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fluMw Comfrattws, &C. A Home industrial business, with present sales and trade contracts, according to the Report of Messrs Izard and Izard, below set forth, for the supply of Maypole Soap, at the rate of over eight million tablets per annum, which should yield profits equal to 227,058 per annum, with the prospect in the immediate future of much larger returns. Application for 50,000 Shares have been received or guaranteed. THE MAYPOLE COMPANY, -t. LIMITED (whole world rights), as below mentioned. Incorporated under the Companies Acts, 1862 to 1993. CAPITAL, £ 200,000, di7ided into 50,000 B7 per cent. Cumulative Prefer. ence Shares of Cl each (Preferential as to Capital and Dividends), and 150,000 Ordinary Shares of £1 each, for both of which Subscriptions are now invited. The Vendors stipulate foi the right to call for an allotment of not less than one-third of the entire issue -of each class of Shares, being the largest amount allewed by the rules of thr, Stock Exchange. The Shares are payable as follows 2s 6d on application 7s 6d on allotment and the balance, when required, in calls of not more than 5s at intervals of one month. It is proposed to pay the interest on the Preference Shares half-yearly. The Articles of Association provide that no Debentures shall be created without the consent of the majority of the holders of Preference Shares present at a meeting specially convened for the purpose of obtaining such sanction. DIRECTORS. V. M. HOLT-BEEVBR (Chairman Maypole Soap Syndicate, Limited, 67, Eaton-terrace, London, S.W. EBNEST C. BUSS (Director of Mellin's Food, Limi. ted), Marlboro' Works, Peckham, London, S.E. GEORGE GRAY (Director Clarke, Nickolls, and Coombs, Limited), Firwood Bury, Tunbridge Wells. ft. O. JOHNSON (Fassett and Johnson, British Depot for Sapolio, Snow-hill, E.C.). ARTHUR H. DEAKIN (Managin? Director Maypole Soap Syndicate, Limited), 98 and 99, High Holborn, London, W.C. bankers. The CRY BANK, LIMITED, Threadneedle-street, London, E.C. Holborn Circus and other branches. The LONDON AND SOUTH WESTERN BANK, LIMITED, Bloomsbury, London, W.C., and other branches. SOLICITORS. DE MORTIMER McLNTOSH, 59 and 60, Chancery. lane, London. W.C. B. B SIMEON. 80, Chancery-lane, London, W.C. AUDITORS—MELLORS, BISDEN, and CO., Char. tered Accountants, 33, St. Swithin's-lane, London, B.C. SECRETARY (pro tem.).—E. E. MURRAY. REGISTERED OFFICES.—93 and 99, High Holborn, London, W.C. ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS. This Company is formed to acquire, work, and ex- tend, both at home and abroad, the successful and valuable business and rights of Ma.ypole Soap, and provide adequate working capital to cope with its marvellous growth. Maypole Soap may be said to be unique, and ts a proved success, it being a greater novelty than the majority of Soaps upon the market. It not only washes and thoroughly (-Ieanses the fabric, but also simultaneously and permanently dyes the same almost any desired colour or tint. The word Maypole" has been registered as part of trade mark, or applied for in nearly every civilised eountry, both in respect of Soap and other kindred Articles, and is daily becoming more valuable, and bids fair to be soon world renowned. Maypole Soap was practically only put upon the ■arket in January last, the advertising, which has been on a moderate scale, commencing towards the end of that month the result has been a phenomenal and striking success, the demand largely increasing month by month, showing already upon present Sales and Contracts (as per Messrs Izard and Izard's Report) profits at the rate of no less than £ 27,058 per annum, without allowing for any increased sale, and this Wonld be sufficient to pay dividends on 50,000 Cumulative Preference Shares at 7 per cent £5,500 160,000 Ordinary Shares at 12 per cent. £18,000 Rel,500 waving £5,558 as a margin for Administration Ex- penses, Reserves, etc., &c. jyjAYPOLE SOAP, J^JAYPOLE SOAP, MAYPOLE SOAP. Messrs Mellors, Basden and Co., Chartered Accoun- tants, of St. Swithin's Lane, E. C., in their report state Having examined your Books for the nine months ing September 30tli, 1896, we and that the sales of Maypole Soap in the United Kingdom and the Colonies daring that period have been as follows :— 1896. 