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AN ABERDOVEY FATALITY. LITTLE BOY KILLED. On Wednesday afternoon a gloom was cast over the town of A berdovey when it became known that a sun of Capt D Jones (of the "Sarah Davies," now lying in the harbour), had been killed by a railway truck. It seems that the lad, who was only seven years old, was, with his father, crossing the line from the wharf into the town while shunting operations were being carried on. He dropped a ball and, running back for it, fell and a truck passed over him, almost sevaring his head from his body. INQUEST. An inquest concerning the death of the little child (son of Capt David Jones, 35, Copper Hill street, Aberdovey), who was killed by a railway truck on Thursday, was held at the Literary Institute on Saturday afternoon, by Mr R 0 Jones, deputy coroner, Festiniog,- Capt Dd Jones said he was master of the "Sarah Davies," now lying at the wharf, and father of the deceased. He was present when the jury viewed the body, which he identified as that of his son David Jones, who was seven years of age. He was with him on Thursday on board the ship, and playing with a small ball. Between 3 and 4 p.m. they started for home, the deceased walking behind. There was a train shunting at the time, and they walked between the train and the warehouse. He thought there was ample room for them to pass. He heard the trucks jerking against something. He looked back and could not see the child, but looking underneath be saw him lying beneath the wheels, having been run over on the far rail. He must have gone urider to be where he was. He produced a similar ball to the one lost by the child. The child had been several times on board with him.—John Lamley, foreman, in the employ of the Cambrian Railways Company, said he was on duty when the accident occurred, and saw the deceased on the pier after he left the ship. It was about 3.30, and shunting operations were being carried out. at the time. He walked on one side and deceased with his father on the other. He heard shouting, and the train was then in motion, and he signalled the driver to stop and attempted to stop the train by using one of the waggon brakes. He saw deceased under the off wheel from the warehouse. He got the body out and carried it to the warehouse. He was of opinion that he had been instantaneously killed. The ball was, found just outside where he had met his death.— Mr Lewis Edwards, stationmaster, said he arrived just after the accident, and generally corroborated the previous witness.— Mr E L Rowlands, foreman of the jury, said that they were unanimous in their, verdict that the deceased had met with an acci- dental death. He then proposed a vote of con- dolence with the family, which was seconded hri. Mr Marshall, solicitor to the Cambrian Railwayw Company, and passed unanimously. „ ♦


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