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TOWYN", Our representative in Towyn is Mr 0 W Hughes, Cader View, and we shall be much obliged if clerks of local authorities, secretaries of sports, &c., would send notices of meetings, and orders for advertise- ments and printing to that address. f OBITUARY.—The death took place on Sunday evening of the 3^-year old daughter of Mr and Mrs Joseph Davies, Isandula Terrace, from consumption. She had been ailing for a considerable time and passed away quietly as stated, after undergoing very much suffering borne with great fortitude. AMBULANCE.—At the last meeting of this class an interesting lecture was delivered by Dr Lewys. Lloyd on "Haemorrhage" to a good attendance, after which the members practised bandaging and other practical work, This was the fifth lecture, there being altogether 10 necessary to complete the course. EASTER TERM.—The County School re-opened on Tuesday for the Easter term after the Christmas holidays. A large number of scholars attending, all ready and anxious to pursue their studies. Their appearance relieves a good deal of the general quietness of the place. CONCERT. — On reference to our advertising columns it will be seen that a grand concert is announced to be held at the Assembly Rooms next Wednesday evening, the proceeds to be devoted to the funds of the Improvement Society. Some well known artistes have been engaged and a very good meeting is anticipated. IMPROVEMENT.—The shrubs and small plants recently provided by the Cambrian Railways Co. for beautifying the approaches to the railway station are being planted by the platelaying staff and the result is very encouraging, the bleak aspect of the place giving way to a garden-like appearance which is very pleasing to the eye. The Company have set an example which might with advantage be copied in other desolate. looking spots in the town. MILDNESS ON THE COAST.-A certa:n proof of the mild and equable temperature which prevails at the Coasb resorts during the winter months can be seen at gardens of the railway stations where already primroses and daisies have began to blooin. Too much cannot be made of tb;s fact, foe we feel sure that if it was well koowo a large number of visitors would take up the:- residence here duricc the cold season of the year. Fj!:TiYAf<. — To-morrow (Friday) the annual singing festival of the Methodist Churches in the district will be held at the Bethel Chapel, Towyn, when a large and successful gatbering is anticipated. The singers will be led by Mr David Evans, Mus. Bac., London, while the dutie3 of accompanists will be carried out by Miss May Roberts, L.R.A.M. Towyn, and Miss Richards, Sen. Cert. R.A.M.' Abetdovey. The meeting will be presidad over in the afternoon by Mr Edwatd Rowlands, Rennal, and in the evening by the Rev R R Williams, M.A., Towyn. OBITUARY.—We regret to have to announce the death of Mr Hugh Vaughan, Caerbellan, Llan- fibange^y-Pennant, who passed away on Sunday morning. He had been ailing for some months, and took to his bed a few weeks a^m w r,- r came rather suddenly despite thl f h attention of Dr E Lewys Llnvd h- gf • &T)d Rowlands being S i 8 8°n-ln law- Dr the „nwea™f aTt jrLJZ ""™' «*, his wife and children. HETAVM « °F sons and two daughters to mourn 7 tW° the daughters being Mrs Lewvs-Lloyd Thl deceased was very highly resDectpd fif j- • and was deacon at theCalvinistic Mef h o? Penmeini, „h„e hi8 t' Methodist Church at Abergynolwyn Cal^°^tic BETHEL IMPROVEMENT SOCIETY U the last meeting of this society, Mr J Gaufrouvdd JOLos presiding, a very interesting papei- was read by Mr giving particulars of his life nnd iat abJe literary apd scriptura] works which bad come from his pen, his great effort on behalf of the British and Foroign Missionary Society, of Which society he himself was the pioieer, and b's work for the establishment of the Welsh Sunday schools. eat success, more esnec'allv w'^wif bis perman- of the Bala Theological College. Vho E,v T°K .rsiTctiT J-nomas Onarles, refercin? to the fact that the works of Mr Cho.-le,, tad notbee„ improved upon by anyone, and his books were the standard works m the Methodist Connexion The Pritchafd and „ ProPosed b7 Mr John fverv oTe,^ Mr J M ^mes, brought a very pleasant and instructive evening to a close THE DEBATING SOCIETY The reopening meeting of the last half af ib sassion of the above society, took the fr,- e A iJUHuttj Bvcuni, ■ j-no-ioom uau r.ee?fimnice,ly [ decorated for the' occasion and a fair number tamed up of both members and visitors. Mr T Gr Roberts j R A., presided. After light refreshments had been partaken of a programme was gone through and games were indulged in. Songs were rendered by Miss Ashton, and Mr Ernest Richards and br;ef addresses by Messrs T G Roberts, Robt R Roberto S Edmunds, and F T Tookey, all of whom spoke of the great benefits to be derived from the society and urging the necessity of regular attendance at the meetings. The last portion of the meeting was devoted to games of varied character which cveattd much enjoyment. Next Tuesday a very interest- ing debate is promised, the subject beW Is Imperialism a worthy ideal of a great nation°" the openers of which are Messrs T G Roberts and J B Latimer,