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c- ALLSOPJP & SONS, v 0$\. BASS & CU., and others -(y'X of the finest BURT0N PRICKS ALES Per Per vO\ Kilderkin Firkin X,cN&},> 18s 9s rf\ 21s 10a 6d 24a 128 0\^ And upward* 1C30 X. bu Ruction. AUCTION APPOINTMENTS. Mr W. BRADLEY. Household Furniture, at Cardiff ••• Jan Mr F. G. GOUGU. „ Hotel and Premises, at Swansea y ? Tin-plate Shares, at Swansea Jan. Messrs GOTTWALTZ & BOWBING. Hunter3, &c.. at Cardiff "J.;™ IT Pair Carriage Horses, at Cardiff Lost Property, <cfc., at Cardiff Ib Household furniture, at Cardiff. •• —Jan. U Messrs W. and S, HKKiN- !j Furniture, &c.. at Cardiff Jan- 13 Properties, at Woodville-road, Cardiff. Jan. 13 Household Furniture, at Whitchurch. Jan. 35 Property in Craddock-street, at Cardiff .Jan. 27 Property in Oaktield.street, at Cardiff Feb. 10 Two Cottages, at Cardiff ..March 10 Mr LATTY. Horses, Ac., at Cardiff Jan. 4 Messrs JOHN M. LEEDER and SON. Household Furniture and Effects, at Mumbles.. Tail. 7 Household Furniture, dc., at Swansea Jan. 9 Messrs J- G. MADDOX & CO. Furniture, at St. John's-square. Cardiff Jan. 4 Baskets, at St. John's-square, Cardiff Jan. 4 Clearance Sale of Furniture, at Rooms Jan. ? Mr THOMAS PARRY. Leasehold Properties, at Newport.Jan. 14 Messrs STEPHENSON and ALEXANDER Valuable Plant, &c., at Lydbrook Jan. 4 Cows, Bullocks, and Sheep, at Cardiff .Jan. 7 Share in Coal Colliery, at Pontypridd Mr JO UN THOMAS. Fat Stock. Horses, &c., at St. George's Jan. 13 + SHORT NOTICE OF SALE. PENGAM FAHM. ROATH. CARDIFF. UNRESERVEO SALE OF EXCELLENT MILKING COWS AND FAT STOCK. MESSRS STEPHENSON and ALEX- ..1.: ANDER are instructed by Mr Thomas Williams, who is giving up his Milking Herd, to SELL by AUCTION, without reserve, at this farm, on TUESDAY, the 7th January, 189)- 24 PRIME SHORTHORN MILKING COWS and TWO JERSEY COWS, all in and wita calf, and which have been at different times selected by the owner for the milking business also 20 PRIME FAT BULLOCKS and 200 CROSS BRED and RADNOR PRIME FAT SHEEP. Luncheon by tickets at 12 o'clock. Sale at One prompt. Further particulars in catalogues, which may he had upon application to the Auctioneers, 5. High- etreet. Cardiff. 1307 44, BROOK TERRACK, RIVERSIDE, CARDIFF. SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. MESSRS W. and S. HERN will SELL .1.11 by AUCTION, at 44. Brook-tcrrace, Riverside, Cardiff, on MONDAY, the 13th January, 1890, at 1.3u p.m., FURNITURE, removed from the Dumfries Hotel, consisting of 9 dressing tables, 5 washstands. 6 towel rails, 5 toilet glasses, bedsteads, a quantity of carpet also, by order of executors, handsome covered oak sideboard, inlaid oak chairs, capital mahogany dining table; valuable oil paintin"s,includinp," .tFrancis," "Scotch Terriers" by Earnsha>v,&c..two water-colours by Hardy; a quan- tity of books, including 4 vols. Gallery of Nature and Alt," "Lord Dudley's Letters," &c.; also an assortment of furniture, sold for rent, including chest of drawers, wa-hstands, tables, easy chairs, &c., &c. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, 72, St Mary-street, Cardiff. 1368 WOODVILLE-ROAD, CATHAYS, CARDIFF. ME8SRS W. S. HE IlN have received .1. instructions to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Royal Hotel, Cardiff, on MONDAY, the 13th of January, 1890, at Seven o'clock p.m, the following valuable LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES, Subject to Conditions of Sale to be then and there read, and in the following or such other lot or lots as may be then stated, namely LOT 1.—All that well-built and commodious DWEL. LING-HOUSE, being No. 1C3, Woodville-road, Cardiff, roducing the yeady rent of £ 2b, and bld for the same term and at same ground rent as Lot 2. LOT 2.—All that well-built amI commodious DWKL- LING-HOUSE, being No. 107, Woodville-road, Cardiff. producing the yearly rental of S25 held for the same term anù at same gruuntlrellt as Lot 4. For farther particulars, app!y D. Robert Xewis, Solicitor, Merthyr Tydfil. 9751 THE COTTAGE, WHITCHURCH, NEAR CARDIFF. By Order of the Executors of Mrs Win tone. Deceased (Relict of the late Alderman Winstone). SALE OF WELL-PRESERVED. SUBSTANTIAL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Being the Contents of the Residence. MESSRS W. and S. HERN will SELL by AUCTION, on the Premises, on WEDNES- DAY, the 15th day of January, lt90, at Eleven a.m., the whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, comprising capital mahogany sideboard with plate- glass back, mahogany dining table, Brussels carpet, rugs, &c.; drawing-room suite in walnut aud green rep, Brussels carpet, Persian rug, mats, <fcc. occasional chairs in I'osewood, antique fauteuil, inlaid and richly carved occasional tables, walnut cluffonniere, cottage pianofort iJ.1 w[\1nut, music stOol, bandsom pier-glass with massive and richly-gilt frame, damask curtains, etc., ete. 'lhe contents of five bedrooms, in- cluding excellent mahogany break-front wardrobe, 7 x 7, with centre plate panel, drawers, trays, and hanging; Wings chests of drawers, washstands, toilet tables and glasses, bedsteads, feather beds. linen, etc.. etc.; Tbe appointments of the hall and staircase. A nollectiol1 of OLD CHINA, some fine old OIL PAINTINGS, by Wilson and other artists of merit; electro-plated tea a.nd coffee services, electro-plate, cutlery, etc.. etc. The kitchen and culinary requisites, capital small cart, wheelbarrow, garden tools, frames, contents of green. houae,etc.,etc. Further particulars in future advertisements and Catalogues, and of the Auctioneers, 72, St. Mary-stieet, Cardiff. 