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BIRTILL AND COMPANY, CtjST^RlAGE BUILDERS, HOUSE-STREET, CARDIFF, EJECTION OF THEIR LARGE r«/\» ,.AND VARIED COLLECTION OF I tI CARRIAGES, .STYLISH, AND DURABLE. 0 Sood Second-hand Carriages Alway "Action m rip on Sale. ^ARRTA Estimates given for Repairs Free. U044 «, TAJ?wxrS9iD 0N COMMISSION OR T*WIU^FN..IN EXCHANGE. CARRIAGES, CARDIFF." 4098 bg JUaxtiott, ACTION APPOINTMENTS. S- DA VIES and MORGAN. M?' at Porth Feb. 23 ^tTrees^s-?J'VANS & HUGHES. )Wi. iu Trees, &c., at Cardiff Feb. 21 Prnno7.r DAVID FRANCIS. ^h°ld PrnJ^.les at Pontypool Feb. 18 fink M2L es at Llansamlet Feb. 19 ^hold Fnttr! GILL & BLACKBURNE. Jv.Hes_ nJ^re, &c., at Cardiff Feb. 17 & BO WRING. Ham *•«*». at Roath Market Feb. 17 g*°faichMessHorses, &c., at Cardiff Feb. 19 AH Evirniture, at Cardiff ..Feb. 26 & 27 L*. 'Cardiff March — p-Messrs W. and S. HERN. Oil». "°Perties, at Cardiff Feb. 19 ^tiw „ Messrs H. HILL & CO. 63> Swansea. Feb. 17 <fc 18 Do» p„ Jr JOHN HILLMAN. » <^cc-' at Newport Feb. 25 Prr. Mr LEWIS HOPKINS. MB0pertles- at Cardiff Feb. 19 Plate V&rs KnOVLE and ROBERTS. f\' rks> at Swansea March 2 at ca,)•» MrW- G. LATTY. ft. M*.ldlff Feb. 23 W?««ho]H ,?rs JOHN M. LEEDER and SON. 68 ^nd Oii!?lture' near Swansea Feb 17 Btn> M at- Rooms, Swansea Feb. 24 ^6lio» J- MADDOX & CO. Bm "hture and Effects, at Rooms, Feb. 17& 19 öiîeOf. Mr THOMAS PARRY. OU and Or lie-house, at Newport February 18 jn. Plant & Machinery, at Newport, Feb. 26 b„^ and >. Mr DAVID SHEPHERD. Pro^eUin?:-honses, at Cardiff Feb. 26 fin^ Me,or nJ» at Porthcawl Ca2,-STEPHENSON & ALEXANDER. phages, Harness, &c., at Preswylfa..Feb. 24 °Perties, &c., CaerphUlv Feb 26 Cardiff March 2 Cr2em;ses' at Pontypridd ^^hol(} &c-, at Llansannor Court — fcDk *T near Bavrv Dock April— tSW\ni THOMAS (Cowbridge). Saw. Mr at Cowbrnlge Feb. 17 THOMAS (Pontypridd). 2^ing O £ c> at Pentyrch Feb. 17 ^ops^&c^jit^enbwchJefaf^Feb^26 = DUljg „ SALE THIS DAY. F-SI)AY T AUCTION ROOMS, CARDIFF. Tfc TOM THURSDAY, FEB. 17TH and It/TWor. c°mmei,cino at 2 o'clock precisely. Ri' ii«f J- G- MADDOX and CO. are 416fi«oCructed to SELL bv AUCTION, at their (v Fr/ove- a grand selection of dS^Hsins ?EHtiLD APPOINTMENTS, ni?t» mahogany, and oak dining and i^her suites, uuholstered in saddle bags, and tapestry, with noble 6-ft. and ^oa*d to match dining tables, walnut an<! «ftlt ink ?iVenr'ante!l>. pier glasses, rosewood and con'- .^Wncts, together with the bedroom Jkh a,1(l °' nllites in walnut and satin waliiat, A* bed.. wardrobes and pairs duci-csse toilets, r^zrs, <i-^ea?s an(l -bedding complete, chests of •• '.&c fuor to and morning of sate. .•CT" tiiboe sales received up to morning of llll SALE THIS DAY. vp-, THE OLD CHAPEL, Ojr^OMANBY-STREET. CARDIFF. Vfc%Rw £ ^Rt<JS QU ANTITY OF HOUSEHOLD l/rfro^lTUBB. CARPETS, AND RUGS. MS**8.SILL and BLACKBURNE ao'TlOv6 reCeive<i instructions to SELL by PUPI'IC pOn TUESDAY, February 17th, tt the Va'arge quantitv of almost new f/iOUSKHOLD FURNITURE • 111 varioU3 residences for co"vet)ience of !«a(Wpfis»>i» ri^ sale)' ba? aFaWlng-room furniture, lianasoine piano, 2i3lufce in walnut, plush velvet suite in walnut, 'diS&is, and tinest quality and beautiful Se*TlS"rooiJJ1,lnS-roonJ furniture, suite in leather, Cni^ CarP€ts and curtains, bedroom furniture, kS!» a1(i k ^e.te fiU'tes, hedivoza carpets and rugs, of hinf, a miscell,%neous assortment of all Pore >seliofd articles. ^odg -J*1 ?e no reserve. i tn „ Wcw Monday and Tuesday. Otamere-e at Two p.m. sharp. 9330 S 8r!>Rn. WETOATJ-TR.BET r:p.Jlll'F R?Sr TR^ FRUIT TREES, &c. EVANS & HUGHES are ^ove^ted to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, on l». Pni??;fce' a !ot of > li TREES AND FRUIT TREES, nToSn,?68' 8ft stem ( £ ood)< elni- 8ft to 10ft stem, np111 asb> fruit trees, standard cherries, > ?W- aUd ??'rs> ditto extra fine quality, gooseberries, tif*. currant, 150 clumps of spiraea, also l«ii ^>ol« t' apples, pears, plums, cherries, <bc., &c., which can be depended upon, and will be 0rning of sale, whicii will commence at 2.30 iVe w„ c^ow 110 reserve. s. st^ Offices, Guildhall-chambers, St. Mary- Street, c Cardiff, 13th February, 1991. 9372 SALE^DAY NEXT, FEBRUARY 23RD, 1891. > ftOOMS OPPOSITE T.V.R. STATION, JVTH \xr CARDIFF. •I BV • G. LATTY is instructed to SELL AUCTION on the above date, at 2.30 p.m., W^Hor i^000 CIGARS ,^«ired an j and well-known brands, which are well 84zp and will be sold in convenient lota. 9407 k0i° SHOPS AND DWELLING-HOUSES IN J> T:i CARDIFF. t^-A-VlD SHEPHERD is instructed jS?? Buil^ELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at The Mart, k St- Mary-street, Cardiff, on THURS- Ty^of Sa'.f enruary, 1891, at 7 p.m. (subject to condi- to be then and there produc )' lar 1. SHOPS AN.-D DWELLING-HOUSES. lw that CORNER SHOP and DWELLI>iG- ^*T°- ^2, Salisbury-road, Cardiff, held rent tr„ years from 2nd February, 1S80, at a LS? °f £ fin ^5 per annum, and let at the yearly hwjr* 2.-—aw clear of rates and taxes. Jar o. at SHOP and DWELLING-HOUSE, i a^sbury-road, Cardiff, held under lease rent i?1? 2nd February, 1880, at an apportioned 1^1 rent;,i 5s 6d per annum, and let at the £ 40, clear of rates and taxes. Ko?that DWELLING-HOUSE with stables ^W»KN°. 