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PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. WORDS. ONCE. ,™E 20 Words- J 0 6 10 16 30 Words1 0 9 1 6 2 3 -¡- 40 Worda, 1 0 2 0 3 0 -I- Each X: 10 Words.) 0 3 0 6 0 9 These charces apply only to the classes ut ailvertiso incut- specified below, and are strictly confined to those which are oi-ftered for CONSECUTIVE insertion, an4 PAIl) FOR PRnvlOU5, TO INSERTION: if either of tliese con- ditions is notrcomplied with the advertisement will be charged ¡) the Business scale: — ATARTJUiKTS..U'AKTED HOUSES WANTED APARTMKNTS TO LET I HOUSES TO BK SOLD ARTICLES T/OST MISCELLANEOUS WANTS ARTICLES FÓOUND MISCELLANEOUS SALES BUSINKSSJSS FOR DISPOSAL ¡ PARTNERSHIPS WANTED BUSINESSES VP.\NTKD SITUATIONS WANTED HOUSES TO URT SITUATIONS VACANT. > .15 -:ru.e .,insertion of several Advertisements is delayed because the references given are to Post- offices, t'o" initials, or fictitious names Postmasters pre nota. fiiwed to deliver JHttfJr Sf) ),¡(lrsRPf1 rplTSOllfll. S- Alt A Delighted with yours. Address all right. Ye-, do. Am locking forward. Have already returned. 670 JHatrhuoitiaL j BUSINESS LADY, loving .and sociable, seeks correspondence witli gentleman of position, with view to matrimony.—Apply Business, Post-office, Nantyglo. 617 if you AKK MARRIED or contemplating taking this important stop, we can send you valuable information which you ought to know. Send your address, and wo will send catalogue and pamphlet free.—Address II. G. Kerr, Mo.styn-road, Merton, J Surrey. 547 f g iHK Matrimi nial Herald and Fashionable Marriage g Gazette is the original and only recognised medium for high-class introductions, and represents 1 he largest and most successful Matrimonial Agency in the world. N.B.—The public are cautioned against imitations. Price 3d (under cover 4d). All communica- tions should be addressed to EDITOR, 10, CONDUIT-STREET. LONDON, W.C. 1356 Jilusical. BANJOS, Cases, Strings, at half-price. Write for list to maker of noted Ma.rvel, Crescent, and Athena Banjos.—Address L. E. Clerc, 46 and 48, Com- mercialstreet, London, Eo 592 HB AVE your Piano Tuned, when required, for 3s 6d, AA cash, by experienced Man.—Thatcher, 63, New- port-toad, Cardiff. 434 MISS ASTLK gives Lessons on the Pianoforte and Singing. Pupils can receive instruction twice t-ach week either at their residences or 22, Charles- street. Queen-street, Cardiff. Terms moderate. 1160 AJIUEL HORSFIELD, Pianoforte Tuner and Repairer, Beethoven House, Gwaelodygarth, Merthyr, Pianos tuned 14s year; satisfaction guaranteed piano renovad in tone and touch. Late with Goldsmith. Merthyr. 562 (gimcatiaual. AUTHORSHIP, JOURNALISM.—Tales, Novels, Sketches, Poetry. Dr. Montagues gives Prac- tical Lessons in Literary Composition, by correspond- euc; prospectus, containing full particulars, 011 receipt of stalÙpèd addressed envelope.—12, Caledo- nian-road, Leeds. 414 fi,FRENCH, Spanish, Italian. German, Private Tuition Classes. Special Classes for Commercial Correspondence and Conveisation. Candidates pre. pared (or the Medical, Law, Civil Service, Excise and Customs Examinations. Scholavships through the post; rithmetic. Book-keeping, Shorthand.—Mr W. Jlaines, Public Translator, 2b, Park-street, Cardiff. 676 EQUIUED, by Young Lady, Engagement Governess. English, Music, Elem. French, Painting, Drawing, and Neetllewoik.—Apply E C. M., Daily News Office, Cardiff. 549 SHORTHAND (Pitman s) taught rapidly by corres- ¡. pondence (gratis) ill view oi recommendations stamp for full particulars. —Hennah, JO, Gowrie-road, Wandsworth, London. 557 Jiiefiicai. A PPRENTICE.—M. P. Davies, Ph. Chemist, Tenby, has a Vacancy for a well-educated Youth who has passed hi" preliminary examination. Terms on application. 654 JA. SEYS, Chemist, Newport, Mon., has a Vacancy for a well-educated Youth as Appren- tice. 1402 WANTED immediately. Junior or Improver (out- door) must be active and obliging.—Apply, with references aud salary, to Thomas, Chemist, Ferndale. 5:¿11 WANTED, a well educated youth as Apprentice to the Drug Trade low premium comfort- able home.—The Prosser Roberts Company, Chemists, Chilich-atveet. Camberwull, London. S.E. 451 1'ast anD 3famtiL FOUND, Dpcein er 27th. Black Mare Pony, 12 hands tail cropped. C m have same by paying >xpenses.—Apply James Caddick. Coed, Blaenavon, Mon. | 751 Domestic rrítnnts. a GENERAL SERVANT wanted in Welsh Family age about 20 wages £12, and fare to J.olldon. ;o.maH family.— Mrs Roberts, 6, Grace's road, Camberwell, S. E., 452 e-^LEVER COOKS can add to their list of dishes the prepMation of choice daiuties for th dinner md supper table by consulting the paes of a little book entitled "Pastry and Sweets,' given to all souks sending their addresses to Alfred Bird and Sons, Birmingham. Every lady and housekeeper in the land should have "Pastry and Sweets" handy for reference. There is nothing to pay, and the book will be sent by return of post, tree, to any address. 1285 147 ENERAL SERVANT wanted, age about 20 — X Apply 91, George-street, Cathays. Cardiff. 513 j ENEKAL SERVANT wanted immediately; ^jr strong, active, and of good character no wasli- t11(r —Mrs James, 152, Cowbridge-road, Canton, Cardiff. 666 OOD General Servant anted, well used to cook- II Jf illg; good refetences reqU1l'ed.-Apply Mrs Evans, bd, Bridge-street, Cardiff. 6ë7 OOU General Servant wanted immediately good Jr character; fond of cIlIltIr<,Il.-Apply lrs Gom?r Ihomas, Mill-street, POlltypriqd 712 H EA \) CHAMBERMAID and a Pantrymaid wanted as the Cameron Hutel, Swansea. State e, wages, aml ".efrees 1426 SERVANTS.—General Servant wanted immediately, about 18 to 20.—Apply Mrs Jones, 11, Hannah- otreer. Portli. 555 WANTED, by the end of January, a good General yt Servant, over 18 good character necessary.— Apply Mrs Francis, Grocer, GlebeKml, Merthyr. 754 WANTED at once, Nurse.—Ariply Mrs Clarke, W East Holm, Church-place South, Penarth. ni WANTED, Good General Servant must under- stand plaiu cookin age 20 to 25.—Apply 58, C0mmercial-road. Newport. 20 k » ANTED, a' House-Pariourmaid good character Y J necessary1; housemaid kept.—Bute Villa, New. port-road, Card ill 709 ANTED, General Servant.—Apply Mrs A. F.. 31, W Ixmdon-road, Neath. 743 W~~ ANTED, a strong General Servant.—Apply Mrs W Powell, Rotunua-buildings, Bridgend. 699 WANTED, General Servant iu small family.— Apply 9, Courtland-terrace, Merthyr. 637 WANTED, a good General Servant a.t once,— Apply James Rees, Ironmonger, Pentre, Rhondda, 658 ANTED, a General Servant, honest, with good character.—Apply 96, Richmond-road, Cardiff. 663_ W" ANTED, by a Christian Widow witliout encum- brance,. Situation as Housekeeper, or any Tf brance,. Situation as Housekeeper, or any position of trust; good references.—Address N. 679, Daijy r\ews "-Office, Cardiff. 679 \\l ANTEiJ,i, respectable Girl,about 18, as General W servant small family.—27, Talbot-street, Cathedral-road, Canton, Cardiff. 531 W ANTED, a General Servant that can wash and if iron.—Apply T. Dando. Coffee Tavern, 7, Victoria-street, Merthyr Tydfil. 644 ANTED, General Servant, about 17 to 20 mut Wr understand washing; small family.—Mr Love, », Arcot-street, Penarfch. 620 ANTED immediately.a thorough General; must be a good plain cook.—Apply, personally, Castle Hotel, Blaina. 626 WANTED, middle-aged Working Housekeeper, used to dairy an" poultry no other servant kept —Apply J-, 13. Market-street, Abergavenny 61Q ANTED, a good General Servant housemaid kept.—Apply 16, Richmond-terrace, Park- place, Caruiff. 586 W' ANTED, good General .Servant, used to children age 18 or 20.