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-11J_atites. AND BOBDEAUX Glances permm, will sail as follows, circum» DORDOQNE 1 « ELY • • ^ardiff for Bordeaux .Oct. SO With BoodV fordeaux for Cardiff Oct. » Tor RaheT^« i Passengers. *• Qual dei ?JL e*8ht, &c., apply to Mr A. G. Todd, theComnl« acr,t*ous> Bordeaux; and at the Office 481 Iny, 51. Mount Stuart-square, Cardiff. 1071 -H, CAMPBELL & CO.. Managers. (CARDIFF, SWANSEA, AND NEWPORT, WH«L TO BELFAST AND GLASGOW a-„ ■ FIRST-CLASS STEAMElla e "'tended to Sail with Goods and Passengers as CARpiPP f0 jjELFAhx! every MONDAY, p.m. tide. ii(ie t0 O^A'^OOW, every THURSDAY, p.m n^ANSEA TO BELFAST and GLASGOW, EVERY and GLASGOW, via fwansea. every ALTERNATE TUESDAY, p.m. tide. ■fr'aies—Belfast: Cabin, 17s. 6d-; peerage, 10s.; Slasgow Cabin, 20s.; Steerage, 12s. 6d. Soldiers or Sailors, 1011. Keturn Fare and ft Half, avatiable fot too months. T in, Further particulars from M. Jones and Brother, Swansea U. Burton and Son, Newport; or 1014 E. TAYLOR and Co., Cardiff. LINJ. FIVE AND A HALl- DAY PASSAGES. MAIL STEAMERS JLt) FROM LIVERPOOL CALLING A'L' QUEENSTOWN. FOR New YORK. I'OIT BOSTON LUCANIA .Sat., Oct. 20 CEPHALONIA ..Oct 25 ETRURIA.5at..Oct. 27 BOTHNIA ..Xh Nov' 1 CAMPANIA.sav-. Nov. o CATALONIA xh Nov r SUPERIOR ACCOMMODATION at moderate fare! for FIRST and SECOND Class Passengers • aim AUSU^ALIA AN' NkW ZEALAND and Steerage Passengers to aU pdorts of America and THE CUNARD STEAMSHIP COMPAN^T, LIMITED Water-street, Liverpool. Z „I T > « °.R T0 THEIR, AGENTS. T O f^unce> Docks, Cardiff Messrs °i\ a»(l Co., Cardiff D. S. Thomas, School- MCTthvr twd«erl: ]X T- -Davies, 52. High-street, nark ■ t n' • Locke, 3, Commercial-street, New- f?" ->• Roberts, Pontypridd W. Hancock, 2. PowninK-gtreet, Llanelly life AMERICAN L INK. /SfrMeh >\ SOUTHAMPTON—NEW YORK SERVICE. ^UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. SOUTHAMPTON TO NEW *OrK DIREC1, Every SATlUtDAY. Ujghellt Class of a.ccomlllodll.tJon for SaJoon, Second flee. SERVICE. Every WEDNESHA Y. LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA, railing at Qneenstown every Thursday. outfttfree. Passengers and Goods ire landed at Philadelphia on the Wharf of the Pemi- ivlvania Railroad, which has the Shortest and most Direct Route to all places in the Western States. 1016 Apply to Richardson, Spence & Co., Southampton or Liverpool; or to M. J. Davies, 9, Kdwards-pJ., Queen at.. T. C. Howe de Co., 31, Mount Stuart-so.; C. J. Cud lipp, Castle-rd., Carditf; Mason and Co., 2, Mount-st., Swansea Austin and Silcocks, tswaiuea 1'. H. Austin, Neath-road, Landore; 1). S. Thouias, British School, IJandovery; W. Hancock, Downing-st., & J. L. Boweu, Laketield, Llanelly; U. Lewis, Bridge-st., Neath; D, L. Jones, 23, Villiers-st., Briton Ferry J. Robert)) Pontypridd; 1). T. Davies, Merthyr J. S. Lambert, 2, The woodlands, Porth; D. J. Evans, Merthyr; W. Smith,42,Hannah-st.Porth A. Tilney,Steam aw Mills, Abertillery A. H. Thomas, Blaina; A. Davies, 1, Queen- it., Pontlottyn; W. H Hitchings, Aberkenfig J. lliomas, Trsdegar ;J. D. Thomas, Seven Sisters. Neath. fMtPALGRA VE. MURPHY & co.'s 1..INE OF STEAMERS. tVSilMiW SWANSEA TO HAMBURG CITY OF CADIZ ..t&ptain Connor CITY OF DORTMUND Captain Codd CITY OF OPORTO Captain Heare One of the above or