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PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS SOUTH WAIES DAILY NEWS wonDS. I TnfES. TIMES 20 Words 0 6 10 1 6 30 Words 0 9 1 6 2 3 ————— SIX TIMES ——————————————————————————— IK A.ND 40 Words 1 0 2 0 3 0 N^S" "ECHO." Each extra on VVo, lOWords 0 3 0 6 0 9 20 Woids 2/6 SOUTH WALES ECHO. I' 30 Words mi THREE SIX O /O WOBDS. ONCE. TIMES. TIMES. 3/9 20 Words 0 6 10 16 «0 Words 5/- 30 Words 0 9 1 6 2 3 !j^I^ 10 Words 40 Words 1 0 2 0 3 0 SOWords 1 3 2 6 3 9 60 Words 1 6 3 0 4 6 jf These charges apply only to the classes of Adver- tisement specified below, and are strictly confined to hOle which are ordered for consecutive insertion, ind paid for previous to inrertion if cither of these conditions is not complied with, the Advertise- ment Ivi!1 be charged by the Business Scale:- Apartments. Situations Vacant or Wanted, To be Let or Sold, Lost, Found, and Miscellaneous Wants. Notices of Births, Marriages, and Deaths, lseach, if not exceeding 20 words, and 6d for each ad- iitional 10 words. fUrsonal. SMOKE Archer's "Golden Returns." Sweetest 0 Tobacco manufactured. 1135 ^partiursljip. ipjARTNER wanted in accountant's office; capital r £ 250.—Apply Widgery, 25, Small-street, Bristol. RICH Gold Mine just discovered in West Australia; £ 1,500 wanted for quick development; investors TObscribing £150 each will be entitled to a. I-24th ahare in the mine.—For full particulars address C. Blxch all, Liverpool. _6 „ SEAFIELD Nursing Association, 70, Corporation- road.—Medical, Surgical, Gyneacological, Mid- wifery, Daily Visiting Nurses.—Apply Lady Super- intendent. Telegraph address Seafteld, Cardiff. 237 SOUTH Wales Nurses' Co-operation, 152, Newport- road, Cardiff—MedicaL Surgical, and Maternity Nurses supplied day and night. — Telegrams; Prompt, Cardiff. H"' JEaaicaL PPLICANTS sending replies to Advertisements addressed to initials or fictitious names, at this £ >fflce, are requested not to send original testimonials with their applications, but to enclose copies of testi- monials only. BANDSMEN?—Two monstre Bass Bombardons, jLJ Euphoniums. Baritones, Trombones, Horns, Cornets (cheap), Melodians and Mandolines; best bargains.—11, Mill-lane, Cardiff. 144 BANDSMEN.—Turtle, contesting Brass Instru- JD ment Maker, of Manchester, have opened a South Wales Branch Shop, 11, Mill-lane. Cardiff, for Repairing, Silverplating, and to supply new and aecond-hand instruments. 859 MISS Astle, after 15 very successful years in Cardiff, has much pleasure in announcing that the continues giving Lessons on the Pianoforte and Singing; Penarth visited twice weekly.—Lessons given at the residences of pupils, or at 65, Richmond- toad, Cardiff, close to Taff Va-Ie and Rhymney Stations. Terms moderate. 1131 MR F. Lattey receives Pupils at 4, Edwards- terrace, Queen street, Cardiff. Pianoforte, American Organ, Violin, Theory. Students also pre- oared for examinations. Adults and backward chil- lren receive special attention. Terms moderate. 692 (Ktmrattflnai. APPLICANTS sending replies to Advertisements addressed to initials or fictitious names, at thi office, are requested not to send original testimonials with their applications, but to enclose copies of testi- monials only. ENGLISH and Foreign Governesses desire Re- J[u engagements in Schools and Families; salaries Mother's Helps from £ 14.—Agency, 14, Trinity-street, Cardiff. 342 FRENCH and German successfully Taught by JP Foreign Gentleman.—Write W 857, "Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 857 SOUTH Wales Tutorial^ilasses.—Preparation for University, Professional and Government Exa- minations.—Terms, etc., apply W. A. Meyrick, 121, King's-road, Cardiff. 2 TO Students, Candidates for Professional Exami- nations, Ac.—French, Spanish, Italian, German, Commercial correspondence. Candidates prepared for Preliminary Law,Medical,Chartered Accountants Civil Service, Queen's Scholarships, Telegraphs, and Sorters' Examiuations. Private and Tuition Classes, and through the post. Arithmetic, Book-keeping, and Shorthand other subjects by special arrangement.— Prospectus on application Mr W. Haines, Public Translator, 25, Park-street, Cardiff. Established 1880. Bmtwatic tr1.tantl. APPLICANTS sending replies to Advertisements addressed to initials or fictitious names at this office, are requested not to send original testimonials with their applications, but to enclose copies of testi- monials only, EXPERIENCED Nurse-Housamaid wanted; three in family; good needlewoman; age about 20.— Write, stating wages and particulars, 50, Olive-road, Penarth. 786 GENE R A L Servant wanted, not under 18.—Apply 1, Dyfrig-street, Cathedral-road, Cardiff. 376 ENERAL Servant wanted; must be experienced, fX and give first-class references; good wages.— Apply, between 6 and 3 p.m., 254, Newport-rd., Cardiff. WANTED, General Servant; experienced used to plain cooking help given; Apply 7, Niriian-road, Cardiff 253 WANTED, a strong Country Girl as General; one that can wash well.—Apply Grange Restaurant, that can wash well.—Apply Grange Restaurant, 233, Penarth-road. Grangetown. Cardiff. 254 ANTED, General for London JE12, rise to £14; no washing or children; most comfortable home fare paid; also Housemaid, £ 12.-71, Parl;- street, Bristol. 216 WANTED, by December 12th, Nurse for three children; good references indispensable.— Apply, by letter. Cay, 32. Victoria-road, Penarth. 223 W"ANTED, a Servant Girl for a farmhouse, able YV to milk.—Apply Mrs Francis, Gelly Farm, Ynys- ybwl. D3 j. TTWTANTED, good General for Country; two in f family; washing; £ 1 month; references.— I- MrrfL ucas, Llandough, Cardiff. 885 I TlfAXTED, Mother's Help for Farmhouse also I W Goneral Servant; friends not objected good ? wages; comfortable home.—4, Grove-road, Redland, p Bristol. 834 WANTED, good General Servant; must be clean, respectable, and have good references.—Apply 9, Windsor Esplanade, Bute Docks, Cardiff. 8E^ j> XX7ANTED, good General Servant; age about 17 I w fond of children.—Apply Mrs Jones, Waterloo f 763 = nt.d trbattts. W"ANTED at once, Under-Housemaid.—Aioply {V Mrs Lloyd, Duke ol Wellington Hotel, Hayes, Cardiff. 990 Situations Vacant. PPLICANTS sending replies to Advertisements A. addressed to initials or fictitious names, at this office are requested not to send original testimonials with their applications, but to enclose copies 01 testi- monials only. AN Energetic Man, with some spare time, is Warted a good arid constant income is assured A Warted a good aDd constant income is assured i, to suitable man.-Address N 952, "Daily News," I Cardiff. 952 BRICKLAYERS'—Good men wanted; 9d per hour. JO -Apply Foreman. New Kiln. Tredegar Iron Co. s Brickyard. Good job; no dispute. 881 CARPENTERS and Joiners are informed of a dispute pending among Ship Repairers on the Thames. 586 t /^IVIL Service Appointments.—Salaries £ 70 to I 1) £ 400; tuition by correspondence wanted Young Men to prepare for Clerkships, Excise, Customs, < £ c_, no payment until successful; ta,mp.-Secretary. 48, Llnton-street, Islington, London. Jb/_ E" ilPLOYMENT, respectable and profitable, can be found for a. man of good appearance and character, residing in or near Cardiff.—Address D 723, "Daily News," Cardiff. 723 OINBRS are requested to keep away from Black- burn during the strike. 665 "f" \DY Workers (home) wanted; easy to learn t materials provided liberal payment; excel- [• lent testimonials; stamped envelope.—Wales. 31, Palace-terrace, Fulham. r_ „ ACHIMST wanted, used to moulding machine and sawing, also spindle \vork.-Apply, with reference, Williams and Sons, New Tredegar. 218 SANITARY Inspectorships. Salaries, :£80 numerous vacancies; permanent appointments. Postal course of Lessons now commencing for Car- diff. Exeter, and Birmingham Exams.; had 200 suc- aessful candidates previous experience unnecessary. Splendid diploma for business purposes.—Apply, Robt. Mushens, Science Teacher, Sunderland. a<5 TAILORS.—First-class Coat Maker wanted must !L have town experience constant work for iteady man.—Apply Davidson, Waterloo-street, Swansea. •wwi. TO Tailors.—Coat Hands Wanted at once.