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URBAN DISTRICT COUNCILS. GLAMORGANSHIRE. ABERDAKE.—The following are elected :—Town ¡ Ward—Edward Morgan. 837 David Williams, 639 Thomas Thomas. 618. Llwydcoed Ward— R. H, Rhvs, 684 Rees Llywellyn, 640 Owen Harries. 623. BRITON FERRY.—(9 seats.)—Elected Lewis Jenkins, iron merchant (L. and N.), 433 i<-M. G. Roberts, ironmonger (C. and Ch.), 421 Arthur tBej, accountant (I, and N.), 391 David Davies, tin rollerman (Lab. and N.), 344 Thomas Gwyune, tinplate manufacturer (L. and N.), 344 *Jenkin Hill, provision merchant (L. and X), 307 A. J. Jeffreys, law student (C. and h.), 307 William Phillips, moulder (Lab. and N.), 305 D. Jones, clothier (L, and N.), 286. -x Members of present local board. PORTHCAWL.—Elected John Grace, shipping agent (L. and N.), 215 Samuel Lewis, grocer and draper (L. and N.), 211 G. Sibbering Jones, timber merchant (L. and N.), 208; David Hop- I kin, farmer (L. and Ch.), 188; F.H.Wilson, solicitor (C. and Ch.), 175; Thomas Wilson, farmer (C. and Ch.), 174 William Jones, clerk in holy orders (C.), 172 Eustace R. Williams, brewer (C.), 135; Thos. Non-elected Thomas James (R. and N.), 129 Charles Hollman, police superintendent (C.), 113 G. David (C. and Ch.), 79 J. Henry (C. and Ch.), 79; J. Elias (C. and Ch.), 73; H. Thomas (L. and N.), 56 H. B. Comley (L. and N.), 37 J. T. Dare (L. and N.), 15; D. J. Brooke (C. and Ch.), 13. BRITON FERRY.—Elected Lewis Jenkins, merchant, Non. and L, 433 M. G. Roberts, ironmonger, Oh. and C, 42.1 A. Steel, accountant, Non, and L, 391 D. Davies, tinworker, Non. and L, 344 T. Gwynne, tinworks manager, ISIon. and L, 344 Jenkin Hill, rocer, Non. and L, 307 A. J. Jeffreys, law student, Ch. and C, 307 Wm. Phillips, moulder, Non. and L, 305 W. D. Jones, clothier, Ncn. and L, 296. ABSBDARE. — Gadlys Ward.—Elected W. Thomas, 721; Rev. B. Evans, 503; G. George, J.P., 453. Non-elected Rev. J. D. Rees, 419; D. Davies, J.P., 334 D. Tudor Williams, 311; W. Walker, 302 E. Hopkins, 198 J. Thomas, 134. Blaengwawr Ward.—Elected Morgan John, 676 D. R. Davies, J.P., 600 J. Howells, 549. Non-elected J. Simons, 422. Aberaman Ward.—Elected E. M. Hann, 697 Rev. T. Humphreys, 645; T.Ress, 423. Non-elected P. D. Rees, 363. RHONDDA VALLEYS.—No. 1 Ward, comprising Blaenrhondda, Treherbert, and a portion of Treorky.—Elected Morgan Llewellyn, entle. man, Non. and L, 720 William Morgan, J.P., Non. and L, 637 Wm. Jones, cashier, Non. and L,593. MOUNTAIN* ASH.—West Ward.—Elected J. W. Jones, tailor and outfitter, 730 Evan Morgan, accountant, 603; James Davies, colliery manager, 593 Adam Clark, hotel proprietor, 546 Thomas Edmunds, grocer, 542 Thomas Jones, secretary, Penrikyber Colliery, 521. Non- elected Wm. James, colliery manager, 516 W. Phillips Bowden, checkweigher, 438 D. T. Phillips, solicitor, 361 \Vm. A. Jenkins, tailor, 260. East Ward. — Ejected Rees Price, mechanical engineer, 437; Gwilym Jones, colliery manager, 399 Jab^z Loug, grocer, 381 Morgan Morgan, J.P., 355 Wm. Little, estate agent, 352 John Powell, checkweigher, 317. Non- elected Henry Eynon, retired grocer, 293 Isaac George, coal and slate merchant, 213. South Ward.