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easement for the pipe line through the laud at the sum of £ 1 annually, instead of 6d per yard, pre- vioo°ly asked for, and instead of selling the land for the reservoir, with the fencing, she would grant a lease for 30 years, at the nominal sum of & 1 annually, the same as the pipe line, but with respect all other arrangements the previous terms would hold good. She was of opinion that by doing this, she was making very substantial con- cessions and the expense would be much diminished in consequence. She was not prepared to do any- thing more.—The chairman asked what the feeling of the council was on the matters, and some of the members expressed the opinion that the length of the lease us too short.-Dr Hugh Jones said that the gaugings, showed that the water was rather small in quantity, but it would be better for them to take it as it was, than have no water at all. Mr Ffoulkes Jones: That is a matter for inquiry. What we are now discussing is whether we should accept those terms. Personally I am very much against doing so, until we get a lease for 99 years, instead of the proposed 30 years, which is a very short time—Mr E P Jones said he had been told that it was a very indifferent place to get water and blamed the county, for not inquiring more carefully. Mr Cadwaladr Roberts: What could we do with- out any plans ? We are doing our best to keep down the expense, and we are not engineers. We have always understood that there was a good sup- ply of water there.-Mr Ffoulkes Jones proposed that they should write stating that they were not satisfied with the terms offered and ask that the lease should be extended to 99 years.-The Chair- man was of opinion that they should press the solicitors on this last point.—Mr C Roberts said he was under the impression that certain farms would ibe exempted fvom the water rate on account of the .pipe line, &c., running through their land. If it was so, it was necessary that it should be put down -in writing—The Clerk stated that in the report prepared for the Local Government Board the .capacity of the reservoir was stated to be 110,000 gallons in 24 hours. The analysts, Messrs Evans & -r 1 oomi-vlo aiTVlTnit,f;nH tr> t, h BW on galvanised iron and lead, the latter severely.— Dr Jones said that soft water always acted on lead. It was always the case, which was the difficulty attached to water which was brought down from uplands. He cited Yorkshire as an exampIe.-The matter then dropped. MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. Dr Jones reported that, with the Sanitary In- spector, he had visited Bryncoedifor School, Islaw'rdref. Some of the walls were damp and needed repairing at once. There was no proper provision for disposing of thg surface water io the area surrounding the school. Ou December 31st, he examined Pantllwyfog, in the parish of L!an- elltyd. The house was naturally damp as it had sbeen built on an excavated site, the back wall being -in contact with the soil. The dairy was damp and .dark; had a bad floor and was without ventilation .vr any kind. The kitchen also had a bad floor and (the bedroom had no ceiling; the walls generally were very defective. On January 5Lh three cases of diphtheria were reported at Penmaenpool dis- trict, ail of which were being investigated. SURVEYOR'S BEPORT. :1 J1 -.1 1_- L_J ThetSurveyor reported tnat ne uau luspecteu 8, T<jwydd, Llanfachreth, and fwuud that tbE e in '■00 small to accommodate the family, and .,OU8ef,wa8 Mtions of living there were very uu- at e cone Bryncoedifor National School, satisfactory, i need of { and fche Brithdir, was in wgre defective. The sanitary arrangemen bad farm of Tydu, Llwyng T1 m J • M were Llwyngun. Ty- ofcher farms in a similar „ T> m ™ *1. uaerllwyn. Peurhos- mawr, Tynewydd, Erwgoe „ ncha, Bronlletifan, Blaenpen. School House at Llanymawddw} £ T,el ^af the same condition, although the b Board h»d been notified. At Hillsborough, Upt^r C°rrf18' reqaest of the Council had been seen i u no ing had been done at New Street and enygroes Cottages property, which belonged to ti same owner. Trawsynant, Llaneltyd, was in a bad and the agent's attention had been drawn to it, but nothing had been done. CORRESPONDENCE. A letter was received from Capt Kirkby, Llano fendigaid, with i^i'crence to TynHan farm- house, and the repairs necessary, stating that it was the first intimation he had received. He had received no complaints from the tenants who con- sidered that the houses were all right. If the .Board insisted, be would have to do away at least with one of the houses, and although the place was very thinly populated at present he would have no alternative. A large number of repairs would be carried out during the spring and he had no doubt but that in time they would be able to carry out all necessary improvements. After some discussion in which it was stated that Captain Kirkby was always very ready to comply with the notices of the Board, it was decided not to press the ques- tion, but to leave it to the landlord. With reference to Pantycae near Arthog, he wrote that this would be seen to very shortly, and also Pentreucha and Penybont. Regarding the Abergynolwyn Water Supply, he would arrange to meet them at home, if they would arrange a date. It was however stated that he had left for a sea voyage to the Cape. ABERGYNOLWYN WATER SUPPLY. The Clerk stated that. a letter had been received from the Rev G Pughe, Blackburn, owner of Hendre, who stated that lie was willing to meet Mr Meyrick Roberts on the spot, to di. us the question. LLANYMAWDDWY WATER. Mr Owen Jones said that Dr Bradford had refused to do anything in f;h>s matter as he con- sidered that the present supply was all rigln.-Dr Jones stated that there was a capital supply avail- able, but it was open to pollution. If this cou'd be piped a very good supply could be procured. It was stated that the Parish Council were moving in the matter, and the quustiou was deferred. THE WATER ACT. Mr Richardsou explained that it had been suggested last time that they should adopt this Act, which compelled owners of all new houses to lay on proper water and sanitary arrangements. The question had cropped up with regard to the new houses now being built at Arthog. In any case the local authority had full power ro compel owne's to put in proper arrangements.—Nothing was done. DYFFRYN WATER. Mr Richard Jones said that the Parish Council were now moving in the matter, and that they were advertising for schemes to supply the village with a proper supply.-The Chairman remarked that as they were moving in the matter, it was inadvisable to do anything—Agreed. ABERLLEFENI WATER. It was stated that the Clerk had written to the local authority with reference to this, but he bad not received a reply. Under the circumstances it is decided to leave the matter until some reply bad been received. BRYNCOEDItOR NATIONAL SCHOOL. Dr Hugh Jones, drew particular attention to the fact, that several people had been proceded against for not sending their children to school, and the reason given was because the school was in an unfit state, and the magistrates had decided to dismiss the cases. It was a very serious thing indeed. The Sanitary Inspector said that he had repeatedly drawn their attention to the state of the school but nothing had been done, in fact he had not received any reply from the managers.- The Chairman asked what they could do.- C Pugh Jones asked the medical officer, whether it was in a fit state for the children to attend. Dr Jones said he did not thirk it was. Mr Ffoulks Jones asked whether the board bad power to deal with it as if they were dealing with the insanitary houses.—The clerk said they had—Mr Jones then proposed that the board give orders that the school should be closed and that a copy of the medical officer's report be sent to the Education department explaing why it bad been done.-After some discission however it was agreed to give a month's notice to start on the necessary repairs, and if they refused to comply that Mr Jones's proposition should be adopted.