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n Ii public Conipaiuts, &r. r The SUBSCRIPTION LIST will OPEN THIS DAY (TUESDAY), the 7th day of December, 1897, and CLOSE on FRIDAY,, the 10th inst., for Town, and on SATURDAY, 11th inst., for Country. [11 (Established in the Reign of King George the Third.) [I GEORGE WHYBROW, LIMITED, PROPRIETORS OF WHYBROW'S PICKLES, DRYSALTERS, OIL MERCHANTS, &c., CABLE STREET, SHADWELL, AND WATNEY STREET, LONDON, E., With Agencies at Melbourne, Sydney, and Christchurch. Incorporated under the Companies Acts, 1862 to 1893, whereby the liability of Shareholders is limited to the amount of their Shares.) CAPITAL £60,000, IN 12,000 SHARES OF JE5 EACH. The Shares are now offered for subscription at par, payable :-10s per Share on Application, £2 Os on Allotment, and the balance, viz., month after Allotment. Shareholders, however, lave the privilege of paying in full on Allotment the Shares ranking for dividend from date of .payment. There are no Debentures, Preference, or Deferred Sh are3, and the entire net profits wil tiherefore belong to the Ordinary Shareholders. DIRECTORS. WILLIAM B. LART, B.A. (late of the firm of H. W. Brand, Iotd" Sauce MfMi^ifactnrers), 16. Regent's Park-road, London, NAV. ANGUS ROSS (late of Ross, Coates, and Co., Colonial Merchants), 2, Applegarth-road, Kensington, S.W. j 1. PERCY LEITH, J.P., Director of the Vienna Ice Co., Ltd., 41, Finsbury-pavement, London, E.C' (PHILIP LAWDESHAYNE, 12, Grenville-street, Brunswick-square, London, W.C. FGSNERAL MANAGES.—GEORGE FRANCIS WHYBROW, 290, Cable-street, Shadwell, London, E. BANKERS.—THE LONDON AND WESTMINSTER BANK, LTD., Head Office, Lothbury, I London, E.C., and Whitechapel and other Branches. SOLICITORS.—STEAYENSON and COULDWELL, 93, Gracechurch-streat, London, E.C. AUDITOR.—SAMUEL J. BOYCE, Chartered Accountant, 81, Gracecburch-streec, London, E.C. SECRETARY.—VINCENT BARRIE. r RBGISTERED OFFICES AND FACTORV.-290, CABLE-STREET, SHADWELL. LONDON, E. STORES.—WATNEY-STREET, LONDON, E. AGENCIES.—MELBOURNE, SYDNEY, and CHRISTCHURCH, N.Z. PROSPECTUS. The Company has been formed for the purpose of acquiring, carrying on, and farther extending Ae well-known business of George Whybrow, Proprietor of the celebrated Whybrow's Fic-ii-ie* Drysaltor, Sauce Manufacturer, Oil Merchant, &c. The business, which is one of the oldest in the trade, was established at the beginning of the present century by the late Mr George Whybrow, who conducted it with the greatest success until his death in 1876, after which it was continued by his son, Mr Francis Whybrow, and his cousin, the late Mr Henry Whybrow. The latter gentleman retired in 1885 with a considerable fortune, and the business waa subsequently carried on by Mr Francis Whybrow alone until the beginning of the current year, when, being desirous of retiring, he disposed of the same to the present owner. The tendency of the age is to conduct prosperous commercial and industrial enterprises on the joint stock principle, experience having amply demonstrated that the surest method of extension is to give the customers and the public a direct interest in the profits as shareholders, and, with this view, the business has been incorporated under the Companies Acts. If further proof be necessary, a reference to the dividends paid by concerns worked on these lines, and the premiums which their shares command (a list of which is given elsewhere in the prospectus), should be sufficient evidence. Although chiefly known to fame as proprietors of Whybrow's Pickles, the firm are also manufacturers, importers, bottlers, and exporters of Worcestershire and other sauces, chutney, capers, curry powder, vinegar, olive oil, preserved ginger, and other condiments. Nearly all the most important firms of Colonial merchants and exporters in London are on the book, while the home customers are being augmented almost