other steamers of the same Line intended to leave Swansea for Hamburg every Ten Days. For Freights, Ac., apply to the owners, Palgrave, Murphy 6 Co,, 17, Eden Quay, Dublin, or to the Agents, BURGESS & CO., Swansea Agent at Hamburg D. FU HUM ANN. 8756 LONDON TO CARDIFF & SWANSEA. WEEKLY SAILINGS. The London and South Wales Steamers are intended to Sail every FRIDAY from London (King and Queen Wharf, Rotnerhithe, S.K), carrying Goods for CAR- DIFF and SWANSEA, as follows Camel B.s. London to Cardiff and Swansea.Oct. 19 Fitzwilliam s.s. „ „ „ Oct. 26 For further particulars apply to Matthews and Luff. 102, Fenchureh-street, Loudon; F. H. Tucker Mad Co., Swansea; or Matthews and Luff, Vienna Chambers. Cardiff. Pleaaa note Change in Loading Berth, 2247 CHEAP EMIGRATION.—To UNITED STATES by Ameriean Line for 36s to Canada by Allan and Dominion Lines, B2; to Australia, 9 9s, everything found.—For tickets apply to T. C, HOwE and Co., Agents, 31, MOUNT STUART. SQUARE, CARDIFF. 207 TW-BW ZEALAND SHIPPING OOM- i31 PANY. TIMEBJFFE, CAPETOWN, TASMANIA, AUS TEALIA (VIA HOBART), ANP NEW ZEALAND. Monthly Service. Excellent accommodation. Liberal cuisine. Special arrangements for booking passages at Reduced Fares and Round the World Tours. KAIKOURA 4,507 tons. Oct. 18 Apply to J. B. Westray & Co., 138, Leadenhall- etreet, London, EQ. or in Cardiff to J. A. Scott, Emigration Office, Catnays-terrace, or S. J. Davies, 9, Edward-place, or C, J. Cudlipp, 32, Castle-road. 5755 pi P P S GRATEFUL, COMFORTING, BREAKFAST-SUPPER. COOO A BOILING WATER 08 MILK. 18240 27431 PEPPER'S QUININE AND IRON JL TONIC Strengthens the Nerves and Muscular System, New size. Shilling Bottles. PEPPER'S QUININE AND IRON JL TONIO Animates the Spirits and Mental Faculties- PEPPER'S QUININE AND IRON JL IONIC Promotes Appetite and Improves Diges- tion. PEPPER'S QUININE AND IRON JL TONIC thoroughly Recruits the General Health, and induces a proper healthy condition of the Nervous and Physical Forces. Shilling Bottles. GURAT NERVE STRENGTH.— PEPPER'S GUININE and IRON TONIO braces up the weakened nerves, increases strength of pe, fortifies the nerve centres. GREAT BODILY STRENGTH.— V* PEPPER'S QUININE and IRON TONIC.— By enriching the blood, giving firmness to the tissues, and strengthening the muscular system, weakness disappears, appetite returns, fatigue ceases, and re- cruited health results. MENTAL STRENGTH.— JT PEPPER'S QUININE and IRON TONIC, by its supporting influences on the body and nerves, repairs the ravages caused by over-taxing the brain power, and so igvas really great mental strength. It costs about l%d each dose. Bottles, One Shilling. GREAT DIGESTIVE STRENGTH.— 1 PEPPER'S QUININE and IRON TONIC pro inoteB appetite, strengthens the stomach, stopping sinking sensations, removes indigestion, heartburn palpitation, cures dyspepsia, constitutional debility restoring health, strength, and energy. C3 HILLING BOTTLES of PEPPER'S K5 QUININE and IRON TONIC are now sold, Bringing it in reaoh of all. Next 8u:e, 2a largest, 3a ftd. Insist on having Pepper's Tonic. No other is of an y use. QULPHOLINE LOTION clears the SKIN iPOTS, BLEMISHES. BLOTCHES, REDNESS, ROUGHNESS, DISCOLORATION8 UHBIOHTLY OBJECTIONABLE APPEARANCES UNCOMFORTABLE SKIN DISFIGUREMENTS, Entirely fade away CJULPHOLINE LOTION