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FULLER BIRTILL AND COMPANY, CARRIAGE BUILDERS, DUSTOM HOUSE-STREET, CARDIFF INVITE INSPECTION OF THEIR LARGE AND YAIIIED COLLECTION OF CARRIAGES, LIGHT, STYLISH, AND DURABLE. A large number of good Second-hand Carriages Always on ale.. Inspection made and Estimates given for Repairs free. CARRIAGES SOLD ON COMMISSION OR 1404{ TAKEN IN EXCHANGK. TELEGRAMS "CARRIAGES. CARDIFF."4098 tr alts bg &ttaian. AUCTION APPOINTMENTS. Mr W. nRADLEY. 700 Gallons of Brandy, at Cardiff Aug. 8 Household Furniture, at Cardiff Aug. S Mr D- EVANS. Household Furniture, &c., at C ardiff.. Aug. 8 Valuable Properties, at Carililr Sept. 11 Messrs GOT rWALIY & BO WRING. Hunters, Harness Horses, &-=., at Cardiff Aug. 9 Household Furniture, at Cardiff.. Aug.19 Messrs WILLIAM GRAHAM, SON, HITCHCOX. Leasehold ramify Residence. at Newport Aug. L0 Mr EPHUAIM HARRIS. Pawnbrokers' Quarterly Sale, at Cardiff Aug. 12 Messrs W. and S. HERN. Leasehold Properties, at Cardiff Aug. 11 Mr IUCHAHD K HUGHES. Freehold Land, at Lanmoiliis Aug. 11 Woollen Mill, at Llandyssul August 12 Leasehold Property, at Swansea August 13 Messrs JENKINS, CLARKI and CO. Villa Residences, at Penarth August 13 Leasehold Properties, at Cardiff Aug. 14 Mr W. G. LAITY. Household Furniture, at Cardiff Aug. 8 Horses, at Cardiff Aug. 9 Messrs JOHN M. LEEDER & SON. Freehold Estates, at Llandilo Aug. 29 MessisMADDOX and CO. Three Safefv Bicycles, at Rooms Ang. 12 Household Furniture, at Rooms Aug. Houehojtl Appointments, at Ptmarth Aug. 13 Mr U. W. Cobs, Ponies, &:c., at Pontypridd Aug. 13 Mr MORGAN MORGAN. Freehold and Leasehold Properties Aug. 12 Freehold aud Leasehold Properties, at Cardiff.. Messrs MOHGAN and JAMI S. Old Tanyard Inn, at Merthyr August 13 Messrs G. NICHOLS. SON, and ALDER. Freehold Estate, Bed was Aug. 13 Mr THOMAS PARRY. Double-Licensed Pr.mises, at Abersyehan .Ang. 11 Valuable Licensed Houses. &c., at Newport.Au, IS Messrs PARSONS and ROliJENT. Valuable Library, at Newpoit Abg. 12 Valuable Farm, a.t Newport, Men Aug. 2U Messrs WlLlIAM SANDERS and SON. Leasehold Premiss, <tc.. at Ca'diff Aug. 9 Mr WALTER SIMON. Steck-in-Trade. ic,, at Pembroke Dock, .Aug. 8 & 9 Messrs STEPHENSON and ALEXANDER. House, Simp Ac., at Pontypridd August 13 Frecllojd Farm, at Swansea August F,tJ"b"ld Property, lit Mynyddyslwyn August Movable Plant, !\Iacl1inery, iVc at Caerleon ..Sept — Movable Plant, Machinery, &c., at Maesteg.. Sept. Messrs S'l RAKER and SON. Leaseholù Property, t Abergavenny Aug. 12 Pi<>perty, at Abergavenny August 12 Freehold Property, at Heret rd — Mr JOHN THOMAS (C wbridge). Ewes, Lt'.tubs, Cons, H»r<i«.s, Ac., at Cowbridge, Sept. 11 Mr C. E. WEBB. Horses, at Porthcawl Aug. 8 Mr MA I THE W w UnnNGTON. Agricultural Show Timber, at Port Talbot. Aug. 12 VALUABLE FREEHOLD PREMISES IN HiGH. f'TRKET. CARDIFF, FOR SALE BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. MESSRS STEPHENSON and ALEX- II ANDER have for SALE "y PRIVA TE CON- TRACT the valuable FREEHOLD PREMISES Situate in High-street, Cardiff," now in the occupation of Mr F. Case, F> uiterer. (Sc., to)etl1er with the Cot. tages, Yard, anil Premises ai, (he Lack, will1 Îloutage into High-street, and alo a frontage and entrance into AYoniantiy-street, and atiording lHree, through com. municiition betwiJtJlI High-street and Womuuby-street. '1 be Premies are 1!'O:it valuable, cover a large area, wid are in one of t4, best bU8in6:Ss positions in the town. 5801 CLARE-KOAI). COURT-ROAD, AND CPvADDOCK- STRKET, CARDIFF, AND EARL-STREET, PENARTH. 7V1 ESSRS W. and S. HERN will SELL Xi l. by AUCTION, at The Mart, Bank Buildings, 98, St. Mary-street, Cardiff, on MONDAY, the 11th day of August, at 7 p.III., t"e following valuable LEASEflOLD PROPERTIES, viz. DWELLING-HOUSKS, Nos. 8, 10, 12, and 14, Clare- oad, Cardiff, let at 7., 6d per wet k each term 99 years, fiom 1st August, 1337 ground rent £ 16. -mm. N(" R 10s 6ii per week, the iest at 7s per 89 years, from 1st October, 1837 ground rent, £1510.>. LOT 3.—All that MESSUAGE and SHOP, situate at the junction of Craddocb-street and Brunei-street, with the yard attached thereto let at 10 s 6d er week. Term 99 years from 25th March, lirN. Ground reut,£6, LOT 4.-All that MESSUAGE cr DWELLING- HOUSE, No. 154, Craddocii-street, Cardiff, let at 8s per week, and held for the remainder of a term of 99 years. Ground rent, B2 10s. LOT 5.—All those TWO MESSUAGES or DWEL. LINli-HOUES, No. 18 and 19, Earl-street, Penarth. let at 7s per week each. Unexpired term, 82; ground rent, £258 each. Further particulars as to Lots 1, 2, and .5 of F. E. Hughes. Esq.. Solicitor, Mercantile chambers, James- itreet, Bate Docks as to Lot 5, of Messrs Downing and Handcock, Solicitors, But" Dvcks, Cardiff or of Mr Alfred Taverner, 20. Hickmon.rotld, PCllalth or as to all the Lots, uf the Auctioneers, 94, st, Mary- street, Cardiff, 5722 LEASEHOLD PREMISES AT ST. MELLONS, MON., AND LEASEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE IN VICTORIA- STREET. NEWTOWN, CARDIFF. TO BE BY AUCTION BY MESSRS WM. ANDER and SONS, lyJt- at the Queen's Hotel, Cardiff, on SATURDAY, the 9ch day of August, 1890, at Three o'clock in the afternoon (subject to suell conditions of Sale as shall IJc then and there produced, and in the folluwin 01' such other Lots as may be agreed upon at the time of Sai.OT L-AU that LEASEHOLD MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, situate at St Melions, in the County of Monmouth, known as "Hill House" 01' t1lyn Side," held ÍlJr the resulue of:1 term (of 99 ytars from the 1st day of May, IS32, subject to a rround lent of 7s 511 lYet" annum. Abo all that Lease- hold Thatjh' d Cottege, with the piece of Garden Ground thereto belonging adjoining tile above des- cribed Premises, lieid for the residue of a term of 99 years from the 1st day of May, 1799, subject to a ground rent of 2s 6d pe: annum LOT a.—All that LEASEHOLD MliSSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, .-ituate and being No. 30, Victoria-street, Newtown, Cardiff aforesaid, held for the resitiue of a term of 99 years from the 25th day of March, 1850, subject to an apportioned ground rent of £ ?. 2s per annum. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, 28, St Mary-street, Cardiff, or to Messrs MERRILS and SON, Solicitors, Church-street, Cardiff, Where a Plan of Lot 1 may be seen. 5696 SALE THIS DAY. SHuRT NOTICE OF SALE. ON FRIDAY NKXl, AUGUST 8TH, At Two I) duck 1'.Ill. Zq, ED WARD'S-TKRlt ACE (Opp -■site Park Hotel. Queen-street, Cardiff). MR VV, G. LATT i has been instructed to SEL by AUCTION, without reserve, on the Premises as above (under the powers of a ùm of sale), the whole of t11c -uperior HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, comprising drawing, (lining, and bedroom appoint- ments, namely, Biusselsaud other capetw, hearth- rugs, lace curtains, pier glasses, oil paintings, tftigrav- iug-, bronze and oilier ornaments, clocks, musical box, brass an-i jroH French bedsteads, woolaud hair m'\trt;SSe5, bolsters, hed furniture, chests of drawers, easy <l!1L1 other chairs, cuuch. sofa. dining tables, Kitchen ditto, mahogany pedestal study table, with nine drawers, office furniture, double-door fiN and burglar-proof sufe, kllcllen aml cookil1 utensils, atc., oLe. sale at Two o'clock to the m liute; On view morning of sale, Auctioneer's Offices, Glamorgan Horse Repository, Caniiff. 