1415 lb4, CRADDCCK-STREET, CARDIFF. MESSRS W. and S. HURN will SELL JUJL. by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Royal Hotel, Cardiff, on MONDAY, the 27th January, 18S0, at 7; p.m., 154, CRADDOuK-SXRKET, CARDIFF. Convenient well-built bouse. For further particulars apply to the Auctioueer&&752 2o, OAKFIELD-STREET, ROATH. Well-built, conveniently-arranged SEMI-DETACHED VILLA, containing b bedrooms, hot and cold feath, good garden. Ground rent, Earlv possession. TV/fESSRS W. and S. HERN will SELL -LTJL the above at the Royal Hotel, Cardiff, on MONDAY, the 10th February, 1890, at 7 p.m. 9744 JOHN STREET, ROATH—COTTAGE PROPERTY. MESSRS W. and S. HERN will SELL by AUCTION at the Royal Hotel, on MON- DAY the 10th March, 1890, at 7 p.m., TWO COTTAGES to John-street, Roath. Further particulars infotme advertisements. 1416 ALE THIS DAY. ON SATURDAY NEXT, JANUARY qTU, 1890. SALE of HORSES, COBS, and PONIES, Ac., at LATTY S Repository, Cardiff. Particulars OP Friday. Early Entries respectfully solicited. 32 MThe Model Auction Mart, North-road, Cardiff. R W. BRADLEY will SELL by AUC- TION on MONDAY. January 6th, a large quantity of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, blacksmiths #°'B, anvil, bellows, Abyssinian pumping gear, &c. at two o'clock. 7b J. JJEATH & gOMS, Sl. QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF, iftespectfully beg to inform their numerous patrons and the public generally tha(. thgy hJe OPENED A BRANCH AT TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD. The Entire New Stock of PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, &<J. contain all the very latest patents ana i«npro,emehte V LIBERAL DISCOUNT allowed for Casb or mav be had on the ur ONE, TWO, Oil THREE YEARS' St. Also a Stock of VIOLINS, BANJOS, GUITARS, MANDOLINS, and all kinds of Musical Instruments. All the sweat Music, Tutors, &1:. IUh>!thafld «CatalogUesand terms for the H^System may be had on appu^ 943^5-1065 QEORGE'S A mIrTellouTRPIEDV ç FOR Cone* IT C°UGBS, COLDSJiRON'CHIfIS, Wh ASTHMA, AC. tat n °kher things fail, get a bottle, tat n other things fail, get a bottle, B. r o i nr re..?. Recording to directions, and ALoAM. f'iendg^8 ,volu'er^u' power to your QMS*? Contain E SAFEST XNF ANTS' S5 £ £ and othK* ,'ts> Measles. Scarlatina, Pnwni?Dc. and „„ .a^me»ts, they are a sure DERS h!o ,sPeci^c. A mother's IN p5^cU?mf°rt. 1267 NotT^u^r^ N^pACKEi.-S, Is I4d EACH. 8AMAM*' BLAMORGANSHIRF. RHONDDA VALLEY, IV E r i31 OFFICE ^Nri^R^i^^NEWS/' ADVERTISEMENTS &.m. will secure insertion UP to Seven o'clock &e DAILY NEWS.' J10*6 morning's issue of fgents stimates given for Advertise- ORDERS from NEWsagrmtq » n attention, and be execttted ^„S HUI P'o™P6 lom the Cblet Office. WW same terms tw ales by Ruction. JANUARY STUD SALE. ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 11TH, 1890, GOTTWALTZ & BOWRING ^ELL by AUCTION, on the above date, at the Horse 'change. Cardiff. HUNTE1, S. HARNESS HORSES, COBS. AND PONIES. A PAIR 01 BROWN CARRIAGE HORSES. All entries froll Sir Morgan Murgan, F.C. Brown. Esq., R. E. Sp >ncer, Esq., L. Thomas, Esq., 1'. Williams, Esq., Meut. Kirk, F. Bond, Esq., Messrs Lewis, Jenkins. Powell, and others. Further entries 81 ould be made at once. Catalogues may h;id of the Auctioneers. 1358 ON SATURDAY, 11TH JANUARY, 1890. SALE OF A PAIl' OF VAI.UABLE BROWN CARR1 XOE HORSES. MESSRSGOTXWALrZ & BOWRING will ELL by A JCTION, at, the Horse Ex- change, Cardiff, on SATO IDA Y, lltb January, 1890. the following „ ^A1R CARRI, GE HORSES. (') nla,1. Krown Gelding, 6 years, (2) Dark Brown beitiing, o years. A goo 1 match, go perfectly in single and double harness are good hunters, quiet to rule, and do not mind sfani or trams. 1417 ON THURSDAY. 16TH JANUARY. SALE OF LOST PRC PERTY. IVTESSRS GOTTWALTZ & BOWRING have received instructions 'rom Mr William McKenzie. Head Constable, to SELL by AUCTION, at the Town-hall, Westgate-street, Card, ff, on THURS- DAY, 16th January, 1890, at 11 o'clock. '.he LOST AND UNCLAIMED PROPERTY, Comprising seven watches, gold bracelet, v-d and silver chains, scarf pins, clar cases, silver spoons, revolvers, two carriage clocks, electro-plate tea and coffee services, umbrellas, walking sticks, and whips, spirit level, two coils electric wire, quantity of wearing apparel, and 60 BARRELS OF BEER and empty casks. Further particulars may be had of the Head Con- stable, or of the Auctioneers. 1418 ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 17th, 1890. SUBSTANTIAL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. REMOVED FROM BRADENHAM-PLACE, PENARTH, AND OTHERWISE. NEW COTTAGE PIANOFORTE BY NIEDER. MAYER, PICTURES, BOOKS, AND OTHER EFFECTS. MESSRS GOTTWALTZ & BOWRING will SELL by AUCTION, at their Salerooms, 11, High-street, Cardiff, on FRIDAY, 17th January, 1890, at 11 o'clock. 408 LOTS SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, comprising handsome walnut BEDROOM SUITE, with large-sizs wardrobe and elegant toilet tables, four bed- room. suite* III mahogany, birch, aNI paiutea WOOlÍ, brass and other betlsteaus, with spring mattress and hair overlays, by Maple and Co., bedroom and stair carpets, a beautiful walnut DRAWING-ROOM SUITE, covered in silk tapestry ana plush tables and occasional chairs, AM ELEGANT WALNUT CIIEFFIONERE, with hieh plate- glass back cabinet ornaments, A FULL-COMPASS COTTAGE PIANOFORTE (by NIEDERMAVER), i" hand- some walnut case music cabinet and stool, HAND- SOME ORNAMENTS, WILTON AND BEST BRUSSELS CARPETS, a FIRSR-CT.ASS walnut DINING-ROOM SUITE. in morocco a handsome SIDE- BOARD, walnut DINING TARLK., m ilioiiany bookcase, a superior MAHOGANY DINING ROOM SUITE, covered in leather and brass studded mahogany dining table. oak sideboard, sitting-room furniture, hall fittings, 50 OIL PAINTINGS, table glass, electro-plated articles, kitchen effects, and miscellanies. ON VIEW DAY PRIOR TO SALE. Catalogues may be had of the Auctioneers. 