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Family Notices




Holywell Union. NOTICE IS HEREBY~GIVEN, that all Persons having claims against the Guardians of this Union are requested to send in their Accounts to the Clerk, at the Board Room of the Workhouse, not later than 11 o'clock on Wednesday, the 6th day of January next, and to attend there personally, or by their authorised Agents, on Saturday, the 9th day of January next, between the hours of 11 and 1 to receive the amounts due to them. The Guardians having determined not to pass any Accounts which shall not be received as above specified, until after the end of the present Quarter, parties sending in their claims later than the time above mentioned, are to take notice that the Accounts which may now be due to them, will not be paid until after the 25th day of March now next ensuing. By order of the Board, J. V. HARRISON, Clerk. Holywell, 24th December, 1863. FLINT SAVINGS BANK, President, THE MOST HON. MARQUESS OF WESTMINSTER, K.G. Vice-President, SIR JOHN HANMER, BART, M.P. Honorary Treasurer,—RICHABD MUSPRATT, ESQUIRE. Honorary Secretary,—MR. THOMAS GLEAVE Auditor,—MR. JNO. JONES. AUDITOR'S REPORT. Westminster Buildings, Chester, a. 0..a.L. "0"'8 My LORD AND GENTLEMEN, I have examined the Accounts of your Savings' Bank for the year ending 20th November, 1863. I compared every receipt and repayment as entered in the Cash Book and certified by the Managers in attendance on each Bank Day, with the several Depositor's accounts in the Ledger, and I certify them to be correct. I examined and checked all the sums of principal and interest as extracted into the detailed aud classified statement, prepared for the National Debt Commis- sioners also the additions of the said statement and the Cash Book, which are correct. I am glad to find your Bank making steady progress in the number of Depositors and in the amount of investments. The Books are well and accurately kept. I have the honor to be, My Lord and Gentlemen, Your most obedient Servant, J. JONES, Public Auditor. To the Trustees and Managers of the Savings' Bank, Flint. Sale by Mr. James Williams. Unreserved Sale at the Flint Colliery. MR. JAMES WILLIAMS RESPECTFULLY announces that he is instructed to dispose of by PUBLIC AUCTION, on the above premises, on SATURDAY next, the 2nd proximo, commencing at 1 o'clock in the Afternoon,—the following lots of Valuable Colliery Materials, LOT. viz.- 1 A lift of 15 nine-feet lengths of 16^-inch pumps,— nearly new,—(on the surface). 2 Five 7-inch square wooden pump rods. 3 Sixteen wrought iron strapping plates, to suit. 4 One ditto connected with beam. 5 One wrought iron joint for ditto. 6 One bottom joint for ditto. 7 Two wrought iron bucket swords. 8 One bucket. 9 One force pump, with cast iron pipes connected. 10 One (about sixty yards) rope and winch. 11 Nineteen wrought iron pump rings. 12 One east iron door-piece. 13 One bucket shell. 14 Two safety valves. 15 One piece of new air pipe (in smithy yard). 16 One-inch deal boards—o ft. & 8i ft. by 12 inches. 91 17 Sundries. Maes-y-dre, Holywell, Dec. 30th, 1863. FIRST COUSINS WANTED. WHEREAS, MARTHA FREEMAN, late the TV Wife of Thomas Freeman, of Wakefield, in the County of York, gentleman, (formerly Martha Pickard, Spinster), and who died on the Fourth of June, 18G2, by her last Will or Testamentary Appointment dated the Third of March, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty-nine, bequeathed all the residue of the money to arise from her real and personal estates unto and equally amongst all her first Cousins living at the time of her decease (whether on the part of her late Father George Pickard, formerly of Newmillcrdani, in the Parish of Sandal Magna, in the County of York, or of her late Mother Catharine Pickard, before her marriage called Catharine Hughes, and residing near Holywell, in the County of Flint,) who should claim the same, or their respective shares thereof, or should be other- wise ascertained within twenty-four calendar months next after her decease, in total exclusion of any of such first Cousins who should not claim or be ascertain- ed within the period aforesaid; Notice is hereby given that every person claiming to be one of such first Cousins of the said Martha Freeman as aforesaid, must, within the period aforesaid, send in such claim, with the evidence in support thereof, to Mr. JAMES