—J. I. Thomas and Co., Barry Town. 30o WANTED, 50 young Women to learn Shirt wy Making; wages to commence; constant em- ployment. Needlewomen, dressmakers, and girls without anv experience taught the business by prac- tical women. Railway fares advanced.-Apply the Cheddar Valley Manufacturing Company, Cheddar, somerset. 3102 ANTED immediately, a few competent Green Sand Moulders.—Apply personally at Lewis's, tT Sand Moulders.—Apply personally a.t Lewis's, Badlys Foundry, Aberdare. 93 ANTED. His me Workers and travellers, either WY sex. Enclose directed envelope.—Rayner and Co.. Wholesale Stationer?. South-fit., Chichester. 220 ANTED, by large Firm of Steamship Owners, W respectable, tall, and strong Lads (not over 17) as Sea. Apprentices; no premium but surety required.—Write (with photo) to H. 91, Echo," Cardiff. 91 ANTED, a smart" Lad for the Photographic Department.—A. and G. Taylor, Duke-street, Cardiff. 725 WANTED, Grocer's Haulier, active young man total abstainer used to horses,—State wages W total abstainer used to horses,—State wages ,indoors), experience and references, W. G. Wall. pOlltnwyuyd(1. 374 Travellers, either W Enclose directed envelope.—Rayner and Co., Wholesale Stationers, South-street, Chichester. UTtTaEELWRIGHTS wanted, constant work and W good wages to experienced men no improvers wanted.—Aoply Stone's Steam Wheelwright Works, Vcwrort, Men. 3138 10s to 30s earned at home weekly no canvassing B materials found work taken.—Stamped enve- lope, B. D. Chanry, Nelson-road, Hornsey, London. rfj»l.—An income of 12s 6d to £ 1 per week can be earned in spare hours or evenings, by either sex who_an wnte. Proof sent free anywhere to anyone sending a self-addressed envelope to T. Smith and Co. (Department 6 G), 79, St. Helen's gardens, North Kensington, London, W. 890 30 a, Month can be made with £lO.-For par- ticulars address Caness, 154, Leadenhall-street, London. 717 _u-,n -_S bop ^ssiaiaitis. APPLICANTS sending replies to Advertisements addressed to initials or fictitious names, at this office, are requested not to send original testimonials with their applications, but to enclose copies of testi- monials only. /CLOTHIERS.—Wanted at once, smart Improver Welsh state experience, wages, and reference. —John Watkins, 72, Commercial-st., Mountain Ash. RAPERY.—Wanted, experienced Young Ladies for Mantles, Millinery Sales, Gloves, Dresses, and Manchester give full particulars of experience and salary required.—Howell Bros., Penarth. 342 DRAPERY.—Wanted, smart Junior; good stock- keeper and salesman Gents' Mercery; serve through; state references, salary; Welsh.—Randell. London House, Llanelly. 224 DRAPERY.—Wanted, an experienced Young Man Welsh.—Glass and Roberts, General Drapers ard Milliners, 4 and 20, Green-street, Neath. 141 DRAPERY.—Wanted immediately, experienced Young Ladies for Fancy Counter six to eight years' experience; Wel3h.—Apply D. H. Lewis and Co., Neath. 978 DRAPERY.—Wanted, respectable Youth as an Apprentice Welsh.—Apply Mrs Ben Williams, Circle. Tredegar. 956 DRAPERY.—Wanted immediately a. Young Lady for Fancy; able to serve through.—Davies, 41, Carlisle-street, Cardiff. 659 GROCERY, &C.—Wanted, at once, respectable Young Man as Warehouseman; references.— Apply D. C. Evans, Dowlais. 900 ROCERY.—Wanted, good Junior immediately age 18 to 20; well up both counters; gcod references indispensable.—Write Company." Echo Office, Cardiff. 693 GROCERY and Provisions—Wanted, sharp Im- prover willing and obliging one used to solicit preferred good references.—A. M. Lloyd, Pentre. 341 GROCERY and Provisions.—Wanted immediately an assistant to the above personal applica- tion preferred.—State full particulars, J. D. Llewellyn, Neath. 375 GROCERY and Provision Trade.—Wanted, good Junior Hand; must know Welsh.—Apply Wm. Harris, 144, High-street, Merthyr. 3027 GROCERY and Provisions.—Wanted, two good tT. Juniors for Porth; Welsh necessary used to cash trade.—Kinsey, Shears and Co., Tonypandy. 78 MILLINER (Stylish) Wanted at once; able to serve through —State salary, with references, to D. L. Thomas, Draper, Newbridge, Mon. 142 MILLINERY.—Wanted at once good Milliner; stylish and quick; full particulars first letter. —Davies, 41, Carlisle-street, Cardiff. 660 OUTFITTING.—Wanted, smart Youth as Appren- tice or Improver indoors or outdoors.—Apply Pugh and Co.. Clothiers, Brecon. 19 WAKTED immediately, experienced Young Ladies for the Millinery Sales must speak Welsh.— D. J. Meyler, Swansea. WANTED at once, smart Improver.—Apply Jones and Co., Drapers, Tonyrefail a.nd Gil- fachgoch. Ckrha, J&anag*ra, &£. APPLICANTS sending replies to Advertisements addressed to initials or fictitious names, at this office, are requested not to send original testimonials with their applications, but to enclose copies of testi- monials only. ADVERTISER shortly disengaged, thorough A. accountant; used to secretarial duties and travelling; always in position of trust. G. 299, Daily News," Cardiff. CLERKS desiring improved positions should read "Principles of Bookkeeping Graphically Ex- plained." Transactions traced by means of Chart, with full explanations, through all stages to profit and loss account and balance-sheet. Post free. Is 3d. —Vincent Hardy, Waterloo-road, North, Wolver- hampton. 219 TELEGRAPHISTS' (male and female) Examina- tions.—Preparation by correspondence 3rd, etc., places obtained. Last exam. all successful. Davies, 23, Ernest-road, Bacliland. 152 TO Engineers, Surveyors, Contractors.—Qualified Assistant, disengaged 11th inst., seeks Re- engagement experienced in estate and public works; good draughtsman; highest references.—Address Theodolite, "Daily News," Cardiff. 222 WANTED, respectable Young Lady to learn W Telegraph and Postal Work at once.—Apply Penarth-road Post Office, Cardiff. 26A ANTED, in a large office at the Docks, re- spectable Lad must be good writer.—Apply Coal, Daily News Office, Cardiff. 261 WANTED, Young Man as Junior Clerk; must VV have had some experience of office work.— Apply, stating age, experience, and salary required, to Junior," South Wales Daily News," Cardiff. YOUTH Wanted in Chartered Accountant's Office, JL Cardiff; shorthand, and assist generally in office work good writing indispensable.—Apply, m own writing, stating age and experience, to P,344, »Echo," Cardiff. 344 -_u. JVgittrua. &r. APPLICANTS sending replies to Advertisements addressed to initials or fictitious names, at this office, are requested not to send original testimonials with their applications, but to enclose copies of testi- monials only. AGENTS Wanted by an old-established London Firm to call on Mills, Iron Works, Collieries, Brewers, Contractors Builders, Farmers constant employment for whole cr spare time high commis- sion, no risk every encouragement given.—Address Manager, 45, High-street, Stratford, London. 65 AGENTS Wanted to Sell our celebrated Packet ,A. Teas, French Coffee in Tins, and Cocoa par- ticulars free.—Oliver, Oliver and Co., 326, Southgute- road, London. 749 BIRMINGHAM Goods; everything; wholesale JO Book free; canvasser's catalogues, Is: Agents wanted.—Apply Henry May, Factor, Birmingham. 269 BLACKSMITHS Wanted to take Agency to Sell B) to their customers whilst shoeing horses an Article which takes neither time nor trouble.—Ad- dress Blacksmith, 35, Chisenhale-road, Old Ford, London. 66 TUT ANTED, Sole Agents for the principal districts for the Sale of a. new Yeast of superior quality and exceptional keeping powers, m&de on the real Mackenzie (American) System good thing for pushing aents. Write first instance to Yeast, il Echo Office, Cardiff. 146 dW- Situations tEanteii. AS General Servant; good plain cook; country girl; excellent character low wages for com- fortable situation.—Mrs Coster. Registry Office, Gloucester. 143 AS Groom-Coachman or Groom-Gardener milking no object: character 5 years 10 months single, 30.—Address Groom, Frongelli, Pontardnlais. 850 AKE^sl—Situation wanted by young man as !D Third Hand good reference.—Apply P. Thomas, 8, Windsor-terraee, Penarth. 215- BAKERS, Confectioners.—Situation wanted by Young Man. 27; 14 years' experience; highest references.—Apoly Baker, 33, Harvey-street, Cadox- ton. Barry. 745 BAKERS.