3 519 SALE THIS DAY TO UPHOLSTERERS, FURNITURE DEALERS, BASK EX-MAKE RS, THE TRADES. PRIVATE FAMILIES, AND OTHERS. No 7, ST. JOHN'S-SQUARE, CARDIFF. On SATURDAY, JAN. 4tb, 1890, Commencing at 12 o'olock Noon precisely. IVf ESSRS J. G. MADDOX and CO. -i-vJL are instructed to SELL by PUBLIC AUC- TION, without reserve, upon the Premises as above, on JANUARY the 2nd and 3rd. 1890. the whole of the STOCK-IN-TRADE of Mr Thomas Davijs, Cabinet Maker and Basket Manufacturer, comprising a number of mahogany and walnut liining and drawing room suites upholstered in leathers and velvets, lIJauogany oak ami walnut 6ft. and 4fc. sideboards, chetfoniers and cabinets, maho- gany 8ft and 6ft dining and other tables,black and gold and gilt pier and chimney glasses, mahogany book. cases, couches in cloth and hair, easy and small chairs in ditto, wall brackets, poles and lings, octagon tables and whatnots. Child's patent nursery chairs,coal vases, fenders and irons, mahogany hall stands, oak hall chairs, screens, ash and painted bedroom suites, mahogany, birch, walnut, and painted toilets, with wardrobes, chest of drawers, and rails to match, com- modes and pedestals, toilet classes, iron and brass bed- steads, children's cots. spring and wool mattresses, pal- liasses, feather and millpuff, and ticking for ditto., a large quantity of cane-seated chairs, ditto Windsor and other chair, rocking, office, and easy Üftto,. &c., perambulators, sets of chamber ware, oleographs and chromos, and an immense quantity of a general assort- ment of a basket-maker's stock-in-trade, &c., &c, A large quantity of walnut, mahogany, am] otber hard wocd slabs, picture frame moulding, &c., &c. On view morning of sale. There will be no reserve. Further particulars may be had of the Auctioneers, at their Offices and Salerooms, 25, Duke-street, Cardiff. 1558 DUICE-STREET AUCTION ROOMS, CARDIFF. MESSRS J. G. MADDOX & co. win SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION on TUESDAY. January 7th, 1890, wheu animmense Collection of Superior HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS will be sold witholt lteserve tv cove advances. The Stock comprises e xcellent suites IJl mahogany, walnut, and oak, with sideboards and cabinets, and glasses of various sizes to match, dining and other tables, walnut bedroom suites complete, ducheS8b toilettes with wardrobes, chests of drawers, and towel rails en suite; hall and kitchen furniture and numerous other sundries. Owing to the numerous lots the Sale will commence at Two o'clock precisely. On View Morning of Sale. 1111 -J' Hales Iig fetter. GLAMORGANSIRE. PENTYRCH, 10 TIMBER MERCHANTS. COLLIERY PRO- PRIETORS, AND OTHERS. TENDERS are invited for the PURCHASE of the following very valuable COPPICE WOODS and TIM- BER TitEES, the property of E. Rhys Wingtield, Esq. Lor ?.—On about 35 acres, forming part of Craig Gwilym Wood and cl.ise adjoining the Barry Railway, bounded '.11 the west anù north by tho Heudreysguthan Estate of Sir Morgan Morgan, on the ease by the Craig Gwilym Farm, and on the south by a. new plantation, and consists of 735 oak, 6 ash, 4 beech, and 1 sycamore timber trees, larch poles, pitwood, cog- wood, cordwood, and hurdle stuff. tor 2.—On about 18 Acres, forming part of Graig Wood (Tyn-y-coed), bounded on the north and east by the road leading from Pentyrch towards the Caesar's Arms Public-house, on the south by Maesteg Farm, °n t'le west by the Railway, and consists of l-o oak, 14 ash, and 1 beech timber trees, pitwood, °°Acor(|v''u°d, and hurdle stuff. All I'mber Trees in the above lots are marked and numbered with white paint all standards are re- setvedbythe landowner and excluded trom the lots, and marked with red paint. For view of the woods apply to Mr Evan John, Pen. twyn, PentyrCh, Carditr. n" ?, t0 be sent to R. A. Warren, Esq., 99, Oreat Ru-,sell.street, London, W.C., not later than the ISth day of January, ]890. C.ONDlTJONS.-Payment on acceptance of tender, less a frniin/i't1 c,unt-« or by approved bills at three months^ Ground to be cleared by 25th March, 1891. lhe h any tender will not necessarily be accepted. 1398—13999 altS JJrttiate ffiautract. F- OR SAL) _BY RIV ATE TREATY" JL with immediate possession THE VULCAN SX^{^VORKS, &ROW-IN- The above Works stand on 11 'acres of freeh0ld land and are in direct commumcation wHb the Furness Railway and the Docks. They comprise Bessemer Plant, S:emen«' Pilnt Forge, Foundry, Tyre and and Fitting Shops, Steel-casting Shop, and large Waggon- building Shops. sfe"" l or further particulars and plans apply to William Grundy and Son, 54, John Dalton-strp«t- Manchester; Mr E. Lawson Barnes, Ramsrlen square, Barrow-in-Furness Mr C. F. Preston, Solicitor B-jrrow-iu-Furness. 1409 THE SIMPLE TRUTH AGAIN. That is, that GRACI5, CHAVE&CO., of 88, Adam-street, Cardiff, have the largest, nicest, purest, prettiest, aud cheapest stock of Christmas Sweets and Fancies in the world "in fact.Barnum's Show is not in it.' We have made birds, beasts, and fishes to choose from. all guaranteed pure sugar and harmless colours, elegaut desigus, and wonderfully got up, making a showy window, ani bound to bring shop- keepers many buyers. Prices will leave the purchaser a Xmas profit, besides their having goods to choose from never offered to the public before. Carriage paid on S2 and upward*. Before buy. ing elsewhere come or seud to GRACE, CRAVE & CO., MANUFACTURING CONFECTIONERS, 88, ADAM STREET, CARDIFF, Who are the Friends of the Public. 