1896. I January 1,122 doz. April 6,072 doz. February 3,312.. May. 10,953 „ March 5.893 June 12,483 „ 1st Quarter 10,327 doz. 2nd Quarter 29,508 doz. 1896. July 16,783 doz. August 17,632 „ September., 24,627 „ 3rd Qaarter 59,042 doz. Mr Athelstan Dangerfleld, Chartered Accountant, 1:1 and 18, BasinghaJl-street, London, E.C., in his I report states as follows on the American and Foreign Tmde The Sole Consignees thereby appointed for their respective countries agree to purchase stipulated laantities of Maypole Soap (in some cases on a '«r*«es8ive scale). The minimum quantities specified km the Contracts already entered into will, when the Contracts are fully operative, amount to 6,990 dozen yer week. The Contracts are for periods of five or ten years, •ad contain varying conditions as to their prior Jerermination or extension. With reference to the combined Profits of the Home, Colonial, and Foreign Trade. Messrs Izard and Izard, I 8f 52. Gracechurch-street, E.C., Trade Accountants tfund Valuers to the Grocery and Drysaltery Trade, in their report state We find after providing ample margin for advertis- tog, depreciation of patents, reserves and all working md other expenses, except Directors' fees, that the .profits upon- The Home and Colonial Trade, J as per September last. 6,156 doz. per week. 4 'HThe American and Foreign Trade (as per Contracts) 6,990 doz. per week. ) Total 13,146 doz. per week. should be equal, on the basis of the past advertising expenditure and the terms of the above-mentioned contracts, to a net profit of En-,058 per annum. Wo also find that upwards ef 50 per cent, of the 1 present orders are repeat orders, and that the trade is an the increase. j Taking, therefore, the net profits as per the fore- going certificate at £ 27,058 per annum (sufficient to j pay the Preference Dividend nearly eight times over), and without making allowance for any increase, I although the Colonial and Foreign Trade is quite in its Infancy, the directors have every reason to believe that the profits will be amply sufficient to pay the J above-mentioned dividends of 7 per cent. on the Pre- ference Shares and 12 per cent, on the Ordinary Shares < while a further large increase in the present rapid ] growth of the business is anticipated forthwith, owing j Jo the fact that since the above results were obtained, Maypole Soap, which has hitherto only been recom- I Bended for dyeing Silk, Satin, and Cotton Goods, Ac., tit now made to dye Wool, or Mixtures of Cotton and J Wool. JlT A YPOLE SOAP, T%T AYPOLE SOAP, ? MAYPOLE SOAP. « Ample provision has been made for a sufficiency of 1 Working capital—50,000 Shares being available for this I purpose. The Directors propose, on the closing of the | lists, immediately to proceed to allotment, applica- tions for 50,000 Shares having been received or guaranteed. The Vendors are the Promoters, there being no in. termediate profit, and all the preliminary expenses up to and including Allotment will be paid by them. • The purchase price has been fixed by the Vendors at £ 150,000, payable in Cash or Shares, Preference or Ordinary, at the option of the Directors. subject to the right of the Vendors to call for one-third of the entire issue of each class of Shares the Vendors are, however, willing to accept the whole of the purchase consideration in Shares if required. For Contracts see full Prospectus. Application will be made to the Compoittee of the I Stock Exchange for a. settlement and quotation in the | muuiai 11". | Where no allotment is made the deposit will be at once returned in full, and where a less number of i Shares is allotted than that applied for the balance j Will be credited in reduction of' the amount due on j allotment. j Applications may be made on the form below and j forwarded to the Bankers or Secretary of the Company, | together with a deposit of 2s 6d per share. The contract for sale, and copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and the reports may be j lien at the offices of.the Company. 4 4th December, 1896. I THE MAYPOLE COMPANY, LIMITED, a Form of Application for Shares. 