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BARMOUTH. PROMOTION.—Mr D. Parry Owen, of the board schools has secured an appointmeut at Llanfyllin sohool, and leaves to take up the duties shortly. THE annual financial conference of the Wesleyans was held on Monday evening and throughout Tues- a'2r* -«> TTvwtuoi. tiuiu^u vuo -TtJi-j' rr xyir ctiud an favourable for the occasion, but there was a large influx of visitors into the town. This conference includes the North Wales district from Holyhead to Dinas Mawddwy. THE LIBRARY. New rules have been adopted by the Committee of the new Library for the ben- efit of the young. Up to the present, the age for joining was limited. Several hundreds additional books have been given by a generous donor for the use of the young. It is also the intention of the Committee to procure all useful and interesting Welsh books. The Library is fast becoming well equipped. EXTENSION OF TRAMROAD.—During the coming winter Mr Solomon Andrews intends carrying out extensive improvements on his estate at the Junction. He ha.s already started another tram- road which will run from the entrance of Barmouth Bridge over the sands along the embankment which runs along the railway. The tramway will be continued on through the centre of the estate, to the waterfalls above Tyddyn Sheffri. No doubt the tramway will be a great attraction next season. OBITUARY.—We regret to record the death of Mra Edwards, Glanmeon, after a prolonged illness. Deceased, who was seventy-seven years of age, was the widow of the late captain Owen Edwards and was a descendant of one of the oldest and most respected families of the neighbourhood. She was the last survivor of a large family of ohildren, all of whom have passed away within recent year&. She was a member of Caersalem Chapel. She leaves but one daughter (Mrs Freeman) who lately had come to reside with her mother. The funeral, which was a public one, took place on Thursday at Llanaber. The Rev J. Gwynoro Davies officiated at the house and at the graveside. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. A special meeting of the Urban District Council was held at the Council Room on Tuesday, to dis- cuss the electric lighting question. The following members were present:—Messrs J. Morgan, Meredith Evans, Rbys Jones, H. Wynne Williams, Capt. E. Richards, Ed. Williams, W. Owen, D. E. Davies, W. George (clerk) and R. Llewellyn Owen (assistant clerk).-Capt. E. Richards was voted to the chair.—The Chairman said that the water and lighting committee had met the week previous but postponed the meeting to that day for further de- tails as to the scheme.—The Clerk then read two letters, from Messrs Wardon Stevens and Baker, Lease and Co., Parliamentary agents, two com- panies who tendered for the lighting scheme. The proposals of the latter company he (the clerk) thought were very reasonable and feasible and that an opportunity was now being afforded them which should not be given away. The Council require a special loan and this company was prepared to help the Council to receive the loan. Further it guaranteed to pay any deficit that may happen in the working of the scheme.— Mr J. Morgans wanted a company that would undertake to work the scheme apart from being in conjunction at all with the Barmouth Council. Furthur, be considered the price of 7d. the unit as very dear, and much dearer than the price of gas. -Mr E. Williams considered it the duty of the Council to enter into negotiations with Baker, Lease and Co., and try and come to an under- standing.—Mr Rhys Jones said that the quality of the gas at Barmouth was not what it should be and that it was too dear. He seconded Mr Williams's proposition that they should enter into negotiations with this Company.- Several members spoke favourably of the scheme, and the following resolution was passed unani- mously :—That the Council express approval of the scheme contained in the application of Messrs Baker, Lease, and Co., and was prepared to enter into negotiations with them as to the working of the scheme. Also that a letter be addressed to the other applicants, Wardon, Stevens, and Co.. to the effect that the Council was in negotiations with another company, but if they wished to submit proposals the clerk would bring same before the Council to be considered.-A communication had been received from the Local Government Board sanctioning the lean of zC91, repayable in five years.



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