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THE WELSH AMATEUR CUP. 4TH ROUND. WHITCHURCH v. NEWTOWN NORTH E5JD. The above teams met on the ground of the former on Saturday to decide who should enter the semi- final of the Welsh Amateur Cup. During the morning snow had been falling heavily, and that with the addition of rain made the ground heavy and the ball s;ippery. There was a very fair num- ber of spectatois present when the referee (Mr Outland) drew the teams together as follows :— WHITCHURCH. Goal, Langford; backs, Travers and Chidgey; halves, Debanks, Edge and Hayes; forwards, H. Evans, Dodd, E. Evans, Challinor and G. Evans. NORTH END. Goal, Powell; backs, Pritchard and G. Forster; halves, E. Owen, M. Pilot and G. Jones; forwards, J. Miller, B. Pilot, G. Humphreys, R. Smout, and R. Playfair. The visitors won the toss, but M. Pilot made a very sad mistake and elected to plav against a strong wind which was blowing. E. Evans at once set the ball rolling for the homesters, who imme- diately made their presence felt and came near in and in the first minute they forced a corner, which however proved fruitless. From the goal-kick the home right secured and came along at a great pace and when near in centred nicely, but G. Ivans was ruled offside. The homesters kept pressing hard and Powell nearly let in Challinor. Fouls against Whitchurch sent play to the other end, but the visitors' stay there was of a very shsrb duration, and the homesters attacked vigorously. After at- tacking for some little time, E. Evans opened the score for the homesters, owing to a very bad clear- ance by G. Forster. The North Enders had up to this (!In]y crossed the half-way line two or three times, and from the centre-kick made a good try, Smout sending across to B. Pilot, but the latter player was ruled offside and this put the visitor3 again on the defensive. After some pretty passing by the home forwards, H. Evans struck the upright from close range, and the ball bounced away about three yards. The spectators, in their excite- ment, shouted goal, which was awarded, though the ball bad never entered the net, but struck the outside of the upright. This is included in the heavy score which the North Enders had recorded against them. The visitors from the centre kick got well away, and Miller beating Hayes, nicely centred in front of goal, and Smout and G. Hum- phreys were there to meet it, but Humphreys did the needful. This encouraged the visitors and for a time they pressed extremely hard, but the halves were a good trio, and put an end to their runs, Hayes especially playing a good game. The homesters soon again gained their footing and Powell saved a good shot from E. Evans. G. Evans soon afterwards shot, but Powell again saved splendidly and was much cheered by the spectators. The homesters, however, were not to be denied, and H. Evans put on number three. Whitchurch from now until half-time had by far the greater part of the play, and from a corner kick Powell, in attempting to clear, hit into his own goal. Dodd soon afterwards from a nice pass by Chal- linor beat Powell with a simple shot, which he ought easily to have cleared. E. Evans soon afterwards scored No. 6. Half-time arrived with Whitchurch leading by six goals to one. In the second half Miller went centre-forward and M. Pilot went full back. The North Enders were the first to press, and Pritchard had extremely hard lines in the first minute with a good shot which skimmed the cross-bar. Whitchurch next got away and -Clialliaor tried hard to increase the score, but M. Pilot cleared nicely. Play during the second half was of a more even nature than pre- viously, Miller and Smout working extremely hard and well for the visitors, but their runs were broken up by the home halves, Hayes and Edge playing an extremely good game and appeared to be in the right place at the critical moment. Smout scored the second point for the visitors, and H. Evans registered the seventh point for the homesters. No further scoring took place, thus leaving Whitchurch victorious by seven goals to two.