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D0L3ELLEY. EISTEDDFOD.—-It i« „ that notwithstanding the «nf °rj *ui nr"3erstanJ the above is more thfn Ukolv toTeJem6nts success. n oufc a financial ";0, for Z-f-Tr- en rou e for Southampton whence he embarked for South Africa. His final destination is Kimberlev where he will join the Cape Mounted RiBes. A few friends presented him with a silver cigarette case and matoh box aa a token of good wishes. STFGDEN DEATH.- On Saturday afternoon a sad occurrence took place. As Mrs ÑIary Williams, of Llitywyn, Rhydymaen, was walking up the Market square she suddenly fell. She was removed to the Cambrian Restaurant, but, although medical assist- ance was immediately summoned, she never re- covered consciousness and passed away on Sunday morning. The deceased leaves behind her a large family to mourn her loss. PRESENTATION. On Friday afternoon an inter- • estmg presentation took place at the English Pres- byterian Chapel, when Mrs John Williams wife of the Rev John Williams, B.A., was presented with a handsome timepiece, suitably inscribed by the Dolgelley Branch of the Women's Temperance Association, as a slight recognition of her untiring energy in the temperance cause. The presentation was made by Mrs Williams, Maesffynnon, an.'u;' appropriate addresses were delivered by Mrs P„ Q Evans and Mrs Wynne Williams. Mrs'joh^ Wil liatns thanked them all for their kindn6SS an^ appreciation and assured them she woulr1¿ always do all in her power to forward the cause. SCHOOL BOARD.—THURSDAY. Mr William Hughes presiding THE VISITING COMMITTEE Mr Jno Pryce stated that ,in company with Mr Barnett he had visited Is^wrdref School, but they were not satisfied with the attendance, which was very low nor had tn9 registers been kept up to date.-The Chair^a^ remarked that the code. allowed tnem ',0 send the children home if they arrived there wet, or in any state which might injure their health, but if they were kept in school the register should always be kept.-Severe mem- bers expressed the hope that something would be done to secure regular attendance.—No reports; har. been received from the Brithdir and Dolgelly- f/ohools. ° ATTENDANCE OFFICER. Mr Williams presented his report which elated. that the attendance was considerably lower than the average, that at the girls' school being very much so.—Mr Allen remarked that this state of things was unsatisfactory, and that something should be done to get regular attendance. He also thought it was important that teachers should take interest in the matter.—Mr Williams was asked to try and improve matters in the coming months. A QUESTION OF CHEQUE-SIGNING. Mr Allen drew attention to the fact that Misi Pritchard, had given notice of her resignation on the 6th of December. The cheque for her salary had, however, been drawn up to December 20th.- He thought this was illegal and went beyond the authority of the board.—The Chairman said that the cheque signed by two members had been brought to him for signature. He then expressed", his surprise it had not been brought up at the last- meeting. — Mr Guthrie Jones stated the Miss. Pritchard had attended up to December 20th to mark the register, on consideration that the, salary should be paid up to then. She had done' splendid work for the board and he thought they should be proud of the opportunity of paying her, up to the Christmas holidays (hear, hear). Mr Allen said he was not against that at all, but the- practice of signing cheques out of the meeting. Ifc, was unanimously decided that in future no cheque* be signed out of the board meeting. MISCELLANEOUS. An application for inorease of salary, by Misses Lloyd and Owen was referred to the staff com- mittee. The scheme recently suggested by the* County Governing Body was also considered. RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL.—SATURDAY. Rev John Evans, Barmouth, presiding, Ellis P" Jones, R Jones, John Owen, M E Williams, Robert Hughes, Hywel Hugh, Cadwaladr Roberts, R. Ffoulkes Jones, Owen Jones, J Pugh Jones, John Roberts, J R Jones, Hugh Jones W R Richardson acting clerk, Dr Hugh Jones, medical officer, and. John Edwards acting inspector. LLWYNGWRIL WATER SUPPLY. A communication was read by the clerk from; the Countess de Morella's solicitor in which it was- stated that she had agreed to certain modifications* of the terms first mentioned. She would grant RIL