117 1243 ly^^ME OINTMENT. TT. old tried o«tJnent is confidentially recommended as ^Ivirhilar swfinil? SUccessful remedy for scurvy.scrofula ria"(^a hea i "gh3,' ringworm, old wounds, ulcerated fii*' Notches on the face and body, St. Anthony urns, chilblains, bruises, piles, fistula,ate IrnU^ons, &c- xt will soon heal up the most obstinaterupitions of the skin of every kind. Please ^iri^ Label on each pot. -\TO NAME PILLS. _i3! For sci'oiula. scurvy uicerated ]eg3i erysipelas blotches on the 'P^ons on the body, piles fistula, glandular swellings, &c., &c. y' p They may be taken by of either sex, are tonic and invigorating, ana, acting upon the secretions, they are a truly valuable blood Purifier, and may be' used in conjunction with tne x>o Name' Ointment in any of the above diseases. Sold in pots and boxes by all chemists, price 7id, is lAd and 2s 9d each. No Family should be without them. SOLE PROPRIETOR — J WHITEHOUSE, 194 DER1TEND. BIRMINGHAM. 6686 ONE BOX OF CLARKE'S B aflplLLS is warranted to cure all discharges from the Urinary Organsineither sex(acquired or constitutional), Gravel, and Pains in the Back. Guaranteed free from Mercury. Sold in Boxes, 4s 6d each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the World or sent to any address for sixty stamps by the Makers, The Lincoln AND Midland Company ILWCOLB. JOFTF jlales htt ÀttdíO'n. RUSSELL HOUSE, CASTLETON, MUMBLES, NEAR SWANSEA. IMPORTANT SALE OF HOUSEHOLD AND SCHOOL FURNITURE, BOOKS, ELECTRO. PLATE, MESSRS JOHN M. LEEDER and SON have received instructions to SELL by AUCTION, at the above House, on TUESDAY, January 7, 1890, the whole of the well-kept Household and other FURNITURE, & c.. comprising the contents of the drawing, breakfast, dining, and school rooms, ten bedrooms, kitchens, and offices, tull detailed particulars of which may be ob- tained from the catalogues (free on application). Sale to C()!!1mence at 11 o'clock in the forenoon. Goods may be viewed Monday, January 6th, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Trams leave Gower-street for the Mumbles at 9.37 and 11.27 a.m., and from Rutland-street three minutes later. For catalogues and full particulars apply to the Auctioneers, at their Offices, Goat-street, Swansea. 1336 IMPORTANT SALE OF HIGH-CLASS HOUSE. HOLD FURNITURE AND OTHER EFFECTS. MR JOHN M. LEEDER and SON have r.ceived instructions from a gentleman who is leaves Swansea to SELL, at the Swansea Auction lloor.s, on THURSDAY, January 9th, 1890, a quan- tity of well-kept HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE! and other Effects, removed for convenience of sale, and comprising the contents of dining, drawing, and break- fast rooms, four bedrooms, kitchens, and offices, together with a miscellaneous assortment of other goods, full particulars of which may be obtained from tbe catalogues, free on application. Sale to commence at 11.30 a.m. Auctioneers' Offices, Goat-street, Swansea. 1420 SWANSEA. TO BREWERS, HOTEL-KEEPERS, INVESTORS, AND OTHERS. SALE OF A LEASEHOLD HOTEL. MR F. G. GOUGU have been favoured with instructions to SEl,Lby PUBLIC AUC- TION at the Mackworth Arms Hotel, on TUESDAY, January 7th, 1t90 (subject to such conditions as shall be then read), all that well-frequented double-licensed HOTEL AND PREMISES, known as the Anteiope Hotel.' Most centrally and charmingly situated at the Mumbles, near Swansea aforesaid. The Premises are held under lease for II. term of which upwards of 42 years are unexpired, subject to an Annual Rental of £30, Early possession may be had. Sale to commence at 4 p.m. Fur further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, No. 13, Murray.street. Llanelly. 1340 SWANSEA. TO TIN PLATE MANUFACTURERS, CAPI- TALISTS, AND OTHERS. IMPORTANT SALE OF SHARES. MR F. G. GODGrH has been favoured with instructions to SELL by PUBLIC AUC- TION, at the Mackworth Arms Hotel. Swansea, on '1 UESDAY, the 7th of January, 1890 (subject to such condititions as shall be then read, and in such lots as may be arranged), 225 SHARES in the Hendy Tin-plate Company, Pontardulais (Messrs Edmnnd Boughton and Co" Limited), upon which Shares £8 each has been paid. The Company kbve hitherto paid substantial divi- dends. The Works are well arr<1.uged and conveniently situated, havin direct railway communication with Swansea, Llanelly, the North, Itc. Sale to commence at 4 p.m. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, 13, Murray-street, Llanelly or to Messrs Matthews, Smith, and James, Solicitors, 29, Waterloo-street, Birmingham. 1339 Cantors attii Contracts. rpOBUI L DERS. The COMMISSIONERS of H.M. WORKS and PUBLIC BUILDINGS are prepared to receive TENDERS for the ENLARGEMENT of the CROWN POST-OFFICE at Cardiff. Drawings, specifications, and a copy of the conditions and form of contract may be seen on application to the Postmaster at Cardiff. Forms of Tender and Bills of Quantities may bs ob- tained at the undermentioned Office, on payment of tile sum of One Guineu. The sum so paid will be reo turned to those persons who send in tenders in con. formity with the conditions specified below. The Commissioners do not hold themselves respon- sible for the accuracy of the quantities, which must be verified by the persons desirous of tendering nor do the Commissioners bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. Tenders are to be deliveriJd before Twelve o'clock noon on TUESDAY, the 21st day of January, 1890, ad- dressed to the Secretary, H.M. Office of Works, dcc., 12. Whitehall-place, London, S.W., and endorsed Tender for Cardiff Post-office Enlargement." H. W. PRIMROSE, Secretary. H.M. Office of Works, &c., 27th December, 1889. 1410 GltEAT WESTERN RAILWAY. The Directors of this Company are prepared to receive TENDERS for the supply of WROUGHT IRON GIRDERS, about 46 Tons, required in the reconstruction-of a Bride near Llanfihangel Station. Plans and Specification may be seen, and Forms of Tender obtained at the Office of the Engineer, at the Newport Station, Mon. Tenders addressed to the undersigned, and marked outside" Tenders for Girders," will be received on or before Tuesday, the 14th instant. The DirEctors do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. J. D. HIGGINS, Secretary. Paddington Station, London, 1st January, 1890. 