5841- SALE TO-MORROW. On SATURDAY NEXT. AUGUST 9th, at 2.30 P.M. LATTY'S REPOSITORY, CARDIFF.— Next WEEKLY SALE of Horses, Cobs, and ponies by AUCTION will taUa placd on the above date. I'r,eut entries lIlcJude Horses froll Messrs Williams l'age, Elliott, and other;* also the property of a lady, a supeiior miniature circular-fronted Brougham lill excellent condition) London-built Omnibus, to seat 30 persons, viz. 14 in and 16 out- side. This 'bus is in good condition and very suitable for it oUIIrv carrier. Further entries re.-pectfully solicited, 5793 SALE THIS DAY. The Model Auction Mart, North-road. Cardiff. MR \V. BRADLEY will SELL by AUC- TION, oil FRIDAY, August 8th 700 GALLONS of 1880 BRANDY from the Cele- brated Mi ichants of Charente. Samples and certificate of proof can be rested. Sale atbalf-pastThree. 162 SALE THIS DAY The Model Auction Mart, North-road. Cardiff. MR W. BRADLEY will SELL by AUC- TION. on FRIDAY, August 8ch, a large auantitv of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, &c. Sale at Xo-ciock. _—— PONTYPRIDD CATTLE MARKET. MR G. W. MORIHCO will SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, in the above Market, oil WEDNESDAY, August 13th, 1890. 10 COBS AND PONIES, "o splendid match pairs of ponies, all young, and 4uiet tu ri ie anil drive; 2!) seLS of new and second-hand «ames8, two saddles, two trap*, Ac., &c. ale will commence at 11 a.m. Nu reserve. Auctioneer's Office. Broadway, Cardiff. 172 3cuth Wales and Monmouthshire Pawnbrokers' Quar- terly Sale of Unredeemed Pledges pursuant to Act, 1872. 1872. MR EPHliAIM HARRIS will SELL by AUCTION at 16, Wyndham Arcade, Cardiff, an TUESDAY, August 12, 1890, at ll a.m., GOODS pledge*t 1888 to 1890. Offices. 75. Glebe-street, Penarth. L- '="== '4,| i'-f&SRS VV. i±. SMITH ana SOiNi vTjI. deiivor the SOUTH. W AhhS DAILY liJSW& It M: pjiriy hour cll Morning in ail parts of the follow its. uivrns:— CARDIFP SWANSEA NEWPORT iUMTU MERTHYR PORTSKEWETT ?UNTOV ABERDARK PONTYPOOL ROAD fUiK DOCKS HEREFORD PEMBROKE DOCK • tUDGKNU HAVERFORDWES1 *.I;AUH Hlil-.TOi. GLOUCESTER ^■^NRLLY TEN BV ABERYSTWYTH I ampktkk ii.VT a if r Hjt n ABERUAVENNY HI. ^Ajuury ■ZiiiKS ael>Mu«4 a*«ry Fri ay • mi «><»»»■ to mmatMumi twmus. Ijd Awrtiait. SALE TO-MORROW. ON SATURF/AV NEXT. AUGUST 1890. MESSRS GOTT WALTZ & BOWRING JJtJL will hold a SALE of liUNTKRS, HARNKSS HORSES, CUBS, AND PONIES, at the Horse Exchange. Cardiff, on the above date. SeverallmpUrLallt entries have already been received and further entnes are solicited. 5625 lalogue1 be obtained from the Auctioneers. HALE Tu-MORROW. ON SATURDAY NIXT, 9TH AUGUST. SALE OF HI NTERS AND. HARNESS HORSES, c \RRIAGKS, HARNESS, STABLE AND OUT-DOOR EFFECTS, Removed from COMPTON CASTLE, near Bath By order oJ the Representative, oJ the late DOMINICK WATSON, ESQ MESSRS GOTT WALTZ & BOWRING have received instructions to include ill their AUGUST STUD SALE on SATURDAY, 9th August, 1890, at Twelve o'clock, at the Horse Kxehange, Cardiff, the followilJ HORSES :— Lancelot" CHESTNUT GELDING, good hunter, well known in the Klackniore Vale Country (o-us pur- chased out of the Ledbury Stud, from Mr Kmwl'v, the At astr, for 200 guinea). Lismore," GREY GELDING, ) Hve been regularly tm has been hunted.. tlnven ™^t.her; botd GamboUr," BAY GELDING j Jll\ fj:ll harness & fine movers CARRIAGES :— A NEARLY NEW GENTLEMAN S BREAK, to cany ten persons, for a pair or four horses, by Good- 6A°'wAGONE'iTE CONVERTIBLE INTO STAN- IJOPI. by Fitzgerald. A LARGE BROUGHAM, recently done up, by Gooilfellow. A FOUR-WHEEL DOGCART, by W. and P. Thorn. A TWO-WHEEL DOGCART, by Goodfellow. A FARM Til' CART. HARNESS: SET OF FOUR IN-HAND BROWN HARNESS, SET OF DoUBLIC BRASS-MOUNTED, SET OF TANDEM, SETS OF SINGLi; tilG HARNESS, Set of Cart Harness, a large Quantity of Horse Clothing, MX HUNTING SADDLKS, EIGHT INGLE AND DOUBLE-REIN BRIDLltS, Kuee Caps, Girth Stretcher, FeMock Pads and Boots, Martingale, Muzzle, Collars, Pole, Chains, Stmps, etc. OUTSIDE EFFECTS. Manure distributor and tiller, two Americau lawn mowing machines, horse mowing machine (by Green), 2in iron garden roUer, Hille till garden flnver boxes, Reade's patent garden engine and ho^e, ch iff cutter, turnip pulper, 0:1 t crusher (by Richmond & Chandler), carriage jacks, tennii marker, two wheelbarrows, ex- cellent oak garden furniture and a garden tent. ON VIEW THIS DAY. Catalogues may. be had of the Auctioneers. 5701 DUKE-S I REET AUCTION ROOMS, CARDIFF. On TUESDAY and THURSDAY, August 12th and 14th, 1890, comlJlellcin at Two o'¡:Jock precisely.'1 OALE OK1 EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD KJ APPOINTMENTS. Messrs J. G. MADDOX IInd Co. are instructed to remove to their rooms, jor ale on the above dates, II. qU'1.lltity of Furniture, compTlswg suites j¡1. various woods suit able for nrawiug and tlll1l11.rooms, wIth tables, sideboards, anti cabinets to mutch; walnut and rosewood overmantels, fender amI brasses, iron and brass be lsteads, with bedding complete, bedroom suites in asu and walnut, dllchesse washtanJs and dressing tables with wardrobes en suite, chests of drawers, towel rails, otc. Al.-o Four Absolutely NEW SAFETY BICYCLES. Goods on view morning of sale. All entries for these sales can be mule up to day prior to the auction. 5872 Goods on view lllornillg of sale. All entries for these sales can be mule up to day prior 10 the auction. 587 6, HERBERT-TERRACE. PENARTH, ON WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13TH. 1890, Ci'ium-ncing at 2 ociock prtci>eiy. l\/jf ESSR^ J. G, MADDUX and CO..are -LtJL. instructed by Miss Nott (who is leaving Penarth) to SELL by AUCTION the wbole of lwr SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD APPOINTMENTS (only receutly purchased at considerahle cost.) In two sitting-rooms, ball, fou., bedrooms, and II kitchens, including a capital puuo ill ebouised case by N(mmey.,r. For furt/wl" particllhrs see posters. Goods 011 view 1lJ0ruing of ale. Thore will be no rf;<serve. Offices and Salerooms. 26, Dnke-street, Cardiff. 5826 -1 VILLA RESIDENCES AT PENARTH. SALE at PENARTH HOTEL on WEDNESDAY, the 13th day ot August, 1890, at Seven o'clock in the Evening; MESSRS J EN KINS, CLARKE & CO. 1" JI., liwe belm instructed to SELL, as above, the foilowill desirable VILLAS LOT 1.—All that attractive RESIDENCE and PRE- MISES known as East Holw," being 20, Lord. street, 01" Clive cre,scent, near the Penarth church, and commanding au uninterrupted view ot the sea. The House contains three leeepli>1I1 and live bed rooms, hot and cold bath, and the usu*l offices. There J a well laid out garden greenhouse, with fc'toot "lid cold wa.t"r conservatory an 9U »«•«- loom, or Himimer-housu, as weil as I stabie and coach-house, with a billiard-room over. This property is well built, and will bo ffold, with the wholo of the as fittings, venetian blinds, and other tixlures complete, for tit" residue of the term of 99 years, of whicl1 ahout six are expired, al; the nomi- nal ground relit of £ 2 15s pCl" annum. LOT 2.