—Wanted, a permanency bv a reliable JD allround Hand; 9 years' reference.—Rowlands, Woodland-road, Abergavenny. d 731 ]" IGHT Forger, Locks, Bells, Gas, w.c.'s, hot and cold water, Tin and Iron Worker; good General Hand for Ironmonger permanency.—Apply P 3129, Daily Newt Office, Cardiff. 3129 TO Plumbers.—Good all-round Plumber wants Job veil up in hot water and lead laying.— Plumber, 43, Caepenydre, Abergavenny. 23 WANTED, Situation as Clicker or Manager Boot W Shop 10 years' good references.—Fisher, 10, Walnut Trec..villa.s. Pentre Ystrad, Rhondda. 92 lotrghrga, ^partimitts, &t. APARTMENTS.—Well-furnished and oomfortable, at 25, Gordon-road (near Queen-streets Cardiff bath-room terms moderate suit two friends. 765 ATHEDRAL-Road.—Wanted, Part of Residence Unfurnished.—Address, with particulars, to Mr E. John, Pontcanua Post Office. 367 ENARTH.—Lansdowne Private Hotel; extensive I_ Channel view; superior accommodation; moderate charges; special terms to permanent boarderg. 548 fax ^ale.o«S £ at lants, &r. HOUSE for Sale, 7, Romilly-crescent, Canton, Cardiff; 5 bedrooms, 2 reception-rooms; modern conveniences; two-thirds purchase could remain; immediate possession.—Apply (by letter) Lewer, 33, Conway-road, Cardiff. 149 be 1£d.-JtOU5tZ, ?tan&, &t. A Private House to Let, No. 9, Coldstreain-terrace; in first-class condition; splendid bath, newly fitted hot and cold water; aJso lavatory—Apply Mr Price, Tndor Hotel. FINE opportunity for Builders near Bristol; can arrange for finance; houses let easily.—Apply Widgery, 25, Small-street, Bristol. 2439 FOR FURNISHED and UNFURNISHED Resi- Jf dences. Cardiff and Penarth, see Messrs 8. Hern and Pertwee's Begister.-94. St. Mary-st..Cardiff, 1049 HOUSE, conveniently situated, suit travelling jLt. draper or other person requiring convenient corner house; rent low. or sell reasonable figure; Venetians, bath (hot and cold), electric bells, etc. Keys a.t Shaftesbury Chambers, next Shaftesbury Hotel, Newport. 3051 To Let, Boverton House, within one mile of J. Llantwit Major Station on the Vale of Glamor- gan Railway. The house contains three reception and seven bedrooms, good garden and stabling for four horses cottage and 9% acres of pasture land, if desired moderate rent.—Apply to Messrs E. David a.nd David, 27, High-street, Cardiff. 748 ^"IHARLES Palmer, 18, High-street, Estate Agent. ANTON.—Corner Villa, with Stable and Coach- house, suitable for milk vendor, and other convenient Villas and Cottages wi:.h extensive gar- dens; moderate rents. 81 ROATH.—Shop and Cellarage, side gates, well fitted with window cases, oil-cloth, gas fittings, all new gcod thoroughfare. 81 Wo ^prmises. &c. CORNER House and Shop to Let. with side t) entrance, at Swansea-road, Pontardnlais suit any business; commanding position.—Apply Wm. John, Merchant, Pontardnlais. 3134 EAST Moors.—stabling for seven horses; warm, facing west; well-furnished; large loose box.— Apply 23, Aberdovey-street. 160 GOOD Yard, with cart entrance. Workshops, and t]r Stables, to let at Canton, December 25th.— Apply 1, RomUly-road. Cardiff. 126 HOUSE andShop to Let at Glanamman, in good JfjL colliery and tinplate district; suitable for any business; present occupier chemist.-Apply James Rees, Manchester House, Garnant, R.S.O. 899 NEATH-strect Hall,"East Moors, to Let; best dancing floor in Cardiff; rent moderate.— Apply 23, Aberdovery-street. 159 NEWPORT.—To be Let, Suite of Offices, four rooms and lavatory; centrally situated in Tredegav-plaee. — Particulars of Manager. Daily News" Office, Newport 1129 TJENARTH. — Grocery Business, well nxtm-ed JT House, Shop, Bakehouse, Stabling; splendid position moderate rent to good tenant.—Apply 119, Albany-road, Cardiff. 749 ENTRE.To Let, by Griffin Hotel, a large House, J_ Shop, and Cellar, suitable for any business; rent very moderate.—Apply Price and Son, Treorky. TO Let, Two Rooms as Offices, on third floor of Jt Caledonian Chambers, 104, St. Mary-street.— Apply South Wales Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 1148 TO Let, commodious Grocer's Shop good cellars fixtures complete bakehouse attached suit any trade.—Hy. Francis, 1,197 Neath-road. Swansea. TO Let, a very good House, Shop, Bakehouse, and Stables iii Tudor-street; a very desirable premises.—Apply G. & F. Couzens, 14, Tudor-street, Cardiff. 993 TO Let, in leading Cardiff thoroughfare, Large Double-fronted Shop and House low rental; jewellery business now carried on; stock optional; fixtures would suit chemist or ironmonger.—K 760, Echo, Cardiff. 760 HARF-street.—8-Stall Stable, Coach-house, and {'f Loft.-Apply Gottwaltz, Bowring, and Perry, 11, High-street, Cardiff. 852 ^nsinesaia for IHsposal, FOR Disposal, low price, splendid Manufacturing Business large profits; full demand; 13 years' best connections; suit anyone connected among works, collieries, or engineering; experience unnecessary owner going abroad.—G., "Daily News," Swansea. GROCERY, Flour, Corn, and Meals Trade; splendid opening for adding Bakery seaside market town £70 incoming half credit: no stock; satisfac- tory reason far selling.—Address A.B.C., "South Wales Daily News," Cardiff. 20 GROCERY Business, turnover about £10,000 a year; 'SL.y no stock to be taken to.—Particulars from Widgery, 25, Small-street, Bristol. 2439 RACE Foundry, Pontypool, to Let as a going con- cern old-established, with good colliery con- nection.—For particulars apply to J. B. Jones and Co., Pontypool. 722 TO be Let, an old-established Baking and Milling Business, situate in the Wester^ Valleys, Mon.; siding from the G.W. Railway Decker ovens inves- tigation open long lease.—Apply G. L. Hiley, Auc- tioneer, Abertillery. 77 TO be Sold, as a going concern, the Old-established B Bakery and Confectionery Business now carried on by Mr Edwin Thomas at High-street, Cowbridge, together with the Contents of Bakehouse and Shop. —Further particulars may be obtained from Mr Sydney Gibson, Auctioneer, Cowbridge. 3047 ^uatnesaea Mantel. WANTED, to purchase a genuine Baking Busi- ness or Grocery and Baking Business with rounds.—Apply Baker, -Jones, Newsagent, Staple Hill Bristol. 22 flitMir Uonaea. COUNTRY Inn, three miles from Bristol, to be Let, on main road cycle resort; grand trade about £ 400.—Widgery, 25, Small-street, Bristol. 2439 FREE Village Roadside Inn, near Bristoi, with 5 B' acres of land, part garden Butcher's Business attaahed incoming £ 150.—Apply Widgery, 25, Small- street, Bristol. 2439 HOTEL in the centre of Bristol to Let; finest JC possible opportunity for good business man with capital about £ 1,200.—Apply Widgery and Co., 25, Small-street, Bristol. 2439 ¡;iC!lClt5_tíctJdtS iy|- ORRIS BRos., CYCLE WORKS, PONTYPRIDD. Four solid Safetys, 38s 6d each; 5 Cushions, 50s; 4 Pneumatics, JE5; Lady's Cushion, £4; Lady's Pneu- cash. Repairs.EnameIling,Plating. A beautiful Christmas Present: a Singer Modele de Luxe Cycle.—Norton, 15, Salisbury-road, Cardiff. 1750 ARDWXRE,-Lamps, Brushes, £ 260; present Jl hands 16 years leaving town; could add Bicvcles suit Plumber or Gasfitter.—E 56, Echo," Cardiff. 56 USEFUL for"Workmen.—We have a few Cushion Tyred Stars which wo wish to clear cheap Tyred Stars which wo wish to clear cheap very strong and useful machines price, £6. Call and inspect them make nice Xmas presents. Illustrated accessory catalogue post free.—Griffiths Cycle Corporation, 94, Queen-street, Cardillo 2413^. lEagona auiJ fUqixiaiiia. ARDIFF Rolling Stock coBUiïaers of new Coal, Coke, Limestone, and Ballast Waggons; also buyers and sellers of Second-hand Waggons.—Works and Offices, East Moors, Cardiff. 1170 FOR Sale or Hire, a few good Coal Wagons.—Ap- ply Midland Wagon Company, Newport, Mon. KAIL WAY WAGONS for Hire or SB.1e. Cash or deferred payments.—The Midland Railway Car- riage and Wagon Company, Limited, Midlaud Works Birmingham. 1032 WANTED, 50 to 100 10-ton Ballast Wagons in W good working order, doors each side falling full length.—Write H 746, South Wales Daily News," Cardiff. 3029 nn HE BUTE WORKS SUPPLY CO. RAILWAY WAGONS,\ la, Pearson-place, LOCOMOTIVES, D0GKCARDIFF. STEEL RAILS, I-Telegrams CIR GETHING, CABDIFI\ SLEEPERS, Telephone No. 45. 