1405 GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. The Directors of this Company are prepared to receive TENDERS for the supply of WROUGHT IRON FLOORING, about b9 tons, required in the reconstruction of two Bridges at Lawrence-hill and Easton-road, Bristol. Plans and Specifications may be seen. and Forms of Tender obtained, at the Office of the Engineer, at the Newport Station, Mon, Tenders addressed to the undersigned, and marked outside "Tender for Flooring," will be received on or before Tuesday the 14th instant. The Directors do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. J. D. HIGGINS, Secretary. Paddington Station, London, 1st January, 1S90. 1406 IOUNTAIN ASH LOCAL BOARD. TO CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS. NOTICE IS HERIBY GIVEN, that the Mountain Ash Local Hoard are prepared to receive TENDERS for RE-FORMING and IMPROVING ROBERT- STREh.T, YNYSYBWL. Plans and Specification may be seen, and Forms of Tender obtained, by applyin at the office of tbe Surveyor of the Board on and after Ihursday, the 9th day of January, 1890. Tenders to be prepaid and endorsed, Tender for Robert-street Improvements," to be in by 1 o'clock on Monday, the 20th day of January next. The Board do not bind tbemselves to accept the lowest or any tender, By order, H. P. LINTON, Clerk to the Board. Town-hall, Mountain Ash, 2nd January, ]890. 1408 BLAINA INDUSTRIAL CO- -iD OPERATIVE SOCIETY, LIMITED. TENDERS are Invitedfor BE-BUILDING SHOPS, &c, at Abertillery for the above Society. Plans and Specifications can be seen with Mr James McBean, Surveyor, Abertillery. Sealed tenders to be sent in on or before January 16th, 1890, addressed to Biaina, en- doraed "Tenders" for Building." The Committee do not bind themselves to accept the lowasc or any tender. TOM DREW, Secretary. Blaina, Mon., December 27, lS89, 1326 3pr0p £ rii_T, &r.. to 3rt!. TO BE LET, with possession 25th March, 1890, the LONDON HOUSE HOTEL, SHOP, LAND, and PREMISE* comprising a large and com- modious dwelling-hou* bar, aud bhop, with the necessary stabling, yard. store-houses, and other con. veniences, and 17 acres of well-cultivated land. The Premises have a frontage of 70 feet, and are the centre of the now most successful Crymmych Monthly Markets, and immediately adjoining the Railway Station It commands a good agricultural and com- mercial posting district.. Goodwill moderate. It affords a rare opportunity for a business man. For further particulars apply to the owner. James James, London House, Crymmych; or to air John Rees, Tegryn, Llanfyrnach, R.S.O., to whom tenders are to be sent in by the 5th February TO BREWERS AND OTHEliS. MERTHYR TYDFIL. DOUBLE-LICENSED HOUSE. npo BE LET BY PUBLIC AUCTION, J- THE SITE," containing an area of 277 square yards or thereabouts of the Full Licensed House known as THE BRITANNIA INN, Plymouth-street, Merthyr Tydtil, together with the License of the Premises. The House is to be rebuilt by the highest bidder, who will be entitled to a 99 years' Building Lease, at the ground rent to be determined at the Auction, which is to take place at the Crown Inn, High-street, Merthyr Tydtil, on WEDNESDAY, the 8th January, 1890. at Seven o'clock p.m.. and is to be subject to the Conditions to be then and there produced. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, Mr Henry Lewis, 2, Castle-street, Merthyr Tydtll; or to the Lessors' Solicitors, Messrs GWILYM and CHARLES JAMES, 62 and ó3, High-street, 1310 t—<i>jertbyrTydfi^ ^yyooLS s ^^OOLS WOOLS NOW OPEN, jpENDLESTON j^/JILL STORES, 4, DUKE-STREET. 4? LARGEST SELECTION OF WOOLS, ART NEEDLEWORK, AND FANCY GOODS IN CARDIFF. ——— 1255 NEWEST DESIGNS. P H R EN OLOGY. UNTIL JANUARY 6TH. Professor OLDHAM (from Liverpool Phrenological Institution). Delineations and Best Advice Daily. 23, LONGCROSS-STREET, ROATH, CARDIFF. » 1 ^public$laiizzs. piARDIFF MERCIFUL SOCIETY — FIFTY-SIXTH ANNIVERSARY TO-MOR- ROW, SUNDAY, at WESLEY CHAPEL, CHARLES- STREET, CARDIFF. Morning Preacher, the Rev David Young. Evening Preacher, the Rev Edward Dodds. Collections in aid of the funds. 711 A SPECIAL TEN DAYS1 MISSION WILL BE CONDUCTED IN LOUDOUN-SQUARE WESLEY AN CHAPEL, BY THE REV. T. WAUGH (Wesleyan Conference Evangelist), COMMENCING ON SUNDAY NEXT. JAN, 5TH. Morning, 11 Afternoon, for men only, 2.30 1423-204 Evening, 7.30. Every week night, 7.30. Special Choir. Hymn Books Provided. SUNDAY AFTERNOON POPULAR O SERVICES. PARK HALL. SUNDAY NEXT, 5TH INSTANT, AT 3 P.M. SHARP. ADDRESS: REV JOHN PUGH. Anthem by the Choir. CONDUCrOB MR JACOB DAVIES. ORGANIST MR SYDNEY FIFOOT. 1239 CARDIFF SCHOOL BOARD. The HIGHER GRADE SCHOOL will RE-OPEN on MONDAY, the 6th JANUARY. It is desirable that applications for admission be made as early as possible after the re-opening, so that the new classes may at once be formed. Prospectuses may be obtained on application at the Schools. By order, D. nEES, Clerk. Town-hall, Cardiff, January 2nd, 189C. 1403 GLAMORGANSHIRE AND MoF- MOUTHSHIRE INFIRMARY AND DISPENSARY. CARDIFF. INFIRMARY SATURDAY, 1889. The Hon. Treasurer (David Jones, Esq.) and Secre- taries WILL SIT at'the TOWN-HALL THIS SATUR- DAY EVENING. Jan. 4th, from Seven to Eight p.m. to RECEIVE FURTHER COLLECTIONS. Collecting Books can be had of the Secretary at the Intirmary. NEW ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE URGENTLY NEEDED. 8828 FIVE PER CENT, INTEREST, THE BRITISH BANK OF AUSTRALIA JL (LIMITED). BEAD OFFICE-MELBOURNE. Authorised Capital £ 1,000,000 Paid up £ 153,848 Subscribed 519,240 Reserve Fund,&c. 72,742 LONDON OFFICEs-84 and US, KING WILLIAM- STRET, E.C. LONDON BOARD, SIR EDWIN H. GALSWORTHY. CHAS. MOLYNEUX GRENFELL, Esq. SIR FREDERICK YOUNU, K.C.M.G. JAMES MARTIN, Esq. BANKERS. LONDON-Messrs GLYN. MILL, CURRIE, and CO. Five per Cent. Debentures issued and Deposits re- ceived at 4 to 5 per cent., according to notice. Full particulars on application to the Bankers; or to 8352 WILLIAM MARTIN, Secretary. FIVE PER CENT. DEBENTURE BONDS. Principal and Interest payable in London. THE EQUITABLE MORTGAGE COY. Head English Office-ISO, Leadenhall-st., London, E.C. CAPITAL SUBSCRIBED.