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LOCAL MATCHES. CARDIFF v PORTH. • A friendly contest took place between the above- named teams on The Tannery, The following members turned out to do duty for their respective sides :-CarWjf-GoaL J. Sutton backs, J. Moncrief and Dr. Simmington; half-backs, G. Tabener, F. Farthing, aod W. McCreadie forwards. A. Mitchell, 0-. Davies, T. Duncan, G. Webb, and D. J. Thomas. Porth-Goal, G. Green backs, D. Jenkins and J. Ford half-backs, J Lewis, R. Parry, and E. Edwards (capt.) forwards, C Jones, W. Higgins, W. Thomas T. Davies, and W. H. Pieken. Porth won the toss, and, after the kick-off the ball was dribbled well up into the Porth territory, where it remained for some considerable time .Cardiff making some very effective attacks on their opponents' goal. Some good f'bots took place, but owing to the heavy state of the ground the players found great difficulty in keeping their feet. Even- tually the ball was sent down bo the Cardiff quarters, where some good play was seen. Half-time was soon after called, with no score on either side. After half-time Porth seemed to be in their best form, for despite many difficulties they held their own very firmly, and C. Jones scored a goal, which was quickly followed by another, W. Higgins being the man to put it through. From now en the game was of a scrambling nature, and Cardiff were kept, strictly on the defensive until time was 1'.A,n..r1- FJNAL SCORE. GOALS. 1 PORTH «. 2 | CARDIFF -.v. 0 j REMARKS. There is very little to be said for either side, individual play being out of the question. Mention, however, must be matie of Higgins and Jones for the winning lot, while McCreadie and Dr. Simmington were the pick of the Cardiff let. The game could not be classed as an exhibition of the Association game, being as it was far too one-sided. ST MARGARET'S v BROCKWEIR. Played on the St. Margaret's Ground in fine welther. There was a. fair number of spectators present. St. Margaret's kicked off, and play was rushed back into the Saints' quarters, and after a goal-kick and some pretty dribbling by the Rev. Crichton and Bain, the visitors were hard pressed, the Saints having very bad luck in not scoring with the fine kicks of RamsdtJe to back them up. A goal-kick for Brockweir brought relief, and they were playing ha.rd to get past half way when half time was called. The visibors restarted, the ball going to RmnaHalo who sent it to the Rev. Crichton, who, with some splendid dribbling, passed to Williams. The latter with a splendi i shot put on the first goal for bhe Saints. Following the kick-out Ramsdale again sent it to the Rev. Crichton, the ball being passed to Bain and the left wing, Becker, who sent It over to the right wing, Williams, who again put the ball through The visitors again started, only to be driven back. A penalty kick was awarded the Saints, Williams again scoring by the Rev. Crichton. The visitors tried hard to stop the dribbling powers that were beating them back. Tlie homesters were allowed a free kick from a foul, and after some kicking on both sides ended in a corner kick for the homesters. The ball rose wall, and the Rev. Grichbon jumping up in bhe nick of time, headed the ball through. The 'Weirs were fairly beaten, and play was in their quarter when the whistle announced time. FINAL SCORE GOALS. ST. MARGARET'S 4 BROCKWEIR 0 CARDIFF TEACHERS v BARRY DISTRICT. This match, the return, was played on Sophia Gardens Field. Amos started for the Teachers. After a brief visit to the Teachers' territory even play ensued. Good passing between Riden, Davies, and Amos caused the Barry players to defend. Piny was confined to the Barry end for some minnbes, the Teachers forcing a corner and several tioal kicks Barry next had a spell of attacking, and Green, who played centre in the first half, scored with a fine low shot. Restarting, Barry again pressed, and Wilkes saved. The pre-sure on the Teachers' goal continued, but Mercer and Bardsley, at back, defended well. HALF-TIME SCORE GOAL. BARRY DISTRICT 1 | TEACHERS n TEACHERS n Barry District kicked off in the second half, Ashton going into bis usual place, centre forward. Give-and- take play followed. Amos obtaining possession in the centre passed out to the left; Davies centring again and Hafod in attempting to clear kicked through his own goal. With the scores level both sides played up, good combination being shown by each team, and the ball travelled quickly all over the field. Both sides forced corners, which were cleared. At length good passing between Amos, Col well, and Waters resulted iu the last-named scoring & very nice goal. Even play then followed, each Ride in turn visiting their opponents' goal. When Mr W. Morgan blew the whistle to cease hostilities the Teachers stood the winners of a hard game. FINAL SCORE GOALS. I TEACHERS 2 I BARRY DISTRICT 1 | Teams—Barry District—Goal, Green backs, D. Gow and Hafod half-backs, Bennett. Knott (cap ain), and Barrett forwards, Jenkins, Griffiths, E. Ashton, Thomas, and Sheldon. Teachers—Goal, C. Wilkes backs, G. Mercer and J. H. Bardsley; half-backs, '1'. Wakley, A Badcoe, and H. B. Jones forwards, W. Waters, J. Colwell, J. Amos (captain), W. Riden, and W. J. Davies. ELY v Y.M.C.A. Played at Ely before a fair number of spectators. Rookes and Rawlinson scored twice each, and Ely won by 4 goals to nil. SCHOOL FOOTBALL. ROATH PAnK v ALBAXY-ROAD. These teams met on the Roath Park this morn. ing. The Park boys kicked oft at 10 o'clock with the sun in their faces, and during the first half were successful in placing two goals to their credit. Soon after restarting a third goal was added, which was quickly followed by one for Albany-road, About ten' minutes before time was called the Park boys again passed the ball between the posts. McKinnon and Theophilns played well for Albany-road. The Park boys all did their work satisfactorily, and with a little practice this newly-organised team should come to the front. FINA SCORE: G0AL3. ROATH PARK 4 ALBANY-ROAD L WELSH JUNIOR CUP. WREXHAM RESERVE v. WREXHAM OLD BOYS.—This tie in tha bhird round was replayed on the Wrexham racecourse before a good abtendance. In the first half the Reserve scored 2 goals, whilst their opponents failed to notch a point. In the latter portion of the game the Reserve increased their score by another couple of goals, and the final result was Wrexham Reserve, 4 goals Wrexham Old Boya, nil. NORTH WALES COAST SENIOR CUP. SEMI-FINAL. LLANDUDNO SWIFTS v. HOLYWELL. -Played at Llan- dudno before a large crowd. Holywell started, and for a time placed the home players on the defensive. Getting away, Llandudno ha.d hard lines, but eventually scored, and before half-time they added 2 more. On restarting the visitors played up, and Williams scored, Llandudno also putting on another. Final Llandudno, 4 goals Holywell, 1 goal. DENBIGHSHIRE AND FLINTSHIRE CHARITY CUP. WREXHAM v. DRUIDS.-The holders met the Druids in Wynngtay Paik, Kuabon, in the second ronnd of this competion. Both teams were representative, and the game was keenly c-mtested. The play at the commencement was in favour of the Drukis, but Wrexham were the firsb bo score, Harrissn doing the trick. After crossing over the Druids eqnalise; Final am, lgoal Druids, 1. NORMAN JUNIORS V. SINGLETON STARS.—Played at the East, Moors Field. After a splendid game, it re- sulted with Normans, 3 goals Singletons, 1 goal. Both teams were evenly matched, and did their utmost bo win. DEVON REGIMENT v. DEFENSIBLE BARRACKS.— Played on the Devon Ground at Pembroke Dock. An evenly contested game, ending in a win for the visitors by one goal to nil.