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Cftntaftcit. CARDIFF. MONKTON HOUSE SCHOOL^ CARDIFF. PBINCTPAI, JOHN HART, M.A. (Late SHEWBBOOES and HART). PupIls prepared for London Matric., Cambridge cal and Professional Prelim. Exams. _TERM began WEDNESDAY. September 13th. 388 TRANCING, DEPORTMENT, &c.—The •yf «. Evans beg to announce the Be-opening Classes in Cardiff, &c., the second week In ovS. fr- Schools visited. Private lessons in Valse, ng, &c.-19. Westbourne-road, Penarth.872 J)RAWINGTROOM DANCING, DEPORTMENT, AND CALISTHENICS. MADAME GAULTIER'S CLASS WILL BE RESUMED at the PARK HALL (Crash- room), CARDIFF, ON TUESDAY AFTERNOON. OCT. 3rd. andie House, Cheltenham. 3909 BARROW HOUSE SCHOOL AND KINDERGARTEN, NEWPORT-ROAD, CARDIFF. cipals The Misses MARKS, assisted by trained jT^rtiflcated Teachers. Kindergarten under Froebel 'i* ess' Pupils prepared for all Public Exams. Home for Boarders. Good Recreation Ground. rPCD Claaggg for Dancing (Juveniles). PENARTH. MRS W. E. ROSS WM COMMENCE her CLASSES for DANCING in PENARTH, -t^DlFF, and NEIGHBOURHOOD first and second in OCTOBER. i^fvate Lessons and Schools attended. 74. ST AN WELL-ROAD, PENARTH. fORTHCAWL. PORTHCAWL. — Stoneleigh Ladies' College. Principals, the Fraplein Brill. Un- polled climate—invigorating, yet mild in winter. for University Exam. & Royal Academy M Music. Modern Languages Conversationally. Pay- 8 guests received during holidays. 1239 MERTHYR TypVIL THE COURT GIRLS' SCHOOL, MERTHYR TYDVIL. PRINCIPAL .MISS EDWARDS. ..The course of instruction is preparatory for the ^*ford or Cambridge Local Examinations, and the *Oole School is examined once a year by a University graduate nominated by the South Wales University college. A. few boarders received. Prospectus, with terms, "c-. may be had on application to Miss Edwards. LLANDOVERY. f LANDOVERY COLLEGE. ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIPS. -The Examination will begin at 3 p.m., in the School SS." on TUESDAY, September 19th, 1899. Three grades of papers will be set :-Senior. for £ °ys under 18 years of age Intermediate, for boys ahder 16 years of age Junior, for boys under 14 years oi age. CLOSE SCHOLARSHIPS. t^HE GOLDEN GBOVE SCHOLAESHIP, £ 25 a Year.— A"Ia Scholarship is limited to natives of Carmar- '"enshire and Pembrokeshire under 16 years of age. C TAE LLEWELYN SCHOLARSHIP, £ 25 a Year.—This scholarship is limited to boys under 15 years of age wno are the sons of parents resident in the Dioceses klandaff and St. David's. TJiE BENJAMIN EVANS SCHOLARSHIP of £25 a Year. jj his Scholarship is tenable for three years, and is 'lJtnted to boys under 15 years of age being the sons Parents who have been for the previous five years resident in the Borough of Swansea or in the County armarthen. R fSE YSTRAD SCHOLARSHIP, £ 10 a Year.—Tb is limited to natives of Carmarthenshire "hder 16 years of age. ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIPS. ROUSE SCHOLARSHIPS.— Four of JE15 a y r war of £10 a year each. eaFhOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS.—Six of JE8 8s a year c bo N.R-During the Examination Candidates may Tard aud lodge at the College free of charge. the year 1896 the School gained 9 Scholarships Exhibitions at Oxford and Cambridge and 28 Rrh Certificates from the Oxford and Cambridge Examination Board, with 38 "distinctions" Ifvf0 different subjects, being the largest number of "J'stinctions" gained in that year by any public ^cnool, and in the year 1898 it gained 7 Open Scholar- li*R3 ,eading colleges of Oxford and Cambridge one and one at Trinity, Cam- rf^ge, and covering the 4 subjects—classics, mathe- matics, science, and history), being the greatest llmber of Open Scholarships gained in that year by school in proportion to its number of boys, and ftnly 8 of the largest public schools gaining a greater Jttmber while the Junior University Mathematical Exhibitioner in 1897 and the Junior University Mathematical Scholar in 1898 were Llandovery boys, 'he latter gaining his scholarship mairly on his Jehool work, having been in residence at the Univer- flty only one term. For particulars apply to THE WARDEN, 3065 College, Llandovery. :=- BRISTOL. THEREDLANDHIGH SCHOOLFOR JL GIRLS, REDLAND COURT. BOARDING-HOUSE: GORDON HOUSE, ■w- CLARENDON-ROAD. The LORD BISHOP OF HEREFORD. Boa'tteaa Mistress MISS E. A. COCKS. MISS CAYLEY, Second Mistress pK>spectusea°r>^a^y Margaret Hall, Oxford). "ce&, retails of Scholarships, Examination ■—upon application. 3092 CLIFTON, BRISTOL. TJRIGHTOJTHOUSE SCHOOL • REDLAND PARK, CLIFTON, BRISTOL. Pu il (Established 1873.) ."oroughly prepared for Professional and Life. Successful Preparation for all healtv. Extensive Premises near the Downs. Very Daratrt ^uation. Upper, Middle, Lower, and Pre- Snecinfy -'JiyiRions. A good Home for Boarders. Iiarpp ui a';tention to backward and delicate boys, shtvn c Gymnasium, Fives Courts, Work- FontV, „ "oo1 Library, Dark Room for Photography, Sftnof au<i Cricket Clubs. Separate House as Snor)mra- Terms moderate. Prospectus, Exam. ^ases. and Full Particulars on application. WARDERS RETURN on SEPTEMBER 20th. w„«,dmaster CHARLES BIGG. HATH. EOME SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, KENSINGTON, BATH. —on-ALs—The Misses WILTSHIRE and MAOGS. Wealthy situation. Careful tuition and home com- Tennis, &c. Holidays optional. Moderate ,'ernia- Good references. 1204 -= TANGYES GAS & OIL ENGINES Cornwall Works, BIRMINGHAM. I SOOTH WALES BRANCH :— I 33Sl 6, HIGH STREET, CARDIFF. A MAGAZINE AND A NEWSPAPER FOR A pENNY. The brightest and biggest weekly journal issued a Principality is The Cardiff Times and South Wales Weekly News," which contains 72 onR columns weekly, replete with the News of the Week, Serials, and Special Articles. All the k&diug novelists o the dcty have contributed :0 Its columns and a, new serial from the pen of Walter Besant wi be commenced hortly. No trouble or expense is spared make the journal attractive, as will be seen from the following lis Weekly features :— Three Serials, by Favourite Writers. A Complete Story. A Column of Queer Stories. Illustrated Fashion*. The Household Garden and Field, with Hints on Poultry and Stock Welsh Gleanings. Welsh Tit-Bits. Labour Topics, by Mabon, Science and Health, by Dr. Andrew Wilson F R.S.E Songs for the People. < A Saturday Sermon Y Golofu Gymreig » Wit and Humour The World Over. The Open Council Children's Hour. iND ALL THE NEWS OF THE WEER For all these features see the CARDIFF TIMES ANB SOUTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS. TWO EDITIONS WEEKLY. ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, RFLHE DE REES BILL POSTING AND ,JL ADVERTISING COMPANY, LIMITED. ^OMUETORS of 150 of the LARGEST STATIONS *EWpoRT PONTYPOOL, RISCA, EASTERN and w n-.RTF.BN VALLEYS. TERMS ON APPLIACTION. RTDGE STREET. NEWPORT. 1009 THE CARMARTHEN BILL-POSTING -'L COMPANY, BRIDGE-STREET. CARMARTHEN, "Ui-posting and Advertising in all its Branches throughout the Counties of Carmarthen, Pembroke, and Cardigan. R M. JASTESTManager. [ ffoxhWSS ^&&T £ SS £ SL A TLAS jpURNISHINe QOMPANY, "J ^IMITED, THE GOAL OF TO-DAY THE STARTING STONE TO-MORROW. We never rest on our oars but we are continually studying our patrons. Our aim is to supply our customers with a first-class article at the lowest possible price WE MANUFACTURE moat of the goods we sell therefore we can guarantee them. What goods we don't make we buy at the BEST MARKETS, and goods well bought are half sold. DINING-ROOM SUITES JLF From 950 to JE5. We Keep No Rubbish. DRAWING-ROOM SUITES From SSO to SS. No Rubbish Kept. NOTICE.—We are the sole Proprietors of Samuel's Patent Clamp, which is fitted on our chairs. This keeps them firm and rigid, no giving away at the back. No other Firm may use these Clamps. BEDROOM SUITES From 910 down to £ 3, 5s. NO RUBBISH KEPT. BRASS AND IRON BEDSTEADS AT ALL PRICES. CARPETS, LINOLEUM, KITCHEN FURNITURE. OFFICE FURNITURE, All kinds of Furniture and Household Requisites, PIANOS AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. All at the Lowest Possible Prices. NO RUBBISH KEPT. Deal with us Direct, either by Calling or by Letter WE EMPLOY NO AGENTS OR TRAVELLERS. We Pay No Commission. Thus, instead of Paying Large Commissions to Agent? averttging about 20 per cent., which the Buyer has indirectly to Pay, SAVE IT bY DEALING DIRECT WITH UBi NO MIDDLEMAN'S PROFIT. YOU GET GOOD VALUE. Don't be Galled by Misleading Advertisements, with Cheap and Nasty Goods. QUALITY IS THE TRUE TEST OF CHEAPNESS. Rubbish is Bear at Any Price. JglASY pAYMENTS. Purchasers to whom it may be more convenient to Buy on Easy Terms will be supplied by us at the Lowest Possible Price. Our Repayments are far below any other firm in Wales in fact, we generally arrange Terms to Suit Our Customers' Convenience. YOU CAN SELECT FROM A STOCK OF OVER 950,000. A LARGE AND NEW STOCK OF MAILCARTS AND PERAMBULATORS. All Goods Delivered Free Within 100 Miles. ALL GOODS WARRANTED. Catalogues Free on Application. NOTE THE ADDRESS— A TLAS F U R N I S R I r; G O, COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS, HAYES BUILDINGS, AND 155 CABTLE.fiO.AD, CARDIFF. AND AT LONDON. 1130-150 JTURNISH AT gAMCBL rj AYLOE'S 46 AND 48, COWBRIDGE-ROAD. THE CHEAPEST, THE BEST HOUSE FURNISHER IN WALES. NOTE THE PRICES AND COMPARE. Is IN THE £ ALLOWED OFF ALL GOODS. All Goods Carnage Paid any distance. No Hire System Trade Done. No having to pay for people who never pay at all where credit is given. NO LIMITED COMPANY. Feather Bed, Bolster, and two Pillows (fall size), pure linen tick, all beeswaxed inside. weight GOlba, onlv 35 0 Wool Bed, Bolster, and two Pillows, weight 501bs, only 10 6 Wire Mattresses, 4ft. 6in., double woven 8 11 Wire Mattresses, 4ft 6in., double woven, cabled edge and centre 11 6 Wire Mattresses, 4ft. 6in., 4ply, cabled centre and sides, usually sold at 21s, only 15 11 Wool Mattresses, 4ft. 6in., 5-inch thick 10 6 Washed Wool Mattresses, guaranteed sweet and wholesome, only 12 6 Wool Mattresses, 4ft. 6m., best that can ,be bought for money only 15 6 Feather Pillows 1 llj Wool Pillows 0 11 Feather Bolsters 4 6 Wool Bolsters. 