—All that ve ry desirable RESIDENCE known as "Culvercliffe," No, 5, Cwrt-y-Vil-road, Penarth, near the railway station, now ill the occupation of Mr G. H. Williams. This house is exceptionally well- built, and contains two lare reception rooms, five bedrooms, dressing room, bath (hot and cold), and the usual offices. Tlwro is also a conservatory, as well as back and side entrances and large garden. Term, 9S years from the first of May, 1888 ground rent, So 7:; 6d. To view apply to the occupiers and for further par- ticulars to James Morgan. Esq Solicitor, 37, St. Mary- street, Carditf or to the Auctioneers, Cambriau- chambers, 12, We>tgate street, Cardiff. August 1, 5870 SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD AND LEASE- HOLD PROPERTY IN PL A N TAG E N KT-STR KET CLl VE-ROAD, CLARE-ROAD, CARDIFF, an". HARRIKT STREET, COGAN, and VICTORIA- ROAD, PENARTH. 1\/8R MOKGAN MOHCAN is instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Mart, Bank- buildll1, St. Mary-street, on TUESDAY, August 12th, 1S90, the following desirable PROPERTIES :— LOT 1.—All that substantially-built RESIDENCE, known as 59, Pianiagenet-street, Riverside, fitted with all the latest improvements, lot to very respectable tenant, at 13s per week. Held under leaso for 9H years fiom 1884, at the low annual ground rent of £4 15s. LOT 2.—All that FREEHOLD HOP, with bake- house, stables, and outhouses, situate and being No. — Clive-road, Canton, and loase t to Mr H. C. Hooper, for a term of five yeais, at the \early rental of £ 55. I.OT 3—All those 1 LEASEHOLD COTTAGES, being Nos. 9, 11, 13, and 15, Ethel-street, Canton, vaniiff; let to respectable tenants at 4s 6d each respect'vely. Hold under lease for 89 years from 1884 at a yearly ground rent of S2 10s each. LOT 4 -All those 2 comfortable WORKMEN'S HOUSES, Nos. 19 and 20, Harriet-street, Cogan held under leases for a term of 99 years from Ma.y 5th, 1890, at H. ground rent, of £ 1 16" each por annum. LOT b.-2 similar HOUSES, Nos. 21 and 25, Harriet. street, Cogan ground each. LOT 6.-2 simll:u HOUSES. Nos. 26 and 27, Hsrriet- street, Cogan; ground rent, S2 each. LoT 7.-AII that. suiistantially-built CORN ER SHOP "Hltl two DWELLING-HOUSES adjoining, known as NOli, 2, 4, anti 6, Clare-road, Cardiff. The shop is let at 13i per week, and the two houses at 8s 6tl respectively. Held under lease fOI" 93 year" from October, 1887, at a grou-ul rent of B6. £11, and per annum. those two substantially-built RESI. DENCES, Victoria-road. Penarth (near Tad Vale Station), and occupied by Messrs E. G. William and C. Crone at £40 and £45 a year respectively. Forf nrther particulars as Iii Lots 1 & 8,apply Wyndham Itees, Esq., Solicitor, Borough Chambers, Cardiff; and a.s to Lots 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. to Messrs Randall and Wilson, Solictors, Carditf or as to the whole of tho lots, to the Auctioneer, at 6 and 4, Albert Chambers, High-street, Cardiff. -_u_- 6873 ———— SALE THIS DAY SHORT NOTICI OF SALE. TO BUTCHEliS, FURNITURE BROKERS, AND OTHERS. MR D. EVANS is instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at No. 2, Bridge-street. Cardiff, on FRIDAY, the 8th day of August, 1890, at 11 o'clock, It qutntify of useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, TRADE UTENSILS, BUTCHER'S CART, HARNESS, and a CORN BIN. MERTHYR TYDFIL. TO BREWERS. INNKEEPERS, AND OTHERS. SALE OF PUBLIC-HOUSE PROPERTY. MESSRS MORGAN and JAMES have received instructions to by PUBLIC AUCTION, at tho Vulcan Inn, High-street, Merthyr, on WEDNESDAY, August 13th, 1890, at 8 o'clock in the evening, in the following or such other lots, and subject tusuch comlitiulld a8 t:sllallloe determined upon &t th time ot sale ;— LOT 1.—All that double-licensed Public-house, called he OLD TANYARD INN, sit.¡.¡ate in Bethesda-street, Merthyr, now let to the Treii^rris Brewery Company Limited, for a term of ? years, from the lut day of August, lc89, at the yearly lent (If £ i;5. The above premises are, with other premises of the vendor, held under I lease for a trl1l of 99 years, from the 1st day of May, 1885. The vendor will grant au underlease for tùe whole terw, less one day, at a yearly ground rent of £1, LOT2.—All ihat Licensed BEER HOUSE, called the Britannia, situate in Bethesda-street, Merthyr, now in the occupation of Mr Samuel Smith, as yearly tenant, at the rent of B15 a year. LUT 3.—A SHOP, adjoining the last-mentioned I premises in the occupati"n "t Miss Lindsay, as ye3or]y at the rent of £16 a year. l'be Above lots, 2 and 3, with other premises of the vendor, are held under a lease for a term of 99 from the 1st day of May, 1826. The vendor I will grant an underlease for the whole term, less one day, at a yearly ground rent of E2 in respect of I each lot. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, Afceraman, Abenlare; or to Messrs Gwilym and Charles James, Solicitors, 52 and 53, Higa-street, Merthyr-Tydfil. {,871 'I ■ T.T i» j • CURE FOR INFLUENSA. "rAYMAN'S BALSAM «f HOREHOUND f ■ ;• The most certain and speedy Remedy AYMAN'S BALSAM of HOKKHOUND B' I For Coughs and Colds and Influenza. I. COUGH in TEN MINUTES 4 Invaluable in the Nursery. i i U •• The bottle of Balsam came last night. J Owing to its immediate effect I enjoyed a good «; » night's r^st. My cough is gone this morning." —T. C. Turner, Gleeson Park, Dublin, May '9$. ^|il AYMAN'S BALSAM of HOREHOUND till' For all disorders of the Lungs. HAYMAN'S BALSAM of HOREHOUND I JLJL Prepared only by A. Hayuian A Co. HAYMAN'S BALSAM of HOREHOUND JLJL 15, Albeinarle-tt., London, K.C. Sold by all Cfceaiists. l'un. 12 id, 2s 9" 1022 by j^urtian. LLANMORLAIS, GLAMORGANSHIRE. SALE OF FREEHOLD LAND. 1\/I R RICHARD E. HUGHKS has been J.V.A instructed to offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Railway Hotel, Penclawdd, on MONDAY, the 11th day of August, 1890, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon (subject to such conditions as shall then and there be iproduced), all that FREEHOLD LAND AND HEREDITAMENTS situate at Llaninorlais, adjoining the London and North-Western Railway, and close to the station, 12a. Ir. 3p. or thereabouts. The property is at present let to Mr W. '3arris on a yearly tenancy, all mines and minerals being reserved to the landlord, and the agree- luent provides for determination oil three months' no, ice. The property will be offered in one lot, but failing to Sell will be divided as the auctioneer shall determine at the tiine-of sale. Further particulars can be obtained of the Auc- tioneer, at his Offices, 4,. YVind-street, Swansea, or from Mr J. E. Gordon, 102, Oxford-street, Swansea. 