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public jliatïus. rjlAFF VALE RAILWAY COMPANY NOHCE TO WORKMEN. Application having been made by certain Trade Unions to the Taff Vale Railway Company that no one be employed by them tmless he be a member of a Union, the Company beg to inform the men in their .CTn^loj? < that they decline to discuss such w proposaion, but they are ready to consider any- representations which may foe made by any of their workmen, whether Unionists or N(Sii-Unionists, as to tHe< tefms of their employment. JAMES HUK.MAX, Traffic Manner. 1st August, 1890. 1' B UTE docks COMPANY. NOTICE To WORKMEN. Application having been made by certain Trade Unions to the Bute Docks Xompany that no one be employed by them unless be be a member of a Union, the Company beg to inform the men in their employ that they decline totiiscusfesucli a proposition, but they Are ready to cousider any representations which may be made by any of their workmen, whether Unionists or Non-Unionists, as to the terms of tlieir employment. WILLIAM THOMAS LKWIS, General Manager. August 1, 1890. I BARRY DOCK AND RAILWAYS COMPAJNY. NOTICE TO WORKMEN. Application having beeu made by certain Trade Unions to the Barry Dock and lttilway,4 Comoany that illO one be employed by them unless he be a member of a Union, the Company teg to inform the men in their employ thai they decline to discuss such a proposition, but they are ready to consider any rt-presensations which may be made by atiy(.,f their workmen, whether Unionists or Non-Unionists, as to the terms of their employment. R. EVANS, General Manager. 1st August, 1890, 5737 RJP A F F VALE RAILWAY. NOTICE is HEREBY GIVEN that the following PASSKNGKR TRAINS, advertised in the Public Yime Tables, Newspapers, and other Notices to depart from and arrive at the following stations, will, after XUKSDAY, August 5th, 1690. BE DISCONTINUED UP TRAINS. Cardiff Docks. dep. 10,28 p.m. Cardiff 10.43 lPontypridd. 11.20 „ Porth „ 11.36 „ Aberdare Junction 11.30 Aberdare arr. 11.57 Merthyr 12. Ia. in. Ferndale 11.56 p.m. Maerdy 12. 2 a. m. Treherbert 12. 6 DOWN TRAINS. Treherbert dep. 10.28 p.m. Maerdy- „ 10.27 „ Ferndaie 10.33 Merthyr „ 10,43 „ Aberdare. „ 10.43 „ Aberdare Junction „ 11. 8 „ Forth 10.56 „ jPontypridd'„ 11.18 „ Cardiff arr. 11.54 „ Cardiff Docks 12. 3 a.m. "J. HURMAN, Traffic Manager. Cardiff, August 2nd, 1890. 5790 fJlAFF YALE RAILWAY. NOTICE IS HERKBY GIVEN that the following PASSENGEK TRAINS advertised in the Public Time Tables, Newspapers, and other notices, to depart from, and arrive at the following Stations will, A F fER WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 6th, 1890, BE DIS- CONTINUED. • O Ol O) I vO rH O O g ro K> hQ I I gjaj r-1 p, O O g 2 ci O r-H t o ia uo o -o m èg rO Q U3 lO 0,0000 o P. r-1 r-» r-« rH rH »-H rH r-« • in CT> "O OO CV3 O r-i LO g rl H Cg LM HJ 2 | T I* U3 lO p, o) o) O) o) oi ¡:¡, 0000 .r-:r;: • rf OO LD 0> O K> :T> K> ågg¿ fO K> 5 g, to- to- to- c* {i c. o) a) o 0) « 5 O) S I J O K) CT) K) C* a « h oi a t I g ú) « 10 95 p in i3 p, > N O m m E-i J 2 «> ™ 5 » S "i « O </i a »r «r m a w CJ 1,1 « ci. fO H3 w K) rr *< Po d* cj* I < w ca • • H • I ) U H ■ o a- co m | croiwco S B ?; a | & (Jj ii CM cn N M I N M M (M < o • S5 = 2 o S S "j J «' o » oi oi Pj g H (1 M M ro JJ H M W 05 _2 LO O cO i • o ^-O O LO S s W "■ ] I s ] s ° CC lO LO eg if3 -O «o O • ti I x £ 1 J4 « S S • O 5 < 2 J? C O .