1226 LIGHT RAILWAYS. Post Office and National. JHarlritteru, ijtools &t. FOR Sale, cheap, Pairs of 25, 20. 9, 8, and 61 inch Hauling Engines.—Evans, Engineers Supply Depot, Swansea. 311- XjlOR SALE, CHEAP, TO CLEAR. 45 h.p. LOCO TYPE BOILER, by Fowler, Leeds. Fire box 5ft. x 4ft., barrel 10ft. x 4ft., smoke box 2ft., overall 17ft. Double fittings and large double super- heater. Stopped working at 1251bs. pressure under insurance.—To be seen near Bristol. LANCASHIRE BOILER 30ft. x 7ft., with 5 cross tubes in each flue, complete with mountings and fittings; stopped working at 701ba. pressure. RAIL- WAY TRUCK WEIGHBRIDGES, each for 20 tons, and complete with relieving gear. To be seen near Swftns6n 2904 Apply PEED, SWANSEA. OCOMOTIVES.—New four and six-wheel Engines. j Early delivery. Second-hand 13in. six-wheeler in stock. Locos, repaired quickly.—Avonside Engine Co., Bristol. 344 PECKETT AND SONS Jj_ Locomotive Engineers, BRISTOL. LOCOMOTIVES of various sizes always in stock and in progress. Full particulars on application. 1219 TlSoRTABLE AND OTHER ENGINES AND Jfc* BOILERS. MORTAR MILLS. SAW MILL MACHINERY, AND ALL CLASSES OF MACHINE TOOLS. FINEST STOCK IN THE KINGDOM. WILL LET ON HIRE ON REASONABLE TERMS. Send for copy of Phillips's Monthly Machinery Register," 6d per copy; Subscription, 6a do. per annum. CHARLES D. PHILLIPS, 1244 NEWPORT, MON. Horsea, íht tøck, (tarta^a^ CARRIAGE Lamps.—Inspection invited; best selected Stock in the WC5t.-C. E. Gnmsey's, Carriage Lamp Works, Merchant-street, Bristol. 1716 ELEGANT Brougham Hansom, light, doors open against wheels; alway3 free from wet; drop windows; indin.-rubber tyres; photo free.—Marston, 24, Bradford-street, Birmingham. Twenty on sale or hire. 212 FOR "Saiersman"~Shetland Pony, 34 inches high, Jf very pretty (a perfect little toy).—De Noye, Philharmonic Hall, Cardiff. 260 u FOR SALE, dark Bay Horse, 16 hands, 7 years sound, perfectly reliable in single or double harness or ride; good action.—Mis3 Thomas, Rock- field, Neath. 70 FOR HarneisTsaddles. Carriage Lamps, Horse P Clothing Waterproof Carriage Aprons, Saddlery Requisites, write for list; lamps repaired.—Saddlery Company, Swansea. 3067 L ANDAU, nearly new7glass front, spring cushions, _Lj and set of harness, £ 60.—Can be seen at 124, Easton-road, Bristol. 761 "ffSHAETON.—For Sale a modem. Phaeton (equal to Jt. new), built by Lucas, Bond-street, London. Can be seen at any time.—Apply Coachman, BronygVyn, Penarth. 3104 ~JAGONETTE —For Sale, a first-class family W Wagonette (equal to new). Can be seen a t any time.—Apply Coachman, Bronyglyn, Penarth. 3_- NO STABLE IS COMPLETE WITHOUT "sm L L IM A N S R O Y A L E M B R O C AT I O N, Sji For SPRAINS and CURBS, SPLINTS when forming, SPRUNG SINEWS, CAPPED HOCKS, OVER-REACHES. BRUISES and CUTS, BROKEN KNEES, SORE SHOULDERS, SORE THROATS, SORE BACKS. SPRAINS, CUTS, BRUISES in DOGS, CRAMP iu BIRDS, &c. Elliman's Embro- cation is excellent. I have used it for sprains a.nd bruiseR in horses with the greatest success, and recom- mend it everywhere."—H. BRASSACK, Railway Agent, Calbe, A/S, Germany. Bottles, Is, 2s, 2s 6d, 3B 6d. Jars, 10s 6d, 20s. Prepared by ELLIMAN. SONS. and #. 1 ^Poultry. JJigwms, &c. "WT^OllSaleTf ew pairsBlack-Rcd Game, bred from ij big winners, from 15s pair approval deposit.— Snell, Llanhennock, Caerleon, Mon. 3114 jfnr ^ale.—jJtiarcUattwma, A1 Value.—Fligelstone's for Xmas Presents.—Only address, 22, Castle-road, Roath, Cardiff. 1169 A1 Value—Fligelstone's Lady's 18ct. Gold Watch, crystal glass, gold dial, only 35s. 1169 A1 Value.—Fligelstone's, Cheapest of All Adver- tisers 300 Silver Watches, only 6s each. 1163 l value..—Fligelstone's Xmas Presents Ladies, Gold Brooches, from 3s Ladies Gold Rings, 3s. A1 Vaiue.—Fligelstone's Gent's 9st. Gold Curb Albert and Seal, only 50s, very heavy. 1169 A1 Value.—Fligelstone's handsome, large Marble Clock, with bronze Marli horses, only 3 guineas. A1 Value.—Fligelstone's Xmas Presents: Nickel Clocks, Is 5$d; Alarms, Is ll>d; warranted timekeepera. 1169 AI- Value.—Fligelstone's Gents' Silver English Lever Watches, by all the best makers, from 12e 6d. 1169 A-1vä:lu.e.-FuieÏstone;g GenWl8Ct. Gold %-plate English Lever, by Hargreaves, Liverpool; only 10 guineas. H69 A" l Value.—Fligelstone's Xmas Presents; Ladies' Ifict. Gold, Diamond Rings, from 10s to 10 guineas. 1169 1 Value.—Fligelstone's, Brown's Family Bible, illustrated by Henry and Scott, gilt clasps; only 15e. U69 A 1Value.—Fligelstone's, Gent's Gold Signet Rings, 3s 6d. Handsome Christmas Presents. 1169 ATValued—Fligenstone's, Gent's Silver Alberts, 5s Ladies' Silver Alberts, 3s. Handsome Chnst- mas presents. U69 r Value.—Fligelstone's Christmas Presents.—50 Lady's handsome Silver Watchea, fancy dials, only 10s each. -169- lvalue.—Fligelstone's, Gent's Gold Alberts from 21s; ^adies' Gold Alberts. 15s. A1 Value.—Fligelstone's 100 Silver Waltham Lever Watches, c-qual to new, only 2us each. 1169 A1 Value.-Fligelstone's Blue Serge Suits, 15s lid Vicuna Coats and Vests, 10s Ud. 1169 A1 Value.—Fligelstone s Overcoats. Gent's Double- breasted Frieze Overcoat, velvet collar, only lOs lld. 1169 I Value.-Fligelstone's real Welsh Flannel Shirts, 38 ll^d the Popular Shirt, Is U%d. Largest sale in Cardiff. 1169 A1 Value.—Fligelstone's, Cheapest of all Adver- tisers. Only address, 22, Castle-road, Roath, Cardiff. 1169 ARMY Blankets, weighing 41bs. each, 43 a pair, 6 for 10s, carriage paid.—Jacob Lazarus, 22, Cross- street, Chatham. 790 BABY Linen.—Dainty outfit, complete set hand- somely embroidered long clothes, 50 articles, cost 5 guineas, never used, sacrifice 33s 6d approval. Mrs Wilson, 17, Westbourne-terrace North, Harrow- road, Paddington, W. BEFORE deciding on a carriage for baby mother should call and inspect the large variety of new designs at Spencer's Baby Carriage Warehouse, St. John's Church-square, Cardiff 2408 CURE for Piles.—Perfect cure guaranteed in most stubborn cases; post free 2s 9d, 4s 6d—La Trobe, Chemist, St. Michael's-hill, Bristol. 209 A1 quality Silver-plated Spoons and Forks, eight- guinea Service, 12 each Table and Dessert Spoons and Forks and Teaspoons (60 pieces), silver-plated on nickel silver; stamped makers' initials; unsoiled; only 30s; ,tpproval.-Lady, 25, Tachbrook-street, Pimlico. S.W. 127 CUTLERY (sterling silver, Hall-marked, mounted). —Unsoiled ten-guinoa Service for 30s 12 Large 12 Small Knives, Meat Carvers, Game Carvers, also Steel; approval.—West, 23, Lower Belgrave-street, London, S.W. 128 EARTHENWARE and China.-Seconds, R2 crates, best, f3; will send 15 doz. seconds articles for 179 6d. Write for 1ists.- Webb, Longton, Staffs., Potteries EXTINGUISHER for keeping glass clear and bright from frost, steam, and fog 7d per box. —James Wallace, Club-row, Cwmtillery. Mon. 390 FUR Boa, real Siberian unused long, dark, soft, silky and bushy silk draw cords cost 78s 6d quite new sacrifice for 9s 6d approval paid.— Daisy, 2, Claylands-road, London, S.W. 129 GENTLEMEN.—Don't, choose your Suits until you see our splendid Vicuna, Serge, and Tweed Suitings to measure, 35s 6d made high-class style patterns post free you can save a sovereign.-The Woollen Company, Bradford. 600 GREAT Bargain.—Very superior genuine Irish Frieze Cloth Overcoat; fashionable tailor- made Italian lining, double breasted, velvet collar quite new; never worn (misfit); 52 inches long, about 40 chest; fit medium man worth 55s, take 20s approval.—Thomas, Locke's Advertising Offices, Newport. 3062 INCANDESCENT Lights.—Brogden's still stand J!_ first; third season on the market; gives abso- lute satisfaction; complete, ready for use, with brilliant white mantle, guaranteed full 60-candle power; post free 2s 9d, Byepass lamp 3s 9d. The Welsbach Company's solicitors have admitted that Brogden's lamps do not infringe their patent. Agents wanted. Trade supplied. Send stamp for catalogue. —George Brogden, Sonth Shields. 2681 LADY offers rich, silky, long Russian Bear Boa, 14s 9d, worth 84s handsome Real Bear Cross- over Necklet, with Russian tails, 10s 6d, cost £ 5 both new approval.—Rosalind, 43A, Clapham-rd., London. LEAVING Residence—Lady wishes to Sell Sterling Silver Queen Anne design Tea Set, 3 pieces, ilO; Hotwater Jug, .