5791 TO BE OLD WITHOUT RESERVE. TO WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS. LLANDYSSUL, CARMAR I HENSHIRE. RICHARD E. HUGHES has 1VJL been instructed to Offer fer SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the King's Head Hotel, Llandyssul, on TUESDAY, the 12th of August, 1390, at 12 o'clock noon (subject to such conditions as shall then and there be produced), all that LEASEHOLD WOOLLEN MILl., situate at Alltycavan, and known as the Alllycavan Factory, together with the machinery therein. The factory contains one set of canting and scnb. bling engines with mules and other accessories, and is now in full working trim and running, now let at the nominal rental of £:0 a vear. There is also ample 100111 for another set, and towards tiiis there is a pair of iitilei in the factory ready for lixing. The Building is very substantial, being of stone with Slated Hoof, it. was built specially for the business, it is about 58 feet long by 20 feet wide, and has three flours. There is also It very convenient Dye Houtt>. The power issupplicll by a Turbine driven by water from the Tivey. The Factory is situate nbout 3 mdes from Llan- dy sul, and the New Line from Llandyssul to New- castle Emlyn will run within a few yards of it. The Property is situate in Ih. centre of the South Wales Woulen Manufacturing District, and skilled labour is nbundant and cheap. The above is iielu under all agreement for a lease for a toriu of which about 94 years are unexpired, at :t Ground Rent of £ 5 a year. Further particulars can be obtained of John Aerou Thomas, Esq., Solicitor, Swansea or front the Auctioneer, at his Offices, 4, Wind-street, Swansea. TO RESOLD WITHOUT RESERVE, 5794 MORRISTON. NEAH SWANSEA. RALE OF LEASEHOLD PROPERTY. J\/|'LI RICHARD !■ HUGHES has been XvJL instructed to offer for sale by PUBLIC AUC- at the Duke Hotel, Morriston, on WIID Li El S- DAY. the Hrh of August, 1690, at seven o'clock in the ( veiling (subject to such conditions as shall then and tbt re be produced), LOT 1.—All that Leasehold DWELLI>G-HOUSE and PREMISES, with large garden, situate at Morris- t.>n, and known as Primrose Cottage, let to Messrs Vivian and Sons for a term of 14 years from 25th December, 1885, with an additional seven years at the option of the said Messrs Vivian and Sons, at a rental or £ 22 a year. Held for lives and a term cf 63 years from September, 1819, at it ground rent of £2 per annum. LOT z.-All t!iat leasehold COTTAGE, situate and being No. 572, Neath-road, Moriiston, let at 3s a week. lletd for a term of bO yeats and lives, from 29th September, 1844, at all apportioned ground ront 01 10s a year. Further particulars can lie obtained of William Cox, Esq., Solicitor, Swansea or from the Auctioneer, 4, Wind-street, Swansea. 5792 A B ERG A V ENN Y. M< >N MOUTHSHI RE. TO BUILDERS, WAREHOUSEMEN, LIVER* TAllLI PROPRIETORS. CAPITALISTS, AND OTHERS. VALUABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY FOR SALE. MESSRS STRAKER & SON will SELL by AUCTION, at the Greyhound Hotel, Aber- gavenny, on TUESDAY, the 12th day of August, 1890, at Two for Three o'clock in the Aftern'>ou (subject to Conditions oi Sale to be then produced;, ail that Valu- able and desirable LEASEHOLD PROPERTY, si-iiate on the Brecon-road, Abergavenny, in the County of Monmouth, now and for many years past in the occupation of the Proprietor, Mr William Jones, Hay and Cider Merchant, and comprising sub- stantially-built ranges of stabling for It horses, 2 lock-up coach-houses wfth hay loft, commodious wapgon shed, spacious Oi)Cll yard, comfortable eight- loomed dwelling house, large garden and piggery. A very neat and convenient Grocer's Shop with double front, now in the occupation of the Misses Jones, Grocers, Bakers, and Confectioners, with Storeroom and other conveniences, and also a four-roomed Cot- tage and a Bakery with four-bushel oven. These premises are most eligibly situate in the main thoroughfare, close to the Brecon Road Railway Station (L. and N. W. Ry ), are entirely surrounded by sub- stantial stone boundary walls, and capable of being converted into excellent Shops, Warehouses, or other Business Premises of any kind. They cover an area of about 1,707 square yards. have a frontage of about J02 feet ta Brecon-ioad, and extend bacic to the Old Brecon-road, to which they have a similar frontage, thus affording eligible site-i for building purposes. The Property is held under Leases dated respectively 10th January, and 7th April, 1835, each being for a term ot 99 years from 25th Daceiober, 1834. subject to the payment of the annual ground iant of £ lt) loi. For further particulars apply to Mt Wm. Jones, the proprietor, on the premises; to the Auctioneers or to Messrs GABB & WALFORD, 5819 Solicitors. Abergavenny. ABERGAVENNY. VALUABLE FREEHOLD ANI) LEASICHOLU PROPERTY FOR SALE, \/|ESSRS STUAKER and SON have J_v_B_ received instructions from Mr Thomas Foster, Builder, who is leaving the neighbourhood, to SELL by AUCTION, at the Greyhound Hotel, Abergavenny, on TUESDAY, the 12th of August, 1890, at Two for Three o ciock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions of Salo to be then produced the undermentioned Valuable Freehold and Leasehold PROPER I Y, viz ] —All that commodious LEASEHOLD MES- SUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, SHOP, and PRE. MliSKS, being No. 1, Jirecou-roiul, Abergavenny, known as the Coffee Palace. Are occupied by Mr Thomas Taylor as a Coffee Palace at a yearly reut of £10. Also all those Two Cottages, situate near tilt) above and being Nos. 10 and 11, Old Brecon-road, occupied by respectable tenants at rents amounting in tho aggregate to £ 13 per annum. LOT 2.—All thar coinnio lious LEASEHOLD MES. SUAGE or DWELUNG-IIOUSE, SHOP, and PRE- MISES, beir. • No. In. Brecon-road, Abergavenny, adjoining Lot 1, let to Mr William Detiner, butcher, at the annual rent of JE40 the tenancy expires on 2nd of February, 18Jl. Al-u 01.11 those TWO COTTAGES, siliiato at ilie rear of the above, aiiii being Nos. ft and 9. Old Brecon-road, aforesaid, let to respectable tenants nt rents amounting in the aggre- gato to B15 per an: um. N.I,I,otti land 2 are held under the same lease, dated 2r nd Dec mber, lo76, for a term of 9Syears from 24th June, 1875, subject to the payment .of the annual ground rent of £,;0, and will, in the t'rit, in-tance, be olfere" fur sale in one, and if not sold will then be offered separately, in which ca-e the ground rent of JElU will be payable in tespeco of each lot. Tho land-tax has been redeemed. The houses are substantially tborough re- pair, aud are situate in tho main thoroughfare, within three minutes' walk of Brecon-road Rail- way Station (r, & N.W.R.) T.OT .i-AII tho¡;e .Five LEASJHOLD DWELLING. HOUSES and GARDENS, being Nos. 7, 9, Hi 15, and 15, King-street, Lion-stick, Abergavenny, all occuptcd by lespectable tenants, at rents amounting in the aggregate to £ 7i 10s. 't hese houses are substantially built, ia thorough repair, and always readily command good tenants. The property is held under a lease dated loin March, 1B82, for the residue of a term of 90 years, trom 1st March, 1832, subject to the payment of the annual ground rent of Bll 2 3d. A portion of the purchase-money may remain on mortgage, and repaid by easy instalments extending over a period of seven years. „ Lor 4.