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J -88t' CARDIFF. (FlUttfrftOli. DR PARRY begs to inform hia Pupils and the General Public that he RESUMES LESSONS AT BEETHOVEN CHAMBERS, 2, NEWPORT-ROAD, CARDIFF. Also at his Private Residence, CARTREF, PLYMOUTH-ROAI.\ PENARTH, ON MONDAY, JANUARY 6TH, 1890. Subjects taught and fees may be had on application. THE COLLEGE CLASSES RESUMED 0$ST TUESDAY, THE 7TH. ( Elementary, Mondays, at 2.I50. Harmony •< Intermediate, Tuesdays, at 4. ( Advanced, Mondays, at 6.30. Fees. each class, £1 Is per annum. Musical Form, Thursdays, at 2.30 and 3.30.. Fees, £1 Is per annum. Theory and Sight Singing, Evening Class,Mondays, 7.30. 1123 Ib, per anuum. THE CARDIFF COLLEGE SCHOOL. PRESIDENT. WILLIAM TAYLOU, M.D., J.P. HEADMASTER. WILLIAM JOHN GREENSTREET, M.A., St. John's College, Cambridge, Mathematical Tripos, 13:32; formerly Senior Mathematical Master and Vice- Principal of the Hull and East Riding College late Lecturer to the Cambridge University Extension Society at Hull. SECOND MASTER. F. HEMINGWAY, M.A, iater Scholar of Jesus College, Cambridge, Classical Tripos, 188i1; late Assistant Master, Surrey County School. ASSISTANT MASTERS. R. S. CRUMP, B.A., late Hastings Exhibitioner, Queen's College, Oxford, Honours in Classics and History. HUGH MEYLER. B.A., late Scholar of Jesus College, Oxford, Honours in Final School of Modern History. P. ROBINSON, B.A., late Exhibitioner of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, Classical Honours also B.A., with Classical Honours, London University. SHORTHAND. R. S. CRUMP, B.A. MUSIC.. T. E. A YL WARD, Organist and Choir-ma-ster, St. Andrew's, Cardiff (for nine years Organist of Chichester Cathedral). The NEXT TERM COMMENCES on MONDAY, January from 9 to 1 ONLY for New Boys, and TUESDAY, January 21st, 1890, for Old Boys. For Prospectus and full piruculars apply to THE UKA DMA-TEH, THE COLLEUJi SCHOOL. PUMFKIES-PLACE, CARDIFF. 1284 ARROW HOUSE HIGH SCHOOL, ROATH. CARDIFF. PRINCIPALS—THE MISSES MARK, Assisted by competent teachers. Thorough education Dn modern principles. Boarders have home comforts and careful training. Pupils prepared for University, College of Preceptors, Itoyal Academy, amI other examinations. Ninety per cent, of candidates presen- ted successful. House well adapted to school purposes. Large recreation ground, perfect sanitary arrange- ments. Moderate inclusive fees. Spring Term, Jan. 21st. Boarders reassemble Jan. 20tb. 13985 1295 gjT. CATHERINE^ CARDIFF. A First-clas3 SCHOOL for GIRLS, with Kindergarten for Girls and Boys. PRINCIPAL. MISSTULLIS. The NEXT TERM will BEGIN on WEDNESDAY, January 22. J 399 1331 T. MARY'S HALL SCHOOL, PARK G HO V E. PRINCIPAL—ALEXANDER LOW. NEXT TERM will COMMENCE on JANUARY 15th. Pupils are prepared fur the University, Local, and College of Preceptors' Examinations. A special class will be furmed for the London Matriculation }xaminatíon. 1387 "7V/1IDDLE-CLASS SCHOOL FOR BOYS, «LtJL DERBY HOUSE, LLANDAFF-ROAD, CARDIFF. PRINCIPAL: Mr S. BOWMAN. Prospectus on application. ext term begins on Tuesday, January Hth, 1850. 1J80 EN S I N G T OITHO USE, WINDSOR-PLACE. CARDIFF, HOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. PRINCIPALS-The Misses HARVEY. 706 The Spriug Term will Commence 22nd January. CARDIFF MIDDLE-CLASS SCHOOL (BOYS), SPRING HLLA, COWBRIDGE-ROAD (Near Sophia Gardens).