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PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. WORDS ONCE THREE SIX 0>CE. TIMES. TIMES. 20 Words 0 6 10 16 30 Words 0 9 1 6 2 3 40 Words 1 0 2 0 3 0 Each extra 10 Words .1 0 3 f 0 6 0 9 N.B.—The insertion of several Advertisements is delayed because the references given are to Post-offices, to initials, or to fictitious names. Postmasters are not allowed to deliver letters so addressed. These charges apply only to the classes of advertise- ment specified below, and are strictly confined to those which are orderett for CONSECUTIVE insertion, and PAID FOR PREVIOUS TO L.\SERTFON if either of these con- ditions is not complied with, the auveetisement will be charged by the Business scale APARTMENTS WANTED HOUSES WANTED APARTMENTS TO LET I HOUSES TO BE SOLD ARTICLES LOST I MISCELLANEOUS WANTS ARTICLES FOUND MISCELLANEOUS SALES BUSINESSES FOR DISPOSAL PARTNERSHIPS WANTED BUSINESSES WANTED SITUATIONS WANTED HOUSES TO LET SITUATIONS VACANT. Sotiees of Births, Marriages, and. Deaths are chawed at the rate of Is for the first Twenty Wordand, 6d for e-ry additional Ten Words, and 1Iwst be PREPAID. In all cases the notice iiiist be authenticated by the name and address of the writer. .NIOKE Archer's Golc',en Returns sweet-est Tobacco manufactured. 800 33arttttrsljip. MINING ENGINEER with a good connection ia the South Wales coalfield, is desirous of ioining a fully-qualified architect, with a view of form- ing a firm of architects, valuers, anil surveyors.—For particulars apply to Messrs Frank James ancisons, Solicitors, 24, Duke-street, Cardiff. 357 GOOD OPENING for Active Par.iner, with about £ 10,000 in old established and successful busi- ness. —Address "Finance," care of IV H. Smith and Sons. Advertising ARetits, -,Ianchest-e*r. 275 JilatnmoniaL. f"F YOU ARE MARRIED, or contemplate taking JL this important'step, we can send you valuable information which you ought to know. Send your address, and we will sand catalogue and pamphlet free.-A(ld,iess H. G. Kerr, West-hill, Wandsworth, Loudon. 497 HeTmaTRIMONIA L CHRONICLE is the orgait T of tiio Universal Matrimonial Agency, pronounced by the public the leading and most influential medium for rapidly securing desirable marriages. Price 3d (in envelope,*4V3u). — Address Messrs Gibson and Ashley, 5, Bond-court. Walbrook, London, B.C. 7931 THE MATRIMONIAL POST and Fashionable T Marriage Advertier; desirable alliances ail classes suited price lUii private envelope 3d.— Address Editor, 2, Nicholas-at., Bristol. 3368—926 TWO Youno: Gentlemen (dark and fair), educated, .claries of £ 200 and £ 250, desire corres- pond*' with two Ladies possess ins smll income or jut" early marriage inchest references at —Address Dolling"?," Motel <lu Commerce, 2P, C'ros..s->i.rev:t, IlatC-m vinnieu, London. 171 "1111111!1..II V A JXEN PRAROK, Truss Maker, 20 years in London and Bristol..Most difficult cases carefully fitted. No shop.—13, The Parade, Cardiff. 896 MEDICAL.—Apprentice wanted (outdoor). -Apply Duck and Son, Chemists, St John's-square, Car- diff. 311_ L JONES, Chemist, Kidwelly, will shortly have a Vacancy for an Apprentice. 217 fSl V. YORATH. Chemist, Cardiff, is in want of a I well-educated Youth, as Apprentice, in or out. Time studv University. 41 -=- IIII iitusiraL B"DSl\lEN,-=-Besson's, Higham's, ]Boosey's, Cour- tor's good second Bra-ss instruments, Clarionets, ind repairing cheap. Maker, 61, Ogden-street, Ardwick, Manchester. 110 CCOPYRIGHT.—Music Made Easy marvellous easy, j practical method to play the pianoforte, harrno- j practical method to play the pianoforte, hanno- niuin, Is.—Rev Wm. Hughes, Ogmore Vale, Bridgend. 748 DISSOLUTION of Partnership. — Twenty Stop American Organ numberless effects in grand case 18 guineas only, net cash.—Wade, Tenby. DISSOLUTION of Partnership.—Ten Stop American Organ; divided steel couplers charming instru- Organ; divided steel couplers charming instru- I ment £ 10 only 300 testimonials.—Wade, Tenby. I DISSOLUTION of Partnership.—Splendid Duplex 60 Guinea Upright Grand Piano, by Neumeyer warranted £ 3110s.—Wade, Tenby. DISSOLUTION of Partnership.—Very handsome New Piano, steel frame, full compass, trichord wan-anted five years carriage paid; £ 25 10s.— Wade, Tenby. "I/"FRY fine New Bell Organ, six sets of reeds, 14 stops, divided couples, splendid soio effects; S24 only.—Wade, Tenby. DISSOLUTION of Partnership.—Above prices are for net cash carriage paid any instrument exchanged if not fully approved.—Wade, Tenby. exchanged if not fully approved.—Wade, Tenby. DISSOLUTION of Partnership.—Twelve beautiful Metal-framed Pianos, by Collard; need no further eulogium; £29 10s; compare these prices.— Wade, Tenby- DISSOLUTION of Partnership.—Horizontal Grand Piano, by Broadwood suit schoolroom or large room cost 200 guineas £ 7.—Wade, Tenby. ISSOLUTION of Partnership. — Twelve Guinea Walnut Harmonium, by celebrated maker, Ceaserini three stops best make nearly new £ 6.— Wade, Tenby. _n_ DISSOLUTION of Partnership. -All Stock must be Cleared.—Six Guinea Harmoniums, in good order full compass £ 3 each.—Wade, Tenby. DISSOLUTION of Partnership.—New Oak Har- monium, small size, but full compass £ 4 10s. All instruments carriage paid. Great, bargains.—Wade, Tenby. DISSOLUTION of Partnership.—Beioatiful Three- stop Walnut Harmonium usual price nine guineas priLe;26 10s. Great Bargains.—Wade, Tenby. 145 MISS ASTLE gives Lessons on the Pianoforte and Singing. Pupils can receive instruction twice each week either at their residences or 22, Charles- street, Queen-street, Cardiff. Terms moderate. 1160 NEW ORGAN, three manuals, 34 stops splendid instrument suitable for large hall or place of worship price, £ 650 references kindly permitted to Dr. Parry, Cardiff.—Apply John Stringer <fc Co., Organ Builders, Hanley. 8981 PIANOFORTE, bargain sold owing to owner going abroad iron frame costi 28 guineas sell IL going abroad; iron frame; cost 28 guineas sell for 14 guineas.—Apply G. H., 38, Bedford-street, Roath, Cardiff. 290 (Scfcuraitcttal. "JjTRENCH, Spanish, Italian, German, Private jC Tuition Classes. Special Classes for Commercial Correspondence and Conversation. Candidates pre- pared for the Medical, Law, Civil Service, Excise and Customs Examinations Scholarships through, the post Arithmetic, Book-keeping, Shorthand.—Mr W Haines, Public Translator, 25, Park-street, Cardiff. 194 t HANGETO-VVN Schools, Cardiff.- fbr Wanted, Assistant Master salary £ 45.—Quali- fications, testimonials, &c., to Headmaster. 457 TYPE-WRITING.—Rapid Shorthand and Type- writing. M.S. copied.—Young Gentleman open for Evening Engagements.—Address Shortype, "Daily News Office, Cardiff. News Office, Cardiff. WANTED, Coach for London Matriculation fees must be moderate.—Theta-, South Wales Daily News" Office, Swansea. 9397 attir Jfrrmtfc. LOST, on Saturday last, February 14th, 1891, a small Hereford Cow, in full milk white-faced, bow-horned, dark red colour.—Apply J. Jo hi/, Post- office, Liandaff Yard. 324 LOST, Brindled Sheep Dog, without tail, near Ton- gwynlais—Finder rewarded at Whitchurch Police-station. 222 LOST, Jan. 31st, a White Pointer Dog, with red spots. Anyone detaining same after this notice will be prosecuted.—J. Howells, 83, Mardy-road, near Ponty- pridd. 229 T" OST, on Sunday morning, in neighbourhood of 1 A Penylan Hill, small Fox Terrier Bitch, brown ears. If tinder will return same to K. W. Joues, 65, Richmond- road, Cardiff, he will be rewarded. 291 OST, Black Retriever Bitch, from Trecynon, Aber- I L dare, the 6th inst. Followed three men towards Merthyr. Name Truebe.—Grawvs Jones, Aberdare. 973 Bcmustir i^rirania. A GOOD strong General Servant wanted im- mediately.