• • « 6 & sT as a a 3 r3 5 «4 d C £ 4 M cj S a <» 4> sC «C sa ti <9 9 U* P* O O O QUO 0, & All Trains will coase to run between Cadoxtou and Penarth. NOTICE. The last Train from Penarth for Cardiff will be due to leave at 8.17 p.m. and the last Tiain from Cardiff (Queen-street) for Penarth will be due to leave at 8.50 p.m. YNYSYBWL BRANCH. All Passenger and other Trains will cease running between Ynysybwl and Aberdare Junction until Jurther notice. RHONDDA FACH BRANCH, All Passenger and other Trains between Ferndale and Maerdy will cease running until further notice. The trains from Porth will not, therefore, proceed beyond Ferndale Station. COW BRIDGE BRANCH. The Passenger Trains now ruuning between Cow- bridge and Pontypiidd will stop short at Liaiitrissaiit, and not run to and from Pontypridd. J. HURMAN, Traffic Manager. Cardiff, August 6th, 1890. 6860 HYMNEY RAILWAY. IMPORTANT NOTICE. On THURSDAY NhXT, the 7th instant, and until further notice, the FOLLOWING PASSENGER TRAINS WILL BE DISCONTINUED. 7.50 a.m., Merthyr to Ystrad. 10.0 p.m., Cardiff to Rhyrauey (Thursdays and Saturdays). CORNELIUS LUNDIE, Manager Cardiff, August 5th, 1890. b828 JJARRY DOCK AND RAILWAYS. IMPORTANT NOTICE. On THURSDAY NUX'l', the 7th instant, and UNTIL FUitTHElt NOTICK, the following PASSEN- GER TRAINS will be DISCONTINUED 5.10 a.m., 7.57 p.i., and 9.54 p.m. ex Barry, 6.5 a m., 9.7 p.iv. and 11 5 p.m. ex Cogan. it KVANs, General Mnnager. Barry, August 6th, 1890. 5346-851 KHONDDA AND SWANSEA BAY RAILWAY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that this Company's Trains will,on and after MONDAY, the 14th inst., RUN irsTC and STltT FROM the TAFF YALE COMPANY'S STATION at TKfiHERBICRT. Five Trains wi)* run between Aberavon and Treherbert each way daily as follows :— Sats. UP TRAINS: only. a.m. a iii. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. Aberavon (dep.) .8. 5.. 9.30..12. 5..3.40..6.30..8.45 Trehejbert (arr.). 8.47.. ] 0. 8.. 12.47.. 4. 7.10.. 9.27 Sats. DOWN TRAINS. only. a.m. a.m. p.m. p. M. p.m. p.m. treherbert (dep).8.12.. 9.35.. 12.13..2.40..6. 0.. 9.45 aberavon (arr.) 8.53..10.18..12.53..3.20..6.41 ,10.25 For full particulars see the Time Bills exhibited at be various Stations. Notice is hereby further given that this Service will shortly be altered, notice of which will be given. By order, H. S. LUDLOW, Secretary. Swansea, July 12th, 1890. 5340 QAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. ABERYSTWtTH, TOWYN, BARMOUTH, Ac, VIA THE WYE VALLEY ROUTE. Important accelerations have been made in the Train Service from 1st July, and through carriages are now t'unnine: daily frum CARDIFF (T.V.) a.t 10.28 a.m. NlCWPORT (B. & M.) at 11.5 a.m. and MERTHYR (B. & M.) at 12.10 p.m. The Rbymney Company's train from Cardiff at 11.30 ..ID.c07lnects with Newport through carriage atBarcoed. Fortnightly and Two-monthly Tourist Tickets are gsnedat all the principal stations in South Wales J. CONACHEU, Secretaiy and General Manager. Oswestry, July, 1890. 