—Principal: W. WILKES, B.A. (Lend.). Next Term commences TUESDAY, Jau. 21st, 1890, 742 PENARTH. HASLAND HOUSK, VICTORIA-ROAD Jt PENARTH.—Pieparatory Day and Boarding School for Boys. Re-opens Principal, Mr Joseph Lugg. Prospectus on application, 3f3 COWBRIDGK HEATH HOUSE, COWBRIDGE. — The Misses Llewellyn will Resume tl1elr School Duties nil JANUARY 15th. Pupils Piepared for Local Examinations. Terms moderate. 680 GREAT HOUSE SCHOOLFOR GIRLS. PRINCIPALS Mrs and the Misses CULVERWELL. Thorough preparation for C!Unbdd!{e. Oxford, Itoyal Academy of Music, and Trinity College examinations. Special attention is given to comfort, refinement, anl1 physical well-being. Terms moderate Fees from entrance. 1024 7833 School duties will be resumbd January 18th, 1890. O WBRIDGE SCHOOL HEADMASTER The Rev. W. F. EVANS, M.A., Jesus College, Oxford late Science and Senior Uouse .Master at Felsted School, Esex. SECOKD MASTER The Rev. T. READ, M.A., late Scholar of Exeter College, Oxford; lsc Class in Classical Moderations 2nd Class ill Classical Finals. MATHEMATICAL MASTER P. ARMSTRONG, B.A., te cholar of Jesus College, Oxford 2ud Class Mathematical Moderations 1st Class Mathematical finals. JUNIOR MASTER R. H. BIGG, B.A, St, John's College, Cambridge 3rd Class Classical Honours. The next term will commence Wednesday. January nd. For Prospectus, etc., apply to tue Head- vaster. 536 NEATH. "VTEATH. —PROPRIETARY SCHOOL. J3I Centre for Cambridge Locals. Matriculation Class. Xrchdeacon of Llandatf, Chairman of Governors. 1118 MAESY C WMMER. THE SOUTH WALES SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, SUMMERFIELD HALL, MAESYCWMMER, NEAR In union with Trinity College (London), College of Preceptors, Royal Academy of Music, and the South Kensington Science and Art Department. A School Iot the Times." Good, Cheap, and Comfortable Vide Press. Principal-Mrs R. H. JONES, Certificated First Class (Government), Advanced Ait Certificate (South Kensington)—Drawing and Painting. Assisted by a Highly-accomplished and Etticient btaff of Teachers, including a London University First B.A. Conversational French — Madame DAN ISAAC DA VIES, nee MIRAULT. PATRONS— Bight Honourable Lord Tredegar, Tredegar Part Colonel Hon. F. C. Morgan, M.P.. ltuperra Castle Sir Ueorge Walker, Bart., Castleton Alfred Thomas, Esq., M.P., Cardiff Sir W. T. Lewis. Aberdare, &c., &c. Examinations for the year Trinity College, the College of Preceptors, boutu Kensington Science and Art Department, Royal Academy of Music, and the Oxford and Cambridge Locals. A Special Class formed for Ex-Pupil Teachers and others preparing for the Queen's Scholarship and Certificate Examinations, conducted by Mr it. H. Jones, late Inspector of Schools. The Girls of this School have been exceedingly suc- cessful in all past Examinations, and, probably, for be last ten years more Certificates and Distinctions have been awarded to Pupils from this School than to those from any other in South Wales or the West of England. Parents are invited to try the School and to judge for themselves of its merits. They are also particularly requested to observe that a good and comfortable home is provided for their Girls, situated amongst some of the most beautiful scenery in South Wales, the ashment standing in its own grounds of over 15 acres. The House is large and well ventilated, protected bom north and east winds j and the Schoolrooms are clean and attractive. -J^e Sauitary Arrangements are perfect, and a good •able is kept; and since the opening of the school the have invariably enjoyed good health. 