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Football. FLINT SWIFTS v. BBOUGHTON.—To be played at Flint, on Saturday next, kick-off 3 o'clock. SANDBACH ST. MAIt.Y's v. FLINT.—These teams meet on the ground of the former, on Saturday next. Team leaves Flint 12.40. DBUIDS (RUABON) v. SHREWSIBURY. -Played at Shrewsbury. The Druids were the best throughout the game, and kept their opponents fully occupied. Result:—Druids 3 goals, Shrewsbury 1 goal. BAN&OB y. LLANDUDNO SWIFTS, -The final tie in the Swifts' Medal Competition was replayed at Llandudno on Saturday, and the game ended in a draw of one goal eaeh, but in the extra time Bangor again scored, the Swifts failing, and the visitors won a fiercely contested game by two goals to one. DRUIDS RESERVE v. MALPAS (WELSH JUNIOR CUP). —This match was played on Wynnstay Park, on Saturday. The ground was thickly covered with snow. Malpas started against the wind, but the home team had the best of matters, and at half -time had scored three goals to nil. In the second portion of the game play was of a more even character. The Welshmen scored once, and Malpas once. Final Result.-Druids 4 goals, Malpas 1. WELSH JUNIOR CUP COMPETITION. HOLYWELL RESERVE v. ST. ASAPH HOLYWELL RESERVE STILL IN IT. Saturday afternoon last, was the latest date upon which the second round of the above competition could b played. The Holywell Reserves having vanquished Mancott and Pentre, had the good luck' of having this round also played on their own ground. The visiting team was St. Asaph Athletic, they having beaten Carnarvon Reserves, at Car- narvon, in the first round. The Holywell team underwent a few changes, and Roose and Roberts stood out in favour of T. Jones and Jos. Roberts. The backs played as in the first match. Petrie in the half-backs went from centre to left wing, thus changing places with 1. 0. Williams, Sil. Hughes playing right wing. The forwards were completely changed, Tom Jones took the place of Joe Hughes on the outside riirht, the latter player being placed inside left, and Jos. Roberts played outside left, whilst R. Jones and J. S. Charlton remained unchanged. Owing to the frost the ground was in a hard condition, and the heavy downfall of snow (of which the greater part had been cleared) made it very slippery for the players generally. St. Asaph brought a rather strong team, and meant to win if possible. A fall of snow in the morning greatly interfered with the attendance of spectators. At 2.30, at the call of the Referee's whistle, the teams faced each other as follows Holywell Reserve:—Goal, A. F. Williams; backs, John Jones and J. A. Dolan; half-backs, S. Hughes, 1. O. Williams, and J. Petrie (capt.); forwards- right wing, Tom Jones and J. S. Charlton centre, R. Jones left wing, J'oe Hughes and J. Roberts.— Linesman, Mr. J. Ll. Williams. St.. Aeaph: -Goal, Powell; backs, W. H. Robin- son and W. T. Jones half-backs, T. Grimsley, T. Robinson and W. Jones; forwards—right wing, J. R Williams and J. Evans centre, C. M. Thomas; left wing, J. Lloyd and G. Vaughan. -Linesman, Mr. C. Jones.—Referee, Mr. Kelly, Sandyoroft. St. Asaph won the toss, and chose to play uphill with the wind at their backs. R. Jones started the ball on its travels, St. Asaph returned, and a mistake by Dolan let the right wing in, the final effort putting the ball over the bar. From the goal kick Holywell pressed, and Joe Hughes passed across to the right wing, and Tom Jones put in an easy goal about three minutes from start. St. Asaph took up the running from the centre kick, J. Jones clearing in time. Give and take play ensued in mid-field, from which Holywell ran down, an off-side claim spoiling a good chance. Joe Hughes topped the bar another shot from the latter player hitting the post. The left inside man again shot over the bar when in an easy position for scoring. St. Asaph now had a turn, the right wing being prominent, and forced a oorner which was well taken, and the ball was headed through by the left wing thus equalising. From the centre-kick Holywell attacked and forced a corner which was nicely placed by J. Petrie, and R. Jones converted it into a goal. Restarting the Reserves pressed, and Tom Jones ran in when the ball was on the line and it was put through. St. Asaph claiming that the ball had gone outside the goal was disallowed. From the goal kick J. Hughes obtained possession and sent in a grand shot, which Powell cleared, but the Holywell centre returned it and placed the ball safely in the net. St. Asaph now had a try but were driven back, and J. Roberts made a nioe run down the left wing and passed to J. S. Charlton who beat Powell for the fourth time. A 'throw-in' was given the visitors close to the Holywell goal, and through some misunderstanding between