—7, Rawden-place. Cardiff. 576 WANTED' immediately, good Cooks, House- Parlour Maids, and good General Servants.— Apply Mrs NelSbn s Registry, Acomb House. Devon- road, Newport, Mon. 1346 WANTEb; at once, a respectable Girl as Nurse '1' musc-unflerstand and be fond of children also good General.ifiarvant, with knowledge of cooking must be c]««u and respectable country girls pre- ferred.— Apply^ Mrs Bond, Railway Hotel. Pentl1 Station. V u3 ANTED, a good General Servant.—pply afcer Tv sixoolpck in the evening at 34, Richmond- road, Cardie. tm rgUiE iii«wit«ju" of several Advertisements is I delayed" because the references given are to 1 ost-otlieea^ ta initials, or fictitious names. l'ost. leusteis are not allowed to deliver letters so addressed. k, I ftltntians Hacaitt BOOT ^IMIDE.—Wanted, practical Rounder on repaihl i.uiust, he steady.—Walters, 117, Wide- marsh-stre^f. Herefortt. 641 N I KLLIGiiJST YOUNG MEN (aged 16 to 25) and ■ YOUXGr JJADIES (aged lb to 20) who can study for a few monyja in their own "homes to prepare by ;orrespondence for situations under Government, with commeucilArieg ranging to £100 promotion and pension.—N\rite Secretary, Civit Service Examination Agency, Dulwich, London. 734 N'lTTERS wanted, to work Harrison's or Gns- JaV wolds ,M:ichines boys or girls.—Apply Williams, 7,Afbert.street, Merthyr. 755 mO BUTCHERS.—Wanted, Y oring Ia tohelp in 1. the killiai;. and make himself useful.—Daniel Williams, 12 Stall, Market, Swansea. 1385 MASONS and Masons' Labourers Wanted con- stant job.—Apply New Cottages. Blaengarw, 3arw VaUeyt>6r Independent Chapel, Blaengarw.— John Rees, Contractor. 515 ECHANIO wanted; one accustomed to wheels lathe and screwing machine, dies, and wagon works machinery. — Apply Bute Wagon Works, Cardiff. 422 MEN Youths, Boys, all classes requiring any em- 1. ployment, ltJdoors or out, write at once" :itua.. non Guide." free busy time, hundreds suited don't delay; town or country; distance no object.— tanner and Co., Box 54, 112, Newington Causeway, London. Men late of the army, navy, or merchant service Also write. 595 PATTERN MAKER and Joiner wanted at Vspitty JT Works, Loughor. Must bring satisfactory dig- t8arg. b38 PRINTERS.—Wanted, a good all-round Hand; good references -AjJpJy lJy letter only to Williams, Library, Penarth. 600 AJflilNTEiiS.—Layers-oil Wanted.—South Walvs ft Ptiiitinir Work*, Westgate-stieet, Cardiff, News and Job- JL bing.— Address Manager, "Gazette'' omee, Bridgend. 1^7 SADDLERS (lirown) wanted.—W. and G. Athford, )k9 Lower Essex-street, Birmingham. 667 fa^O PORK BUTCHER^. — Wanted, an experienced JL Man to Kill and make all kinds of Small Goods, and assist in shop; good references required —M. Ilaggett, Cadoxton, Barry. 561 HMO SHOEiNG SMITHS—Wanted at once, a gt;od JL Fireman.-Apply W H. Dawkins, Millicent- street, Cardiff. r]M> TIN-PLATE WORKERS. — Wanted, steady JL Person, accustomed to work for an ironmonger constant employment.—Apply to R. Pardee, Aber- dare. State wages and reference 5S9 WANTED, a General Smith, accustomed to Col- liery Work must be a good shoer.—Apply H. Parfltt, Pontnewydd, M011. 740 WANTED, a thoroughly experienced Cabinet 1'1' Maker, well up in re jairing permanent situa- tion. State wnges, fuil particulars.—Edes, Aberystwvth. 1422 WANTED immediately, an experienced Man to take entire Charge of Cold Rolls in a Four- mill Tin Plate Works.—Apply by letter, stating age, previous experience, and \vag. s required, to Box 3, Post-office, Swansea. 1421 WANTED, for Royal Navy, Engine-room Artificers, W Blacksmiths, Stokers, and Armourers.—Apply Royal Marine Recruiting Sergeants, Newport, Cardiff, Swansea, Merthyr. 693 \\J ANTED at once, respectable Girl for Binding Department.—Apply South Wales Printing Works, Cardiff. WAISTED, good Stone Breakers.—Apply Edward Williams, Cribindy Quarry, Ynysybwl. 713 WANTED, Furnacemen.—Apply, bringing dis- T charge notes, to Hafod Ishu Works, Swansea. 1388 WANTED immediate'y. Competent Men, capable T of taking charge of Electric Light Installation, Arc and Incandescent; must understand engines.— J. ll. Saunders and Co Electrical Engi-ieers, Cardiff. 632 WANTED, Working Mechanic, to take charge of W machinery, engines, &c., in connection with a tinplate works wages, S2 per week.—Apply, with testimonials, to Mr David Williams, Osborne House, Pontypool. 625 WANTED, strong, useful Lad, about 14, to take TV charge of pony and deliver milk, making him- self generally useful; Welsh indispensable; must have good character.—App'v y. Burge, 39, Gi'lli-road, Ton, Pentre. 619 WANTED, Barrow Maker and Helve Cleaver V T (piecework) none but thoroughly competent men need apply.—John Hatton, Timber Merchant, Trealuw, Pontypridd. 583 WANTED, a good Stableman also good Driver good character.—Apply Perry's 'Bu.; Stable?, Newport. 13b3 WANTED, an intelligent Youth as Apprentice to Sculpture and Carving. Also an Apprentice to first-class Mason and Monumental Work premium required with each.—W. Clarke, Sculptor, Llandaff. 484 WANTED, a good green sand Moulder at Gadlys Foundry, A berdare. 478 WANTED, Helve Maker.—Apply R. Williams, Old Ship Yard. Neath. 65 > WANTED, a .strong Lad as an Apprentice to the TV Coach and Wheelwnuht Smithy.—Apply S. Stanburv, 13, Zion-street, Pontypridd. 1333 WANTED, a Boy, about 17, to look after Pony and Deliver Goods; also Apprentice,-Apply Tlios. Jones, Grocer, Tonypaiuly. 571 WEAVERS.—Wanted Two immediately must be f T sober and good workmen. A Vacancy for an Apprentke-Apply T. Griffiths, Black Mill, Bridgend. 518 Jpo WEEKLY and Upwards realised by either sex, oW1^ without hindiance to occupation.—For sample, iVe., enclose addressed envelope to Evans, Watts, and Co. (P 137), Merchants. Birmingham. This is genuine. 731 mHE Insertion of several Advertisements is X delayed because the references given are to Post-otiices, to initials, or fictitious names. Post- masteis are not allowed to deliver letters so a.ldre.e<1 lJap Assist ants, &x. OOT BUSINESS.—Boyle and Co., Cardiff, require a thoroughly experienced Assistant gcod win- ùow dresser state salay, two references, full par- ticulars. 493 BOOT AND SHOU TRADE.—Junior wanted mltst be good salesman, stock-keeper, and win- dow drehsr.-Urifliths antI Sons, Newport, Mon. lo45 BOOT TRADE.—Good Salesman Wanted (Welsh indispensable). — Apply, with references, to IIIcA vera, b wanea. DRAPERY.—D. Williams. Aberdare, has Vacancies for Two experienced Young Ladies for Fancy Counter.—State age, salary, experience, and refei- ence. 671 DRAPERY.—Wanted immediately, several Young Men, Drapery, Dresses, and Fancy Departments. -Apply, with full particulars, William Edwards, Swan-ea. 1334 J""vRAPERY (Fancy)and Millinery.—Wanted, Young _J./ Lady, used to serve through, keep fancy, take and execute own orders :11so out-door A Dprentices,- J. M. Cook. 135. Clifton-3treet, Roath. Canlilf. 341 DRAPERY. — Wanted, thoroughly experienced Young ."den for Dresses and I<mchester must be ood window dres-erd,-Apply,wtth tull particulars, to W. Williams and Company, Pontypridd. 5.6 DRAPERY.— Wanted, an experienced Young Man Ji'; for the Manchester ])epanmem.-Apply. giving full particulars, John Lewis, Draper, Carmarthen. 431 for Millinery and Fancy (Webh).pplv with BI'APERY.—Wanted, experienced Saleswoman full particulars to J. S. Davies and Co., Dowlais. 429 DRESSMAKING.—Wanted, thoroughly competent Band to take chane (Jf kirts; only experi- enced hands need "apply; personal application.— Samuel Hall, Cardiff. 488 GROCERS.—Wanted, a smart Man for Grocery \jr Counter used to quick ready-money trade state ae. wages out-door, and references.