1259 terms, references, dee., apply to the Principal. ^tQuarter commences JANUAHY 2Uth, 189J -=- HEREFORD. ffEREFQRp LADIES' COLLEGE (which LIMITED. School with the po e?ucauoi:ol advantages of a High LADY PRINCIPAL •A1<Jrts^!l,'ins OF, A HomeA, Stall of Resident IWH*?, assisted by an Able Visiting Masters. K a"a French leachers and Pupil prepa.rell for the Oxi' College of Pieceana othda"dCaMbridKe' Local. The Domestic Arra.ngemellts r exammatlos.. supervision of the Lady Princi^,e wider the immediate to promote the health and comr0^? are calculated letms for boarders under 12 year PuPll:3- oer annum ditto above 12 years o? a°* ag £ 20 "umeas Sinnum. 8e'150 guineas per ^Further information and prospectuses u tamed from the Lady Principal, Hereford • 0 Secretary. Mr Maddison, Ledbury. or "r0'j^a -=:: -# ABERGAVENNY. ABERGAV-NÑY GHAMMAR UOAnnRn :SCHOOL. H^thy aSutv the HBAD T.ASTEa education All Comfortable home. Ihorough Local Examin-LtiCandidate* presented for Cambridge StotinctS^tat,?L-1888. Passed in Honours Special SCHOOLT-Prinoi- ■foreign governesses. 5^?' assisted by English and moderate terms. DuHn™ IJ5l3'c as education oil very 27 certificates were gainful," .}ear ending July,-1889, at examinations held bv tu ,1 Pupils of this school Koyal Academy of Music of Preceptors, sional Musicians, and South ir!° y°c'ety of Profes- the majority being in the hitrhf,nf,Rt"" School of Art, lions Vacancy for an articled r>il«V-iSl05? wittl distinc- Thursday, Jan. 23rd, 18S0. Ppi1' Nexc term day, 3303 PONTYPfilDD. ONTYPRIDD HIGH — This SCHOOL will RE-OPEN January 6th, 1890. cn Monday, WALTER HOGG, PONTYPRIDD ACADEMY, MORGAN" STREET.—E. DUNMORE EUWAHDs w J Master. Preparation for Examinations at 'a moderato cosc. TERM COMMENCES JtONniV January CLIFTON. RIGHTON HOUSE SCHOOL FOR BOYS, REDLAND PARlr, CLIFTON (NEAR THE DOWNS). There will be a few VACANCIES for January 21st. A FOURTH LARGE HOUSE has just been added to the premises. Terms moderate and inciusive.-Ful1 particulars on application to the Head Master, 1898 Mr CHARLES BIGG. æbutafian. SWANSEA. SWANSEA (ARNOLD) COLLEGE, K3 WOODLANDS, SWANSE A.—Thorough prepara- tion for all Exammations. Excellent premises, built expressly for Scholastic purposes.—For prospectus, &c., apply Principals. 1271 PONTARDAWE. PONTARDAWE COLLEGIATE JL SCHOOL.—PUPILS successfully prepared for all Examinations. Terms moderate. DUTIES RESUMED TUESDAY. January 2lst, 1880. 134 ABERAVON. BERAYON ACADEMY, ABERA VON, POHT TALBOT. PRINCIPAL KEY T. RICHARDS. Preparation for College, Professional, and Com- mercial Examinations. DUTIES RESUMED JANUARY 6TH, 1890. REFEREES :E. Phillips, Esq., Mayor, Aberavon; Alderman R. Jenkins, J.P., Bryn-hyfryd Revs. James Owen, Mount Pleasant, Swansea President Edwards, B.A., Baptist College, Pontypool. 