makes the SKIN tO HEALTHY SOFT, BEAUTIFUL, TRANSPARENT, SMOOTH, SUPPLE. K7 SOFTENS and PRESERVES. GIVES a HEALTHY SURFACE COUNTERACTS EFFECTS of WEATHER EMBELLISHES and IMPROVES Shilling Bottles, everywbe.e, QULPHOLINE—ThebestSKINLOTION t0 BEAUTIFULLY FRAGRANT. COOLING and REFRESHING A most DESIRABLE APPLICATION ABSOLUTELY PURE and HARMLESS Shilling Bottles, everywhere 1062 LUNG SAVE YOUR LIVES BY TAKING TONIC 4.ITNG TONIO El oWBWDGES ;i» WW T UNO momo. -Kg LtwH \j A TONIO LlTvn THE MIGHTY HEALER. TONIC LUnS It has a power overdiseases hither- TONIC LUNO all weak-chested, or TONIC LnSS AsreJ^ be Consumptive, with 'IONIC LTTNri -nC» f^iifh of cough now and then ? TONIC fcuSS Wonderful Medicine. TONIC iSSi! 11,6 ^^VbfiSd you will TONIC KLT^TWPO»«YO' »..» SMO LuSn h*d bef*re- ,rrtTT roUGH i TONIC jPrSg HAVE YOU ACOUun TONIC A DOSE WILL n i TONIO HAVE Y0SpnriME WILL TONIC lUKft A D°SE AT TONIO LtJVft REMOVE II- TONIC LUnS Bronchitis and Asthma it re TONIQ LtlKn instpintly. jrc,ad. TONIC llie Sp^ms of Coughing so dread- fU»Q W in Whooping Cough become less t(jNIC VJJNQ *ith eaeh dose of the uiedicine. ^ONIC fpNa Y°ur Lung Tonic was recom „vN10 tended to me some years ago, an J have used it with the most satis- toNJQ .^tory results ever since. I keep it gi {.& TONIO LITS0 A' J 29. Calderon-road, TONIC EnSS "v. Leytonstone. J r^NIC. Lnv^ of a^?IUCLungest daughter was cured 10JJIC ^W tCeavy cold before she had TONIC LTtv^ w«ak stat» second bottle, when in a TONIC UJNA bV B?EN STRON«ER JNMC LtmS wit-h great family use it now TONIC LUnR colds. ene^t when they have TONIC Ltrv« r. „ K. EVANS, TONIC FCTJKG R^REPARED B?*\L^0USE» Abermule. TONIC LUNG ,1- OWBRIDGE, TONIC LUN6 .«H 4a fcf°Id in Bottles, Is TQNICV SNQ and P^' and by aU TONIO KQ to ^ole^u1Medicine Ven- TONIO.. «*M vjartrtg0UsT •,aUL<»adonandPro- FONIO ^711-1158 tONM %USHUSB l\,bhrfls.eS. R oMANTIO JJEW gERIAL- FOR THB CARDIFF TIMES AND gOUTH "^yALES -y^TEEKLY "J^EWS THIS WEEK. 44 rjlHE JgEAUTIFUL BT JpLORENCE M ARRYAT, Author of "Fighting the Air, "Her Fath«*« Name," "A Fatal Silence," There is No Death," "The Nobler Sex," "How Like a Woman." &c.. Captain Marryat's Daoghtw Is BoteWf woman and a brilliant and wcoe«fuI Novel,.t Her New Btory will be found «s charming and interesting as any previous work from her pen. JJOMANTIC SERIAL, FULL OF FRESHNESS, BRIGHTNESS, AND ORIGINALITY, NOW APPEARING IN OUR COLUMNS WEEKLY, AN ENTIRELY NEW AND FASCINATING WORK OF FICTION, ENTITLED— rpHE JgEAUTIFUL SOUL, BY JpLORENCE jy £ ARRYAT, Author ot Fighting the Air," A Fatal Sileooe, There is no Death," The Nobler Sex," Miss Harrington's Husband," Her Father's Name," "How Like a Woman," &c., See. ISS JpLORENCE ARRYAT The daughter of the late Captain Marryat would be a notable woman apart from her writ. ings-and she is no novice with the pen, as the list of her pubhshed works shows. After the first Burmese War Captain Marryat was offered a baronetcy, but he chose instead a crest and arms, with permission for his daughters to bear them after him. There are not more than six women in England who possess a similar privilege. While still young, Miss Florence Marryat adopted literature H her profession, thus foUow. ing in the footsteps of her sire, whose Peter Simple," "Midshipman Easy," fca, have d4t- lighted thousands of