-Address India. and China Tea Co. Hereford. 694 GROCERY.—Junior Assistant wanted at once. Welsh.—Apply, stating salary, International Stores, Ystrad. Rhondda. 914 GROCERY.—Wanted, an Apprentice or Improver salary given: brisk counter trade.—International Stores, Ystrad, Rhondda. 715 (GROCERY.—Wanted immediately, Junior As;.is- X tant, deliver goods and assist at countcr.-Apply, stating age, salary, and references, Parry, Glynneath. ° 719 i IIUCERY.—Wanted immediately, sharp Improver VJT (Welsh), to assist at counter and deliver goods. —Davies and Co., Glynneath. ° 118 ROCERY.—Wanted, a strong Apprentice to the VJT above trade comfortable home salary given, by D. W, Davies, Br. con-road, Merthyr. 645 ROCERY.—Wanted, strong Lad to deliver goods JT and help in shop.—Apply, stating salary, T. Greville The Stores, Pontyberem. 1323 ROCERY AND PROVISIONS. —Thomas and 7 Evans, Porth, have a Vacancy for a smart Junior, pleasant and obliging canv.issim; a day occasionally. Welsh indoors. 618 M "t ROCERY AND PROVISIONS.—A good Junior <Ur wanted, active and strong ood reference re- quired.—Apply, with full particulars, J. Daniel, Aber- sychan. 569 <1 ROCERY AND PROVISION HAND wanted "at "JT once state full particulars and outdoor salary. —W. J. Jefferi; s, Cadoxton, near Cardiff. 1357 G ROCERY AND PRO^SION~TRADE —Wanted^ strong Junior; Welsh necessary.—Apply \Y111. Harris, 144, High-street, Merthyr. 5S9 ROCERY and PROVISIONS.—Wanted, a good \JT Hanel; must be w>lI up amI accustomed to IL quick trade; good references n:quired,-Apply G. Jones, Victoria House, Abercarn. 1150 'A ROCERY and PROVISION TRADE.—Wanted? \JT an Apprentice.—Apply to William Harris, 144. High-street, Merthyr. 393 d ROCERY.—Wanted at once, a good Junior, from 15 to 16 (Welsh).—Apply Evan Gridiths. Mount Pleasant-street, Dowlais. 436 ROGER S HAULIER.—Wanted at once. Young JT Man to look after horse and deliver goods.— State full particulars W. J. Samuel, Pontypridd. 624 MILLINERS.—Wanted, good Hand, accustomed I' to serve also Apprentice.—Apply with full Pft. ticularil to Jones and Company, Temple of Fashion, Aberavon. 63 MILLINERS.—Wanted, good Hands.—Apply, with full particulars an to salary, experience and references, tü G, Jones, Victoria Hous". Abercarn. 449 MILLINERY.—Wanted immediately, experienced J\1illiner (Welsh speaking), serve in shop when required-Particul:1cs; Mrs Morgan, Draper. Strata Florida, Aberystwyth. 438 MILLINERY.—Wanted, by the 20th January, a thoroughly experienced Milliner.—Apply, with full particulars, to Henry Thomas, Draper, Pontar- dulais. 520 fJMAILORlNG BUSINESS CARDIFF.—Wanted, B thorough experienced Assistant good vindow dresser.—State salary, two references, full particulars, T75. "Daily News Offices, Cardiff. 675 GROCERS.—Wanted immediately, au ex. 1 perienced Hand; must have tirst-classreferences amI speak Welsl1,-Apply Bevau and Lloyd, Grocers, Bridgend. 492 XilTANTED, Assistant (Welsh) must be sober, and T cf good character, with fu l particulars.— Apply to Evans. Ironmonger, 90, High-strnet, Swansea. 1425 WANTED, Young Lady for Fancy and serve I f through must be experienced Welsh.—Apply, stating terms. Davies, Draper, Fernilale. 716 WANTED, situation iu the Outfitting, Hats, or Boots; five years' experience.—James Williams, Siaticn-street. Cinderford. 5S6 WANTED immediately, Young Lady for General Drapery. age and salary good references required.—Apply 44, Taylor, Splotlands. Cardiff. 608 WANTED at once, a Dressmaker; knowledge of T millinery; country trade. State age and salary.— M. Thomas, Stores, Velindre, Knighton. 1347 rnHE Insertion of several Advertisements is jL delayed because the references given are to Post-offices, to initials, or fictitious names. Post- masters are not allowed to deliver letters so addressed t. WANTED, at a. Colliery in the Swansea Valley, a V T Young Man as Clerk, and to make himself generally useful. Must have had some railway cxperiencp.—Apply X. Y. Z., Swallsea. Office of this paper, with references, age, and salary expected. 1404 WANTED, an energetic Blast Furnace Foreman, W to take charge of men and manage. He must be acquainted with the manufacture of basic iron liberal wages given to a really energetic man who thorougly understands all branches of his business non-unionist essential.—Apply Iron, "South Wales Daily News Office. Cardiff. 1412 WANTED, a sharp Lad for Cash Desk.—Masters TV and Co., Clothiers. Cardiff. 1394 WANTED, a Young Man as Clerk, accustomed to VT ledger work (preference to one with knowledge of newspaper officc routine).-Apply by letter, with copy of last reference, and stating salary, to Ledger,, Daily News Office, Cardiff. Situations Wanfei*. AIVVERTISER would like to fill up spare time by Keeping Tradesmen's Books.—Apply H. 741, South Wales Daily News Office, Ca.rditf. 741 AKERS and CONFECTIONER-.—Single Hand, thoroughly well up; accustomed to Becker Ovena.—Address N 545, Daily News," Office, Cardiff. 545 ripO SHIPOWNERS AND SHIPBUILDERS.—The JL Advertiser desires Situation as Superintendent: of Shipping or Head' Foreman over Repair Works has been superintendent; first-class testimonials.— • > Apply Box D., John Tweedy, Stamp Office, Cowpen Quay, Blytb, Q40 j rjP.ALLOW CHANDLER.—Situation wanted by a good Fire Melter and Maker good references.— Ilii1, 19, Jubilee-street, Bedminster. Bristol. 640 WANTED, a Situation as Groom, sing ie handed V or under a e. achman catiliavAgood character. — W. Powell. Keeper's Lodg,, Much rcle. 4112 npHK Insertion of several • Advertisements is JL delayed because the reference ygiven are to ""ost-ofliees, to initials, or tict+iioui iiames. Post tel' ;"Ire lIot alIowelt to deli,,¡j),1,; so a.rÎrlreRsp,l -r;¡-¡¡- geU.c:tC5, Q!)r[{tT.L1tns; j IJ-1 v A FIRM of Burton Brewers, nnt tyHy represented X-A. i" South 'Wales, are open tci.appoint Purchasing Agents for the sale of their tirstfclask fine-Savoured Burton Ales. Liberal discounts, '»an& sole agencies I call be arranged for.—Address, atltaice, "Burton Ales," care of Miss Leicester,. Alexandra Hotel, Cardiff. £ 62 A GOOD CONNECTION may typ turned to most honourable and profitable ^ccuuiit; town or J country; no goods to sell; every assistance givell,- Apply, by letter, to Box A 47, 3/ BHlshfiebt-street, London.H.C. A <; 13714-1155 AGENCY.—An old and well-eltablished Building Society requires a good IAgoot in Cardiff.— Address Agent, Batchelors Advertising Offices, ( Nicholas-street, Bristol. y 681 4 GENTS Wanted Everywhere for Business Register," Tradesman's Account Book. We ive liberal salary and commission.—MsssrjfH. PampQi lon, Congleton, Cheshire. 668 AGENTS Wanted to Solicit OiVleri for an Article in daily demand: 35 per commission.— Baxter ar.d Co., 109, Milkwood-voad: London, S.E. Established 1863. 554 A GENTS Wanted. A fortunq for all. Samples nosf free.—Pendlebury and Co.. 124, Harwich- road, Colchester. 681 BREW ERY CANVASSER.—Wanted at once, by 1 firm whose ales and stouts are in excellent repute, a Canvasser possessing good experience and knowledge of Cardiff.—Address particulars of previous engagements, references, age, and remuneration required to Brewers, Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 750 I THIRST-CLASS TRAVELLER wanted for Pictorial 7 Almanacks state expetience and salary re- quired.—Thomas Forman and Sons, Nottingham. 739 | ADY AGENTS for privately Selling Dress Length. 8-J Patterns and commission.—Apply Counties Ware- house^)., 3, Hill's-place, Oxford Circus, London. 727 BJiLATE-GLASS AGENTS. The Empire Plate- Si glass Assurance Corporation (Limited) offer liberal terms to Gentlemen in Wales able to introduce business.