1381 GELLIGAER. GLLIGAE CARDIFF. LEWIS'S ENDOWED SCHOOL. Chairman of Governors < CHAS. H. JAMES, Esq., Merthyr. Head Master ROGER W. JONES, B.A. i7??T '• Teacher's Diploma. Assistant Masters J, T. MILLETT, B.Sc. WM. PRICE, London University. Mathematical Master, D, J, EVANS, 1st B.Sc. FEES-Tuition, Boys under 13, S2 a year. Tuition, Boys over 13, £3 a year. Boarding, £25 a year. Boys prepared for Matriculation and Preliminary Professional Examinations. Spesial Scientific and Ccmmercial courses. Ail Boys learn Shorthand, Chemical add Physical Laboratory. Gymnasium, Cricket, Fives Courts, &c. Next Quarter begins on Tuesday, 14th January, 1890. For prospectus, &c., apply to the Head Master as above. 37q BRECON. CHHIST COLLEGE, BRECON. CHAIRMAN OP THE GOVERNING BODY THIS LORD BISHOP OF ST. DAVID'S. HFADMASIER: HEV. D. LEWIS LLOYD, M.A., Formerly Headmaster of Friar's School, Ban "or. There are Eight Assistant-Masters, .all Graduates in High Honours at either Oxford or Cambridge. The College is beautifully situated in its own grounds on the banks of the Usk, and consists of Headmaster's House, with a tine Chapl Large Schoolroom, Library, Six Class-room-, Chemical Laboratory, and Private Studies, &c., and near the main buildings are two Assistant-Masters' Houses and a Hostel, which is to be opened in September. There is a largo and well-laid Cricket and Football Field close to the Buildings, and a Gymnasium. The spot is famous for its healthiness and for the beauty of its surroundings, and the Buildings are unrivalled in the Principality. The following is the List of Honours and Distinc- tions won by Pupils of the College since its resuscita- tion, ten years ago, under the present, Headmaster :— Forty-one Scholarships and Exhibitions of these 15 are Classical Scholarships of a year, 8 First Classes, 2L Second Clashes, 17 Third Classes one In. dian Civil Service (the only one from Wales), one Admission into Woolwich (the only one from Wales), Several Admissions into Sandhurst and Army, 9j Higher Certificates from the Oxford and Cambridge Schools' Examination Board, Several London Univer- sity Matriculations, Numerous Passes for Law, Medical Preliminary Examinations, and for Engineer- ing and Commercial Pursuits (Banking, &c.). During the last 18 months 10 Scholarships ami Exhibitions have been gained, of which Five are Classical Scholar- sh'ps of B80 a year One Science, the Powy" Ex- hibition, Middlesex Hospital (£100), &c. In the July Examination of the Oxford and Cam- bridge Schools' Examination, 31 Certificates were gained, the highest ever gained by a Welsh School. Next Term will begin January ¿1st, 1890. Apply to Headmaster. 0HRIST COLLEGE, BRECON. HOSTEL, BOARD, and 10s a YEAR (Limited to 30 boys). Names are now received by the Headmaster. 1286 LLANDOVERY. LANDOWUI7 COLLEGE SCHOLAR. JU SUlPS. FORTY-THREE SCHOLARSHIPS, OF THE TOTAL VALUE OF OVER £600, ranging from £50 to S8 8s, and graded into three groups according to agea. Boys over 16. B. Boys between 14 and 16 and C. Boy under 14 will be offered for Competition on Wednesday, January 15th, 1890.—For Syliabus apply to 1320 THE WARDE, The College, Llandovery. NEWPORT. JYJ'EWPORT COLLEGIATE SCHOOL. PRINCIPAL G. BURGESS HUGHES, M.A. Boys are prepared for University and other Examina- tions, and also for Husiness IifoJ. There are a few Vacancies for Boarders. NEXT TERM TUESDAY, JANUARY 21. For Prospectus, &c., apply to the Principal. 