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jpaMir Sottas. FJLRINITY COLLEGE, LONDON. FOR MUSICAL EDUCATION & EXAMINATION. (Instituted 1872.) LOCAL EXAMINATIONS, 1894. The Regulations with dates are now to be had from the local secretary, WALTER SCOTT, 173, Newport-road, Cardiff. LAST DAY OF ENTRY for Practical Examination, Nov. 3rd for Theory, Nov. 15th. Sir MORGAN MORGA. 3464 Chairman of Local Committee. JJNITED "^INGDOM~LLIANCE. AUTUMN CAMPAIGN MEETINGS IN SUPPORT OF THE DIRECT yETO BILL WILL BE HELD AT CARDIFF NOV. 12. PONTYPRIDD 13. SWANSEA 14. NEWPORT 15. When BIR WILFRID LAWSON, BART., M.P., J. H. Raper, Esq. (London), and others will speak. .Tull information from the District Superintendent, Mr A. Sidney Davies, 52, Albany-road, Cardiff. 8474 ROYAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC, TENTERDEN-STREET, LONDON, W. INSTITUTED 1822. INCORPORATED BY ROYAL CHARTER 1830. THE METROPOLITAN EXAMINATION OF HUSICAL COMPOSERS OR PERFORMERS AND TEACHERS, Successful Candidates at which are created XICENTIATES OF THE ROYAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC, And have the sole right of appending the letters L.R.A.M. to their names, will be held in DECEMBER and JANUARY, 1894-5. Last day for entry October 31st. Last day for paying final fee of four guineas, Novem- ber 30. Syllabus, entry forms, and all further information may be obtained on application to F. W. RENAUT, 8678 Secretary. ENDOWED SCHOOLS ACT, 1869, and JEJ AMENDING ACTS, WELSH INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION ACT, 1889. In the Matter of the Funds applicable out of the County Rare and meneys provided by Parliament and out of the Local Taxation (Customs and Excise) Duties to the INTERMEDIATE and TECHNICAL EDUCATION of the INHABITANTS Of the COUNTY of GLAMORGAN. In the matter of the Foundations in the same County, called or known as :— 1. The FOUNDATION of EDWARD LEWIS for a School at Gelligaer, regulated by a scheme made under the Endowed Schools Acts on the 7th July, 1874 2. ALLDWORTH'S FOUNDATION at Eglwysilan, regulated by a scheme made under the Endowed Schools Acts on the 29th November, 1881 3. The COWBRIDGE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, regulated by a scheme of the Charity Commis- sioners of the 31st October, 1862 :In the Matter of the WELSH INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION ACT, 188S In the Matter of the LOCAL TAXATION (CUSTOMS and EXCISE) ACT, 1890 and In the Matter of the ENDOWED SCHOOLS ACT, 1869, and AMENDING ACTS. The Committee of Council on Education have approved of a Scheme for the Administration of the Funds applicable to the Intermediate and Technical Education of the Inhabitants of the County of Glamorgan under the above-mentioned Acts, and of the above-mentioned Foundations, and Notice is Hereby Given that unless within two months after the first publication of this notice a. petition is fresented to her Majesty in Council in pursuance of ection 39 of the Endowed Schools Act, 1869, or a petition is presented \o the Committee of Council on Education, in pursuance of Section 1^ of the Endowed Schools Act, 1873, such scheme may be approved by her Majesty without being laid before Parliament. Copies may be purchased at the price of 6d each, at the Office of the Charity Commission, Whitehall, Undon, S.W., and as staled below, of the under- mentioned persons LLANDAFF and PENARTH—Of Mr C. W. Williams, Windsor-road, Penarth, Stationer. BARRY-Of Nir F. C. Milner, the Post