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ALLSOPP & SONS, BASS & co-. ^rTlP>\ and others V < £ o\ of the finest BURTON Per f ALES. Pirkin £ « 8,8 l2s °q\ ^upwards. 1030 btr Jlaction. ATJCTION APPOINTMENTS. *^55525 and MORGAN. »«, \r at Porth Feb- 25 ^ees l^J:VAys & HUGHES. BL. Jl11 Irees, &c., at Cardiff Feb. 21 F £ *HOID PR0RI3R DAVID FRANCIS. behold PrnS ^es at Pontvpool Feb. 18 j,„ at LlanSamlet Feb. 19 H^L ??TWALTZ & BO WRING. of ^orses, &c., at Cardiff Feb. 19 'operties a f1? h}' wrniture, at Cardiff Feb. 26 & 27 at Cardiff March behold W. a nd S. HERN. <Hlt» Pities, at Cardiff Feb. 19 PAINTINFFS C/ IESSRS H. HILL <FC CO. i 8S' S £ ansea Feb. 13 ^BES. DOG RN^5' J°HN HILLMAN. Smarts, &c., at Newport Feb. 25 Mr LEWIS HOPKINS. *W. roPerties, at Caftliff Feb. 19 an,l ;t>.essrs KENNARD & CO. MM. °' at Cardiff Feb. 19 opiate W01.Krs k^OYLE and ROBERTS. »« «, at Swansea March 2 S' AT Carrtift MR W- LATTY.. Feb. 23 68 and Ci^L HN M. LEEDER and SON. fin*- !H ak Rooms, Swansea Feb. 24 ^RIOT PU^?FRS J- G- MADDOX & CO. &i >.le a"d Effects, at Rooms Feb. 19 CFLT^UHLIO ,MR THOMAS PARRY. Grew rJ.1136'^Newport February 18 Ru. Plant <fe Machinery, at Newport, Feb. 26 TESP?AMR>J^R. DAVID SHEPHERD. *Wr?ellmS-hoi»ses, at Cardiff Feb. 26 Ho* ^esZ^gtPorthcawl SFCSK8- Carria TEPHENSON & ALEXANDER. JjJ^oold p Harness, &c.. at Preswylfa..Feb. 24 atf^rt'is- &c-' Caerphilly Feb 26 &^lWrd,fi! F March 2 t&J' Crrms |ses> at Pontypridd — °ld fist!?'0'' Llanaanuor Court — Mr Barry Dock April— Stock ^.N THOMAS (Pontypridd). -l^ps^ £ ^atPenbw^[sa{^Feb^26 8J £ OFPB,^WYLFA, NEAR CARDIFF! OFTSJLOS CARRIAGES, HARNESS, and a HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and OOLLP,( I -FFFFCIrs also a VERY VALUABLE I ORRH?L OF WATER COLOUR DRAWINGS, G^F, ^.PAINTINGS, ENGRAVINGS, PORCE- K specimens by Birkct Foster, J. Dav"10011 Sa" ««: Sol STEPHENSON and ALEX- lltr? £ lat» <^v 1M'e instructed by the representatives Charles Thompson, Esq., to SELL bv r^ary Preswylfa, on TUESDAY, 24th Ib» ?. i at- 12 noon, the following lots :— •St fi„. V?uShara (by Fuller, Bath), Wagonette tent? Douh/ArD-^rt (by Edwards, Cardiff), Set SaddI»Je Harness, Set Single do., ladies'and Snv^e hope ~^dles, &c., &c. also that well-known 'jj^6 hanle Gambler," 16.1, quiet in single and ftV}«URE comprises a portion of the eon- and dining-rooms, hall, china pantry, TOC^and. bedrooms and the OUT-DOOR a«d garden and stable tools, lawn CHTTVI1' Narrows, &c. '^W^Ognei! a«d PORCELAIN are rare and valuable. Jpe'ng prepared, and may shortly be er information, of the Auc- Cardiff, February, 1891. 9201 Ht,. CARDIFF. IVLJLSSDC,^ 0F PUBLIC-HALL. AIH!S, STEPHENSON and ALEX- 4^ovp Vi ,lre instructed to SELL by AUCTION, lW.?' 55,tf,'lal1-on MONDAY, the 2nd day of March, kiin», 0 c*ocfc in the Afternoon, the extensive as the ox %t R()ATIR PUBLIC-HALL, OR f\r^ey ro:w^ Roath, and containing «°UND FLOOR—Smaller hall 35 x 31, 0}f retinng-room, ihree caretaker's-rooms, *HE PTT>SS, ^oomy comdor arid lobby. l .Large hall 61 x 31, with P. ;tform at oml, retiring-room, lobby, Wj?*bovP ii~ilCKet"'JOX' lavatorv, and w.e. to SwL°?c,lPies a Piece '•>* gi'ouiul having a aiirf>2f3:Toa° of 76*t» ""<1 a fiepth of last, af"1 *»•'« c^ii teC, e_i(. "J entrance, a staircase at the rear to Btftv011 ^ildi'r,^esi/Ies t"e 'lalI proper there is a vf^ge-roon^f ,^e east side, which may be used as <C? b1ildin -for chaiis, Ac. erected, all the coiTi- TfwJ ^lre ro°my. and is supplied with Pre^fr throughout. '*>» ie! are held under a lease for a term of 99 J^* £ 13 September, 1882, at an annual ground of the Auctioneers. Febmarv. 1891. 9271 ATllStaT, SALE TO-MORP.OW. W W- & S. HERN have been &Vu^aHni £ ted to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, 'ABuildings, St. Maw-street-, Cardiff, •' C7i,Y' ^e 19th day of February, 1891, at valuable PROPERTIES, viz. Stfe'E, jhat corner SHOP and DWELLING- R 011 tVio a' £ ehouse, Stable, and Yard attached, jar Oiltile ()rner of Harold-street, and being No. r ^Prem^y. iloath, Cardiff. ftS ^UfecH *hich are most suitable for a grocery h ^ra i 0nW*s business, are held under lease for vltw^ionpa111 the 29th September, 1873, at an ap- ^-All rent of £ 5. lt that well built and commodious r< °UsE, situate and being No. 82, Hamil- cardiff held under lease for 99 years Oø. e of which are expired), at a ground rent of ,2- 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14, Littleton- „W^Whioif' eld under lease for 99 years (about isr^ are unexpired), at a ground rent of £ (With 82 »nd 84, Broadway, Roath, ]fi.vT°p fronts). Term 99 years from 2nd \b^a> „ tlher »; rent, £ 3 10s per house. 1d» R^.parti(;uiar:; as to lot 1, apply to Messrs »J ^8 and 5WaJ", Solicitors, Trowbridge, or to Messrs «Ul' 111' ^°'icit°rs, St Mary-street, Cardiff o ? -lots, to the Auctioneers, 94, St 9157 SALE 'KO-MORROW. V AUCTION ROOMS, CARDIFF. )»*->, AY, FEB. 19TH, 1391, commencing at <yi ^SST)C. -r 2 °,clock precisely. wirJ- G- MADDOX and CO. are p to SELL by AUCTION, at their H0TrSV,ove. a grand selection of I':is wtrSEHOl,D APPOINTMENTS, °oni Vt> mahogany, and oak dining and ,Whsi_ s^it«s, upholstered in saddle bags, rjt »ud tapestry, with noble 6-ft. and ov^!2 to match dining tables, walnut and H p^id ,ancels, pier glasses, rosewood and inets. together with the bedroom i> ^d -of s"it'es in walnut, 6ft. and smaller l1|t Pairs duchesse toilets, brass bedsteads S.?1>t«^vie«0jnplete> chests of (iritwers,&rc.,&C. h41 es f,ew day prior to and morning of sale. -0 this sale received up to morning of Hi. 6 HOFVK NEXT, FEBRUARY 23RD, 1891. Itl-T. OPPOSITE T.V.R, STATION, "lIt W a CARDIFF. m ''VArv^LATTY is instructed to SELL i» • "lOX on the above date, at 2.30 p.m., an, 14.000 CIGARS £ T> ald wiii, w3H-known brands, which are well S°1 'n convenient lots. 9407 Mr, 'OPS DWELLING-HOUSES IN t>\VT^ CARDIFF. K^k^tp.SfirT{D SHEPHERD is instructed PUBLIC AUCTION, at The Mart, foi?s0fo i^ebriv11 ^'ary-stveet, Cardiff, on THURS- Miitt e to tr- a- 7 (snl.ject to condi- T^liWr, then and there produced), the OtT"Ail th" AND DWELLING-HOUSES. VlWKtl «HOP and DWELLIN*J- roll e,e IN 11(t rfolirl 0. 72, Salisbury-road, Cardiff, held of 5, °f i'A •?e;u's i'om 2nd February, 1880, at a b»-°T2 ci». ^ev a'ninm, and let at the yearly feiS tlm1' 0f ra-es and taxes. or' o. 88, Slt- HOp pnd DWELLING-HOUSE, i •ro11', Cardiff, held under lease t^V °i «a K February, 1G80, at an apportioned 3 tal oM0(1 Pei' annum, and let at the Sfi WrP^11 th?