57, Emerald-street, Roath, held tet^0Her) years from 25th March, 1870, at an eek. yearly ground rent of £ 3, and let at lis ^'Xaiiri11'h°se two DWELLING-HOUSES, being 16, Whitchurch-place, Cathays, Cardiff, S«n»eParate leases for 99 years each, from °f 6« Us ifmber» 1885, at ground rents of £ 2 12s 6(1 lrfd?6r vppS: respectively, and let at the low rental each. 2, that SHOP and DWELLING-HOUSE, ^I-I f°f9a'n °°dvin^-road East, Cardiff, held under V Ygr years, from 29tli September, 1882, at the W. t rent Ms i*(^' an<i 'et at 11s Per '^Ali « W^dftll,t,h°se two DWELLING-HOUSES, being ^0« o —Aii Voodville-road East aforesaid. v-ln^Od In ^pse two DWELLING-HOUSES, being Jlo« 8-~AII ^oodville-road East aforesaid. UJ28»di« hose two DWELLING-HOUSES, being l?o<i 9 Woodville-road East aforesaid. C, 16 and H.those two DWELLING-HOUSES, being if On 10. ,> Woodville-road East aforesaid. IfK 4nrt ^i0SR two DWELLING-HOUSES, being pilous,/2; Wooaville-road East aforesaid. ,ln L°ts 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 are held under iSte, a(. for 99 years, from 29th September, 4s flj the yearly grouiid rents of £ 2 4s 8d, 5? Is R, £ 2 as 6d, £ 2 4s 2d, £ 2 4s lOd, £ 2 4s 6d, £ 2 1* 4d, £ 2 £ >s 4d, and £ 2 7s 2d ^tteiifi auf' are let at 6s od per week cach. v6iv? to thp u investors and others is specially 0ve properties, which will be sold at ^wUi'tw prices- AuoKtoT, r^Pf rticulars applv to Mr R. Y. Evans, ball Chambers. Cardiff or to tha £ r^derick-street, Cardiff. 9390,, 'WLt THIS DAY. rhr> ^ARRIS-STREET. CASTLE-ROAD, I Q bp Cj^T CARDIFF. BY AUCTION, on the pre- lio ? abov"t, on TUESDAY NEXT, February iftelo .FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, QW ^hvon^K *1- J- RIley, seized under an execution Thi the High Sheriff of the County of *Ul» '°ts ca« v lT,CotninpJr„ be seen on the day of the Sale, which C?ei'e win S6 Punctually at Two o'clock p.m. no reserve. 13. 1891. 9393 II A VE YOU TRIED IT? SENSATIONsOA J. tiffifrom injurious soda. Does not injure SATION" SOAP. B ♦« vShavW Toilet, Bath, and for STATION" GOAP. «« t^blete6^ in 12oz> tablats 2^d, and 16oz. So :E. SATION SOAP. klAny0i,I' BIRT, Hopi' Cardiff and District able to ot^EET, CARDIFF. ^te for nam ,°tam it from their usual shop, TIT D T nearest retailer to L45' TP^T?ANCH OFFIGE, TEMPLE-STREET> BRISTOL> CIAADIFF 69% P°STlNG, Am?rT?RTIS1NG' BILL £ ^FmaBVTmo f&Skb pen_ ^AXg H- SIMPSON. I 44»«^5^enConSfo«tfionS1,i^ Md ^Circuiaj.tors for all descriptions of, 411 °*ders nron^HtMg- &c" 9991 Promptly attested to. 1044 Salts lig J\,udinn. ON THURSDAY NEXT, FEBRUARY 19m, 1891, AT 12 O'CLOCK. MESSRS GOTTWALTZ & BOWRING will hold their NEXT SALE of HUNTERS, HARNESS HORSES, COBS AND PONIES, at the HORSE EXCHANGE, CARDIFF, on the above date. Present entries comprise :— The Property of J. W. A. Stevens, Esq. Black Gelding, 15.2, quiet to ride and drive, and warranted sound. The Property of R. Bradney, Esq. Dun Gelding, 6 off, 15.3, a most excellent weight- carrying hunter and harness horse, has been driven wheeler in a road coach. A PAIR OF HORSES and GENTLEMAN'S PRI- VATE HANSOM, by Marston, in GOOD CONDITION. 6 CART HORSES, FROM VARIOUS FARMERS. The Property of a Gentleman, who is leaving Valuable HUNTER, from ARCH. HOOD, Esq., Bridgend. HARNESS HORSE from DANIEL OWEN, Esq., Ash Hall. FIRST-CLASS LIGHT BROUGHAM, by Peters, of London, in excellent condition, together with capital Brown Horse, Harness and Whip, Set of Double Harness, &c. Also entries from Messrs Shapland, Lloyd, Thomas, Pritchard, Gibbs, Lewis, Carver, and others. Further entries solicited. Catalogues may be had from the Auctioneers. 9232 SALE THIS DAY. HAROLDSMOOR, WEST CROSS. NEAR SWANSEA HIGHLY IMPORTANT SALE OF RARE OLD CHINA, SILVER, ENGRAVINGS, BOOKS, ELEC. TRO PLATE, AND HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. MESSRS JOHN M. LEEDER & SON will SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above house, the residence of Miss Leach, on TUES- DAY and WEDNESDAY, February 17th and 18th, 1891, the whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, OLD CHINA, SILVER, ELECTRO-PLATE, BOOKS, ENGRAVINGS. &c. The old china comprises some beautiful specimens of Worcester, Bow, Bristol, Crown Derby, Swansea, Liverpool, Wedgwood, and other makes of china and ware. The silver is mostly of chaste patterns, and the Hall marks vary from the year 1736 to the present time. The books contain many scarce historical, poetical, and theological works. Amongst the engravings are several fine prints after Rubens, Rembrant, and Caracci. Full particulars may be obtained from the cata- logues, price 3d, by post, 4d. Sale to commence at 11 o'clock in the Forenoon. Goods may be viewed by catalogue only, on Monday, February 16th, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Trams leave Rutland-street for Harold's Moor Station (directly opposite the house) at 9.40 and 11.30 a.m., and from Gower-street three minutes earlier. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, at their Offices, Goat-street, Swansea. 9167 IMPORTANT SALE of DUTY-PAID WINES and CIGARS, removed for convenience of Sale, which in- clude several lots belonging to private parties, and a Wholesale Firm retiring from the trade. MESSRS JOHN M. LEEDER & SON have received instructions to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Swansea Auction-rooms, Goat-street, Swansea, on TUESDAY, February 24th, 1891, a large Quantity of DUTY-PAID WINES AND CIGARS,. Comprising SHERRIES, shipped by Wisdom and Waiter, Duff-Gordon, Kidd, Eumsen, and Co., Mar- tinez Gassiot and Co., Glanton and Downing, and others, all packed in one-dozen cases. PORTS shipped by Graham (three diamond), Sande- mftll (three crown), Morgan, Martinez, Hooper Bros., Cockburn (1875 vintage), Fonseca and others alsa 19 dozen very choice port (1869 vintage). CLARETS include such well-known brands as Mar- gaux, Leoville, St JuJien, St Estephe, La Rose, Lafitte. at Emilion. CHAMPAGNES. Heidsick, Piner. Ruinart. Le Forestier, Raplael's prize medal. I BURGCNDIES.—tieaune,- Beaujolis, Chambertin, Potnrnarcl. I CORDIALS.