Office. COWBRIDGE—Of Miss E. A. Williams, Stationer. BRIDGE-ND-OF Mr Wesley Williams, Stationer. PORT TALBOT-Of Messrs T. Major Jones and Sons, of Aberafon, Stationers. NEATH-Of Mr Walter Whittington, Stationer. GOWERTON—Of Mr W. D. Williams, Stationer. YSTALYFERA—Of Mr Davies, of Pontardawe, Sta- tioner. ABERDARE-Of Messrs Lloyd and Son, Canon-street, Stationers. MERTHYR—Of Mr Joseph Williams, Glebeland- street, Stationer. DELLIGAEP- Of Mr William Roberts, of Pontlottyn (via Cardiff), Chemist. .PONTYPRIDD—Of Mr W. H. Key, 90, Taff-street, Stationer. .PORTH-Of Mr W. Williams, of Wrexha.m House, Tonypandy, Chemist. This scheme may also be seen without charge at the laid Office of the Charity Commission. J. F. HODGSON, Assistant Secretary. Education Department, 15th October, 1894. 8821 TO THE JUSTICES OF THE PEACE FOR THE COUNTIES OF GLAMORGAN AND MONMOUTH, IN QUARTER SESSIONS ASSEMBLED To the COUNTY COUNCILS of the COUNTIES of GLAMORGAN and MONMOUTH lb the MAYOR. ALDERMEN, and (BURGESSES of the COUNTY BOROUGH OF CARDIFF OJJD the JUSTICES of tha PEACE Acting in and for the said BOROUGH To the GUARDIANS of the POOR of the CARDIFF USTION: To the HIGHWAY BOARDS fcr the HIGHWAY DISTRICTS of NEWPORT and LLANDAFF To the SCHOOL BOARDS for the BOROUGH of CARDIFF and the DISTRICT of RUMNEY Tb the OVERSEERS of the POOR of the PARISHES of ROATH and RUMNEY And to ALL OTHERS WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: WHEREAS, by Section 54 of the Local Government Act, 1886, it is provided that whenever it is represented to the Local Government Board by the Council of any County or Borough that the alteration of the boundary of such County or Borough is desirable, that the said Board shall, unless for special reasons they think that the representation ought not to be entertained, cause to be made a Local Inquiry, and may make an order for the proposal contained in such representation, or for such other prooo-u.1 as they may aeem expedient, or may refuse sueh Order, and, if they make the Order, may, by such Order, divide or alter any electoral division. And, WHEREAS, it is also provided by the said Section that any Order altering the boundary of a. Borough shall be provisional only, and shall not have effect unless confirmed by Parliament and that such Order may, as consequential upon such alteration increase or decrease the number of the Wards in the Borough, and alter the boundaries of such Wards, and alter the apportionment of the number of Councillors among the Wards, and alter the total number of Coun- cillors, and in such case make the proportionate alteration in the number of Aldermen. AND WHEREAS, by Section 59 of the said Act, it is provided that any such Order made as afore- said may so far as may seem necessary or proper for the purposes of the Order, provide for the aboli- tion, restriction, establishment, or extension of the jurisdiction of any Local Authority in or over any part of the area to be affected thereby and fer the adjustment or alteration of the boundaries of such area and for the constitution of the Local Authori- ties therein and deal with the powers and duties of any Council, Local Authorities, Quarter Sessions- Justices of the Peace, Coroners, Sheriff, Lieutenant, Oustos Rotulorum, Clefk of the Peace, and other Officer therein, and with the costs of any such Authorities, Sessions, Persons, or Officers as afore- said, and determine tha status of any such area as a component part of [..ny larger area, and provide for the election