£413 222 10 0 CAPITAL PAIU.rJP.£206:611 5 0 CAPITAL ft 0 SURPLUS AND RE:;ERVEFUND..£:¡9,162 5 9 The Debentures of thi Cumpany are issued in sums of £50, B100. £500, and £1,000 each, for 3, 5. or 7 years, payable in London, aud bearing interest at the rate of 1IVE PER CENT. PElt ANNUM. For full information applv to the AGENTS FOR CARDIFF, Messrs JENKINS. CLARKE, and CO.. CharteredAccountants,Philharmonic-chambers. Cardiff. HANKERS FOR CARDIFF, THE COUNTY OF GLOUCESTER BANK, LIMITED. 9735 THE BRYNMAWR AND BLAINA JL DOG, CAT, RABBIT. POULTRY, PIGEON, AND BIRD SHOW, To be held at the MARKET PLACE AND TOWN-HALL Ou WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, April 9 and 10, 1890. Entries Close March 2nd, 1890. 1413 D. M. DAVIES, Secretary. LACKVVOOD EISTEDDYOD, .JANUARY óTH, 1890. The above EtSTKDDVOD is POSTPONED. The CONCERT WILL BE HELD, in which EOS MORLAIS, and other Eminent Artistes, will take part. 1372 jL JENKINS. Sec. THE CAERPHILLY ANNUAL EIS- JL TEDDFOD will be held on WHIT-MONDAY, 1890. Full particulars in a few days. 1316 3 RD Y. B. THE WELSH REGIMENT.— 2ND CARDIFF DETACHMENT. Orders for the week commencing bblV January, 1890 It is with much regret that the Officer Commanding announces the death of Bandmaster Johnson, and he is assuied that this feeling is shared by all ranks. The funeral" ill take place un Tuesday next, the 7th inst., at 1,45 p.m and all members are asked to show their respect for an old and esteemed member of the Detachirenc by attending. Parade, Drill-hall, 1 p.m. on Tuesday next, the 7th inst. full dre.s. Band to attend. Sergeants of Companies will act as pall bearers, and Volunteers for the escort must; parade in plain clothes a: the Drill-hall on Saturday and Monday, at 8 p.m. The first Ambulance lecture will be given by Acting- Surgeon Fred. Evaus on Wednesday, the bth iust., at 8 p.m. (Signed). E; M. BRUCE VAUGHAN, Captdin Commanding Detachment. (fettrsirms. QREAT WESTE R N RAILWAY. CHRISTMAS PANTOMIMES. On MONDAY. January 6. a CHEAP HALF-DAY EXCURSION to CARDIFF will leave NANTYGLO at 2.30 p,m.. Blaina 2.35, Abertillery 2 40. Ebbw Vale 2.30, Victoria 2.33, Cwm 2 40, Aberbeeg 2.50. Crumlin (Low Level) 3.0, Newbridge 3.5. Abercarn 3.10, Cross Keys 3.15, Risca 3.20, Tydu 3.25, Bassaleg 3.30, New- port 3.45, and Marsbtiehl at 3.55 p.m. For fuU particu- lars see bills. FAST EXPRESS TRAINS are run DAILY (Sun- days excepted) in conjunction with the London and I North-Western Railway, via the SHREWSBURY HEREFORD LINE, between CARDIFF and UVER- POOL, MANCHESTER. CHESTER. CARLISLE, GLASGOW, and EDINBURGH, and the North of England and Scotland generally, leaving CARDIFF at 9.2b a.m., 12.20, 3.55. and 7.15 p.m. By Trains-connecting with the Service to and from Llanelly, Swansea, Neath, Bridgend, and other Stations, the time occupied between South Wales and the North is materially reduced. Through Carriages run from Cardiff, and Through Fares are in operation between all principal stations. 1411 HENRY LAMBERT. General Manager. MACDUFF, THE PERFECT HIGH- LAND WHISKEY. Guaranteed 8 years old, and of absolute purity. This label bears, by his special permission, the coat of arms of his Grace the Duke of Fife, and is protected by Re,gis trati on. Price, 44s per dozen. Three doen and upwards carriage paid. Sample bottle, prepaid, 4s. SOLE PROPRIETORS: RICHARD ROGERS & CO., WESTON-SUPER-MARE, 894 FURNITURE VANS, FURITURE VANS, JpURNITURE VANS, THE SOUTH WALES DEPOSITORY, GREAT WESTERN CO.'S GOODS STATION DAVIS-STREET, NEWTOWN, CARDIFF. FURNITURfc, PIANOS, PICTURES, GLASS, &c., WAREHOUSED OR REMOVED FROM HOUSE TO JHOUSE, TOWN OR CO NTKY. By Road, Rail, or Sea. Vans of All Sizes, Moderate .Charges. Estimates Free. 8838 ALFRED EMBRY, PROPRIETOR WONDERFUL MEDICINE 1 BEECHAM'S PILLS Are universally admitted to bu worth a GUINEA a BOX for biliousand nervous diaorders.such as wmd and pain in the stsoach, sick headache, giddiness, fullness and swelling after meals, dizziness and drowsiness, cold chills, flushings of heat, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, costiveitesa, scurvy, and blotches on the skin, disturbed sleftp, frightful dreams, and all nervous and trembling sensations, 4c. The first dose will give relief in twetftyminutes. Every sufisrdr is earnestly invited to try one box of these Pilla. asdXhey will be acknowledged to be vfORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For Females ctf all ages these Pills are invaluable, as a few dossil carry off all humours, and bring about all thftfc ixcequired. No female shouid be with- out them. ,<itherfeis no medicine to be found equal to Beecham'sfill&ifor removing any obstruction or irregu- larity of the system. If taken according to the direc- tions given with each box, they will soon restore females of all ages to sound and robust health. This has been proved by thousands who have tried them, and found the benefits which are ensured by their use. For a impaired digestion, and all disorders of the Liver, they act like MAGIC, and a few doses will be found to work wonder;, upon the most important organs in the human machine. They strengthen the whole muscular system,restore the long, lost complexion, bring baek the keen edge of appetite, and arouse) åtGàction, with the ROSE-BUD of health, the whole physical energy of the human frame. These are FACTS,:te&tified continually by members of all classes of and one of the best guarantees to the NervotS, attirDebilitated is Beecham's Pills have I the largest sale of any patent medicine in tbe world. Prepared only, and Sold Wholesale and Hetail, by the Proprietor. THOMAS BEECHAM, St Helen's, iMMMMM. in Boxes Is d and 2s 9d each. Sold by all Drngcisto and Patent Medicine Dealers everywhere. t2 N, ft,—Full directions are siven with 011.