—Apply Mrs Graham, 46, High-street, Briery Hill. Ebbw Vale, Mon. 971 (CLEVER COOKS can add to their list of dishes in j the preparation of choice dainties for a dinner and supper table by consulting the pages of a little book entitled "Pastry and Sweets," given to all cooks send- ing their addresses to Alfred Bird and Sons, Birming- ham. Every lady and housekeeper in the land should have Pastry and Sweets handy for reference. There is nothing to pay, and the book will be sent by return post free to any address. 1285 ipfENERAL Servant" Wanted, age 25; able to do \jr good plain cooking.—Cook, Mitre Oak, Harfcle- bury, Stourport. 448 ENERAL Servant wanted at once.—Apply 35" Ffynone-terrace, Swansea. 431 (T NDER HOUSEMAID and Kitchenmaid wanted, ) Good characters from last place indispensable.— Address, with all particulars, to G. W., care of Owen uid Bryant, Swiss Chambers, Cardiff. 236 ANTED, experienced General Servantable t: Vf do plain cooking young girl kept. 8 Edwards-terrace, Cardiff. 183 ANTED, an experienced t w i- servant kept.-APPIY, with pp,,ti, a" other servant kept.—Apply, with particulars' ;o Mrs William?, Draper, Aberdare. 282 WANTED immediately, experienced General W Servant, able to cook well; house-parlourmaid kept.—Apply The Holmes, Marine Parade, Penarth. 341 W" ANTED, Young Lady S~~Mother's. Hel^ domesticated, musical, and fond of children Nonconformist preferred servant kept.—Mrs Verney, H.Claude-road, Roath, Cardiff. 335 ANTED, useful Girl, to assist in Housework.— T T_ Apply, stating age and all particulars, to Mrs Jenkins, Tylamorris, Briton Ferry. 376 WANTED immediately, experienced General Ser- vant plain cooking: small family good wages references required.—Apply 49, The Parade, ill Tredegarville, Cardiff. 452 WANTED, good General Servant.—Appiy 5, Rich- mond-terrace, Park-place, Cardiff. 351 WANTED, good General Servant, where another is kept.—Apply, stating wages, Mrs Davies, 64, High-street, Ferndale. ANTED at once, a good General Servant.— ▼ 11 Apply 9, Ruthin Gardens, Cardiff. 331 WANTED, by Young Woman, with experience, situation as Parlourmaid Newport or Cardiff praferred. -Apply 37, Bailey-street, Newport. 9413 I WANTED, immediately, a Kitchenmaid, capable of doing plain cooking good wages.—Apply Golden Lion Hotel, Abergavenny. 371 WANTED immediately, GeneraJ~ServantTcook well; also Housemaid good wages to ex- perienced servants,—Address N., "South Wales Daily Novy4, Swansea. S332 WANTED,'good General Servant; good character V V other servants kept.—Apply 235, Hi gh-street. 9333 WANTED, good, trustworthy General Servant, age 18 to 22.—Apply, with reference, to E. Williams, Grocer, Perrott-street, Trehavris, near Quaker's Yard. 39 WANTED, a Young Person (not under 20) as useful help to mother and daughter will be as one of the family. -Apply M. D., South Wales Daily News," Swansea. 9315 AINTED, i strong General Servant one from w the country preferretl. -Apply 17, Craddock- street, near Albert-hall, Swansea. 9314 WORKING Housekeeper required by Professional Gentleman must be experienced, g ood cook, and economical ? ged 30 to 45 boy kept; wages £25. References and full particulars to Ajax, Echo" Office, Cardiff. WORKING HOUSEKEEPER two in family; VT place of business.—Reply, with references, G., "South Wales Daily News" Office, Swansea. 9366 HE Insertion of several Advertisements is S delayed because the references given are to Post-offices, to initials, or fictitious names. Post- masters are not allowed to deliver letters so addressed. I ^Italians Starani. ABOUT 20 Labourers and Navvies wanted at once at Mardy.—Apply John Hopkins, Contractor. 332 BLACKSMITH.—Wanted, an experienced man, one ID used to shoeing preferred. Must be ;sober and industrious.—Apply to Evans and Owen, Ely Paper Works, Cardiff. 422 BODY and Carriage Maker wanted constan t job. —Write, age, wages, and where last employ ed, W. Gregory and Sons, Jersey. 263 BOOKBINDER Wanted immediately. State age and wages.—E. Bees and Sons, Ystalyfera. OOT TRADE. — Wanted, immediately, a steady- Man, to repair at the bench and make a few rivet and hand-sewn good wages, and constant em- ployment.—Davies, 65, Castle-street, Abergavenny. 4 BOOT TRADE.—Wanted, smart energetic Man, to take entire management of shop good refer- ences required.—Apply B 951, Daily News," Cardiff. 951 BUTCHERS.—Wanted, a Young Man to help in the Butchery and make himself useful—Apply D. Williams, Butcher, 12 Stall, Market, Swansea. 9281 ^IIVIL-SER^ICEAPPOINTMENT^—Salarius £ 70 to 2400, Tuition by correspondence.—Wanted, V Men to prepare for Clerkships, Excbe, Cus- toms, <ic. No payment until successful. Stamp.— Secretary, 48, Lin ton-street, Islington, London. 230 CCLERKSHIPS in her Majesty's Civil Service. Age j 14—25. Ladies under 20. Salaries, £ 70— £ 400. "ext examination, 7tli April; 104 vacancies. Over 1,200 appointments recently obtained. Thorough pre- paration in class or by post. Complete guide free, write or call, G. E. Skerry, 67-69, Chancery-lane, London, W.C. 15 ENGINEMEN, Stokers, and Outside Fitters are requested to Keep Away from Aberdare Valley, a:; a Dispute is Pending. ;INCI-NEERI-N-G.-Wa,nted, a -3teady litter and n Turner, to take cliiirge occasionally of a small fitting shop one with knowledge of marine fitting pre- ferred state wages.—Address, Engineer, Daily News Office, Cardiff. 938 1 .WORKMAN PRINTER.—Wanted, immediately, a thoroughly competent man bilingual news- paper, jobbing.—Apply with references to Iwan Jenkyn, Pontypridd. 265 1-1 ness payment by the liour good wages given, 11 and only smart workmen need apply. —Box 93, "Daily News Office, Cardiff. 9333 MANCHESTER, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Rail- 1., way (Contract No. 2).—Wanted, Miners wages for good men 6s 6d per day comfortable huts near tunnel.—Apply at the tunnel, near Kirkby Station, near Nottingham, Baldney and Yerburgh, Contractors. 113 ||ASONS and Masons Labourers wanted at once.— ITJL ADply John Rees, Contractor, Blangarw, Garw VaUey, near Bridgend. 3 MONUMENTAL. — Wanted, Improvers to learn Carving, Letter-Cutting, and Marble work in general.—D. K. Williams, Marble Works, Aberdare. 374 ~V/|T OULDER.S Wanted good wages; constant work IfjL for steady men.—Apply the Manager, Phcenix Foundry, James-street. Newport, Mon. 466 Foundry, James-street. Newport, Mon. 466 MOULDERS wanted good wages given.—Apply, Lewis and David, Port Talbot Foundry, Port Talbot. 10 SHEPHERD wanted wages l"s per week, house, and garden also lambing allowance. Only those who thoroughly understand their work need apply.—W., 412, Daily News," Cardiff. 412 IGNAL FITTERS.—Wanted, experienced men, IO used to fixing outdoor work.—Apply, with references, McKenzie and Holland, Railway Signal Engineers, Worcester. SO OUTAGE.—Amateurs, splendid opportunity small tO premium a long Welsh tour.—Apply between 12 and 2 and 6 and 8, 43, Fitzhaman-embankmejit, Cardiff. 153 TAILORS.—Trousers and Vest Hands at once permanent work no tramps.—Apply J. Lewis, Gwalia Heuse, Ynysybwl. 447 TIN-PLATE WORKERS Wanted at once, to work up market goods.—Apply, stating wages, to T'!ios. Williams, Water-street, Carmarthen. 439 TO BAKERS.—Wanted Third Hand state wages (indoors), age, and references abstainer.— Rice, Merthyr. 355 TO BUTCHERS.—Wanted a Smart Man gjod in shop and slaughterhouse.—Apply Piimell, Mar- ket-street, Newport. 9416 mo BUTCHERS.—Wanted a Yoiuig Man to a slaughter and serve in shop indoor.—Apply to A. W. Griffiths, Tonypandy. 973 nnO BUTCHERS.—Wanted, a good Sla.-ughtei-maii.- nnO BUTCHERS.—Wanted, a good Slaughterman.— JL Apply D. Williams, Butcher, 12 .Stall, Market, Swansea. 9283 t7N- V 'Flit ss TO BUTCHERS.—Wanted at once, two first-class Shopmen; must be good cutters and scalesroen. Good wages.—Apply Eastmaa'a, Abergavenny. 12 f JTTOHAIRDRESSERS.—Wanted, a Junior Al-Isistant j at once; good wages given.—Apply, stating wages, &c., to E. Brooks, Bargoed. 460 TO MACHINISTS.— Wanted at <once, a good Machinist, to fill up time in waistcoat making.