WHITHAM, Solicitor, Wakefield, the solicitor for the surviving and acting Executors under the said Will, otherwise he or she will be excluded from participating in any benefit under the said bequest. This advertisement will not be repeated. Dated the First day of January, 1864. JAS. WHIT QAM, Solicitor. HOLYWELL TIMBER YARD. EDWARDS & ROBERTS BEG: most thankfully to tender their grateful acknowledgements to their numerous patrons for the liberal support they have received as Timber Merchants, and avail themselves of this opportunity of intimating to their friends and the public generally that they have now added to their present business that of CONTRACTORS & JOINERS, and respectfully solicit the favor of public patronage in this department, assuring all parties who may honor them with their commands, that their orders shall at all times receive their best and immediate attention. Every description of Joiners' and Wheelwrights work undertaken, either by day or contract, and Estimates for the erection and completion of avery kind of Building forwarded on application. The most experienced and able workmen at all times employed. MESSRS. GABRIEL'S INVENTION. OSTEO E I D 0 N- PATENT, MARCH 1ST, 1862, No. 560. PATENT, MARCH 1ST, 1862, No. 560. /ABRIEL'S Self-adhesive Patent Indestructible MINERAL TEETH and FLEXIBLE GUMS, without palates, springs, or wires, and without operation. One set lasts a lifetime, and warranted for mastication and articulation, even when all others fail. Purest materials only, at half the usual cost. MESSRS. GABRIEL, The Old Established Dentists, 27, HABLEV-STSBET, C A VE tr D I B H-S QUA HE, AND 34, L U D GAT E- H ILL, LONDON, LIVERPOOL, 134, DUKE-ST. BIRMINGHAM, 65, NEW STREET. ONLY ONE VISIT REQUIRED FROM COUNTRY PATIENTS. Complete Sets from 4 to 7, and 10 to 15 Guineas. GABRIEL'S PRACTICAL TREATISE ON ARTIFICIAL TEETH, and the only effectual mode of supplying them, (Post Free) explains their numerous improvements. Gabriel's new work should be read by all who value health and before consulting a dentist.—HERALD. In addition to their own inventions, Messrs. Gabriel supply with equal success, every known method, whether English French, or American, in Gold, Platina, Guttapercha, Incorrod- ible Soft Gum, Lentum, &c. Gabriel's Patent White Enamel, the only permanent stopping that does not discolour the teeth. Specially adapted for Front Teeth. HOLYWELL PROPOSED NEW MARKET TUT, the undersigned, Ratepayers of the Township f n hereby invite the attendance of our lenow Ratepayers who may feel opposed to the removal of the Market from its ancient and central site, and who also object to the Local Board borrowing so large a sum as JE4000 on the security of the Rates of the Township, to attend a MEETING of Rate- payers entertaining similar opinions, to be held at the Royal and White Horse Hotel, Holywell, on Monday, the 4th day of January, 1864, ^t,J Wclock, for the purpose of petitioning the LocaUBobr| not to carry out their present views; and to fiPEO r -er stepa as may be deemed expedient. J- Edward Jones. 1 William Parry. William Owens. James Davies. John Jones. John S. Smalley. William Williams. Rich. Ellis. Jos. Wm. Lloyd. John Thomas. Thomas Gregory. I e I I f 'Iy, WANTED. JjKS WANTED, a steady young MAN, a pair of Horses, and to make ^T useful on a Farm. He must be a and be able to give a reference — Enquire at Top-y-Fron, Flint. HOLYWELL SAVINGS' BANK. ^T^HE Trustees and Managers of the above Institu- tion are respectfully informed that the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will be holden here on WEDNESDAY, the 13th January, L864, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon. JAMES WILLIAMS, Bank for Savings', Actuary. Maes-y-dre, Holywell, Dec 26th, 1863. FLINTSHIRE DISPENSARY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the General Annual Meeting of the Trustees, Benefactors, and Subscribers to the above Charity, will take place at the Board Room of the Institution, Bagillt-street, Holywell, on WEDNESDAY, the 27th day of January instant, at Twelve o'clock at Noon, for the purpose of auditing the Accounts for the past Year, for appoint- ing Officers for the ensuing Year, and for other general purposes relating to the Charity. EDWARD JONES, Honorary Secretary. Holywell, Dec. 30th, 1863. MOLD ANNUAL BALL. PATRONS. THE HON. LORD RICHARD GROSVENOR, MP., C. BUTLER CLOUGH, ESQ., HIGH SHERIFF. LADY