213 GLOUCESTER. GRAMMAR SCHOOL, FRIARS' J ORCHARD, GLOUCESTER. The NEW BUILDINGS stand in about four acles of ground, and include a largo Assembly-room, separate Classrooms, a Chemical Laboratory, and a Science and Art Lecture-room. A portion of the building and playground is set apart for the Junior Boy. v Boys are prepared for the Universities, the Cam. bridge Local Examinations, and for Professional and Commercial Life. Boarders are received by the Head Master anet the liead Master's Assistant on very moderate terms. For Recent Successes and Prospectus apply to the Master. 1294 BRISTOL. rpHE COLSTON SCHOOL, X STAPLETON. NEAR BRISTOL. FOUNDED, A D. 17C8. The Governers admit a limited number of Boys from 10 to 15 yens of ag2 to this Elldowetl School on pay- ment of £ 31 per annum, for Tuition, Hooks, Board, and Clothing. No extras. The course is designed to impart a sound and useful Education, and Illcludes Latin, French, and Mathematics. There will be a few vacancies to fill up at the beginning of next term. Apply to GEORGE H. POPE, Treasurer of the Society of Merchant Venturers, Bristol. 9737 HANHAM COURT SCHOOL, N.N. NEAR BRISTOL. —Boys prepared for the Public Schools, a Professional or Business Career. Terms Moderate and Inclusive. For prospectus apply to Mr HENRY DYKE, Hanham Court, Gloucestershire. 283 SALOP. KEFINED HOME SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. Liberal Education and Diet, Bracing Air, Nice Grounds, Resident Certificated and Foreign Gover- nesses. Boarders limited. French and German spoken. to clergy. Term, Jan. 20;li.—Miss ARROW- &MHH, Baschurch. Salop. 723 THE CAlrTYBROOK JJPvICK CO., T TD., JJRISTOL. OFFICES BALDVVIN-STRE ET. (ERNEST E. STREET, C.E. Managing Director.) DARK RRD TERRA COTTA. LIGHT RED TERRA COTTA. BUFF TERRA COTTA. RED FACING BRICKS. BUFF FACING BRICKS. BLUE FACING BRICKS. BLUE VITRIFIED GOODS FOR STABLES, STREET PAVING, PLAT. t FORIS, and WALL COPINGS., PRESSED AND COMMON BRINDLE BRICKS for Hydraulic and Engineer. ing Works. Carriage Paid to any Railway Station. 4516 MAPPIN AND WEBB HAVE THE PLEASURE TO ANNOUNCE THAT THEY HAVE APPOINTED v MESSRS £ <ROSS BROS., 3, AND 4, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF, SOLE AGENTS IN CARDIFF FOR THE SALE OF THEIR CELEBRATED ELECTRO-SILYER PLATE, STERLING SILVER PLATE, AND FINE CUTLERY. ——— 7297 ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES FREE. A CHOICE SELECTION OF THE LATEST NOVELTIES NOW ON VIEW. MAPPIN and WEBB, 158 TO 162, OXFORD-STREET, LONDON, W. 7~ The K°yal Cutlery and Plate W orks, Sheffield, and Winsley-street Works, London. A REMARKABLE RED WINE. "O ALFONTAIN. 30S PER DOZEN. nntsed absolutqilRt iiUtl Malicious Flavour, guaranteed absolutely pure> posge3,jng the body and quah y ort. Keeps perjectly in the decanter lor one or two weeks FOR LUNCHKON Compares favourably with BUrundies and Clarets at double the pnce. A filU bodied and generous wme. — i/i* Lancet FOH DINNIFIR. Especially suitable for Invalids by reason of its daintiness and easy digestibility, for winner or summer. Sales increase rapidly wherever introduced. 30s PER DOZEN. Mr CHAS. ESTCOURT. F.I.C., F.C.S., certifies— The bouquet and flavour show it to be a Natural Wine of superior quality, with keeping properties," Hole Consignees, SANDIFORD & SON, King, street, Manchester, will send 3 Dozens, carriage paid in U.K., or placed Free on board ship, on receipt of remittance. Special Discounts for 12, 24, and 48 dozens, or in Wood. AGENTS APPOINTED ON APPLICATION. B ALFONTAIN, 1273 15980 Uiulimtg ^0ctrfx25. £ JARDIFF BUILDING SOCIETY. £10,000 READY TO BE ADVANCED ON MORTGAGE AT 5 PER CENT. INTEREST. N.B.