1 JW the Directors of A THE MAYPOLE COMPANY, LIMITED. | i 93 and 99, High Holborn, London, W.C. i§ Gentlemen, 1 JW the Directors of A THE MAYPOLE COMPANY, LIMITED. | i 93 and 99, High Holborn, London, W.C. i§ Gentlemen, I Having paid to the Company's Banker! The I City Bank, Limited, the sum of £ being a j deposit of 2s 6d per Share on Shares of £ 1 I aach in the above-named Company, I request you to ■J allot me that number of Shares, and I agree to accept I fee same or any smaller number that may be allotted la me, subject to the Memorandum and Articles of 1 Association, and npon the terms of the Company's *j Prospectus dated the 4th day of December, 1896; and J I authorise you to place my name on the Register ef i Members in respect of the Shares so allotted to me, 1 and I agree to pay the further instalments upon such 1 ftllott ea Shares as the same shall become due, as t required by the said Prospectus. In the event of my 1 aot receiving an allotment, the amount to be returned j to full. r; (Please write plainly.) 2 Nsme in fun. 1 Address » Dfteription [ Date J (Signature) 3 An Cheques to be made payable to the City Brink, Limited, Holborn Circus, London, E.C. 5686 *State here whether Preference or Ordinary. ? 1) 1 N N E F 0 MAGNESIA. E The Best Remedy for B ACIDITlf ef the STOMACH, HEARTBURN, I GOUT, and HEADACHE, | INDIGESTION, And safest Aperient for Delicate Constitutions, Ladles, Children, and Infants DINNEFORID 7s 16817 1288 MAGNESIA. gTON E gROS,, Sons of the late Aid. Gains Augustus Stone), COMPI KTR FUNERAL FURNISHERS AND FUN ERA). DIRKCT* RS Every requisite for Funerals of all classes. Proprietors of Funeral Cars, .Hearsea, Sbilli- biers, and Coaches. Superb Flemish Horses, Ac. Price loist on Application. Please Note the Op'y Address:- 5, WORKING-STREET Telegraphic Address "STONE BROS., CARDIFF.' 1410 gHOOTING JJOOTS, JpOOTBALL BOOTS, EVENING SHOES BEDWELLTY HOUSE, 78. QUEEN-STREET. CARDIFF. 4496 ONE BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS is warranted to cure Gravel, Pains in the Back, aad all kindred complaints. Guaranteed free from ry. Sold in Boxes 8 6d each, by all Chemists I aad Patent Medicine Vendors throughout tneworta otsent to any address lor sixty stamps bytto MaJters geLfawln and Midland Coaatios Drag Cojh^mjt I "IF fnblit Compaitbs, &r. The LIST will OPEN TO MORROW (THURSDAY), the 10th insi., and CLOSE on or before FRIDAY EVENING; the 11th inst., for TOWN and COUNTRY. TH "EVENING NEWS," LIMITED. (Incorporated under the Companies Acts, 1863 to 1893.) CAPITAL, £ 250,000, Divided into 25,000 Five per Cent. Cumulative Pre- ference Shares of 25 each and 125,000 Ordinary Shares of Rl each (the whole of which latter are taken by the Vendors). ISSUE OF 25,000 FIVE PER CENT. CUMULATIVE PREFERENCE SHARES OF B5 EACH. The Preference Shares will be entitled to a fixed Cumulative Preferential Dividend of 5 per cent. per annum, payable half-yearly, and will rank as to capital in priority to the Ordinary Shares. The books will be made up to the 31st August in each year, the first interim dividend will be payable on the 1st day of June, 1897, and will be calculated from the dates of payment. The Shares will be payable as follows10s per Share on Application, £ 2 per Share on Allotment, and £ 2 10s per Share on 1st February, 1897. The Articles of Association provide that no Deben- tures can be created without the consent of three. fourths majority of the holders of Preference Shares present in person or by proxy at a meeting specially summoned for the purpose. DIRECTORS. ALFRED C. HARMS WORTH.. HAROLD S. HARMS WORTH. 1 Directors or Share- CECIL B. HA RMS WORTH. I V, KENNEDY JONES (Managing! v»ndo1 Coin- Director). J pany. Director). J pany. JOHN HOOD LINGARD, Managet, Daily MaiL" BANKERS.—Messrs COUTTS and CO., 59, Strand, W.C. SOLICITORS.—Messrs NICHOLSON, GRAHAM and GRAHAM, 24, Coleman-street, London, E.C. AUDITORS.—Messrs DELOITTE, DEVER, GRIF. FITHS and CO., 4, Lothbury, London, E.C. BROKERS.—Messrs JAMES CAPEL and CO., 31, Throginorton-street, E.C. SECRETARY AND OFFICES.