of representatives in such area, and extend to any altered area the provisions of any Local Act which were previously in force in a por- tion of the area, and make temporary provision for meeting the debts and liabilities of the various Authorities affected by such Order, for the manage- ment of their property, and for regulating the duties, position, and remuneration of officers affected thereby, and applying to thein the provisions of the Local Governmont Act, 1888, as to existing officers and provide for the transfer of any writs, process, records, and documents relating to or to be executed in any part of the area affected by such Order and for determining questions arising from such transfer and provide for all matters which appear necessary or pro- per for bringing into operation and giving full effect to such Order; and adjust any property, debts, and liabilities affected thereby And WHEREAS it is further provided that where quch Order is required to be confirmed by Parlia- ment, such Order may amend any Local and Personal Act; And WHEREAS by Section 54 of the Local .Govern- ment Act, 1894, it is provided that, where the area of an Urban District is extended, then (a.) As respects any Rural Parish or part of a Rural Parish which will be comprised in the urban district, provision shall be made either by the constitution of a new Parish or by the annexation of the Pariah or parts thereof to another Parish or Parishes, or other- wise, for the appointment of Overseers and for placing the parish »>r part in the same position as other parishes in the district, and (b) As respects any parish or part which remains rural, provision shall be iaade for the constitution of a new parish council for the same, or for the annexation of the parish or part to some other parish or paiishes or otherwise, for the govern- ment of the parish or part, and <c> Provision shall also, where necessary, be made I for the adjustment of any property, debts, and liabilities affected by the said extension And WHEREAS it is Further Provided by the said Section that the Provision aforesaid shall be made, inter alia, where the area of an Urban District is extended by an Order of the Local Government Board, under Section 54 of the Local Government Act, 1888 And WHEREAS by Section 297 of the Public Health Act, 1875, any Act confirming any Provisional Order made in pursuance of any of the Sanitary Acts, or of that Act, may be repealed, altered, or amended by Provisional Order made by the said Board and confirmed by Parliament And WHEREAS a representation has been made to the Local Government Board by the Council of the County Borough of Cardiff that it is desirable that the boundary of the .id County Borough should be altered in the following manner :— (a) By the inclusion within the said Cownty Borough of the part of the Parish of Roath which isat present comprised in the Rural Sanitary District of the Cardiff Union and the County of Glamorgan and, (b) By the exclusion from the said County Borough of the part of the Parish of Rumney which ia at present comprised therein And WHEREAS it is proposed that a Provisional Order should be made by the Local Government Board, in pursuance of Section 54 of the Local Govern- ment Act, 1888, for carrying into effect the proposal contained in the said representation, or such other pro. posal as the said Board may deem expedient, and that such Order should so far as seems necessary or proper for the purpose thereof, provide for the matters