—Apply Managing Director, o0, Charles- street, Cardiff. 673 WANTED, Agents to push sale of first-class T v Religious Periodical. Large profits. Every facility.-K.. South Wales Daily News.' Cardiff. 1371 Wr ANTED, Agents, large salary and commission, for teas, cigars, soaps, provisions, pickles.— Grigg, Palatine Works, Palatine-road, Stoke Newing- ton, London. 639 WANTED, active and influential Agent, whole or V Y spare time speedy promotion to good men insurance agents can apply.—Address A. Carruthers, ord Ilouse, 179, Severn-road, Canton, Cardiff, 530 EnDgmgs, ^Vpartntimts, &t. PENARTH. — Lansdowne, Private Hotel and Boarding Residence extensive Channel view superior accommodation moderate charges special terms to permanent residents. 824 Jor alt. !Jiau5ts. lanD. &t. BARRY DOCK (within five minutes).—Cottagis, Villas, and Business Premises for Sale, cheap immediate possession. List on application.—David Jones and Co., Auctioneers and House Agents, Barry Dock Town, Ca<1oxton, 490 WT^YRK STREET Splotlands, atid Ivy-street, lli Canton. -Convenient well-built Houses to be sold; a bargain.—Apply W. and S. Hern, Estate Agents, Cardiff. 1049 SAL, two well-built Houses in Porth; good 11. position. Also £100 (fully paid) Share in Wynnstay (Thomas and Radclilfe Co.}, for £80. or oilers.—Apply John Davies, 75, Nortli-road, Porlh, Pontypridd. 491 IS BARNUM OOlMING TO MILFORD HAVEN V— No. When is the next large ship to b9 launched from Messrs Oswald and Co. ?—Very soon. How is the fish trade?—100 trawlers in our new dock. Is there accommodation for the ever increasing inhabitants 1- Nn. Two hundred families, I am told, want houses. Is there land to be got for building?—Yes, apply to William Davies. 26, Charles-street, Milford Haven, who has building sites for 35 houses on lease 99 years, or will sell the freehold. Best sites on banks of the Haven. Also several leasehold shops and private houses to sell. 732 mO BE ICRT-HONSCS, ;£:lub. &X. ABEliDARE.-TYDRAAV—To Let (immediate possession), a convenient and comfortable Residence pleasantly situated within easy distallce of the town and railway stations.—Apply at Abernant Office, Aberdare. b75 AT WESTON-SUPER-MARE.—Houses Furnished, Unfurnished, and for Sale, Businesses, Business Premises.—Wansbrough's, House Agents, have large selection. Printed register free. 371 MAINDEE, Newport, Mon.—To Let, convenient and well-appointed Family Residence, standing in its own grounds, with stabling, good kitchen garden, :1.11(1 glass houses immediate possession.—Apply Mr Dauucey, Solicitor, Newport. Mon. 646 MARKET GARDEN, 42 acres, well stocked, to .1'" Let.—Apply to D. and 1), Lewis, Eastland Gar- den. Neath. 486 jV! EAR CARDIFF.—Kitchen Garden (stocked), 6 .Ll acres Grass Land over 6 acres.—Apply Edward Ree9. Estate Agent. Church-street, Cardiff. 501 fjpO BE LET or SOLD, six-roamed Cottage, together JL with pantry, coal-house, stable, and large gar- dell cooking-range in kitchen oue mile from Black- mill station very healthy spot five minutes' walk from Llandyfodwg Churco.—Apply Jc Milea, School- master, Velindre, near Swansea. 623 '110 Bro Dawel Gardens, York-place, JL Newport.—Apply to Watkins, 113, Dock-street, Newport. 1360 rf\0 LET, a.Contract to Calcine, Collect, and Load A Ironstone into Railway wagons at Aberaman, Aberdare.—Apply C. t30, "South Wales Daily News Office. Cardiff, 630 ijto lEet-ISushtess Ilrtmises, «C. (CARDIFF.— Nelson-terrace, Bridge-street.— A con- j venient and well-situated Shop immediate possession.—Jenkins, Clarke and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1050 < -,LIVETOWN, near Pontypridd.—To Let, large Vy Shop and Premises, facing Piirish-road, between Augustus and Archer-streets—For full particulars apply to Secretary, Cottage Company, Queen's Chambers, Caroiff; or to Mr J. Williams, Liverpool House, Clivetown, near Pontypridd. 1172 d CORNER SHOP, 245, Bute-street, adjoining Bute \_y Bridge adapted for tobacco, fancy outfitting or stationery business immediate possession rent moderate.—Jenkins. Clarke and Co., Sun Fire Oflica, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1050 NEWPORT, MON.—To Let, Joint Uso of Office; jLit splendid position near central station.—Apply Rex. uaily News Office, Cardiff. 621 OlrFICKS (first floor) to Let; Powell-place, Bute Docks; moderate rent.—Apply J. Elliott and Sons. Bute Docks. Cardiff. 419 OFFICES at the New Bank Buildings, in the best position in St Mary-street, Cardiff.—Jenkins, Secretary, Philharmonic-chambers, Cardiff. 1050 Q HOP AND PREMISES to Let, with large shed at back; best position at the Docks.—Apply 47, James-street, Docks, Cardiff. 472 SPLENDID new Shop Business Premises, centre of thriving town of Morriston, in the main street; can be let at once. EnquIre at D. R. Phillips, '28, Crown-street, Morriston. 56'1 npo LET. 1st February next, Corner Shop, 1, Moira- JL terrace, Cardiff fixtures at valuation.—Address D. II, Edmunds. Penarth. 1307 U CLIFTON-STREET.—Corner Shop; modern front; living accommodation; suit provision trade; immediate possession.-Jenkins, Clarke, and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1050 businesses for jBisposal. TO BE DISPOSED OF, owing to death of pro. Jj_ prietor, a Jewellery and Walch Repairing Business. Rent and stock low no opoosition.—Mrs Denning, High-street, Ogmore Vale, Bridgend. 609 mO BREWERS and GROCERS.—irov"immediate jt Disposal, with possession to suit purchaser, a thorough genuine Grocery and Provision and Bakery, Wines and Spirits, with Retail Heer Licence attached, situated 111 first-rate position, amI doing good trade principals only treated with.—Apply J. Jewell, Arcot- street. Penartn. 551 businesses Mattteir. B. EElt STORES, Offices. and Stables (together pre- JtJ) ferred) wanted, in Cardiff, by W. J. Rogers, Jacob-street Brewery, Bristol, to which address write full details. 1264-134 Horses, HErUe totk, Carriages. BROWN Retriever Dog for Sale, aged 12 months, fond of water and children sell cheap.—Apply HO, Commercial-road, Newport. 1401 FULLER BIRTILL and COMPANY, Carriage 1 Builders, Cardiff.—Second-hand Landau, excel- lent condition, for one or pair horse, suitable for posting. 550 FULLER BIRTILL and COMPANY, Carriage _)[' Builders, Cardiff.—Second-hand light, circular- fronted Brougham for one horse; also Wagonette with head. 550 a,DULLER BIRTILl, and COMPANY, Carriage S" Builders. Cardiff.—Second-haaid Wagonette and ight Perth Car. 650 FULLER BIRTILL and COMPANY. Carriage JL' Builders, Cardiff.—Second-hq,nd Whitechapel, Rustic, Malvern, Battlesden, and Clifton Carts also styiisli Parisian Phaeton.. 550 FULLER BIRTILL and COMPANY. Carriage JL' Builders, Cardiff. -Nearly new hooded Buggy, mounted on Cee springs; elegant desin, highly finished, 550 CARRIAGE LAMPS, 10s 3d pair; VJT best value ever offered. Lamps repaired. Large stock new & second-hand Lamps.—Worlds, Merchaut-st. tCARRIAGE LAMPS.—Inspection Invited. Best j selected Stock in the West.C, K. Gurnsey's Carriage Lamp Works, Merchant-afreet. Broadmead, Bristol. |J 1290 MIXED St. Bernards and Newfoundland Dog, age 18 months yellow coating diP. sell cheap.— Apply J. Jones, Post-office, Whitlatlq. 756 MUST BE SOLD, good, strong ifocse, Cart, and Harness suit patent fuel seller or greengrocer. —Apply 13, Station-street, T reherbert. 659 :— )• fB^WO Strong Bay Geldings, 6 years. 16 hands, A sound and quiet, single or doubL} harness 14 days' free trial; price £2ó each. Arab Four-wheel Cobourg Van (nearly new), price Ðl8. Also Crank- axle Cart (carry ton), patent axle, ife&riV' new, price £14. Two Sets Harness, good contjtitUfn, jE2 10s each set. Horses would suit 'bus proprtor or delivery vans. — Apply 93, Kingsland-rosad,St Phillip's, Bristol. 