—All those Two Plots of FREEHOLD BUILD- ING LAND, bung Nos. 14 and 15, on the Dau-y-Bryn Park Estate, llereford-road, Abergavenny. No. 14 contains 641 pquaro yards; and No. 15, 469 square yards or thereabouts. The private improvements nave been completed and paid for, and immediate posses- ion may be had. If not, sold together, the plots will then be ottered separately. For further p-irt culars as to Lot 1 apply to Mr Edwin Foster. Architect and as to all the other lots to Mr Thomas Foster, Builder and as to the whole of the lots to the Auctioneers <pr to Messrs GABB and WALFORD, Solicitors, 5820 All of Abergavenny. MONMOUTHSHIRE, GROSMONT. PRELIMINARY. MESSKS STRAKER & SON are in- structed by tho Ownu', who has left the County, to SELL by AUCTION, at Hereford, on an early date, to he duly announced, a Valu,.We FREEHOLD PROPERTY. Known as the Part y-Seal and Upper Dutfryn Estates, within four miles of Poutrilas Station,, comprising nearly 300 acres of most fert.ile land, neaily all pas- ture, finely timbered, and in part boundeu by the ilonnow River, affording excellent trout nshing. Family residence, farmhouse, far buildings, and ex- tensive woods. Particulars in preparation, may be obtained of the Auctioneeis, Abergavenny and of Dixon, Ward, and Co,, Solicitors, 10, Bedford-row, London. 6867 TO BREWERS, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, AND OTHERS. ABERSYCHAN, MONMOUTHSHIRE. MR THOMAS PARRY has received 1.I.. ntetructions to SELL by AUCTION. at the Globe Inn, High-street, Abers>chan, on MONDAY, the llth (lay of August, 1890 at Three o clock in the Afternoon, subject to snch conditions of sale as shall be then produced, all that well-known old-established FREE DOUBLE-LICENSED INN AND PREMISES, j J Known as The Globe, which is situated 111 a good posi- tion in the main thoroughfare of the densely-populated Colliery and Ironworks district of Abersychin. The house contains •—Bar, bar parlour, taproom, smoUeroom, kitchen, good cellarage, three bedrooms, and large garden with side approach. 'The property is copyhold of the Manor of Wentslind and Bryngwyn. 'J he house has for upwards of 60 been m the occupation of the family of the late Mr 1 nomas Lloyd, during which time it has acquired a large traue in beer and spirits. Early possession can be given. For further particulars and to view apply to the Auctioneer at his Offices, Albany-chambers, Newport; or to Messrs Edwards and Le Brasseur, Pontypool and j Newport, Vendors' Solicitors. (Dated) Newport, July 29th, 1890. 5751 THE GREAT BLOOD .PUIUj('l. THOMPSON'S BURDOCK PILLS o*er- JL cometbe worst tonus of diseases, and the foules; state of theblood, stomach liver, and kidneys they go tOG he core of every uisease, wuere u,) ochet- meaiomj. have power to reach. The GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER cares the feilowÏlH comniainta:-Inciigest.ion, or wind in the stomach or bowels giddiness in the head, dimness of sight weak or soreeyes, loss of meory, paipitation of the heart, liver and bilious obstructions, asthma, or tightness in the chest rheumatics, lumbago, piles, gravel, pains in the, back, scurvy, bad legs bad breast, sore throat, sore heads and sores of all descriptions, burns, wounds, or wuite swellings, scrofuia, of king's evil, gatherings tumours or cancers, pimples or biowbeson the iace aa body, swelled feet ar logs, scabs and itcu, erysipelas jaundice, and dropsy, and fevers of all kinds In boxes at 1-id and 2s 9d each, sold by mo.n. Chemists, or from the Burdock Pill Manufactory, 44;' Oxtord-street. Swansea. 1004 cl ales by faction. SOUTH WALES. COUNTIES OF CARMARTHEN. PEMBROKE, GLAMORGAN, AND CARDIGAN. IMPORTANT SALE of highly valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES, situate in the parishes of Bettws, Llan- debie, Llanedy, Llaneily, Llangendeinne, Cayo, and Llangadock.and the town of Carmarthen,in the county of Carmarthen in the parish of Lampeter Velfrey, in the county of Pembi-oke 111 the parish of Llangy- felacu, in the county of Glamorgan; and in the parish of Llandilewy-brefi, in the county of Cardigan com- prising the fertile and well-wooded property known as the NEW INN DEMESNE, together with many eligible F AltM an.1 TENEMENTS of excellent arable, meadow, pasture, and woodland, and a HOUSE in The Paiade, Carmarthen, which will be offeied for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, by MESSRS J. M. LEEDER & SON, at the Drill-hall, Llandflo. on FRIDAY, August 29th, 1890, at half-past twelve o'clock p.m. CARMARTHENSHIRE. —PARISH OF BETTWS. LOT I-All that Freehold Farm called Penlle-yr- Eglwys, in the occupation of John Lloyd as yearly tenant, containing 15a lr 9p. LOT 2.—AU that Freehold Meadow, situate on the south side of tht Grenig-road, near Cwmammau, held by John Lloyd, topetlier with Lot 1, as yearly tenant, containing la 3r 37p, LOT 3.—AU that Freehold Meadow on the north side of the Grenig-road, held by the said Jonn Lloyd as yearly tenant, containing la Or 2:ip. L0T 4.-All those four, qual undivided ninth parts or shares of and in all those Two Freehold Meadow Fields, part of TyDwyd-ar Amman, situate on the eastern side of the Parish-road ledillg from Cwm- atcman to Bettws Mountain, in tin occupation of the representatives of the late Mr J enklll Morgan, as yearly tenants, c(iiit.,tinin.t, &i 2r lOp. LOT b.-All those four equal undivided ninth parts or shares of and in all that piece of Freehold Land, part of Ty-Llwyd-ar-Amuian, situate on the western side of the parish road leading from Cwmamman to Bettws Mountain, occupied as Lot 4, containing 2a lr lOp. PARISH OF LLANDILO. LOT b.-All those four iqual undivided ninth parts or shares of and in the Freehold Farm, called Ty. Llwyd-ar-Annnan, situate in the Amman Valley, and .near Glananiman Station, in the occupation of William Morgan as yearly tenant, containing 35a 2r 5p or there- abouts. 1 LOT 7.-All those four equal undivided ninth parts or shares of and in all that piece of Freehold I and, part of Ty-Llwyd-ar-Amman, adjoining Lot 1, in the occupation of the representatives of the late William Morgan, as yearly tenants, containing 4a Or 35p. LOT &All those four equal undivided ninth parts or share* of and in all that piece of Freehold Land, part of Ty-Llwyd-ar-Amman afllresaid,oecupieti as Lot 7, containing 3a 3r 18p. LOT 9.—All th >se four equal undivided ninth parts or Shares of and iu a Freehold Cottage and Garden near Glanamiuau Station, in ihe same occupation as near Glanamiuau Station, in the same occupation as Lois 7 and 8, containing Oa lr 14p. LOT 10.-All those four equal undivided ninth parts or Shares of and in a Freehold fully-licensed Public House called the Amintu Ion, situate at Glanammau, within 20 yards of the Railway Station, let under lease granted to the late John Morgan for 21 years, from 29th September, 1874, at the yearly rent of £1 2s 3d, and containing Oa lr lOp. LOT ll,-All that Freehold Farm called Tyr-dan-yr- heol (except the field founing Lot 12), sauato within three-quarters of a mile of Glanammau Railway Sta- tion. in the occupation of John Thomas as yearly tenant, containing 27a 3r 4p. LOT 12.