readers. Miss Marryat lives alone, attended by two servants, at a pretty little house in West Kensington, where she has a remarkable oolleotion of petJ-doge, birds, and flowers. Miss Marryat is reputed to be very kind to young authors, of whom she has a good number among her friends. Sbe is ever ready to discuss a character or a plot with them, Sbe has ever been known to help the lame dog over the stile by writing a chapter in a novel, which. somehow or other, the author found insuperable difficulty in putting together- Miss MARRYAT'S STORIES—sensational, daring, and romantic as they sometimes arø- prove pleasant reading always, because th^e^^o them a generous sympathy, A large-hearted humanity, and a wonderful fidelity to hnroau nfttare, good and bad alike. PLOT OF THE JgEAUTIFUL SOUL. BY JPLORENCE J^ARRYAT. PART THE FIRST.SPRING." Felioi* Hetherington, a rich, middle-aged woman, who has given up all idea of love or marriage, whilst driving in town witnesses a terrible street accident. She lends her carriage to convey the young man, who has been severely injured, to the hospital, where he lies for some time between life and death. Meanwhile she visits and sends him comforts. She finds he M) t gentleman, very poor, and atruggUn o sub- sistence. Ho has to undergo an operation at the risk of life. She stands beside him all the while. On his recovery he proposes to her. At first she will not entertain that finding he is in earnest she finally consents to be engaged to him on the condition that if be should ever find he has mistaken his feelings far her he is to tell her the truth at once. She introdaoes him to her friends, Mr Selwyn and bill daughter, Mab Selwyn, another author, and takes them all down to her country house. Chestnut Hall. PART THE SECOND.—" SUMMER." Frances Cuthbert, Felicia's greatest friend, is one of the party at Chestnut Hall, and is much astonished at engagement to Archibald Nasmyth and doubtful of its consequenoes. On recovering his health, Arobibald commences to collaborate in writing a story with Mab Selwyn. Mab aJmQf appropriates him. At a picnic she insists on dsiving him in Felicia's phaeton. The horses run away, and Felicia saves them from being dashed down a sandpit at the risk of her life. She is confined to her room for a fortnight in consequence. Mabel meanwhile fascinates Archi- bald to such a degree that he tells her be loves her. He is miserable in consequence, and when Felicia rejoins the family circle he dares not pieet her eye, She suspects something, and one eveping she overhears him telling Mab how her beauty and pharms have led him away from his allegiance, and that he has bound himself to tell Felicia the truth in such a case. PART THE THIRD,—" WINTER." Felicia is intensely miserable at the uews, but her first thought is for Archibald. She cannot bear the idea of his humiliation, spshenerves her- self to send for him and tell him that she has been thinking the matter over since her illness, and she does not believe they wijl be happy to. gether as man and wife. He pretends to demur at first, but finally acquiesces with ill-cdnoealed relief. The Above is a meagre outline up to a certain point of a most interesting story, the plot of which is said to have its best developments beyond the point above