5063 CARDIFF HORTICULTURAL J sociillrfy. PRESIDENT LORD WINDSOR. GfcAND FLOWER SHOW AND CHORAL COMPETITION, IN THE SOPHIA GAKDENS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13TH NEXT. Also Promenade Concert in the evening at 7 o'clock, *'li illumination of Gardens, and the finest display of iireworks (by Pain, of London) ever seen in Cardiff, including "Forth Bridge, with moving train," and aanley in African Forest," etc., etc. large posters. fecial Excursions by all Railways. Ainijgsiou to Flower Show:—At 2 p.m., 2s 61; 3.30p.m., Is 5 p.m., 6d. Fireworks. 7 p.m., 6d. Entries ckne Friday next. August 8th. 5$9 HON. SECS., 66. Woodville-road. £ JA.RDIFF AND SOUTH WALES DOG SHOW, TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, 9th and 10th SEPTEMBER, 1t(LL BE HELD IN THE DRILL HALL. CLASSES FOR MOST BREEDS. -w.fI# NUMEROUS: SPECIALS. BCBEDULES READY 1st AUGUST 1890. C. M. BERKKLEY, Secretary, '6, Park-lane, Cardiff. JM» EBBW VALE FLO WEB, VEGETABLE AND CAGE; BIRD SHOW. WEDNESDAY, AlKltT^T 20TH, 1890. Xntries Close August I3tb:" Schedules of Prizes apply 1388 J. ilia r, Hon. Secretary. THE llandotery HORTICUL- TURAL, DOG, POULTRY. AND PIGEON SHOW. AND SHEEP ,DOG TRIALS, TURSDAY, l'e w AUGUST 19th. Entries Ml close SATURDAY, August 9th. Schedules, &c., from 2906 J. M. SINNETT. HON. SEC. ABERDARE. LOWER, POULTRY, PIGEON, AND JK? OAGE.BIRD SHOW, ABERNANT PARK, THURSDAY, AUGUST 14TH, 1890. £ 250 IN PRIZES. Magnificent Band of the 46th Regiment. IftAND OPEN-AIR CONCERT AT THE PARK. Schedules of Messrs D. P. DAVIES, S834 Jhtbiic cf!ofitts. TABERNACLE WELSH BAPTIST JL CHAPEL, THE HAYES, CARDIFF. The ANNIVERSARY SERVICES will bo held on SUNDAY and MONDAY NEXT. Sunday, 11 a.m.. 2.30 and 6.30 p.m. Monday, 7 p.m. Sermons by Rev J. R. JONES (late Llwynypia), Pontypridd; and Rev E. EDMUNDS, Swansea. Collections towards Heno- vation Fund. 29 VICTORIA PARK, SWANSEA (By kind permission «f the Mayor and Corporation.) THE SWANSEA HORSE SHOW Will be held in the above Park on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. AUGUST 27m and 28TH, 1890. JB600 WILL BE GIVEN IN PRIZES. SPECIAL PRIZES FOR JUMPING, TANDEM, TROTTING, &c. ENTRIES CLOSE AUGUST 13th. DOUBLE FEES, AUGUST 20th. For Schedules of Prizes, Entry Forms, &c., apply to Secretary, H. C. HIGMAN, Auctioneer and Estate Agent, 5560 18, Union-street, Swansea. "XTOTICE TO THE PUBLIC IN -i-' GENERAL.— Mr D. LANE wishes it to be known that he has just purchased and added to his already extensive concern the most magnificent set of Galloping Horses ever seen in the Unite,1 Kingdom. He was specialiy retained at the Cardiff Bank Holiday Fete, on the occasion of the celebrated Blondin on his astonishing high-rope performance, with the greatest success and the general admiration of the public. WILL ARRIVE at ABERAMAN on FRIDAY, AUGUST 8th. 169 ltoo late for Classification. ROCERY.—Wanted, a Young Man to take charge X of a horse, drive out goods, and make himself generally useful; also an Apprentice to the above trade.-Apply to Thomas Roth, Grocer, Plymouth. street. Merthyr Tydvil. PREMIER-make Safety for sale balls throuahout JL except pedals in good condition ca-h Bo 15s, or exchange for good harnionium.