—Elected Dr. Morgan, 480; John Williams, checkweigher, 444 J. F. Williams, ^Baptist minister, 279. Non-elected Cornelius Williams, innkeeper, 106. BRIDGEND. — Only two members of the olb board were returned. Messrs Thomas, Buckley, Bevan, Lloyd, and Gregory were nominees of the Builders' Association. Mr Owen ran as a Labour candidate, and Mr Sheppard on Independent lines. Elected W. McGaul, 409; P. J. Thomas, 379 W. Buckley, 334 G. Bevan. 322 T, W. Owen. 301 W. M. Richards, 299 O. Sheppard, 296 D. H. Lloyd, 287 J. Gregory, 265. Non- elected W. Francis, 254 W. Jenkins, 227 M. Davies, 211 W. Powel, 204; LI. Walling- ton, 185 J. Cox, 167 D. Lewis, 162; M. Stra-Vlmg, 124 E. Rich, 107 T. Edwards, 103 W. Cooke, 91. MABGAM.—East Ward—Elected (unopposed): Edward Knox, estate agent, Ch. and C; James Muir, estate superintendent, Ch. and C and Edward Jones, farmer, Non. and L. Central Ward—Elected Thomas Gray, colliery mana- ger, Ch. and L, 331 H. W. Vivian, gentleman, Ch. and L.U. 306 Edward Davies. tin-plate maker, Non. and JU 300 N. S. J. Bray, mill manager, NI1. and L, 281; Wm. Thomas, surveyor, Non. and L, 204 'J. n. Thomas, minister, Nou, 203. West Ward—Elected: Evan Davies, tin-plate maker, Non. and L. 282 S. H. Byass, tin-plate maker. Ch. and C, 270 Llew Howeli, colliery proprietor, Ch. and L, 248 David Rees, colliery proprietor, Non. and IL, 222 G. Richards, mechanic, Non, and L, k204 Lewis, schoolmaster, Ch, 167. PONTYPRIDD. TOWN WARD.—Elected D. R.Evana, butcher, (L. and N.), 249; Wm, Williams, J P., draper (L. and N.), 213; William Seaton, contractor (C. and Ch.), 213. Non-elected: Wm. R. Beith, contractor (Ind. h), 203; John Snape, engineer (C. and Ch.), 171; Dauiel Arnott, chemist (L, and N.), 156; George Evans, brewer (C. and GRAIG WARD. —Elected David Leyshon, brewer (C. and Ch,), 386 James Spickett, j solicitor (L. and N.), 321 Hopkin Morgan, ( baker (L. and N.). 302, Non-elected Wm. Morgan, sculptor (L. and N.), 279; Samuel I Evans, farmer (I.), 274. RHONDDA WARD.—Elected Patrick Gowan, innkeeper (L. and N.), 438 Horatio M- Row- lands, innkeeper (C.), 346; Hugh Bramwell, colliery agent (I. and Ch.), 227. Non-elected; Dew Llewellyn, grocer (L. and N.), 214. CILFYNYDD WARD.—Elected: Thomas Williams, publican (L. and N.), 276 Wm. Lewis, colliery gaent (C. and Ch.), 251; Wm. Gronow, check. weigher (L. and N.), 158. Non-elected W. H. VVatkins, chemist (C. and Ch.), 127; Isaac Davies, collier (L. and N.), 87. TRALLWN WARD.—Elected Thomas Taylor, Davies, collier (L. and N.), 87. TRALLWN WARD.—Elected Thomas Taylor, contractor (I. and N.), 299 F. G. Edwards, boot dealer (Lab. and N.), 271; Watkin Wil- liams, contractor (L. and N.), 222. Non-elecbad H. J. Wilshire, hay merchant (C. and Ch.), 218 Daniel Griffiths, grocer (L. and N.), 150 David Davies, accountant (I. and N.), 90. TREFORESII WARD.—Elected :*Hamlen Williams, J.P., gentleman (C. and Ch.), 402 R. P. Richards, estate agent (L. and N.), 381; J. Roberts, iron works manager (L. and N.), 212, Non-elected Frederick Judd, undertaker (L. and N.). 192 J. Gibbon, quarry owner (I.), 127 G. 0. Brown, grocer (L. and N.), 64. OGMORE WARD.