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WELSH JUNIOR CUP. lFoURTB ROUND.] BALA V. MACHYNLLETH. This took place at Bala on Saturday last in perfect weather, and before a very respectable crowd. I, however, expected a much larger gate. It was, for a Fourth Round Cup Tie, an exceedingly meagre one-barely reaching the number of 150. This is not altogether to the credit of Bala foot- ball enthusiasts. Bala stepped into the Fourth Round under very favourable circumstances. What I mean by that is, that they only played one mateh which was against Corwen, so that two matches were byes or scratched. So much the better for them. Bala wa& to Machynlleth what Veteran calli a "dark horse." Some said one thing, and others said another. Some said they were a cheap lot and to be easily walked over, while others said they were a force to be reckoned with. However, putting two and two together, the Machynlleth men thought they had a soft thing on, but they very soon found out their mistake, and almost paid for their folly by being robbed of the honour of partaking in the Semi-Final. Close on 40 friends and supporters accompanied the team, and Bala was reached about 11 30. The game was timed to start at 2 15 so as to allow the visitors to reach home. Promptly to time Mr Postle blew the whistle, The sun shone brightly in the eyes of the visitors, and seriously handicapped them. Bala romped off before the Dovey men knew where they were. But it did not last long. The Bala outside left had chances time after time, but he lost his head and shot wide more than once. Morgan and Vaughan had several shots at the Bala citadel, which the home custodian grappled with manfully. He was really a good man, and saved his side time after time. The teams, on the whole, durieg the first half hour were fairly even. Bala, however, were smarter on the ball, and robbed the visitors of several chances through their alertness. The visitors' goal was hotly besieged for the first half hour, but Arnold saved well, backed up magni- ficently as he was by the backs and halves. The two shots he had to deal with he cleared easily, but his vis-a-vis the Bala custodian had a tropical time of it—and saved brilliantly time after time. Hot shots from Bob Humphreys, Dick Hughes, Holt, Billy Vaughan and Morgan, were sent in in masteriy fashion. The Bala left wing missed golden chances at this stage of the game—chances which did not come their way again. The game was very fast, but the visitors were al) over the shop," not finding their level at all. They were capable of much better things, but they failed to bring it about during the first half. At last the "cropper" came. The home cen tie-half and centre-forward were playing a superb game, and as the result of a combined rush, the centre shot, with the result that Arnold stopped the and to pass through. Tms'was goal number one for Bala amidst deafening cheers. Evans and Morris were stopping rush after rush with unerring promptness and regularity. Half-time arrived Bala one goal, Machynlleth nil. From the kick-off the visitors made very determined attacks and exhibited much doggedness as the visitors' would corner followed corner with disheartening regu- larity. Bala were fairly penned in, but no score. Four minutes and a half from the finish-when all seemed over-the ball was rushed through by Vaughan. Machynlleth pounded away for all they were worth to get the leading point, but the defence of Bala was superb. The excitement was intense. Two seconds from the end of time, Billy Evans, the risuiiig full-back, who was well up, returned with a. nice volley which dropped snugly on the Balagoal- keeprs s fingers, but he failed to clear, and the leather lodged itself in the net. Just as the leather was about to be placed for the kick-off, the Referee blew his whistle, and Machynlleth were left victors by two goals to one. Machynlleth have every reason to be proud of their performance. The shining lights of Bala were the centre-forward, centre-half, and goalkeeper. For the winners every man deserves high praise. D.T.H.




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