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THE WELSH AMATEUR CUP. WREXHAM VICTORIA WIN LUCKILY. The semi-final stage of the Welsh Amateur Cup competition was reached on Saturday, when Wrexham Victoria secured a lucky win over Whitchurch at Oswestry. The weather was fine, and there was a good attendance, among whom the Whitchurch supporters were predominant. Mr Postle, Ruabon, was the referee, and the teams were:- WHITCHURCH. Goal, Langford; backs, Travers and Chidgey; half-backs, Hayesa Edge, and Debanks; for- wards, Evans, Challinor, R. Evans, Dodd, Hod H. Evans. VICTORIA. .Goal, E. Thomas; backs, W. Davies and Smith half-backs, T. Hughes, Lloyd, and Mit- chell; forwards, R. Hughes, Griffiths, Thomas, A. Rogers, and J. Williams. Whitchurch kicked off and pressed immedi- ately, and in a few minutes Challinor scored a capital goal. Wrexham retaliated strongly, and after some sharp work in front f goal, one of their forwards was brought down. The re- sultant penalty had to be taken twice ,vr, and at the second time Thomas failed to comert, his shot rolling across the goal-mouth. There was much jubilation among the Whitchurch supporters, but Williams was within an ace of getting through a few minutes later. The for- wards persevered, showing superior tactics, and an attempt by Hughes spelt danger. He raced up again, and centred well, and this time Trav- ers in trying to clear headed through his own goal. Both teams adopted the long passing game, and the ball quickly travelled from end to end. H. Evans crossed neatly from the left, but a fine chance was not utilised. Vic- toria transferred, and a similar cross by Grif- fiths was met by Williams, who made no mis- take, and scored the second goal for his side. Play quietened down after this, and aimless shooting followed. Victoria had several fruit- less corners, Langford clearing nicely, though his style left a good deal to be desired. A dash by Williams was nearly successful, the ball hit- ting the bar. Whitchurch retaliated well, and Thomas had to save repeatedly. H. Evans had a fine opening, but he missed badly. The whistle went continually for infringements of the off-side rule, and several opportunities on both sides were spoilt for this reason. Half- time arrived with Wrexham leading by two goals to one. Victoria started with a run, and the custodian had to clear a hard shot from Rogers. Whitchurch responded strongly, and E. Evans tricking the right back tested Thomas with a capital shot, but he effected a good save. Whitchurch then monopolised the play, and were dangerous time after time. The Victorian left raised the pressure, and Williams got through, but the point was distinctly off-side, and was not conceded. They kept the advant- age for a while, but failed to shake the defence. z, Good play by the Whitchurch forwards secured its reward at last. Challinor eluded the backs, and after some hesitation he crossed with judg- ment. H. Evans displayed sound skill in meet- ing it, and equalised with a grand shot. This was within five minutes of the start, and it in- fused more interest into the game. After a slight spell of pressure by Wrexham Edge broke away and transferred to Evans who initiated a good run, but he was pulled up for off-side. Mr Postle's decision did not meet ,qtl:. approbation and there was a little hootng. A free-kick ap- peased the Whitchurch .;pec.tato :s, but nothing followed. Wrexham forwards failed to mmert several chances. Griffiths experienced hard luck with a rasping shot, Itic-ii flashed r.on ss the goal. Hughes was promi'inot immediately afterwards, but the Whitchurch goal still re- mained intact. A try by Rogers was unsuccess- ful, but ultimately Williams converted a good centre by Hughes. The point had a very strong suspicion of off-side, but Mr Postle pointed to the centre. The final whistle sounded a few minutes later, and Wrexham were declared win- ners by three goals to two.


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