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L Holywell Special Sessions.I






HOLYWELL BOARD OF GUARDIANS, Thursday, Dec. 24th, 1863. Guardians present :-Mr. Edward Jones, chair- man,) Holywell—Mr. Owens and Mr. Chesters; Mold -Mr. Catherall; Flint-Mr. Parry and Mr. Davies Ysceífiog-Mr. E. Lloyd; Llanasa—Mr. Thomas Hughes; Caerwys—Mr. J. S. Williams. The following cheques were signed for the Relieving Officers:- Mr. William Hughes £180 Mr. John Roberts. 160 Mr. J. F. Hooson 130 Alice Dykins, and 3 children, natives of Salford, Manchester, applied for out-relief, her husbapd who was chargeable to this Union, having died. She was desirous of returning to Salford, where she could live with her father and mother. An order for 5s. weekly was granted; and the clerk to apply to the Salford Union whether they would relieve the pauper on behalf of this Union. Isaac Hughes, Gadlys lane, Bagillt, applied for out- relief, being confined to his bed, and the means he had of maintaining himself were insufficient. He kept a cow and a pig, and paid X12 rent. The guardians stated their regret at not being able to grant any relief, as it was wholly out of their power to assist him under the existing circumstancos. Several bills from assistant Overseers for attending ugon and assisting the Assessment Committee were read, all of which, with one or two exceptions, were greatly decreased in amount. In answer to Mr. J. S. Williams, the clerk stated that each parish would have to bear the expences in- curred, provided the valuation exceeded one-sixth of the rateable value, but if under the one-sixth part of the rateable value, then the expences would be defray- ed out of the Common Fund of the Union. Mr. Thomas Owens enquired whether those parishes which had to pay their own expences would also have to contribute towards defraying the expences of those parishes which would -be paid out of the Common Fund. The clerk said that it was so. Mr. Owens then said that he thought it was very unfair that one parish should pay its own expences and that also of another palish. AN J N CO H ill GI It L E PAUPER. Ann Foulkes, well known to our readers, was brought before the board. It appears that she bad been in no less than eight situations, all of which she had left through her evil conduct. The Chairman and Mr. Thomas Owens severely reprimanded her, and it was ordered that she should not enjoy the Christmas treat given to the paupers, and that as little rations as the Lw allows should only be placed at her disposal. A letter from the Prescot Union was then read, applying for further orders from the board, with refer- ence to the case of Elizabeth St. Asar, a pauper belong- ing to this Union, in receipt of 2s. weekly. She her- self earned 6s. weekly, and her son 7s. Further relief was refused. Applications from Anglesea and Conway Unions were read, applying for further orders to relieve paupers,-whic were granted. A similar application from the Bangor and Beaumaris Union was granted. The Guardians gave their support to a petition from the Hexham Union, having reference to the Assess- ment Act, and allowing the Assessment Committee power to support their decisions against any appeals that may be made. MOLD NEW VALUATION*. A communication from the Poor Law Board with reference to this matterwas read, stating, that inasmuch as it had been represented to that board by the parish officers of Mold parish that a new valuation was desiiable, the Poor Law Board had granted an order for the same, but applied for the transmission of the draft contract to the Poor Law Board. Master's Book.—Number of inmates in the house last board-day, 162; admitted since, 6 discharged, 1; births, 1; and deaths 1; present number, 162. Vagrants admitted, 36. The contracts for supplying the house with provisi- ons, &c., for the ensuing quarter were granted as followsbutchers' meat 6H <W lb. bone ld.Mr. John Jones, High Street; bread 13s. V lOOtfes.,—Mr Thomas Wynne, High Street; candles 5d. W tô, coffee Is. 2d. ditto, mustard Is. ditto, pepper Is. 2d. ditto, blue Is. ditto, starch 6d. ditto, vinegar 3d. ej), quart, rice 2d. W tb,-Mr. John Powell, High street; flour 27s. 6d. cij1 2401fos., oatmeal 28s. ditto, salt 2s. 4d. ctf. cwt., tea 3s. 4Y lb,—Mrs. Mary Jones & Son, Whitford street; cheese 6|d. tb, soap 4 £ d., sugar 5fd.,—Mrs. Anne Jones, High street; skimmed milk 2d. per qt.,—Mr. Owen Owens, Brynford hall; coals 12s. lid. W ton, slack 9s. 7d.Mr. Richard Jones; men's clogs 3s. 3d. W pair, youths' and womcns' 2s 7d. boys' and girls' 2s. Id., middle size Is. 9d., children Is. 4d.Mr. Peter Suthard, Bagillt street; men's shoes 6s. 9d., women's 4s., children' (smallsire) 2s 3d. ditto (middle sizes) 4s. 6d., ditto (large size) 5s.—Mr. Edward Lewis Denbigh.

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