—Mr J. COWLEY, 32, Carmelite-street, London. E.C. PROSPECTUS. The Company is formed for the purpose of purchasing and carrying on the well-known and highly successful Evening Nemspaper the Evening News." The Evening News was first published in the year 1831, and a large sum of money. exceeding (it is believed) 2180,000, was expended by the original and subsequent owners in the establishment of it. In the voar 1894 Mr Alfred Harms worth with others purchased the "Evening News" from the then pro- prietors at the time of purchase the paper had acquired a large circulation, and by the energy dis. played in the management since it has become the most largely circulated of any Evening Newspaper and one of the most successful Newspapers published in the United Kingdom. The net sales of the paper, after deducting returns, for the first year of the Vendors' ownership was 40,532,000, for the second year it was 51,358,000 copies, and the sales for the months of September, October, and November, the first months of the third year, show an increase of 327,125 copies over the corresponding period of last year. The Company will acquite the leasehold premises in Whitefriars-street, the goodwill of the Newspaper, the complete and extensive printing plant employed in the production of it ia plant which is claimed to be the most modern and complete of its character in the United Kingdom), and the stock and book debts of the Vendor Company as on the 1st September, 1896. The business will be taken over as a going concern as from the 1st September, 1295, the Company paying intorest at 5 per cent. per annum upon the purchase money from that date until the ompletion of the purchase. The purchase will include the stock of paper, book debts, and other commercial assets at las September last. It is considered that a sufficient working capital will thereby be provided, but, in view of the increasing circulation, a sum of £10,000 will be provided out of this issue for meeting the requirements of the further extension of the business. The newspaper will be conducted under the present management, which has proved so successful. It is univeis illy known that an established Daily Newspaper, with a large and increasing circulation, constitutes one of the safest and most lucrative invest- ments in the commercial world. The books of the Vendor Company have been audited from the commencement of its operations, namely, the 1st day of September, 1894, by Messrs Deloitte, Dever, Griffiths and Co., and they have given the following certificate 4, Lothbury, London, E.C., 10th November, 1896. To the Directors of the Evening News," Limited. We have acted as Auditors of the Evening News for some time nast, and have regularly prepared the Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss Accounts, and we beg to certify that, during the two years' ownership of the Paper by you the profits have been as under For the year ending 31st August 1895 1:14,018 0 0 „ to 1896. 225 357 0 0 These profits are arrived at after providing for depreciation of Plant and Machinery, but before charging Interest, Income Tax, or Directors' Fees. The net sales of the Paper, after deducting returns, were 40,532,000 copies in the first year, and 51.358,000 copies in the second year. DELOITTE, DEVER, GRIFFITHS & Co., Chartered Accountants. The above figures show that the profits have amounted during the last financial year to £ 25,357, thus being more than four times the amount required to pay the Preference Dividend. The Preference Shares now offered for subscription are Cumulative as to Dividend and Preferential as to Capital, and it is provided by the Articles of Associa- tion that no Debentures or Debenture Stock can be created without the consent of a three-fourths majority of the holders present in person or by proxy at a meeting specially summoned. The Preference Shares will theiefore practically be a first charge upon one of the most successful and progressive Newspaper businesses in the United Kingdom. The holders of Preference Shares will not be entitled to vote at General Meetings of the Company unless the Preference Dividend shall not have been paid, or unless a matter directly affecting their interests as against any other claes of Shareholders or in respect of any proposed Debenture issue be under discussion. Mr Kennedy Jones will continue to act as Editor and Managing Director for eight years from the incorporation of the Company without remuneration, he being satisfied with the profit anticipated to