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mo IMIKCOI .11"2yll has wrillen a monograph on "Law in Christian TIM-OI.WV," which will soon be published by Mr. Ahirray. A young man shot hiin-elf in a house in ilurringl.on-.sl.reH-, I lamp.siead-road. It is said that lie was of clerical appearance. Two seams of (-oil been discovered fit Koppera-inanima, South Australia. The dis- covery was made by Government ofIicials who were boring for water. Prince Nicholas on Saturday laitl the founda- tmn-stone of a new church to be erected at Nikitch, in memory of the Montenegrins who fell in the Riisso-Tukish Avar. The Northumberland Miners Conciliation Board, at a meeting held on Saturday at New- castle, decided that there should be no change in the rate of wages for the ensuing quarter. At the annual general meeting of the Incor- porated Law Society, Mr. J. W. Bucld was elected president, and Mr. J. Addison vice- president, for the ensuing year. Geoffrey A. Perkins, described as an Ameri- can barrister, was remanded at Bow Street Police Court on a charge of obtaining money by menaces from a colfce-bonse keeper. Police-sergeant Frank Maddison, of the T. Division, has died at the West London Hospi- tal under mysterious circumstances. His skull was fractured, and foul play is suspected. The Hon. the Lady Howard de Walden on Saturday afternoon laid the foundation stone of the church enlargement in connection with Holy Trinity Church, Shoreditch, London. Mr. Charles Taylor, of Morton Manor, near Slough, has volunteered to act as Master of the Farmers' Harriers, in succession to Mr. J. L. Phillips, of Oakley Court, Windsor. The Duchess of Albany, accompanied by Sir Roberts Collins, attended the animal distribu- tion of prizes to the pupils of the Eshev National Schools, and gave the awards away. Wandsworth Guardians have received an order from the Local Government Board authorising the purchase of the Tooting College estate for P-40,000 as a home for the aged and infirm. The Parks Committee of the London County Council have given permission for the enclos- ing of a lawn facing the principal road and the lake in Battersea Park for the benefit of lady cyclists. Messrs. John Wood and Co., of West Hartle- pool, have recived a telegram from Captain Judd, dated St. Mary's island, Newfoundland, stating that the steamer Sunrise is a total wreck. Crew all saved. A labourer named William Matthews, em- ployed by the Gosport Local Board, committed suicide by banging on Saturday. The de- ceased's twin brother killed himself some time ago by cutting his throat. The restrictions on Chinese immigration into New South Wales are so effective that during the past seven years only 2.12 Chinese have landed in the colony, and of these 221 were naturalised British subjects. It is expected that the new drama by Mr. Cecil Raleigh, Mr. Henry Hamilton, and Sir Argustus Harris will be brought out at Drury Lane Theatre on September 15. Mrs. John Wood will be in the cast. Mr. George Murray Smith, who made a good fight as a Unionist for the Rushcliffe Division of Nottinghamshire, is the eldest son of Mr. George Smith, the Avell-fiiiowii publisher and founder of the Pall Mall Gazette." It is stated that the comic opera on the sub- eet of Madame Sans Gene," in which Miss Florence St. John may by-and-by appear, will be written by Mr. Henry Hamilton and com- posed by M. Andre Mcssager. The Alhambra Company has obtained Sir Arthur Sullivan's acceptance of a contract under which the distinguished composer undertakes the composition of a grand ballet for production at the Alhambra early next year. Old London playgoers will be pleased to hear of one of their favourites of past days, Madame Emily Soldene, who lias just had a farewell beneiit in Sydney. She appeared as Madame Lange" in "La Fille de Madame Angot." A collection of vivid pictures illustrating moving incidents in the life of her Majesty Queen Victoria, with descriptive text, will be given as a pictorial supplement to the monthly part for August of" Cassell's Saturday Journal." The Westmorland Gazette" is authorised to slate that the Emperor of Germany will begin his visit to Lord Lonsdale on the 11th of August. 11 is Highness will visit Patterdale, Windermere, Keswick, Penrith, and Pooley Bridge. "Commander" Booth, of the Salvation Army, and some other officers of the organisa- tion have arrived in Winnipeg with a view to making a tour in North-West provinces to find a desirable location for General Booth's over-sea colony. Estate duty has been paid on £ 134,181 as the net, value of the 'personal estate of Sir Samuel Wilson, of 10, Grosvenor Square, and Ercil- doune, Victoria, formerly of ITugbenden Manor, Cucks, who died on the 11th of June last, aged G3. Mr. Clarence W. Sedgwick, a wealthy New Yorker, whose passion for drink had led to his expulsion from several hotels in London and Paris, committed suicide on Saturday night ill his bouse in the Rue Richer. Money and jewellery to a large amount were found in his rooms. Charles Baker, described as a journalist and author, was charged on a warrant at Maidstone with demanding money by menaces from jMr. I N- III" Lewis, a. farmer of Farleigh, after prosecutor had refused him assistance. The accused was remanded that the state of JdiJ milld might be inquired into. A Paris telegram says: Persistent rumours are alloat to the ellect that ex-Captain Dreyfus, who was recently convicted of disclosing French War Office documents to Germany, deprived of his rank, and committed to penal servitude for life, has escaped from the islaml where he was confined. A horse trainer named Thomas Orr, Avas arrested at Drimohill, near Manor-Cunning- ham, county Donegal, charged with causing the. death of John Sheerin, a navvy. It is alleged that while the men were drinking to- gether Orr stabbed Sheerin in the left breast, causing fatal injuries. A gentleman who Avas found cut to pieces near Catfoid Bridge Railway Station, near London, has been identified as Mr. W* M. Leslie, editor and proprietor of the Crystal Palace Times," formerly of Manchester. He is supposed to have been crossing the line when lie was knocked down by a passing train. Shots were fired into the bouse of a care- taker near Dungarvan on Sunday morning. It is that the caretaker and his wife, who AVCre in bed, were both wounded, and that the man's life is in danger. It is said that the police were first apprised of the occurrence by the woman, who eraivled to the statioil, ti\,o miles distant. At Liverpool on Saturday William Kennedy was committed to the assizes on a charge of j' murdering his wife on May 18. The evidence showed that the accused and his wife had been drinking, and that the following day be Avas found sitting on the bed with a gaping Avound in his throat, while in the same room was the corpse of the woman with the head almost severed from the trunk, I