PATRONESSES. Mrs C B. Clough, Llwyn- Offa. Mrs Clowes, GwsaneyHall. Mrs J. Scott Bankes, Soughton. Mr3 A. T. Roberts, The Tower. Tower. MR. DEAN begs most respectfully to announce that the above BALL will take place at the BLACK LION ASSEMBLY ROOMS, on WEDNESDAY, the 13th ot January, 1864. Ladies' Tickets, 5s; Gentlemen's, 7s. 6d. Now Ready, Price Fourteen-pence, A SECOND EDITION 'OF THE COL LECION OF PSALMS AND HYMNS, SUITABLE FOR PUBLIC WORSHIP, Arranged by tho Rev. HUGH JONES, M.A,. Canon Residentiary of St. Aaaph, and Vicar of Holywell. Holywell: Printed and sold by James Davies & Son. REMITTANCES TO INDIA. THE North and South Wales Bank draws Bills and Letters of Credit on the Agra and United Service Bank in Calcutta, Bombay, and Madras, payable in these Cities in Company's Rupees at the current rate of Exchange for the day. Liverpool, August, 1863. Starch Manufacturers to H. R. H, the Princess of Wales. GLENFIELD PATENT STARCH, AWARDED THE PRIZE MEDAL, 1862. THIS UNRIVALLED STARCH IS USED IN THE ROYA AUNDRY, And pronounced by Her MAJESTY'S LAUNDRBSS to be THE FINEST STARCH SHE EVER USED. HER MAJESTY'S LACE DRESSER DECLARES IT TO BE THE BEST SHE HAS TRIED, AND THE ABOVE AWARD BY SOME OF THE MOST EMINENT SCIENTIFIC MEN OF THE AGE, Confirms its Superiority. WOTHERSPOON & Co., GLASGOW AND IJONWAA; HEALTH FOR THE INVALID BY HOLLOWAY'S PILLS. Loss of Appetite-Loss of Strength-Loss of Health. The marvellous effect of this fine medicine upon the system is such as to immediately rally all the vital functions, the appetite is soon restored, a full flow of spirits quickly follows, the body becomes immensely invigorated with a certainty of rctored health fresh air and a little exercise are necessary to bring about a permanent state of things. Holloway's Pills im- part tone and energy to the most delicate constitutions, and in a manner as to astonish all who take them. By their extra- ordinary virtues they have obtained the largest sale of any medicine in the wcrld. Female Disorders. No medicine can be so infalably relied upon for overcoming all obstructions as these Pills. They never fail to restore a healthy action throughout the system. The printed instructions will enable all to correct the first symptoms of disease, and avert many serious maladies. Holloway's Pills soon change the sickly and saUow coniplexion, thus renewing the bloom of health. To females entering into womanhood, or at the turn of life, these Pills will be found invaluable. They should be taken two or three times a week, as a safeguard against dropsy, headaches, palpitations of the heart, and all nervous affections so distressing at certain periods. Sick Headache, Indigestion or Foal Stomach and Disordered Liver. £ In such a deranged state of health the food is decomposed instead of digestedvand proves poisonous rather than nutritious This derangement can at once be set right by a course of these purifying and digestive Pills, which have acquired for them- selves an imperishable fame for the mastery they have const mlly exercised over the digestive organs. Holloway's Pills increase the appetite, regulate the liver, repress biliousness, healthily stimulate the kidneys, and move the bowels in a more whole- some and natural manner than. any other medicine. Holloway's Fillt are the best remedy known in the world for the following diseases:— Alrlle Asthma Bilious Complaints Blotches on the Skin Bowel Complaints Colics Constipation of the Bowels. Consumption Debility Dropsy Dysentery Erysipelas iFemalc Irregularities 'Fevers o £ all kinds Fits, Gout Head-ache Indigestion Inflammation Jaundice Liver Complaints Lumbago Piles Rheumatism Retention of Urine Scrofula, or ? Evil |Sore Throat- Stone and Gravel isecondary Syintom Tic-Douloureu* Tumours Venereal Affections Worms of all kinds Weakness, from whatever cause &c., &c. Sold at the Establishment of PROFESSOR HOLT.OWAY, :H., Strand, (near Temple Bar,) London; also by all respectable Druggists and Dealers in Medicines throughout the civilized world, at the following prices :-ls. lid., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., lls., 22s., and 339., each Box. There is a considerable asving by taking the larger sizes. N.B.—Directions for the guidance of patients in every diso- rder are affixed to each Box, and can be had in any language, even in Chinese. -r- Printed and Published by the Proprietors, J AMES DAVIES EDWARD JONES DAVIES.