—Quinine Wine, Lime Jllif, B-aspberry Balm. Brewn and Green Ginger. CIGARS include the following genuine high-class brands of Havanas, Por Larranaga, Juan Lopez, Hnelvana, Espanolas, Cabanas, Rosa Aromatica, and a large selection of weil-known British brands. iFuIl particulars may be obtained from the cata- 1o gues, free on application fo t he Auctioneers. Sale to commence at half-past Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon. II Samples may be seen and tasted on the day previous and morning of sale. 9364 SALE THIS DAY. LONDON HOUSE AUCTION ROOMS, 10, CASTLE. STREET, SWANSEA. MESSRS H. HILL & CO. have received instructions to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, on the above premises, on TUESDAY and WEDNES- DAY, the 17th and 18th February, 1891, and following- days, a collection of OIL PAINTINGS AND WATER-COLOUR DRAWINGS (by first-class and well-known artists). The whole will be arranged for view the morning of Sale. An inspection is respectfully invited. Sale to commence at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m 9303 COWBRIDGE MARKET. SALE TO-DAY (TUESDAY). SALE OF FAT SHEEP AND CATTLE. MR JOHN THOMAS has been favoured with instructions from various Vendors to SELL by AUCTION, on TUESDAY NEXT, February 17th, 1891, 200 FAT CROSS-BRED YEARLINGS, 8 PRIME FAT CATTLE. Sale at 10.30. 9326 SALE TO-MORROW. SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTIES. MR DAVID FRANCIS has been in- structed to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, as under, a number of FREEHOLD COTTAGES, together with LAND, situate at Pontypool and Llan- samlet Lower. WEDNESDAY NEXT, Feb. 18th 1891, Clarence Hotel, Pontypool, at 3 p.m. THURS- DAY NEXT, Feb. 19th, 1891, Bonymaen House, Llan- samlet, at 3 p.m. For particulars apply to the Auctioneer, 16, West End, Llanelly, Carmarthenshire or to 9388 D. R. WILLIAMS, Solicitor, Llanelly. ubli,afínns. /^ERDDORIAETH "DTVTWEDD A R A TP VV DR. PARRY. GAN D. M. PARRY, CARTREF, PENARTH. I leisiau gwrywaidd, yn y ddwy iaith, a'r ddau nodiant. aJ^o Eisteddvod genedlaethol Abertawy), c A (2) Cwchgan, 2g. (3) Nosgan, 4c. 9,yd8t?'?^u> &c- y odwy iaith, a'r ddau nodiant (6) Gweddi r Arglwydd, 2g. ■ (2) Y Psalm Gyntaf, 2g. (3)Ti Dduw aFoIwn, 2# (4) sLtaldd Santaidd, Hefyd, am fod fy Iesu'n fyw (vn v wasffV 2g. (5) Hen Glychau'r Llan, 2g. (6) Toriad dvdd lr Gymru, 4c., 2g. (7) Molawd i'r Haul, 4c. (8) Rhyfel gall Gorawl, 4c. Prwpasol i'r Eisteddfodau a Chynghrydau. Rhan IV., o'r LLYFR TORAU CENEDLAETHOL. Unrhyw ran 100 ac uchod am haner pris i' gyman- faoedd. JOSEPH, Y gantawd syml a phoblogaidd, 1/6, 8c llyfr y geiriau, 2g. Llyfr Elfenan Cerddoriaeth, 1/. Catalogue i'w gael yn rhad. Pob archeb gyda blaendal I D. M. Parry, Cartref, Penarth. 1123 To the Young Men of England who Suffer from Nervous Debility. Just Published. THE CONFESSIONS & EXPERIENCE • of an INVALID, designed as a warning and a caution to others supplying at the same time the means of self-cure, by one who has cured himself, after undergoing the usual amount of Medical Imposition and Quackery. Single Copies may be had (post free) by sending a stamped addressed envelope to the author, ARTHUR DIXON, Esq., 972-7928-14317 Hounslow, near London. Just Published, for Two Stamps, By J. A. BARNES, M.D. (U.S.) a Treatise, entitled, O OW TO ENSURE HEALTH a JLJL most valuable Book for Young Men, on the Laws Governing Life, and the Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of all Diseases depending on Nervous De- bility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, &c. Sent post free on receipt of Two Stamps.— Address;- J. A. BARNES, M.D. (U.S.), 1244 48, Lonsdale-square, Thornhill-road, London, N. THE STRIKE OF A SEX, or WOMAN ON STRIKE AGAINST THE MALE SEX FOR BETTER CONDITIONS OF LIFE" (a Novel); should be read by every adult.—Sent post free on receipt of Eight Penny Stamps, by W. H. Reynolds. Publisher, New Cross, S.E. 106 Post free, four stamps. MEDICAL QUACKERY EXPOSED, or Quack Doctors and their Victims. Compiled from facts supplied by persons who have been duped.— John Heywood, Publisher, Paternoster-buildings, London, E.C. 80 EAD "The Law of Population," by JLAJ Annie Besant. A work designed to induce married people to limit their family within the means of subsistence.—Sent post free by W. H. Reynolds, Publisher, New Cross, London, S.E., on receipt of Eight Penny Stamps. 107 FOR COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, AND NEURALGIA. DR J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORO- 1-1 DYNF. Vice-ClIancellor Sir W. Page Wood stated publicly in court that Dr J. Collis Browno was undoubtedly the inventor of Clilorodyne, that the whole story of the defendant Freeman was deliberately untrue, and he regretted to say it had been sworn to.- See" The Times," July 13, 1864. "OV-COMS BROWNE'S CHLORO- Right Hon. Earl Russell commu- thA fc ? College of Physicians and J. T. Daven- Pi?„ ,d «ceived information to the effect that the only remedy of any service in cholera was Chloro dyne.-See Lan(;et," Dec. 31, 1868. DRT,ivS0]y^S BROWNE'S CHLORO- 19 m <^Xiract fr°m tbe "Medical Times,' Jan. 12,1866 Is prescribed by scores of orthodox practitioneis. Of. courao, it would not be thus singu larly popular did it not supply a want and fill a place.' DR J-C°^ BROWNE'S CHLORO DYNE IS the best and most certain remedy in coughs, colds, asthma, consumption, neuralgia, rheu- matism, &c- DR J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORO- DYNE is a certain cure in cholera, dysentery3 diarrhoea, &c. ITJTCOLLIS BROWNE'S~CHLORO- DYNE.—CAUTION.