— Apply Morris, Tailor, West End House, Trehavris. 380 TO PAINTERS.— Wanted at once, clean Hand; must be a good paperhanger.—Apply H. Scott, Pentre, Ystrad, Rhondda Valley. 384 TO SADDLERS.—Wanted, Young Mimas Improver. —Pearse and Jenkins, Cardiff. 405jg SMITHS.-Wanted, a good Fio,,i- man, one from country preferred good wages given constant employment none but steady men need apply.—W. Gray, 6, East Canal Y* harf, Cardiff.439 rtnO TAILORS.-Wanted, two Geaera! Hands con- stant employment.—Apply Fiowells and Son, Tailors, Risca, Mon. "0 TAILORS-and )IACIifNi.TS.-Walîted, gooâ X Coat Hands and Machinist, t j fill up time waist- coat making.—Apply 51, Castle-road, Cariiff. 432 WO TAILORS—Wanted, at, once, a good Coat JL Hand none but steady mc;n need apply.—Morris, W est End House, Treharris. 416 TjpiO TAILORS.—Wanted, first-class Trousers-maker H and General Hand regular employment.—Apply J. Thomas, Tailor and Draper, 64, Mill-street, Aber- dare. 267 rij^CpriNPLATE^VORK KRS.—Constant employment may be obtained by a steady Workman.—Apply n. Pardoe, Ironmonger, Aberdare. 377 WANTED, Smith well up in all branches regular W job to suitable steady man.—Manager, Coach Building Company, Pontypridd. ANTED, for one month, steady man, as Hedger. If f —James, 20, High-street, Newport, Mon. 9436 WANTED by a gentleman in Pen- T t "a tli, a handy man ai coachman and gardener must have good reference.—Apply Coachman, Daily News," Cardiff. 435 WANTED, a competent Plumber and Gasfitter VT young or middle-agecl man constant and regular employment; permanent situation to steady and sober workman.—Apply, stating wages, experience, ifcc., to F. J. Baynes, General Manager, 9, Ystrad-road, Pentre, near Pontypridd. 9400 WANTED, a Wheeler or Jobbing hand con- stant job for a suitable man.—Hudson, Coach- builder, Barasley. 9412 WANTED, Youth, used to Coach Painting, and make himself generally useful • constant employment.—Apply George Hodges, Portai Stables, Rhondda Valley. 372 WANTED, Young Man from 16 to 20, to deliver milk and assist on farm must have good references.—Apply Milk, Daily News," Cardiff. 318 WANTED immediately, an active young man as Warehouseman (Welsh).—Apply, stating age aud experience.—O., "South Wales Daily News," Merthyr. 293 nd experience.-O., "South Wales Daily News," Merthyr. 293 WANTED, first class Coach Paint«r and Writer VV constant work to suitable man.-Apply, at once, D. Thomas, Wheelwright, Penygraig, Rhondda. 195 WANTED, strong Lad, to take charge of horse and cart and deliver goods; one used to horses.— Apply Thomas Jones, Supply Stores, Aberfceeg, Mon. 257 WANTED, Tinhouse Fitter, a/ccustomed to double and triple pots.—Apply, stating wages, experi- ence, &c., to Amor, "Daily News," Cardiff 75 OO WEEKLY and upwards may Is realised by g& AJ either sex,without hinderingpresent occupation. — For sample, enclose addressed envelope, Evans, Watts, & Co (P 137), Merchants, Birmingham. This is genuine. 456 nf^HE Insertion of several Advertisements is delayed _1_ because the references given are to Post-offices, to initials, or fictitious names. Postmasters are not to initials, or fictitious names. Postmasters are not allowed to deliver letters so addressed. ¡ bap Assistants. ADVERTISER, 24, present in Hardware Merchan s I' A House, desires Situation in Ironmongers' Estab- lishment.—E. J. Meeson, 66, Temple-street, Wolver- hampton. 319 A BERAMAN Co-operative Society, Limited.— xX Wanted, thorough experienced Milliner (out- door).—State aa;e, salary required, by letter, not later than Tuesday, 11 eb 17,1891, to David Jacob, Secretary, endorsed Milliner." 122 OOKSELLING and STATIONERY.—Wanted^ ]6 well-educated, intelligent Lad, about 16, as Apprentice.—Apply The Scholastic Trading Co., I Limited, 7, St. John's-square, Cardiff. 9202 OOT TRADE —Junior wanted at once.-Apply Leeds Boot Co., Merthyr Tydtil. 465 LOTHIERS. Wanted a first-class Junior j Assistant for Swansea Branch state age, experi- ience, and salary live out Welsh.—Apply Messrs Hepworth and Son, 32, High-street, Swansea. 9398 I DRAPERS.—Wanted, at once two Young Men with thorough knowledge of the general tradc.-All particulars in first letter, T. Gower, Monmouth. 281 DRAPERY.—Wanted, Smart Junior \V«;lsh.— Apply, full particulars, J. S. Davies anrd Co., Dowlais. DRAPERY.—Lewis Lewis and Co., Swansea, have A-7 a Vacancy for a Sharp Youth as Apprentice Welsh. 9415 DRAPERY and OUTFITTING.—Want»d7~Junior Hand good window dresser; abVe to serve through ^abstainer preferred.—Apply 'f. 'Scott, Pont- newydd, Mon. 368 Wanted, an experienced Young Lady tor Show-room and serve through.—f Apply, stating particulars, George Jones, Waterloo Hovise, Pembroke. 135 135 I particulars, George Jones, Waterloo Hovise, Pembroke. RAPERY.-NVanted, immediately, good Junior Young Man; also Young Lady.—Apply person- ally, or state full particulars, to Diavies, Temple, Merthyr. 16 DRAPERY and Fancy.—Wanted, several Young Ladiis also Apprentices.—■> ones..and Company. Cash Drapers. 82, Queen-street, Cardiff. 968 DRAPER Y—W anted, sharp outh cis an Appren- ID tice.—Apply W. 11. Lewis, 'York House, i Stepney-street, Llanelly. 366 DRESSXNDTlANTLE^MAkElts'.—Wanted7"an experienced Hand.—Apply, with references and frwton 'ftebarris. 9387 i DRESSMAKING.—Vacancies for two or three respectable girls as Apprentices.—Apply, at once, to Miss Henry, Wind-street, Ammanford, Car- marthenshire. 900 DRESSMAKING.—Wanted, First Hand must be good style and tit. -App y to D. Morgan, Draper, Brecon. 176 GROCERY and PROVISIONS. —Good Junior or Smart Improver wanted; good references.— Apply, particulars or personally, Thomas Price, Georgetown, Tredegar. 325 ROCEP.Y.-NVanted, a smart Assistant (NVelsli).- Wm, Richards, Swansea. 2534 GROCERY.—Assistant wanted.—Apply, stating particulars, B. Phillips, Square, Pontioityn. GROCERY.—Wanted at once, a steady Young Man to drive out.—Apply, with full particulars, to J. Eynon Williams, Penygraig. 884 GROCERY and Provisions.—Wanted immediately, G strong, active Junior drive out occasionally, and assist m warehouse and shop.—Apply, with full partic ulars, to J. Curtis, Treorky GROCERY and Provisions.—Wanted immediately, smart Junior indoors.—Applv, stating salary required and full particulars, to Walters and Dawkins, Main-street, Cadoxton, Barry. 433 GROCERY.—Wanted, an Improver; also Apprentice to the Trade also Young Man to drive out.— "Grocer," Daily News Office, Swansea. 266 GROCERY.—Wanted, strong Young man, to drive out and do warehouse work. Must be steady and accustomed to horses.—Apply, stating wages anil full particulars, Manager, Co-operative Society, and accustomed to horses.—Apply, stating wages anil full particulars, Manager, Co-operative Society, Cwmtillery, Mon. 220 if'i ROCERI'. -Wanted, a Jtinior,,tiid an Iniurover.- VJT Apply, with full particulars, to O. Griffiths, Post Office, Ynyshir, Rhondda Valley. 277 OCERY.-Waiited, Youiig Man as Warehouse- man, to put up orders and deliver occasionally.— Apply South Wales Provision Company, Brynmawr. 14 GROCERY.—Wanted at once, a strong Junior, willing to make himself generally useful.—Apply, with full particulars, to E. A. John, Glynneatb. 134 £ "1 ROGERS' HAULIER.—Wanted, a thorough good VJT steady Young Man.—Apply personally, Edward Jenkins, Grocer, Liwynpia, Rhondda. 37 "? ILLINERS.—Wanted an experienced Hand, for _iyJL country trade, to serve own orders Welsh state age, experience, and salary.-Apply, J. and L. Thomas, Brynhafod, near Pencader, R.S.O. 218 MILLINERY.—Wanted, a cliticl;, stylish Hand- must be able to serve in show-room.—Full par- ticulars^ J. Reynolds, Tenby. 385 U-.rFlr-rINiG. -Wan tecl competent Salesman; _,V good stock keeper; window dressel'Apply Caselberg, Outfitters, Abertillery. 82 TO CLOTHIERS.—Wanted, Junior at once Welsh outdoor.-Gibbon and Co., Ferndale. 