speci- fied in Section 54 or 59 ot the said Act and Section 5* of the Local Government Act, 18S4, or some of them. and should, so far as appears to be necessary, amend the provisions of the Local Acts in force in the Borough, or in any area to BE effected by such Order, and of the Acts confirming Provisional Orders made under the Sanitary Acts or the Public Health Act, 1875. and relating to the Borough or any area to be affected, or of some of such Acts NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Major-General C. Phipps Carey, R.E., one of the Inspectors of the said Board, will attend at the Town-hall, Cardiff, on Wednesday, the thirty-Srst day of October, 1894, at Ten D'clock in the Forenoon, to hold a Local Inquiry into the subject-matter of the said proposals and all other .matters relating thereto AND NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN that any Person interested may attend at such Inquiry, And be heard with reference to the said proposals and ;he other matters aforesaid. As WITNESS my hand this seventeenth day of October, 1894, at the Office of the Local Government joard, Whitehall, London. ALFBED D. ADRIAN, SB21 Assistant Secretary. public statues. ONGCROSS STREET BAPTIST CHURCH, ROATH, CARDIFF. — The 12th ANNIVERSARY SERVICES will be celebrated on SUNDAY, OCT. Zlst, NEXT. Special Sermons by the Rev. R. M Mcintosh, of Wellington, Somerset, at 11 and 6.30. At 3 p.m. au address will be delivered. Collections. PRltS Byrr ERIAN CHURCH, WINDSOR-PLACE. ANNUAL SERMON OF THE YOUNG MEN'S GUILD, TO-MORROW EVENING, 6.30, by Rev. J. DOUGLAS WAITERS, M.A. Subject Mind your own business." 438 STAR STREET CONGREGATIONAL s CHURCH. THE REV NEWMAN HALL, D.D., Will PREACH at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m To-morrow REV. B. H. WATKINS, at 3 p.m. 486 FREE LECTURES under the auspices of St. Teilo's Society.—The second Lecture will be delivered by the Rev. Father J. D. BREEN, O.S.B., at the LESSER PARK HALL, on the evening of MONDAY, 22nd October, at 8 o'clock. Subject: St. Peter in the Bible." Questions are invited. Come early if you want a seat. 8830 REDEGARY1LLE BAPTIST CHURCH. TO-MORROW (SUNDAY) Rev. R. O. JOHNS will PREACH at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. SPECIAL SERMON to YOUNG MEN in the Evening. Subject: England expects every man to do his duty." 412 ICKETS FOR COOK'S TOCRS from CARDIFF to PARIS, the South of France, Italy, Egypt, the Holy Land, Madeira., the Cape, and Round the World, or any travelling information, of Mr Trounce, Foreign Banking Bureau, Cardiff. Sole Agent for Wales. 1252 ALBION COLLIERY RELIEF FUND. A MEETING of the contributors to the above fund will be held at the EXCHANGE, MOUNT STUART- SQUARE, CARDIFF, on WEDNESDAY NEXT, the 24th day of OCTOBER, 1894, at 12 o'clock noon, to consider and determine the distribution or disposal of the funds collected. The attendance of all subscribers is earnestly requested. 8778 W. J. TROUNCE, Mayor. SOUTH WALES ART SOCIETY. PRESIDEST-THE RIGHT HON. THE LORD WINDSOR. The SEVENTH ANNUAL EXHIBITION of PICTURES IS NOW OPEN in tha SOCIETY'S GALLERY, PUBLIC-HALL, QUEEN-STREET. Season Tickets, 2s Ed each. 8368 O FISHERMEN, FISHMONGERS, DEALERS IN FISH, AND OTHERS. The FISHMONGERS' COMPANY of LONDON HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that all consignments of UNSEASONABLE and UNCLEAN SALMON and MIGRATORY FISH of the genus Salmon, including Sea Trout, to the London and" Provincial Markets, ana all CONSIGNEES 'and RECEIVERS of such Fish, WILL BE PROSECUTED with the utmost rigour of the Lavr. By Order, J. WRENCH TOWSE, Clerk of the Worshipful Co. of Fishmongers, London. Fishmongers' Hall, E.C., 18th October, 1804. 