—AU that Freehold Detached Field called Cae Negwadd, being part of Ty-dan-yr-heol, and held under the same tenancy, containing la 2r 31p. LOT 13.-All that. Freehold Cottage and Garden, Pasture Field and Sling, called Henlev, situate on the north side of the road leading from New Inn to Peny- groe-i, and near Dolaugleision Farm, in hand, contain- ing 2a Or 23p. LOT H.-All that Freehold Farm with Dwelling- house and Out-buildings, in excellent condition, called Cwmpedo!, situate Li miles from Llandilo, containing 40a Or 27p. Lots 15 to 18a inclusive will, in the first place, be offered for sale in olle lot (anil if notso sold, in separate as mentioned below), comprising iu the whole 174a 2r 22p, or thereabouts, of rich pasture, arable,land we11 tittcli tor the preservation of game, i i'n*rQ a r'nK fence), di tant about li mile0 from 0 I commanding an extensive view of the Vale or owy, and affording one of the finest sites for a residence in South Wales. The land is well timbered with omnia sntal trees. LOT 15.-All that Freeh.iM Dwelling-house with Out-buudings and Lands, mdled New Inn Demesne, situate near Llandilo, containing 73a lr 3Sp. Ille fleliis are lot as accommodation land. LOT 16.—All that Freehold Pasture Field called Cae Patitglas; part of New Inn Demesne, let as accommo- dation land, with Plantation adjoining, in hand, con- taining loa 3r 28p. LOT A11 that Freehold Pasture Field called Caerhockmawr, with Plantations, containing 11a 2r, ler. as accommodation land. /-» iT that Freehold Farm, Dwelling-house, Out-buildings, mid Lauds, called Cilwern, situate about 14 miles from Llandilo, 011 the Talley road, in the occupation of the representatives of the late David Jones, as yearly tenants, containing 72a Ir 29p. LOT 18A -All that Freehold Dwelling-house and Garden, with Out-buildings, caUed New Iun Shop, or lycwrdd, situate about 14 miles from Llandilo, Oil the '1 alley road, held by Morgan Thomas, as yearly tenant, containing 37 percho,. PARISH OF LLANDEBIE. LOT 19.-All that Freehold Farm called Llanlash, situate within two milen of iJtuulebei Village, in the occupation of Jane Richards as yearly tenant, contain- ing 4ba lr 25p. LOT 20,—A 11 that Freehold Uouse and La»d called .Bryiiyrodfolate in the. (iwili Valley, in the geril- pation of i.v»ii 1 Uoiuas -at yearly txmn nt, xwataiiuhg 4a lr 27p. LOT 21.-All that Freehold detached Field, held with Lot 20, called Caer-aors-draw, containing la 3r 27D. PARISH OF LLANEDY. LOT 22 -All that part of the Freehold Farm called Sychnant, situate in the Llwchwr Valley, and within three miles of Pontardulais, in the occupation of Llewelyn Evans as yearly tenant, containing 19a 3r oOp: LOT 23.—All tli ;t detached Meadow, part of Sych- nant Farm and in the same occupation, called Gwaunybeilo, containing 4a 3r 17p. LOT 24.—All that Freehold Strip of Land, being .part of Sychnant, and in the same occupation, con- taining lit 2r 14p. LOT 25.-All that Freehold Piece of Land, held with Sychnant, containing la 2r 29p. PARISH OF LLANELLY. ),01' 26.-All that Freehold Land called Cae Mabley, situate within 14 miles of Llaneily Town, in the occu- pation of W. J. Rees, Isq., as yearly tenant, containing 7a 2r 13p. PARISH OF LLANGENDEIRNE. LOT 27.—All that Freehold House, Garden, and Land, called Penlhille, in the occupation of Daniel Roberts as yearly tenant, containing 130 2r 19p. PARISH OF CAYO. LOT 28.-All that Freehold Farm cilled Beudiau, containing 119a. 2r. 22p., beill! partly woodland and part goon, strong arable, me ,dow and pasture land, bouse and outbuildings, in the occupation of David Davies, as yearly tenant. LOT 29.-All that Freehold Farm called Erwhen, containing 91a. 3r. 21p. of good, strong arable, pasture, meadow, and woodland, house and outbuildings, in the occupation of Mr William Evans, as yearly tenant. LOT 30. All that Freehold Fmin, called Nantsharl (formerly Na■ 11 Charles), containing 22. 0'. 12p, of pasture izliid, in the occupation of Mr William Evans, as yearly tenant. LOT SI.-All that Freehold Farm called Esgair- oithrv, containing 62a. Or. 34p., with house and out- buildings, in the occupation of Rees Evans, as yearly tenant. PARISH OF LLANGADOCK. LOT 32.—All that Freehold Farm called Gellifiog, containing 140a 1r 22p of arable, meadow, pasture, and woodland, good house aud outbuildings, in the occu- pition of David Jones as yearlv tenant. LOT 33.-All that Freehold Cottage and Garden called Gellibant, adjoining Lot 32, containing Oa. Ir 16p, in the occupation of David Lewis as yearly tenant. CARMARTHEN TOWN. LOT 34.—All that Freehold Dwelling-house and Out- buildings, with Stable and Coach-houses and large Garden, all in good condition, situate oil the Parade, Carmarthen, in the occupation of Thomas Francis as yearly tenant. PEMBROKESHIRE—PARISH OF LAMPETER VELFREY. L»T35.—All that undivided moiety of the Freehold House, Garden, and Lund, called Pontleirig, contain- ing 3a. 2r. lp., held by H, L. Puxley, Esq., as yearly tenant. Ihe land marked, as occupied by the Pembroke and Tenby Railway, is not included. GLAMORGANSHIRE—PARISH OF LLANGY. FELACH. LOT 36. -All that Freehold Farm called Coynant I<ittHte in the Dulais Valley, in the occupation of William Morris as yearly tenant, containing 103a. Or. 21 p. CARDIGANSHIRE—PARISH Ob LLANDDEWY. HREFI. LOT 37.—All that Freehold Farm called Knwekgwyn, containing 39a. ir. Op., in the occupation of Thomas Jones, as yearly tenant. The minerals under one or two of the lots may be reserved this will appoar in the particulars of Sale. The several lots may be viewed by applying to the respective tenants. For plans and particulars, or further mfoimation, apply to Messrs Spencer, Corbett, and Evans, Solicitors, Cardiff Messrs Sewell and Sous, Solicitors, Ciren- cester John Hughes, Esq., Bank, Llandilo or to the Auctioneers, Coat s reet, Hwa.l1sea. 57b3 MONMOUTHSHIRE, NEAR USK. PARISH OF LLANTRISSENT. SALE OF A VALUABLE FARM, Known as Nanty banno and Rendregaita," situate within 34 miles of tho town of Usk, and containing 131 acres or thereabouts, of Arable and Pasture Laud, with Farm-house. Out-buildings, Cottage, anil Garden, all in the occupation of Mr Edward Evans, which will be otferel1 for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION by; MESSRS PARSONS & ROBJENT, at the King's Head Hot«l, Newport, Mon,, on WEDNESDAY, the 20th day of August, 1893, at 3 for 3.30 in the atternoon. The property' may be viewed on application to the tenant, and particulars and conditions of sale may be obtained of the following solicitors :-Messrs Col. borne, Ward, and Colhorne, Messrs Lloyd a*d Pratt, anil Messrs Davfc and Lloyd, all of Newport, Mon., or of the Auctioneers, at their Offices, Central Chambers, Newport, Mon. 5816 "'0. -~x.4-r — JGLECTITLC IT IGHTING. )} INTIMATES FURNISHED FOR COMryTE INST ALLATIONS, c ,'} l p LANTL., JOTTINGS, CABLES, BI. Of all descriptions. EDISONrSW AN LAMPS AT LOWEST K, ,.