2 0 Straw Mattresses, 4ft. 6in., 4Mn. thick 6 11 Straw Mattresses, 4ft. 6in., 6m. thick 9 11 Chair Bedsteads and Cushions, full size, com- plete 11 6 Strong Brass Bail Bedstead, 4ft. 6in., only 16 11 Very Handsome Bedstead, with Rosettes and two Brass Poles, 4ft. 6in 19 11 Beautiful Bedstead, with 6 Brass Rings and 6 Spindles, 4ft. 6in., only 30 0 Very Mas3ive2in. thick Pillar Bedsttead, 4ft. 6in" 45 0 Parisian Bedstead, the Marvel, 2in. pillars, verv beautiful design, 4ft. 6in., only 95 0 Strong Combination Bedsteads, fitted with Wire Mattresses, complete, only 16 11 Mangles, Hardwood Boilers, thoroughly re- liable, only 32 0 Solid Walnut Octagon Tables, only 16 11 Loo Tables, large size. only 18 6 Very Handsome Solid Walnut Sideboards,4ft £ 3 19 6 Beautiful Design Solid Walnut Sidenoard, 4ft. 6in £ 5 19 6 Grand Value, 5ft. Bow-front Sideboard, Solid Walnut, very massive, only £ 8 8 0 Cheffoniers yl 9 6 Dining Table, 5ft., telescope. £1 7 6 Walnut Overmantels, very exquisite design JE1 I 0 Leather Suites, thoroughly well made (7 pieces) t3 10 Do. Do. (9 pieces^ £ 4 5 Saddlebag Suites (7 pieces) £ 6 6s Do. (9 pieces) £ 7 10 Drawing-room Suites, with Settees, very choice, only £ 5 5 Pretty Chippendale Cabinet.. £ 7 7 Dressing Chests and Washstands in satin or black Walnut colour, Two Chairs and Towel Rail, only 92 19 6 Very Handsome Walnut or Mahogany Duchesses, with Two Chairs and T^rel Rail, complete £ 3 3 0 I do not Advertise any Goods I cannot Produce. SAMUEL TAYLOR, 46 & 48, COWBRIDGE-ROAD, CANTON, CARDIFF. 1317 Orders by Post Promptly attended to. 90e FRANCIS, NEWTON & CO., LTD. pENSION T EA, ENTITLING MARRIED WOMEN ON BECOMING i WIDOWS TO JQS PER WEEK FOR Tr ipE. 145e ——— 3581 APPLY TO YOUR GROCER FOR PARTICULARS. TO P ARTIES JJTURNISHING W e Before deciding, do net fail to call at OWN AND ^ON'S Where yon have an ENORMOUS STOCK to select" from at prices which CANNOT BE BEATEN. Bedroom Suites in Stock, from .£5 5s to £50. Dining and Drawing-room do., £ 4 10s to £4 fcSt" All goods guaranteed sound and well made in fact, the durability of our goods is a household word. Illustrated Catalogues Free on Application. CARPETS AND L INOLEUMS MADE AND FITTED FREE. Carriage Paid on all orders above S,10, or delivered Free in our own Vans. STEAM CABINET WORKS :— 221, HIGH-STREET AND MORRIS. LANE, SWANSEA. Established nearly half a century. Telephone No. 240. 3195 NEATH AND DISTRICT BILL POSTING COMPANY—Late T. Wall. Offices:—ASSEMBLY-ROOMS. NEATH Manager :-J. W ROBINSON. Leaseesand Proprietors of the best Posting Stations in~Nea%'i and District 1150 itaiiu&& l\.ài1rtfiä2s. THE JJEST JJEMEDY OF THE AGE. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS Reliable at every change of health, suitable for every climate, safe and sure alike for men, women, and children. The Grand Secret of Dame Nature for the alleviation of INDIGESTION. NERVOUSNESS. WEAKNESS. SLEEPLESSNESS. LOW SPIRITS. DYSPEPSIA. LIVER COMPLAINTS. THE VEGETABLE TONIC. THE VEGETABLE TONIC. THE VEGETABLE TONIC. Is advocated as a first aid towards quickening commercial instincts, for the counting-house or the market- place. It is a tonic that is sure to be wanted. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS The hard-working toilers generally of the United Kingdom should remember the old saying, Prevention is better than Cure," and that just as it is neces- sary to call in a medical man when brain and body are over-taxed so it is desirable to do all that is possible to keep the system thoroughly up to the mark, for every rush of competition and extra labour. You have a regular doctor, have you a regular preservative of health to save you from the doctor and the doctor's bills ? If not, try GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS A purely vegetable tonic, which contains the strengthening qualities of Sarsaparilla, Saffron, Burdock, Gentian, Lavender, and Dandelion, as well as Quinine. The exact remedy you want for Palpitation, Sleeplessness, Biliousness, or Rheumatism. It not only gives you freedom from pain, but strength and zest for your work that makes it a pleasure. THE VEGETABLE TONIC, THE VEGETABLE TONIC. THE VEGETABLE TONIC. SOLD EVERYWHERE In bottles, 2s 9d and 4s 6d each, or in cases containing three 4s 6d at 12s 6d per case The Proprietors will forward, car- riage free, for the above prices, should any difficulty be experienced in pro- curing it. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. See the name, GWILYM EVANS," on La.bel, Stamp, and Bottle, SOLE PROPRIETORS; QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING COMPANY, LIMITED, LLANELI.Y, SOUTH WALES. 6e 13188 1101 *QUv>HES'S jgLOOD JpiLLS. JJUGHES'S jgLOOD jpiLLS ^JUGHES'S BLOOD _PILLS NJL -13 -8. NEVER FAIL TO PURIFY THE BLOOD. TO CURE SKIN DISEASE, TO CURE HEADACHE, 4 TO CURE INDIGESTION, TO CURE RHEUMATISM, TO CURE CONSTIPATION, TO CURE NERVOUSNESS. A. VERY EFFECTUAL REMEDY. THEY ALWAYS DO GOOD. TRY THEM, THEY WILL CURE YOU Suitable for Men, Women, Boys, and Girls. Sold by Chemists and Dealers in Paten Medicines at Is lid, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, or send value to Makel, Jacob Hughes, Manufacturing Chemist Penarth, Cardiff. Ask for n UGHES'S BLOOD piLLS. JJUGHES'S jgLOOD PILLS .jD HUGHES'S T>LOOD "O^LS 40e X> JL 1171 ALWAYS USE "JJROVOST" OATS. 3931-273 JgECHSTEIN J>IANOS. JgECHSTEIN PIANOS. mHOMPSON AND S HACKELL (LIMITED) SOLE AGENTS, 32, CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA, 60, STEPNEY-STREET, LLANELLY, And for the Counties of ARMARTHEN, CARDIGAN, AND PEMBROKE. SEVERAL GOOD PIANOS RETURNED FROM HIRE FOR SALE AT BARGAIN PRICES. LIST FREE. THE HREE YEARS'SYSTEM Is applied to Pianos by all Makers. THE LARGEST STOCK IN SOUTH WALES Including Pianos by Broadwood, Bechstein, Collard and Collard, Erard, Brinsmead, Challen, Ibach Neumeyer, Hopkinson, Kaps, and all leading makers SOLE AGENCY FOR] THE pjlSTEY ORGANS, rjlHOMPSON AND ^HACKELL LIMITED, QUEEN'S MUSIC WAREHOUSE, CARDIFF, With Branches at Swansea, Bristol, Llanelly Gloucester, Merthyr, Pontypridd, Barry Dock, Bridgend, Newport, and Penygraig. N.B.-Largest possible Discount for Cash. Tuners sent to all pacts of the Principality. 7 THE CELEBRATED "DEVONIA BRAMBLE JELLY. NEW SEASON IS AGAIN ON SALE. DELICIOUS WITH DEVONSHIRE CREAM. rilHE CADOXTON AND BARRY X BILL-POSTING COMPANY (LIMITED). VERE-STREET, CADOXTON-BARRY. Secretary, Mint* A BIT, DAVIES. Bes^ Position a wad Largest Connection in th». dl(r*rlcs. usi

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