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HOLYWELL POLICE COURT. TUESDAY, MAY 19th. Before R. Sankey, Esq., and the Rev. T. Z. Davies. John Dennis, mariner, was brought up on remand, charged with having stolen a quantity of timber from the Bagillt Copper Works, on Thursday, the 14th inst. One piece of the timber was found near to the pri- soner's vessel. Committed to prison for two months with hard labor. WEDNESDAY LAST. Before G. P. Roskell, Esq., and Richard Sankey, Esq. AN OLD OFFENDER. Moses Hughes alias Moses y Bryn, was brought up in the custody of P. C. Samuel Davies, upon the charge of having on Monday last committed wilful damage at the house of Phoebe Jones, Bryn Zion, by breaking in the door, which he shattered to pieces. In the summer of last year the prisoner was charged with an assault, and was mulcted in a fine, but upon promising to pay the money he was released from custody. Failing to fulfil his promise, he was again apprehended, and a second time released upon the faith that the money should be paid, but he then ab- sconded, and a commitment was issued against him. When apprehended the prisoner offered violent resis- tance and severely assaulted police officer Samuel Davies. He was committed to prison for one month for the assault, and at the expiration of that term, for a second month for the damage, in each instance with hard labour. A warrant had also been taken out against him for the assault upon the officer, which will be executed upon the prisoner on his release from his present confinement. » ■ r Holywell Railway.—This line is progress- ing rapidly and the permanent way is now laid up to the/' Yellow Factory," and the rounding of the Helt in the direction of the ravine helow Castle Hill is being pushed on with all vigour. Rhyl.—A public meeting has been held here with a view of opening the Parade Hotels which has now been closed for some time. The meeting was numerously attended and it was unanimously considered that the opening of the Hotel would be conducive to the interests of the town. A committee was then formed for the purpose of carrying out the wishes of the meeting. Greenfield.-The contract for the erection of the New Church has been awarded to our towns- man-Mr M. D. Edwards, and it is expected that active operations will shortly be commenced. The Talacre Harriers. Our sporting readers will learn with regret that the above merry pack which for many years past has afforded them such excellent sport has been disposed of, and will shortly quit there kennels for, we believe, Shropshire, where they will have a new master in the person of Col. Cotton. In thus alluding to the circumstance we feel assured that we shall be but giving utterance to the sentiments of the Flintshire sporting gentlemen, if we state that the thanks of the hunting community are most deservedly due to Sir Pyers Mostyn for the liberality he has manifested in providing, solely at his own cost, for so long a period the means whereby the lovers of the chase could participate in their favo- rite pastime. UNIVERSITY OF WALES.—It is announced that Samuel Morley, Esq., has handed over to the funds of this institution the Handsome sum of £1,000, uncondi- tionally, Gone to Rome from a Halfway House.- We hear that the wife of a Bristol clergyman of very High Church views, whose place of worship has been remarkable for its very elaborate ritualistic service, has just seceded to the Roman Catholic Church. This is the second person in the congregation who has recently joined the church of Rome.-Bristol Tiines. St. Asaph.-Barmonic Society.—We under- stand that the handsome donation ofdElO 10s. has been handed to the Steward of the Rhyl Convalescent Insti- tution from this society, being the proceeds, after deducting expenses, &c., of a concert given on the 23rd ult. The society intend giving a morning and evening concert this season for thH benefit of the Denbigh Infirmary. May they be well supported in their benevolent intentions. O

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