-Evaiis, 58,Seymour. street, Aberdare. r jWLORS.—Wanted, immediately, a good general JL Hand also small job Hand constant work for suitable men good tog paid.—R. Evans, Strand, Fern. dale. r litAVELLER Wanted, for J-outh Wales, to sell JL Grocer's sundries references required.—Apply to J. Wesley Jones & Co., Merchants, Aberystwyth. DRAPERY.—Wanted, smart young Man as Junior. — Apply Walter Lewis, Llangadock. N SALE. Smack William and Maria, of Milford register tonnage, 25 now lying at Fishguard Harbour.-Apply Win. Lamb. Lower Town, Fishguard. WANTED, competent Carpenter also intelligent Youth as Apprentice.—Apply Brown's Buildings, Cathedral-road, Cardiff. WANTED, strong General Servant good character indispensable.—Apply William Lewis, Tophill House, Pontypridd. DRAPliltY.—Wanted, an Assistant Milliner, and a well-educated youth as Apprentice (Welsb).- Davies, Golden Key, Llandilo. Til THOMAS, Grocer, Caeharris, Dowlais, requires a JL Young Man to look after horse, deliver geodsj and make himself generally useful. A good tppor- tunity to learn the trade. LEA AND pERRINS' SAUCE. LEA AND jpERRLNS' SAUCE. JL Purchasers should see that the Label on every bottle of the original Worcestershire Sauce bears the signature LEAL AND pERRINS. EA AND PERRIN' SAUCE. J- Sold wholesale by the Proprietors, Worcester. Crosse & Blackwell, London. Retail everywhere. LEA AND T3ERRINS' SAUCE. -t 4366 I CAVENDISH HOUSE COMPY., LTD., VV CHELTENHAM, Sole Agents in Cheltenham and Neighbourhood for SCARBOROUGH, NEPHBW & CO'S CELEBRATED FEAR NOUGHT" SERGES (Reg.). Sun, Sea-air, and Salt Wabr Defied. WiU not spot with rain will net cockle suitable for all climates; made in nany and black. PATTERNS FREE ON APPLICATION. 5005 rpHREE YEARS' SYSTEf rjlHREE -Yli,'AP,S' -IYSTEM JMANOFORTES BY BROADWOOD JpIANOFORTES BY COLLARD. JpiANOFORTES BY BRINSMEAD pIANOFORTES BY NEUMEYERj J3IANOFORTES BY KIRKMAN. JpIANOFORTES BY ERARD, AND ALL THE LEADING MAKKKS FROM 10s. MONTHLY Until Paid for after which, and Without any Furthui Charge whatever, the instrument becomes the Property of the Hirer rjlHOMPSON AND jgHACKFLi,, LIMITED' QUEEN'S MUSIC WAREHOUSE, CARDIFF rjlHOMPSON AND gHACKELL, LIMITED, 32, CASTLE-STKKUT, SW ANSEA rptJ OMPSON AND g H A CKELI LIMITED, 118, MERTHYR; T tiompson AND gHACKELL LIMITED, 35, COMMERCIAL-STHE 1ST, NEWPORT: ALSO AT 142, NEWFOUNDLAND-ROAD, BRISTOL, (LATE BENNLTT A CO.) PROMENADE CHELTENHAM, GLOUCESTER, PENARTH, AND PONTYPRIDD rjlHE rjlHREIS YIARS gYSTEM Was first introduced into South Wales by XHOMPSOJN AND SHACKELL upwards of twenty years ago, "illce which time many thousands of homes have been ren- derell happy by the possession of a Musical Instrument on such easy terms. The Monthly Payments are so low that there need b no house without a PIANO, AMERICAN ORGAN, OR HARMONIUM rj'HOMPSON AN1) JgHACKKLL' LIMITED, Are always pleased to end Full Particulars, witM Descriptive Pamphlet, Photographs of the Newn* Styles, &c free by post, on the appik'aticu oi intending purchaser. DISCOUNT FOR CASH. The most liberal Discount is allowed to Cash Buyers and a large number of SECOND. HAND PIANOS ire always iu Stock to select from at about HALF PRICE. THOiMPSON AND SHACKEIJL LIMITED CARDIFF, SWANSEA, NHWPCRT, MERTHYR, GLOUCESTER. PENARTH, 1041 169* AND PONTYPRIDD. RICHARD B E N SON, JMPORTER OF JJAVANA 0IGARS. 