given. Felicia visits Scotland and makes new friends. She possesses the reader's sympathy throughout. The mantle of the late Captain Marryat has faUen on the shoulders of bis accomplished daughter, as aU who have read her charming books can testify. And while her pen is that of a graceful writer, it is also prolific, for she has added a goodly list to the modern works of fiction. Her last new book is fully equal, and in some cases superior, to many which have preceded it, the denouement of the plot being skilfully con- cealed until tbe closing pages. THE GEAUTIFUL GOUI*. A ROMANCE, PT FLORENCE jyjARRYAT, Author of Fighting the Air." The Luckiest Girl »» Yorkshire," &o., to. IS APPEARING IN THE CARDIFF TIMES AND SOUTItWALES yymx J^EW8 TfilS WEllt. BUSINESS &FTFA<8GGG. TEETH TEETH 1 rjlEETH 1 U A COMPLETE SET .ONE GUINEA SINQIK TOOTH — Five y. Warranty PrfesMedaJ QOODMAN & CQ., ? 10, DUKE-STREET, AND 56, QUEEN- STREET, CARDIFF, F4mLJ£8SJ,Y FrPTSD bl TNASLNI* REKG" e»u <««wwn«nd Mr GoodicdH a* & rar* skilful and human* Dentist His rea- Zon*i>l« ek»rge« would attmct toTiim aUclawes.' PLA 'WI. Before entering look for tue Name— GOODMAN A CO., 06 QUEKN-VST.. <T W, ii UlflS-SWRBST, CARDIFF. NEWPORT-ISo BRIDGE-STREET Opposite Tredegar Chambers.) "PONTYPRIDD—86, TAFF-SXREBT (over Glamorgan- shire Bank). 53e—1360 AFLD AX W. CASTLE-STREEX, SWANSEA. Consultations Free. Hours, 10 to 8. A. A. PERCY'S WORLD RENOWNED PATBNT pIPE COVERS TO FIT ANY PIPE. COMFORT, SPEED, ECONOMY. ONE PENNY. SOLE AGENTS FOR WALES AND MONMOUTHSHIRE, J. E. COMLEY AND SON, WHOLESALE WAREHOUSEMEN, MOIRA TERRACE, CARDIFF. Special Terms to Large Wholesale Buyers. LAST I^F CONSEQUENCE OF WEKK LAST WBBBHVIMH* V* WEEK LAST IMMENSE PREPARATIONS WEEK LAST WEEK LAST FOE CHRISTMAS WEEK LAST WEEK LAST "OERRY AND f^iQ, WEEK LAST X> WEEK LAST WEEK LAST ARK COMPELLED WEEK LAST MAFN(L, WEEK LAST CLOSE WEEK LAST THEIR MOST SUCCESSFUL J^EEK LAST WEEK LAST WEEK LAST CLEARANCE SALE WEEK LAST WEEK LAST OF WEEK LAIT FURNITURE. WFJK BEDSTEADS, WEEK LAST CARPETS, WEJ'K I.AST WEEK LAST GLASS, CHINA, AND WEEK LAST EAPTHRNWARIS WEEK LAST EARTHENWAXB, WEEK J lAST ON WEEK LAST WEEK LA|T SATURDAY, OCT. 20TH. WEEK HUNDREDS WEKK LAST OF WEEK LAST WEEK LAST SPECIAL WEEK LAST WEEK LAST BARGAINS WEEK LAST F0R TH18' WEEK LAST WEEK LAST THE LAST WEEK, WEEK LAST WEEK LAST WEEK LAST WEEK LAST Q/i AUMN-ST., WEEK LAST 0 4I:, LOI WEEK LAST WEEK LAST /CARDIFF, WEEK LAST VY 4051 WEEK JjJEFORMED JpUNIRALS, CPAAUCTED BY JOBN g MIT H Many years' ei^erieoee in London, sod 1Me Managing Director Funeral Furnishing Com, pany, Cheltenham. FUNERALS FROM 358., SO £35. gpeeUl facilities for Cremation and Igarth- to-Earth Burials, as recoounended by the Medical Profession and adopted by the Burial Reform Association. PRWI; LISTS ON APPLICATION. Personal supervision to all Orders. Attend- ance given at any hour, day or night. Only Addr86S- 9. CASTLE-ROAD, CARDIFF. <S4(U§79E W* E. yAUGHAN AND 00. LIMITED, STEAM-POWER DYERS, FRENCH CLEANERS, Ac., LLANPAFF.fiOAD, CARPIFP, BSAKCH KSTABLISHHRNTS 28, QUBEN-STREEKT, lOARm|PIf m, BUTE-STREET, J VAttDlF*. 