—None genuine without he words "Dr J. Collis Brownes Chlorodyne" on the Government stamp. Overwhelming medical testimony accompanies each bottle, bole manufacturer J p. DAVENPORT, 33, Great Rassell-ternw*), Bloofefc. bury, London. Sold in IwWlw. Is lid, 2s9d, 4s 6d, and lis. W2§S 7^ >)•' Puiilic (Kompatms, &r. THE SUBSCRIPTION LIST WILL CLOSE ON OR BEFORE THURSDAY. THE 19th. GLASGOW (VIRGINIA) TOWN x LANDS, LIMITED. (Incorporated under the Companies Acts, 1862 to 1890.) CAPITAL, 2310,000, Divided into 62,000 Shares of B5 each, Of which 61,700 are Ordinary and 300 are Founders' Shares. The Founders' Shares will receive no dividend in any year until the Ordinary Shares have received a. non- cumulative dividend of 10 per cent. for that year. The surplus profits, after payment of the fixed dividend of 10 per cent, on the Ordinary Shares, and making provision for Reserve Fund, and otherwise as provided by the Memorandum and Articles of Association, will belong, one-half to the Ordinary Shares and the other half to the Founders' Shares. The Ordinary Shares are payable as follows:- El on Application; 10s on Allotment; £1 on the 6th April, 1891; £1 on the 6th June, 1891; jSI on the &th August, 1891; 10s on the 6th October, 1891. B5 Or the full amount may be paid up en allotment; interest at 5 per cent. per annum will be allowed en such pre-payment. DIRECTORS. The Hon. HENRY R. BRAND, Director Lambeth Waterworks, Limited. The Rt. Hon. Lord CASTLETOWN, Director British and American Trustee and Finance Corporation, Limited. ALEXANDER GEORGE MOORE, Esq., C.E., 13, Clairmont Gardens, Glasgow. EDMUND A PONTIFEX, Esq., M.Inst.C.E., Chair- man, American Association, Limited. *The Right Honourable Viscount GRIMSTON, M.P., Director, Church of England Assurance Institution. *JOHN HARVEY, Esq., Chairman, African Explora- tion and Investment Company, Limited. Will join the Board after Allotment. BANKERS.—The BANK OF SCOTLAND, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, and Branches. SOLICITORS. PAINE, SON, & POLLOCK, 14, St Helen's-place, London, E.C. CARY & WHITRIDGE, 59, Wall-street, New York. AUDITORS. TURQUAND, YOUNGS, WEISE, BISHOP & CLARKE, 41, Coleman-street, E.C. W D. CAIRNEY, C.A., 24, George-square, Glasgow. SECRETARY. FINLAY A. MACRAE (Jackson, Gourlay, Taylor & Macrae, C. A., of London and Glasgow). REGISTERED OFFICES. 19A, Coleman-street, E.C. ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS. This company has been formed to purchase 15,000 oi the 20,000 Preference Shares and 15,000 of the 30,000 Ordinary Shares of the Rockbridge Company, thereby securing a controlling interest therein. That Company is incorporated by charter from the General Assembly of the State of Virginia with an authorised Capital of 55,000,000 (sav Sl.000,000 sterling) which has been divided into $2,000,000 ten per cent. non-cumulative Preference Shares of $100 each, and $3,000,000 Ordinary Shares of the same nominal value The chief object of the Rockbriage Company is to develop the city of Glasgow, in the county of Rock- bridge, State of Virginia, 450 miles south-west of New Yerk, by encouraging the influx of population, and by establishing the iron, coal, and other industries for which the geographical position of the town gives great natural facilities. It is intended to follow the example of Birmingham, Alabama, and Middlesborough, Kentucky, which have met with such extraordinary success, and considering the wealth of the coal and iron deposits, and railway facilities possessed by this property, upon which the growth and prosperity of a town in America greatly deoends. the directors have no reasen to doubt that the present Company will be similarl), prosperous. THE TOWN OF GLASGOW.—The site chosen is a plateau of some 5,000 acres in extent, on the banks of the James River, 800 feet above the level of the sea. The climate is good, and from a sanitary point of view a better choice could not have been made. It is sufficiently high above the river to ensure efficient drainage, and abundance of pure water can be obtained from the high land in the company's property of Glenwood. Two trunk lines of railway pass through the town. In his report, Mr Ralph Moore, M.E., Glasgow, says :— "All the towns noted in my report have been successful, and I see no reason why Glasgow with its advantages of site and location for iron making a.nd other industries should not also be a success. I think it will be a success and yield a good return, and I confidently recommend the whole scheme to the favourable consideration of the Syndicate." FINANCIAL RESULTS.—Apart altogether from the profit to be derived from the mineral properties, the estimated financial results of the Town Properties within the next three years, including the lots already sold (in the profits flf which this Company will partici- pate), are as follows :— 4,000 lots already laid off, sold and to be sold §2,000,000 say £ 400,000 300 acres adjacent to Glasgow (1,500 lots) 450,000 „ 40,000 2,000 acres a,djaceut to Glasgow (10,000 lots) 1,500,000 „ 300,000 $3,950,000 P.790,000 Deducting for grading and improving: streets & parks, for notel, bridges, street-car line, electric light, Ac. 350,000 70,000 Surplus$3,600,000 £ 720,000 This estimate is based on prices considerably lower than those recently realised in other new towns, and much under the prices actually obtained in Glasgow at the November sales as before mentioned but notwith- standing this it shows a net profit from the sale of lots of $3,227,500 (2645,500), without trenching on the original capital, and without taking into account the coal and iron properties and the investments in local industries and other sources of profit. Many of the leading men of Virginia are share- holders in the Rockbridge Company, the Chairman of the Board of Directors being General Fitzhugh Lee, late Governor of Virginia. The price to be Paid for the 15,000 Preference Shares and 15,000 Ordinary shares of the Rockbridge Company above mentioned is $1,500,000, whereof one-third is payable in cash, and the remaining two-thirds in cash or shares at the option of the Company. The purchase will be carried out under the direction and advice of Messrs Cary and Whitridge. The Canadian Syndicate, Limited, who are the pro- moters of the company, will out of their profit defray the whole expenses