19, HIGH STREET, CARDIFF, AND AT BRISTOL. 5896 O HAVING. KVERYONE WHO SHAVES IO SHOULD USE THE tV SHOULD USE TIn: SHAVING. B 1 ° iN M 1LK AND SHAVING. SULPHUH SOAP, OHAVlwn which yields a firm, creamy, and AXfW. lefreshinc lather, softening the beard, preventing the irritation CJ HAYING ?° olten caused to delicate skins • in shaving, and rendering the passage of a razor rapid and d HAVING easl'- A* a Toilet Soap, it is unequalled. Delicately nerfumed. T -A XT A TTR\TN dealers in Perfumery SJ"-A VIJNG. in Shtving Cakes and Toilet kJ Tablets. 6636b I business Abbrgsses. i11' ROGERS' AK 6\ I ALES AND OIL T B R.8 J. (In 4i Gallon Casks an(I BREWERY, BRYSTOL. t VAADIFP STORE9 WORKING-STREET. NEWPORT STORES COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS CHEPSTOW STORES BEAUFORT-SQUARE. Applications for Purchasing Agencies in South Wales to be addressed to 3. B. MADDOCKS, PENARTH. No extra charge fcr Ales and Porters supplied in 4 j 13956 Gallon Casks. i?,2l jjr o t e l ^/jTe t r o po le" LONDON, S.W. This MAGNIFICENT HOTEL, situated in NORTH UMBERLAND AVENUE, TRAFALGAR-SQUARE, very, central position, affords RESIDKKTS every CON- VENIENCE and COMFORT. In addition to a large number of SINGLE and DOUBLE BEDROOMS, and BEDROOMS with PRIVATE BATH and LAVATORY attached, there are ELEGANT SUITES of PRIVATK APARTMUNTS and LUXURIOUS GENERAL ROOMS. WEDDING BREAKFASTS. RECEPTIONS, &c., arranged in Magnificent WHITEHALL SUITE. Private Entrance. CHARGES MODERATE. ——— 1919 Telegraphic Address-" METROPOLE, LONDON." FOR JJOSIERY AND H A T S, gAMUEL B P- OTHERS, MARKET BUILDINGS, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. TRY OUR NOTED 3s 6D 3 0 Z. FELT HAT. 395 4368a rpEETH.-Complete Set One Guinea; -M. Single Tooth. 28 bd. Five years' warranty. Re. models, repairs. &c. Painless Dentistry, Gas, &.c.- GOODMAN AND CO., B*, OUEI^n-S Cardiff, and 23 B, High-street (Market-lane). Newport. 1604 llli-i INDIGESTION.-The MEDICAL RE- JL FORM SOCIETY will send FREE to all applicants an excellent BOTANIC CURE for Indigestion, Bilious and Liver cornplaini s.- Enclose address to the SECRE- TARY, BOTANIC INSTITUTE. NOTTINGHAM. 971 EAVE4S FOOD.—First Established 1825. BestandCheapeat. VE'S FOOD.-For Infants and Invalids. For Growing Children and the Aged. Has stood the test of over 60 years. "VTEAVE'S FOOD. -For Infants and Invalids. 1 A Pure Cereal Preparation. Sir Charles A. Cameron, M.D., says: Ad- mirably adapted to the warns of infants. 1391 Sold Everywhere. JJRINSMEAD pIANOS. JgRINSMEAD piANOS. BRINSMEAD jpIANOS. JOHN JgRINSMEAD AND SONS, PIANOFORTE MAKERS by Special Appointment to H.R.H. THE PRINCESS OF WALES, 18, 20, and 22. WIGNIOITE-STRFET, LONDON, W. Lists Free, and of the Leading Music Sellers. 5189 ^JROSSLEY'S 94 0 TT-0 GAS jgJNGINE Otbr 28,000 I, U*"M- From 2 man to 100 h.p. REFERENCES for ALL TRADES and in ALL TOWNS Second-Hand Engines. Deferred Payment System. QROSSLEY BRas., IMITED OPENSHAW, MANCHESTER.

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