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HOLYWELL LOCAL BOARD. THIS Board held its general monthly meeting on Monday last, the following members of the Board being present,—Mr. Williamson, (chairman), Mr. 1. Owens, Mr. Thomas Smedley, Mr. James Hall, Mr. Edward Lloyd, Mr. Powell, Dr. Davies, Mr. M. D. Edwards, and Mr. Joseph Garner. The clerk read the minutes of the last general and subseqnent meetings of the Board, which were after- wards confirmed. The inspector's common lodging houses' and slaugter- houses' reports were next read, by which it seemed that there was nothing to complain of," whereupon the chairman confirmed them. The inspector then laid before the Board a complaint of nuisance at the Red Lion Court, signed by the Inhabitants thereof, in answer to which he said that directly he heard of the nuisance he pro- ceeded to the spot, and put a stop to tho wheeling of the manure, which it was alleged had given rise to the nuisance. It was then about 10 o'clock in the morning. The chairman stated that the nuisance was certainly very abominable, and a direct violation of the byelaws. The inspector should summon the offenders, whoever they may be. Mr. Thomas Owens thought it would be too prema- ture to do so, as he thought that the parties, if served by a proper notice from the Board, would no doubt ajjate the nuisance. The chairman remarked that undoubtedly there was a good deal of truth in what Mr. Owens had said, hut if they did not put the law into force, then what was the use of it. Another complaint of manure running from the King's Arms' yard to the road, and which it wa, said caused a very offensive smell to the frequenters of the English Congregational Church, was read from Mr. William Davies, Bryntirion. A third complaint was read requesting that railings should be placed around certain houses in the new road,—leading to Bryn Zion,—and which were deemed dangerous to human life. The inspector was ordered to take the steps he may have power to use for the purpose of abating the nuisances complained of. THE MARKET QUESTION. The clerk stated that he had received the plans of the proposed new market hall from Mr. Hughes, and which were laid before the board for inspection; the estimated amount required for constructing the all was £2900 which sum was considered far too high, and the plans were consequently "thrown out of court." Mr. Lloyd thereupon moved that advertisements calling for plans of a new market hall be pubiishel. The chairman seconded the motion, whereup;.m Mr. T. Smedley suggested that Messrs. Crockferd, Scrivener, Morris, and Lloyd Williams, (being the gentlemen competing for the Well plans,) together with Mr. Hughes and the Architects of the ituthia and Chester new markets be written to, requesting them to furnish the board with plans of a new market hall, for which a premium of t20 would be given for the best plan-to merge in the commision ;-and thnt they be requested to furnish the plans within a month's time,—and further that Mr. Hughes be informed upon what grounds his plan was thrown out." Mr. Lloyd then withdrew his motion and the. above suggestion was carried. A committee to give the necessary information to the Architects was then formed to comprise the fol- lowing members—The chairman, Mr. Edward Lloyd. Mr. M. 1). Edwards, Mr. Smedley and Mr. Garner. A Highway Rate of 6d. in the pound, and a general District Rate of 9d. in the pound were authorized. Application was made to construct some new build- ings in the New Road by Mr. William Jones, builder, Castle View, but in consequence of some informality in the application the matter was deferred until next Monday, to which date the board was adjourned. ♦

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