412 rrs ÍLJldt5, FORE PATTERN Safety balf;¡Z i6iJow through- JL' out almost new dpy Bb ,^ad». compulsory •approval williogly.-26, Sebert-roWiJjiForese Gate, London.E. n; n. 735 '(\ ilU ^pcnltrg, POULTRY, Pigeon, Rabbit, and Bird Foods of _)L every description samples, testimonials, and 7pricel on application. Gorton's improved glazed and enamelled stone ware appliances for poultry, pigeons, &c. Agent for Galey^s Cure All," Hyde's, Welhana's, ■ and Capern's specialities for caged birds; livenne for poultry, game, and rabbits.—Noah Rees, hay,"tcorn. and seed merchant, Working-street, Cardiff. 1272 Jilacljineru, Œaals. ,:r. p E C K E T X AND cT lS S LOCOMOTIVE ENGINE BUILDERS, BRISTOL. Have the following New |" ^O C O M O T n u s N E S in Stock, ready for immediate delivery :— 16 inch cylinders, i-2 inch stroke, 6 wheels coupled, 14 indi „ 20 inch" 6 14 inch" 20 inch.. 4 13 inch" 18 inch 6 Otl1er Sizes in Progress. Photographs, Prices, and Spscifications on application. 1031 A bTEAM WINCll, Sin. cylinder by 12in. strok ■. .1 in first-class condition.—For particulars and price apply W Evans and Engineers, Alexandra Dock, Newport, 136¿ 4 1YCLE GAS ENGIi- E. Atkinson s patent; the V simplest, most economical, and most reliable, Gas Engine known.-Manufactur,rg, Manlove, Alliott, and Company, Limited, Engineers, Nottingham. 664 110H. SALE, two substantial and well-made Lifts; i.' one 6ft. bin, by 4ft. bin., and one 3ft. 6in. square suitable for warehouse.—F. S. Lock, Contractor Cardiff. 662 n- n_- -.u_ FOR ALE, 3 horse-power Horizontal Engine and Vertical Boiler, with all fittings complete — Davies, Aerated Water Manufactory, Hereford. 443 ITIOR SALE, 1 Vertical Boiler, lift 6in by 4ft 6i.i, í with six cross tubes: 1 Lancashire Boiler, 38ft < by 7ft. with 10 Galloway tubes 1 Singie Tube Boiler, « 58ft by 6ft, WIth 5 cross tubes 1 (10..36f¡; fcin by 6ft,with 4 cioss tubes 2 Portable Engines 1 Locomotive Boiler; 2 sawbenches, shafting, pulieys, plummer blocks and betting also bO contractors' wazons with falling sides.—Andrews and Baby, 124, Bute-street, Carditf. 1102 "j SALE, new Vertical Engine, ot h.p. Vertical Boiler, 6 h.p. nearly Hew second-hand Vertical Engine. 6 h.p. ono Portable Engine, 12 h.p. 9ft. Mortar Pan.—Apply Courtybella Engineering Works, Newport, Mon. 142 GAS ENGINES, 2 h.p, and upwards, new, guar- JT anteed sale or deferred p;\yments,-Fiehling and Piatt, Gloucester. 729 ON SALE, Second-hand Pair oi ^Oin. Horizontal Winding Engines, all complete, and two Boilers, 30ft. by 7ft., ready for delivery.—Lawrence Scowcroft, Bolton. 1128 S^JAIK of WHEELS, 8ft diameter, suitable for moving heavy timber, girders, &c., cheap.—Field- ing and Platt, Gloucester. ;iORTABLE""EN*aiNEs720 to 7 h.pT; also Semi- Portables, 10 h.p., bin centrifugal pump Lan- cashire Boiler, 27 by 7 sale or purchase hire, cheap. -Fielding and Platt, Gloucester. ^JCRIBBLKRS, Carders, Condensers, Feeds, Mules, |»0 Pluckers, Shake and Tenter Hooks, Willeys, Cards, Looms, Fillets, Bobbins, Mill Furnishings.— James Lancaster, Brighouse, Yorks. 2b0 SECOND-HAND Knitting Machines, from 20s, taken in exchange for the New Patent Gold Medal Swift Harrison Knitting Machines; lists 2d, per post -133, Portland-street. Manchester. 839 Majgons an& Requisites. K^AILWAY WAGONS tor Hire or Sale. Cash or deferred payments.—The Midland Railway Car- riage and Wagon Company, Limited, Midland Works, Birmingham 1082 for ^aie. -iiliscellauroiis. A SMACK for Sale. In good condition, ready for t; sea. as she now lies Cardigan 54 tons dead weight; will sail well.— Further particulars, apply to John Thomas, Aurora, Cardigan. 605 MANUFACTURERS' Remnants in Stuffs, Cash- meres, Prints, Calicoes, Cretonnes Flannels., shirtings, and Woollen Clothes 101b. bundles cheap price list free. — W. Clarkson, Merchant, 41, Swaine- street, Bradford. 73 8 ATE NT FUEL, made from house coal (.30 blocks A to ton), 12s 6d at works; or by load, 15s ton delivered.—Crown Works. Old Seacock, Cardiff. 1135 L^PUR-S—Finest pair real silver-plated Hunting IO Spurs; fashionable long straight neck, with best straps unsoileil 4:-1 9d, worth a guinea. Pair nickel-plated ones, witb good straps, complete. 2s 9d. -5, Weston Villas, Chippenham. 563 TAXABLE KNIVES, li large, 12 small (unsoiled), with JL patent ivory handles, 28s cost Bo 10 approval, paid both ways, anywhere.—Miss Abbott, Scotia House, West I\:n8ingtoll. 725 mO BUILDERS — Second-hand Sashes, Frames, A Doors, Firegrates, and other useful material, equd to new, to be sold cheap.—Apply C. Burton. 8, Working-street, Cardiff. 477 mWELVE CARTES D1! VI:SITE,2s8Ù; six, ls8d A two Cabinets, 2s 6d; six, 5s. One ten inch panel 5s; two, 7s. Copied or enlarged from any portrait, however faded, sent with postal order or stamps to Mr 1". S. D. Phillips. Perfect copies and original re- turned free. Lundon Photographic Company, 304, Regent-street, London, W. 1150 ,'i^WELVE Cartes, 2s 6d, Superior. 3s 6d Cabinets, Jt 7s, Superior. 8s photograph with postal order. Photographic Copying Company, 110, Denmark llill, London. 664 JJlisrellaueous Mlaitts. 8TEAMERS wanted to take about 103,030 tons Slags from Loughor to Germany, draught up to 18 feet, and to pass through 31 feet swing bridge — 1 urnock, Yspitty Work-, IJo11;>;llor, 037 WANTED, Drapery Shop Counters,Fixtures, T Brass and Gas Window Fittings, Chairs fitate full particulars.—Address A. K., Daily News Ofhce, Swansea. 1335 \\T A N T E D, OFFERS OF E N G L I sll TV TIMBER, Standing or felled. Send particulars to PONSFORD BROS., T I M B E It MERCHANTS, NEWPORT, MGN. 1134 Left-oli Cloihing wanted im- mediately large or small quantities highest price given. Also Furniture of every descrip- tion, pianos, &c.—Mrs Wood, Wardrobe Dealer, 41, Clifton-street, Cardiff. 4^5 — JlUsceUaneaus. 171URNIS1I on our New Hire System. Houses or Apartments completely furnished ou a now sys- tem adopted solely by us, whereby all publicity, exposure, and enquiries usually made by other com- panies are dispensed wibh. We) have au immense stock ot Household Furniture of cheap and superior quality. All goods sold on the Hire System at ready- money prices. We make 110 extra charge for credit and all goods sent home in a private 7an free of charge. No stamp or agreement clnrges made n" bill of sale everything private. Arrangements completed without delay, and, being manufacturers, we guarantee quality, and will undertake to supply furniture, etc. at 10 nor cent. less than auy price-list issued by any firm iu Cardiff Eleven showrooms Call and inspect our immense stock, and coinpare prices before purchasing elsewhere. We will supply £ o worth for 2s oil weekly"; £ 10 worth, 4s weekly £ 15 worth for os weekly £ 2 J worth 6s weekly, awl so on in pl'Opor¡;ioll. 'peci:1 terms for larger quantities. Please note the Address SOUTH WALES FURNISHING COMPANY, 31, Castle-st. (next to Angel Hotel). Cardiff. 127o-llo5-23 ¡\ LL lHARRIl!) ]>EOPLl!: should send stamps addressed envelope for Invaluable Information to D. lligson, Box 33, North-street, Nottingham. 135 ASTROLOGY.—Love, Marriage, Success, Is 7d Future Prospects, Is lil; Three Years' Events, 2s 7d.—Send sex, birthtime. "Signor Dasmail, Con- naught-road. Walthamstow." 552 ASTROLOGY or Plunet Ruling.—Nativities pre- j- pared, < £ c.— Send for prospectus to J. W. Herschell, Frome. 650 BILLIARDS or Bagatelle 1 AH those requiring jr) new or second-hand tables, requisites, or billiard work done, should, before going elsewhere .send for price lists, to Hennig Bros., 29, High-st, London, W.C 1373-i 1171 DYNAMOS and Electrical Apparatus of all kinds Made, Repaired, or Fixed.