every day. The poster which is reproduced in black and white on the back of the prospectus will be familiar to most people in London and many pro- rincial towns, while the firm has a reputation in the Colonies second to none. HOME AND COLONIAL TRADE. The trade until recently was confined almost entirely to exporting, being transacted with the Jrinoipal merchants in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, South Africa, South Australia, Western Australia. New Zealand, Fiji, West Africa, &c., &c. Since, however, the business .vas acquired by the present Vendor in February last, attention has also been paid to developing the home trade, with the result that during the past nine months upwards of 1,100 new accounts have been opened, and repsat orders have been received in nearly every case. Included among the cus- tomers are the well-known firms of John Barker and Co. (Limited), Harrod's Stores (Limited), John Bertram and Co., and of Spiers and Pond (Limited), the last named having entered into a contract to use Whybrow's Pickles exclusively at all their hotels, buffets, and restaurants. PREMISES. The works, which are conveniently situated at Cable-street, Shadwell, London, E., close to the River Thames and shipping, are held on lease at a rental of £200 per annum, and are considered in every respect a model factory, containing the latest and most approved descriptions of labour-saving machinery for every branch of the business. The works are fitted on the lift and trolley system, comprise three floors, and are capable of turning ont 3,000 cases of goods weekly. The premises consist of main building, six out-buildings, offices, and yard, in addition to which there are stores at Watney-street, London, E. PLANT AND MACHINERY. The plant includes an 18-h.p. horizontal steam engine, 30-h.p. boiler (by Robey), patent donkey engine, large sa?.ad and castor oil tanks, filling machinery (by Farrar and Jackson), large vinegar vats, patent pickle corking and filling machines, &c. There is also a new and extensive plant in a separate building for the manufacture of dry soap, blue, blacklead, polishing soap, starch gloss, &c., including 3tone runner mills, patent lever blue presses, disintegrator, soap and blacklead presses. This department has never been extensively worked, and there is ample scope for considerably increasing the Company's income from this source alone. It is further intended to add a department for preserved fish, meat, soups, and fruits, and as a large connection has already been opened up, the travellers can dispose of these additional articles without further expense to the Company. The machinery with which the ractory is fitted is not used by other houses in the trade, and being designed with a view to economise labour, gives the firm a considerable advantage over competitors. MANAGEMENT. The Directors have secured the services of Mr George Francis Whybrow (grandson of the founder of the firm, and son.of the late owner), as Manager for a minimum period of seven years, on terms extremely favourable to the Company. Mr Whybrow has had considerable experience in the business, and has visited the Australian Colonies in order to become personally acquainted with many of the firm's principal customers and to study the requirements of the Colonial Markets. During the present year an efficient staff of travellers has been employed in London and the provinces, and notwithstanding the limited amount of advertising that has been done, the results have been so extremely satisfactory that the Directors are convinced that a considerable extension in this direction would prove most advantageous to the Company. PROFITS AND DIVIDENDS. Taking into consideration the long standing of the firm and the increase which has taken place since advertising has been adopted, it is confidently believed that a moderate annual expenditure for this