1, CLIFTON-STREET, BOATS, 60, WINDSOR-ROAD, PENARTH. SKINNER-STREET, NEWPORT 93, HIGH-STREET, MERTHYR/ 27, OASTLE-STRBET, SWANSEA- 19, ARCADE, PONTYPRIDD. AGENTS IN ALL TOWNS IN SOUTH WALES AND MONMOUTHSHIRE, Who receive and forward Parcels regularly to the Work ^genta* Addresses and Price lists sent in answer to Post Cards POSTAL SERVICE parcels amounting to PIn Shillings sent direst to Works will be returned Carriage Paid one way, W, E, VAUGHAN AND 0°" LIMITED, DYERS, Are doing the largest trade and working the mos »$eient Machinery within a radius of OneHandred Miles, and ARECELEBRATED FOR CLOTHES AND PRESS CLEANING by FRENCH PROCESS, pro. dtieing permanent colours, a superior finish, moderate charges, and promptness of despatch 1000 — ——- FOB THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE • WORLDFAMED BLOOD MIXTURE. THE GREAT BLOOD JpURIFIER and RESTORER. FOR CLEANSING and CLEARING the j' BLOOO from ALL IMPURITIES it cannot be too highly recommended. For Scrofula, Scurvy, Ecsema, Skin and Blood piseasesf Pimples, and Sores all WMI, its effects are marvellous. It Cores Old Sores. Ciires Sores on the Neck Cures Spre Legs. Cures Pimples on the Face. Cures Scurvy. Cur- Eczema. Cures Ulcers Cur. lood find Skin Diseases Cures Glandular Swellings. „ Clears the Blood from all Impure Matter, From whatever cause arising.. It is the only real specific for Gout and RheN. vatic Pfiins. It removes the cause from tne blood and bones.. As this mixture is pleaaant to the taste, and warranted free from anything injurious to the most delicate constitution of either sex, from infancy to old age, the proprietors solicit sufferers to Rive it a trial to test its value. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS 'We have seen hosts of letter? from PEOPLE who have received great benefit from the use of Clarke's Blood Mixture. It cannot be too highly estimated, for it cleanses and el ears the blood from aU impurities." This is a good testimonial from the Family Doctor, which goes on further to say: "It is the finest Blood Paitfier that science and skill have brought too light, and we can with the utmost confidence recommend it to our subscribers and the public generally." Sold in bottles 2s Ja each, and in eases) contAlping six tines the quantity, lis—.uiticient to efteot a per- manent cure in tbjt great majority of long-standing CAUS By all CHEMISTS and PATENT MEDICINE VENDORS throughout the World, or seat to any address on receipt of M or 132 stamps by the Pro. prietoie, THR LINCOLN AND MIDLAND OOVN TIES DRUG COMPANY, LINCOLN. TRADE MARK-BLOOD MATURE. ASK~FOR CLARKE'S BLOOD MIXTURI5, and da not be per- (Uftded to take ait imitation or tubftUua. JW4 XT OE' S EVERYBODY LIKES gAUCE. SA U OE, DELICIOUS, WHOLESOME. ENJOY IT DAILY, 1999 THE DE REES BILL-POSTING AND X ADVERTISING COMPANY, LIMITED. PROPRIETORS of 150 of the LARGEST STATIONS. NEWTORT, PONTYPOOL. RISCA, EASTERN Bad WESTERN V ALLEYS. TERMS ON APPLICATION, m. coiuii»«WAL^a^«BT. NEWPORT. 1009 'ttblitafians. CHINA AND JAPAN. THIS GIGANTIC STRUGGLE ON LAND and SEA will be faithfully pictured in JXHE GRAPHIC and THE DAILY GRAPHIC by their SPECIAL ARTISTS with the Japanese O and Chinese Armies, who will have every 6795 facility aiiorded them by both belligerents. THE MINING MANUAL FOR 1894, BY WALTER B. SKINNBS, Contains full particulars Mining Companies Jbiown to the Exchanges of London and the Provinces. A separate section is devoted to South African Com- panies. A full list of mining