8825 THE STANDARD LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY ISSUE POLICIES TO PROVIDE FOR THE NEW ESTATE DUTIES. District Offlee-7, St. Stephen-street, Bristol. 3796. Chief Cardiff Agent-J. J. David, St. John's-chambers. qTTY OF H E RE FORD. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO FRUIT GROWERS AND DEALERS. A FRUIT MARKET Willbeheld in the PRODUCE MARKET, HERE- FORD, EVERY WEDNESDAY during the season, commencing 3rd October, 1894. The attention of Dealers and Private Consumers is called to this important Market, as arrangements are being made with the Growers for a large supply of the finest Herefordshire Apples and Pears. (Signed) EDWIN EDWARD BOSLEY, Mayor and Clerk of the Markets. Mansion House, Hereford, 25th Sept., 1894. 8401 LORD TREDEGAR'S AGRICULTURAL AND "POULTRY A SHOWS. (Open to all England without Subscription). Lord Tredegar has fixed the approaching Meeting for TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, 27th and 28th November. The PRIZE LIST contains 51 regulated classes for CATTLE, SHEEP, and HORSES, the prizes in which vary in value from E-20 to £5. In consequence of the restrictions on account of Swine Fever, there will be no Show of Pigs. Poultry Prizes to the value of 2240 are also offered. JUDGES. Poultry — John Martin, E. Morgan. Pi eons-B. Allsop. I The Prize Lists, with Certificates for Entry and all particulars, may be had on application to COLONEL JUSTICE, Tredegar Estate Office, Newport, Men. N.B.—Entries close 14th November for Cattle, &c. for Poultry and Pigaons, 7th November. 8635 SEVERN VOLUNTEER DIVISION k5 ROYAL ENGINEERS. BATTALION ORDERS For week ending October 27tb, 1894. L-Drills will re-commence on November 5th. 2.—Men wishing to join the Corps mnst apply at 10, Charles-street. 3.-AII communications to officer commanding Bust be addressed to the head quarters of the Corps, and not to the commanding officer's private residence. By Order," (Signed) W. GIDDY, Lient. C.B.R.E., Acting Adjutant. 3RD V.B. WELSH REGIMENT. ORDERS by P. R. CRESSWELL, Col. Commandant. CARDIFF DETACHMENT, For the week ending Saturday, October 27th, 1894. Monday.—Company Drill at 8 p.m. in plain clothes. Wednesday.— Class firing from 2 p.m. Sergeant- major's Drill at 8 p.m. in plain clothes. Friday.—Company Drill at 8 p.m. in plainclothes. Saturday.—Class firing from 2 p.m. There will be a Church Parade" of the detachment on the afternoon of the 4th proximo, full particulars of which will appear in next wrek's oiders. For duty:-Captain C. B. Fowler, Lieutenant H. T. Gilling, Surgeon-Captain C. Downing, Sergeant H. J. Taylor, Corporal W. A. Miles, Bugler S. Smith. By order, (Signed) W. E. JONES, Major, 3rd V.B. Welsh Regiment, I Commanding Cardiff Detachment. REGIMENTAL ORDERS by Colonel It H. 0. FISHER, Commanding 2nd Glamorgan Volunteer Artillery, Western Division B.A. Cardiff, 20th October, 1894. 1.-Recmits' carbine competition on Saturday, 20th inst., commencing at 1 p.m. Entries close 3 p.m. Uniform, undress. 2.-Repository drill during the week as under at 7.30 p.m. No 1, 2, 3, and 6 Companies, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Nos. 4 and 7 Companies, Tuesday and Thursday No. 5 Company, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. S.-Nominal roll of Repository Detachments are to be sent to the Orderly-room not later than 26th inst. 4.