„ PRICES. t J- B'! ,SAUNDERS A 00" ELSCFFRICAL ENGINEERS, — CARDIFF. 2916 /"lA-RDIF^ „ ADVERTISING, iSILl.- VY POS'TLXG.,AND CIRCULAR DISTKIEUTING ANY (LIMITED), OFFICES: wtrax CHAMBERS, 21, CASTLE-ST 9b CARDIFF. SKCK^T4FR FRANK H SIMPSON. I Beat Permanent Posting Stations in Cardiff N eighbouraooa Contractors for all descr p lona oi Advertising Circular Distributing Ac, Ail orders prewtiv attended to 104 I (Barursions. BRISTOL CHANNEL PASSENGER SERVICE, LIMITED. DAILY SERVICE, CARDIFF and WESTON by the LADY MARGARET. AUGUST. LEAVE CARDIFF. LEAVE WESTON. Fri. 8-8.15,10.45 a.m.,1.10 Fri, 8-9 23ia.m., 12 noon, p.m. ) 2.20,8.0 p.m. Sat. 9—9.30, 10.45 a.m., I Sat. 9—10.45 a.m., 12 12.10,, 4.0 p.m. | noon, 1.20, 2.30, 8.45 p.m, Mon. 11—6.30 a.m.. 12.30, I Mon. 11—12 noon, 145, 1.15,3,0,3.40, 3.30 p.m. I 2.30,4.15,6.40 p.m. Tues 12-7.30 a.m, 1.45, Tuos 12-12.140, 3.0, 5.10, 4.10,6.30 p.m I 7.40 p.m Wed 13—7.30 a.m, 3.30, 6.0 Wed 13-8.0 a.m, 2.0, 4.45, p.m I 8.15 p.m Thurs 14-7;30 a.m. 3.0, I Thurs 14-8.40 a.m, 4.0,8.0 5.20 p.rn ) p.m BANK HOLIDAY WEEK. SPECIAL EXCURSIONS. ITOLYNMOUTHANDILFRACOMBE irq^ o ™ Leave Cardiff 9.30 a.m. Tiv MBT m llfracombe. 5.45 p.m. DUNRAVENI Lynmouth 6.40 p.m. FRTn IV I CARDIFF'~T(f ILFRACOMBE, A « I Not to Return. Bv I Leave Cardiff. 12 noon. BONNIE Fare, 3s 6d single journey. Parties DOON I ulay retur" sam-i evening by Earl of At 12 noon Dunraveti at 5 45 p.m. by payment of Is extra. CHKAp CUANNELCRUISE, About five hours, down the Wel«h FRIDAY, Coast and across to the Somersetshire About five hours, down the Wel«h FRIDA V, Coast and across to the Somersetshire August 8, I side, passing Minehea l, Watchet, By LADY Btean Down. Ax. MARGARET Leave Cardiff 3.30p.m. j Arrive back about 9. 0 p.m. I Fares —Fore Deck, Is 6d Saloon. 2s. Saturday! TO LYNMOUTH & ILFRACOMBE. Aug. 9, Leave Cardiff 2.4i; a.m. HALF- „ HOLIDAY TRIP, ) Special fares to and fro this day— At 2.45 p.m. ) Fore deck, 2s 6d after deck, 3s 6d. MONDAY, I TO LYNMOUTH & ILFRACOMBE. Aug. 11. For particulars see Special Bills. ON FRIDAYTAUGUST"Bih. mHE FAVOURITE STEAMER, Jl BONNIE DOON, will leave CARDIFF for ILFRACOMBE at 12 UOOll, not to return. Fare, 311 ód single journey. Parties may return same evening by Earl of Dunrayen at 5.45 p.m. by payin Is extra. XTEWPORT AND WESTON SERVICE, J3I QUEEN OF THE BAY, AUGUST. LEAVE^RODNEY j LBAVK WESTON. Fri. 8-10.0 a.m. Fri. 8-8.0 p.m Sat. 9—10.0 a.m., 2.45 p.m. Sat. 9-12.C noon, 9.30 Mon. 11-1.30 p.m. Mon. 11—4.45 p.m. Tues. 12—7.30 a.m. Tues. 12 -5.0 p.m. WOll. 1.3-5.0p.1II. T'hur. 14—8.30 a.m, 4 30 Thur. 111-3,0, 7.45 pm. Wind, weather, and otter circumstances permitting. The Company reserve to themselves the right of sub- stituting any steamer or steamers when circumstances require. For Fares and Particulars see Bills. EDWARDS, ROBERTSON & CO., Agents. 1U5, Bute Docks, Cardiff, and 3913 .0, Dock.street, Newport, Mon. LONDON AND NO RTH-WESTERN RAILWAY. On FRIDAY NIGHT, AUGUST 15th, 189" CHEAP 1 or 3-DAY TICKETS will bo issued bv EXPRESS EXCURSION to LIVERPOOL and MANCHESTER, also ISLE OF MAN, from Carmarthen, Aber\Vmi, Nantgaredig, LlanrthllcY. Goluen Grove, Llandilo, Llangadock, Llanwrda, Llandovery, Llanwrtyd Wells, Builth Road, Llandrindod Wells, Knighton, Swansea, Swansea Bay, Mumbles Road, Ktllay, Dunvant, Gower- ton, Gorseinon, Llaneily, Bynea, Llangennech, Pon- tardulais, Pantyfynnon, Llamieoie, Derwydd Road. On SATURDAY MORNING, AUGUST 16th, CllEAP 1 or 3-DAY TICKETS will be issued by EX- PRESS EXCURSION to MANCHESTER (Belle Vue). LIVERPOOL, and the ISLE OF MAN. from Mer- thyr, Cefn, Dowlais, Rhymney Bridge, Tredegar, Sir- howy, Nantvbwch, Abersychan and Talywain, Narteg, Biaenavon, Waenavon, EIJUW Vale, Beaufort, Bryn- mawr, Clvdacli, Gilwern, Govilon, Abergavenny, Aber- gavBiiny Junction, Newport, Cwmbran, Upper Pout- newydd, Panteg, Pontypool Road, Hereford, Leo. minster, Wooferton, Ludlow,Craven Arnu, and Church Stretton. On FRIDAY, AUGUST 5TH, CHEAP KXCUR. SION TI' KETS for 4, b, 7, < r 9 days will be issued to BIRMINGHAM. Nottingham, Stafford, Burton, Derby, Wolverhampton, Burslem, Htuilev, and Stoke., from Cardiff, Caerphilly. Hengoed, Barg od, Rhvm- ney, Pontypridd, Femdale, .iberdare, Mountain Ash, Quaker's Yard, Merthyr, Cefn, Dowlais, Tredegar, Ebbw Vale, Beautord, Abersychan, Biaenavon, Bryn- maur, Gilworn, Govilon, Abergavenny, Abergavenny Junction, Swansea, Swausea Bay, Gowerton, Pontar. dulais Llaneily, Carmarthen, Llandilo. Llauoovery, Llanwrtyd Welis, Llangammarch Wells, Garth, Builth Road, Llandrindod Wells, Penybont, Knighton, Buck- noll, Hopton Heath. 10 DAYS EXCURSION TO SCOTLAND. On VB\DAY,A17G.15»b. TICKETS will be issued to £ SlKlitlUill, GLASGOW, Duiii, trie", Goutock, and Grcenock, from Swansea, Llunelly, Gaimarthen, Cardiff, Newport. Pontypool Road, Neath, Merthyr, Haverfordwest, Pembroke, Pembroke, Tenby, Narberth, Dowlais, Tredegar, Brynma'vr, Aberga. venny, Hereford. Leominster, and Ludlow. For times fares, Ac., see small bills, which can be obtained at any of the stations named or from the offices of Mr F. Smith, Swausea or Mr T. Bishop, Abergavenny. G. FINDLAY, General Manager. Euston, August, 1890. 0866 (ienbers an& Contracts. TO B U I L D E R S. IENDERS are required for BUILDING THREE VILLAS on General Lee's Estate, Dynas Powis. The plans and specification may be seen at the Office of the undersigned, from whom Bills of Quantities may be Qbtilined on deposit of One Guinea, which will be reo turned on receipt of a hon¡L-tide tender. Tenders to be sent, under endorsed cover, to me not later than August 11th. The lowest or any tender will not necessaiily be accepted. W, H; DASH WOOD CAPLE, Architect. 8, Q't6e n-st.reet. Cardiff L-Lud on the Dynas Powis, Cadoxton, Merthyr- Dovan, Barry, a':d other E3tates to Let tor VII rpostJs. 5659 HHENDISRS are invited for the EREC- JL 'HON of 28 COTTAGES at MARDY. Rhondda Vach. Plans and specification to be seen with 1\11' William Thomas, Mining Offices, Bryn-Awel.Aberdare. 5782 j>. L K W 1 S 13, CUSTOM HOUSE STREET, CARDIFF WHOLESALE DEPOT FOR PLATE-GLASS, OILS AND COLOURS, VARNISHES, PAPER HANGINGS, Sole Consignee for South Wales, Monmouthshire, and Hereford, of PARKER'S K.ATHARTIC MARVEL FLUID, Begs respectfully to inform the Public that, to suit the convenience of the Trade, HE WILL CLOSE EARLY ON SATURDAY'S, INSTEAD OF WEDNESDAY'S, as heretofore. From this Week business hours will be 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Saturday, 6 &.m. to 3 p.m. 4043-240 Insurance. DEATH AND DISABLEMENT BY JLJ' ACCIDENT. The RAILWAY PASSENGERS ASSURANCE COM PANY assures £1,000 at death and full benefits at E4 per annum. Hon. EVELYN ASHLEY, CHAIRMAN. ANNUAL INCOME, £250,000. 80,000 Aunual Policyholders. INVESTED CAPITAL aud RESERVE FUND, COMPENSATION PAID, £2,700,000 WEST END OFFICE :-8, GRAND HOTEL BUILDINGS, W.C. HEAD OFFICE64, CORNHILL, LONDON, E.C. A/ VIAN^SSY' } Agents :—Mr R. RICHARD, Station-master, G. W. Railway Messrs TREGERTHEN DUNN & CO., Merchants' Exchange, Carùiff. 