Hunter forwards, W. Lee Roberts (Beaumaris), Li Roberts (Beaumaris), Pryce White (Bangor) centre, R. Jones (Oswestry) and R. Lees Roberts (late of Chester) captain. LONDON WELSH 2ND XI beat Crouch End Rovers at Hornsey on Saturday week by 17 goals to nil. Six being scored iu the first halt and eleven in the second half. London Welsh 2nd XI: Goal, A. R. Hughes (Llangollen) backs, T. R. Thomas (Carmarthen) and A. R. Hart; half-backs, D. L. Evans (Llan- gollen), M. R. Hughes (PeDygroes) and R. Roderick (Cardigan) forwards, Dr. J. Griffith (Bethesda), O. Armer Williams (Bethesda), R. Griffith (Baugor), W. Hughes (Carnarvon) and W. Cheney. Linesman, R. Lumby Roberts, Menai Bridge. The London Welsh have now complelod their fixtures for the Easter tour in North Wales. Thoy will meet Llandudno Swifts at Llandudno on Good Friday Flint at Flint on April let, and Baugor at Bangor on Easter Monday. The London Taffies will be able to put a strong team in the field in each of the above matches. LONDON WELSH V. UXBRIDGE. London Welsh winners one goal to nil. Next Saturday the London Welsh meet West Herts, the holders of the Hertfordshire Cup, at Watford, when a good game is certain to result. Owen Elias, the crack half-back of the London Welsh, has been again selected to play for his County (Middlesex) on the 29th inst., whilst P. J. Hunter and Lee Roberts, are reserves for the same. London Welsh Reserves beat Hampstead Reserves last Saturday, by three goals to two. London Welsh 3rd eleven drew with Mottington, Keni. last Saturday, two goals each.

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