the Holywell baoks, the visiting centre popped the ball into the net. Encouraged by this success St. Asaph pressed but could not again break through. Holywell tried to increase their lead but at half-time the score was :— HOLYWELL RESERVES, 4; ST. ASAPH, 2. After the usual interval, the visitors centre started the ball, down-hill, and it was thought that the Holywell backs would have a hot time of it, but the home forwards were equal to the occasion, and were soon busy in attaoking the St. Asaph goal, R. Jones displaying some good heading." St. Asaph tried to clear, but to no purpose, and the Holywell oentra succeeded in beating Powell for the fifth time. The home right now became more prominent, Tom Jones putting in some good centres, and Charlton placed another goal to the credit of his side. The visitors now fell to pieces, and the Holywell forwards did as they liked, R. Jones again beating the visitors oustodian. A few minutes later Joe Hughes put another through. The Holywell goalkeeper and backs now had a try at shooting goals, and J. Jones (full-back) succeeded in doing the needful, with a swift low shot. A claim for hands' against St. Asaph resulted in another point being registered. A corner falling to Holywell was got away, but the ball was returned, and Torn Jones put on goal number 11, another goal being easily rushed through. From now to the finish Holywell kept the visitors penned in, and a good header from J. Jones just topped the bar. St. Asaph only broke through the: Holywell defence once during the second half. The final result was as follows '■— HOLYWELL RESERVES, 12 ST. ASAPH, 2. The Holywell Reserves were never seen to better advantage, all doing their best to pile on the score, and nerer gave up although victory was sure. Among the forwards there is a little too high kioking in front of goal, which threw away about half a dozen easy chaneee of scoring. We hope the fault will be remedied by the third round. The halves played a /"wed game and proved a good trio, the only fault D. r„oeable being that of playing the man instead of t: e ball. The change amongst them improves the play. The backs did their duty J. Jones being prominent. The goalkeeper defended well and could notsaVe the goals scored against him. —The St. Asaph men although beaten played a plucky game, their centra forward doing some good work. The goalkeeper also saved his side from a heavier defeat and at times cleared well. The backs were rather weak, and the half-backs were decidedly weak. FLINT SWIFTS v. CONNAH'S QUAY. (By ONWARD."). This the most important junior match played at Flint for some time, took place on Saturday, it being the re-played game in the 1st round of the above competition. During the week a sharp thaw had taken place, thus rendering the ground sloppy. The referee declared the ground fit for a cup tie, neither team protesting, The visitors had out their best eleven, whilst the Swifts were minus S. Ellis, at the last mQment, thus placing Craig in the halves, and calling J. Bibby to the forwards. As the teams had played a drawn game after two hours play, a few weeks back in the same round of the competition, a large crowd assembled, of which a few were Quayites At 2.30 the referee lined up the following players, the Swifts playing in white shirts. Swifts Team Goal, E. Johnson backs, J. Lloyd and J. Matthews; half-backs, S. Deane, T. Craig and H. Darry forwards, R. George. J. Bibby, J. Davies, T. Edwards and Jack Davies. Connah's Quay Team: Goal, Jones backs, J. Prince and Gerrard; half-backs, Sefton, Wilson and Tim Jones forwards, Aston, Ferguson, A. N. Other Smith and Green. Referee-Mr. A. Williams, Rbyl. Referee—Mr. A. Williams, Rhyl. Winning the toss, the Quayites took advantage of a'strong wind, J. Davies starting for the Swiits. ne and Kiwurd. jaoL jpavlea making a good run, Prince clearing in fine sryie. The visitors aided by the wind transferred play to the other end, Darry effecting a clearance. Again the Quayites came, Lloyd clearing with a huge kick whilst directly afterwards Craig headed clear. The visitors were now pressing, Fergusson and Aston on the right going well. J. Matthews clearing, the Swifts forwards by a combined move got away, and Jones was called upon to save thrice in quick succession. Play was not long in the visitors' half; Sefton sent to Aston who gave Johnson a warm handful which with difficulty was got away. Nut to be denied the Quay played with great dash, Deane disposing of Green when the latter was dangerous. Keeping up the pressure, the Swifts defence was sorely tried, Lloyd and Matthews de- fending grandly; gradually but surely the Swifts got a footing in the Quay quarters, J. Davies being robbed by Gerrard when in the act ot shooting. Tho visitors now