purpose will be sufficient, with the present home and export trade, to keep the works fully employed. Taking the average profits at 3s per case, the output referred to above would yield an income of £450 per week, and allowing 50 per cent. for advertising, expenses of travellers, and management, a profit of £11,700 per annum would remain, which is equivalent to nearly 20 per cent. per annum on the entire capital of the Company. The above figures are sufficiently large to allow for any probable falling off in the estimated sales or for any reasonable increased outlay in adver- tisements. The profitable nature of well-established commercial and industrial companies, and the favour in which their shares are held by investors, are proved by the following figures, which show that the undermentioned 12 companies pay dividends averaging 13i per cent., and that their shares com- mand a.n average premium of 218 per cent. :— Name of Company3 Business. [vJjueTof £ £ s. d. p.c. Maple and Co jUpholsterers, &c 15 .1 3 12 6 250 J. and P. Coats Thread manufacturers 20 10 58 5 0 480 Harrod's Stores General Stores 20 1 5 5 0 412 Mazawattee Tea Tea Merchants 8 1 1 10 0 50 A. and F. Pears Soap Makers 10 1 1 15 0 62 Jones and Higgins Drapers, &c 9 1 2 2 6 112 D. H. Evans and Co Ditto 10 1 1 10 0 50 Thomas Wallis and Co Ditto. 12 5 13 10 0 170 Lovell and Christmas Provision Merchants 10 5 12 5 0 145 Price's Patent Candle Co Candle Makers 10 16 39 0 0 145 Bryant and May Match Manufacturers 17J 5 19 0 0 290 Bryant and May Match Manufacturers 17J 5 19 0 0 290 Arthur Guinness, Son, and Co. Brewers 24 100 550 0 0 PRICE TO BE PAID FOR PROPERTY. The business will be taken over as a going concern as from Oct. 31st, 1897, the price to be paid for the property, including the leasehold premises, plant, machinery, trade marks, fixtures, book- debts, good-will, and the whole of the stock-in-trade, both manufactured and unmanufactured, as sending in the books at that date, being fixed at £29,370. The Vendor stipulates for the right to a.pply for and have allotted to him one-third of the Share Capital, in part payment of the purchase- money. This will leave a balance of £30,000 available for the working capital, which is considered ample for the purposes of the Company. The Vendor will pay the entire legal and registration expenses in connection with the incorpora- tion of the Company, printing, advertising, brokerage, and all other charges up to and including allotment. CONTRACTS. The following contracts have been entered into :—Contract for sale, dated 20th day of Novem- ber, 1897, between Richard Reynolds, of the one part, and Vincent Barrie, as trustee on behalf of the Company, of the other part a deed poll under the hand of the said Richard Reynolds, dated 22nd day of February, 1897 and an agreement as to management, dated 29th February, 1897, between George Francis Whybrow, of the one part, and the said R. Reynolds, of the other part. There are various trade contracts, which, in the interest of the business, it would be injudicious to specify, and certain arrangements have been entered into by the Vendor or his representatives, to none of which the Company is a party, in connection with the incorporation and formation of the Com- pany, and for guaranteeing the subscription of a portion of the capital. Applicants for Shares must bedWmed to have had notice of any such contracts or arrangements, to have waived the specifica- tion of the dates thereof, and the names of the parties thereto, and to accept the above statement as « sufficient compliance with Section 38 of the Companies Acts, 1867. STOCK EXCHANGE QUOTATION. Application will be made in due course to the Committee of the Stock Exchange for a settlement and quotation on the official list. In any case where no allotment is made, the deposit will be at once returned in full, and where a less number of Shares