—Elected John Owen, colliery manager, Non, 735 votes John Biandy Jenkins, gentleman, C, 758 D. Sims Rees, colliery manager, Ind, 755: Wm. Llewellyn, J.P., grocer and draper, Non, 750; David Evans, grocer and draper, Non, 702 Jenkin Williams, farmer, Non, 628. The above also constituted the local board. Not elected Thos. W. Job, school attendance officer, Non, 500 Thos. Thomas, shoemaker, Non, 362. GLYNCORRWG.—Elected — John G. Morris, mining engineer, 306 Isaac Davies, school- master. 295 Edward Plummer. mining engineer, 294 Edward L. Plummer, mining engineer, 279; Win. H. Plummer. mining engineer, 277; David Williams, colliery manager, 273 Daniel Evans, hotel keeper, 271 D,tVid Richards, colliery repairer, 258 Wm. Lewis, grocer, 219. Not elected :—Wm. Mathias, hotel keeper, 201 John Morgan, farmer, 187 John Read, butcher. 168 John Robert, collier, 157 Wm. A. Jenkins, contractor, 109 Thomas Jones, gentleman, 83—all Noii. and L. MAESTEG. — North "Ward Elected John Davies, doctor of medicine, Non. and Lib., 358 J. Boyd Harvey, general manager, Ind., 303 David Davies, grocer, Non. and Lib., 286; Wm. Griffiths, gentleman, Non. and Lib., 265. Nor,, elected Rhys Evans, baker, Non. and Lib., 237; Wm. Thomas, hotel keeper, Non. and Lib., 172; David Davies, colliery foreman, Non. and Lib.. 109; J. H. G. Barrow, mining engineer, Ch. and Lib., 64. East Ward—Elected: VI. n. Thomas, doctor of medicine, Ch. and C., 369; Evan Williams, merchant, Non. and Lib., 365; James Barrow, colliery owner, CII, and Lib., 362 Rees Rees, collier, Non. and Lib., 358. Non-elected: Jenkin Jones, colliery manager, Non. and Lib., nl 218; Henry Bowen, mmer, Non. and Lib., 204 Edward Gilbert, colliery nnder-manager, Non. and Lib., 204 Joshua Williams, accountant, Noa. and Lib., 174; Evan John, weaver, Non. and Lib., 39. West Ward—Elected: David Beynon, miners' agent, Lab., 519; Thomas Jones, hotel keeper, Ch., 511; John H Thomas, gentle. man, Ch. and C., 504 T. B. Boucher, accountant, Ch. and C.. 503. Non-elected: Evan David, miner, Non. and Lib.. 159; Win. Isaac, draper, Non. and Lib.. 143; George Ferrier, grocer, Non. and Lib., 133. CARMARTHENSHIRE. LLANDILO. — Elected J. W. Nicholas, solicitor, Ch. and Ind., 259 E. A. Roberts, gentleman, ah. and L, 219 Major Thomas, timber merchant, Ch. and C, 182; C. G. Phillip3, schoolmaster. Ch. and C, 170; W. Griffiths; merchant, Non. and L, 165 Jenkin Jones, tanner, Non. and L, 154 Griffith Williams, auctioneer. Non. and L, 150; J. W. Jones, architect, Non. and L, 145; J. Price, china dealer, Non. and L. 145. LLA-I;ELLY.-Waid 1—Elected Ernest Trub. shaw, tin-plate manufacturer, Ch. and C, 982 J. Hansard, aerated water manufacturer, Non. and L. U, 808 J. Griffiths, brick manufacturer, Ch. and Ind, 807 T. Hughes, contractor L, 764 J. Maybery, tin-plate manufacturer, Non. and L, 592 D. W. Rees, solicitor, Ch. and C, 554. Ward 2.—Elected F. C. Thompson, foundry manager, Ch. and C, 769 J. Hopkins, engineer, Non. and L, 643 R. Guest, pottery manager, Non. and L. 643 W. W. Brodie, solicitor, Non. and L.U, 631 J. A. Jones, doctor, Non. and L, 612 Ellis Evan, grocer, Non. and L, 503. ST. Pl?.T?R',S.