+i\,clear of raUis all(l taxes. I ^l^^in^DVYKLLING-HOUSE with stables li^tiSf6 to 57> Knierald-street, Roath, held » Vo. yeata from 25th March, 1870, at an • "V ground reut of £ 3, and let at lis tk1(i16ilv?Wo DWELLING-HOUSES, being »th !r sep^ifi^tchurch-pliico, Cathays, Cardiff 42 iiePteS>l^te,leasesfor 99 ye.-»;rs each from l885i srouna rents of zi 12s 6d 5 e;2jfC lv^y. and let at the low rental >fm0^'11^odii?Op and DWELLING-HOUSE, t^ly nl 9 years f™ road East, Cardiff, held under NfcfSrounrt re'nt 29th September, 1882, at the !»• ot S3 I4S 4(1 and let at lis per Os. 4All those t tõ d 6, W OüVio DWELLING-HOUSKS, being ?S' 3 ami'Vi those two ^Tvi Kast aforesaid.. v 8^10, WoodvuL PVEi j,INfi -HOUSES, being ?«• 12 athose two 7?- •^ast aforesaid.. WOODEN;SELLING-HOUSES, BEING 1 ^6 an those twn r\\?.ac' East- aforesaid. WoodviL ELLIXG"HOUSKS' bemg *|S- 20 an l4iJ those tv-n East aforesaid. Ivoul22.' Woodvin? VE,LLI?,"G-HOUSES) being lS^'irat '1) W6 7 o0^1 Efwt aforesaid. l8§2 leases for'«w'3 an(l 10 are held under L the ye^^Mrom 29th September, 4s £ 2 4s 6d J £ ogflr0^d rents of £ 2 4s 8(1- •r^Pc J1', £ 2 4s A('i 10d, £ 2 4s fid, ^atWHely.andar4i £ l6l.W' and £ 2 7s 2d Sv to tho iLof 'nvestovu j6*1 Per week each- 1^ tea^o]n?io^ove pronet-H a others is specially Pnces.^°Pert»es, which will be sold at ^^eerGiU%^aUtoC^n^ly toMr R. Y. Evans, Krt g»S KENNAm?0MS' CARDIFr- £ l'42;L> and CO- will fixceiipV,^ S^eat varietv^THURSDAY next, the i^clock ent Piano by B, Hotlsehold Furniture y and Co. Sale^at •talent fo. ^^tising di«ii, ^onUactor f°r all 1^ d! ^Ul°n and routing circulars, &c. •Deaa.8treetaM Co.'s Mail Steamers— » Aberdare. 13590 1137 §§ak& bl1 Xurtion. SALE TO-MORROW (THURSDAY), FEBRUARY 19TH, 1891. AT 12 O'CLOCK MESSRS GOTTWALTZ & BOWRING J3JL will hold their NEXT SALE of HUNTERS, HARNESS HORSES, COBS AND PONIES, at the HORSE EXCHANGE, CARDIFF, on the above date. Present entries comprise The Property of J. W. A. Stevens, Esq. Black Gelding, 15.2, quiet to ride and dnve, and warranted sound. The Property of R. Bradney, Esq. Dun Gelding, 6 off, 15.3, a most excellent weight- carrying hunter and harness horse, has been dnven wheeler in a road coach. A PAIR OF HORSES and GENTLEMAN'S PRI- VATE HANSOM, by Marston, in GOOD CONDITION. 6 CART HORSES, FROM VARIOUS FARMERS. The Property of a Gentleman, who is leaving Valuable HUNTER, from ARCH. HOOD, Esq., Bridgend. HARNESS HORSE from DANIEL OWEN, Esq., Ash Hall. FIRST-CLASS LIGHT BROUGHAM, by Peters, of London, in excellent condition, together with capital Brown Horse, Harness and Whip, Set of Double Harness, &c. PHAETON, Gig, Lamps, Harness, &c. Also entries from Messrs Shapland, Chamberlain, Lloyd, Thomas, Pritchard, Gibbs, Lewis, Carver, Payne, Cadle, Butler, and others. Further entries solicited. Catalogues may be had from the Auctioneers. 9232 LARGE AND IMPORTANT SALE OF HIGH-CLASS FURNITURE (Being the Contents of a Large Residence removed t* the Sale Rooms for Unreserved, Sale). Also THE CONTENTS OF THE RESIDENCE. BY ORDER OF THE EXECUTORS OF THE LATE THOMAS SHELL, DECEASED. Supplied by Messrs Maple J: Co., Holland, and other first-class homes, EXCELLENT CARPETS sup- PLIED BY MESSRS MARSHALL & SNELGROVE, London. Elegant Furniture of Thirteen Bedrooms in various woods, excellent Drawing-Room Furniture, a high- class Cottage Pianoforte, by Hermann, Valuable Axminster, Wilton Pile and Brussels Carpets. Suites of Costly Curtains, Reception-Room and Library Furniture in Brown Oak, Walnut and Mahogany, Electro-Plated Articles, Oil Paintings and Drawings, I .large Dinner Service, Garden Tent, Iron Garden Roller, Tables, a Mowing Machine and Cover. MESSRS GOTTWALTZ & BOWRING have received instructions to remove to their Salerooms, 11, High-street, Cardiff, and SELL by AUCTION on THURSDAY and FRIDAY, 26th and 27tli February, at eleven o'clock punctually THE ABOVE HIGH-CLASS FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD APPOINTMENTS. The CONTENTS OF 13 BEDROOMS, containing VERY HANDSOME BRASS BEDSTEADS with, costly hangings, other brass bedsteads in French and other designs CAPITAIVSPRING and HAIR BEDDING. well-made dressing tables and washstands, a FINE 6FT. 6IN. WALNUT BEST BEDROOM SUITE, a SUPERB 6FT. BURR WALNUT SUITE WITH PEDESTAL TOILET TABLES and APPOINT- MENTS en suite, a 6FT. WALNUT AND ASH ELE GANT BEDROOM SET, a 5FT. WALNUT DOUBLE- DOOR BEDROOM SUITE of beautiful design, easy chairs, large draught scrcen, box ottomans, mantel boards, handsome single and double toilet service?, BEDROOM SETS in walnut, pine, and other woods; SEVERAL EXCELLENT WARDROBES of various sizes, chintz and lace curtains, commodes, work table, shaving glass, baths, best Brussels carpets, corridor carpets, rugs, fenders and irons. The furniture of Drawing-room includes expensive Wilton pile carpets, Persian nigs, massive fenders and fire irons, handsome ROSEWOOD OVERMANTEL, a fine walnut enclosed cabinet, a, very fine rosewood suite covered in expensive Genoa velvet, exquisite Is settees, brackets, a VERY FINE CARVED ROSE- WOOD CABINET of great beauty, lounge and occa- sional chairs in silk coverings, card and occasional tobies, REAL DRESDEN VASES and FIGURES, and choice ornamental china, a 7-OCTAVE UPRIGHT GRAND COTTAGE PIANOFORTE with iron frame (by HERMANN), a duet stool, a. rosewood music cabinet and writing table, and other rosewood occa- sional tables. Ac. ABOUT FORTY-FIVE VALUABLE OIL PAINTINGS AND WATER-COLOUR DRAWINGS. The DINING-ROOM, furnished in FIRST-CLASS STYLE in BROWN OAK, with aim chairs, couch, and small chairs, covered in best Morocco leather, a 6ft. 6in. NOBLE SIDEBOARD with glass cabinet back, LARGE DINING-TABLE, a fire screen, ex- pensive dinner wagon, suites of Chenille and lace curtains, a BEAUTIFUL AXMINSTER CARPET, a scrap screen, a coal vase, a large marble clock, a PAIR of FINE BRONZES, groups, vnses, and other ornaments. The LIBRARY, in GARY ED WALNUT, comprising a writing table, two pairs of curtains, TWO BOOK- CASES. a 7ft. WAIAN ITT SIDEBOARD vitb carved ornaments, a WALNUT SUITE beautifully carved and covered in green Morocco, octagon table, a PAIR of LARGE CHINA 1ASES, and several choice decora- tive articles, OAK HALL FURNITURE, velvet cur- tains, guns, swords, antlers, expansive stair-carpeting with rods, FINELY CARVED OAK TABLE and dinner wagon, folding chsirs, a case of ctnffed birds, a FINE HALL SET of STAND and a PAIR of CHAIRS. The CONTENTS of MORNING-ROOM, KITCHENS, PANTRIES, a garden tent, a capital garden roll, a lawn mower and cowt, ;i ;v' rden tab!e aiid seat, and numerous miscellaaeoas items, all of which will be fully described in catalogues. ON VIEW TWO DAYS PRIOR TO SALE. Catalogues may be had of the Auctioneers, or will be remitted free by post on application. 