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WELSH AMATEUR CUP. THIRD ROUND. LLANDINAM v. NEWTOWN NORTH END. These teams met at Llandinam on Saturday to decide who should enter the fourth round of the above competition. There was a fair num- ber of spectators present and a good game was anticipated. Woolley won the toss for Llandin- am and decided to place his men to face the sun. G. Humphreys set the ball in motion, and North End soon made tracks for the home goal, but fouls were given against Smout for interfering with Griffiths. The free kick did not sail far away, for E. Morgan secured and sent out to J. Miller, from whom Griffiths brought off a good save. North End kept up the pressure, but Woolley and More together with Griffiths defended well, and saved all at- tempts at the expense of a fruitless corner. A Evans next got away for Llandinam, but was fouled by Forster when he was going well. The frea kick however, was not awarded, and Hamei securing shot a trifle high. Through a poor kick by More, Jones nearly got through for North End, Griffiths saving a swift shot. Off- side against North End relieved the homesters, and T. Hughes was about to shoot when Stokes took hold of him just outside the penalty area. J. Davies was next prominent for the homesters and was responsible for some neat and clever football. Smith however was too late to receive his pass and North End came away from a good drive by E. Morgan, and Miller shot miserably from close range. A united effort on the part of the homesters brought them to the other end where they forced a corner which was not im- proved upon, Pennington fisting away nicely. Llandinam were again getting dangerous, and from a free kick given against Stokes a scrim- mage ensued, but Pennington was between tne posts and cleared twice in quick succession, i. Hughes and A. Evans had hard lines soon after with two splendid shots. J. Jones and G. Hum- phreys got going for North End and seemed as though they would find the net, but the latter crave to Miller who was ruled off-side. A foul against Smith was unwelcome to the homesters, and Forster placed nicely. A. N. Other receiv- ed and tried hard to convert, turning the ball nicely over his head only inches wide of the mark. Hamer and Thomas got away for Llan- dinam, the latter giving to Hughes near in whose shot was sailing well for the net when C. Smith turned it into the corner of the net well out of Pennington's reach. Soon after this the North Enders had an excellent opening to equalise, but J. Jones shot wide. Smout soon after sent in a good shot from near the corner flag which struck the side net. Llandinam got away but E. Evans returned, and E. Manuel in trying to clear conceded a corner, which proved fruitless. North End kept up the pressure a little now, and' A. N. Other equalised with a low shot. Play now became fast and exciting, both ends being visited in turn until half-time, J. Davies and E. Manuel being especially conspicuous for Llandinam. No more goals were added and nt the interval both teams had scored once. ()n resuming Llandinam were first to come within any dangerous range, and T. Hughes sent in a splendid shot which struck the upright. The homesters forced a corner, but Pennington sav- ed. Llandinam kept up the pressure, and Hamer put in a good shot from a pass by Thomas, which Pennington saved in a masterly z, y fashion. North End broke away, but E. Manuel returned, Pennington saving again from T. Hughes. J. Jones got away for the North End, but was fouled by Woolley. The free kick, how- ever, brought no result save a fruitless corner. Smith and Hamer got going well, but z_l Stokes cleared at the critical moment when a ^cal seemed certain. Llandinam kept up the oressure and gave the visiting defence some warm work to do. Pennington brought off a marvellous save from Woolley for which he was loudly cheered and applauded. Hamer soon after had hard lines with an excellent attempt. ,if t Pennington, Stokes, and Forster were at this stage playing a very fine defensive game, arid were well tried, Pennington especially doing ex- ceedingly well and brought off some wondeiful saves. Hands against A. Evans put the home- sters on the defensive for a little while, and Griffiths brought off a good save from Smout, which W. Manuel received and drove well away. Pennington again came to the rescue and saved a good attempt by Hamer with a high shot, and later from A. Evans. North End broke away, but Smout's effort only brought off a fruitless corner, his shot gliding off Woolley behind who tried to bead away. Miller now changed his position, he failing to make any headway against J. Davies, who was too good for him, and came from outside rigirt to inside right. Soon after this change ho made a good run, and after beat- ing More had no one in front of him save Grif- fiths, whom he had no difficulty in beating. .From the centre kick the homesters failed to ,I come away for E. Morgan secured and drove up and G. Humphreys and Miller going nicely the latter player scored the third point. The two last goals were scored in the last three minutes. Result: Newtown North End, 3; Llandinam, 1. LLANDINAM. Griffif-lis backs, Woolley and More halves, W. Manuel, E. Manuel, and J. Davies forwards, Thomas, Hamer, Smith, Hughes, and Evans. NEWTOWN NORTH. END. Goal, Pennington backs, Forster and W. M. Stokes halves, Evans, Morgan, and Thomas forwards, Miller, Jones, Humphreys, Smout, and .1\. N. Other. Referee, Mr H. Smith, Welshpool. WELSH INTERNATIONAL TRIAL MATCH. The following teams were selected on Wednes- day night to play in this match at Wrexham on February 13th:- Whites: Roose (Everton), goal; Blew and Llewellyn Davies (Wrexham), backs; Parry (Liverpool), Fear (Cardiff), and Hughes (Liver- pool), half-backs; A. Davies and Atherton (Mid- dlesbrough), A. Oliver (Bangor), Morris (Notts Forest), and W. L. Jones (Manchester City), forwards. Stripes: Davies (Bolton Wanderers), goal; Jones (Notts Forest) and Morris (Derby County), backs; Richards (Shrewsbury), Williams (Tre- harris), and Parker (Aberdare), half-backs;. Meredith (Manchester City), E. Roberts (Ever- ton), J. H. Scott (West Hampstead). T. D. Jones (Notts Forest), and R. Jones (Milwall), forwards.


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