be received by him as a. large holder of Ordinary Shares. The other Directors have also agreed to act without remuneration. The purchase price has been fixed by the present Owners of the business, who are the only Promoters, at 2240,000, of which Z115,000 will be paid in cash, and the balance by the allotment of the whole of the Ordinary Shares credited as fully paid up. The following Contracts have been entered into, dated 8th December, 1896 (1.) Between The Even- ing News," Limited (the old Company), and Harold S. Hamsworth, its Liquidator, of the one part and The Evening News," Limited, of the other part. (2.) Between Kennedy Jones of the one part and The Evening News," Limited, of the other part. The Company acquires the benefit of the existing Contracts entered into by the Vendor Company in the ordinary course of its business, which are too numerous to specify. Subscribers will therefore be deemed fo waive the insertion of the dates aud names of parties to such Contracts and any further compliance with Section 38 of the Companies Act, 1867, than herein appearing, and applications for Shares will only be entertained on that footing. The Vendor Company (which is the only Promoter) will pay all expenses relating to the formation of the Company up to the allotment of Preference Shares, and accordingly has entered into arrangements or con. tracts with various persons, and the waiver mentioned in the last clause must be deemed to apply to such arrangements and contracts. Copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Associa- tion of the Company, the above-mentioned Contract, and the Auditors Certificate may be seen at the Offices of the Solicitors of the Company. Application will in due course be made to the Corn. mittee of the Stock Exchange to grant a settlement and quotation. Applications for Shares should be made on the Form below, or that accompanying the Prospectus; and forwarded to the Company's Bankers, together with a remittance for the amount payable on applica- tion. Cheques should be made payable to Messrs Coutts and Co. If the number of Shares allotted be less than that applied for the surplus will be credited towards the amount payable on allotment. When no allotment is made the deposit will be returned in full. A separate cheque must accompany each application. Prospectuses and Forms of Application may be obtained from the Bankers, Solicitors, and Brokers, and at the Offices of the Company. Dated 8th December, 1896. i Separate Cheques must accompany each Application. This Application Form may be used. THE h EVENING NEWS," LIMITED. JL Issue of 25,000 5 per Cent. Cumulative Prefer- ence Shares of £ 5— £ 125,000. To the Directors of the EVENING NEWS," LIMITED. GFNTLEMEN,—Havingpaid to the Company's Bankers the sum of being the deposit due on application for Preference Shares, I hereby request you to allot me the same, and I hereby agree to accept the same, or any less amount allotted to me, and I agree to pay the instalments thereon as required in the terms of the Prospectus, and I authorise you to place my name on the Register in respect of such Shares, and I agree with the Com- pany, as Trustee for the Directors and other persons liable, to waive any claims I may have against them for not more fully complying with Section 38 of the Companies Act, 1867, than in the statements con. tained in such Prospectus. In the event of my receiving no allotment, the amount to be returned in full. Name (in full} Description «. -w. ¡,. Date _<w. 1896. All Cheques to be made'payable to Coutts and Co. 7 This Form must be sent, with remittance, to the Company's Bankers, Coutts and Co., 59, Strand, London, W.C. Separate Cheques must accompany each Application. The Leading Advertising Agents in the West. —Vide Press Notices. TONES B ROS. Quote LOWEST POSSIBLE JONES BROS. PRICES for JONES BROS. BEST POSSIBLE JONES JJROS. M1^A* AU Inquiries Answered 39. Per Botura, or PERSONAL VISIT QUEEN'S-BOAD, Made to Intending ADVERTISERS CLIFTON, PRBE OF CHARGE RISTOL, without regard to distance. Pamphlet on Practical A-drerti,.Ing"forwar(led on receipt of Post Card. 57111 TELEPHONE 459. TELEGRAMS ELLOC, CARDT". ESTABLISHED 1807. GEORGE COLLE, TAILOR AND BREECHES MAKER, LADIES' TAILOR, 7, DUKE-STREET, and 4, HIGH. STREET, CARDIFF. CIVIL AND MILITARY UNIFORMS. RIDING HABITS AND COSTUMES. Patronized by the Late H.B.H. THE DUKE OF CLARENCE AND AVONDALE. 