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VOLUNTEER NOTES. [BY RIFLEMAN.] The recruiting question appears to be the chief matter under discussion in^this district iusfc at present, although there does not seem to be a lartre nnmber available, but at Towyn and Aberdovev^fc is unnecessary to point out that but very few more ZrJZy01* uAt D°'z°n" I eecSad IT" "i'7. Ieast 20 <"<> canoot be secured, for although it is all very well to refer to t-f* of Ashmen, &c., which is thlt78 up at banquets and public meetings in £ isT glT ?680 tw° t0WQS t0 TolantS U i and water quality. I think if ZI SF™ T VER? £ established? ""a°"7 00ml>i'J, bM" The cyciist section does not hold out much attraction to the volunteer recruit as a rale for he prefers to foot it. Another point is the expense— i £ 0?cl6' th9 <*>" °f teep. of tw. L ,fu<'81t,ons w»>- the success made 1 Relieve, a special gra-t i" made, for this purpose. With reference to the and theafa/w°nS' I„h?pe fchafc they wil1 be enforced and that there wm be no "slip it over" system adopted, which has been the bane of many a volun- teer corps in recent years, as well as being very unjust to some members. A case occurs to my mind in which a certain private who did not attend camp and put in 3 or 4 drills was made efficient, while, another, who attend tho prescribed number of drills, and camp for a week, but failed to go through the musketry was made non-efficient. ,Jiere 8 aJ"ce little tit-bit for local Artillery Vol- unteers. The somewhat humiliating discovery has just been made that in the Tokio Museum of Arms there is on exhibition an Armstrong rifled breech- but still considered sufficiently modern in England to be good enough to equip the Yolunteers with.


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