got in close quarters, Lloyd and Matthews being severely taxed, Johnson conceding a corner which came to nothing, even play was the order for some time, J. Bibby and J. Davies being prominent for the Swifts. A free kick was taken by Matthews and George narrowly missed heading through. Play became fast and exciting, each team doing its utmost to score, but the defence of both teams was equal to the call, Lloyd and Gerrard being conspicuous for their respective sides. Jones and Green rushed up the field the latter shooting wide. The Quay men forced a oorner, Deane clear- ing a dangerous scrimmage, whilst J. Lloyd headed clear immediately afterwards. The visitors now had the best of matters, their forwards shooting being very much off. Again the Swifts got away Wilson clearing a dangerous movement. At half- time neither side had scored.—Connah's Quay re- started, and with the wind the Swifts were seen to great advantage. Edwards and Jack Davies running up, the latter shooting wide when in close quarters. The kick out gave a little relief, J. Davies got hold and made grand headway, J. Prince clearing in the nick of time. Ferguson and Aston got away, the latter shooting wide.. The kick out enabled the Swifts to get up, Deane sent to J. Bibby who sent in a splendid shot which grazed the post en the out- side. J. Davies got hold and sent to Edwards, he and Jack Davies getting well up, Jones running out to save. The Swifts now kept up a siege on the Quayites citadel, J. Prince and Gerrard showing a capital defence, and the Swifts were with weak shooting, and a strong defence, unable to soore. The visitors centre sent to his left, Green being neatly robbed when in close quarters. The Swifts now put in all they knew, Jack Davies shooting over with the goal at his mercy. The kick out gave the visitors right an opening, Matthews robbing and made a good run but finished badly. J. Bibby got away, and when in a good position was badly kneed by Prince, Time was now drawing to a close, and the Swifts tried bard to gain a point. Craig sent well in, Jones clearing. A free kick was well placed by Lloyd a scrimmage ensued, the ball going out. Edwards and Davies got well up, J. Davies sent to George who shot a trifle wide. The Quayites got away, Aston all but scoring. From the goal kick the Swifts went straight for the Quay citadel, Edwards topping the bar. Deane placed a corner which was well got away, and when the whistla blew neither side had scored.—As usual in cup ties an extra half-hour was played tho Swifts playing with the wind, and the way in which they com- menced was a surprise, the renewed dash and vigour being a pleasure to witness. Five minutes had passed by when Deane with a long shot scored for the Swifts, the cheering being loud and prolonged. Scarcely had the cheers died away, when Deane with a long shot again captured the Quayites cit- adel. The visitors were now a beaten team, and the Swifts encouraged by such -a lead played up splendidly. Craig shot wide; the free kick gsve little or no relief, as J. Davies got hold and gave to J. Bibby, the latter beat bothbacks and when in the act of shooting was tripped by J. Prince, the ball however going through, the visitors protested against the goal being allowed, and consequently left the field after playing 11 minutes of the extra half-hour, the game ending as follews FLINT SWIFTS, 3 Goals; CONNAH'S QUAY, 0. Without doubt the better team won, their staying power on the heavy ground being a noticeable feature of the match, which is due to the training they indulged in throughout the week. For the winners Johnson in goal did some clever things, but should stick to his post and not play the part of a back. Lloyd and Matthews at back were safe, and to them belongs the honour of winning the match. The halves are a splendid trio, Deane playing a re- markably safe game, and had the honour of scoring two goals. Craig did well, his heading being fine Darry also played a good game. The forwards at times were a little off-colour. J. Davies in the centre fed his wings to perfection, his coolness being noticeable. The right wing did well, Bibby creating a surprise by his good play George played a good game. The left wing worked hard, Edwards never tiring, and Jack Davies getting up with ease, but should centre a little more. For the losers Jones in goal, effected some good clearances, but might have saved the second goal. The backs, Prince and Gerrard were the shining lights of their side, and saved the team from a heavy defeat. The halves were moderate, Wilson being the pick. The forwards got down time after time but were weak in front of goal, Feaguson and Aston being the piok. As the Swifts have a bye in the second round, they therefore enter the third round.