£5; Sugar Castor, 75s, Cream Jug, 35s; Fish Slice, 378 6d; pair Salt Cellars, 45s Electro-plate, Cutlery, Table Linen, Clocks, Vases, Bronzes, Curios, Ivories, Jewel- lery, Silk, Velvets, Furs write for particulars bar- gains only need seeing; approval paid.—The Elms, Albrighton, Wolverhampton. 839 O" NE of the wonders of the age is Spencer's New High-Arm Hand-Sewing Machine, with walnut cover and full set of appliances, for iC2 18s 6d cash money returned if not approved; best value in Sew- ing Machines.—Spencer's Domestic Machine Depot, 8, St. John's-square, Cardiff. 2408 PATCHWORK.—Lovely large Silks, Brocades, Velvets, Is 6d 100 free Prints, Is if unsatis- factory money returnable.—Howe, 22, Gladstone- road, Sparkbrook, Birmingham. 791 R AHE Books. Scarce, Curious, and Medical JLt Works French Novels in English, &c; new list free.-Dawson, 44, Packington-street, London, N. 647 SABLE Necklet (real Russian), with six finest Russian taiis, only 17s 6d; worth £ 5; approval.— Dorothy, 33, Hindon-street, Pimlico, London. 131 SAFE, strong, fire resisting, 3 feet by 2 feet; 2 drawers best locks price £ 5 10s delivered.— Lord's Safe Works, Wolverhampton. 68 SAVOYS! Savoys!—Good large, 20 for 1b; also Swedes, delivered in Cardiff, 17s per ton.—Apply Harding, Monachty, Maindy, Cardiff. 819 SEALSKIN Jacket, enormous bargain, quite new; real Alaska.; exceedingly handsome, latest fashion, i length, storm collar, satin lined, £ 615s; worth £ 30; approval paid.—Mademoiselle, 52, Hugh- street, South Belgravia, S.W. 132 SPECTACLES.—Write us a postcard, and we will send you test type, enabling you to accurately find your sight. Finest axis ground lenses, spec- tacles or folders, 2s 8d. post free. Freedman, Optician, College-street, Swansea. Cash returned if unsuitable. 3049 O WKETHF,XRT7s "Curious_Letters, Three exceed- s ingly Funny Photographs, and Six Magic Cards, Seven Penny Stamps.—Hyams, 124, St. Luka's-road, Birmingham. 251 TABLE Cutlery.—Four-guinea Service for 12s 6d 12 Table, 12 Cheese Knives, Pair Carvers, and Steel; white, pinned, balanced handles Sheffield make unused approval.—H., 55, Handforth-road, Brixton, Surrey. 133 TARPAULINS, WTagon Covers, &c., for Sale or Hire South Wales agent for Pink's WTaterproof Composition, samples 7Ad free; Tents, J lags, Poultry and Pigeon Pens on Hire.*—Jonathan Jones, Swansea. 3069 THATCHER'S Private Christmas Cards. — Thatcher, of Bristol, holds by far the finest collection in the world; request samples early to secure the best.—T. Thatcher, The World's Stationer, College Green, Bristol. 2361 50 Tons Firewood, also large quantity Dunnage Boards, Deals, Scantlings, Russian and Dunnage Mats. &c., chean.-Shaplana, Bottom East Dock, Cardiff. 992 F E A T H B R S I "O E A T H E R S FEATHERS FOR BEDS. Why buy common shoddy Wool Beds when you can get Best ENGLISH FEATHERS at 6d per lb., carriage paid ? Warranted dry and sweet. Feather Beds made to order. Send for samples and price list to H. HANDY AND CO., FEATHER MERCHANTS, 16061 WELSHPOOL, NORTH WALES. 1140 .o? 4- <1" =- JHisallatuotta. A RMS, Legs, Hands, Flyes, Leg Irons, Spine Supports, Ladies' Belts, Elastic Stockings.— Maker, Allen Pearce, Charles-street, Cardiff, and Bristol. 217 ASTROLOGY.—Your Future Foretold Marriage Future Partner Described Children, Journeys, Legacies, Ruling Planet, &e. Send date of birth. 12 stamps, and stamped envelope.—Mr Lewis, 69, George- street, Oxford. 145 ASTROLOGY.—Your New Year prospects, mar- riage, future partner, family, legacies, fortunate season foretold ruling planet, etc. Forward birth date, 12 stamps and stamped envelope.-Celia, 24, Heent-street, Brighton, Sussex. 957 JHottm. TO Capitalists.—Wanted, on Mortgage, £ 8,500 at 4 per cent, for two years or more substantial security, value at over CiZ,000.-For full particulars, in first place, R. 163, Daily News," Cardiff. 163 CARLTON BANK, LIMITED. A Cheap and Re- C liable Office to Borrow £3 to R5W. Information free. Call upon the Branch Manager, 927 149, PENARTH-ROAD, CARDIFF. THE SWANSEA MERCANTILE BANK, LTD. 18, Park-street, Swansea, make Cash Advances from E3 to £ 500 to ali respectable Householders on their own Nota of Hand at a reasonable rate of interest; strictly private and confidential.-Apply H. B. Jones, Manager. 2931 rriHE SWANSEA FINANCE CO. (LIMITED), 16, I GOAT-STREET, SWANSEA, are Prepared to LEND any Sum from £ 3 to £ 500 to Professional Gentlemen, Tradesmen, Farmers, Hauliers, Cow- keepers, Mechanics, and the Working Classes generally upon their OWN PROMISSORY NOTE, without sureties, Bondsmen, or any publicity, at a reasonable rate of interest, repayable by weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly installments, or at a stated period, to suit the convenience of the borrower. ALL COMMUNICATIONS TREATED STRICTLY PRIVATE. No Charge will be made unless Business is Done. 3089 Apply to A. E. GASH, Manager. rjlHE NATIONAL MERCANTILE BANK BALDWIN-STREET, BRISTOL, ADVANCES CASH DAILY, in SUMS OF £20 AND UPWARDS, ON REASONABLE TERMS, AND ON NOTE OF HAND ALONE. Advances also made on every description of Security The Directors offer the following advantages CHEAP RATES. STRICT PRIVACY. NO FEES OF ANY KIND. REPAYMENT BY AGREED INSTALMENTS. NO DEFAULT INTEREST CHARGED. Apply personalty or by letter to 2324 Mr R. EDMONDS, Secretary. ORTGAGES.-S. Hem and Pertwee, St. Mary- All street, Cardiff, Mortgage and Insurance Brokerfl- h'ivo numerous aums immediately available for Free- holds, Leaseholds, Reversions. and Life Interests. 1049 THE CHARING CROSS BANK (Estab. 1870. 28, Bedford-street, Charing-cross, London, W.C Assets, £ 512,475. Liabilities, 9209,475. Reserve, 9303,000. Loans of £ 50 to £ 5,000 made on any class of security. 2y, per cent. interest allowed on current accounts. Deposits of £ 10 and upwards received ag under 4% per ann., subject to 3 months' notice of withdrawal 5% » 6 »• •• 6" „ 12 „ „ Special terms for longer periods. Interest paid quarterly. Depositors have no liabiity whatever, and are amply secured. Write or call for Prospectus. 1165 A. WILLIAMS, Manager. A Private Capitalist, member of a well-known wealthy firm, having a considerable sum of un- invested money, is prepared to advance the same in Bums of not less than £ 10 to £ 3,000 to persons of un- doubted respectability on their own Promissory Note, with t asking for sureties or security, or preliminary chaises or fees whatever, at a low and reasonable rate of interest, for short or long periods strictly private and confidential. As this advertisement is not con- nected with any loan society, it is requested that habitual borrowers will not apply.—For full particu- lars apply personally, or by letter direct, to the lender, James W. Ryland, Esq., 6, Livery-street, Birmingham. 655 A Private Gentleman having a large amount of surplus cash at command is prepared to Lend same in sums from 120 to £3,000 in any part of England to persons of undoubted respectability, absolutely without bills of sale, preliminary charges, or publicity, upon terms as may be agreed upon. Strictly private and confidential. As this advertise- ment is not connected with loan societies, it is requested that habitual borrowers will not apply.— Full particulars gratis on application to Henry May, c3. Oakfield-road, Clifton, Bristol. Bills discounted. I c3. Oakfield-road, Clifton, Bristol. Bills discounted. jQ250,000 to Lend by the Provincial Union Bank in sums of £ 10 to £ 500, on Note of Hand alone, or on any other security, at a few hours' notice, to all classes, in any part of the country repayable by easy instalments; with and without sureties no delay. This old-established Bank does the largest business in the Kingdom.—Write or call upon the Manager, Mr Stanley Dowding, 1, Queen square, Bristol; or Messrs S. M. Wilkinson & Co., 3, Working- street, Cardiff. 