is allotted than that applied for, the surplus will be credited in reduction of the amount due on allotment. Application for Shares may be made on the form at foot a.nd forwarded to the Company's Bankers, together with a deposit of 10s per Share. Prospectus a.nd Forms of Application can be obtained of the Bankers or Secretary at the Omces of the Company, where the above-named contract for sale, Memorandum, and Articles of Association may be inspected, and all other information obtained. This form may be cut out. filled np, and be forwarded, together with the amount payable on applica- tion, to the London and Westminster Bank, Limited, Lothbury, London, E.C., or any of their branches, or to the Secretary, at the Offices of the Company. FORM OF APPLICATION FOR SHARES. GEOHGE WHYBROW, Limited. To the Directors of GEORGE WHYBROW, Limited, 290. Cable-street. London, E. Gentlemen,—Having paid to your Bankers the sum of • ••; • • being the deposit of 10s per Share payable on application for Shares of £5 each in George Whybrow, Limited, I request you to allot me that number of Shares, and I agree to accept the same, or any smaller number that may be allotted to me, upon the terms and the conditions of the Prospectus a.nd Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company. I request you to placa my name on the Register of Members in respect of the Shares so allotted to me, and I undertake to pay the «urtber instalments upon such allotted Shares, as and when the same become due, Ordinary Shares Name (in foil) Address Description Ifyoo desire to pay in fall on Allotment sign the following :— I desire to pay in full on Allotment r.. ftablir Cnmpanws. &c. The SUBSCRIPTION LIST will open on MONDAY, the 6th December, and CLOSE on or before THURSDAY, the 9th December, 1897. WEAVER & COMPANY, LIMITED (Incorporated under the Companies' Acts, 1862 to 1890). NOMINAL CAPITAL, £ 200,000. Existing Capital—6,500 Ordinary Shares of 110 each, and 2,273 Six per Cent Preference Shares of X10 each. Present issue—2,500 Ordinary £10 Shares at Ell 5s per Share, and 3,727 Six per Cent. Preference 110 Shares at par, which will rank respectively pari pasu in every way with the existing Ordinary and Prefer- ence Shares, the dividends accruing from the dates of payment, which will be as follow :— ORDINARY. PREFERENCE. Capital. Premium. Capital. On application £1 0 0 £ 10 0 On allotment 12 0 0 iFl 5 0 C2 0 0 And the balance may be required in calls not exceed- ing £2 per Share, at intervals of not less than two months between each call, 21 days' previous notice being given. DIRECTORS. Mr JOSEPH HALL, J.P., Chairman. Dr. T. D. GRIFFITHS. Mr JAMES JONES, J.P. Mr LLEWELYN DAVIES, C.C. Mr J. AERON THOMAS. Mr WILLIAM WEAVER, Managing Director. BANKERS—The GLAMORGANSHIRE BANKING CO., Limited, Swansea and Branches. SOLICITORS.—Messrs AERON THOMAS & CO. AUDITORS.—Messrs TRIBE, CLARKE, CAWKER & CO., Swansea. BROKERS.—Messrs THACKERAY & CO., Cardiff. MANAGER AND SECRETARY.—Mr HENRY MAC- DONNELL. OFFICES.—SWANSEA FLOUR MILLS, SWANSEA. The Company in addition to their Flour Trade have carried on a considerable and profitable trade in Corn, Meal, &c., and this trade is capable of great extension. The Directors have recently leased from the Swansea Harbour Trustees a piece of ground at the Victoria Wharf (opposite the present Mill), on which it is proposed to erect, at a cost of about S25,000, a Provender Mill and extensive Warehouses, with Silos, Elevators and Conveyors on the most modern and improved principles. These additions will enable Corn and Grain to be taken direct from ship to warehouse without being touched by hand and at the least expense practicable. The Ware- houses and Mill will be served by the Low Level Railway, with additional convenience for carting. These increased faciiities will place the Company in a position to produce meal and to deal in corn on as