381 ffflO GROCERS.—Assistant Wanted at once.—Apply 9 to T. Thomas, Ystrad Rhondda, 370 WANTED, a good Second Hand Dressmaker.— Send full particulars to John James and Co., Drapers, Cardiff. 453 WANTED, experienced Milliner assist at serving. Also first-class Dressmaker good fit and style. —Jones and Co., 101, Oxford-street, Swansea. 9414 WANTED, a Young Lady as Apprentice to the Drapery; also a Young Lady as Improver.— D. R. Evans, Draper, Aberavon. 44 r S^HE luseition of several Advertisements is delayed JL because the references .given are to Post-offices, to initials, or fictitious names. Postmasters are not allowed to deliver letters so addressed. i&ktks, Jflaitagn's, ~jV/i" ESSRS W eston and Jones have a Vacancy for a JjrJL Pupil to the Auctioneering and Valuing.—Ad- dress the Auction Mart, Main-street, Cadoxton, near CaidifL 436 dress the Auction Mart, Main-street, Cadoxton, near CaidifL 436 Situations Mtant^ir. AS BARMAID, or Useful Help to assist in bar or any bnsiness experienced good reference.— A., 5, Prospect-place, WTeston-super-Mare 79 T> AKERS.—Young man requires situation as single 3 or good second; used to bread and smalls: age 24; references disengaged February 21st. Please state wages.—Wheeler, Mr Rice, Baker, Merthyr Tydvil. 353 PAINTER, good, age 28, wants work wages moderate good reference if required.—F. Alcock, 15, Davey-street, St. Paul's, Bristol. 252 SCCTCH DRAPERY TRADE.—Situation wanted k9 by Young Man; age 23; 5 years' good experi- ence married. -Apply Traveller, Daily News" Ottice, Newport. 9417 t- TO TAILORS.—A re-engagemeut wanted by a first- class West End Cutter first-class references.— R., 14, Broughton-street, Queen's-road, Battersea, London. 369 WANTED, by young Lady, Situation as Barmaid either hotel or quick wholesale and retail thoroughly experienced Cardiff or Newport preferred first-class reference from present employer.—A, South Wales Daily News Office, Swansea. WANTED, Situation as Porter! Just left the Army, very good character. Age about 25, height 6ft. l%in.-Address H. Mould, 5, Ashley-road, Bradford-on-Avon. 974 OUNG MAN (lesires position, thoroughly con- JL versant in French and Italian acquainted with shipping satisfactory referenc;es.-S., 394, Daily News," Cardiff. 394 THE Insertion of several Advertisements is delayed because the references given are to Post-offices, to initials, or fictitious names. Postmasters are not allowed to deliver letters so addressed. Jlgenms, fateeilm, &x. A GOOD AGJfiNT Wanted. Salary and commission to a persevering and energetic man. No goods to sell, and no r isk or outlay.—Apply by letter (95 G), 3, Brushfield street, Bishopegate street Without' London, E.C. 14088-3019-872 AGENTS waaitetl, fur the London, Edinburgh, and Glasgo-cv Assurance Companv (capital £ 500,000), at Abergwynfi, Maesteg, Kenfig Hill, Toiulu, Gilfach Goch, Bridgend, Pontypridd, Rhondda Valley, and surrounding di stricts. Steady men can earn good income. Salary and commission. Apply to Superintendents—D. Samuels, 28, South-street, Bridgend; W. Davies, 30 Rickard-street, Pontypridd; E. Jenkins, 28, North- road, Porth; L. Walters, 61, Dumfries-street, Treorky or W. WtUfMus, District JIanager, 147, Wood-road,' Pontypridd. _HH_- 9419 AGENTS wanted for select Ceylon Packet Teas, and for Bonus Teas, i.e., teas with presents.— Gignosgo, "South Wales Daily News" Office, Mer- 354 AGENTS wanted salary, £ 104 per year. Constant work experience unnecessary.—Pendlebury and Co., 128, Harwich-road, Colchester. 167 Advertisement canvasser, thoroughly efficient, seeks commission South Wales or viciii-ity.-Ada' ess AV., 9go, Daily News," Cai-dilT.990 AGENT Wanted £ 26 per quarter, paid weekly; A splendid opening experience unnecessary specimens free.—Address Compo Works, Farnworth, Bolton. 457 AG ENTS wanted to push Fine Compound Machi- AG ENTS wanted to push Fine Compound Machi- neiy and Cylinder Oiis amongst mills, mines, col- lieries, steam ships, &c. Liberal commission.—Address A.B., care of Schrader and Co., 31, St. Mary Axe, London. 418 GENTS Wanted to Sell all kinds of Wat-,hes, .LJ:L Jewellery, Pianos, Harmoniums, Sewing Machines, Wringers, etc.; also Household Furniture etc.—For terms apply, with security, to Owen Powell, 5, Wood-road, Pontypridd. 4292 B- m:;W:ERS-T-ale:Vanter for Ca-Č-Üff anditS neighbourhood one having a knowledge of the trade preferred.—Apply Beer, South Wales Daily News, Cardiff, 445 COAL COAL COAL !—Coal owners c wishing agents for the saJe on commission of their coals in the .Mediterranean ports are invited to post their applications, st ipulating price, terms, and conditions on or before 25th inst., to "Coal," care of 163, Queen Victoria-street, London, E.C. Large con- nection, solid buyers, fair contracts. 9430 (COMMISSION.—A gentleman working the Welsh J ground, who can sell Essences to Mineral Water Makers, and Druggists' Sundries to Grocers, can hear of a good commission only those who understand the trade need apply.—Address Soluble," Daily News Office, Cardiff. 444 J COTTON CLEANING WASTE.—Wanted, by old" \j established firm of manufacturers, an Agent; must have good connection.—Address, stating- terms, Cotton," care of Leo k. Nightingale, Advertising Agents, Liverpool. 269 WANTF,D, in To",n and Country, a few reliable V V Men as Canvassing Agents only those of temperance principles need apply.—A. and G. Tavlor, Photographers, Duke-street, Cardiff. 336 WANTED, Gentleman of experience as General W Manager English Life Assurance Company (Assessment principle). Also Agency Inspector, Dis- trict Managers, Superintendents, and Agents through- out United Kingdom. Gentlemen of undoubted ability and unimpeachable character, with first-class records only need apply.—Secretary, 34, New Bridge-street, London. 9402 WATCH CLUB.—Secretaries may learn something to their advantage by writing to Mr T. Pacey, Fattorinis-buildings, Westgate, Bradford, Yorks. 443 1IIft. 'ID'nUZtZ, &x., Utan&ir. WANTED, within reasonable distance of the Station, a detached or semi-detached House, 5 bedrooms and 3 sitting rooms.—Apply, stating rent, to Captain Traverss, 59, Caiubria-fiiace, Newport, Mon. 9437 WANTED, a House close to Queen-street; nine or ten rooms Pembroke-terrace preferred.—Apoly House, "Daily News," Cardiff. 404 WANTED, medium-sized House, with coaciT house and stable a few acres of land pre- ferred.—W., 423, Daily News," Cardiff. 423 WANTED, Drapery Business or Shop for same in good locality.—Apply M. 987, Daily News Office, Cardiff. 987 lathings, Apartments, &t. APARTMENTS (Unfurnished) to Let, every con- venience, to thoroughly respectable married couple.—Apply 3, De Burgh-street, Riverside, Cardiff. FURNISHED Sitting-room and Bedroom in front • single gentleman preferred.—Apply T. Y., Pont- faen, Penarth-road, Cardiff. 97 FURNISHED Sitting-roomed Bedroom, for gen"- J)L' tleman dining Out. Apply 26, Gordon-road, Roath, Cardiff. 16J .-w "lfH," fat ^ak.-irmts £ s, &x. FREEHOLD i<arm of about 300 acres, situated near Chepstow, to be Sold by Private Contract; good arable and pasture lands, farmhouse, and buildings — Apply to G. J. Beetlestone, Esq., Sudbrook, "near Chepstow. 6214 PLYMOUTH ROAD, PENARTH. Comfortable iL semi-detached Residence, fitted with all modern conveniences, containing three reception-rooms, five good bedrooms, hot and cold bath and w.c. (Jennings), and all conveniences. Ground rent, £ 5 10s. Price moderate.—Appiy "W. and S. Hern, Estate Agents, Cardiff. 9318 «a ht rl.-nUSts BEanti, &t. FLUSH HOUSE, Llantwit Major, to Let, house, garden, orchard, and field, with immediate possession.—Apply to Miss Price, White House. 258 FOR FURiVTSHED and UNFURNISHED"" Resi- dences, Cardiff and Penarth, see Messrs Hem's Register.—94, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 1049 HOUSES to Let at Castle Land-street and Holton- road, Barry Dock.