—S. F. Walker and Co., 33, Castle-street, Cardiff. Works Severn-rd 917 iTUtETWORK, FRETWORK.—Now ready. lgel. stiff's new revised and enlarged Catalogue of Fretwork Designs, Materials, Ac. Post free, three stamps. The largest selection of fretwork requisites in the United Kingdom.—Egelstatf and Co., Fretwork Depot, 45, Maryleport-street, Bristol. 1219 JEWELLERY, Watches, Watch Materials, Hard- ware, Toys, Cutlery, Musical Instruments, Pipes. Wholesale list post free. — Wright, St. Luke's-roail Birmingham. 726 MARRIED LADY has a most valuable, harmless, m. never-failing Preparation for ladies.—Stamped envelope forparticulai-s, Madame Dasmail, Connaught- road, Walthamstow. 5^3 ERVOUS DEBILITY.—Gratis, a Medical Work i. 1 showing sufferers how they may be cured without the aid of Quacks. Free 011 receipt of postage stamp.— Address Sec., Institute of Anatomy, Birmingham. 835 mOBACCONISTS Commencing.—Write for Illus- Jt. trated Guide (229 pages), 3 stamps.—Tobacconists' Outfitting Co. (Registered),^i. Beech-street, London, E.C. m 180 WHAT IS BEFORE YOU ?—Send date of birth, T T stamped envelope, and six stamps.—C. Gordon, 97, Buckingham Palace-road, London. 551 1 AAnn U St^uTT Handbill; 108 6d; 1.000 Cards, Billheads, or Memos., 4s.— Fisher and Co.. Machine Printers, Broadmead, Bristol. 1229 jStaneu. IVT ONEY Lent Privately, Ollllote of hand, to House JJfJL holders, Farmers, &c on their own security; advances made the same da.y as applied for-Apply S. Tnompson, Market-buildings, Pontvpridd. 1148 70 Am ONEY LENT. without bill of sale.—A private A gentleman is desirous of mating Advances, upon promissory notes alone, to farmers, cow-keepers, publicans, &c., without sureties, and strictly private. Write James Thorne, Cowbridge. 81-1199 (i CAROLINE-STREET, CARD!FF. —Established 40 vears. Bb TO ANY AMOUNT ADVANCED, on da.y of applying, to all classes, as usual, without bill of sale. All transactions strictly private. Distance- no object. Town business transacted at a great reduc. tion. Trade bills discounted.—Apply LOUIS BARNETT 1279—141 9. Caroline-street Cardiff. OO KAA — IMMEDIATE INVESTMENT 35^ V v Wanted for above sum, Cardiff or South Wales. Write Urgent, Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 613 IMPORTANT- — P. Phillips, 43, Caroline-street,1 j_ Caidiff (established 1850), Advances Money on jflate, Watches, Diamonds, Jewellery, and other Valuables at a special Low Rate of Interest. Ladies and Gentlemen waited upon at their own residences for Advances of B5 and upwards. Milner's and Price's Fireproof Safes for the Deposit of Valuables. 1281-13984 fB^O BORROWERS.—If you are in want of an A advance for long or short periods on any avail able security, either personal or collateral, apply direct to Manager, 3, Bute-terrace, Cardiff. A book stating the amount Of prmcIpal amI interest with the repay. ments given by this office with every transaction. Established 40 years. The securities or bills are not negotiated in any way. 11 go MONEY LENT Without Bill of Sale to Farmers, JLM. Householders, &c., in sums from E10 to at a few hours' notice, upon their own security alone Moderate charges and easy repayments. No law costs. —Apply Thos. Roberts, b, Morfa-street, Bridgend. 1147 MONEY LENT PRIVATELVT AT A" FEW HOURS' NOTICE. A Gentleman having a. large amount of Capital is willing to grant advances, upon note of hand alone, for any term not exceeding 15 years, nom £15 to £1,000, at 5 per cent., to Clergymen, Farmers, Hotel Proprietors, Lo<4ting-bouse Keepers, Trallesmell or to any responsible Person, Male or Female, in Town or Country. Without loan oOwe formalities or bill of sale. Distance no object, and so long as the interest is paitl the capital cau remain. No genuine application re- fused. All communications are treated strictly pri y a.te. -Apply to the actual Lender, H. Harrison, Ksq., 87, York-road, Westminster Briilge-road. London. 1115 1 SOUTH WALES Financial Corporation (Limited) Cash Advances made upon good Approved Secu- rities re-payable by instalments or otherwise.- Philharmonic Chambers, Carailf. John Jenkins, A.C.A. Secretary. U< MONEY LENT AT ONE DAYS NOTICE, From £ 10 to £ 1,000. hy apply to Agents, or so-called Bank and Loan II hy apply to Agents, or so-called Bank and Loan Societies, as you have to pay their fees and commission for introduction, besides a high rate of interest 1 Avoid these expenses by applying direct to the actual leuder, as I am prepared to grant advances privately to responsible persons, male or female, in town or country (distance 110 object), upon prolllisory note alone. No Publicity, Bill of Sale, or Sureties required. Also upon Deeds, Life Policies, and Jewellery a.t 5 per cent. Apply to H. HUNTER, Esq. 130 West- minster Briilge-road, London. P.S—-Advances can re- main out for any length of time, by paying the interest quarterly or half-yearly. 1135 13564 A GENTLEMAN, retired froiu business, and having cash at uis disposal, is open to make temporary Cash Advances from £ LO to ;£:100, in conti. d-nce, to respectable Householders, Farmers, and others who wish to avoid the usual unpleasantness and routine of a Loan Office no sureties asked for, and habitual borrowers need not apply.—Apply by letter only to Win. Andrews, 44, Lower Monk-street, Abergavenny. 1166 MONEY LENT ON NOTE OF HAND Privately by CHARLES H. WHEATLEY, Esq. from ;10 to £5,000. 27, Blooms- bury-street, New Oxford-street, Loudon. ADVANCES MADE WITHOUT SURETIES OR DELAY, ill town 01' country, upon note of hand alone, and to assist persons into business, upon mortgage of furniture, leases machinery, tanning stock, crop.->, shares, jewels, plate, plant, and stock, without re- moval also upon life policies and deeds at 5 per cent. STRICT SECRECY OBSERVKD. N.B.—No genuine application ever refused. All communications strictly private. Prospeet'-ises giving every information, showing all the advantages offered, post free. Having a large surplus capital at command, all advances are granted cheaper than at any other es- tablishment 1Il London, from one to tif .een years. N.B.— If desired, Mr SVheatley will .attend personally at applicant's residence with cash, and carry out tile advance. H62 MONEY LENT WITHOUT BILL OF SALE.—A private gentleman is desirous of making advances upon promissory note alone, at 5 per cent, interest, to male or female, without sureties, and strictly private, for a.ny term not exceeding 10 years.— Apply for prospectus a.nd scale of repayments to G. H. Shove, Esq., 21, John-st., AtIeJphi, London, W.C. 1182 HOUSEHOLDS ITS- GENERALLY And every inscription of TRADESMEN requiring all IMMEDIATE ADVANCE OF CASH FROM £5 TO £500, Without delay antI in strict confiÙence Without Loan Office routine or Preliminary Fees alo without Bill of Sale, but entirely on their own names and security of Promissory Note, or upon lieposit of any Valuable Articles, should lose no time in applying personally or by letter to M" B. ii. £ iksiek 15, BRIDGE STREET NEWPORT. MON. N.B.—This is not a company. Secrecy guaranteed in writing if required, 1100-127 MONEY.—If you want all advance of Cash, from B20 to £2,000, apply to the IMPERIAL DE- POSIT BANK, 18, Adam-street, Strand, London, for ? Prospectus, which will show you at it. glance the exact amount you will have to repay. The trausactioll IS STRICTLY PRIVATE. the only security required by the HaliK being the BORROWER'S OWNT NOTE OF HAND. Advances are made throughout the UNITED KING. DOM to all classes, and distance is no objection. 