economical and advantageous terms as is done at any port in the Kingdom, and at considerabl less expense than has hitherto been the case. The object of the present issue is to provide funds for the fore- going purposes and to enabla the Directors to still further extend and develop the trade of the com- pany. The dividend for the year ending June 30th, 1896, was 6 per cent. on the Preference and 7% per cent. on the Ordinary Shares, and for the year ending June 30th, 1897, 6 per cent. on the Preference and 10 per cent, on the Ordinary Shares, and there was also carried forward this year a balance of £ 5,519, after writing off the whole of the preliminary expenses, amounting to £ 1,927. The enclosed copy of the Balance Sheet and Annual Report for the year ending 30th June, 1897, will show the financialposi- tion of the company at that date, and the directors have every confidence in the present position and future prospects of the company. At the price of issue the Ordinary Shares will, assuming the last dividend be maintained, yield investors over 8% per cent. per annum, and the Preference Shares will yield 6 per cent. per annum. The company have entered into contracts with third parties with reference to the erection of the Provender Mill, &c., and with respect to the present issue of shares. There are also numerous exist- ing trade contracts which cannot be specified. Technically, such contracts are or may be contracts within Section 38 of the Companies Act, 1867, but subscribers will be held to have had notice, and to have waived their right to be supplied with particu- lars of such contracts. Applications for Shares should be made on the form accompanying the prospectus, and be sent to the Company's Bankers with the amount payable on application. If no allotment is made the deposit will be returned in full, and where the number of Shares allotted is less than the number applied for the balance will be applied towards the instalment due on allotment. Copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Associ- ation and of the Contracts above mentioned can be inspected at the Offices of the Company. Prospectuses and forms of application for shares an be obtained at the Offices of the Company, from .ts Bankers, Solicitors, or from its Brokers-Messrs Thackeray and Co., Cardiff. Swansea, December 1st, 1897. 3079 gTONE jgROS., j Sons of the late Aid. Gains Augustus Stone, § COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS S AND FUNERAL DIRECTORS. g Every requisite for Funerals of all classes. 1 Proprietors of Funeral Cars, Hearses, Shilli- | biers, &Coaches, Superb Flemish Horses, &c. S Price List on Application. | Please Note the Onlv Address:— £ 5, WORKING-STREET, Telegraphic Address:— J STONE BROS., CARDIFF." § 1240 B "TVT ORFOLR SQUARE HOTEL, PADDINGTON STATION, Opposite Arrival Platform. NEWLY DECORATED AND LUXURIOUSLY FURNISHED By MAPLE & CO. Forty Bedrooms. Splendid Dining, Drawing, and Billiard Rooms. Private Sitting-rooms. Electric Light throughout Moderate Tariff. Night Porter. BAKER & CO., 2913 PROPBIETORS. AGENTS FOR PHILLIPS & CO.'S PURE TEAS. E. MURPHY, 47, CLIVE-STREET, CARDIFF. E. SIRRELL, 1 114, CASTLE-ROAD, and 56, ORDELL-STREET, CARDIFF. I L. WALLACE, 61, LOWER CAXHEDBAL-ROAD, CARDIFF. The names and addresses of THREE FRESH AGENTS will appear here every week. PHILLIPS & CO., TEA SPECIALISTS, 74, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. J^AVERTONS, J^IMITED, UPHOLSTERERS, CABINET MAKERS CARPET WAREHOUSEMEN, BEDDING MANUFACTURERS COMPLETE HOUSE AND HOTEL FURNISHERS AND DECORATORS. Large Stocks of well-made ARTISTIC FURNI- TURE on view at all Branches in the various Styles at present obtaining FITMENTS OF ALL KINDS, SIDEBOARDS, RICHLY CARVED DINNER WAGONS DINING TABLES, DINING-ROOM SUITES, BEDROOM SUITES. LIBRARY & STUDY FURNITURE, &c.,&c FURNITURE and FITMENTS specially Designed and Manufactured to meet the requirements of Gentlemen or their Architects. L AVERTONS, L IMITED i_j JLj CENTRAL WAREHOUSE BRISTOL-36 and 37, Maryleport-street, and of Bridge-street BRANCHES CLIFTON—50 and 52, Royal Promenade. BATH—10, Mils m-street, and 8 and 9, John-street. CARDIFF—23, Duke-street; and NEWPORT-137 and 137A. Commercial-street, and 814e Hill-street. 