- Apply to J. D. Jenkins, House Agent, Vere-strcet, Cadoxton. 375 OLD CROWN iBRICKYAttD Grotin(i to Let for Building, near N:\nfcybwch Station.—Apply to John Williams, 51, Fourth-row, Georgetown, Tredegar J40_ rno BE LET, Edburton Villa, Sketty eight rooms, X three attics, eeUar.APPly A, W, James. cuemist.yjtieity. #523.. PENARTH.—To Let, with possession on 1st of May next, Northcliff." A family residence, beauti- fully situated in extensive and well laid out grounds, overlooking the Bristol Channel, and commanding ex- tensive sea and land views; containing, on ground floor, three reception rooms and the usual offices 011 first floor, seven bedrooms, dressing room, billiard room, &c. There is stabling for three horses, with coach-house, &c., together with excellent lodge at entrance.—For cards to view appiy to the Windsor Estates Offices, St. Pagan's or Mr H. Snell, Estate Office, Penarth. )66 mo be Let or Sold, Olive Mount, Woodland-road, JL Maindee, A detached villa residence, large udeIl, tenn>>court, greenhouses, coach-house and stable, 3 sitting-rooms, kitchens, 5 bedrooms, bath, &c. room, hot and cold service; commanding position extensive channel views. On view by appointment.— Address Mrs Sparke, as above. 9378 rglO LET, Stow Park, Newport, I-floue, JL for six, twelve, or eighteen months splendid situation contains 3 reception rooms, 7 bedrooms, 2 box-rooms, bath-room, kitchens.—A. R. Bear, House Agent, Newport. 9396 (to 1FJMNISES, &X. BARRY DOCK.-Commodious Dwelling-houses and 13 Shops, leading thoroughfare suit any business.— Henry Grant & Co., 8, Hoi ton-road, Barry Dock. 458 ARRY DOCK.- To Let, a capital Butcher's Shop, with slaughterhouse, stable and yard attached suitable for shipping and town trade.—W. Thomas, Auctioneer, Cadoxton, Cardiff. 188 C^OFFEIS TAVERN to Let, situate on the Sands, j Ferryside good business house excellent poai- tion.—Apply to J. M. Brockie, Carmarthen. 386 D OWIL,ÙS.-Bu.i\-Hotel-to be Let.-For teriyis apply to H. Lewis, Auctioneer, Merthyr. 9404 NEW BANK BUILDINGS, St. Mary-street, Cardiff.—Suite of Offices and large Cellars con- venient, well-ventilated, modern improvements; resi- dent caretaker telephone on premises fireproof building.—John Jenkins, Secretary, 12, Westgate- street, Cardiff. 1050 jf^FFICES or Workrooms to Let in Commercial- 0 street, adjoining Town-hall.— Apply to Oliver, Solicitor, Newport. 9337 ST MARY-STREET.—Capital offices over a bank good approach rent moderate.—Apply W. and S. Hern, Cardiff. 8228 ST. THOMAS, Swansea.—To Let, Shop and Premise.? S suitable Draper or Outfitter; best opening in Wales.— 90, Brynymor-road, Swansea. rpO LET, at Lady Day, Shop and Premises, 10, JL Heathtteld-strefit (corner of Heathfield and Union-streets), in the occupation of Mr Henry Barnett. Apply to Mr Stevens, Solicitor, Swansea. 9433 rr- .0 LET.—Spacious Shop and Premises, No. 44, JL centre of High-street, Newport, Mon.-For parti- culars apply Manager, 45, High-street, Newport. 192 mWO Suites Commodious Offices to Let, opposite Messrs Cory Bros.' new premises.—Apply Arkell Bros., Docks, Cardiff. 26 BROADWAY, ROATfl.-House, Shol), bake- I house, Coachhouse, and Stable. House and Shop to Let separately, if preferred.—Apply 20, Carlisle-street, Cardiff. 456 '-<r" Wimtmfor IBrsjmsal. BOOT AND SHOE BUSINESS for Disposal situated near Pontypridd; frontage to main road; convenient shop, with branch.—For further particulars apply to W. n. Parsons, City-chambers, Nicholas-street. Bristol. 9358 BUTCHERING BUSINESS for Disposal in Black- wood lock-up shop good opening for business man good reason given for disposal. Further par- ticulars, John Evans, Oakland-place, Blackwood. *437 DRAPERS AND OUTFITTERS. — Stocks Pur- -1-F chased for cash.—Isaac Thomas, Stock Buyer and Licensed Valuer, 25, Castle-street, Cardiff. 983 THOROUGHLY Genuine Bargain.—For Sale, splendid Furniture Business in main street large workshops; band saw, lathe and vertical spindle benches. Stock about £400. The whole, in- cluding workshops, goodwill, and fixtures, if sold within 14 days, £ 500. Immediate possession present owner leaving Newport. Doing a sound business can be doubled by sharp business man. Rent P,65.-Apply Milton Locke, Advertising Office, 3, Commercial-street, Newport, Mon. 998 iltitcfrimrn, tals, &c. J>ECKETT AND SONS, k9 LOCOMOTIYE ENGINE UILDERS, B RISTOL, Have in Stock (nearly completed) a New Locomotive, ¡ with cylinders lOill. tliam., 14in. stroke, four wheels coupled. Materials and workmanship of the best. Various other sizes in progress, and can give quick delivery. Engines sold for cash or on deferred payments. Photographs, Prices, and Specifications upon application. 1081 BOILERS, all sizes.—Vertical, Portable, Cornish, Lancashire also Vertical Steam Engines.—The Grantham Crank and Iron Co., Limited, Grantham. 172 BRICKMAKING MACHINES, Whittaker's make also 9ft. Perforated Pan; Plastic Machine with crushing rollers, and Horizontal Pug Mill, all in good working order and cheap.—A. W, Itter, Peter- Dorough. 9427 IT^NGINES (Gas aiul Steam), Woodworking Machinery, and Contractor's, Plant new and second-hand. List ,ent.-Powi, Bale and Co., Appold- street, London, E.C. 180 jJJIOR SALE, Portable Engine and Boiler 8-inch J.. cylinders can bo seen working in good condi- t;ioli.-Aplily Rogers, Shipwright, Cardiff. 349 OR SALE, Stack Boiler for forge, 18ft. x bft:, in good condition 25 ii.p. Roby undertype Engine 25 h.p. Horizontal Engine, with levelling gear, equal to new.—JCyte and Co., Mill-lane, Cardiff. 9385 FOR SALE, Air Compressor (very massive), 25iii! cylinder, 6ft. stroke Winding Engines, 26in. cylinders, 4ft. 6in. Stroke also, Pair 18in. Cylinders, 3ft. stroke Hauling Engines, 16in. cylinders, 2ft. 6in. stroke other sizes in stock. — J. Wilkes, Pclsali Foundry, near Walsall. 170 17SOR SALE, two Second-hand 10-inch Locomo- tives, in excellent order; ready for delivery — Apply 9319, "South Wales Daily News" Office, Swansea, 9319 GAS ENGINES. Tle "Cycle" is the best, economical, durable no slide any size.— Particulars ou application to G. S. 'funks and Co., Limited, Mill-lane, Cardiff. 6624 C1 ALVANISED CORRUGATED IRON ROOFING r SHEETS.—Large quantity of slightly defective sheets, 5ft. long, Is 3d each 6ft., Is 6d each 7ft., Is lOd each 8ft., 2s Id each 9ft., 2s 6d each 10ft., 3s each. Galvanised ridging, gutters, and down spouting, nalis, screws, washers, and all materials for fixing.- Can be inspected at jjj>RUCE AND QTHLL'S, CONTRACTORS FOR IRON ROOFS AND BUILDINGS, 75, NORFOLK STREET, QUEEN'S DOCK, LIVERPOOL. 6545 LUCIGEN LIGHT as used on the Forth Bridge JJLj) Works.. Best and cheapest light of its class.— Dyne Steel and Co., Newport, sole agents. Several in stock for immediate delivery. 7276 PLANING and Trying-up Machine, by Powis! for 10ft. by 12in. square. Practically new machine. Gloucester. 272 PORTABLE ENGINES for Sale, 7 to 20-horse .t3 power. Cash or deferred payment,—Fielding and Piatt, Gloucester. 77 rpHE BUTE WORKS ISU^PLY COMPANY JL 133B. BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF. FOR SALE.— It AILS. selected, 30 and 711bs. per yard; ditto, perfect, 14, 16, 18, 22, and 68!bs. per yard, Flange, perfect, 10, 12, llt, 16, 18, 22, 25, 28, up to lOOlbs. per yard ditto, select,ed, 18, 25, 30, 35, 36, 37, 38, 40, 41, 45, 46. 50, 52, 56, 58, 60, 61, 63, 67, 68, 70, 71, 72, 74. 75, 76, 79, 80, up to lOOibs. per yard.. Bull Head, .selected, 60, 66, 80, 82, Sq, C5, 86, 87, and 901bs. per yard. Double head, selected, 42, 50, 80, and 821bs. per yard; ditto, perfect, 721bs per yard SWITCHES AND CROSSINGS.—Two Sets, 791bs. per yard, 5in. high. 12 Sets, 601bs. per yard, 4Ain. high. SLEEPERS. —2,500 New Creosoced Itectangulars, 9ft by tOm. by 5in.; 2,000 New Clean ditto, Oft. by lOin. by 5in. 1,000 ditto, 9ft. by 9in. by 4V2in. PUMP.