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THE FLINT BOROUGHS. MB. J. HERBERT LEWIS, the newly selected Liberal Candidate for Flint Boroughs, has entered upon his candidature with a vigour which is a certain indication of his ultimate and complete triumph over the forces of Tory- ism. He has already paid a preliminary visit to St Asaph-wbere in dwell those two Church dignitaries, in whom the hopes and faith of Church defenders are centralized, and whose pamphleteering and statistical compilations, whether imaginary or real, are expected to do so much to avert the disaster that awaits the privileged Church in Wales. Even in this hotbed of parsons, Mr LEWIS has been cor ti- ally received. On Saturday he viaited the ancient and historic borough of Rhuddlan and called almost upon every elector. Here Tory- ism is an exotic-it never flourishes, and the cumber of Tory electors is a very small quan- tity indeed. A general promise of support was accorded Mr LEWIS, and when the crucial test comes the stalwart electors of Rbuddlan may be relied upon to redeem their promise. After experiencing so many reverses in such rapid succession it would belthought that theTories would hesitate before again giving an exhibi- tion of their weakness, especially in view of the strength of the Liberal candidate. It is, however, evident, that they mean to wage war once more, and not allow Mr LEWIS to obtain possession of the seat unquestioned. There ILt e yet a few Tory mediocrities to be made magistrates, and before they can obtain this exalted dignityJhey must win their spurs in a political contest. In Flintshire elevation to the magisterial bench is the reward for dis- guished services on behalf of Toryism, and the few Tories-yoning and old-who have not yet the magic letters J.P. affixed to their names, will not be slow to provide the necessary funds in order that they might have the op- portunity of rendering this "distinguished ser- vice," and obtaining the coveted reward. Mr PENNANT will therefore turn up smiling, and woo the constituency with all t he blandish- ments and seductive graces be knows so well how to employ. Truly he has deservediy earned the reputation of be Kg the Aunt Sally of the Tory party in Flintshire." He has had many "knock down blows," and he Appears to be quite ready to receive another. And he will get it. Every day Mr HERBERT LEWIS'S' popularity is being intensified his sterling qualities and attainments are daily becoming more apparent; and his high wmd- edness, integrity, and soundness of principle are more and more commanding general ad- miration. The hearty manner in which he has thrown himself into the campaign for the Dis- establishment of the Welsh Church skews that he is possessed of metal and grit, which he uses with most telling effect against his political opponents. And this he does with- out unnecessary asperity of speech, or infusing undue bitterness in the controversy which be, among others, is engaged in. Of him it can be safely said that he combines suaviter in modo with fortiter in re, His recent ut- terances at Rhjl, Liverpool, and Holywell lipou the one absorbing question that stirs Wales, proves that he is resolved to share in the attack as actively and as fearlessly as the most aggressive of the Welsh Parliamentary representatives. It is clear that" D isestab- jnent" is Mr Lawis's war cry. This is the platform upon which he takes his stand, and ft is upotj this question he seeka to be returned to St. Stephens. Neverthel 'FS he is a no less s rorg supporter of Home Rule for Ireland, and ihe Liberal programme generally. No one doubts the certainty of Mr LEWIS'S election—not even the Tories. But it. is of the utmost importance that his majority should be substantial and convincing, Everv available vote should be polled, so that Mr HERBKRT LEWIS will have a margin of 'It letat a thousand v)t..s. Considerable inpoit m^e will be attached to the extent of the majori- ties by which Liberal Candidates for Wales will be retarned, for this is the only way a true test of the feolings of the electorate of the Principality on the question of Dia- estftblisbment can be obtained. Flint Boroughs should not come out of the conflict less g!o- riously than the other Welsh corshtuencfeB. They have a candidate who will bear com- parison with the best of Welsh representatives or cardidatts, and they ought to be able to return him with a decisive and triumphant majority. We think we are safe in pre, ictitiv that Mr PENNANT will receive his quietus this time, and that he can venture to etaira th fc reward meted out to oft defeated Tory can- didates, without having to again engage in a hopeless combat, Hinapiy for the sake of satis- fying the arabitiops of a few inflated some- bodies who pull the Tory strings in Flintshire. As to the county, Mr SAMUEL SMITH'S seat is so secure, that we do not believe the Con- servative party will risk an ignominious defeat, by contesting it. The confession of impotency contained ill the fact 401 their allowing Mr SMITH to go unchallenged, they very rightly deem tolbe Icss humiliat- ing, and far preferable, to the lamentable spectacle they would pregant, were they to obtrude upon the constituency some candid- ate who might be ready to obey their behests, in order that he might be included in the iist of those who have led a forlorn- hope, and who are set down to receive some recognition at the hands of a grateful party when the opportunity is presented them.








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