IUrectors b also liven. The particulars given of each Mining Company in- clude the directors and other officials, date of estab- lishment, seat of operations, description of the property with the purchase consideration, details of capita], calls, dividends paid, and the latest financial position as disclosed by the accounts. A feature of this issue is the particulars given of the principt\1 Coal and Iron Compauies. SIXTH YEAR OF PUBLICATION. Price, 10s 6d net. Post free, 11s. LONDON 26, NICHOLAS-LANE, LOMBARD. STREET, E.C. 2C5 T~~HE ARCHITECT AND CONTRACT REPORTER. Established nearly a Quarter of a. Century. The ARCHITECT and CONTRACT REPORTER has a large and influential circulation amongst Archi. tects, Builders, Contractors, and the wealthy classes of the public, a.nd has been found to be a very valuable medium of publicity. The ARCHITECT and CONTRACT REPORTER contains a larger number of Tenders and Contracts Open than any other paper. The ARCHITECT and CONTRACT REPORTER contains the fiuest and most beautiful Architecturaal and Art Illustrations ot any paper published in any part of the world WEEKLY, PRICE 4d PUBLISHED BY P. A. GILBERT WOOD, 175. STRAND, LONDON, W.C. 6251 CARDIFF, S WAN SEA. AND NEW POBT SHIPPING GAZETTE. Published every Monday Morning. Price 21s per aunum, or by Post 25s. The CARDIFF, SWANSEA, AND NEWPORT SHIPPING GAZETTE contains a. complete record of the Shipping business of Cardiff, Swansea, Newport Bristol, Neath, Briton Ferry, Buiry Port, <fcc„ and cir culates among all the Merchantll and Brokers of the Bristol Channel Ports, and generally throughout the various ports of the United Kingdom. It is tiled at iioyu s, the Lombard, and most of the Chambers of Commerce, and is &lso stint to the leading Foreign Ports CHIEF OFFICES IPS. St. Mary-street. Cardiff Just Published, for Two stamps, Jiv J. A. BARNES, M.D. (U.S.) a. Treatise, entitled HOW TO ENSURE HEALTH most valuable Book on the l<aws Governing Life, and the Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of all Diseases depending on Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Impaire sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, Ac. Sent post free on receipt of Two :ta,mp" Address :— J. A. BARNES, M.D. (U.S.). 4 Lonsdaiersquare. Thornhill-road. London. X, 1163 PUT UP IN WELSH TIN-PLATE. TpNAMELINE, THE MODERN GRATE AND STOVE POLISH. A PASTE. READY FOR USB. LABOUR SAVINO. REFUSE IMITATIONS WHICH 8MBLL AND DltV UP. 8J65 FIVE REASONS WHY ALL SHOULD BUY JJAYMAN'S JJALSAM. IT STOPS COLD. IT CURES A COUGH. IT GIVES PROMPT RELIEF. IT HAS A VERY PLEASANT TASTE, IT CPNTAINS NO OPIUM OR MORPHIA. FOR YOUHG MEN AND MAIDENS. OLD MEM AND CHILDREN. CVRKD MY COLD and I heartily recommend it. If MY COUGH HAS GONE after one bottle." ONE DOSE RELIEVED." MY CHILDREN LIKE IT," "))"0 UNPLEASANT EFFECTS." gold everywhere. Price, Is 144, 2s 9d, 4s 6d. 1O?? JJARP BRAND CEYON AMD JGJISTEDDFOD JGLENDED RJPEA. PATRONISED BY THE QUEEN OF SONG, MADAME ADELINA PATTI-NICOLINI. These Teas are celebrated for riehness of Quality, Strength, and Flavour, judicious Blending, and Sterling Value. Vide unanimous opinion of the Press and Public. In lh, and lib. lead Packets, at Is lOd, 2s, 2s 4d, and 2a lOd per lb. ——— 6005 WHOLESALE ONLY OF DONALD BROS. A CO., 3, SOUTHWARK-STREBT, LONDON, S.S. GOUTH WALES VINEGAR, SAUCE* AND PICKLE CO., Manufacturers of PURE MALT VINEGAR, PLYMOUTH STREET, SWANSEA. Shipping supplied. Made from Malt, and guaranteed free from Mineral Acid, Prices and terms onapplication. 