—T'earn's direct-acting; stroke, 24in. ram, 14iti Cheap to clear. SPRINGS. -13etriiig, Buffing, and Volute. WANTE L). -Coal Wagons, end doors; Mineral Wagons, side doors any number up to 500 eight or ten ton- ners replaced, it desired, with new to latest regu- lations. H67 WANTED, a Downton Ship\s~Deek or~i'ire Pump! _^ppl^^j_ Gregory and Sons, .Jersey. 178 WANTED, Horizontal Engine, about 26-inch cylinder (complete), forivinding and pumping purposes state cost 011 rails,—Lewis, Colesnill, Llanelly. 438 It F, N YOU ARE IN WAN T of New or Second-hand MAC H I N E R Y of anv kind, write or call first, to PHILLIPS'S MONTHLY MACHINERY REGISTER, NEWPORT, MON. The largest quantity of machinery of every descrip- tion in the United Kingdom offered in this Journal. Published the 1st of every month. Specimen copy 6d, post paid. 8030 IRON BUILDINGS in stock, temporarily erected, for Sale, at, very low prices buildings suitable for Mission Rooms, Schools, Club Rooms, &c., 50 by 25, with porch, 6ft by 5ft; Buildings, 15 by 8, lined and floored, useful for offices, &c. other build- ings, 1CO by 30, 50 by 20, 40 by 18, 20 by 12, suitable for Stores, Workshops, Stables, and general purposes. Can be seen, and prices obtained 011 application, Isaac Dixon & Co., Windsor Ironworks, Spekeland-road, Tunnel-road, Liverpool. 922 H.I!. TRACTION ENGINE, by Clayton and 1-4- Shuttleworth, double cylinders, link motion all modern improvements and equal to new can be inspected under steam; suitable for contractor or colliery owner; with double winding drums and 100 yards of wire rcpe price £ 160.—A. W. Itter, Peter- borough. 9427 »_>/x-H.P. ROBEY Loco Boiler with Undertype ?>X/ Engine. This has been tired 6 years as auxiliary to w ter-power in dry seasons only done two seasons' work and equal to new price £ 300.—A. W. Itter Peterborough. 9427 i'ors£z, jltibt tlTdt, (tLatriagcs. JOHN NORMAN, CANTON CARRIAGE WORKS, MARKET-ROAD, CARDIFF, Has for Sale a Large Assortment of New and Second-hand DELIVERY CARTS, BUTCHERS' CARTS, CRANK-AXLE CARTS, MILK CARTS, DOG CARTS, > PONY CARTS, COBURGS, WAGGONETTES, GIGS, PHAETONS, &c. CANTON TRAMS PASS SHOWROOMS AND WORKS 8196 EDWARD ROGERS and CO., Coachbuilders College-place, Bristol. Telegrams, '• Carrossier,' Bristol. Telephone, No. 247. Established nearly a century. 3598 fJUNE Newfoundland Dog, 11 months old, for Sale. —Captain, Barque Salome, lower end West Dock, Cardiff. -u.- 88 af i OOD second-hand Landau, in good condition, ';tx trimmed with blue cloth, built by Perrv.-R. Phillips, 410, Gloucester-road, Horfield, Bristol, 0384 (jj^l OOD Horse for Sale 15 hands high, warranted a V* .good worker, free fmj} 3ll. vw.-ctop.-27, 100 t GURNSFY'S CARRIAGE LAMPS, lis 3d pair best value ever offered. Lamps repaired. Large stock new and second-hand lamps.—Works, Merchant- street, Bristol. 8559 CCARRIAGE LAMPS.—Inspection invited. Best j selected Stock in the West.—C. E. Gurnsey's Carriage Lamp Works, Merchant-street, Bristol. 8559 Company, Arcade Swansea. -Chea,pest in Wales all sizes half saddlers' prices riciing saddles, bridles largest stock in Swan- sea. 9377 l-¥OR.SE Epidemic — Pink-eye, Influenza. —Pearce's -1 -SL Royal Aromatic Horse Food. Splendid herbal properties, nourishes the system, ensures speedy re- covery. Non-users have suffered severely. 32s per cwt. —Pearce and Co., Manufacturing Chemists, 46, Market- street, Manchester; or Mr J. Ward, Agent, 11, Gelly- faelog-terrace, Merthyr. 9334 "OIDINtt SADDLE for Sale, a bargain 38s quite new and good quality fittings all complete also excellent double-barrel Breechloader central fire; 23 approval willillgIy.- William Pool, Bedford. 446 STRONG, well-bred Bay Maqe, 7 years! about 15.1," o £ 12 10s Gig, £ 9; can be seen by appointment. —Ajax, Echo" Office, Cardiff. WANTED, a Perpendicular Boiler, about 9~feot high by about 4 feet diameter.—Applv Thomas Richards, Builder, Northampton Building Yard Swansea. 9434 fbnltrir, iaigtanz, &r. MINORCA EGGS from first-rate layers bred from pen costing £8 3s 6d a sitting.—J. M. Brockie. Carmarthen. 385 ¡¡ !1 Mlatjans anfr (EcIIm'jr fUjjnisi&s. O ATLWAY WAGON'S for Hire or Sale. Cash or deferred payments,—The Midland Railway Car- nage and W agon Company, Limited, Midland Works, Birmingham. 1082 HiqjrUs, &t\ _n_- Bargains i bargains i bargains •! !— B Cardiff Cycle Works, Westgate-street, Cardiff. Parry and Co, (late Parry and Williams). In conse- quence of Mr D. Williams retiring from the above business, we shall offer the Whole of our Immense .-stock of Cycles (about 100), consisting of Pneumatic Tyred Safeties, Cushioned Tyred do., Rovers, Premiers, Swifts, Referees, Own-made Safeties and Tricycles! &c., &c. Bicycles ranging from 19s, Tricycles from 25s, Safeties from 8tss. All machines specially reduced for this sale. Enormous Bargains. Stock must be cleared. No reasonable offer refused. Inspection invited. Free instruction to purchasers. First-class Machines on Hire. Repairs, Painting, and Nickel- plating.-Note the address Parry and Co. Westgpt"- street, Cardiff. 9152 4450 ESSEX COUNTY" Safety ticycle, quite new, never been ridden cushion tyres, ball bear- ings throughout, including pedals, special steel frame no ruboisn bargain, £ 8.—24, Downs Park-road, Nhrwklewell-lane, West Hackney. 975 orris giTosT^ CYCLE WORKS, PONTYPRIDD, The most efficiently-equipped Cycle Dep6t in South Wales (see The Cyclist and "Wheeling"). New showrooms in the Arcade. 20 distinct patterns. Cushions and pneumatics. Cash or monthly payments. New lists now ready (one stamp). Repairs and plating promptly done. 15 years' experience must prevail. Advice gratis. State your requirements, and we reply 1)er return. 100 Machines in Stock. 9263 Safeties safeties i safeties !-cheaper S than ever, wonderful bargains in Safeties new machines from £ 317s 6d, complete with lamp, bell, spanner, oil can, &c. ball bearings to all parts also plated parts, every part adjustable"; warranted sound; best value in the trade others at £410s and 25 17s 6d cushion tyrsd machine, reliable, at £7 10s. 300 Second- hand Bicycles and Tricycles from 15s each all in per- fect order cheapest and largest stock in West of Eng- land.—List of new and second-hand post free from R. Warrilow, Cycle Works, Weston-super-Mare. 980 WII. DAVIKS & CO., THE CARDIFF CYCLE AGENTS, QUEEN-STREET, have in their enormous stock Cycles of all prices and qualities for Season 1891. Genuine Beeston-Humbers," Rudges," "Quadrants," "New Rapids," "Spark- brooks," "Sterlings," "Rivals," "Bown's," "Psychos," Girders," &c., &c. Immense bargains in Pneumatic and Cushion Tyre- Safeties. We lick creation in prices. Solid Tyre- Safeties from £4 10s. Cushion Tyre-Safeties Trom B7 7s. Pneumatic do., from £ 13 13s. Order now for Easter. Selling off to make room for new stock at plieno- minally low prices to clear. Machines sent on approval. We are the largest, cheapest, and oldest-established firm in Cardiff. All we ask is a visit, as we know we shall secure your order. We supply'on the Hire System, as well as for Cash. Repairs, Plating, Enamelling, Painting, and Cushion Tyres fitted at Coventry prices. 3927 lor ^ak.-JltisaUamous. AN INVALID requiring a self-propelling Merlin Chair can have a new one for 30s (cost 50s) suitable indoors.—Maskell, 101, Docks, Cardiff. 253 BARGAINS.—Hearthrug, £ 4 4s £ 10 Bonds, value 13 £14; Riding Leggings, 68 6d; Money Belt, 3s Coachman's Coat, 10s 6d Top Coat, Pl Hat, 5s the lot, £15. Stamp for particulars. Geo. Reading, Cobham, Surrey. 260 jL) students immense bargains from 6d each jUO students; immense bargains from 6tl each state wants; list sent.—Clericus, 62, Cobden-road, S. 90 I TUNE Somersetshire Dairy Milk, near Bristol, about .1_1 200 gallons daily, to be disposed of for the coming season can be divided to suit buyers.—Apply B.A., 328, Daily News," Cardiff. 328 FISH KNIVES; and FORKS.