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THE WELSH AMATEUR CUP. FIRST ROUND. MACHYNLLETH v NEWTOWN NORTH END. The first round in this competition took place on Saturday, when Machynlleth had as visitors New- town North End, a very strong team. Mr Smith, Welshpool, was the referee, and the teams were :— NEWTOWN NORTH END. Goal, Powell; backs, Foster and Pritchard; half- back*, G. Jones, M. Pilot, and E. Evans; forwards, H. Pilot, Playfair, G. Humphreys, H. Percival, and R. Smout. MACHYNLLBTH. Goal, Owen; backs, Morris and Evans; half. backs, J, Owen, Davies, and D. Morris; forwards, Wildblood, Francis, Holt, Thomas, and Morgan. In the early stages of the game the Machynlleth goal had a narrow escape, bat the backs cleared well by strong kicking. Playing with the wind the Machynlleth forwards kicked too hard and the ball was sent over the goal line a couple of times. Davies worked hard in the centre half position for Macbynlleth and stopped a dangerous run. The Newtown men were a smarter lot, and for a few minutes the home defence bad a trying time. Owen fisted away from H. Pilot and Newtown maintaining the pressure a couple of corners fell to them, one of which was given by Owen in clearing a fast shot from Humphreys. Machynlleth then made a determined run but the visitors backs were sound. A free kick fell to Machynlleth, which was cleared by Pritchard and the left wing sailed away, but they were baulked by Evans. Newtown, however, renewed the preisure and a scrimmage in front of goal resulted. The North Enders appealed for a goal on the ground that the ball had passed over the line before the goalkeeper got it away, but the appeal was not allowed. In the next minute G. Humphreys scored a good goal for Newtown after a quarter of an hour's play. Wildblood made a good run down and centred well, but Francis and Holt missed the ball and Newtown cleared. Machynlleth again attacked and Holt put in a fast shot which Powell just managed to clear. Machynlleth worked hard but had a good defence to meet. Fraucis missed the mark by inches only. Newtown shewed better forward play and a second gsal was rushed. Machynlleth tried to retrieve the position and in the attack one of the Newtown players was ordered off the field for kicking an opponent. Not withstanding this Newtown held the upper hand and scored a third before the interval. Soon after restarting Playfair scored a fourth. From the centre kick, Machynlleth rushed away but were beaten by the backs and the North End got away. A penalty kick was given them, but Owen saved this well by putting the ball over the bar. The corner kick proved abortive. Newtown had the best of matters and following a free-kick, H. Pilot beaded the ball into the net for the fifth time. At this stcge, about 20 minutes off time, Owen Morris one of Machynlleth backs bad a nasty kick under the left eye and had to retire. Humphreys scored No. 6, H. Pilot another, and before time was called four more goals were scored by Newtown who won by 11 goals to nil. LLANDINAM v. WELSHPOOL RESERVES. Tht:re was a poor "gate" at Llandinam on Satur- day to witness the encounter between the above teams in the first round for the Welsh Amateur Cup. Welshpool brought a strong team with them, while Llandinam were not fully represented, W. Fvans and Dick Watkin being absent. Mr Tom Evans, Newtown, was the referee and punctually at 3 o'clock he sounded his whistle, and the teams lined up as follows:- LLANDINAM. Goal, J. Griffiths; backs, J. Davies halves, P. Hamer, Manuel, and O. Woolley; forwards, J. Parry, C. Hamer, Bob Watkin, J. Humphreys and E. Humphreys. Linesman, Mr E. Wilding. WELSHPOOL. Goal, Davies backs, Morris and Hamer; halves, Fox, Evans and W. Davies; forwards, Heath, Blair, T. Davies, Stallard and J. Evans. Linesman, Mr H. Tucker. Watkin opened for Llandinam (who started with only ten men.) Soon after the start Stallard lost a good:chance by shooting too random, and later Blair headed a trifle too high. Welshpool had another try, and Griffiths brought off a good save from Stallard. A foul against Welshpool relieved the homesters, but J. Humphreys shot wide. The visitors again attacked, and Stallard and Evans made a good run up the left, the former passing to Davies, who, however, was ruled offside. Play fQr some time continued in the homesters' quarters, but J. Davies and Griffiths proved themselves fit for their position. At this stage W. Evans not turning up, his place at back was taken by Moore. Watkius and Parry made a good run, and tried Daffes hard upon two or three occasion, in quick succession, but he was not to be beaten. Manuel next secured and gave to Watkin who was robbed by Evans and gave to T. Davies, but he again was robbed by Manuel, and Watkin securing, had hard lines in not scoring. Play next went to the other end, and Heath forced a corner which was not im- proved upon. Blair next got the ball, and passed to Heath who tried hard to score, but J. Davies was in rare form aad kept all well at bay. Foul against Fox sent play to the other end, and the homesters forced two corners in quick succession, but which proved fruitless, Manuel putting a trifle wide. Davies was soon afterwards called upon by Watkin on two occasions, but he could not be beaten. A combined effort by the visitors resulted in J. Evans, after a pretty bit of football, putting the visitors one up, with a splendid oblique shet. Play now became more vigorous, and both ends were being visited in turn. C. Hamer made a futile attempt from long range, and Davies again made a grand save from the foot of Watkin. P. Hamer was forced to retire through injuries received, and the homesters were again left with oaly teu men. The homesters pressed and Watkin from a pass by J. Humphreys and good football, equalised amidst cheers. The home- sters resumed the pressure, and W. Davies was seen to advantage for the visitors. C. Hamer secured, and with a well-judged shot put llan- dinam a-head. Shortly afterwards the whistle was sounded for half-time with the score Llan- dinam 2 goals, Welshpool 1. On resuming, the visitors forced the game and Moore, in attempting to clear, headed through his own goal. Play be- came more tame, though some spirited attempts were made, and Griffiths saved from Heath in good style. Watkin and Parry next had a try, but Hamer and Morris, who were playing a good gatne, checked their career. Stal'ard and Evans then made a pretty run, and the latter sent across splendidly, but J. Davies cleared and gave to Manuel, who sent to Watkin, but his final attempt went a little outside the posts. Manuel again secured and tried Davies with a stinger, whieh he cleared finely. An offside goal for Welshpool foi lowed. Play became more tame and fouls were given on both sides, and coiners were forced, but could not be improved upon. When nearicg time Welshpool were awarded a penalty through Moore handling, from which H. Hamer scored No. 3, aDd shortly afterwards the whistle sounded for time with the loore-Welshpool, 3; Llandinam, 2.