connected with the formation of the company up to the date of the first allotment of shares, and as further consideration therefor, will be entitled to subscribe for and receive an allotment of the founders' shares. Two of the directors of the company, being interested in the Syndicate, will not join the board till after allotment. The only contracts entered into are (1) an agreement dated 30th January, 1891, and made between the Rock- bridge Company of the one part and the Canadian Syndicate, Limited, of the other part, being an agreement for the sale and purchase of the said shares of the Rockbridge Company; and (2) an agreement dated 11th February, 1891, and made between the Canadian Syndicate, Limited, of the one part, and Finlay A. Macrae as trustee, for and en behalf of the company of the other part, being an agreement for the re-sale of the said shares at a profit. Copies of these agreements, of the memorandum and ar JA»s T> association, and of the reports of Mr Procter ana Mr Ralph Moore, upon which the above state- ments of fact are mainly based, together with a copy of the charter of incorporation of the Rockbridge Company, can be seen at the offices of the Company's Solicitors. Arrangements have also been made in relation to the issue and guarantee of subcriptions for the company's capital, the advertisement of this prospectus, and other matters to which the company is not a party, but which may constitute contracts within the meaning of section 38 of the Companies Act, 1867. Subscribers will be deemed to have notice thereof and to waive any right I to further particulars thereof under the said section or otherwise, and to accept the above statement as a sufficient compliance with the said section for all purposes. Applications for Shares should be made on the form accompanying the prospectus, and forwarded to the Company's Bankers, together with a cheque for the amount of the deposit due on application. Should the whole amount applied for by each appli- cant not be allotted, the surplus amount paid on deposit will be credited to such applicant towards the sum dne on allotment Where no allotment is made the deposit will be returned in full. Prospectuses and Forms of Application may be had at the Offices of the Company, or of the Company's Bankers. London. 12th February, 1891. 9411 fgtril&ing øddíts. THE MONMOUTHSHIRE AND jL SOUTH WALES PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY H J. PARNALL, Esq., J.P., Chairman. RESERVE & CONTINGENT FUNDS: -27,606 10s 8d. ADVANCES On Freehold or Leasehold Securities. Easy Repayments. INVESTING OR PAID-UP SHARES (interest 5 per cent. yearly and bonus). DEPOSITS may be made daily, interest payable half- yearly at 4 per cent. Short notice of withdrawals. F. J. HEYBYRNE, Secretary, 1, FRIAR'S CHAMBERS. NEWPORT. 6288 SOUTH WALES MERCANTILE BUILDING SOCIETY, Cambrian Chambers, 12, Westgate-st,, Cardiff.—The Directors are prepared to make Advances on Leasehold and Freehold Securities. Interest reduced half per cent. on Old and New Advances.—John Jenkins, A.C.A., Secretary. 1045 JYJERTHYR AND J^OWLAIS _u JGUILDING GOCIETY CHAIRMAN Mr Alderman WILLIAMS, J P. Gwaelodygarth House, Merthyr Tydfil. LOANS ADVANCED IN SUMS FROM £100 TO 210,000. Easy Repayments in 3 to 17 Years—Favourable Redemption Terms—Utmost Secrecy-Loans on Build- ings in 1 rogress—No Management Charges. For particulars apply to Mr PETER WILLIAMS, Secretary, Glebeland House, Merthyr Tydfil; or to Local Agents throughout South Wales. 8552 THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER THOMPSON'S BURDOCK PILLS over- come the worst forms of diseases, and the foulest state of the blood, stomach, liver, and kidneys they go to the core of every disease,where no other medicines have power to reach. The GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER cures the following complaints .—Indigestion, or wind in the stomach or bowels, giddiness ill the head, dimness of sight, weak or sore eyes, loss of memory, palpitation of the heart, liver and bilious obstructions, asthma, or tightness in the chest, rheumatics, lumbago, piles, gravel, pains in the back, scurvy, bad legs, bad breast, sore throat, sore heads, and sores of all descriptions, burns, wounds, or white swellings, scrofula, or king's evil, gatherings, tumours or cancers, pimples or blotches on the face and body, swelled feet or legs, scabs and itch, erysipelas, jaundice, and dropsy, and fevers of all kinds. Iriooxes at Is lid and 2s 9d each, sold by most Chemists, or from the Burdock Pill Manufactory, 44 OSFC-A-ATREET, SWANSEA 1004 (.. IpubUc$oiittz. r,o,At half-yearly meeting of the Shareholders of the County of Gloucester Bank, Limited, held at the Head umce at Cheltenham, on Wednesday last, the 11th inst., the following Report was read and passed ONE-HUNDRED-AND-EIGHTH HALF-YEARLY REPORT OF THE C 0 UN T Y OF GLOUCESTER BANK, LIMITED, Cheltenham, February 11th, 1891. lne Directors of the County of Gloucester Bank, Limited, at this Meeting of Shareholders, have pleasure in 5hewiing a profit for the Half-year ending the 25th December last, of £ 18,495 13s lid, after paying all expenses of the Establishment, and making provision for Bad and Doubtful Debts. °4 this Profit the Directors declare a Dividend at the rate of 12 per cent, per annum, amounting to 'TI I^ee from Income Tax. £ "° Directors propose to set aside the sum of £ 835 in reduction of the cost of Bank Premises, and to add to nrv?aTailtee Fun(l the remainder of the Profit, viz. £ 5,66113s lid. directors beg to annex a Balance Sheet or General Summary of the Accounts of the Companv, together witn a Profit and Loss account for the Half-year. ° DIRECTORS WM. HENRY GWINNETT, Esq., Gordon Cottage, Cheltenham, Chairman. COLONEL COLLIER, Stanley Hall, Selsley, Stroud, Deputy-Chairman. GENERAL