305 fJnMkationa. HE ARCHITECT AND CONTRACT REPORTER. Established nearly a Quarter of a Century. The ARCHITECT and CONTRACT REPORTER has a large and influential circulation amongst Archi- tects, Builders, Contractors, and the wealthy classes of the public, and has been found to be a very valu- able medium of publicity. The ARCHITECT and CONTRACT REPORTER contains a larger number of Tenders and Contracts Open than any other paper. The ARCHITECT and CONTRACT REPORTER contains the finest and most beautiful Architectural and Art Illustrations of any paper published in any part of the world. WEEKLY, PRICE 4d. PUBLISHED BY P. A. GILBERT WOOD, 175, STRAND, LONDON, W.C. 1154 m'HB MINING j^JANUAL, BY WALTER R. SKINNER, Contains full particulars of all Mining Companies known to the Exchanges of London and the Provinces. Separate sections are devoted to Australasian and South African Companies. Also separate sections of mining directors and mining secretaries. The particulars given of each Mining Company in- clude the directors and other officials, date of estab- lishment, seat of operations, description of the property with the purchase consideration, details of capital, calls, dividends paid, and the latest financial position as disclosed by the accounts. The Last Volume (for 1897) was published in June, 1897. Price 15s., post free. LONDON 26, NICHOLAS-LANE, LOMBARD- STREET, LONDON, E.C. 1136 ARDIFF, SWANSEA, AND NEW. c PORT SHIPPING GAZETTE. Published every Monday Morning. Price 21s per annum, or by Post 25s. The CARDIFF, SWANSEA, AND NEWPORT SHIPPING GAZETTE contains a complete record of the Shipping business of Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Bristol, Neath, Briton Ferry, Burry Port, &c., and circulates among all the Merchants and Brokers of the Bristol Channel Ports, and generally thoughout the various ports of the United Kingdom. It is filed at Lloyd's, the Lombard, and most of the Chambers of Commerce, and is also sent to the leading Foreign Pcrts. CHIEF OFFICES:—105, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. Just Published, for Two Stamps, By J. A. BARNES, M.D. (U.S.) a Treatise, entitled HOW TO ENSURE HEALTH most valuable Book on the Laws Governing Life, ana "cue Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of all Diseases depending on Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, &c. Sent post free on receipt of Two Stamps. Address ;— Messrs BARNES & CO., 48, Lonsdale-square, Thornhill-road, London, N. 1110 HEATHS PIANOFORTES AND ORGANS BY A LL jy~AKERS, THE LATEST MODELS AND DESIGNS FROM IS. MONTHLY. 5S, IN THE ct jQISCOUNT FOR Q ASH ALL INSTRUMENTS GUARANTEED FOR YEARS, AND TUNED ONE YEAR JjlREE. 51, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF 70, TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD 31, WINDSOR-ROAD, PENARTH. FACTORY-LONDON. 1066 ——— 2e AGENTS WANTED IN ALL PARTS 9431 HUGlt D A V 19 S'S JLB. COUGH MIXTURE THE GREAT WELSH COUGH MIXTURE REMEDY, COUGH MIXTURE In 13^d. and 2s. 9d. Bottles. COUGH MIXTURE Sold Everywhere. COUGH MIXTURE! ——— COUGH MIXTURE No more Sleepless Nights COUGH MIXTURE No more Distressing Coughs. COUGH MIXTURE No more Difficulty of Breathing COUGH MIXTURE ——— COUGH MIXTURE DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE COUGH MIXTURE Gives Immediate Relief. COUGH MIXTURE Cures Coughs and Colds, COUGH MIXTURE Cures Bronchitis, COUGH MIXTURE Cures Whooping Cough COUGH MIXTURE Cures Asthma, COUGH MIXTURE Cures Influenza COUGH MIXTURE COUGH MIXTURE Mr H. A. EVANS, Post Office COUGH MIXTURE Trelech, says Many in this COUGH MIXTURE part say that they have never COUGH MIXTURE used anything equal to Davies's COUGH MIXTURE Cough Mixture for Cough and COUGH MIXTURE Bronchitis." COUGH MIXTURE Rev. E.W. Da vies, Pentre, says COUGH MIXTURE he has derived benefit as a public COUGH MIXT URE ispeaker.and that it is the popular COUGH MIXTURE cure for Influenza. COUGH MIXTURE D. Jenkins, Esq., Mus. Bac., COUGH MIXTURE recommends it to Singers. COUGH MIXTURE Dr Rains, M.D., Manchester, COUGH MIXTURE says Extremely serviceable, COUGH MIXTURE giving great relief and comfort.' COUGH MIXTURE Sweet as Honey. COUGH MIXTURE Warms the Chest. COUGH MIXTURE Soothes the Throat. COUGH MIXTURE Relieves the Phlegm. COUGH MIXTURE Clears the Voice. COUGH MIXTURE One dose will relieve. COUGH MIXTURE One bottle will cure. COUGH MIXTURE ige-3' See that the Trade Mark is COUGH MIXTURE on the wrapper.—Peswch. PROPRIETOR— H UGH JQAYIES, C H E M 1ST, MACHYNLLETH 1658 A WONDERFUL MEDICINE B EECHAM'S PILLS, B EECHAM'S PILLS, Jg EE CHAM'S PILLS Axe universally admitted to be worth a Guinea a Box for Bilious and Nervous disorders, such as wind and paiu at the stomach, sick headache, giddiness, fulness and swelling after meals, dizziness and drowsiness, cold chills, flushings of heat, lo3s of appetite, short- ness of breath, costiveness, scurvy, blotches on the skin, disturbed sleep, frightflll dreams,and all nervous and trembling sensations, &c. The first dose will give relief in twenty minutes. This is no fiction, for they have done it in countless cases. Every sufferer is earnestly invited to try one box o these Pills, and they will be acknowledged to be w ORTH A GUINEA A BOX. WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For Females of all ages they are invaluable. No Female should be without tnem. There is net a medicine to be found equal to them for removing any obstruction or irregnla-rity of the system. If taken according to the directions given with each box they will soon restore Females of all ages to sound and robust hca.lth. This has been proved by thousands who have tried them, and found the benefits which are proved by their use. B EECHAIVI'S PILLS. JJEECHAM'S PILLS. JgEECHAM'S PILLS. SFor a weak stomach, impaired digestion, and all Borders of the liver they act like MAGIC," and a few doses will be found to work wonders upon the most important orgaais of the human machine. 'rby strengthen the whole muse alar system, restore the appetite, and arouse into action the whole physical energy of the human frame. These ore "FACTS" testified continually by members of all classes of society, and one of ths best guarantees to the ner- vous and debilitated is JgEECHAM'S PILLS. JgEECHAM'S PILLS. è Á-.l _J "gEECHA^rS PiLLS. Have the Largest Sale of any Patent Medicine in the World. PULL DIRECTIONS ARE GIVEN WITH EACH BOX. Prepared only and sold wholesale and retail by the Proprietor T. BEECHAM, Chemist, St. Helen's, Lan- cashire, and sold by all Druggists and Patent Medi- cine Dealers everywhere. In Boxes, 9%d, Is 134d, and 2s 9d each. 1201 THE CARMARTHEN BILL-POSTING COMPANY, BRIDGE-STREET, CARMARTHEN, Bill-posting and Advertising in 11.11 its Branches throughout the Counties of Carmarthen, Pembroke, and Cardigan. 1127 R M. JAMES, Manager. ^ttsiiuaa Aii5r £ s5ji»s. VERY JM PORTA NT QUESTION is where to buy your Furniture There is so much rubbish sold in these degenerate days that the greatest care should be taken in selecting the Firm from whom you purchase. Now HOW A RE you to know upon whom you can rely ? We submit that the experience gained by the trading of nearly half a century points most conclusively to the fact that no Firm on Earth can serve you better or cheaper than gEVAN AND COMPANY, LIMITED, who to-day are beyond all question the largest Furnishers in South Wales and Monmouthshire, and they defy any competitor to disprove this statement. WHAT STRONGER pROOF can be adduced to show that by entrusting your orders to this large and old established Firm you will not only have the advantage of an immense selection, but that both with regard to quality and prices you will receive the very highest satisfaction. All goods are delivered free by rail or own vans, and the rjIRAIN JjlARE pAID of all cash purchasers of a reasonable amount. Drawing-room, Dining-room, and Bedroom Suites from -three-and-a-half to fifty guineas per suite. Bedstead, Wire-woven Mattress, Wool Overlay, Bolster, and Pillow complete for 27s 6d. Organs and JpiANOS HALF pRICE. Carpets, Linoleums, and Floor Cloths of newest designs, and every requisite for furnishing throughout at equally low prices. JJEVAN AND COMPANY, 21, BUKE-STREET, And 97, ST. MARY-STREET, c ARDIFF; 97, WIND-STREET, s WANSEA; OPPOSITE TOWN-HALL, NHWPORT CLABENCE-STREET & HANBURY.ROAD, pONTYPOOL. AGENTS WA ÑTED IN EVERY DISTRICT 8216 2347 DYEING I DYEING r I DYEING r r I EVERY DESCRIPTION of LADIES' and GENTLEMEN'S DRESS and CLOTHING Household Furnishings, &c., &c., DYED OR CLEANED. CHEMICAL OR DRY CLEANING A SPECIALITY. BEST BLACK DYED DAILY. TROUSERS Cleaned and Tailor Pressed, Is per pair. SUITS Cleaned and Tailor Pressed from 4s. L ABIE S' COSTUMES Cleaned and Pressed from 4s. Carriage Paid one way on Country Parcels. Red Cross Vans to all parts of Cardiff and Penarth Daily; Llanishen, Llandaff, Whitchurch, St. Mellon's, &c.. Twice weekly. Send Post Card to the ARDIFF gTEAM J^AUNDRY DYEING, CARPET & WINDOW CLEANING CO. (LIMITED), MINNY-ST., CATHAYS, CARDIFF. National Telephone, 741. 