—All carbines, swords, slings, and kits should be returned to store at once. 5.-Amant's visits, Monday, 22nd, Penarth Friday, 26tb, Barry. Saturday, 27th, Gun Practice at Ogmore. 6.—For duty—Captain Taylor, Lieutenant Tanner, Sergeant Banflll, Corporal Cook, Bombardier Brice, Trumpeter Harrington. By order. (Signed) M. S. EYRE, Captain R.A., Adjt. PENARTH DETACHMENT. I.-Repository Drill Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 7.30 p.m. 2.-Promotion-No. 9 Company No. 734, Gr. H. Kulke to be bombardier. 3.—For duty—Major Thomas, Sergeant Bartlett, Trumpeter Bainer. COUNTY BREWERY CO., jpENARTH JJOAD, CARDIFF. CELEBRATED XXXX STRONG ALE. ALSO EXCELLENT MILD AND BITTER ALES, STOUTS, In 411z-gallon oaaks and upwards. MILD ALE, from lOd per gallon., BITTER ALE, from Is STRONG ALE, Is 3d GOOD HARVEST BEER, 9d. „ 6916 JpURNISH FOR CASH OR HIRE AT P. jpREEDMAN & C°.'S, 1, 2, 3, 4, MARKET BUILDINGS, NEWPORT, MON. EXCELLENT QUALITY COMBINED WITH CHEAPNESS. SPECIAL LINE IN JpEATHER B E D S, FULL SIZE, 60LBS., COMPLETE, j31 12s 6D. EASY TERMS B5 Worth 2s Od Weekly B10 11 3s 6d „ 920 „ 61! Cd „ £30 7s 6d „ BRANCHES ALSO AT SWANSEA— .34, High-street NEW TREDEGAR Elliotstown SHE.FFIR-LD.. 82, Bristone-street 81. 3790 ARDIFF ADVERTISING, BILL V/ POSTING, AND CIRCULAR DLSTRIBUHNG COMPANY (LIMITED) OFFICES: CASTLE CHAMBERS 21, CASTLB.ST CARDIFF. SEGRETAJtY FRANK H. SIMPSON. Best Permanent Posting Stations in CMóiff and eighbouraood. Contractors for all descriptions Of Advertising Circular Distributing, &ç, 104432001 All orders promptly attended to, Jhtsimss brtsst!í. B. TflVANS AND COMPANY Are now Selling several IMPORTANT CONSIGNMENTS dip QENERAL JJRAPERY GOODS, X Consisting of BLANKETS, FLANNELS, SHEETS, QUILTS, CALICOES,SHEETINGS, BED TICKS, BOYS' READY-MADE CLOTHING, LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S JACKETS, DRESS MATERIALS, CARPETS, OIL CLOTHS, &(a, &c., BOUGHT MUCH BELOW PRESENT MARKET PRICES. B. E. & Co. anticipate a Large Demand for these goods, and Buyers for Clothing Clubs, Buyers to sell again, and the public generally are particularly invited to pay an early visit and to note the very Low Rates at which they are marked. TEMPLE-STREET, SWANSEA. 1046 CONTRACTORS TO HER MAJESTY'S GOVERNMENT. The LARGEST MANUFACTURERS of INCANDESCENCE ELECTRIC LAMPS and ELECTRIC LIGHT FITTINGS in the BRITISH EMPIRE. THE JgDISON AND SWAN UNITED ELECTRIC LIGHT COMPANY, LIMITED. HEAD OFFICES, WAREHOUSES, AND SHOW BOOMS EDISWAN BUILDINGS, 36 AND 37, QUEEN-STREET, CHEAPSIDE. WEST END OFFICE, WAREHOUSE, AND SHOWROOMS 50, PARLIAMENT-STREET. AMMETERS. METERS, VOLTMETERS INCANDESCENCE ELECTRIC LAMPS FOR HOUSE LIGHTING. SHIP LIGHTING STREET LIGHTING, TRAIN LIGHTING, AND THEATRE LIGHTING. Price Lists free on application. Ill BUTE D OCKS, CARDIFF. » Brandhes in all Provincial Towns. 2734 JJOUSE FUR NISHING. UP TO DATE STYLES. rjIRAPNELL & G ANE. SPECIAL AUTUMN NOVELTIES. BRUSSELS CARPETS, New Designs, 3S TO 3s 11? per yard. WILTON PILE CARPET, Very Choice, gs to x j_D per yard* REAL AXMINSTER CARPET, the Best ever offered, 4 S 3D per yard. KENSINGTON ART CARPETS, bordered all round, 3yds. by 3yds., 22S 6D each. THE VELORS, FRENCH VELVET PILE 9ft. by 6ft. 7in., 42s each. NEW AND CHOICE SELECTIONS CHENILLE CURTAINS, from 17s 6d per pair- SILK CURTAINS, from 35s per pair. TAPESTRY CURTAINS, from 14s 6d per pair. ART SERGE CURTAINS, from 21s per pair. SEE OUR WINDOWS. rjIRAPNELL AND GANE, THE ART FURNISHERS, 38 & 41, ( £ JUBENSTREET> CARDIFF. ALL GOODS DELIVEBBD FREE. ESTIMATES FEES. 8366 STONE BROS., (Sons of the late Aid. Gains Auguatus tone). COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS AND FUNERAL DIRECTORS. Every rgquisifca for Funerals of all classes. Proprietors of Funeral Cars, ilearses, Shilli- biers, and Coaches. Superb Flemish Horses, &c. Price Li*t on Application. Please Note the Only Addrers:- 5, WORKING-STREET Telegraphic Addres* "STONE BROS., CARDIFF.' 