FERRYMAN, C.B.. Winterboume, Cheltenham, RT. HON. SIR M. E. HICKS-BEACH, Bart., M.P., Williamstrip Park, Fairford. COLONEL AGG, The Hewletts, Cheltenham. FRANCIS ADAMS HYETT, Esq., Painswick House, Painswick, Stroud. SIR WILLIAM THOMAS LEWIS, Cardiff. THOMAS MOREL, Esq., The Lindens, Penarth. HEAD OFFICE CHELTENHAM. JAMES G. STRACHAN Manager JAMES CLISSET Sub-Manager. BRANCHES, MANAGERS, AND AGENCIES :— BOURTON-ON'-THE-WATER, } Agencies to Cheltenham. BURFORD JAMES F. EMERTON. SWINDON :—L. ETTY. SWINDON NEW TOWN, "I GLOUCESTER :—A. DUNSFORD. HIGHWORTH, (AGENCIES. TETBURY :—A. APPLEBY. STOW-ON-THE-WOLD, Aaency. DURSLEY :—F. DAVIS. CIRENCESTER :—W. WEARING. STROUD :—E. H. PALMER. CRICKLADE, W0TT0N :—F. C. MOCKLER. FAIRFORD, ) S CARDIFF :—C. W. KINGDOM. BUTE DOCKS, 1 FARRINGDON ;—R. PENSON. BARRY DOCKS, J J LECHLADE, Ageiicy. NEWPORT:—W. S. WATSON. BALANCE SHEET OR GENERAL SUMMARY OF THE ACCOUNTS OF THE COUNTY OF GLOUCESTER BANK, LIMITED, 25TH DECEMBER, 1890. LIABILITIES. ASSETS. £ sd £ sd Deposit and Current Accounts. 1,911,542 0 1 Cash in Hand, at London Bankers, at Notes in Circulation 40,365 0 0 Call and Notice. 269,402 H 3 Acceptances of London Bankers 1,586 7 11 Government Funds 220 176 19 9 Paid-up Capital 200,000 0 0 Indian and Colonial Government Guarantee Fund 127,672 7 0 Securities 205 164 4 5 Profit to25th December, 1§90 18,496 13 11 Corporation and Railway Bonds 122^707 10 0 Other Securities lo'884 18 7 Bills Discounted 226,328 3 11 Loans to Customers, &c 1,215,162 18 0 Bank Premises. 28,335 0 0 £ 2,299,662 8 11 S2,299,662 8 11 PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT. DR. CL Expenses of the Head Office and Gross Profit for the Half Year, after pro- ail the branches and Agencies 12,916 8 10 viding for all Bad and Doubtful Debts 45,473 5 7 Interest en Deposits 14,066 2 10 Dividend i2>000 0 0 Bank Premises 835 0 0 Guarante« Fund 5,661 13 11 £ 45,579 5 7 £ 45.479 5 7 Signed, ^We have esaminerHhe above Balance Sheet with A. H. pmvM (Deputy-Chairman), the Books of the Head Office and each of the Branches, M. E. Hir j^t.- iln ouv °pin'ou it exhibits a true and correct W. AGu Directors. Statement of the Companv's affairs as shewn by the F. A HVPTT Beoks' „ Signed, W. T. LEWT^ PRICE- WATERHOUSE, & CO., T. MORET Gresham-street, London, E.C., j 9*06 4th February, 1891. fiiiMtr gtatuzs. Ii AMES TUCKER, LIMITED. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the TRANSFER i pViT ♦ *V,the Company WILL BE CLOSED from the inclusive. 25th of FEBBUAKY, 1891, both days qihs°rd'' of tbe Board. 9408 J. E. GUNN, Secretary. TPAST GLAMORGAN AGRICUL- TURAL SOCIETY. f T £ ,e aib^'Soc'eLy intend offering a PRIZE of £ 20 &LE™re CART HORSE and £ 15 for the BE. x ENTIRE COB (not to exceed 15% hands), to travel exclusively the districts embraced by the oKn, i Worses will be judged at Pontypridd on f". 1 O' i-larch. Particulars and conditions on applica- tion to Hon. Sec., Caerphilly, or any member of rhe Executive. J 19^10 A SSEMBLY-ROOM, TOWN-HALL, -—- CARDIFF. t e-O?AY- FEBRUARY 17TH, 1891, A by the Rev. C. J. THOMPSON, M.A., VVATTJ- entitled" THROUGH ROME." Lime-light Effects. CHAIRMAN-PRINCIPAL VIRIAMU JONES. To commence at 8. 0 Front Seats, 2s. Admission, Is. procer'ir> IU aid of the Teachers' Orphanages and Orphan Funds. 9331 BARRY AND CADOXTON GAS AND WATER COMPANY. N-OTICF IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Eighth HALF-YEARLY GENERAL MEETING of the Pro- prietors of tins Company will be held at the Royal Hotel, Cardiff, oil THURSDAY, the 26th day of FEB- RUARY, 1891, at 12 noon. hereby also given, that the Register of Transfers will be closed from Friday, the 13th day of February, until Thursday, the 26th day of February, both days inclusive. Dated at Barry this 10th day of February, 1891. FRED L. DAVIS, Chairman. F. M. HARRIS, Secretary. p ONTYPOOL UNION. .J' ^T^sistled' HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that the AtiDll of the Accounts of the said Pontypool Union, and of the Rural Sanitary District in the said Union, and of the several Parishes and Contributory Places contained in the said Union and District, or in the said Union solely, for the half-year ended Lady Day last, will commence at the Board-room of the Guardians of the Poor of the said Union at PONTY- pool, on t RID AY, the 6th day of MARCH, 1891, at 10.30 0 clock in the forenoon. Dated the 14th day of February, 1891. r,: (Signed) G. H. BRETT, o/ina Auditor of the Herefordshire and Monmouthshire Audit District. A POULTRY, PIGEON, -L JL- AAO CAGE-BIRD FANCIERS' ASSOCIATION. Will he jifti j SECOND ANNUAL SHOW WlU MARKET-HALL, ABERDARE, on vrnT • AY> FEBRUARY 19TH, 1891. e!1, rilesi including Poultry, Birds, Pigeons, Di.r-r,, Babbits, Cavies, &c., &c. .PRESIDENT—D. A. THOMAS, ESQ., M.P. ,,T VICE-PRESIDENTS wnif l CHARD MORGAN, ESQ., M.P., CoMMn'Ti'i C BRUCE, Ynysygerwn, Neath. vr~Chairman Mr William James. Vice- ForevMYT^ David Evans" Mr N- Morgan, Mr J. A TW.; M kjans, Mr E, G. Danger, Mr F. Forey, Mr Mr T fL J Poole, Mr Ashman, Mr W. E. Evans, Morgan MS'^r K Anthony, Mr T. Cook. Mr 3. morgan, Air Robinson, Mr G. Davies, Mr J. Wilson. AT„ ^RRR. .C,M TREASURER. THOMAS, Whitcombe-street, Aberdare. OECRETARIES. Messrs HAVERSON and DEERE. 22, Little Wind-street, Aberdare. JUDGES. AND CAVI'ES—J. E. GUNN, Esq., Cardiff £ 1GE0NS-E. GIBBS. Esq., Whitchurch, CA^-Mri3A^BlRDS~J- BEXSON,1 Esq., Derby. —Railway Bar, Aberdare. 9420 BOUNTY BOROUGH OF WEST CATTON«J WICH are prepared to receive APPLI- at a 5,Per Cent. REDEEMABLE STOCK half vearlv F'co of 97 Per Cent. Interest paid forms mav >«5v?Pjes, of Prospectus and application trl^Town R^,1^ from William Butterworth, Regis trar, town Hall, West Bromwich. 