-Etedted Edith Mary Han- cooke, spinster, Ch. and C, 892 Jonah Davies, solicitor, Non. and L, 752 Jonathan Phillips, farmer, Non. and C. 705 Isabel Gertrude Thomas, married, Ch. and L. 692 W. Thomas, ministar, Non. and L. 596; Thomas Thomas, gentleman, Ch. and C, 532. MONMOUTHSHIRE. CAERLEON.—Elected John Green, 165; T. Parry, 152 D. W. Jenkins, 137 T. Jenkins, 134 W. Williams, 125 Col. A,Iansel, 124 Rev. D. B. Jones, 120 J. Grundy, 99 J. Lawrence, 99. Non-elected :-J. H. Tayior 92 J. Fleming. 88; H. Crease, 86 A. Williams, 72 J. T. Boddington, 58 G. M. Humphreys, 17. LANTARNAM.—Elected J. Parry, L, 396 F. W. Raiarel, G, 382; W. M. Jones, C, 331; E. A. Pryer, L. 326 11. Mumford, C. 316; H. Lawrenec, C, 298; A. M. Pilliner, C, 281; R. Sawtel!, C. 271; H. Cocker, L, 265. IN on. elccted:-W. H. W-iltor. C. 259 H. Partitt, L, 250; J. Dacey, L, 241 J. Petinel. L, 218 R. Tiinoy; L, 214 B. Wallace, L, 198; J. Jone^ L, 196 F. W. Parsons, L, 106 J. Stanley, L, 101; E. Jenkins, C, 100; J. Illtil- stone, Temperanee, 79. RISCA.— North Wird-E!ected W. J. Ed- wards, 346 J. Woodward, 292 A. Onions, 263 C. Jones, 256.; J. Jones, 241 T. Pembro, 239. Non-elected D. Thomas, 215 H. Sage, 209 E. Thomas. 124 W. Adams, 116 W. Meredith, 33. Central Ward—Elected E. Lewis, 262; Richards, 257 Taylor, 235,; Edmunds, 219 Sage, 217 W. Harris, 212. Non- elected Winston, 210 Yeudall, 148; Jones, 137; Howells, 78; Robothan, 77. S3titit Wtrti-Eiectc-d Midgeley, 278 W. Thomas, 211 George Lewis, 207 John Knight, 203 J. Adams. 198 T. M. Banks, 168. Non- elected: T. Lloyd, 158; L.1 C. Corfield, 110; II, White, 105; G. Thomas, 101; W. Howell, 90; A. Dagger, 67 Walter Thomas, 57 H. Smith, 45 T. Thomas, 40 L. Dowling, 37 J. Hack- ling, 35 J. Gould, 33. I AB),,ItC,kR' I-Nortli Ward (3)-Alfred Bowen, brassfounder, 88 E. W. Beddoe, gentleman, 70; E. L'twis, hofcel-k^eper,— P. W. Raffan, news- paper proprietor, 139 T. Taylor, shoemaker, 131 Daniel M. Williams, lamprnan, 169. South (3)-E. J. Cutler, banksman, 114 W. S. Mackay, insurance agent, 116; F. J. Dart, clerk, 214; S. A. Moses, hotel-keeper, 256. Ea.st (3)-J. Green, engineer, 219; W. James, collier, 84 Geo. Jones, draper, 150 James Mac- kimon, 110, accountant; W. Rowland. shearer, 135. West (3)—E, Booth, winding engineer, 295 D. Bowen, accountant, 313 Daniel Jenkins, gentle- man, 192; David Rees, miner, 155; Win. Thomas, grocer, 309 T. Williams, builder, 188. Central (3)-J. Badge, sawyer, 117 J. Beach, contractor, 121; Wm. Jones, under-manager of colliery, 125; E. Phrllips, surveyor, 162; Wm. Price, grocer, 151 L. Thomas, butcher, 112. A BEP.TILLERY. -Aber tl I ery Ward (3)- Webh, 221 Dancey, 195; Gregory, 163; Jordan, 151. Cwmtillery Ward (3)-Lewis, 235; Wallace, 230; Wiliiams, 141 Cowdery, 128; Dando, 35. Penybont Ward (3)—Baker, 281 Padfield, 225 Stewart, 208 Alkn, 182. LLANERECHFA UPPER (12).—The following were elected Dr Bowker, 199 Alderman Parflt*, 179 J. Fisher, 164 J. Jacob, 160; E. J. Richards, 142 G. Edwards, 131 Z. Lloyd, 128 ¡ T. Scott, 102 J. Cocker, 112 W. Laramy, 99 J. Jenkins, 86 Wm. Jones, 85. The Iligheet of the eleven unsuccessful candidates was T. Titley, who polled 82 votes. PO.N-TYPOOL.