114e 1308 A I S 1-1, g RIDGE ■ STREET, FOR XMAS pACKING 1-1 A M P E R S. ORDERS BY POST PROMPTLY EXECUTED. 3075 506e EAD};'S p I L L Ei. -U-i INSTANTLY RELIEVE AND RAPIDLY CURE TR If WORST FORM OF GOUT, RHEUMATISM, RHIOUMATIC GOOT, PAINS IN THE IIEAI), FACI, AND LIMBS, And have the largest recommendation ever ¡.e11 any Patent. Medicine of its cla#». THEIR EFFECTS ARK MARVELLOUS 27, Whitestone-road, GOUT Fartown, Huddorsfleld, Jan., 1897. Sir,—My Husband has had ■ > CI K U M A T I S M attacks of Rheumatism Bl through being in the damp, GOUT which always' hinted nine or ten hours. He caino home the other day ai (iiisrer Mille RHEUMATISM with a worse attack than ever. It was all over witli OUT him, and lie was raging with it. So unknown to him I went and bought a bottle or I H « U M A T I S M your Gout and Rheumatic Jfcj Pills, but when I brought OUT thein (o him he was cross, X and said they would do him no good. I, however, per- S H E U M A T I 8 M suarted him to take two '.nd 2 4, go to bed. He said h1.' GOUT should never sleep, but IN HALF AN HOUR Hl< WAS SuUND ASLEEP, ■ ft HEDMATISM and slept all night, and the I. next day was as right as ( "tOUT possible. I think thoy can- jj" not be too highly recom- mended, as my husband |ll HEUMATISM would have had a very serious attack. I have in OUT ducod my friends to try Jf them, and they ave foun;! them to be like magic.— H I U M A T ISM Yours truly. M. Ml M.S. Mr George Eade. GOUT AND RHEUMATIC PILLS Are Sold by all Chemists, in Bottles; Is 11/1,1 am121j 9d. or sent post free for Postal Order by the Proprietor. GEOltO i TGADE, 72, GosWF.I.t.-UOAn, E.C. Ask for and he sure you obtain EADE'S GOUT AND RHEUMATIC PILLS. EADE'S T> T 1/ L S X 248'. ',5b- 16293 FURNITUHE AT WHOLESALE PRICES. JQ OWN AND <G0N FOR GOOD SUBSTANTIAL JjlURNITURE, JgEDSTEADS jgEDDING, £ JARPETS L INOLE-UMS, AND EVERY DESCRIPTION OF HOUSE FURNITURE. STEAM CABINET WORKS 221, HIGH-STREET AND MORRIS. LANE, SWANSEA. The Largest and Cheapest Steam Cabinet Manufactory in South Wales. Illustrated Catalogues Free on Application. IMMENSE STOCK TO SELECT FROM Much Cheaper tha.n London or Bristol Houses. Carriage Paid on all orders above X10, or delivered Free in our own Vans. Established nearly half a century. 1283 NEATH AND DISTRICT BILL POSTING COMPANY.-Late T. Wall. I Offices :-ABSEMBLY-H.OOMô, NEATH. Manager :J. W ROBINSON. Lestscos and Proprieters of the best Po. ..tJ Stations in Neath and District. 1150 13nstu£55 .Air&resaes. THE CARDIFF TIMES AND THE SOUTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS OF DECEMBER 18TH WILL BE ACCOMPANIED BY A N JLLUSTRATED SHEET ALMANAC FOR 1898 (Which will be GIVEN A WAY with each Copy of the Paper). The Contents will comprise:— CALENDAR FOR 1898. HER MAJESTY'S CHIEF OFFICERS OF STATE. THE ROYAL FAMILY OF GREAT BRITAIN. POSTAL INFORMATION: HOME AND FOREIGN. LAW SITTINGS AND VACANCIES. FESTIVALS AND HOLIDAYS. LIST OF LOCAL MEMBERS. COUNTY OFFICIALS. ASSIZES, SESSIONS, COUNTY COURTS THROUGHOUT SOUTH WALES. ECLIPSES OF 1898. SCALE OF COUNTY COURT CHARGES. INCOME TAX, HOUSE DUTY, AND LICENCES. FOOTBALL FIXTURES, &c., &c. A COPY OF THIS gHEET ALMANAC WILL BE PRESENTED to EVERY PURCHASER OF THE CARDIFF TIMES AND SOUTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS ON SATURDAY, DEC. 18TH. THE XMAS NUMBER OF Tim ARDIFF rjpiMES AND gOUTH^^ ALES-TEEKLY J^E WS WILL BE PUBLISHED On THURSDAY, DECEMBER 23RD. Among the Special, Complete, and Serial Stories and Seasonable Articles will be found the following :— COMPLETE STORIES. "THE DOLLMAN'S DAUGHTER," By G. R. SIMS. "A SNOW QUEEN'S TRANSFORMA- TION," By EVELYN M. ABBOTT. A HARD-EARNED TREAT," By MABEL QUILLER COUCH. "THE PAINTER AND THE BLACK BEETLES," A Tale of Dark Days, By MARY E. MANNERS. "SIR HUGO'S PRAYER," A Christmas Ghost Story, By G. R. BURGIN. "A SNOW FLOWER," By JOHN STRANGE WINTER. THE BETHLEHEM SONG," A Christ- mas Sermon, By Dr. JOSEPH PARKER. CHRISTMAS FASHIONS. HOME AT CHRISTMASTIDE. ILLUSTRATED CHRISTMAS HUMOUR. SERIALS. "A TORN-OUT PAGE," By Miss DOEA RUSSELL. THE STAR OF YUKON," A Canadian Gold Mining Story. Opening Chapters of a New Welsh Novel: "THE WAY OF THE TRANS. GRESSOR." This will be One of the Best Special Christmas Numbers ever Published in Wales. ORDER EARLY FROM YOUR NEWS- AGENT. PRICE ONE PENNY. pWLLCOCH NURSERY, CARDIFF. STEPHEN TRESEDER Has a large quantity of STANDARD and DWARF ROSES, the beat sorts in cultivation. Also a large stock of strong LARCH, SCOTCH, QUICKS, and other FOREST TREES; a large quantity of SHRUBS, recently transplanted. FRUIT TREES OF ALL KINDS, true to name. Catalogue on application. 2582 4 MARVELLOUS REMEDY. DASMAIL'S WORLD-FAMED SPECIFIC, he Only Safe and Effective Remedy on Earth. Before ordering elsewhere do not fail to send stamped addref.fwd envelope for particnlars and prices, and then judge for yourselves. Mrs W. S. H., of Cardiff, writes —This is the THIRD OCCASION on which I have used your speciality with success, and shall always be pleased to recommend it to my friends." 2638 A. DASMAIL (Specialist of 30 years' experience), 16372 Box 394, Langdale Honse, Walthamstow, London. A. E. PRICE, 8, PARK HALL BUILDINGS, NURSERYMAN. SEEDSMAN, FLORIST AND FRUITERER. Wreaths, Crosses, Bridn1 Bouquets, and Presentation Baskets a speciality. First Prizes at recent Shows taken by bo i jupts, &c., made by A. Price. Growing Ferns in poL, 15 for 2s 6d. Best quality Tobacco Paper, Is per ROSS'S™ ROYAL JgELFAST i3 AERATFD & j^/JT'INERAL'TATERS JJtJL w AND LIME JUICE CORDIAL May be obtained in any Port in the United Kingdom from the leading Ship Store Dealers. ——— 1768 W. A. ROSS & SONS, LTD., BELFAST. THE SCHOLASTIC TRADING CO. LTD. 7, ST. JOHN S-SQUARE, CARDIFF. PRIVATE XMAS BOOK OF SPECIMENS, NOW READY. DIARIES AND CALENDARS FOR 1593. WE ST W A YD HO." BY KINGSLEY. Is 9d CAM. SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL BOOKS FOR THE SCIENCE CLASSES KEPT IN STOCK. MATHEMATICAL INSTRUMENTS. Drawing Paper, Rubber, Leads, India Ink, &e. INDIAN CLUBS AND DUMB-BELLS. SHORTHAND BOOKS AND PENCILS. 1718 16319 ——— 335e 7, ST, JOHN'S-SQUARE. POSTAL DELIVERY IJ OF THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS The Proprietors of the SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS beg to announce that by a special concession of the Postal Authorities they are enabled to despatch their First Edition each morning by the Mails leaving Cardiff at 2.30 a.m. and 3.45 a.m. Country subscribers residing within the limits of GLAMORGANSHIRE, CARMARTHENSHIRE. PEMBROKESHIRE, CARDIGANSHIRE. As well as those portions of IjllECONSHIRE and MONMOUTHSHIRE comprised within the Tredegar and Rhymnev Vallev Postal Districts, may now have the SOUTH WALF.B DAILY NEWS delivered at I'lca' residences daily by the same post as that whicn conveys their London letters London and West of England subscribers receive their papers on the forenoon of publication The THIRD EMTION of the SOUTH WALES NEWS is forwarded (prepaid) to residents of the following and all other places within the l' oaraia Postal Districtin time forthe first morning de.ivery St. Fagan's Sully I Michaelstone-le- Pencoed Courtyralla "r;1^ S Brides-sup.-Ely Dinas Powis MTM1 St. Nicholas Cadoxton Marshlield Bonvilstone Barry Penarth Peterstone Caerphilly Llaudough Llandaff Bedwas L isvane Radyr Ystrad Mynach Llaanshen Morganstown Pwllypant I vyhitehurcli MelhiGriffith St. Mellon's Talis Well Pentvrrh Cefn Mably Tongwyrilai? St. Andrews, W'ln'tTree'Bgde PER QUARTEK, POST-FREE 0 9 9 PER HALF-YKAR 0 19 6 PER YEAR 1 19 0 SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS OFFICES, Saint Mary-treset, Cardiff. bíppíng tlotirt5. /CARDIFF AND BORDEAUX. /CTjfirVXJ The CARDIFF STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S FIRST-CLASS SCREW STEAMERS wiil sail as follows, circum- stances permitting :— DORDOGNE .Cardiff for Bordeaux Dec. 9 ELY Bordeaux for Cardiff.Dec. 6 With goods and passengers. For Rates of Freight, &c., apply to Mr A. G. Todd, Agent, 31, Quai des Chartrous, Bordeaux and to W. R. CORFIELD, Telegraphic address, Exchange, Cardiff. « Welcombe." National Telephone, No. 154. 