(\11 box. 1144 ^utrlir Amusements. CARDIFF. RJL H E A T R E ROYAL. LESSEE AND MANAGER Mr EDWARD FLETCHER AcrlNG MANAGER _00_- Mr JOHN SHERIDAN "JJNRIVALLED rjIRIUMPH. "JJNANIMOUS OPINION. BEST PANTOMIME JJ X EVER PRODUCED IN CARDIFF JpUBLIC OF CARDIFF. COME & JUDGE FOR YOURSELVES. TO-NIGHT (SATURDAY), JANUARY 4, At Two Evening at Seven. Mr Fletcher's 9th Eclipse Pantomime, produced on a scale of magniticauce aud splendour, PRETTY LITTLE RED RIDING JJ OOD. Written by Victor Stevens, of Drury Lane The scenery, by Mr William E. Price, is the acme of skill and beauty, and must be seen by all. The Company one Galaxy of Star Artists. CHARMING MISS ALICE LEAMAR, The Idol of the Oxford and Trocadero, London, MISS ROSIE ST. GEORGE. The Fascinating Pepita of Comic Opera. The Famous London Brilliants, THE SISTERS GRAHAM (Ada and Amy). MISS EVA LEVENS, MISS LUCY D'AQUILAR, SISTERS CHERRY (Maggie and Dot), MDLLE. LOUISE PATH, The Graceful Premier Danseuse. J. W. BRADBURY, the Inimitable Comedian' CLARENCE J. HAGUE (The Wolf), From the Crystal Palace, London. D. J. MCCARTHY, The Great Character Comedian. TOM LEAMORE, Champion Dincer, the Dan Leno of the Music Halls, TURLE and VOLTO, The Greatest, runniest Knockabouts and Comical Clowns in the World. THREE MAGNIFICENT BALLETS. The Pastoral, The Snow Flake, The Folly. The Marvellous Shadow Harlequinade. DAY PERFORMANCES, TO-DAY (SATURDAY). January 4th, Monday, January 6th, and every Satur- day, at Two o'clock. Taff Vale. Rhymney. and Great Western Railways. Special Pantomima Trains at Reduced Fares. Box Plan at Thompson & Sliackell's, Ltd. 79—1041 GRAND THEATRE, WESTGATE- STREET. CARDIFF. The Home of Pantomime. The Drury Lane of Wales. THE GRANDEST. THE MOST COLOSSAL, THE MOST MAGNIFICENT, AND THE MOST COMICAL PANTOMIME IN THE PROVINCES. Total Eclipse of all Previous Efforts. In fact, tbe Eclipse Eclipsed. The Performance will Conclude at 10.45. TONIGHT, AND EVERY EVENING UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, GRAND PANTOMIME, ROBINSON CRUSOE AND HIS MAN FRIDAY. On a scale of spleudour surpassing in magnificence th displays offered to the public of Carditf in previous years, and performed by a Company of Artists in- cluding many of the best Comedians and Lady Burlesque Artists of the day, each of whom is a bright particular star and an acknowledged attraction in themselves. Compare this Company with that engaged at any other Theatre in Wales. The following list of names speaks for itself :— Miss MINNIE MARIO, Miss KATIE LAWRENCE, Miss BELLA WILLING, Miss JI5NNY JOY. Miss KATE BRAHAM, Miss NELLY DOUGLAS. Miss CONNIE BLODWEN, The SISTERS CORBETT. The SISTERS DUNCAN. The SISTERS MARCHANT. The ORIGINAL CONTINENTAL TROUPE (Four Ladies), Champion Banjo Players and Dancers. Miss HETTIE KEEBLE, Transformation Dancer, &C. Madame MARIETTA D'AUBAN and her TROUPE of LADY DANCEUS (From the Gaiety Theatre, London.) The RUTHDENS and their Celebrated TROUPE of LADIES in a GRAND STATUESQUE ENTERTAINMENT. Mr J. Ii. MILBURN, Mr HYAM LONG, Mr A. CRAVEN. The PEXYS, The TWO M C JO It M AC KS, Mr FRANK CRELLIN, Mr MARIUS GERARD, Mr SIDNEY NEAL. Mr T. P. PERCIVAL, Mr T. NBWLAND, and Mr W. G. WALFORD. BUERS' MINATURE CIRCUS :— Beautiful Ponies Comical Mules I Educated Dogs Learned Monkeys INDIAN SACRED BULL. Over 100 Extras in audition to the above Magnificent Compauy. HARLEQUINADE BY THE OTTO TROUPE. SPECIAL PANTOMIME TRAIN ARRANGE- MENTS Reduced Excursion Fares. Morning Performances Monday, Jan, 6tb, Feb. 2nd, and every Wednesday and Saturday till further notice. Doors Open at 1.50; commence 2. Early doors to. all parts. The doors will open at 7, commence 7.30. Early doors to all parts at b. Box Plan at Thompson and Shackell's, Limited. 1184 COLONIAL HALL, CARDIFF. JQYSON'S JJTORAMAS AND GIPSY CHOIR. MAGNIFICENT PICTURES. GRAPHIC BEAUTIFUL MUSIC, VOwAL INSTRUMENTAL. HUMOROUS .-■KETCHES. STIRRING RECITATIONS. All Pure, Refined, Amusing, & Thoroughly Enjoyable. Free from all appearance of Vulgarity aud Sensationalism. Pronounced by the Cardiff Press & People to be amongst THE BEST ENTERTAINMENTS EVER SEEN IN THE TOWN. TO-DAY (SATURDAY), at 3, Children's Entertain- ment, SCOTLAND. TO NIGHT, THE PEOPLE S NIGHT, INDIA. CHANGE OF PICTURES AND MUSIC NIGHTLY. PRICES OF ADMISSION :— 75 2s SEATS, 600 6D SEATS. 175 Is „ | 150 3D 200 STANDING 3D. Children Half-price to all Seats except 3d. DOORS OPEN AT 7.30. COMMENCE AT 8 OVER AT 10. SACRED SONG SERVICE ON SUNDAY AFTER- 148 NOON AND NIGHT. 1288 The new and costly Heating Apparatus is now com. plete. Tbe Hall is therefore comrtaoly warm. CARDIFF TEMPE HANCE AND PROHIBITION ASSOCIATION. TO-NIGHT, NEW YEAR'S SATURDAY, GO TO THE STUART-HALL! THE BEST EVENINGS ENTERTAINMENT IN THE PRINCIPALITY!! ESTABLISHED TEN YEARS | TEMPERANCE SONGS, MUSIC RECITATIONS GOSPEL TEMPERANCE ADDRESSES. THE CARDIFF BLUE RIBBON PRIZE I CHOIR Always Present to give the Choicest Selections! Doors open at 7.0 Commence at 7.30. Admission Galleries, 2d Downstairs, Free. 1414 Come and Crowd the Building To-Night. pARK-HALL, CARDIFF, The 10th (of this series) Saturday Popular Concert. The World-renowned CARDIFF PRIZH: CHOIR will give a GRAND CONCERT, TO-NIGHT SATURDAY. JANUARY 4TH. 1890. Every Voice a picked and one a Prize-winner. The Choir will consist of — Sopranos, Miss CLARA DOWLE (London), MissS. C. MORRIS, Miss PATTI DAVIES; Contraltos. Miss GEORGINA BROWSE. Miss ANNIE DAVIES; Tenors, Mr W. BRECON MORGAN, Mr D AFAN LAIS LEWIS (winner of 96 eiRteddfodic prizes); Boosee, Mr J. HOCKING, Mr JAS. HAWKE MOODy; Harpist. Dr FROST; Accompanist, Mrs CLARA N. DAVIES Conductor, Mr JOHN HOCKING. The ladies will appear iu Welsh costume, including the. Sucar-loaf Hat. Admission as usual. 