-Eleeted: E. B. Ford, chemist, etc., L, 372; F. Probyn, malster, C, 365; P. Eckersley, merchant, L, 365; J. R. Essex, sur- geon, C, 338 W. Sandbrook, iron merchant, L, 301 E. Fowler, draper, L, 285; D. Reid, draper, L, 266; W. Pegler. merchant, L, 259; W. H. Griffiths, plasterer, Lab., 246; W. H. Hughes, commercial traveller. Lab., 244; C. Davis, grocer, C, 243 J. Kelly, signalman, Lab., 237 J. Herbert, chandler, C, 238; T. Williams, coal merchant, L, 231; W. H. Hoskins, music- Baller, C, 230; J. Burgoyne, builder, L, 227; F. James, grocer, L, 214; G. H. Daniel, civil and mining engineer, L, 213. Non-elected T. Williams, secretary Tin-plate Co., C, 212; J. Moseley, engineer, C, 206 G. Churchill, collier. L, 202 II. Tanner, hotel proprietor, C, 194 J. Walker, temperance hotel proprietor, L, 191 H. Fox. tobacconist, C, 186 J. Thomas, builder, C, 185 D. W. Simpson, draper, L, 174 H. Peach, hotel proprietor, C, 154 F. Jones, mascr), C, 145 W. Jones, coal merchant, L, 145 J. G. Williams, architect, C, 144 W. R. Williams, draper. C, 142 A. J. Stock, roiJk. vendor, L, 128 G. M'Kmley. draper, L, 116 D. M. Llewellyn, engineer, L, 91 G. Morgau, tin- olate shearer. 0. 45. USK,-E'écte-d: S. A. Hiley, L., 145: J. O. Nicholas, L., 138 F. Jennings, L., 133; G. Mundy, C., 132; J. T. Cherry, C., 131; W. Davies, C., 121 U. Voyce, C., 116; S. Smith, C., 108 J. Davies, C., 98 R. A. Rogers, C., 96; W. Horsfield, C., 95; R. Morgan, L.. 88. Non-elected Knight, Lab., 86; Cozens, Lab., 79 Jones, Lab., 76 Stock hare, Lab., 65 T. J. Smith, L.* 62 Daw, Ind., 63; Stone, Ind., 46; Muliett, Lab., 33 Gameson, Ind., 31; Willetts, Lab.. 14 Rapson, Lab., 13. MYNYDDISLWYN. — Result: David Treasure, colliery proprietor, C., 104; David Morgan, commission agent, L., 30. The result was declared by Mr W. Edwards, returning officer, at the Pontllanfraith Board School at 9.45 a.m. ROGERSTONE.—Rev. T. G. James and Mr John Williams were elected to represent Rogerstone on the district council. NEW TREDEGAR AND BLACKWOOD.—Elected :— N. Phillips, colliery. manager, Non. and L, 367 J. Meredith, miner. Non. and Lab, 362 M. Thomas, mauager, C aud Ch., 329 Caleb Tilloti, colliery proprietor, Non. and L, 318 D. Davies, Ch. and C, 314 Henry Pope. miner. Non. and Lab, 309 David Phillips, farmer, Non. and L, 300 F. Hyiiam, collier, Non.'and L, 295 W. P. O'Shea, checkweigher, Non. and Lab, 290. Non- elected :—R. Morris, Non. and L G. Palmer, Nero, and Lab J. Downs, Non. and L J. V.. Lewis, Non. and L S. Extance, Non. and Lab G. M. GIasier, Ch. and C C. Pocd, Ch. and J C J. Evans, Non. and L. EBBW VALE. Elected North Ward—J Thomas Richards, miners' agent, Non. and Lab. 334 Richard Morgan, grocer, Non. and L, 320 Evan Harris, grocer, Non. and L, 180. North Central Ward—Henry Cool, collier, Non. and L, 493 Win. Steadman, farmer, Non. and L, 464 M. J. S. Lyons, clothier, L, 413. South Central Ward-Alf. Jones, grocer, Non. and L. 338 W. H. Powell, manager, Ch. and Ind., 237 Mark Warnes, collier, Non. and L, 222. South Wird- Thomas Morgan, innkeeper, Non. and L. 413 R. H. Williams, contractor, Non. and L, 337 T. H. Richards, carpenter. Non. and L. 277. RHYMNEY.