—Borrowers also share in the profits which go in reduction of the above rate of interest. TO DEPOSITORS ;— The present rate of interest on deposits is 24 cent. For Further Information apply to PETER PRICE, Secrotary. Head Office: 21, High-street, Cardiff. 7230 rtHHE MONMOU THSHIRE AND X SOUTH WALES PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. H. J. PARNALL, Esq., J.P., Chairman. RESERVE & CONTINGENT FUNDS :-£6,934129, ADVANCES On Freehold or Leasehold Securities. Easy Repayments. INVESTING OR PAID-UP SHARES (interest 5 per cent. yearly and bonu). DEPOSITS may be made daily, interest payable half. yearly at 4 per cent. Short notice of withdrawals. F. J. HICYBYRNE, Secretary. 173, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. 1194 □ OUTH WALEi MERCANTILE k_7 BUILDUP SOCIETY, Philharmonic Chambers, Carditf.-The Directors are prepared to make Advances on Leasehold and Freehold Securities. Interest reduced half per cent. 011 01<1 and New Advances. John Jell. kins, A.C.A.. Secretary. 1045* mHE MERTHYR AND DOWLAIS JL BUILDING SOCIETY. Offices, Glebeland House, Merthyr Tydfil.—Established 1872. Incorporated 1874.—Liberal Advances (£100 to £ 10,000).—Easy Re- payments in 3 to 17 years. Favourable Redemption Terms—Utmost Secrecy—Loans on Buildings in pro- gress-N 0 Management Charges. DISTRICT AGKNTS — Cardiff and Penarth, Mr J. Holloway, 12, Queen's Chambers. Cardiff; Caaoxtoa and Bany, Mr Lewis Lewis, Quarrella-screet, Cadox- ton; AbertiUery and District, Mv W. B. Harrison, Abertillery Newport and District, Mr H. A. Goodman, Architect, Newport; Swansea, Mr H. C. Higman, 101. Oxford-street, Swansea Pontypridd amt lihoiulda, Mr U. Porcher, Pontypridd; Carmarthenshire, 1\-11' Isaac Phillips, Burry Port, R.S.O; Tredegar and Bbbw Vale, Mr J. D. Thomas, Aeron Villa, Rhymney. 1058 Mr PETKR WILLIAMis. Secretary. JMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. NEW gTORY BY THE AUTHOR OF NEW STORY BY THE AUTHOR OF "KING SOLOMON'S MINES." RIDER HAGGARD RIDER HAGGARD! RIDER HAGGARD! IN THR QARDIFF rjlIMES AND SOUTH WALES "^yEEKLY NEWS FOR SATURDAY, JANUARY 4TH, 1890, Will be Commenced "B E A TRICE," A NEW SERIAL STOny, BY H. RIDER HAGGARD, Author of Sbe," "King Solomon's Mines,' "Allan Quatermain," &c. THE SCENE OF THE NEW STORY IS LAID J N ALES, and will therefore be of exceptional interest to readers of tlia CARDIFF TIMlirJ and SOUTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS. It is generally acknowledged that MR RIDER HAGGARD IS THE MOST POPULAR AUTHOR OF THE DAY. His books are selling by tens of thousands, and It is not exaggeration to ay that at the present time no fiction is more widely read throughout the world. The new work is written in the J,1;reat author's happiest vein, and is expected to prove IMMENSELY POPULAR. This will be the only story published in this form by Mr Haggard during the year, and the announcement of its early appearance in the columns of the CARDIFF TIMES AND SOUTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS will be heartily welcomed. REMEMBER THE DATE :— JANUARY 4TH) 1890. DO NOT ZvIISS THE OPENING CHAPTERS OF THE NEW TORY BY RIDER HAGGARD, RIDER HAGGARD, RIDER HAGGARD, IN THE QARDIFK rjUIMES AND gOUTH STALES WEEKLY NEWS. THE PEOPLE'S PAPER, PRICE ONE PENNY. TO BE HAD OF ALL NEWSVENDORS. ORDER EARLY. 