7470 A WONDERFUL MEDRCINK BEROHAM/g PILLS, JJEECHAM'S PILLS, JGEECHAM'S PILLS Are universally admitted to be worto a Guinea a Box fpr Bilious and Nervous disoiders, such as wind and pain at the stomach, sick headache, giddiness, fulness swelling after meals, dizziness and drowsiness told chills, flushings of hRat. loss of appetite shortness Of breath, costiveness, scurvy, blotches on the skin disturbed slfeep, frigotful (keaiu^ and all nervous und trembling sensations, &c. The first dose will give relief in twenty minutes. This j: no fiction, for they have done it in countless cases. Every sufferer is earnestly invited to try one bo* (II bese Pills, and they will be acknowledged to>be WORrrH A GUINEA A BOX. WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For Females of all ages they are invaluable. No Female should be without them. There is not a inedi cine to be found equal to them for removing any ob- truction or irregularity of the system, If taken according to the directions given with each box they will soon restore Females of ail ages to sound and robust health. Tuis has been proved by thousand wijo have tried them, and found the bf»nefl v whifli ar proved by their use JJEECHAM'S PILLS. JJEECHAM'S PILLS. JJEECHAM'S PILL* For a weak stomacii, impaired digestion, and a1 disorders o( the liver they Jict like 41 MAGIC," aud^TE* d be found to work wouders upon the most mportant organs of the human machine* They trengtben the whole mu-scular system, restore tlie appetite, and arouse into action the whole phvsica energy of the human frame. These are "FACTS' stl jied continually by members of all classes of society And one of the best guarantees to the uervoijs lid debilitated is GEECHAM'S PILLS. JGEECHAM'S PILI43. JJEECHAM'S PILLS Have the Largest Sale o^ a,n^ Patent Medicine in FULL PIBSCTIONS QJVJj WITn POX. Prepared only and sold^wholesale and re^rft Proprietor, T. BEECHAM.ohemist, St Helens ijire, and by aU *>'uggist« and Patent MediWi DetlerR everywhere. In Boxes. 91.t(}, Is IV^d, and 2s 9d each- 4611 WILLIAMS' (PONTARDAWEjl •yy ORM LOZENGES, For over Thirty Years ThiTbighly valuable has met with the greatest succe^ The effect uttoa Week, Delicate Children (0ften given up as »s«n*w1"J is like Magic. Gettiug rid of his tormenting pests vy taking these Loisenges, the thin, pale-fao»d, Child become* stroug, healthy, and lively. l"e P" Instead of the anxiety, of his guardians.. ■ ,t_ •' Sir,—I have for some timM used your Anthelminwe «r Worm Lozenges, in my family, and find them a very «p»edy and efficacious cure for ascearidss. and «»eir ureeable and convenient form is a great reeomvamuM Son for children. W. IiuXCBjNS0N7Vxcar of U«*don. Sold at 9%d. 13%d, 9d pe/ box by most Chemists, or for 14 or m stamps '/of.J- Chemist, 30, High-street, y wansea- A Ust of tesU' monials, symptoms, Ac., 0n application- leai TH CARMARTHEN BILL-POSTING cm.lPA}liï U, BRIDGE^SSCT^ARMABTABW. BOl-postiOg and Ati.orUaiag in *Jl ,t3 yrwlc throughout ^,eUounties of Cwwarthen PEN,^H»D^^A^







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