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ABERDOVEY PRAYER MEETINGS.-In accordance with the regular custom prayer meetings were held at all the chapels during the whole of last week, at which collections were made for the benefit of the differ- ent institutions supported by the various denomin- ations. SHIPPING—The "Prince Llewelyn" frem Lon. don, with cement arrived last week, and also the Dora" from Liverpool, with a cargo of general goods for the district. On Tuesday the Kynite arrived from London with cement, and others at present in the harbour are the Sarah Davies and Dovey Belle," both of Aberdovey. T EMPERANCE. At the weekly temperance meet- ing held on Sunday evening, Mr John Pugh pie- siding, interesting addresses were delivered by Messrs Ffestin Williams, E L Rowlands and John Lumley. During the evening a capital recitation was delivered by Miss Lizzie J Walters. There was a good attendance. ECCLESIASTICAL. The Bishop of Bangor arrived here on Friday for a stay, we understand of three months, at Panteidal Hall, his beautiful residence overlooking the estuary. It is situated three miles from Aberdovey on the road to Pennal. DT^A^ING SOCIETY. At the last meeting of the Debating Society, Mr Owain Jones, A.P.S., presid- ing, an interesting discussion took place. The subject for the evening was A vote of confidence ir the Urban District Council," to be proposed by Mr W Jones, R.O., and a vote of censure to be pro- posed by Mr Fiestin Williams. There was a large and representative meeting, the members of the Council being there in full force. Mr Ffeetin Wil- liams opened with an eloquent speech, and brought some powerful arguments, both theoretical and practical, to prove that the Council needed censure. Mr William Jones responded to the attack with spirit and championed the Council in a very able manner. The matter was then thrown open to discussion. Mr Williams was sapported by Sergt Dick Williams, John Lewis, R Llewelyn Hughes, R Lae 'chtflv'to ?°eBi0diH iS' J"0"'0" loog-stancHng griev,oce'o S* railway company for 7h« X t0 pay the field, and the wretched bit of pavement which had been recently constructed by the CounciL The LtowLT aSnUdPPWfcJdonbe^ ST W » entertaining, instructive and^ fi!' ,4"ffcer a vevY vote was taken which came onf^t dls°ussion> a of censure 26 ™. Z T 7 F°r a V°ta 5 votes. ^0 6 of confidence theNe\TC otZNaUotl^T the members of the'Oh t Schools together with to tea by Mr and MM M WBre enfcertained M Howell"!thf Mif8:rHowenLeli: a*d Mr J rro° good. Tl.N e«P»oiaIIy the kindMM of the Kev d°etto' in the evening, by the a u '• i. ^a^er and the Missfs Howell each t J76P,fcahfcy of with a gift of no little vg,Hesfc .was PreseQtedi Christmas tree which wl !n V • a hasre^ very pictureSque ap^aTa ce Tiir'f' tastefully rendered « °lr havingf moved a vote of thanks to those ladies and men who had so kindly provided 80 am evening. Thi. was and mously by the hearty cheers or the children, and the National Anthem having beeii auug, ibe, company dispersed, all having thqrgughl. emjoved themselves,