1410 THE DE REES BILL-POSTING AND ADVERTISING COMPANY, LIMITED, PROPRIETORS of 150 of the LARGEST STATIONS) NEWPORT. PONTYPOOL. RISCA, EASTERN and WESTERN VALLEYS. .« TERMS ON APPLICATION. M COMMKRCIAIrSTREET,NEWPORT. 1000 r public Companies, &t. The SUBSCRIPTION LIST OPENED on MONDAY last at 10 a..m and will CLOSE THIS DAY (WED- NESDAY) for town and country. THE RAGLAN CYCLE AND ANTI- JL FRICTION BALL COMPANY, LIMITED (amalgamation of Taylor, Cooper and Bednell, Limited, and the Anti-Friction Ball Company, Limited) (incor- porated under the Companies' Acts, 1862 to 1893). CAPITAL, 1;120,000. divided into 120,000 Shares of £1 each. Payable 2s 6d per Share on Application. „ 78 6d „ on Allotment. it 10s Od n One Month after Allotment. £1 Os Od DEBENTURE ISSUE, :050,COO. divided into 500 First Mortgage Debentures of £ 100 each, bearing interest at the rate of 5 per cent., redeemable at £ 105 on the 31st December, 1906, or earlier at the option of the Company on six months' notice. Payable £ ?5 on application, E25 on allotment, and the balance one month after allotment. DIRECTORS. The RIGHT HON. LORD KINGSALE, Stoketon, Saltash, Chairman. RICHARD G. EVERED, Solihull, Director of Evered and Co Limited. G. J. EVESON, Wootton Hall, Warwickshire, Director of Reliance Tube Co., Limited. •CHARLES D. TURRALL (Taylor, Cooper, and Bednell, Limited, and the Anti-Friction Ball Company, Limited), Managing Director. .GEORGE TAYLOR (Taylor, Cooper, a.nd Bednell, Limited, and the Anti-Friction Ball Company, Limited). *ALFRED BEDNELL (Taylor, Cooper, and Bednell, Limited). *Will join the Board after Allotment. BANKERS.—LLOYDS :BANK, LIMITED. Birmingham, Coventry, London, and its Branches. SOLICITORS.-F. H. PEPPER and TANGYE, Bir- n n. mingham and London. AUDITORS-KING-PATTEN, PALK &CO., Chartered Accountants, Birmingham. SECRETARY—F. A. BULLOCK. REGISTERED OFFICES (pro. tem.)—105, COLMORE- ROW, BIRMINGHAM. WORKS. 1. RAGLAN WORKS, RAGLAN STREET, I 3. ANTI-FUICTION WORKS; CAN- | 2. VINE-STREET, COVENTRY, 3. ANTI-FUICTION WORKS; CAN- | TERBURY-STREET, J ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS. This Company has been formed for the purpose of acquiriug as going concerns and amalgamating the two well-known and successful businesses of Taylor, Cooper and Bednell, Limited, of Coventry, and 33, Holborn Viaduct, London, Cycle Manufacturers, and the Anti. Friction Ball Company, Limited, of Coventry, Manu- facturers of Steel Balls for Cycles, Pedals, Nipples, aud other accessories. Taylor, Cooper and Bednell, Limited, founded in 18S9, has acquired a wide reputation as the manufac- turers of the Raglan Cycles, which have achieved very great success on and road, including, among many other prizes, in one year the World Champion- ships for one and five miles, and the mile championship of the London Centre. The one mile Tandem Cham- pionship of the World was also won on a Raglan Tandem. The Anti-friction Ball Company, Limited, was established in 1890 for the manufacture by automatic machinery (the invention of Mr Taylor) of Balls for Bearings, and also of Pedals and other Cycle Parts and Accessories. The Customers of this Company include nearly every cycle firm of importance. The books of both firms have been audited for some years by Messrs King-Patten, Palk and Co., and the accounts have been independently examined on behalf of the Directors by Messrs Gibson and Ashford, Chartered Accountants, Birmingham, who report as follows:— To the Directors of the Raglan Cycle and Anti-friction Ball Comp i ny, Limited. 3S. Waterloo-street. Birminirham. 1st December, 1896. Dear Sirs,—In accordance with your instructions, we 'have examined the books of Taylor, Cooper and Bednell, Limited, and of the Anti-frirfion Bail Com- pany, Limited, and we certify that the profits of the two concerns for the year ended the 27th August. 