38C6—1179 ARTHUR SKDG WICK, manager. jaK TO £ 100 LENT WITHOUT DELAY to EVERY CLASS OF HOUSEHOLDER. No Bonds Required. NO INQUIRY FEES. All Business Letters and Interviews treated n STRICTEST CONFIDENCE. Apply, by letter only, Mr J. J. JONES, 11, High-street, 1170 Pontypool. MONEY LENT ON NOTE OF HAND ALONE, IN SUMS FROM £ 20 TO £ 4,000. THE NATIONAL MERCANTILE BANK, BALD WIN-STRE 1ST, BRISTOL. The Direclors of this well-known, old-established Bank are prepared to offer exceptional advantages to all re-pectabie and trustworthy persons who are iu need of temporary assistance. Cash is advanced a.t a Day's Notice, in any part of town or country, without sureties, repayable by ellsy instalments 01' in OJe sum, and on THE BORROWER'S WRITTEN PROMISE TO RE-PAY. Among the advantages ottered by the Bank, the following deserve attention :— THE DESPATCH WITH WHICH LOANS ARE COMPLETED. THE LOW RAAE OK INTEREST CHARGED. COMPLETED. THE LOW RAAE OF INTEREST CHARGED. THE WRITTEN GUARANTEE OF STRICTEST PRIVACY. THE SYSTEM OF SMALL REPAYMENTS EX- TENDING OVER A PERIOD OF TIME CON- VENIENT TO THE BORROWER. THE ABSENCE OF ALL LAW COSTS AND FEES. N.U.No Bills of Sale are taken, amI the transac- Hons are not published in any newspaper or gazette MORTGAGE DEPARTMENT. Advances also made on mortgage or deposit of deeds of property, shares, scrip, polic ies, and reversions at 5 PER CENT. INTEREST. For further particulars apofv, stating amount required, to- 1212 Mr T. C. MILBURN.General Manager £4 ow Ready to be Advanced on good Ð. V vf vf Freehold or Leasehold Property, in sums of £ 100 to £ 10,000 also 011 good personal secu. rity, reversions, annuities, Ac., <&c.—Messrs Hern Financial Agents, 72, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 1049 ^puMicattans. Now Ready. rjlHE ARGOSY for Jx\NUARY. r¡-ÏÏIE AW}08Y-f)JANÜAHY, Now A Ready, containing the Opening Chapters of "THE HOUSE OF HALL!WELL," A Serial Storial by Mrs If IN It Y WUUD, Author of East Lynne." rjlUK ARGOCTY for JANUARY, JSow JL Ready. CONTENTS 1. The House of Halliwell. A Serial story. By Mrs Henry Wood, Author of East Lynue." Chap. I. The Major, II. The Major's Investment. III. The En l of the Day. Iliustratetl Ly M. Ellen Edwards. 2. Third Class. 3.. Sonnet. By Julia Kavanagh. 4." The Night Boat from Boulogne. By Esme Stuart. b. The Milestone. By Sidney-Gruudy. 6. Fair Normandy. By Charles W. Woud, F.R.G.S. With Seven Illustrations. I 7. A Tale of the Tempie. B, One Christmas Eve. I 9. By the Gates of tne Sea Sixpence Monthly. 1375 ltich3:.d_B.eIy_ SUII, 8, New Burlingtou-street, R EAD THE LAW OF PoTuLA- TiON," by Annie Besant. A work designed to induce married people to limit their family within the means of subsistence.—Sent post free by W. H. Rey- nolds, Publisher, New Cross. London, S.E., on receipt of Eight Penny Stamps. 60o ) Jnst Published, for Two Stamps, By J. A. BARNES, M.D. (U.S.). a Treaties, entitled HOW TO ENSURE HEALTH a most vtiluable Book for Young Men, on the Laws Governing Lite, anl the Causes, Symptoms, and of all diseases depending on Nervous De- bility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of tUe Heart, Noises in toe Head and Ears, Impairetl Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassi- tude, ifcc. Sent post free on receipt of Two Stamps. Address — J. A. BARNES, M.D. (U.S.), 1244 48, Lonsdale-square, Thornhill-road, London, N. insurance. rrHl BOILER INSURANCE & STEAM A POWER COMPANY (LIMITED)- ESTABLISHED 1859. For the Insurance and Inspection of Boilers and Engines, and also for the Insurauca oi Workpeople, to meet the Kmploysrs Liability Act. 1830. HYAD OFFICES—67, KING-STREET, MANCHESTER. Branch Uffices -139, Cannon-street, London, E.C., and 2, West Recent-street, Glasgow. j, F. L. CROSLAND, Chief Engineer. PERCIVAL HARTLEY, Secretary. BOILERS.—Insurance against all damage resultin from explosion of boilers cr collapse of flues. Boilers periodically inspected by experienced officers resi- dent in the principal manufacturing towns. Re- ports of the condition of the boilers and mountings sent to the insured after the inspection. ENGINL-S.—Inspection a.nd insurance against damage from breakdown, "ved advice given ou aU matters relating to the economical use of steam power. EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY.—insurance of workpeople, covering ALL RISKS for which the employer is liable under the Employers' Liability Act, 1880. 6172 ELECTRIC LIGHTING! JLU J. C. HOWELL, ELECTRIC LIGHT ENGINEER, LLANELLY. Contractor for the Supply and Fitting-np of ELECTRIC LIGHT APPARATUS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. Sole Agent for South Wales for CROMPTON & CO., LIM. LONDON AND CHELMSFORD. Incandescent and Arc Light Installations for Collieries, Factories, Ships, Houses, &c. ESTIMATES ON APPLICATION. Contracts taken for Transmission of Power to a Distance. Telegrams—" ELECTRIC, LLANELLY, 1126 I KEALL'S AMERICAN MANDRAKE PILLS The great remedy for Bili. MANDRAKE ous and Liver Complaints, PILLS MANDRAKE Indigestion, Piles, & Gravel, PILLS MANDRAKE and the greatest Blood Puri- PILLS MANDRAKE fier of the age. PILLS MANDRAKE TESTIMONIAL. PILLS MANDRAKE Mr Keall, Maindee. PILLS MANDRAKE Sir,—1 consider your Ameri- PILLS MANDRAKE can Mandrake Pills to be the PILLS MANDRAKE greatest success the world has PILLS MANDRAKE ever known.—I am, sir, yours PILLS 'MANDRAKE faithfully, F. H. HEWSON. PILLS MANDRAKE Munday, Chemist, Cardiff. PILLS MANDRAKE Robb, Chemist, Roath Gar- PILLS MANDRAKE rett Brothers. Newport; J.G. PILLS 'MANDRAKE Isaac (late Hayman), Che- PILLS MAKDRAKE mist, Neath; Newberry and PILLS MANDRAKE Son, London. PILI.3- MANDRAKE Proprietor — Mr KEALL, PILLS- MANDRAKE Chemist iSr De.v'iat, 199,Jiigh- PILLS, MANDRAKE street, Swwea. • 8Q75 I'M PILLS pipping llutices. ASFOR C1AROJLF-F AND BORDEAUX /3frrr}\y- Ihe CARDIFF STEAMSHII- COMPANIT'S FIRST-CLASS SCREW STIC AM KKS will sail as follows ;— DORDOGNE_«._i$ordeauj:for Cardiff .Jan. 4 SCHELDT „ ..Cardiff for Bordeaux 1 With poods and passengers. Fcr Rates of freight, & apply to Messrs Jno. Whit- burn and Sons, Agents, 2, Rue Lafayette Bordeaux; and at the Offices of the Company. 61, Mount stuart- square, Cardiff. 1071 9481 HOOPER. CAMPBELL & CO., Managers. rr.,rZ 4 51 JI: IMUAB L INK. oI-rr- ..1-1. UNITED STATES MAIi. .tt^jggLSTKAMBRS. LIVERPOOL TO PniLA DELPHI A EVERY WEDNESDAY. Pas engers and (foods lauded at Philadelphia on the Whart of the Pennsylvania l'ailvoad. The sliovtest and best jonte to the West. For further particulats apply to RICHARDSON SPENCE, & CO., 19 aud P2, Water-street, Liverpool. C. J. CUDHIP, Castle road, Carditf JONRi liuos. and Co., Bute Docks, Cardiff, and at Dock- street, Newport; S. J. DAYIES, 9, Edward-place Cardiff; TILNEY and Co., Abertillery; J. MORGAN. L'ost Office Pontypool J. THOMAS, Tredegar W T. H. AUSTIN, Neath-road, Landore; A. DAVIES 21, Meckaii-streefc, Pontlottyu ELIZABETH DAVIS, 52 Pontmorlai9, Merthyr AUSTIN &; Si MOCKS, Swansea JAMES RORERTS, South Wales Emigration Office Pontypridd; A. H. THOMAS, Cllurch-street, Blaina and W- H. HITCHINGS, Agent, Aberkenfig 1016 MA- L I V E It P 0 0 LAN D BIRKENHEAD. ltEG GLAH STEAM COMMUNICATION '1 he First Class full-powered Steamships of the South !| Wales and Liverpool Steamshio Company, Limited i! "PROSPERO." "LLANEILY," "ORPHEUS," "NIG lit, or other Steamers, are intended to sail as under :— LIVERPOOL & CARDIFF & NEWPORT (MON.). From LIVERPOOL I From CARDIFF (East Side, Nelson Dock), (Liverpool Wharf, W. Dock] :ATlm, DAY do W)m:ŒSDAY TUESDAY & FRIDAY." 