1118 J. MARSH and COMPY. I UNDERTAKERS, ADULTS' FUNERALS 1st Class, with Best Glass-side hearse, or Victoria Car, Two Best Coaches and Pairs to Match, lin. Elm Shell, full lined, fine, Satin-trimmed Robe, lin. outside Oak Coffin (polished) with Best Brass Furniture, Elaborate Name Plate (engrav«d). Bearers and Sslf-attendance £ 12 12 0 2nd Class, as above, Without Shell and Bearers 9 9 0 1st Class, lin. Elm Polished Coffin, with Brass Furniture and Carriages and At- tendance as Above. 510 0 With imitation Brass Furniture (En- graved Plate) 6 0 0 2nd Class, With Shellibier and Coach 4 4 0 ONLY ADDRESS- 80, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. 1157 UY THE CARDIFF TIMES & SOUTH Lj:) WALES WEEKLY liEWS-W rENNY. Husituss JUtftrossos. jgEAUTIFUL jgVENING Q.OODS. JgEN JgVANS & £ JOMPANY, LTD., Have, in view of the forthcoming Reception and Dance to be given by his Worship the MAYOR and MAYORESS of SWANSEA, and the other usual Festivities of the Season, made an exceptionally elaborate Selection of Suitable Goods, and are now making a HARMING JQISPLAY OF R ECEPTION, JQANCE, AND JQ INNER GOWNS, EVENING BODICES, AND BLOUSES. A Pretty Collection of MISSES AND CHILDREN'S DANCE DRESSES. Materials for Evening Wear in Silks, Satins, Sequin Lisse, Gauzes, Tarlatan, Nets and Accordion Chiffons. The NEWEST STYLES in EVENING CLOAKS and WRAPS, FANS, FLOWERS, COIFFURES, GLOVES, &c. Evening Shoes to Match Costumes. Special Arrangements to show the effect of the various Materials and Colours under Gas-light. A Visit of Inspection is Most Confidently Invited, as the Present Display Far Exceeds in Beauty and Variety Anything Previously Shown. EN JgVANS & COMPANY, LTD., gWANSEA. p ETRIFITE, THE NEW CEMENT, JaL The SUBSCRIPTION LISTS of PETRIFITE, LIMITED, OPEN TO-DAY. Prospectuses and full particulars can be obtained at 32, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF, Wh<3re AN EXHIBITION of a variety of Articles made from Petrifite can be seen. 3110 O C A rp E A. rjIHE jQI SCO VERY OF THE THE BRITISH INDIAN TEA CO.'S GOCA RJL E A INVIGORATING, REFRESHING, SUSTAINING. A Scientific Combination of the FINEST TEAS OF INDIA AND CEYLON with the leavas of the COCA (Erythroxylon Coca). In air-tight packages of M, 73, and 1 lb., Is 6d, 2s, 2s 6d, 3s per lb. Sold by best Grocers everywhere. AGENTS WANTED where not represented. THE BRITISH INDIAN TEA CO., 48, MIDDLESEX-STREET, LONDON, E.C. 1280 A VISIT IT TO THE PREMISES OF T jy TRAPNELL & GANE, jy 38 AND 41, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF, CARDIFF, A Will convince the most disbelieving A that they are not only PTHE PREMIER HOUSE T> FURNISHERS, J* But that they are also N THE PIONEERS N In Giving the Public really JJ} WELL-MADE FURNITURE E At the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. a A Large Space is also Devoted to L BEDSTEADS AND Y BEDDING, j The following are a few samples of — what can be seen on Show any day :— The EXCELSIOR Strong Bed- stead, with Woven Wire Mat- A tress 17s 6d A A FRENCH BEDSTEAD, full fk size 16s 9d MA- Better quality 21s Od N PERSIAN BEDSTEAD, full size 50s Od Better quality 65s Od i ll ALL BRASS BEDSTEAD from Four Guineas. ALL OUR BEDDING GUARANTEED THOROUGHLY PURIFIED. GWOOL MATTRESS, full size 14s 6d Better quality 16s 6d SPRING MATTRESS 22s 6d \JT Better quality. 