—Upper Ward—Elected Thomas N. Evaus, grocer, L and Lab., 299 Thomas E. Jones, buiider, L and 247; John D. Jones, collier, L and Lab., 186. Non-elected Lewis Thomas, estate agent, 158 Henry V. Trump, J.P., gentleman, C, 128. Middle Ward—Elected D. Francis Pritchard, brewer's agent, 0, 240 Wm. Pritchard, manager, C, 236; John Edwards, draper, L and Lab., 220. Non-elected John D. Thomas, C.C., merchant, L and Lab., 198 Thomas Thomas, grocer, L and Lab., 126. Lower Ward-Elected Lewis L. Fine, out. fitter, L and Lab., 362 Wm. Smith, manager, C. 176 Benjamin Jones, cullier, L Lnd Lal)., 175. Non-elected Samuel Jones, boilermaker, L and Lab., 170; John Jackson, commercial traveller, C, 164. CREPSTOW. -Elected :—Edwin Ellis, grocer, Non. and L, 305 Robert Rothery Griffiths, inn- keeper, Ch. and C, 301 Arthur Garnons Lawrence, doctor of medicine, Ch. and C, 297 John Phillips, builder, Cn. and L, 261 Sidney James Jones, innkeeper, Non. and C, 252 Walter Clifford Thomas, grocer, Non. andL, 247 Wm. Woodgste, grocer, Non. and L, 235 Wm. George Jones, builder, Ch. and C, 206 Joseph Stuart Ellis, mechanical engineer, Non. and L, 187; Edward Dutson, outfitter, Non. and L, 166; George Dewdney, schoolmaster, Ch. and C, 164 George Waters Sargent, timber merchant, Non, and L, 161. NANTYGLO AND BLAINA.—Elected George Robert Harris, merchant, 540; John P. D. Williams, colliery manager, 531 Wm. Grpgson, colliery manager, 527 1.1. Blunt, school attend- ance officer, 452 Jonn Dakers, general manager, 439 Gomer Jones, collier, Lab., 408 David Lewis, Baptist minister, 384 Joseph Pope, collier, Lab., 382 Edsvin Griffiths, tinworks shearer, Lab., 381 Samuel J. Howells, inn- keeper, 368 Benjamin Willans, manager, Pyle Works, 337 John Price, mechanic, 336. ABERGAVENNY. Elected Joseph Bishop, district manager, London and North-Western Railway, Ch. and C, 952; Henry Charles Evans, provision merchant, Ch. and C, 631; James Hervey Farquhar, solicitor, Ch. and C, 664; George Jenkins, gentleman, Non. and U. 605; Wm. Morris Jenkins, maltster, 653; Edwin Martin, grocer, Ch. and L, 826 Henry Pryer, chemist, Ch. and C, 594; John Evan Thomas, draper, Ch. and C, 1,042 John Gearing Thomas, contractor, Ch. :md C, 949; Thomas Harrill Tomkins, auctioneer, Ch. and C, 726; Wm. Williams, gentleman, Ch. and L, 612; Sidney Roger Young, Baptist minister, L, 687. PANTKG.—East Ward—Elected John Rosser, farmer, Non. and U, no poll. West AVtrd-D, Jones, grocer, Non. and L. 146 A. A. Williams, estate agent, Ch. and C, 133; Rees Stephens, tin- plate worktr, Non. :.nd L, 114 IT. Jenkins, grocer, iNon. and 1. 108 Isaac Buuer, steel and iron manufacturer, CII. and C, 97. Griffithstovvn Ward—D. E. Williams, works manager, Ch. and C. 241 W. H. Orlidge, titter, Non. and L, 207 W. Sandbrook, ironmonger, Non. and L, 168. LLANVIHAKGEL (SOUTH)—Elected J. Bur- goyne, buiider, Non. and L, 26 T. Carter, inn- keeper, Ch. and C, 24. ABKRSYCHAN.—Central Ward—Elected W. P>. Witchell, boot manufacturer, Non. and L, 363; J. D. Jones, grocer. Non. and L, 280; W. P. James, colliery proprietor, Non. and L, 246 W. Lewis, merchant, Nou. and L. 229 L. Llewelyn, colliery propnetor, Uh. and C, 215 D. S. Davies, brewer, Ch. and C, 203. Southern W ard—B. Nicholas, colliery manager, Non. and L, 344; T. Matthews, checkweigher, Non. and L, 329 A. H. Bailey, builder. Non. and L, 321 W. L. Pratt, gentleman, Non. and L, 304 E. Jones, colliery proprietor, Ch. and C, 241 J. K. Morgan, builder, Non. and L, 228. Northern Ward—Morgan Lewis, haulier, Non. and L, 290: D. R. Jones, colliery secretary, Ch. and C, 263; D. Lewis, grocer, Non. and L, 252 A. Davies, colliery proprietor, Ch. and C, 211; Alfred Gay, collier, Non. and Lab., 205. TREDEGAR.