1350—ESTABLISHED—185o! S. W A R D'S FAR-FAMED JpORK AND JgACON STORES, 219 TO 223, BROA. BIRMINGHAM. SPECIALITIES. THE FAR-FAMED Epping SAUSAGES JL in lbs. rpHE FAR-FAMED Anglo German X SAUSAGES. rtHHE FAR-FAMED Sheffield POLONY. JL rjIHE FAR-FAMED Malvern BRAWN. THE FAR-FAMED Melton Pork PIES JL from 3oz. to 21b. riHHE FAR-FAMED Black Hog's PUD- JL DI-NG. PURE ENGLISH LARD in Tins and Bladders. FINEST ENGLISH SUGAR-COATED HAMS AND BACON, and every other Hog Product. AGENTS WANTED. SEND FOR PRICE LIST. 9231 FOR THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE.' QLARKE'S ORLD-FAMED BLOOD MIXTURE. rtUHE GREAT BLOODJ JpURIFIER and RESTORER. tilOR CLEANSING and CLEARING the -1J BLOOD from ALL IMPURITIES, it cannot be too highly recommended. For Scrofula, Scurvy, Eczema, Skin and Blood Diseases, and Sores of all kinds it is a never-failing and permanent Cure. It Cures Old Sores. Cures Sores on the Neck Cures Sore Legs. Cures Blackhead or Pimples on the Face Cures Scurvy. Cures Ulcers, Cures lllood and Skin Diseases. Cures Glandular Swellings. Clears the Blood from all Impuve Matter, From whatever cause arising As this Mixture is pleasant to the taste, and war- ranted free from anything injurious to the most delicate constitution of either sex, the Proprietors solicit sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. Chester, March 5,1888. I suffered from rheumatic pains in my a.rms and legs for over five years. 1 also had a bruised shinbone, through which I could rest for only a few minutes at a time. All sorts of remedies were applied, but none did any good for more than a few days. I was recom- mended to try Clarke's Blood Mixture, which I did, and on taking the first bottle I felt relief. I was told that eleven bottles would effect a perfect cure I onyi took nine bottles and a half, whicl1 cost me 2s ód per bottle. It is now ten months since, and I have not felt the least pain—in fact, I am perfect in my walk, and am in as good health as ever I was in my life. "Moreover, I told two friends of mine who were laid up with rheumatic pains of my cure, and they tried your Clarke's Blood Mixture. They are tailors by trade, and in seven days they were at work again, and they say it cannot be too highly praised.—Hoping I am not intruding, I remain, yours sincerely, "G. HOWARTU, Sergeant, Depot Cheshire Regiment, Chester. Sold in bottles, 2s 9d anlllls each. By all CHEM- ISTS and PATENT MEDICINE VENDOKS through out the world, or sent for 33 or 132 stamps by the LINCOLN AND MIDLAND COUNTIES DRUG CO Lincoln. TRADE MARK, BLOOD MIXTURE." Ask for CLARKE'S BLOOD MIXTURE, and do not be persuaded to take an imitation. 1005 Telegraphic Address-" Wellingtonea, Bristol." WELLINGTON BRASS, COPPER, TV AND ENGINEERING WORKS. WEST-STREET & WATERLOO-ROAD, BRISTOL. A. G. WILLIAMS & CO. Mr C. J. WILLIAMS, Son of the late Proprietor of the above old-established Business, having purchased the PREMISES, GOODWILL, aud PLANT, begs to announce that he is carrying on the Business under the OLD STYLE and TITLE, and he hopes that the patronage so liberally accorded to his late Father will be extende¡1 to him. 18- I^ETTOTS D~E~B ILITY. GENUINE GRATITUDE. The Advertiser having discovered a Remedy and Cured Himself, is willing to send the l'ecip9 as a FREE GIFT To every Sufferer forwarding a stamped directed en. velope, and enclosing this advertisement, to ARTHUR DIXON, Bs«. 