—A lady in pecuniary if difficulties offers for 70s a 9 guinea case contain- ing 12 pair massively mounted with sterling silver (useful for Lent) unsoiled approval paid both ways anywhere. — Lady," 5, Clarendon-place, Holland Park, London, W. 228 Sj^OR, QUICK SALE, specially cheap, Purple Welsh L Slates, 18 by 12 upwards. Pickles Brothers, Leeds. 86 FOR SALE, a Hot-baked Potato Machine will be sold at a bargain.—Apply Three Generals, Aberdare. 274 GUN.—Splendid double Breech-loader, 12 bore central fire, Damascus steel barrels (left choke), rebounding bar locks, top lever, &c. An excellent killing weapon, in splendid condition. A bargain, 75s approval.—Alpha, 3, Oak Villas, Mortlake, Surrey. 970 MANUFACTURERS' Remnants in Stuffs, Cash- meres, Alpacas, Velvets, Prints, Calicoes, Flannels, Cretonnes, Shirtings, &c. 1011a. Bundles cheap. Price list free.—W. Clarkson, Merchant, 41, Swaine-street, Bradford. 164 HE Matrimonial Herald and Fashionable Marriage Gazette is the original and only recognised medium for high-class introductions, and represents the largest and most successful Matrimonial Agency in the world. N.B.—The public are cautioned against imitations. Price 3d (under cloth 4V'id). All communica- tions should be addressed to EDITOR, 40, LAMB'S CONDUIT-STREET, LONDON, W.C. 8558 rH^O BE SOLD, Two Carpenters' Benches a bargain, A —Apply 13, Wyndham Arcade. 363 TO BAKERS.—For Sale, the materials of four Hot-air Ovens, taken down to make way for six Steam Ovens.—Apply to Mr Bland, Newport, or to Messrs Thomas Collins, Steam Oven Engineers, 95 Grosvenor-road, Bristol. 9344 -10 BIKERS AND CONFEOTIONERS~ X G S. TUNKS & CO., LTD. PATENT OVEN BUILDERS Supply all kinds of Bakers' Requisites. 3, MILL-LANE, CARDIFF. 564 5001 UNK'S OVENS.-Fotir of these for sale, 01 ay in 8 partial use about 12 months. Will be sold for next to nothing to purchaser clearing them out, space they occupy being wanted.—Apply by letter, Bland's Hygienic Bakery, Newport, Mon. 9569 mWELVE CARTES DEVlsii'E, 278d six, ls8d A two Cabinets, 2s 6d six, 5s. One ten inch panel 5s two, 7s. Copied or enlarged from any portrait, however faded, sent with postal order or stamps to Mr F. S. D. Phillips. Perfect copies and original re- turned free.—London Photographic Company, 304, Regent-street, London, W. 1124 ANTKi>! best~ Offers for 30 £35 ^are!sT £ 22 W paid, in the Port Talbot Tinplate Company, J,i ni i -America, Daily News," Cardiff. 9346 WOODEN Paddle Tug Erin 81 •5~"x 16":f~x~8'9~; w tubular boiler, nearly new. Now lying in West Bute Dock.-l'or particulars and inspection order apply <*harltiS v- Byrne and Co., Cardiff. 181 iiiisaiianmts Hants. MILK.—Wanted, 15 gallons per day, to be con- -11-It tracted for yearly required by April 1st must be from rich ground, guaranteed pure, and delivered to Swansea,—Gambold, Watkin-street, Swansea, 886 rjRICE wanted, labour only, preparing walling, soil A face work also rubble walling, per yard.—Apply Weaver, Elliot's Town, NewTredegar. 442 WANTED, Second-hand Safe, good size and maker,—Box 7, Post-office, Neath. 9347 -+- imsaUanecus. FURNISH on our New Hire Svstem. Houses or Apartments completely furnished on a new sys- tem adopted solely by us, whereby all publicity, exposure, and inquiries usually made by other com- panies are dispensed with. We have an immense stock of Household Furniture of cheap and superior quality. All goods sold on the Hire System at ready-money prices. We make no extra charge for credit, and all goods sent home in a private van free of charge. No stamp or agreement charges made no bill of sale everything private. Arrangements completed without delay, and, being manufacturers, we guarantee quality, and will undertake to supply furniture, etc., at 10 per cent. less than any price-list issued by any firm in Cardiff. Eleven showrooms. Call and inspect our im- mease stock, and compare prices before purchasing elsewhere. We will supply £ 5 worth for 2s od weekly £ 10 worth, 4s weekly £ 15 worth for 5s weekly £ 20 worth, 6s weekly, and so on in proportion. Special terms for larger quantities. Please note the Address SOUTH WALES FURNISHING COMPANY, 31, Castle-st. (opposite the Castle). Cardiff. 12783-1105—10 LI, NiAttRIl?,D PEOPI,E should atamped A addressed envelope for Invaluable Information, to D. Higson, Box_81, North-street, Nottingham. 862 A STROLOGY.—Who you will marry. Six stamps. AThe future foretold, Is. Send birth time.-M. Foley, 13. Wandswoith-road. Londop. 193 ASTROLOG Y.—" What is before u." Seiacl birth time, sta.mpeu directed envelope, and si-s: .stamps.—C. Gordon, 97, Buckingham Palace-road, London. 469 BILLIARDS or Bagatelle — All those requiring new or second-hand tables, requisites, or billiard work done should, before going elsewhere, send for price lists to Hennig Bros., 29, High-street, London 14199 5988_ ELECTRIC TELEPHONES. — Expiry of Bell's Patent, supplied and fixed by S. F. Walker and Co., 33, Castle-street, Cardiff. 797 TEWELLERY, Watches, Watch Materials, Toys, ti Cutlery, Pipes, Wholesale list post free.- Wright, St. Luke's-road, Birmingham. 259 YOUR Character, correctly described by hand- writing or photograph complete description, containing 42 characteristics. Six stamps, and stamped addressed envelope.—Professor Wilson, 5, Wilton-road, Ildon, S.W. Over 2,000 testimonials. 14358 t!597 tnnty. DON'T BE WITHOUT MONEY.—CROWN LOAN AND DISCOUNT OFFICE.—Cash immediately Lent, from £ 10 to any amount, at lower interest than charged by others, to Male or Female Borrowers.— Farmers, Gardeners, Carriers, Cow'keepers, Dairymen, Tradesmen, Shopkeepers, Clerks, Schoolmasters,Clergy- men, Doctors, and all other Professional Gentlemen, Lodginghouse keepers, Private Householders, and others, on their own security (without bondsmen), and, Note of hand alone, repayable by very easy instalments, to suit in every case borrower s own convenience. All communications, by letter or otherwise, kept in strict confidence. Applicants waited upon at their own ilioines, by appointment, with the cash required. All information free. Distance no object. No genuine- application ever rex used. It you cannot borrow money from us you cannot do so elsewhere.—Apply to the Manager, 5, Rotunda Buildings (first floor), St. Mary-v Street, Cardiff. Close to G.W.R. Station. 9 *1 Money lent on note of hand a!° IN SUMS FROM £ 20 TO £ 4,000. THE NATIONAL MERCANTILE BALDWIN-STREET, BRISTOL. The Directors of tins well-knoivn, ohl-estage3^ Bank are prepared to offer exceptional aa. 1» all respectable and trustworthy persona need of temporary assistance.. v part1: Cash is aclvanced at a day's notice, „ by town or country, without sureties, re pa) au instalments or in one sum, and on <T0 V THE BORROWER'S "WRITTEN PROiVU° REPAV. -Rank Among the advantages offered by the BaW' following' deserve attention „ A THE DESPATCH WITH WHICH LOAH COMPLETED. THE LOW RATE OF INTEREST CllAR^ THE WRITTEN GUARANTEE OF PRIVACY. r,.vTS &■' THE SYSTEM OF SMALL REPAVMB^i0'^ TENDED OVER A PERIOD Oi1 VENIEXT TO THE BORROWER.. VI) THE ABSENCE OF ALL LAW COSTS AIJA' trSj0- N.B.—No Bills of Sale ars taken, a ffazette- actions not published in anv newspaper or ga* MORTGAG E DEPARTMENT of iee& Advances also maue 011 Mortgage or deposi property, shares, scrip, policies', and reversio > 5 PER CENT. INTEREST. tf For further particulars apply, stating ai quired, to Mr T. C. M1 LBUna»et- 8811 Geueiid^ IMPORTANT to Farmers and others.—3^??