10 1 IDs; Return. £4. CUNAltD LINE. FIVE AND A THIRD DAY PASSAGES. ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS I FROM LIVERPOOL VIA QUEENSTOWN. Fop. NEW YORK. FOll BOSTON. LUCANIA .Sat.. Dec. 11 CEPHALONIA .Dec. S ETRURIA .Sat. Dec. 18 CATALONIA .Th.,Dee. 16 AURANIA .Sat., Dec. 25 SYLVANIA.Th., Dec. 23 SUPERIOR ACCOMMODATION at moderate fares tor FHiST and SECOND Class Passengers; also through to CHINA, JAPAN, NEW ZEALAND, and AUSTRALIA. Steerage Passengers to all parts of America and Canada at low rates those by Boston steamers booked to New York without extra charge. THE CUNARD STEAMSHIP COMPANY, LIMITED. 8, Water-street, Liverpool; OR TO THEIR AGENTS, Samuel John Davies, 9, Edward-place, Crockherbtown, Cardiff; W. J. Trounce, Bute Docks, Cardiff; Messrs T. C. Howe and Co., Cardiff D. S. Thomas, School- master, Llandovery D. T. Davies, 42, Upper Thomas- street, Merthyr J. Roberts, Pontypridd; W. Han- cock, 2, Downing-street, Llanelly J. S. Lambert, Porth; Joseph A. Williams, 23, Woodlield-st., Morris- ton Mr J. L. Bowen, Llanelly. 1121 /^Vr 4 MERICAN LINE /fcftrths- J\ SOUTHAMPTON—NEW YORK SERVICE. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS SOUTHAMPTON TO NEW YORK DIRECT, EVERY SATURDAY. Highest Class of accommodation for Saloon, Second Cabin Passengers. Steerage outfit free. LIVERPOOL—PHILADELPHIA SERVICE Every WEDNESDAY. LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA, Calling at Queenstown every Thursday. Steerage outfit free. Passengers and Goods are landed at Philadelphia on the Wharf of the Penni- sylvania Railroad, which has the Shortest and most Direct Route to all places in the Western States. 1016 Apply to Ricnardson, Spencer & Co., Southampton or Liverpool; or to S. J. Davies, 9, Edward-pl., Queen- street; W. J. Trounce, Bute Docks C. J. Cudlipp, Castle-road, Cardiff; Mason and Co., 2, Mount-st., Swansea; Austin and Silcocks, Swan sea T. H. Austin, Neath-road, Landore D. S. Thomas, British School, Llandovery W. Hancock, Downing-st., & J. L. Bowen, Lakefteld, Llanelly H. Lewis, Bridge-st., Neath; W. Milton Locke, 3, Commercial-street, New- port, Mon. D. L. Jones, 23, Villiers-st., Briton Ferry; J. Roberts, Pontypridd; D. T. Davies, 43, Upper Thomas-street, Merthyr Rhys Roberts, 92, Wood- field-street, Morriston M. D. Price, 54, High-street, Ferndale A Tilney, Steam Saw Mills, Abertillery; W. Edwards, Blaina A Davies, 14, Merchant-street Pontlottyn D. W. Hughes, Post-oflice, Tredegar; J D. Thomas, Seven Sisters, Neath. pALGRAVE, MURPHY, A co.'s LINE OFCSTEAMERS. *umJW SWANSEA TO HAMBURG. CITY OF CADIZ .Captain Connor CITY OF DOhiTMUND Captain Codd CITY OF OPORTO.Captain Hoare One of the above or other steamers of the same line is intended to leave Swansea for Hamburg every Ten Days. For Freights, &c., apply to the owners, Palgrave, Murphy and Co., 17, Eden Quay, Dublin, or to the Agents, BURGESS & CO., Swansea. Agent at Hamburg—D. FUHRMANN. 2586 .& GOLD IÇANADA. KLONDYKE. All who desire information respecting KLONDYKE and the GOLDFIELDS of ONTARIO and BRITISH COLUMBIA should write to ALLAN BROS. & CO., 19, JAMES-STREET, LIVER- POOL, for their Maps and Leaflets regarding the above and the AGRICULTURAL RESOURCES OF CANADA, which are sent FREE. 16156 1190 y ONDON TO CARDIFF & SWANSEA. WEEKLY SAILINGS. The London and South Wales Steamers are in- tended to Sail every THURSDAY from London (Kine and Queen Wharf, Rotherhithe, S.E.(, carrying Goodi only for CARDIFF and SWANSEA, as follows :— Fitzwilliam ss,London to Cardif f& Swansea. Dec. 2 Hugill ss, „ „ » Dec. 9 For further particulars apply to Matthews and Luff, Sussex House, 52, Leadenhall-street, London, E.C.: F. H. Tucker and Co., Swansea; or Matthews and Luff, Vienna Chambers, Cardiff. 1145 ITY OF CORK STEAM PACKET CO., VJ LTD.—CORK, NEWPORT, and CARDIFF.— WEEKLY SAILINGS. From CORK every MONDAY, From NEWPORT every TUESDAY, From CARDIFF every WEDNESDAY, Carrying goods at through rates to Limerick. Tra!e Mallow, and other places in South of Ireland. Passenger fares between Newport, Cardiff, and CorkCabin, 178 6d; Deck, 10s. Return Cabin, 25s, available for two months, to return from Cork to Newport, Cardiff, Southampton, Plymouth, or Liver- pool. For rates of freight and other particulars apply to the Agents, .Tames Maddock, 109, Dock-street, New- port, Mon.; E. C. Downing, Bute Docks, Cardiff; or to the City of Cork Steam Packet Co., Ltd., Cork. 2842 p. R E E D M A N AND THE LEADING HOUSE FURNISHERS, And teU him wha.t kind of house yoa would like furnished, and. the most money you can conveniently spare, and he will arrange to FURNISH YOUR HOUSE WITH GOODS ON GRADUAL EASY PURCHASE SYSTEM AT CASH PRICE. With us your Credit is Good. No Sureties needed. No Inquiries. GENERAL TERMS :— £ 5 to £ 20..from Is 6d Weekly\ Monthly o( £ 25 to £ 50..from 4s Od „ Quarterly £ 75 to £ 100..from 10s Od „ f Payments £ 100 to £ 500..from 20s Od „ j taken. GOODS DELIVERED FREE TO ALL PARTS A Reputation of 50 Years' Standing. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES GRATIS. 1767 ESTIMATES FREE. 382e r. FREEDMAN AND CO. NEWPORT, MON.75 & 76, HIGH-STREET Do.3 & 4, MARKET BUILD INGS, DOCK-ST. SWANSEA 34, HIGH-STREET NEW TREDEGAR..ELLIOTSTOWN. Customers' Railway Fares Refunded. "pHCENIX FIRE OFFICE* 19, LOMARD-STREET, LONDON, E.O. ESTABLISHED 1782. LOWEST CURRENT RATES. LIBERAL AND PROMPT SETTLEMENTS. ASSURED FREE OF ALL LIABILITY. ELECTRIC LIGHTING RULES SUPPLIED. Agents at Cardiff ;— Mr. David Shepherd, 1, Frederick-street; Mr. J. H. Jones, Solicitor, 3, High-street; Mr. Charles E. Stallybrass Mr. D. Williams, Consulate Chambers, Bute Docks; Messrs James and Morgan, Charles-street Chamben CARDIFF BRANCH :— 108, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. 1031 ALEXANDER GOOD Local Secretary. t MSCO VE KY SAVE MONEY AND TIME. Is SAVES JE1. BIG DEMAND. U-ers of INCANDESCENT BURNERS can DO prevent the Breaking, Spliiting, and Blackening a Mantles by UMiig AGN ESIUM- £ < A RBIDE. SOLD IN TUBES AT Is. BY POST, IS IB. SOLJi; AGENTS: JOHN ^TILLIAMS AND SONS. 1224 IRONMONGERS. CARDIFF. 71e "|^ r IJ S S MOST NUTRITIOUS. GRATEFUL. COMFORTING. COCOA BREAKFAST-SUPPER. 1549 LUNG WHEN YOU A K FOR TONIO LUNG jfWBRIDGE'S TONIC LUNG u T UNG mONIC TONIO LUNG g J X TONIC gggg BK .WM YOU GET it, Kig LUNG jT NEVER FAILS. LUNG „ TONIC LUNG Established 23 fears. TONIC LUNG HAVE YOU A COUGH ? ™NIC LUNG a DOSE WILL RELIEVE IT. LUNG IONIC LUNG HAVE YOU A COLD? TONIC LUNG A DOSE AT BEDTIME WILL TONIC LUNG REMOVE rr. TONIC I-'UNG Trv it also for TONIC ^UNG WHOOPING COUGH, for ASTHMA, for BRONCHITIS, £ £ £ £ LUNG fOT TONIC LUNG TONIC LUNG For outw:1.rd application, instead of XQJJIC LUNG n \v r, 7 r- -mnv TONIC LUNG BRIDGE S i.MBKOC ^IION, TONIC *.t is mitcli ino*u effective, TONIC LUNG and less troublesome. TONIC LUNG ——— TONIC LUNG TONIC LUNG I procured a small bottle of TONIC LUNG your Lung Tonic, and was com- TONIC LUNG plctely cured before had taken TONIC LUNG the wholo of it. WM. BLAKKLEY, TONIC LUNG Theatre Royal, Hull. TONIC LUNG My youngest daughter was TONIC LUNG cured of a very heavy cold before TONIC LUNG she had taken the second bottle, TONIC LUNG when in a weak state, and has been TONIC LUNG stronger ever since. All my family TONIC LUNG use it now with great benefit when TONIC LUNG they have colds," — E. EVANS, TONIC LUNG Chapel House, Abormule. TONIC LUNG TONIC LUNG Prepared by W. T. OWBRIDGE, TONIC LUNG Chemist, Hull. Sold everywhere, in TONiy LUNG Bottles, at Is lHd, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and TONiU LUNG lis. 13711 1103 TONIO mHE CADOXTON AND BARRY J BILL-POSTING COMPANY (LIMITED). VERE-STREET, CADOXTON-BARR1- Secretarv, MICHAEL. DAVIES.. fclt- Besi "Positions and Largest Connoction in District. u#l