3d, bd, and Is. SWANSEA. SWANSEA HOSPITAL BALL. THE TWENTY-SECOND ANNUAL BALL In aid of the Funds of the Swansea Hospital will take place at THE ALBERT-HALL On TUESDAY, JANUARY 7th, 1890. Tickets, including refreshments, supper, and wine :— Ladies', Gentlemen, One Guinea each. May be had frolD the Secretary of the Hospital, or from the Members of the HaU Committee. Dancing to commence at 9.30. Balcony Tickets—Reserved, 2s fed Unreserved, 2s. T. N. IALFOURD TRICK, Fisher-street} Ball COL. MORGAN, The Mirador f Com- H. A. LATIMER, Belvoir-place I mit- F. E. WILLIAMS, Wind-street tee. JNO. W. MORRIS, 9, Castle-street, Secretary. Swansea, December 13th, 1883. 1363 LLANELLY. Å THENÆUM LL. LLANELLY. POOLE'S NEW ECLIPSE MYRIORAMA AND MAMMOTH COMBINATION COMPANY OF STAR ARTISTES. EVERYTHING ENTIRELY NEW AND NOVEL. Nightly at 8 Wednesdays and Saturdays at 3 and 8. DRILL-HALL, SWANSEA, NEXT WEEK. This is not a Magic Lantern and called a Diorama. 1262 WHO IS YOUR BILLPOSTER at 1 W Aberdare! MICHAEL PAINE, Billposter, Distributor, and Advertising Agent 251 Cardiff-street, Aberdare, rents the principal posting-stations in Aberdare and district. Contract* made quarterly or yearly.. Sttsmras JVPfrrgflses. THREE YEARS' gpTSTBM rjlHREE SYSTEM JptANOFORTES BY BROADWOOD JpiANOFORTES BY COLLARD. piANOFORTES BY BRINSMEAD. JDIANOFORTES BY NEUMEYERj pIANOFORTES BY KIRKMAN. | JpiANOFORTES BY ERARD, AND ALL THE LEADING MAKKRS FROM 10s. MONTHLY Until Paid for after which, and Without any Farther Charge whatever, the instrumeat becomes the Property of tbe Hirer rpHOMPSON AND gHACKFLL* LIMITED QUEEN'S MUSIC WAREHOUSE, CARDIFF. fJlHOMPSON AND (gHACKELL, LIMITED, 32, CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA rjlHOMPSON AND GHACKELI^ LIMITED, 118, HIGH-STREET, MERTHYR; rjlHOMPSON AND GHACKELL LIMITED. 35, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT; ALSO AT GLOUCESTER, PENARTH, AND PONTYPRIDD. THE FJLHREE YEARS SYSTEM Was first introduced into South Wales by THOMPSON AND SHACKELL upwards of twenty years ago, shicc which time many thousands of bomes have be8a rear dered happy by the possession of a Musical Instrument OD such easy terms. Tbe Monthly Payments are so low that there needf no he use without a PIANO, AMERICAN ORGAN, OR HARMONIUM rpHOMPSON AND gHACKELL LIMITED. Are always pleased to send Full Particulars, with Descriptive Pamphlet, Photographs of the Newest Styles. Ac., free by post, on the application of any intending purchaser. DISCOUNT FOR CASH. The most liberal Discount is allowed to Cash Buyer* and a large number of SECOND-HAND PIANOS art always in Stock to seiect from at about HALF PRICE. "IJISTEY ORGANS. Over 217,000 Sold. n Unrivalled in Tone. Best in Quality. Beautiful in Model and }<"inish. To be had of THOMPSON & SHACKELL, Limited, Sole Agentl for Soutii Wales. ESTEY ORGAN COMPANY. J['J The Largest Manufacturers of American Organs in the World. ESTEY ORGAN TUTOR. By KING JGj HALL. Price 2s 6d net; post free, 2s 102d. 12óf rjlHOMPSON AND gjHACKELL LIMITED CARDIFF, SWANSEA, NEWPORT, MERTHYR. GLOUCESTER, PENARTH. 1047 169a AND POJiTYPRIDft SEWING MACHINES JOHN JAMES AND CO. continue to offer FRISTER and ROSSMANN'S HIGH.ARM LOCKSTITCH SEWING MACHINES. BANI; MACHINE, with Walnut Cover, and all appliances. E2 18s bd. Usually sold a. £4 19s. HAND and TREADLE DITTO, £4s 4s. Usually sold at £tl9s. JOHN JAMES AND CO., 2S, 29, and 30, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. 1251 NEW YEARS QIFTS NEW Years £ JJIFTS j^E WIS AND LEWII HAVE AGAIN THE FINEST DISPLAY OF USEFUL PRESENTS FOR THE SEASON. SEE THEIR WINDOWS. 23, DUKE.STREET, CARDIFF,' AND 137, COMMERCIAL.STREET, NEWPORT. B WIS AND L E WIS. NEW Year's {JIFTS NEW Years GIFTS G. S. TUNKS AND 0,0.1 PATENT OVENS. rjTUNKS' OVENS SAVE SPACK. rjlUNKS' OVENS SAVE LABOUR. OVENS SAVE FUEL. rjlUNKS' OVENS SAVE WEIGHT. rjlUNKS' OVENS SAVE TIME. rpUNKS* OVENS no WASTE HEAT., TUNKS' OVENS EASIEST TO WORK. OVENS: ALWAYS READY. FLUNKS' OVENS MOST PERFECT. rj^UNKS' OVENS UNIFORM BAKING. OVENS GIVE GREAT SATISFAG X noN. rpUNKS' OVENS IN USE EVERYWHERE 3 MILL LANE, CARDIFF. LOCKYER'S SULPHUR HAIR JLJ RESTORER LOCKYER'S SULPHUR HAIB -L<t RESTORER THE SUREST. THE SAFEST. THE BEST. THE CHEAPEST. LOCKYER'S SULPHUR HArE JLJ RESTORER produces a perfectly natural colour The gradual change is certain, and for removing scurf, beautifying aud cleansing the hair, causing it to grow wherever thin, Lockyer's is unrivalled.—Large Dottles, Is 6d. Sold everywhere. DELLAR'S CORN PLASTERS.—BOX« Is lid and 2s 9d each. The Corn Plasters are a certain cure for hard or sot corns, they completely dry up and eradicate pai corns; the Bunion Plasters a proved remedy for bunion and enlarged toe joints. Sold by all chemists. Be careful Dellars Plasters are supplied:. X> ESPLENDENT IVORY. LIKI TEETH.—To make sure of these, ORACROFI 3 ARECA NUT TOOTH PASTE is necessary. It dislodges tartar, thoroughly polishes the enamel* perfectly cleanses the teeth, hardens the gums, is astringent, aromatic, and delicious in flavour. Cracroffa Paste ensures a flee set of teeth. Sold everywhere. Pots Is each. DEAFNESS, Noises in the Ears, etc. Dellar's ESSENCE FOR DEAFNESS hasprovaj an extraordinary remedy. It always relieves, general* cures, and is strongly recommended by thousands wtf have derived benefit. It is quite harmless.—Sold ll Bottles, Is lid and 2s 9d each, by all Chemists. QULPHOLINE SOAP is a "delicatelj M refined, chemically pure soap, intended for general use, but specially by those endowed witn sensitive skins. For washing at all tunes, and bringing the skin to a soft, pliable, healtBf condition, sal- pholine Soap holds the first place. Its odour is vor* pleasant, and tbe soap is not expensive, Xfbiets,, M each. W