1223-103 1927 Hounslow, Middlesex IBttstttiss ]VSftrgssgs« Ahh WHO' AIM MARRIED. OK IPLATE MARRYING. \CTLN; PLEASE TARR NOTICE THAT THE MdST USEFUL AND SENSIBLE CItRISTMAS OR NEW YEAR'S PRESENT FOR A GENTLEMAN To GIVE A LADT IS ONE OF w HEELER AND w ILSON'S ONLY" GRAND pRIZE" SEWING MACHINES, WHICH HAVE CONQUERED THE WORLD. HAND OR TREADLE, OR „ BOTH COMBINED. BUY FROM WHEELER AND WILSON'S, 19, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF OR ANY OF THEIR AGENTS. TO BE FOUND EVERYWHERE. 8Ma "THE JJOHEMIAN IYJARKET," ENGLISH AND FOREIGN MANU- FACTURERS, SAMPLE AND SHOW-ROOMS y^TESTGATE gTREET, ^JARDIFF. GREATEST DISPLAY Otf BOHEMIAN GLASS GOODS, T OYS, AND F ANcy GOODS, EVER SEEN IN WALES. IMPORTANT TO BUYERS OF FOREIGN FANCY GOODS, "FOR THE PRESENT SEASON.' In consequence of the late Strike amongst the Dock Labourers almost in every Seaport Town on the Continent, QVER 100 QRIGINAL CASES OF VASES, LUSTRES, CENTRE SETS, ORNAMENTS, TIN AND WOODEN TOYS, WORK-BOXES. MONEY-BOXES. BRACKETS, CARVED-WOOD WARE, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AriD GENERAL FOREIGN FANCY GOODS, OVER 1,000 LAMPS OF THE LATEST IN VENTIONS. Have been Consigned for IMMEDIATE DIS. POsAL to the TRADE, in Large or Small Lots to Suit the Buyers, at Prices that will astonish even the most Competent Buyer. All who wish to avail themselves of this Grand Opportunity would do well to pay us a visi, as early as possible. (No expenses allowed). Experienced Packers employed, and all goods are put free on Rail same day as bought. F. ASSAM & CO., F. UNGER & CO., RAIMUND, KNOSPEL, AND SOHUE. | AGENT J. R. ROGERS, MANUFACTURERS' AGENT, CARDIFB1. 659 H91 g ED AD WHAT PRICE INFLUENZA t 100 TO 1 I DON'T GET IT I I'M WEARING TYLER'S PURE WOOL SANITY CLOTHING, MAESLLYN MILLS, 13607 3496 LLANDYSSIL. IMPORTANT.-One Box of Horton'sLX.L. JL Pills are guaranteed to cure all private cases and m. uiications of the urinary organs, whether acquired or otherwise. Also Gravel and Pains in the Back. Free from Mercury. Post free for 4s from G. D. Horton, 1\1.1>:3. (from the General Hospital), Aston-road. Birmingham. Agents Caråiff-A. Hagou, Chemist, 59, Bridge-st. Swa.nsea.-Lloyd, Chemist, Oxfo.-d-st. Newport—Youn_r, Chemist, never been know" t, f j,il. letters answered fi-rt". Please name paper. 1393 INVALID MEN WHO ARE NEKVOUS AND DEPRESSED without joy for the present or hope for the future, and whose past is a regret, should send 3 stamps for the MAGIC MIRROU, and address WILKINSON AND Co., 4, Fitz. XNVALID MEN. alau-square, Sheffield. JL 13712 11L6 MESSRS W. H. SMITH and SON deliver the SOUTH WALKS DAILY :N1iWa at an early hour each Morning in all parts of the follow ng towns:— CARDIFF SWANSEA NEWPORT ROATH MEItTHYK PORTSKKWETT CAN ION ABERDARE PONTYPOOL ROAD BUlK DOCKS HEREFORD PEMBROKE DOCK BRIDGEND NEW MILKORD HAVERFORDWEST NE, ATII BRISTOL GLOUCESTER LLANELLY TENBY ABERYSTWYTH LAMPETER CARMARTHEN ABERGAVENNY The CARDIFF T1MJSS also delivered every Fi i ay to any address in the above mentioned Towns. ORUERS *o be sent to rne iVianai»er« ot the variou borstal l-^ jglLL-POSTING AT NEWPORT, MON. J. DE REBS. lHO COMMERCIAL-ROALD, NEWPORT BILL-POSTER and DELIVERER for TOWN and COUNTRY Rents all the principal Hoardings in f'" 'ro" (°" \Yurf. "(u"I1T..i wirt "N.n;.¡,.T('" 1009


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