7084 Hotels, Bhtntg-rooms, &r. QU E EN'S HOTEL (FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL), ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF (Under New Management). ORDINARY DAILY, 1.30. Soup, Fish, Joints, Sweets, and Cheese, &c. BILLIARDS. Telephone No. 596. 7823 W. J. JEENES, PROPRIETOR 'L.. SW ANSEA. EORGE HOTEL rrx^MILY AND COMMERCIAL), WIND-STREET, SWANSEA. W. WINTER begs to inform his Friends, Commercial Gentlemen, and Visitors to Swansea that he has taken the above old-established Hotel, and promising superior accommodation at moderate charges, solicits the favour 0f their patronage. Matured Wines, Snirits, Ales, and Cigars from Leading Firms. 8631 Excellent Billiard Table. Commodious Skittle Alley. rriHE BO VEGA, TJR U7-?: CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA. 1,B'Wltli Entrance in Goat-street, adjoining the Theatie. One of the finest Bars in Swansea. DINNERS DA-ILY-1 to 3 o'clock. Hot Joints, I Poultry, Fish, Game, Etc., from Is 3d to 3s 6d. -DTTVVS,113, Teas, at very moderate charges. BURTON ALES IN PRIME CONDITION. ,uies ,?arefully selected. Spirits well matured and Tf'S'y' Bottled Ales and Stout. Choice Cigars, i ne Celebrated Scotch Cream Whisky (12 years old, i,'?«7eaU flavour. A treat to Connoisseurs.) oc™ F. A. GLOVER, Proprietress. NPREGENNA CASTLE HOTEL, ST. "7" ES, CORNWALL, stands in its own grounds 01 nearly 100 acres, overlooking the Bay. The mean temperature of St. Ives in winter is only four degrees less than Rome. Frosts are rare, ir.d snow almost un- known. Board, lodging, and attendance on moderate terms during the winter and certain other months.— Address MANAGER. 9159 J^OSS'S IJOYAL BELFAST G I N* G E R AL-E AND LIME JUICE CORDIAL, &c., May be obtained from your Grocer. 8693 ONE BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS is warranted to cure all discharges from the Urinary Organs in either sex (acquired or constitutional), Gravel, and Pains in the Back Guaranteed free from Mercury. Sold in Boxes 4s 6d each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the world or sent to any address for sixty stamps by the Makers, Jdid^aiid rCQuaties Drug. Company Liawtt- Gutters anb (Ctfttiraris. c ARDIFF SCHOOL BOARD. TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. BUILDERS desil-ous of TENDERING for the EXTENSION of WOOD-STREET BOARD SCHOOL, I to accommodate an additional 500 children, can inspect plans and specifications, and obtain bills of quantities at the Cardiff Offices of Messrs G E Robinson and Salmond, A.M.I.C.E., Architects and Civil Engineers, 32, St. Mary-street, on and after the 17th day of February inst. Tenders, sealed and endorsed on the outside, "Wood- street School Extension," to be sent in to the under- signed on or before Wednesday, the 25th day of February instant. The Board do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any tender. D. REES, Clerk of the Board. Town-hall, Cardiff, February 10th, 1821. 9329 rino B UILDERS. Jt. TENDERS are invited for the ERECTION of 114 to 124 COTTAGES at Blaina, lHon., for the Blaina Cottage Building Company, Limited. Plansand speci- fications may be seen, and quantities, with forms of tender obtained (on payment of two guineas, which will be returned on receipt of a bona fide tender" at the Abergavenny Offices of the undersigned. Estimates bo be sent to the Secretary, Blaina Cottage I Building Company, Limited, Blaina, Mon., endorsed Tenders for Cottages," not later than 14th March. ■ Tha lovest or aay tender will hot necessarily be accepted. E. A. JOHNSON, Architect, 9357 Abergavenny and Newport. ihtsnrrmri?. ACCIDENTS AT ALL TIMES—IN ALL PLACES, INSURED AGAINST BY THE RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURANCE COMPANY. ESTABLISHED 1849. Hon. EVELYN ASHLEY, Chairman. CAPITAL £ 1,000,000. COMPENSATION PAID £ 2,900,000. 64, CORNHILL, LONDON. W. D. MASSY, )c A. V1AN. '} Secretaries. Agents :—Mr R. RICHARD, Stationmaster, G. W. Railway; Messrs TREGERTHEN DUNN and CO., Merchants' Exchange, Cardiff and Mr H. B. CROUCH, 16, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 8791 F> E S U L T S JOL> OF TWENTY-YEAR TONTINE POLICIES Now Maturing in the JgQUITABLE JjIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES. UNEQUALLED BY ANY OFFICE IN THE WORLD. ANY PERSON who will send his NAME, ADDRESS and Date of Birth to the Manager, or any Agent of the Society, will receive an ILLUSTRATION OF THE RESULTS OF A POLICY ISSUED AT HIS OWN AGE, and for any Desired Amount between B200 and £ 20,000. Gentlemen desirous of representing the Society will please communicate with the Manager. They will find it is EASY TO WORK FOR, AND HARD TO WORK AGAINST. WM. T RIGGS, MANAGER FOR WALES & WEST OF ENGLAND, BANK BUILDINGS, ST" MARY-STREET, CARDIFF, AND 9293 57, BROAD-STREET, BRISTOL. THE pATENT MARLBOROUGH GRATE. ADVANTAGES, THE BEST GRATE FOR SMOKY CHIMNEYS, GREAT HEATING POWER, ECONOMY IN FUEL AND PERFECT COMBUS TION. CATALOGUES FREE. THE BEST HOUSE IN THE TRADE FOR MARBLE AND WOOD CHIMNEY PIECES. CHEAP LINES FOR A FEW DAYS. J°HN "WILLIAMS AND QONS, u "» k5 8178 9, 13, 15, 17, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. MOST ACCEPTABLE AND LASTING IS A pRESENT OF A ICE p I C-T-U R E. Mr FREKE has the Largest and Best Selection of ENGRAVINGS, ETCHINGS, WATER COLOUR DRAWINGS, &c., in SOUTH WALES, and invites all who wish to have a good Artistic Picture to call at his ,FINE ART & pHOTOGRAPHIC g T-U-D I OS, -U K E T R E E'T, :i CAR DIFF. .v x '■ «nei EDINBURGH EXHIBITION, 1890. DIPLOMA OF HONOUR, HIGHEST AWARD. F R Y'S PURE CONCENTRATED COCOA. Prepared by a new and special scientific process, securing extreme solubility and developing the finest flavour of the cocoa.