9370 To be Sold, pursuant to an Order of the High Court of Justice made in an action re Thomas Williams, Morgan v. Williams, 1884, W. 4056, with the approba- tion of Mr Justice North, by MR LEWIS GOTTWALTZ. (of the firm of Gottwaltz and Bowring); 11 High-street, Cardiff, the person appointed by the said ludge, at the WINDSOR HOTEL, BUTE DOCKS,, CARDIFF, on TUESDAY, the 10th day of MARCH, 1891, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, the f ollowing LEASEHOLD PREMISES, situate in Cardiff, viz. :— LOT 1.—All that FIRST-CLASS DOUBLE-LICENSED COMMERCIAL AND FAMILY HOTEL, KNOWN AS THE WINDSOR HOTEL, BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF, containing coffee-room, smoke-room, bar, and bar parlour, large restaurant, and grill-room, bil- liard-room, 60ft by 22ft, with three tables, three sitting- rooms, 20 bedrooms, capacious cellarage, and all the necessary appointments of a large hotel. The goodwill of the business is included in the sale, and possession will be given on completion of the purchase. The furniture, fittings, stock of wines, spirits, beer, &c., are to be taken by valuation. (See conditions of sale.) LOT 2.—All that SHOP and PREMISES No. 44, STUART-STREET, CARDIFF, containing shop and offices on the ground floor, six rooms over, good kitchen cellir, and back yard. Let to Mr George Stanbury under an agreement as yearly tenant at the annual rent °fLOT5'3.-All that SHOP and PREMISES No. 45, STUART-STREET, CARDIFF, containing similar accommodation. Let to Mr Browning, as yearly tenant, at the annual rent of £ 50. _,T LOT 4.—All that SHOP and PREMISES No. 46, STUART-STREET. CARDIFF, containing simdar accommodation, and a Workshop at the back. Let. to Mr W. J..Jeffery, as an annual tenant, at the yearly rent of £ 55. LOT 5.—All that SHOP and PREMISES No. 47, STUART-STREET, CARDIFF, containing similar accommodation. Let to Mr W. Towler, for the residue of a term of 14 years, expiring 25th June, 1892, at an annual rent of £ 50. LOT 6.—All that SHOP AND PREMISES No. 248, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF, containing Shops aud Offices on ground floor, five Rooms over, good Kitchens, cellar in the basement, and back yard. Let to Mr W. E. Vaughan, as yearly tenant, at a rental of 1£45. LOT 7.-All that SHOP AND PREMISES No. 249, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF, containing qxmilti, ae, commodation. Let to Mr C. Chase, as a yearly tenant, at a rental of £60. LOT B.-All that SHOP AND PREMISES No. 250, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF, containing similar accommodation, with au entrance from Hope-street. Let to Mr Donis, as yearly tenant, at a rental of £ 60. LOT 9.—All tfiat SHOP and PREMISES No. 251, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF, containing .similar accom- modation also a Stable and Loft with an entrance from Hope-street, let to Mr G. Banfleld, as monthly teuant, at a rent of SA 163 Od per lunar month. (The tenant of this Lot has the rightof using aback entrance from Hope-street). LOT IO.-All that SHOP and PREMISES No. 252, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF, containing similar accom- modatioii, with capital Bakehouse, fitted with 2 ovens, let to Mr J. H. Davies, as yearly tenant, at a rental of £ 74. (The tenant of this lot as the right of using a back entrance from Hope-stret.) LOT 11.—The LARGE AND WELL-BUILT BUILD- ING at the rear of Nos. 218, 249, 250, and 251, BUTE. STREET, with a frontage to Hope-street, Cardiff fitted as four stables, with carpenter's shop over, in the several occupations of Messrs R. England, E. England, C. Merlini, and E. Jones, as yearly tenants, and producing a rental of £ 70. Lot 1 is held under a lease from the Trustees of the will of the late Marquis of Bute for the remainder of a teriii of 99 years from the 29th dav of September, 1852, at an annual ground rent of £ 30. Lots 2. 3, 4, and 5 are held under a Lease from the same Trustees for tho remainder of a term of 99 years from the 29th September, 1852, at an annual ground rent of £ 20, which will be apportioned between the several Lots at the rate of £ 5 for each Lot. Lots 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 are held under one Lease from the same Trustees for the remainder of a term of 98 years from the 29th September, 1852, at the ground rent of B22 12s od per annum, which will be apportioned between the several Lot as follows :— £ 3 10s each on Lots 6, 7, 8, and 9, £6 on Lot 10, and B2 12s 6d on Lot 11. Particulars and Conditions of Sale and Plans may be had gratis in London of MESSRS CUNLIFFES <fe DAVENPORT, Solicitors, 4o, Chancery-lane, W.C • MESSRS ASHURST, MORRIS, CRISP, & CO., ^7 17•, Tfcrojjmorton-avenue, E.C. And in the country of RICHARD WYNDHAM WILLIAMS, Esq.,Solicitor, 8, Charles-street, Cardiff H of the Auctioneer, and at the nlace of Sale. 8989 GEORGE'S I A MARVELLOUS REMEDY GEORGE'S A MARVELLOUS REMEDY Tt 10R ^TT TT OOLGa!5, COLDS, BRONCHITIS, /^OUGH w, ASTHMA, &c. ;xen.±her^hin"s fail> get a bottle, wwn.* i?101 .? directions, and BALSAM, fffls °nlerful power to y°ur la Bottles, lsUd and2s 9,1. ZSEORGE'S u thfAS^LPw^rD«Mm'ED T0 l j BE THE SAFEST AND BEST Contain no Opium nor anything IWFAKTS' injurious to the youn*babe. For JN I? AJN i ft TeetJung, Fits, Measfes, Scarlatina and other ailments, they are a sure and certain specific. A mother's "OOWDERS best help and comfort. JL IN PACKET'S, Is ljrD EACH. u Note—Read the "remarkable and interesting testi- monials around each packet and bottle. GEORGE'S POWDERS and BALSAM are sold eVMai^actoryPENTRE, KHONDDA VALLEY, GLAMORGANSHIRE. 1267 by JUiciitftt. IMPORTANT SALE of DUTY-PAID WINES and CIGARS, removed for convenience of Sale, which in- clude several lots belonging to private parties, and a Wholesale Firm retiring from the trade. MESSRS JOHN M. LEEDER & SON .1. have received instructions to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Swansea Auction-rooms, Goat-street, Swansea, on TUESDAY, February 24th 1891, a large quantity of DUTY-PAID WINES AND CIGARS, Comprising SHERRIES, shipped by Wisdom and Warter, Duff-Gordon, Kidd, Eumsen, and Co., Mar- tinez Gassiot and Co., Glanton and Downing, and others, all packed in one-dozen cases. PORTS shipped by Graham (three diamond), Sande- man (three crown), Morgan, Martinez, Hooper Bros., Cockburn (1875 vintage), Fonseca and others also 19 doaen very choice port (1869 vintage). CLARETS include such well-known brands as Mar- gaux, Leoville, St Julien, St Estephe, La Rose, Lafitte, St Emilion. CHAMPAGNES. Heidsick, Piper, Ruinart, Le Forestier, Raplael's prize medal. BURGUNDIES.