7600 J. REYNOLDS AND CO. DIGESTIVE BROWN BREAD HAS A HIGH DIETETIC VALUE. OUR SELECTED BRANDS OF CHOICE WHEATEN MEAL for BROWN BREAD are Stocked by Leading PROVISION MERCHANTS IN SOUTH WALES. Wholesale Buyer3 Please Correspond. ADDRESS— J. REYNOLDS AND CO., ALBERT FLOUR MILLS, 6781 GLOUCESTER. GLASS, CHINA, AND EARTHENWARE. HE JJUSY JgUYER who has only 15 minates to spare should make fot J. R. ROGERS' MONSTER SHOW ROOMS, 9, WOOD-STREET (close to Royal Hotel), CARDIFF. We are always at home, always pleased to see you when you call. We have always got someting fresh to show you. Marvellous value in Breakfast, Tea, and Dinner Sets, Chamber Sets (hundreds of patterns to select from), Vases, Lustres, Centre Sets, and every description of Art Pottery, I able Cutlery, etc. Prices lower than any House in Cardiff. Wholesale or Retail We close at 7 p.m. Price Lists Free. 8548 JJOYAL jpjOTEL, £ JARDIFF. Served in Grand Coffee-room Daily from One to Three o'clock. Table d'H6te Luncheon 2 6 Fish, Joint, and Cheese 2 0 Joint, Sweets, and Cheese 2 0 Joint and Cheese 1 6 Chop or Steak, Vegetables, and Cheese.. 1 6 Fish only 1 0 TABLE D'HOTE DINNER, 3s. (at separate tables) SERVED AT 6.0 to 8.0. Seats may be Booked at the Office. NO CHARGE FOR ATTENDANCE. A. JUDAH. Manager. 8340 (Late Hotel Victoria, London.) ESTABLISHED 1870. EVERY SYSTEM OF EATING! JJEATING! "pyEATING! Prospectuses and testiJDonialll free. Efficiency guaranteed IU every case. Hundreds of buildings suc- cessfully heated.—Apply to TRUSWELL & SON, CALORIC WORKS, NEWCASTLE, STAFFORDSHIRE, AND DURHAM FOUNDRY, SHEFFIELD. 3151 HfARP JgRAND CEYLON AND JgUSTEDDFOD JgLENDED TEA PATRONISED BY THE QUEEN OF s ONG, MADAME ADELINA PATTI-NICOUNI. These Teas are celebrated for richness of Quality, Strength, and Flavour, judicious Blending, and Sterling Value. Vide unanimous opinion of the Press and Public. In Vs, and lib. lead Packets, at la lOd, 2s, 2s 4d, and 2s lOd per lb. 6005 WHOLESALE ONLY OF DONALD BROS. & CO., 3, SOUTH WARK-STREET, LONDON. S.E. NE BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS is warranted to cure Gravel, Pains in the Back, and all kindred complaints. Guaranteed free from Mercury. Sold in Boxes 4s 6d each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the world, or sent to any address (or sixty stamps by the Makers, The Lincoln and Midland Counties Drug Compauy, LiDcolu. XGL& EBusiness Addresses* ROGERS' ÁK ALES AND PORTERS In Gallon Cask sandupward PALE AND MILD ALES .fromlOdper Gallon PORTER AND STOUTS .from Is per Gallon I BREWERY, BRISTOL. CARDIFF STORES, WORKING-STREET 1161 39, QUEEN-STREET, gQ CARDIFF. THESE PREMISES WILL BE OPENED IN A FEW DAYS BY ELLIS A VIES AND CO., TEA AND COFFEE DEALERS, 44, LORD-STREET, LIVERPOOL. 