— Sirhowy Ward—EiectsJ Thomas Lewis, grocer, Non. and L, 280; Benjamin Phillips, grocer, Non. and L, 269 Arthur William?, innkeeper, Ind., 161. Non-elected Joseph Jones, gentleman, Non. and L, 142; D. W. Havard, mineral water manufacturer, Ch. and C, 105. Georgetown Ward—Elected John Reynolds, under colliery manager, Non. and L, 423; Daniel Davies, gentleman, Non. and L, 275; Henry Bowen, collier, Non. and L, 272. Non-elected John Evans, stable manager, Ch. and C, 139 John Thomas (Ap Noah), collier, Non. and L, 120 Evan Evans, tax coHector. Non. and II, 73. Central Ward.—Elected W. II. Routledgo, colliery manager, Ch. and C, 241 Wm. North, boot manufacturer, Ch. and C.. 185 Benjamin Williams, draper, Non. and L, 158. ün-elected: Walter Rees, draper, Nou, and Ind, 146 Edwin Davies, butcher, Non. and L, 127 David Price, innkeeper, Non. and Ind, 101. West) Ward.—Elected N. W. Phillips, grocer, Non. and Ind, 277; A. Barrett, minister, Non. and L, 261 Thomas Davies, gentleman, Non. and L, 226. Non-elected Dd. Morgan, builder, Ncn. and L, 222 J. Griffiths, store manager, Non. and Iud, 210 Ed. Jones, collier, Non. and Ind, 55. BRECON. VATNOU.—Elected John Rogers, secretary, Non. and L, 432 Thomas Morris, brewer, Ch. and C, 411 Jabez Edmund Jenkins, rector, Ch. and C, 340 Watkin David Powell, grocer, Ch. and C, 223. HAY.—Elected Edmund Hall Cheese, solici- tor, CiI. and C, 222 Thomas Wallis, ironmonger and grocer, Ch. and C, 176 Thomas Ben bow, spade-handle maker, Non. and L, 172 T. S. Hawksford Hincks, surgeon, Ch. and C, 167 Joseph Baker, grocer, Non. and L, 156; J. James Bridgwater, grdc»r, Ch. and C, 154; Tom Parry, butcher, Non. and L.155 Thomas Stokoe, grocer, Ch. and C, 154 Edward Powell, builder, Ch. and C, 152. The last local board members were composed of seven Conservatives and two Li berals. BUILTH.—Elected 'Hugh Vaughan Vaughan, U Alfred Gwynne Vaughan, C Henry Lloyd, L Henry Price, C William Price, L Gilbert Eadie. C David Williams, C David Willis, U and Walter Evans, L. BRYNMAWK. — East Wtrd-Eleeted.- Wm. Roberts, J.P., grocer, 215 Daniel Owen, collier," 202 Henry Kelson, coilierv overman, 193. South Wtr(I-A. E. Evans, chemist, 149 Wm. Davies, collier, 147 W. J. Tong, auctioneer. 95. Central Ward-Jaiiips Bloor, general dealer, 169; T. E. Bowen, stores manager, 105 G-wilym Morgan, boob manufacturer. 97. West IVard- John Lewis, collier, 151 D. A. Davies, gentle- man, 147 Tom Wiltshire, shoemaker, 129. RADNORSHIRE. PRKSTKMN- Elected R. R. Rc,ger. grocer, L, 174 P. Davies, auctioneer, L, 160 W. Davies, blacksmith, L, 129 Wm. Wakelin, solicitor, C, 127 Clifford Jones, solicitor, C, 123 John Price, builder, C, 116; J. Edwards (Astley), farmer, L, 111; Wm. Stephens, innkeeper, L, 109 F. L. Evelyn, gentleman, C, 107. RURAL DISTRICT COUNCILS.





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