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Th The process of bustling commandos goes on incomfortablv v, mattera are beinS made the enem ° "B°er generals- Botha, tur8 1 generalll88':rno» narrowly escaped cap- b^K stP^ the redoubtabIe De Wet is shelled he13-)*3"™11 °nward) and was last week killed and tT y' General Opperman has been UJ tt-UQ W0 v.Anj Of stores, hor8es I aarPna™ and large captures If stores, lnorses, and cattle. It is quite evident beinn- ta06108 enon as are ac preseuv Boerresita8116 d°WQ the remnant of the whether o^food6 °r6l°Dg" Ever7 transfer of supplies to our own is atntriUl"fciori> from the Boer lines two on a diyisiot)0 gSiiued~~ib COUI)ts insnep^r^ °f eXp#erk who catne down !o Aberd refeddfan Hofcel drainage scheme a; The TKeyr3b^bt"Pafctbe last mee^g o? StronJl M "8tr'ct Co«Dcil. Unforteralely, it was atati^/thTtV™^0'1 °f the sys; em' Mr P,cko :n" «fi ? C0T]S' rooted it would be nothing but °oga'ed and offensive cerspool." The-6 are ■twag words a-d under the c^cumsi ,-ces it •* reTnartab'e that the Coo -c;l gave Mr Morgan t.i on to procrad with the work. Tbey we»e o ireaDs unanimous on the point, tbe surveyor Particular e^presg'og blades. rDfe0 of iCs wwi "h commendable fo-esgbt the Covcc.l howev#- ave not commil.'ed tbemseivei vfy far, for if tbe ^Soetn fails to act tbe owner has agreed to cat it ■ We hardly believe that Mr Morgan is w:Uiog to risk tbe success of the bote1, by constructing Irg fythingjnanywayEnsatJsfaciory aod it is un- r unate that expevis disaoree very much OR the ^feat'oo. #«.# J view of tbe coming arbifratloq between the ge ley and Barmouth Copnc'ls aod the Copi'is1 ouocil. the statement of the Towyn surveyor t.hat 8utl) allowed by the Main Roads Comm<ilee is 'nsufficippt to meet the correct expenditure is th^ereS^°^' s*'a^es was based oo expanse of prev-ous years before the sieani 9 61 came iuio geoeva( u«e, which has (teb'fd tl e n mer. e^Pe,,se. The question before the Disti'Ct ouncil now >s whether tbe loads are tobe pioperiy 8 of I'ltd oo )e;t in whalfaver si ate tbev may bs Th'^M-'16 s"oi allowed has been its jhed. „8 1 U-3ads Committee appears to have gome • 6ff ,lo',ot18 as 3 p.-osc.ess, a ad as Is usaal wi'h )e )c<eot bod (?( ea^-ej oi.'i its wo''k wluh a h"gb« an ed pJJcy. Tnis is sure to resaU in la.si'.iw f'r;c;lion beuween the urban authoiilies, a'¡¡] r<e oo.er the commucee is brought to reaJiee what" e 63 oi IiJnch action w 11 b9 the better k will be jor the coanty generally. t.i* The It-gt meeting of the Rural Disfvlct tÛQVCil of Dolgelley, diEclosed the fact that the general con- diLion of the farm houces, which came witbin tbe ]urjEd<cbon of it3 powe-s, is still any thing but SSMS actory. Alepgthy reportof uohealthy dwellings wi;3 tK Sarvevo all of which we e oroDgbly coademued by the Med'cal Officer. In m°,jt ca?es h g,a\ notices were oide' ed to be gervec'. aD« we trust that they will be v'gorously enfo-( sd t..e ner issity lepa-rs, Ac, are not ima-ed-aia'v cari etl oat. It is a very £ e-;ous merare tD the ger.e';).l bea'tb, but most people appear to be bope- ib^ ^-3 Even at Towyn, 7rga are not by any roeacs i-at:s-"accorys and •■t is ieiresbiog to notice tin&t t'te que,Con no" being losi. s'ght of. The remarks made I by a rnembsr of the COJOCII, that a single m"state iu tbia d'restion might cost the reputation of a sea- side resort, are only tea roe. It is (bereTcs a" tbe more necessa-y that these matters should be Been ID bsfore the I •>:).: >•), which is fast app ozcb ing) comes upon us. *#* The state t.V Eryccaed:for Na. ■;)• School, Islawrdref, for iDstance, is sveh that pa'eois have actually debased their children fiom attsDd:og the scboo]. The result has been that the pa»ec>'s were bauled up before the Dolgelley mag«&iiaie» for a breach of the Education Act. The cases wet a naturally dismissed, but the magistrates e::p some efroog feeling on the matter. We th"nk i bat it" the p,op0s:ti0fl of Mr Ffooicfea Jooes to close the place aod seni the medical officer's iero b to tbe Education Depa'meui;, bed been adop.r-j it, would have proved effectual, but it was decided j 0 give a formal nj„Ve. 'J'bis wiH be laughed at, the evil will contione, and the chiid-en wil( have 10 suffer. We may remind our readers that we have at present reached the commeoceweat of tbe 20ch century. *o¡¡.* The question of a water supply at LlwyogwrW is proceeding slowly, and we hope surely, to a deflate end. At present the Rural ^strict COHPC?! are doing their best to secure more sappovt from tbe Countess de Morelia, who is tbe chief landowner fo be co>;su!(ed. The Copoielils JIRS g:vea wey Od some teifiing mioor points, but ib is generally felt that more substanjial suppci t shcaM be expected. We think £ o too. Tb is sigQiflcaat of the ioteresfc some members on this COUQCU tate in tbe'r duties that, one meaiber, even at this stage of the pi J- ceeàings, sr.ated that be was under the impress^a that there woold Dot be sufficient water in the resei voir. There is a fine opening for a Jiii'e d-splay of generosity ou the part of the COPDJ B?S de lTorella, and we h use that Llwyrwwri' w-U shortly reap the beueSt of it. e Towya J rap' ovement Com mil.i es have fo^mo- Ia scheoje for che > L Je oi i-vees OQ >»e i*o^d leading fiom Gwalia to the river. Jf (1,. f i OJt th;% will f. dd very materially to Lpe au.rac.ioa of the wak which i, very bj valors daring the £ 5.^or. Tbe wo, k of ifH;rg up th^s J Gad goes on sJow!y end steadily aid iu a few y eats roadway will be built. Jf it ne>e possible tom&ke it good enough for cyclirg dut:og the C5T' ?-» senior, the<e woald be leis leat'd ,,boot (be aioieoee of bcat/ag by the v.-sitTrs. A change of narre rrrVht ako help cons'c'e aMy. All tbefo imptovementa however, mean mooey and the committee will xr qu're soppoit of a practical chaiacisr. *:jf:* The fire br-gada quest'oa was biocjht up at the last Cou-'cil meeting at Towyn. It is qoi:3 ev'dent that the Co^ncit meaa busies?, but the comiziic^a of tbe five bi'gsde (;f there 'is one at p'eseatin ex:s, 3DC3) have rot as yet b?it!»ved tbemEalvii t e-y much a'tbough the oppo'tuniiy fee wtrch they lave loi'g been c'amonrirg has arrived. Tbey n" gbt do worse tl'au follow "I the footsteps o" ihe Dc ^el'ey lr Je who have vea?hed a slaada-d of wt Vi must ba ssan to be rsai'iad. Thev 1 ive reç'ê)t}y t<san > o&urameotil in prevejtirg Eore OJL'U eats from gp/eadiog.