—Beaune, Beaujolis, Chambertin, Pommard. CORDIALS.—Quinine Wine, Lime Juice, Raspberry Balm, Brown and Green Ginger. CIGARS include the following genuine high-class brands of Havanas, For Larranaga, Juan Lopez, Huelvana, Espanolas, Cabanas, Rosa Aromatica, and a large selection of well-known British brands. Full particulars may be obtained from the cata- logues, free on application to the Auctioneers. Sale to commence at half-past Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon. Samples may be seen and tasted on the day previous and morning of sale. 9364 SALE THIS DAY. LONDON HOUSE AUCTION ROOMS, 10, CASTLE- STREET, SWANSEA. MESSRS H. HILL & CO. have received instructions to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, on the above premises, on WEDNESDAY, the 18th February, 1891, and following days, a collection of OIL PAINTINGS AND WATER-COLOUR DRAWINGS (by first-class and well-known artists). The whole will be arranged for view the morning of Sale. An inspection is respectfully invited. Sale to commence at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m 9303 IMPORTANT SALE~OF A VALUABLE LEASE- HOLD TIN-PLATE WORKS, SITUATE AT MORRISTON, NEAR SWANSEA. MESSRS KNOYLE AND ROBERTS have received instructions to OFFER for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Royal Hotel, High-street, Swansea, on MONDAY, the 2nd day of March, 1891, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, all those Valuable LEASEHOLD TIN-PLATE WORKS, Known as MIDLAND TIN-PLATE WORKS, Situate at Morriston, near Swansea, erected on a triangular piece of land lying between the Great Western and the Midland Railways. The Midland has a siding into the works, and the Great Western Rail- way could be connected at a very little expense. The buildings comprise two assorting rooms, with accommodation for storage on first floor; tin house, annealing room, smithy, fitting and carpenter shops, copperas house, boiler room, grease house, brail house, weighbridge, large bar iron bouk, large wooden house, stack, &c., 190 feet high. Plant, machinery, &c., consisting of three mills in working order, four pairs of cold rolls, driven by 84 x 28 inch horizontal engine, 4 feet stroke (Neath Abbey Engineering Company), and Green s Patent Economiscr attached new pickling machine by Millbrook Iron Company, two annealing furnaces, 7 tinning sets, cutting machine, 4 boilers (1 new, by Galloway, Limited, Manchester)^ _12inch centre double-geared lathe by Spencer, Keighley. Pooley's weighbridge to weigh 20 tons, vertical engine driving grindstone, and mortar mill, flooring plates, c. There are well-built and commodious offices coniain ing two large rooms, lavatory, &c. The attention of investors and capitalists is directed to the splendid position of the Works, both as regards the number of steel works and collieries sur- rounding it, and its close proximity to the shipping- regards the number of steel works and collieries sur- rounding it, and its close proximity to the shipping port of Swansea. The Works are capable of turning out about 1,650 boxes per week. The stocks-in-trade, amounting to several thousands of pounds, will have to be taken at a valuation, an inventory of which will be produced at t,he time of Sale. The property is held under a lease for a term of 99 years from the 25th day of March, 1878, at an annual rental of I-PIOO. Farther particulars and conditions of Sale may be had on application to J. R. Richards, Esq., Solicitor, Fisher-street, Swansea, or to the Auctioneers, 7, fisher- street, Swansea. Dated, Feb. 5th, 1891. 9306 SALE THIS DAY. SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTIES. MR DAVID FRANCIS lias been in- structed to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, as under, a number of FREEHOLD COTTAGES, together with LAND, situate at Pontypool and Llan- samlet Lower. WEDNESDAY NEXT, Feb. 18th, 1891, Clarence Hotel, Pontypool, at 3 p.m. THURS- DAY NEXT, Feb. 19th, 1391, Bonymaen House, Llan- samlet, at 3 p.m. For particulars apply to the Auctioneer, 16, West End, Llanelly, Carmarthenshire or to 9388 D. R. WILLIAMS, Solicitor, LlaneUv. VALUABLE LKASRHOLD PROPERTIES IN CARDIFF AND CADOXTON. MR LEWIS HOPKINS is instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at The Mart, Bank- buildings, Cardiff, on THURSDAY, the 19th February, 1891, at Seven p.m. (subject to Conditions of Sale to be then and there produced), the following Valuable LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES, In the following or such other Lots as shall be arranged at the time of the Sale to meet intending purchasers :— LOT 1.—NO. 11, PLASTURTON-GARDENS, con- taining dining and drawing-rooms, kitchen, <fec., on ground floor, and four bedrooms, bath (hot and cold), lavatory, Ac. and is now vacant. Leasehold for 99 years from 1885. Ground rent. £4 19s. N.B.—No. 1, Plasturton-gardens was originally ad- vertised as comprising Lot 1, hut, having been disposed of by private contract, is withdrawn from this sale. LOT 2.—No. 3, PLASTURTON-GARDENS, contain- ing dining and drawing-rooms, kitchen, &c., on ground floor; and four bedrooms, bath (hot and cold), lavatory, &e. Now occupied by Captain Jones, as a monthly tenant. Leasehold for 99 years from 1835. Ground rent, B4 16s. LOT 3.-No. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13, Coveiiy-street, Cardiff (near the new Dov'iriis Works). All let to respectable tenants at 7s 6d a week each. Leasehold 99 years. Ground rent, £ 2 10s each house. These houses are in excellent repair, and always command good tenants LOT 4.—Nos. 80, 82, and 84, Ordell-street (near the new owla,is Works). All let to respectable tenants, 8s a week No 80, and 7s 6d for Nos. 82 and 34. Lease- hold 99 years Ground rent, £ 2 10s each house. LOT 5.—Nos. 25, 27, and 29, Harriet-street, Cathays. All let to respectable tenants at 8s 6d a week. Lease- hold 99 years. Ground rent, B2 17s for No. 25, B2 los 8d for No. 27, and B2 17s 2d for No. 29. These houses are in good repair, and always command good tenants. LOT 6.—CORNER SHOP and HOUSE, with Yard, Stable, and Coach-housc, being No. 1, Main-street, Cadoxtoii (opposite Royal Hotel). Leasehold for 99 years. Ground rent, £ 4. Let at £ 55 per year, tenant paying rates and taxes. LOT 7.