1896, subject to the payment of remuneration to Directors and Managing Directors, amounted to E23,408 17s 2d. In arriving at the above figure, adequate provision has in our opinion been made for depreciation. "Sours truly, GIBSON & ASHFORD, Chartered Accountants. Without allowing for the anticipated increase of profit, resulting from the increased turnover and better prices, and the introduction of the additional working capital, the profits for the past year work out as follows :— £ 50,0C0 Debentures—5 percent. £ 2,500 £ 120,000 Ordinary Shares, say 10 per cent. £ 12,900 Total 214, leaving a balance of B8,908 17s 2d available for increased dividend, reserve fund, Managing and other Directors' remuneration, etc. The Directors and their friends are subscribing for 65,000 Shares and £ 25,000 Debentures, and they also reserve the right to allot a fair proportion of the 1 balance to the Company's customers and agents, but' otherwise a pro rata allotment will be made as far as practicable. Birmingham, 2nd December, 1896. APPLICATION FORM FOR SHARES. The Raglan Cycle and Anti-friction Ball Company, Limited; Issue of 120,000 Ordinary Shares of £ 1 each: £ 120,000. To the Directors of the Raglan Cycle and Anti-friction Ball Company, Limited. Gentlemen,-Having paid to the Company's Bankers the sum of S. being a deposit of per zhare due on application for shares. I hereby request you to allot me the same, and I hereby agree to accept the same, or any less number allotted to me, and'I agree to pay-the instalments thereon, as required in the terms of the prospectus and I authorise you to place my name on the register in respect of such shares, and I declare that I waive any,fuller compliance with Section 38 of the Companies' Act, 1867, or other- wise, than that contained in such prospectus. In the event of my receiving no allotment the amount to be returned in full. Ordinary Signature „ Name (in full); r. (Mr, Mrs, or Miss); Description Address w. 5710 Dated this day of i896 ""1, JMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT IR1..A Jp E W A Y Sv. ..Iiiiiíi ( R W HITWORTH it (i. L n S. íï OVtltddAirs FOR MEN, 18/6 TO 45/- 0VE&COATS FOR YOUTHSJ 8/11 TC 25/6 I- QVERCOAT3 FeR Borst 6/11 TO 21/- i MASTERS & CO.. 29, 30, ST. MARIT-STRS 4T 292, BUmSTRER*, i, QUEEN-STREET I (CorBu of Shi John'«*8q«ar#)r ALSO At SWANSEA, NEWPORT, i MERTHYR, PONTYPRIDD, HEREFORD, ABERDARE. fONTYPOOIi, ABERGAVENNY, AND ItiANEIiLY. 47e 1227 I ¡ j' flpEETlt*—One Guinea. ■A FIVE rears'warranty. GOODMAN AND CO., U, ttaftB'rtrw? and 66. Otteevskeet, Cardiff, I304M11A- U!íítUss ^.oormas. rpHREE JMPORTANX ANNOUNCEMENTS. -M- B EN JfJVANS & Co., LTD. Q RAND B AZAAR, QPEN JJAILY UNTIL CHRISTMAS. SPECIAL £ JISPLA\ OF JgVENING GOODS, rjl O D A Y, EDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9TH. p RINCIPAL SHOW or WINTER F ASHIONS, AND DISPLAY OF WARM WINTER GOODS IN EVERY SECTION OF THE BUSINESS, T O-DAY, w EDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9TH. JJEN. JQVANS & Co., LTD., SWANSEA, R. BERTELLI'S CATRAMIN PILLS (Globular-shaped Pastilles) FOB 0OUGHS, CATARRH, JNFLUENZA, CONSUMPTION. This celebrated Medicine is strongly recommended for all affections of the Throat and Lungs. It is in- valuable for Singers, Lecturers, and Clergymen. Price, Is l%d and 2s 9d per box. To be obtained of all Chemists and the Wholesale Agents, W. EDWARDS & SON, 5418 157, Queen Victoria-street, London, E.C. QROSSLEY'S "OTTO" QAS AND OIL JgNGINES. SIMPLE AND RELIABLE. ECONOMICAL IN WORKING. OCCUPY SMALL SPACE. ADVANTAGES OBVIOUS. Quotations, Plans, and References"to' UMM in all Trades on Application. CROSSLEY Jg ROTH EES, LIMITED. SOUTH WALES OFFICE: 22, MOUNT STUART-SQUARE c ARDIFF. Telegrams—" OTTO, OABDIFF." Telephono No. 44. 1098 NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS. Contributions sent to the South Wales Daily News should be plainly written in ink, and invariably on one side of the paper. We desire to urge upon our numerous correspondents the value of concise- ness and the desirability of curtailing the length of their communications. It cannot be too clearly understood that brief and pointed letters receive the first attention. All communications intended for insertion must be authenticated by the name ,and address of the write-, not necessarily for publication, but as a guarantee of good faith. No notice will be taken of anonymous letters. Rejected communi- cations will not be returned.

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