1389-13227 JpiANOS, QRGANS, jpiANOS. CHEAPEST HOUSE IN THE TRADE. Pianos from 10s 61 monthly, Organs from bs monthly The Public are invited to inspect HEATH AND gONS Stock of PIANOS, ORGANS, &0,. As Pounds will be Saved by placing their Orders with them, Every Instrument Guaranteed and Kept in Tune one year free of charge. LARGE DISCOUN1' FOR CASH. HEATH AND SONS, PIANOFORTE AND ORGAN MERCHANTS, TUNERS, AND REPAIRERS, 51, Q UEEN-STREET, CARDIFF, AND 34, TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD. 9431-5-1066 T^PPS'S GRATEFUL AND COMFORTING (BREAKFAST) ———————————————————— COCOA. MADE SIMPLY WITH BOILING WATER OR MILK. 14136 4270 WHO IS YOUR BILLPOSTER at TV Aberdare? MICHAEL PAINE, Billposter, Distributor, and Advertising Agent 25 Cardiff-street, Aberdare, rents the principal posting-stations in Aberdare and district. Contracts made quarterly or "early. Good accommodation for ttavellers. Ac. Also ajrefft tor Guien and Co. Strainer*. 13590 1137 PARIS EXHIBITION, 1889. GOLD MEDAL AWARDED TO J. S. FRY AND SONS. F R Y'S PURE CONOENTKA.TED COCOA. Prepared by a nsw and special scientific p roe esc1 securing extreme solubility aud developing the finest flavour of the cocoa. —" It is especially adapted to those whose digestive \organs are weak, and I strongly recommend it as a substitute for tea for youn persons," —Sir Chat. Á. Cameron, President Royal Co Uege ef Surgeons, Ireland, <fcc. 1011 IJjtMir ^iraxs*mcnts. CARDIFF. THE A T R 1 ROYAL. LESSER AND MANAGER.. — MT EDWABL) FLETCHER ACTING MANAGER Mr JOHN SHKRTDAN Last Three Performances' of Mr Carte's Famous Opera Company. TO-NIGHT, FRIDAY, August 8th SATURDAY (Morning and Night),. A.ugust 9th, the YE0Man jjpHE £ J.UARD, Or the )ItJrryman and his Maid. SIr Richard Chclmondeley Mr BELLAMY Colonel Fairfax Mr SIDNEY TOWER Sergeant Meryll Mr BROUGHTON BLACK Jeonard Meryil Mr BLAKE JOHNSTONE Jack Point Mr GEORGE THORNS Wilfred Sbadboit Mr FRED BILUNGTON Elsie Meynard Miss ROSE HURVEY Phoebe Meryil Miss HAIDEE CROFToN Dame Carruthers Miss KATE FORSTER Kate Miss HEBDEN Powerful Chorus of Yeomen of the Guard, Citizens, Ac. DAY PERFORMANCES, SATURDAY, AUGUST 9th, at 2 o'clock. Df).?rs Open at Half-past 1. YEOMEN OF THE GUARD. Children and Schools Half-price. MONDAY NEXT, August nth, CVJRRENT CASH." Box Plan at Tbompso n A ^ackell's (Ltd). GRAND THEATRE, CARDIFF. ENORMOUS ATTRACTION' for the HOLIDAYS t TO-NIGHT AND DURIAG THE WEEK, HUBERT OGRADY AiND COMPANT, THE FEN. tAN. Doors open 1.30, commence at 2 evening perform- ance at 7. Popular PricesCircle, 2s; totalis. Is fad; Back Circle, Is Pit, 8d Gallery, BUILTH WELLS. RAND ATHLETIC AND AQUATIC ■ Jf MEETING (under A.A.A. La ws), THURSDAY. AUGUST 14th, 1890. Upwards of jS 50 in Prizes. For prog.ramll,es. entry forms, &c., appiy to the Hou. êc., Mr W. G. PRICE, Builth Wells. 175 llfltds. PENARTH. LANSDOWNE PRIVATE HOTEL JLJ AND BOARDING RESIDENCE. Extensive Chaunel View Superior Accommodation; Moderate Charges. Special terms to permanent nd 5133 QUEEN'S HO f~E~L (FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL), (FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL), ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF (Under New Management). ORDINARY DAILY, 1.15. SATURDAYS, 1,30. Soup, Fish, Joints, Sweets, Cheese,, &c. BILLIARDS. 58f5 W. J. JEENES, PROPRIETOR. CAERPHILLY WINDSOR TEMPERANCE HOTEL VT NOW OPEN. Parties cateied for either on or off the premises, at most reasonable terms. 5774 GWANSEA ASSI Z E S. GOOD ACCOMMODATION at the VIVIAN ARMg BOrEL, opposite the Law Court. Moderate Charges. Ordinary Daily. 5786 J, JONES, Proprietor. M.UMH.LES. LANGLAND BAY HOTEL, NEAR JLJ SWANSEA. THE M ENTOMB OF WALES. UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. The sheltered position of Langland Bay, with ibs southern aspect and balmy air, which entitle it to be called the Mentone of Wales, renders it a most desirable Winter Residence. Strongly recommtJuded by Members of the Medical Profession. For tariff, carriages, &rc., address 1226 E. M. P. DUFFIELD. Manageress. JGJSPLANADE HOTEL. PORTHCAWL. Under new management. Upwards of 100 rooms Large coffee loom, saloon bar, smoking,} billiard,, and reading-reoms, lighted by electric light! pumuline aud electric baths, and massage the continental system, for the treatment of nervous diseases, gout, rheumatism, etc., under the super. vision of the resident physician (Dr Alexander), wha may be consulted daily at the Baths at 11 a.m. First-class water supply, softened and filtered 8a. ceptionally invigorating and health-restoring climate j dry, sandy soil extensive dowus aud sands and safe bathing tennis grounds. MANAGER, MARINE HOTEL, PORTHCA WI" Faci,, the Sea. Special Ilrrangements fOI" families. In connection" ith the Marine Hotel is < terrace of furnished houses, where apuLlllents may be obtained, with good attendance. Apply MANAGERESS, 5405 Mferine Hotel. nnREGENN A CASTLE HOTEL,St. Ives, JL Cornwall, stands in its own roullds of learly 10U acres, overlooking the Bay, and is suriouuded by gar. dens and plantations. Magnificent sea vievs from every part of the grounds. Air delightfully pire and bracing. Billiards, Croquet, Lawn Tennis, Achery, Cricket, &c. Private road to beach for batting.— Address Manager..736 VISITORS TO LONDON SHOlLD V STAY AT THE NEW BRIDGE H O T E r 252, WESTMINSTER BRIDGE-ROAD Opposite Astley's Theatre). Position most centr" near Houses of Parliament and Theatres. BED AND BREAKFAST, 2s ÓD. 4071 Special Terms for Parties, Address—PROPRIETOR. DAVID SHEPHERD, ACCOUNTANT AND AUDITOR, AUCTIONEER AND VALUED, HOUSE AND INSURANCE AGENT, A, FREDERICK-STREET, CARDIFF. AU business personally superintended, l'ue entire management of bouse tp perty undertaken, with monthly u quarterly settlements. lercbants', companies', and other accots adjusted and audited. ttaies of all kinds of property by pUie auction or private treaty. ivate loans and mortgages on prorty effected (at low interest) in conneon with life assurance or otherwise. Insurances of all kinds in best offices AGENT FOB THE PHOENIX FIRE OFFE, ESTABLISHED 1782. STAR LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY. NATIONAL PROVINCIAL PLATJj-GLS INSURANCE COMPANY, &C., ItC. DAVID SHEPHERD. 1, FREDERICK STREET, CARD". 3747 TJlEETH I TEETH I TEBL'HJ M R K E A LL, SURGEON DENTIST 199, HIGH STREET, SVWSBA Just below the Great Western Railway-ation), Begs to intimate that be can produce a pe itly fltting Set of Teeth in one clear day. The very brworkman- ship guaranteed. Painless Dentistry byas, also by the new Anesthetic Cocaine. Partial Sets from lie per Tooth Upper Lower Sew rom Two Guineas. KEAUlS TONIC AND NEURALGICIXTURK, Sur. and Speedy Cure for Neuralgia, Th>loreu*; Rheums, Toothache, and all NervoPains. Is 14d and 2s Sd per Bottle. Throughly Chemist' Cardiff; Mr Munday, chemist, 1 treet; Mr Robb, chemist, Roath. Newport; Mrs Garrett Bros., chemists, 171, Commercial-stree Neath: Mr J. G. Isaac (late Hayuianchemist, anelly Mr Gwilym Evans J: ndon Newbery andi. 1038-14 JGILL-POSTING AT NEWKT, MON. REES, 180 COMMERCIAL-RO. NEWPORT BILL-POSTER and DELIVERER r TOWN and COWFLSTY' Rents ail the princifHoardings in Wore EXECUTE* with ->a«:h 1009