-Two LEASEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES, situate Nos, 25 and 27, Eldon-street, Riverside, Cardiff, let to respectable tenants at 10s per week each, and containing two sitting-rooms, kitchen, scullery, four bedrooms, and bathroom. LOT 8. —TWO LEASEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES, situate Nos. 8 and 10, Craddock-street, Riverside, Car- diff; let to respectable tenants at 8s per week each, and contain two sitting-rooms, kitchen, scullery, and three bedrooms. LOT 7.—These houses are held under separate leases for 99 years from 25h March, 1832, at the annual ground rent of £ 4 17s 6d each lot. Lot 8.—These houses are held under separate leases for 99 years from 25th March, 1882, at the annual ground rent of R,3 each. 'ld' LOT 9.-TWE-NTY SHARES in the Bank-ouildmgs, St. Mary-street, Cardiff, of R5 each. For further particulars as to Lot>s 1 to 6 apply to Messrs Jacob, Hunt, and Hunt, Solicitors, Bank-build- ings, St. Mary-street, Cardiff as to Lots 7 to 9 to H. Heard, Esq., Solicitor, Church-street, Cardiff or as to all the lots to the Auctioneer, 10, Queen-street, Cardiff. 9267 altz fag igniter, A R M A R T H E N S ITI R E BARNSFIELD, or TROEDYRHIW WOOD, within a mile of Bronwydd Arms Railway Station, and very near the town of Carmarthen. About 40 ACRES OF OAK, ASH, SYCAMORE, ELM, LARCH and ALDER TREES of about 35 years' growth, and suitable for Colliery and other pur- poses, TO BE SOLD by TENDER, in three Lots, as follows LOT 1.—About 14 acres of Oak, Ash, Elm, Sycamore, Larch, and Alder Timber Trees and Poles, of excellent growth, forming part of the above Wood, and being that portion of it which is nearest to Treedyrhiw Farm- house. LOT 2.—About 14 acres of similar limber, adjoining Lot 1, and distinguished from it by a line of Trees marked with white paint, running from top to bottom of the wood. The line of Trees marking the division will be sold with Lot 1. LOT 3.-About 111f. acres of Trees ot similar growth and dimensions, but with a larger sprinkling of Larch amongst them, adjoiuin.; Lot 2 and divided from i.t by a line of Trees marked with white paint, -whicn division lino Will be sold with Lot 8. A liberal allowance of time for removing tlje above Timber will be granted, aud the term of payment made easy on approved security. Tenders to be sent to Messrs Walter Lloyd and Son, Mydrim, Saint Clears, on or before the 28th instant, of whom further particulars and a copy of the conditions of sale can be obtained. Mr James Jones, of Troedyrhiw Farm, will show the lots. Mydrim, St Clears, February 12th, 1891. 9421 O TIMBER MERCHANTS AND OTHERS. TENDERS are invited for the PURCHASE of BEECH TIMBER, lying at the East Lodge, Margam Park. To view, and for full particulars, apply to Mr Muir, Margam, Port Talbot. Tenders to be delivered by the 1st day of March, 1891, and addressed to EDWARD KNOX, Esq., Estate Office, Margam Park, Port TaJbot. No pledge is given to accept the highest or any Tender. 17th February, 1891. 9425 gTAY pROLONGED UNTIL SATURDAY, FEB. 21ST. In consequence of the continued pressure of engage- ments, and at the urgent request ot several influential gentlemen in Cardiff and Newport, Mr SIEMMS has arranged to attend at his address :— 7, EDWARDS-TERRACE, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF, ON WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, & SATURDAY NEXT, FEB. 18TH, 19TH, & 21ST. Those desirous of his services should call on him at their earliest opportunity, as his visit will terminate as above. NOTICE.—NEWPORT Mr SIEMMS will give a LAST ATTENDANCE at his ROOMS, 31, BRIDGE. STREET, FRIDAY NEXT (February 20th). c 0 R N 8 BUNIONS, CALLOSITIES, DEFORMED AND T IN GROWING TOE NAILS Instantaneously and Absolutely Removed without Causing the Slightest p- 911,25 -J1u!r trlít5. Y. M. C. A.-LECTURE at 8 To-night, -t- by Professor BARBIER. Subject-" French Influence on English Character." Admission free. 427 Cj TAR-STREET CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH.—EAST GLAMORGAN QUARTERLY MEETINGS are held at the above place, THIS DAY, at 7.30 p.m., the Rev Urijah R. Thomas, of Bristol, will preach. 424 RPHE "REST" CONVALESCENT HOME, PORTHCAWL. The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of Subscribers ^3 be held at the TOWN-HALL, CARDIFF, on THURSDAY, the 19th instant, at Half-past Two o clock.. Lord Windsor has very kindly consented to preside. Subscribers and others interested in the Institution are invited to a.ttend. 9425 S. H. STOCKAVOOP, Secretary. 0OITNTY BOROUGH OF CARDIFF. TO DAIRYMEN, COWKEEPERS, AND MILKS ELLERS. The CARDIFF CORPORATION HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that Section 6 of the" Da.iries. Cowsheds, ana MUkshops Order, 1885," requires that all persons carrying on the trade of Cowkeeper, Dairyman, or Purveyor of Milk, shall be REGISTERED a's such in thereof ^1S*6r '3-' ^'le Corporation in pursuance T he mode of Registration is by an application upon a iorm which may be obtained at the office of the lector of Nuisances, Town-hall, Cardiff. ,,y^^EGISTERED Dairymen, Cow'keepers, and Milksellers are liable to a penalty of £ 5. By order, J. L. WHEATLEY. Town Clerk. U, Cardiff, February 12th, 1891. 9380 T> HONDDA AND SWANSEA BAY At RAILWAY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, t-hattheseventeentii Half-yearly ORDINARY GENERAL MEETING of tne Proprietors of the Rhondda and Swansea Bay Company will be held at the MACKWORTH ARMSHOf^L,SWANSEA, on SATURDAY, the 28th aay of February, instant, at Twelve o'clock at noon, for the General Purposes of the Undertaking; also for the Election of two Directors in the place of Sir John -Jones Jeiiki-ns Rt., and Thomas Cory, Esq., who go °Jit of office by rotation, and who, being duly qualified, otter themselves for re-election; and for the election of an Auditor in the place of Mr David R. Knoyle, who retires, and offers himself for re-election. AND NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN, that, after the ordinary business of the said Meeting is concluded, such meeting will be made Special or .y for the purposes of considering the expediency of creating and issuing, and, if it should be thought expedient, to create and issue Ordinary or Preference Shares to the amount of £ 66,000, under the provisions of the Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway Act, 1890. „ 1'ransi'er Books will be closed from the 21st r ebruarv to the 28th February, both days inclusive. JOHN J. JENKINS, Chairm!in. H. S. LUDLOW, Secretary. SwAnsea, February 12tli, 1891. 