1 From Newport day later. LIVERPOOL AND LI.ANELLY. From LIVERPOOL | From LLANELLY (West Side, Trafalgar Dk), (New and Neville Docks\ WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY. I WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY. Favourable rates to 1\Ierthyr, Carmarthen, Burry Port, and inland towns. Apply to the Company, Post Office Chambers, Llane'iy and to Robert Gilchrist ifc Co., 21, Water-street, Liverpool Liverpool Wharf Newport (Mon.) and Consulate Chambers, 53, Bute. road; C,¡ dilL Thrùugl1 rates quoted, and passeners booked to the United States, Mediterranean, Havre, Rouen, &c. Goo(L are oniy carried as per conditions endorsed ou Company's sailing bills. "If inducement offers. 1187 INMAN LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. JL INMAN & INTERNATIONAL STEAMSHIP Co., LTD JIVERPOOL to NEW YORK every WEDNESDAY. Calling at tjueenstown every Thursday. Apply to RICHARDSON, SPENCE, & CO., 22, Water-street, Liverpool or to S. J. Davies, 9, Edward's-place,, Cardiff; T. C. Howe and Co., Steamship Brokers, Cardiff; C. J. Cudlipp, Castle-road, Cardiff O. P. Edmunds, Post Office, Caerphilly; C. 11. Perkins, 17, Somerset-place, Swansea Austin & Silcock's. Swansea; T. 11. Austin, Neath, road, Landore D. S. Thomas, British School, Llandovery; Josiah Davies, Great Western House, Lllanelly H. Lewis, Old Market-street, Neath; '■ D. L. Jones, Bookseller, 23, Villiers-street, Britou A Ferry J.Roberts. Pontypridd. 1141 V THE NEW ZEALAND AND AUSTRALIA, Xl VIA TENERIFFE, CAPE TOWN, & HOBART. SHORTEST TROPICAL PASSAGE. ROYAL MAIL SERVICE, Under Contract with the Government of New Zealand* THE NEW ZEALAND SHIPPING COMPANY (LIMITED), will despatch their Magnificent Full-powered Steamers, RUAPEHU 4,163 tons, from LONDON Jan. S KAIKOURA, 4,474 tons, from LONDON Feb. 6 Leaving Plymouth two days later. Cheap return tickets. Best accommodatiClIJ for all classes, and superior deck State-rooms. Full information to be obtained of the Company's Agents. TYSElt & CO., 138, Leauenhall-street, London. E.G. 1353 DOMINION LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS.—S.S. SARNIA, OREGON, and VAN. COUVER have saloons allll staterooms ami,hhip5. SHORTEST ROUTE to CANADA aud WESTERN STATES. Lowest inland fare. Free farms of 16C acres of fertile land. SAILING from LIVERPOOL WEEKLY, and fro n BRISTOL FORTNIGHTLY. The steamers of this line are replete with eYer, modern comfort. Cabin Fares from 10 to 15 guineas 2nd Cabin, £ 8; Intermediate, 6 guineas Steerage, £ 4. Apply to Fliun, Main, and Montgomery, Liver- pool and Bristol; S. J. Davies, 9, Edward-place, Crockherbtown; Charles Elm, 18, Mountstuart-square; Bute Docks, Cardiff or to James Roberis, Emigra- tion Agent, Pontypridd. 10J6 £ /VR A MERICA, 70S^ CANADA^ .ii. 8Cs SOUTH At RICA, £ 12 12s •• AUSTRALIA. £ 12 12s r and LOWES'! ^■^S^^SS^fares quoted to NEW ZEALAND, Tas- mania, Patagonia. &;c. Agent for P. and O. Co., Orient Line. and all Royai IIlail Lines to any part of the worid. Write in WELSH or ENGLISH for informa- tion tn J, Robert-, Graig Po-i, Ottiie (close to Taff Vale Railway Station), Pontypridd. Send stamped envelvp for rep!y,-Agent for the Merthyr and Dowlais Buildiug Society. Lo),¡,n granted. 1117 miCKii/RS for AMERICA, CANADA, JL AUSTRALIA, INDIA, CHINA, BUENOS AYRES, BERMUDA, THE CAPE, etc.. can be had of the Authorised Agent of all ROYAL MAlt STEAMERS, Mr S. J. DAVIES, 9, Edward-place, ne.)rT.V.R. Station. Cardiff. 467 AND O.— ORIENT AND UNION LINES. —Official Booking Office, 9, Edward' place, Cardiff—S. J. Davies, Agent. 468 hotels. THE J)0R0THY CAFB IS NOW OPEN FOR THE SALE OF CONFECTIONS, AFTERNOON rjlEAS, LUNCHEONS, JJIRENCH "JGIREAD AND CAKES. HIGH OTREET, CARDIFF. 51 125? MUMBLES. LANGLAND BAY HOTEL, NEAR jLj SWANSEA. THE MENTONE OF WALES. The sheltered position of Langland Bay, with its southern aspect and balmy air, which entitle it to be called the Mentoue of Wales, renders it a most desirable Winter Itesi(}nce. Strongly recommended by Members of the Medical Profession. For tariff, carriages, Ac., address 1226 THE MANAGER. DINNERS, 21 and 22, Broadmead. Plain Tea, od; or Breakfast, Meat and Bread, 4d. Good Beds, Is and I< Ml. 1181 G. A. ST0KE c°" COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS EVERY REQUISITE FOR FUNERALS OF ALL CLASSES. Proprietors oi Cars, llear8es, Sheilibiers, superb Flemish Horses, Coaches, Broug hams, and every necesari equipment for Funerals. PRICE LIST ON APPLICATION. ———— 1108 10, 11, & 12, WORKING STREET, CARDIFF. THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER MHOMPSON'S BURDOCK PILLS over- -1 cOlDethe worst forms of diseases, and the fouiesr. state of t'uebloou, stomach liver, and kidneys they go tos he core oi every disease, waere no other medicines hate Dower to reach. The GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER cures the following cOluD;aints :-Indi,gestion, or wind in the stomach or bowels giddiness in the head, dimness oi sighs weak or sore eyes. lossci memory, palpitation of the heart, liver and bilious obstructions, 3.8tnm< or .iÍ1r.ness in the cilesc rheumatics, lumiJa.go, piles, ra. yei, pains in the back, scurvy, bad legs bad breas¡¡, sore" ¡¡hroa.¡¡, sora heaus and sores of all descriptions, burns, wounds, oc white sweiiings, scrofuia, or king's evil, gathering! tumours or cancers, pimles or blotches on the iace and botiy, swelled feet or legs, scabs and itciJ, erysipelas jaundice, and droosy, and feverg of ail kinds In boxes at lid and 2s 8d each, soid by moss- Chemists, or from the Burdock Pill .\bI1Uiac:;ori! Oxford-street. sw;i.ns"i. 1004 INDIGESTION.—The MEDICAL REr JL FORM SOCIETY will send FREE to all applicantt an excellent BOTANIC CURE for Indigestion, Hilioug and Liver Complaints.—Address The S KCRETARY; BOTANIC INSTITUTE, NOTTINGHAM. 890 FOS'I'AL DELIVERY OF THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS, The Proprietors of the SOUTH WALKS DULY NEW beg to announce that by a special concession of th< Postal Authorities they are enabled to despatch their First Edition each morning by the Mails leaving CardiQ 2.3C a.m and 3.4b a.m. Country Subscribers residing witttin the limits of GLAMORGANSHIRE, CARMARTHENSHIRE PEMBROKESHIRE, CARDIGANSHIRE, As -en as those portions of BRKCONSHIRK and MONMOUTHSHIRE comprised within the Tredepu a.nd Rhymney Valley Postal Districts, may now have ce SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS aelivered aC their resi dences daily by the same cost as that which co eya their London letters London and West of England subscribers receivc tueir papers on be afternoon of publication The S'HCONI EDITION of the SOUTH WALES DAILT NEWS is forwarded, prepaid, to residents of the foUow. ing and all other places within the Cardiff Postal District in time for the first morning delivery :— Pencoea Courtyralla Castletown St. Fagau's I Sully I Miuhaelstn-leVed^ S Brides-sup. Ely Dinas Powis Marshfield St. Njcboias Cadoxton Penarth Bonviiatone Barry Llanuough Peterstone Caerphilly Lisvane Llandaff Beu was Llanishen Raayr Ystrad Mynach Whitchurch Llandaff Beu was Llanishen Raayr Ystrad Mynach Whitchurch Morganatown Pwllypant Taffs Well Meiineriinth St. Mellon's Tongwyniais Pentyrch Cefn Mably Walnut Tree Bridg/ St Andrew s PIClt QUARTER, POST-FRER 0 9 PER HALF-YEAR 019 6 PER. YEAR — 119 0 oVTJi WALES DAILY NEWS OFFICES 105,' St. MA.rv.Qt1'eet. (IL1'd;ii'- CÁRDIFF ADVERTISING, BILL' VY/ POSTIKG, AND CIRCULAR DISTRIBUTING COMPANY (LIMITED). OFFICES CASTLE CHAMBERS, ZI, CASTLE-ST] CARDIFF. SECRETARY FRANK H SIMPSON. Best Perja&nbuo Posting Stations iD, Cardill- Neighbourhood Contractors all deacr p ions*«« «Adw-tWinCiCjiK»i»r Distributing Ac,' C 99* CASF^ROENFIPRONMI* AITENIWK'