8822 FROM JgUNNY CEYLON. L IPTON's JQELICIOUS fJlEAS Have reached a pinnacle of success never before at- tained by any other Teas in the world, and their in- creasing popularity IN EVERY HOME is the surest test of their appreciation by the public. If you wish to enjoy a Cup of Tea that Excels all others DRINK ONLY L I P T 0 N 's E A S. THE MOST POPULAR OF THE AGE. DIRECT FROM THE TEA GARDEN NO MIDDLEMEN'S PROFITS TO PAY. LIPTON'S TEAS Gained the HIGHEST and Only Award in the British Section of the WORLD'S FAIR, CHICAGO. NOTE THE PRICES. RICH, PURE, and FRAGRANT. IL S. AND IS' 4 D. PER LB. UNPARALLELED SUCCESS. ENORMOUS DEMAND. The Finest Tea the world can produce. PER -j^S i^D LB. NO HIGHER PRICE. Ll PTON, TEA AND COFFEE PLANTER, CEYLON. THE LARGEST TEA, COFFEE, AND PRO VISION DEALER IN THE WORLD. S&Ie proprietor of the following; celebrated Tea and Coffee Estates in Ceylon :—Dambakenne, Laymastotte, Monerakande, Mahadambatenne, Mousakelle, Poop- rassie, Haoagalla, and Gigranella, which cover Thou- sands of Acres of the Dest TEA and COFFEE st LAND in Ceylon. Ceylon Tea and Coffee Shipping Warehouses Maddema Mills, Cinnamon Gardens, Colombo. Ceylon Office: Upper Chatham-street, Colombo. Indian Tea Shipping Warehouses ana Export Stores: Hare-street, Strand, Calcutta. Indian Office Dalhousie-square, Calcutta. Tea and Coffee Salerooms: Mincing-lane, LONDON, E.C. Wholesale Tea Blending and Duty Paid Stores: Bath-street and Cayton-street, LONDON, E.C. Bonded and Export Stores: Peerless-street, LONDON, E.C. Coffee Roast- ing, Blending Stores, and Essence Manufactory: Old- street, LONDON, E.C. Wholesale and Export Pro- vision Warehouses: Nelson-place, LONDON, E.C., Fruit Preserve Factory: Spa-road, Bennondsey, LONDON, S.E. GENERAL OFFICES BATH-STREET, CITY-ROAD, LONDON, E.C. LOCAL BRANCHES :— Cardiff-7, HIGH-STREET and ST. MARY. STREET. Swansea-ARCADE BUILDINGS, HIGH. STREET. Llanelly Branch—9, STEPNEY-STREET. Bristol-22, WINE-STREET. Newport-4, COMMERCIAL-STREET. Mertbyr-4, MARKET-SQUARE BUILD- INGS. LARGEST TEA SALE IN THE WORLD. BRANCHES EVERYWHERE. AGENTS. THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. 7863 TEETH.—Complete Sot, One Guinca. Five years' warranty. GOODMAN AND CO., 10, Duke-street and 56, Queen-street. Cardiff. 13041-1114 £ JROSSLEY'S 4 QTTO" GAS JfJNGINE. GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. MANY RECENT IMPROVEMENTS. SECOND-HAND ENGINES IN STOCK (Ciosale and Other Makes). The largestManufacturersof Gas Engines in theworld CROSSLEY'S PATENT OIL ENGINE, SIMPLE, RELIABLE, AND ECONOMICAL. South Walem Office 22, MOUNTSTUART-SQUARE, CARDIFF. Representative H. ELLISON WALKER. Telegrams, Otto, Cardiff." 1093 See Large Advertisement. G. A. STONE & CO., UNDERTAKERS. ESTABLISHED OVER 30 YEARS. AT THE (JLD NO ONLY ADDRESS— 10, 11, A 12, WORKING-STREET, CARDIFF. UNDER THE MANAGEMENT OF Miss STONE, assisted by au Efficient Staff. Telegraphic Address:- "Stone, Undertaker Cardiff.' lIe-nOR NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS. Contributions sent to the South. Wales Daily News should be plainly written in ink, and invariably on one sMe of the paper. We desire to urge upon our numerous correspondents l he value of concise- ness and the desirability of curtailing the length of their communications. It cannot be too clearly understood that brief and pointed letteis receive the first attention. All communications intended for insertion must be authenticated by the name and address of the writer, not necessarily for publication, but as a. guarantee, of good faith. No notice will be taken of anonymous letters. Rejected communi- cations will not be returned.

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-------------THE "WELSH PULPIT."




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