—"It is especially adapted to those whose digestive organs are weak, and I strongly recommend it as a substitute for tea for young person*. —Sir Clias. A. Cameron, President Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland, etc. 1011 _lJuhlír- Jhmxsnnmts. CARDIFF. rjl H E A T R E ROYAL, LESSEE AND MANAGER Mr EDWARD FLETCHER ACTIXG MANAGER MR JOHN SHERIDAN TO-NIGHT (TUESDAY), Feb. 17, Great Production of Dion Boucicault's famous Irish Drama THE gHAUGHRAUN. With all the Beautiful Scenery and Effects, direct from the Comedy Theatre, Manchester, supported by Mr J Pitt Hardacre's Celebrated Company. Most Powerful Irish Combination travelling. Box Plan readv at Thompson & Shackell's (Limited). rp II E A T R E R o YaT, MONDAY NEXT, FEB. 23, Engagement, at Enormous Expense, of the New Opera Comique from the Lyric Theatre JjA ^IGALE. T> ™lts First Performance Out of London. ,TP°* now ready at Thompson and Shackell'# (Limited). QRAND THEATRE^ CARDIFF^ COMMENCEMENT OF THE DRAMATIC SEASON. Popular Prices Circle, 2s Stalls, Is 6d Back Circle, Is Pit, 6d Gallery, 3d. W alter Raynham and London Company LOST BY DRINK. Magnificent Scenery and Effects. Monday next J. B. Ashley and Company, For Queen nd Country. Doors open at 7 commence at 7.30. Early Doors 6..30. £ J<_RAND THEATRE, CARDIFF. GRAND ATHLETIC 0ONTEST FOR £2008 THURSDAY EVENING, FEB. 19TH, 1891. The Great Contest between QYCLOPS AND GOLIATH Will positively take place at the GRAND THEATRE on a scale of magnificence similar to those nreviouslv given in London. J This GREAT ATHLETIC COMPETITION has been agreed to by ootn parties, to be decided by noints each competitqr to be allowed to select his own feats oi strength, the judges to be selected in Cardiff, and t-o be mutually agreed upon, and their decision in all cases to be final CYCLOPS will use everv effort, to defeat his opponent and BitEAK THE WORLD'S RECORD in genuine and legitimate feats of strength, introducing some that have never been seen in Caruifi before. His pupil VULCAX will compete the same evening with Six of the STRONGEST MEN IN CARDIFF, to whom Prizes will be awarded according to their merits, and open to all others who may desire to compete on this occasion. The judges' decision and awards in everv cae final. Strong Men of Cardiff, one and all attend, and get the £ 50 given by CYCLOPS to Raise the Weights he will use on this occasion. Ironmongers, Ship Chandlers, and Saddlers, bring your own materials, and Cyclops will snap them asunder like straw. Prices for this night only Private Boxes, £1 Is and 10s 6d; Dress Circle, 3s Back Circle and Stalls, 2s k rn £ t; Gallery, 6d. Doors open at 7 commence at /.M I\o half-price. Eaily doors at 6.-30. Seats can be x rvrT?1, lnomPSO!1 and Shackell's, Limited, isOAt.—-Cyclops is prepared to meet Sand.ow, on his arrival m Cardiff, for a Match from £ 100 to £ 500 and the same is open to Sampson, Hercules and Samson or St. Cyr, for a like sum, a deposit with the SuorUman will at onco be covered.-J. KING, Manager for Cyclops and ulcan. ° Don't forget, THURSDAY EVENING, Fob. 19 1831 To see the greatest competition of strength th''t will or can ever again be seen in Cardiff. JOHN SANGER AND ROYAL CIRCUS AND MENAGERIE, PENARTH ROAD, CARDIFF. TO-NIGHT AND EVERY EVENING Till lurther Notice will be Produced a Grand Kippodromatic Spectacle, THEW AR IN ZULULAND, (>nja)lri0s'L extensive scale, employing over 200 men and horses, and assisted by a detachment of the 41st Regimental District, now stationed at Cardiff Barracks, by kind permission of the officer com- manding. SYNOPSIS OF TABLEAUX AND INCIDENTS: PALM TREE REST AND STRANGERS- WELL, ARRIVAL OF KING CETEWA YO, THE BRITISH ENCAMPMENT AT ISANDULA, DYING TO SAVE THE QUEEN'S COLOURS. RORKE-S DRIFT.-THE DEFENCE. CAMP BY MOONLIGHT. PATRIOTIC WAR SONGS BY THE SOLDIERS. REPULSE OF THE ENEMY" AND GRAND VICTORY. The Zulu ar will be produced each evening, witb varied Scenes in the Circle, and introducing the EDUCATED HORSES, PONIES, ELEPHANTS BEARS, AND OTHER ANIMALS. The ZULU WAR will only be produced at the Evening Representations. Morning Performances every Wednesday and Satui day. Commencing at 2.30. The Evening Performances commence at 7.3Q prompt. Prices .-—Three Shillings, Two Shillings, One Shil ling, and Sixpence. Children Half-price to all parti except Gallery. Seats may be booked at Thompson and Shackell's 14316-7910.105e WILL SHORTLY CLOSE. "EVERY SOUL WAS SAVED." AMIDST THE WILD ATLANTIC WAVES THE DOOMED SHIP AWFUL SCENE ON BOARD! EIGHT HUNDRED LIVES IN DANGER^ SIXTY-FIVE CHILDREN^ A SAIL! A SAIL! A SAIL IS SIGHTED SAVED! THE MISSOURI TO THE RECUE. SAVED! CAPT. MURRELL AND HIS GALLANT CREW isAVED EIGHT HUNDRED SOULS SAVED. SIX HOURS OF INTENSE SUSPENSE EIGHT HUNDRED RESCUED. AN ACHIEVEMENT WITHOUTT'AKALLEL IN ALL THE ANNALS OF SHIPPING. THIS DRAMATIC PICTURE, BY T. M. HEMY. IS NOW ON EXHIBITION AT THE PHILHARMONIC CHAMBERS^ ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. HOUKS 10 TO 5 AND 7 TO 9. ADMISSION 6d ALREADY t-EEN BY THOUSANDS. ALL SHOULD SEE IT IX CARDIFF. EXHIBITED BY MESSRS. MAWSON, SWAN, AND MORGAN, -_u -n_ OF BRISTOL AND IVEWCASTLE-ONXYNE 9235 KEALL'S AMERICAN MANDRAKE PILLS. MANDRAKE. The great remedy for Bili- PILLS MANDRAKE ous and Liver Complaints, PILLf Indigestion, Piles, & Gravel, PILLS MANDRAKE aud the greatest Blood Puri- PILLS MANDRAKE tier of the age. PIJ.t s MANDRAKE TESTIMONIAL. PILLS MrKc 1J' Maindee. PILLS xri:! AJvl; Sir,—I consider your Ameri- PILLS MANDRAKE can Mandrake Pills to be the PILLS MANDRAKE greatest success the world has PILLS MANDRAKE ever known.—I am, sir, yours PILLS MANDRAKE faithfully, p. H. HEWSON PILLS MANDRAKE Mundav, Chemist, Cardiff. PILLS MANDRAKE Robb, Chemist, Koafh Gar- PILLS MANDRAKE rett Brothers, Newport; J. PILLS MANDRAKE G. Isaac (late Haymin), Che- PILLS MANDRAKE mist, Neath; Newbery and PILLS MANDRAKE Son, London. pntc MANDRAKE Proprietor Mr KEALL, PILLS MANDRAKE Chemist&Dentist, 199, High- PILLS MANDRAKE street, Swansea. 8076 1012 I PILLS