9426 \TLTS AND DORSET BANKING T T COMPANY (LIMITED). ESTABLISHED 1835. SUBSCRIBED CAPITAL, £ 2,500,000. PAID-UP CAPITAL, £ 500,000. RESERVE FUND, £ 550,000. FIFTY-FIFTH REPORT, I resented at the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING held on the 4th FEBRUARY, 1891. I 'l'he D-rector have the pleasure of submitting to the Shareholders the Fifty-fifth Annual Ralance-sbeet of tuo Bank, which shows that after payment of Current Expenses, Directors' Fees, and Income-tax, making provision lor all bad and doubtful debts, writing down the cost ot Bank Premises, paying -interest at 5 per cent.->n the,paid Instalments of new Capital, making an the Officers' Pension Fund, and writing down Consols held against Reserve Fund to the price of 90, the Balance at the credit of Profit and Loss Account, including £ 2,289 13s lOd, brought forward from last year, amounts to £ 101,004 19s 5d. Out of this sum a Midsummer Dividend of 20s per share and a Chnstmpa Dividend of 24s per share have been making a. total distribution of 22 per cent. for the year, and the balance of 28,025 8s 5d has been carried to Profit and Loss New Account. The 10,000 New Shares issued by authority of the last Annual General Meeting having been all taken up, and the whole of the Instalments paid, in accordance with the conditions of issue, are now ittcorpora-ted with the Old Share?, making the authorised Capital of the Com- pany £ 2,500,0GG, and the paid-up Capital £ 500,000. The premiums on the New Shares have been added to the ReserveFund, raising the amount of that Fund to rv the whole of which stands in Consols at 90. The Directors have to report that they have purchased the •Id-established Banking Business of Messrs Han- cock and Co., Wiveliscombe, and Aave retained the services f'Î Mr E. L. Hancock as Manager. They have so (lunn; i h } past year opened a Branch of the Bank in the largo arid vapidly-increiusmg town of Cardiff, under the bMAafeement of Mr J. R. 'les. These ex- tsH..Mnstt".T «fcYe«ay £ j-^ reason to to the permanent interest of the Compauy. At the Annual Meeting the retiring Directors,Charles Richard Luce, Esq., of Malmesbury ■; Captain Can- Stuart Glyn, of Wimborne and James Appleford, Esq., of Southampton, were re-elected •; and William Turquand, Esq., and Alexander Young, Esq., were re- appointed to the office of Auditors of the Company. The Capital of the Bank is £2,500,CXX> in £ 50,000 Shares of S50 each, held by over 2,000 Shareholders. Current or Drawing Accounts are opened at the various Omces of the Company, upon which, under certain conditions, interest is allowed. Deposit Receipts are issued for sums of money placed upon Deposit Accounts, and Interest is allowed in accordance with the current value of money. The Purchase and Sale of British and Foreign. Stocks and Shares are effected, and Dividends, Annuities, &c., received. The numerous Branches, Agencies, and Correspond- ents of the Rank afford great facilities for the transac- tion of business, arrangements having been mad", with Ba.nks in all the important, Towns of the Kingdom, by which money may be paid in, free of charge, to the credit of any Customer of this Bank, whether at the Head Office or at either of the branches. A list of the Banks so receivirg moneys on behalf of this Company may be obtained at any Branch. Letters of Credit are issued on all the principal towns in the Australian Colonies, Now Zealand, and Fiji, and Drafts, Letters of Credit, and Circular Notes are obtained, payable in every Foreign City and Town of importance. The Officers of the Company are bound to secrecy as regards tlle trausacrions of its Customers. By order of the Board of Directors, c W. S. FUSSELL, General Manager. February 5th, 1891. BALANCE SHEET OF THE WILTS AND DORSET r. BANKING COMPANY (LIMITED). ror the Year Ending the 31st December, 1890. LIABILITIES. £ s. d. To Capital paid up, viz., 50,000 Shares at £10 per Share 500,000 0 0 Surplus Fund, invested as per contra 650,000 0 0 1,050,000 0 0 Circulation in Notes and Drafts. 53,687 2 1 i, Deposit and Current Accounts and other Funds 5,812,160 10 0 f°r Collection, and Rebate on Bills carried toward 51,305 0 1 Balance of Profit and Loss Account as Loss Account as helow EIOI,004 19 5 l,ess Midsummer Di. vidend already paid.. 40,000 0 0 —————— 61,004 19 5 P,7,030,157 11 7 ASSETS. By 2611,111 2s 3d. Two-and-Three- Ouarters per Cent. Consols at 90, forming Investment of Surplus i und, as per Contra 550,000 0 0 Investment in British and Indiai Government Securities, Exchequer BuV, and Bonds, Bank of England Ntock, Metropolitan Board of Works Stock, City of London Bonds, Colonial Bonds, Railway, Dock, and Water Companies' De- bentures and Stocks 2,481,101 5 11 „ Other British Securities £ 42,281 10 4"l „ Dutch and Prussian V 80,281 10 4 Consols £ 38,000 0 0J „ Cash on hand, at the Bank of Eng- land, and in hands of London Agents aud Brokers 904,506 9 11 j £ 4,015,885 6 2 Freehold and Leasehold Premises at Head Office and Branches 118,175 3 1 Bills Discounted, Loans, Overdrawn Accounts, Ac 2,896,093 2 4 E7,030,157 11 7 PROFIT AND LOSS. • £ 8. d. To Expenditure of the Head Office, Branches, and Agencies, including Rent,. Taxes, Licences, Stamps, Salaries, London Bankers' Comrais- siort, Postal, Stationery, Directors' Foes, &c 71 363 14 10 "Midsummer Divi- dend at 20 per cent. p?r aniiuui £o,oœ 0 0 „ Christmas Dividend at 24 per cent. per annum 48,000 0 0 Interest at 5 per cent. on Instalments of New Shares 4,979 11 0 92,979 11 0 Balance carried to Profit and Loss New Account. 8 025 8 5 101,004 19 5 £172, 1* 3 B s. d. By Balance from last Account 2,2891310 Profit for the year ending 31st December, 1890, after payment ot Income-tax, and making provi- sion for Bad and Doubtful Debts, &c 170,079 0 5 £ 173,368 14 3 SURPLUS FUND. £ s. d. 1890. Dec. 31. To Balance as above 550,000 0 0 £ 550,000 0 0 £ s. d. 1889. Dec. 31. By Balance 400,000 0 0 1890. Dec. 31. Premiums on New „ „ Shares 150,000 0 0 000 0 0 W. S. FUSSELL, General Manager. AUDITORS' REPORT. We beg to report that we have examined the above Balance-sheet, and that in our opinion it it ft full and fair Balance-sheet, properly drawn up so as to exhibit a true and correct view of the state of the Company's affairs, a3 shown by the Books of the Company. 26tli January. 1891. 