32s 6d A SPECIAL LINE.. Woven Wire Spring Mattress, J\ full size N TRAPNELL &, GANE, N 38 AND 41, QUEEN-STREET, CARDri, F. ili Catalogues Free. (Jarriage Paid. gij 318e—1646e. "SANITAS EMBROCATION" FOR RHEUMATISM. SANITAS EMBROCATION" for NEURALGIA. SANITAS EMBROCATION „ ACHES. SANITAS EMBROCATION" „ PAINS. SANITAS EMBROCATION" „ SPRAINS. SANITAS EMBROCATION BRUISES. SANITAS EMBROCATION" „ STIFFNESS. "SANITAS EMBROCATION" „ LUMBAGO. SANITAS EMBROCATION" „ VETERINARY USE. THE FOOTBALLER'S BEST FRIEND. 8d, Is, and 2s 6d, of Chemists and Stores. Of all Chemists, Stores, and direct from THE SANITAS CO. (Lim.), 13ETHNAL GREEN, LONDON. 2667 TELEPHONE 45. TELEGRAMS ELLOC, CARDIFF. ESTABLISH RP 1807. QEORGE COLLE, TAILOR AND BKEECHES MAKER. LADIES' TAILOR, 7, DUKE-STREET, aud 4, HIGH- STREET, CARDIFF. CIVIL AND MILITARY UNIFORMS, RIDING HABITS \ND COSTUMES. PAtronized 'by the Late H.R.H. THE DUKE OF CLARKNCE AND AVONDALK. 1191 CARDIFF BUILDING SOCIETY. —— TO BORROWERS. INTEREST: 5 PER CENT. Apply for Prospectus and Application Form to WENTWORTH H. PRICE, A.C.A., Seer etary. 21, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. 3018 IIAVE 1[ÛU A B AD LEG? WITH WOUNDS that discharge or otherwise, per- haps surroundtd with inflammation and swollen, that when you press your finger on the inflamed part it eaves an impression ? If so, under the skin you have poison that defies all the remedies you have tried, which, if not extracted, you never can recover, but go on suffering till death releases you. Perhaps your knees are swollen, the joints being ulcerated; the same with the ankles, round which the skin may be discoloured, or there may be wounds the disease if allowed to continue will deprive you of the power to walk. You may have attended various Hospitals and had medical advice, and been told your case Is hope less, or advised to submit to amputation but do not, for I can cure you. I don't say perhaps, but I will. Because others have failed is no reason for not now being cured. Send at once a Postal Order for 2a 6d to K. A. ALBERT, 73, FARRINGDON-STREET, LONDON, and you will receive a box of GRASSHOPPER OINTMENT AND PILLS, which is a certain remedy for the cure of Bad Legs, Housemaid's Knee, Ulcerated Joints, Carbuncles, Poisoned Hands, and Bunions. (Regd. Copyright. Husimss ^.ti&ress £ s. JY^UNYON'S JJYSPEPSIA CURE. Munyon's Stomach and Dyspepsia Cure cures all forms of indigestion and stomach trouble, such as rising of food, distress after eating, shortness cf breath, palpitation, and all affections of the heart, caused by indigestion, wind on the stomach, bad taste, offensive breath, loss of appetite, faintness or weakness of the stomach, headache from indigestion, soreness of the stomach, coated tongue, heartburn, shooting pains in the stomach, constipation, dizzi- ness, faintness, and lack of energy. Price One Shilling. A separate cure for each disease. At all Chemists, mostly One Shilling a vial. Personal letters to Prof. Munyon, at 121, Shaftes- bury-ave., London, W.C., answered with free medical advice for any disease. ^JROSSLEY'S OTTO" GAS AND OIL E NGINES. CROSSLEY BROTHERS. LTD., SOUTH WALES OFFICE NORTH-ROAD, QUEEN-STREET CARDIFF. SKILLED STAFF FOR REPAIRS, ERECTION, &c. SLIDES REFACED AT ABOVE ADDRESS. STOCK OF SPARE PARTS AND SPECIAL GAS ENGINE OIL KEPT. TELEGRAMS, OTTO, CARDIFF." TELEPHONE, No. 44. 1098 NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS. Contributions sent to the South Wates Daily News should be plainly written in ink, and invariably oil one side of the paper. We desire to urge upon our numerous correspondents the value of conciseness and the desirability of curtailing the length of their commnnications. It cannot be too clearly under- stood that brief and pointed letters receive7 the first attention. All communications intended for inser- tion must be authenticated by the name and address of the writer, not necessarily for publica- tion, but as a guarantee of good faith. No notice will be taken of anonymous letters. Rejected com manications will not be returned.

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