^ vanced without delay in town or count' /^l' to £ 1,000 to Farmers, Cowlceepe2-s, Househol uretie9» or female) 011 note of hand alone, without no bills of sale low interest easy P f jjgiw strictest privacy no law costs no, fceWf engaged in country business, applicants write to Howell Griffiths, 5, Great Western Llanelly. Money lent on note of HAND at NOTICE, by a Private Gentleman, £ 1,000, at 5 per cent. Why apply to prOg Money Lenders, so-called Companies or any responsible applicant can obtain Privately, without sureties and the usual 10nT{0^, of a Loan Office ? For the benefit "T, to I am prepared to grant advances from on years in any part of England or Wales, .t0, tj,e female (distance no object), and if desire" jj»I terest can be paid quarterly or half-yearly, °r be arranged, therefore the applicants get benefit of cash advanced. Apply in confidence to the actual lender, H. HUNTER, Esq., T,n(lo8> 1135 13564 130, W estminster Bridge. ø.P;a 1%/jjj" ONE Y.—If you want it promptly, Pr'v^fnro1*j5 1T.S. at a low rate of interest on your sory notes, with or without sureties, apply rl enclosing stamped envelope, to Mr W. P- Market-st., Abertillery. Special Features fees reasonable interest, which is quoted b6i 0r8j''1 universal promptitude, a day's notice being S giieffv sufficient no oppression of honest and sol veil The Carlton Bank, Ld., for whom Mr Thomas is »i j. Manager, has been established 10 years, a"-n0 capital of £ 30,000, consequently 110 genU 8$^, respectable application is ever refused. CASH ADVANCED by I~SELINE, upwards, 011 personal security, to J19' repayable to suit the convenience of tance 110 object.—Apply personally or by letted, 8, BELLE VUE-STREET, SWANSEA- II Private and confidential, as heretofore- advances made on plate, jewellery, watches, reduced rate of charges. .d' TO THE PUBLIC. —If~you are in want °f vance, from £ 5 arid upwards in the privacy, apply direct to the actual lender. AH* made in cash.—Communications and ei;qu'C 8^>- addressed—Secretary, 3, Bute-terrace, Cardiff^ CI O M M E R C I AL ADVANCE 3 A j 19, QUAY-STREET, CARDIFF ofelh £ 3 to £500 can be obtained on the Sall3odsO applied for by professional gentlemen, tra fanners, cowkeepers, and householders. Applicants may rely on the strictest se?.\T0r 0% observed. Charges moderate, and no enq»u^ a,ppl^. ees charged unless cash advanced. Country tions attended to without delay. Apply per by letter to Mr L. JOSEPH, COMMERCIAL ADVANCE BAN^'nrjf, 2376 19, QUAY-STREET MONEY LENT PRIVATELY at a ,.s HOURS' NOTICE. Capias A Gentleman having a large amount Of willing to grant advances, upon note of £ 15 for any term not exceeding 15 years, Irv.. £ 1,000, at 5 per cent., to Clergymen, or Proprietors, Lodging-house Keepers, any responsible Person, Male or Pemala. 0J ^a Country. Without loan office formalities or 0, Distance no object, and so long as the iiiterere the capital can remain. No genuine pr'vao7 fused. All communications are treated strictlyo'i —Appiy to the actual Lender, H. Harrison, ill^ York-road, Westminster Bridge-road, Londog; "^r()N3!:v_Lentri'TOm"" £ 5 to £ 500 at XTA notice to farmers, cowkeepers, housed horTO^fL- others on promissory note alone, and on the d y jes own name. Distance no object. No changes 01 0$ cription are made unless business is transacted- one requiring a strictly private temporary lo8" sb0 the usual publicity and loan office routin apply to Phillip Bassett, 11, Penuel-squ^«)—X&, pridd. t* TO £ 200 advanced without delay to c&t) of Respectable Housekeeper ill within 100 miles. Honourable socrecy Promissory note with own signature only Special terms to ministers of all clerks, and tradesmen. Write or Adva,nce Co., 13, Calvert-street, Swansea. ^5— unless business is done. — "T on » in £ 45,000Freehold or Leasehold sums of £ 100 to £ 10,000 also on good Per ,rs rity, reversions, annuities, &c., &c Financial Agents, 72, St Mary-street, Card^^—^ tI> St'AI1 ORROWERS in want of money /roB,frttud0^) private source, free from annoyance, fees (extracted under some pretext or otheO> vfP ( routine of loan office agents, &c., are fully as to position, income, &c., when,' tory, the money will be advanced in a te>'» Second Edition, Crown 8vo, paper boards, 1 THE MESMERIST'S SB011 BY DANIEL DORMER, Author of Out of the Mists.' Saturday Review: "A work somewhat j* manner of the famous Mr Hyde and Dr Jekyf- 0 The Bookseller: "There is a tragic interest jØ St0ry'" cee^i Court Journal "The story is in itself pp# interesting, and the various incidents, which » Paris, are told in a natural manner, free frofO „er tion and dramatic effect. Fe*v will give up °1 £ he^' of the novel until the final chapter has been 15. Second Edition. Crown 3vo, paper b :fJ. N UNLUCKY BY ATHOL A. JOHNSTON. Manchester Evening News "The tale is vel^ j bit Glasgoio Evening Times A delightful comedy, so cleverly worked out that you do to consider question of probability. You °n and read 011 to the end.' Just Published. Crown 8vo, cloth, 3s' rriHE LAND OF RAM, and 01 ■ ta^ By H. ROSE. A Book for lihildreii-f Ily JlluS Advertisers Vade Mecum. eoce- Invaluable to Advertisers. Post-free, Twop ¡Ølt JOHN HADDON & CO., c, 3 & 4, Bouverie-street, F1 eet,-street, CERDDORIAETH DDIWEVV DR. PARRY. GAN D. M. PARRY, CARTREF, PKi> I Ieisiau gwrywaidd, yn y ddwy iai^' i.tfyh iio-iiant. [ gone(Ilaet'll,l Abe (1) Y Pilgrims (i Eisteddvod genedlaetlio1 4c. 2g. (2) Cwchgan, 2g. (3) Nosgan, 4c.. Anthemau, Cydganau, &c., y ddwy ia" V nodiant (6) Gweddi'r Arglwydd, 2g- I ,k Gyntaf, 2g. (3) Ti Dduw a Folwn, 2g- [J'. y i\{ Santaidd, Hefvd, am fod fy lesu'n fy^ SJj d> yfel 2g. (5) Hen Glychau'r Llan, 2g. (6) Tor," by Gymru,4c., 2g. (7) Molawd i'r Haul, 4c- gan Gorawl, 4c. ,n. ^nh- Prwpasol i'r Eisteddfodau a Chyiighryda. Rhan IV., o'r LLYFR TORAU CENEi' Unrhyw ran 100 ac uchod am haner P faoedd. faoedd. JOSEPH, nyfi-ySe Y gantawd syml a phoblogaidd, 1/6, 8c > £ 'j/. 2g. Llyfr Elfenau Cerddoriaet0' ^ytre*' Catalogue i w gael yn rhad. rry, Cii25 Pob archeb gyda blaendal i D. M- Penarth- -^jTfVo0 To the Young Men of England who j^ j. ^j jJ Nervous Debility. Just Pub1^" O THE CONFESSIONS & tfw of an INVALID, designed as »J^e caution to others supplying at the hiiBseinsi^0 means of self- Jure, by one who has cure^ jjjip undergoing the usual amount of Med „&S& aud Quackery.. by se Single Copies may be had (pose stamped addressed envelope to the aut jaii.. ARTHUR DIXON, Ksq-. r 972-7928-14317 Just Published, for Two ^f'^ise^S?'4. ft By J. A. BARNES, M.D. (U.S.) a T/FI* HOW TO most valuable Book for "J1 syJ^J^JLiUS Laws Governing Life, and the Causes, Kery, Treatment of all Diseases depending paJP^0ajif' bility, Mental and Physical Depressioj^ar^ the Heart, Noises in the Head ant tiou, Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Pros, ijwo &c. Sent post free on receipt o ^44 Address;— „ ,Tr a.), v. J. A. BARNES, M.D- 48, Lonsdale-square, 'J'hornhill-roa ^—1 ON STRICTURE of and Urinary Diseases Their on Nfc • By a SURGEON. Also, by same Aupn p DEBILITY (so-called) in Men. W.C- Is 2d.—148, Southampton-row, Lon«u^—- |N THE MODERN VJ NERVOUS DISEASES »nd l43^6 IN MEN, by Local Absorption. „ "Simple, scientific, effectual. hoLBOB- London B. NORTON. 249% HE STRIKE OF A ON STRIKE AGAINSTNovel)-ipt, 0 BETTER CONDITIONS OF LIFE f^e 0n be read by every adult.—Sent .nolds, 06. Flight Penny Stamps, by "W. H. New Cross, S.E. —" W f p0p«lati^ READ "The Law of r^ed to Annie Besant. A wP^njiy w*i'hl!V married people to limit the^m y H. ipt of subsistence.—Sent poat s.E-> Publisher, New Cross, LowooB* Eight Penny Stamps. I -=- ()D IFIEIt S THE GREAT BLOOD piL^B THOMPSON'S BURD^ease3i and tW come the worst forms 0 and k1' med1" state of the blood, stomach, u'be're no other go to the core of every diseas have power to reach. XJirRTFlEB cnT^ue, sto^^aK Tht' GREAT BLOOD PUB^d in the s f complaints :Indigestion, djfflness of ft* bowels, giddiness in the h jpjtation oiLhtiI1ess sore eyes, loss of meinor. ^|> ai or pig ajnS gpt and bilious obstructions, ast yg^ gravel, Pjir0at.d3> o( chest, rheumatics, luiriba_ ea3t, s° back, scurvy, bad leg», or )Ur^. heads, and sores of aUI d^cnH kings ^'tge {og &< white swellings, scrofula, blotd>wety#P »s sas Chemists, or from the Bur ^Oxford-street, Swansea. Ord-street, Swansea.