9431 ¡uhlir JVmustfiimtts. CARDIFF. rjlHEATRE ROYAL. L'ESSEP, AND MANAGER.. Mi EDWARD FLETCHER ACTING MAKAGER Mr JOHN SHERIDAN TO-NIGHT (Wednesday), Feb. 18, Great Production of Dion Boucicanlt's Famous Irish Drama, THE JGHAUGHRAUN. With all the Beautiful Scenery and Effects, direct from the Comedy Theatre, Manchester, supported by Mr J. Piti; Hardacre's Celebrated Company. Most Powerful Irish Combination travelling. Box Plan ready at Thompson & Shackell's (Limited). rjTH E A" T—R" E ETYTL MONDAY NEXT, FEB. 23, Engagement, at Enormous Expense, of the New Opera Comique from the Lyric Theatre, XjA (Jigale- Its First Performance Out of London. Box;' Plan now ready at Thompson and Shackell's (Limited). GRAND THEATRE, CARDIFF. COMMENCEMENT OF THE DRAMATIC SEASON. Popular Prices: Circle, 2s; Stalls, Is 6d Back Circle, Is Pit, 6d Gallery, 3d.. Walter Raynham and London Company LOST BY DRINK. Magnificent Scenery and Effects. Monday next J. B. Ashley and Company, For Queen and Country. Doors open at 7 commence at 7.30. Earlv Doors 6.30. d-I RAND THEATRE, CARDIFF. QRAND  THLETIC 0ON TEST FOR £ 200, THURSDAY EVENING, FEB. 19rH, 1891. The Great Contest between CYCLOPS AND GOLIATH Will positively take place at the GRAND THEATRE on a scale of magnificence similar to those previously given in London. This GREAT ATHLETIC COMPETITION has been agreed to by both parties, to be decided by points, each competitor to be allowed to select his own feats of strength, the judges to be selected in Cardiff, and to be mutually agreed upon, and their decision in all cases to be final. CYCLOPS will use every effort to defeat his opponent and BREAK THE WORLD'S RECORD in genuine and legitimate feats of strength, introducing some that have never been seen in Cardiff before. His pupil VULCAN will compete the same evening with Six of the STRONGEST MEN IN CARDIFF, to whom Prizes will be awarded according to their merits, and open to all others who may desire to compete on this occasion. The judges' decision and awards in every case final. Strong Men of Cardiff, one and all attend, and get the £ 50 given by CYCLOPS to Raise tho Weights he will use on this occasion. Ironmongers, Ship Chandlers, and Saddlers, bring your own materials, and Cyclops will snap them asunder like straw. Prices for this night only :—Private Boxes, Bl Is and 10s bd Dress Circle, 3s Back Circle and Stalls, 2s Pit, Is Gallery, 6d. Doors open at 7; commence at 7.30. No half-price. Early doors at 6.30. Seats can be booked at Thompson and Shackell's, Limited. NOTE.—Cyclops is prepared to meet Sandow, on his arrival in Cardiff, for a. Match from:2100 to £500, and the same is open to Sampson, Hercules and Samson, or St. Cyr, for a. like sum, a deposit with the Sportsman will at once he covered.—J. KING, Manager for Cyclops and Vulcan. Don't forget, THURSDAY EVENING, Feb. 19,1891, To see the greatest competition of strength that will or can ever again be seen in Cardiff. To see the greatest competition of strength that will or can ever again be seen in Cardiff. JOHN g ANGER AND ks ONS' ROYAL CIRCUS AND MENAGERIE, PENARTH ROAD, CARDIFF. TO-NIDHT AND EVERY EVENING Ti U Further Notice will be Produced a Grand Hippodromatic Spectacle. rjlHE ^7AR IN 2]ululand> On a. moat extensive scale, employing; over 200 men and horses, and assisted by a detachment of the 41st Regimental District, now stationed at Cardiff Barracka, by kind permission of the officer com- manding. SYNOPSES OF TABLEAUX AND INCIDENTS: PALM TREE REST AND STRANGERS1 WELL, ARkUVAL OF KING CETEWAYO, THE BRITISH ENCAMPMENT AT K AND ULA, DYWKJ TP SAVK THE WSW-COLOUm RORXi7S DRIFT.—THE DEFENCE. CAMP BY MOONLIGHT. PATRIOTIC WAR SONGS BY THE SOLDIERS. REPULSE OF THE ENEMY AND GRAND VICTORY. The Zulu WAr will be produced each evening, with varied Scenes in the Circle, and introducing the .1 EDUCATED HORSES, PONIES, ELEPHANTS, BEAR, AND OTHER ANIMALS. The ZULU WAR will only be produced at the Evening Representations. Morning Per.foinia.nces every Wednesday and Satur- day. Commencing at 2.30. the Evening Performances commence at 7.30. prompt. Prices Three '.Shillings, Two Shillings, One Shil- ling, and Sixpence. Children Half-price to all parts except Gallery. Seats may be booked at Thompson and Shackell's. 14316-7910-105e SANGER:S -R OYAL- C m ORNING ERFORMANCE THIS T>VY, JL/ AT 2^30. TTNIVERSITY COLLEGE CHAMBER kJ CONCERTS. TO-NIGHT, FEB. 18TH, AT 8. If. P.M., LN THE LESSER PARK HALL. PIANOFORTE Miss MARIAN liATEMA-N. VJOUN Mr JÆHWIG STRAUS. VIOLONCELLO Mr W. SQUIRE. VOCALIST MR DAVYI) HCC HES. Numbered Seats, 7s 6d Unnumbered Se\ts, Is. 441 CARDIFF ORCtIESTItAL S)CIETY. PATRON The MOST NOBLE the MARQUESS of 1UTE, K.T. SPECIAL GRAND CONCERT, ON EASTER MONDAY, MARCH "TH, 1891. ARTISTES A D A M E ALBANI, Her First Appearance in Cardiff. MR ANDREW BLACK, Bass. SOLO VIOLIN: .MISS NETTIE CARPENTER, Sarasate's Celebrated Pupil; and MR W. L. P, A r. R E T T The Eminent Solo Flautist. Plans aiie now available for booking seats at Mr Wm. Lewis's, Duke-street, Cardiff. Prices :—Balcony Seats, 5s: Ground Floor, Front Seats, Reserved, 5s Second Seats, Reserved, 3s 6d Side Seats, Unreserved. 2s 6d Admission. Is. 9423 -0,- WILL SHORTLY CLOSE. "EVERY SOUL WAS SAVED." AMIDST THE WILD ATLANTIC WAVES THE DOOMED SHIP AWFUL SCENE ON BOARD BIGHT HUNDRKD LIVES IN DANGER SIXTY-FIVE CHILDREN A SAIL! A SAIL A SAIL IS SIGHTED iSAVED, THE MISSOURI TO THE RESCUE. SAVED! CAPT. MURRELL AND HIS GALLANT CBEW SAVED! EIGHT HUNDRED SOULS SAVED. SIX HOURS OF INTENSE SUSPENSE EIGHT HUNDRED RESCUED. AN ACHIEVEMENT WITHOUT PARALLEL IN ALL THE ANNALS OF SHIPPING. THIS DitAMATIC PICTURE, BY T. M. HEMY. IS NOW ON EXHIBITION AT THE PHILHARMONIC CHAMBERS, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. HOURS 10 VO 5 AND 7 TO 9. ADMISSION 6d. ALREADY !EEN BY THOUSANDS. ALL SHOULD SEE IT IN CARDIFF. EXHIBITED BY MESSRS. MAWSON, SWAN, AND MORGAN, OF BRISTOL"AND NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE. 0235 THE ^CHOLASTIC rjlRADING COMPANY (LIMITED). 7, ST. JOHN'S-SQUARE, CARDIFF. CJCHOOL BOOKS and every Requisite K-? kept in Stock. ALBUAIS, AVRITTNO'DESKS, jgnJLEsTRAYER-BOOK S, &c. R¥WARD~BOOKST riety. OTE PAPER, E-N-VELOPES, and JLI all kinds of STATIONERY. DLARIES, ALMANACIisT the~Cardifl Scribbling Diary, Is cheapest in the market.— The Scholastic Trading Co., 7, St. John-square, Cardiff, nnd Briscol. 105-—7881 I)Ubrhf (Kompanus, &r. CLOSING OF THE LLSTS. GLASGOW (VIRGINIA) TOWN CX LANDS, LIMITED. CAPITAL, £ 310,000. divided into 62,000 Shares of J65 each, of which 61,700 are ordinary, and 300 are founders' shares. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the SUB- SCRIPTION LIST WILL CLOSE TO-MORROW (THURSDAY), Feb. 19, for both Town and Country. Prospectuses rind fonus of application may be had il the offices of the Company, 19a, Coleman-street, E.C. BY ORDER. Feb. 18, 1891. u. 9439 JAMES TUCKER, LIMITED. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the TRANSFER BOOKS of the Company WILL BE CLOSED from the 19th to the 25th of FEBRUARY, 1891, both dayt inclusive. By order of the Board. J. E. GUNN, Secretary. gtnb.ers ani) Contracts. L LKNGEINOR SCHOOL BOARD. TO BUILDERS, &C. The above Board haye decided to EXTEND the TIME for receiving TENDERS for the ERECTION of ADDITIONAL SCHOOL ACCOMMODATION for 283 Children at Blaengarw Board Schools. Plans and specifications may be seen, and bills of quantities obtained, on application to Mr G. F. Lambert (the architect), Town Hall, Bridgend. Sealed Tenders to be sent to me, the undersigned, not later than the 28th instant, endorsed Tender for Extensions." The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. CHARLES WILLIAMS. Cleric. Ogmore Vale, Glam., 12th February, 1891. 9342 rp "o B U I L D E R S. TENDERS are hereby invited for the ERECTION of 57 HOUSES (villas and cottages) and 2 SHOPS in Park-crescent and Gaeu-street, Barry, for the Park (Barry Dock) Building Co., Ld. The plans and specifications may be seen at the office of the architect, Mr W. H. Dashwood Caple. 8, Queen-street, Cardiff, from whom bills of quantities and forms of tender may be obtained after February 11th, on deposit of three guineas, which will be returned 011 receipt of a bona fide tender. Tenders to be sent under endorsed cover to me not later than March 2nd. The Directors will not necessarily accept the lowest or any tender. DAVID JONES, Secretary, Vere-street, Cadoxton, Park (Barrv Dock) Building Co., Ld. January 27th, 1891. 9150 IrjlO BUILDERS. The LLWYNYPIA BUILDING CLUB hereby invite TENDERS for the ERECTION and completion of 31 COTTAGES at Pontrhondda, near Llwynvpia. Plans and specifir-ations to be seen with the Architect, Mr R. S. Griffiths, Glyn Cottage, Clyd&cli Vale. Sealed Tenders, endorsed Cottages, to reach me not later than 6 p.111. on Tuesday, the 24th instant. The lowest or any Tender not necessarilv accepted. T. B. PHILLIPS, Llwynypia Building Club, 9391 Tonypandy, near Pontypridd. TO BULDERS. are invited for the ERECTION of 114 to C01^GES at Blaina, Mon., for the Blaina Cottage Building Company, Limits?. PlAnsand Heat-ions may be seen, and quantities, with fo-ms of tender obtained (on payment of two guineas, which will be returned on receipt of a bona fide tender), at the Abergavenny Offices 0! the undersigned. Estimates to be sent to the Secretary, I?Laina Cottage Building Company, Limited, Blaina, Men., endorsed Tenders for Cottages," not later than 14th March. Tho lowest or any tender will not necessarilv b. accepted. E. A. JOHNSON, Architect, 9357 Abergavenny and Newport. LANVRECH VA UPPER SCHOOL BOARD. WANTED, on the 2nd of March next, an ASSIS- TANT MISTRESS (ex-P.T.) for the Mixed Depart- ment of the Griffithstown Board Schools. SaJary -235 per annum. The Head Master will also pay the person appointed an extra sum for teaching sewing. Applications, stating age, and with testimonials, to be sent to me on or before the 28th inst. HENRY BYTHWAY, Clerk to the Board. Pontypool, Feb. 11th, 1831. 9324 L LANTARNAM LOCAL BOARD. SURVEYOR, INSPECTOR OF NUISANCES AND SUPERINTENDENT OF CEMETERY. The above Board require the Services, as above of a Man having a practical knowledge of Road Making and Drainage, for the foregoing work, and to take charge of the Board's Cemetery. House ami tiring wiil be found. Whole time to be devoted to the duhts of the appointment. Applicants to state salary required, and when they are ready to undertake the duties. Applications, with testimonials, to be in the hands of the undersigned not later than 23rd instant. Dated the 9th day of February, 1891. H. II. HADEN, Clerk to the Board. Club Chambere, Pontypool. 9312 Cfeursimts. QREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. FAST EXPRESS TRAINS are run DAILY (Sun-lays excepted), in conjunction with the London and North Western Railway, via the SHREWSBURY and HERE- FORD LINE, between CARDIFF and LIVERPOOL, Manchester, Chester, Carlisle, Glasgow, and Edinburgh and the North cf England and Scotland generally, leaving CARDIFF at 9.30 a. in., 12.35, 4.5, and 8.0 p.m. By Trains connecting with the Sc-rvice to and from LLANELLY, SWANSEA, NEATH, BRIDGEND, and other Stations, the time occupied between SOUTH WALES and the North is materially reduced. THROUGH CARRIAGES run from CARDIFF, and THROUGH FARES are in operation between all principal Stations. NEW AND IMPROVED SERVICE TO THE CHANNEL ISLANDS VIA WEYMOUTH. QUICKEST AND BEST ROUTE. AND SHORTEST SEA PASSAGE. WEYMOUTH to GUERNSEY in about 41 hours. GUERNSEY to JERSEY in about 1% hours. POWERFUL FAST. STEAMERS, especially con- structed for the Great Wastern Company for this Service, and fitted with electric light and all latest improvements, will, weather and circumstances per- mitting, run DAILY from WEYMOUTH to GUERN- SEY and JERSEY (Mondav Mornings excepted^ and from JERSEY and GUERNSEY to WEYMOUTH (SundaysexeepieJ)in connection with Vast Trains from and to all parfs of the Great Western System. Passengers leaving New Milford at 5.0 p.m., Swansea 7.25, Cardiff 9.20, and Weymouth 2.20 a.m., reach Guernsey about 6.45 a.m. and Jersey about 9.0 a.m. leaving Jersey at 8,0 a.m., Guernsey 10.0, reach Wey- mouth about 2.30 p.m.. Cardiff 9.33, Swansea 11.45p.m., and New Milford at 1.45 a.m. Passengers pass direct between the train and steamer at Weymouth. 8672 HENRY LAMBERT, General Manager. pRINCE'S THEATRE, BRISTOL. Proprietor and Manager.. J AS. MACREADY CHUTE. Telegrams, CHUTE, BRISTOL." Telephone, No. 560. LAST TWO EXCURSIONS to the enormously successful BRISTOL PANTOMIME, ALADDIN, Acknowledged to be the Grandest, Funniest, and Best Pantomime ever placed upon the Bristol Stage will be run TO-DAY (WEDNESDAY), FEB. 18TH, AND NEXT WEDNESDAY. FEB. 25TH, Leaving CARDIFF at 2.55 p.m. „ NEWPORT at 3.20 p.m. p&- FARES THERE) OS £ *D. 9424 AND BACK ) & O rpHE JpATENT MARLBOROUGH G RATE. ADVANTAGES, THE BEST GRATE FOR SMOKY CHIMNEYS, GREAT HEATING POWER, ECONOMY IN FUEL AND PERFECT COMBUS TION. CATALOGUES FREE. THE BEST HOUSE IN THE TRADE FOR M A R WT.ft AND WOOD CHIMNEY PIECES. CHEAP LINES FOR A FEW DAYS. JOHN WILLIAMS AND SONg, 8178 9, 13, 15, 17, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. BROIJ'S INJECTION. HYGIE lsIC INFALLIBLE, and PKESKRVATIV K. Cures promptly, without additional means, all lccc-'ic or chronic discharges of the urinary organs. Price 4s 6d per bottle. Paris: J. Feme (successor to Brou), )-'hrtr- inacien, 102, Rue Richelieu. London: Wilcor. and Co., 239, Oxford-street, W., who will forward 5t m by parcels post to any part of the United Kingdom a receipt of P.O.O. And all