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EISTEDDFOD AT MACHYNLLETH. A SUCCESSFUL MEETING. On New Year's Day another very successful eisteddfod (under the direction of the Machynlleth Church Sunday Schools) was held at the Town Hall. The first meeting commenceri at 1-45. Although the weather was unfavourable, the hall was fairly well filled. The afternoon meeting was presided over by Mr D E R Griffith, L and P Bank. Mr D J Davies (Eos Teifi) acted as conductor. There being no address by the Bards," Mr Edward Edwards opened the proceedings by singing Hen Wlad y Menyp Gwynion," which was well received. The President (Mr Griffith) then made a neat and sensible speech worthy of the occasion. The following prizes were awarded at the afternoon meeting :—Pianoforte solo, 1 Miss Jones 2 Misa Jennie Humphreys. Solo, children under sixteen, Y Fwyalchen," Miss Davies. Set of three button holes on linen, Mi-s Pearce and Miss Humphreys. Solo for boys under 16, David Jonea. Letter written by a boy or girl under 18, Edith Lewis and Pollie Morris. Soprano sol^, Ser y Goron," (W Davies). Only one competitor came forward, Miss Frances Lewis, to whom the adjudi- cator awarded the prize. Pair of knitted stockings, Edith Lewis. Six commemorative verses of eight lines to the late Mr Richard R Morris (a scholar at the Intermediate Sehool), prize divided between Mr William Roberts (Aberangell) and Mr Evan Meredith. Solo for girls under sixteen, Myfi sy'n magu'r Baban," Miss Davies. Essay on The His- tory of Church Music in Wales," Mr D Jenkin Davies (Eos Teifi). Three parties competed for the duet (any two voices), prize divided between Mr J Lumley and Mr Trevor Jones, who sang Lie Treigla'r Caveri," and Miss Mary Lumley and Mr Fred Lumley, who sang "Children, Pray This Love to Cherish." Carved wood salt cellar, Mr Richard Jones, engine driver. Walking stick, Mr Thomas, Cilgwyn. Freehand drawing, Master David Davies and Miss Pearce. Next followed a very interesting competition on the mouth-organ, when two young- sters stepped on to the platform, Master David Jones and Master Vaughan. The adjudicator could not do better than divide the spoil. Map drawing of Italy and Sicily, Master J Evans and Miss Green- field. Only one juvenile choir made its appearance to compete on Rhyfel Bywyd (Josiah Morgan). The choir which sang had a very good word from the adjudicator, and on his recommendation were awarded the full prize. A hearty vote of thanks was accorded to the President for presiding and also to Eos Teifi for so ably conducting the meet- ing. The evening meeting commenced at 70clock. In spite of the heavy rain the hall was filled to its utmost capacity by a respectable and well-behaved audience. The meeting was presided oyer by Mr E Gillart (chairman of the Urban District Council). Morfa (Rev D T Hughes) acted as conductor.—Mr Gillart said The eisteddfod is, I believe, one of the oldest, if not the oldest, institutions inlWales, and has outlived much abuse and sarcasm which those who did not appreciate its value have attempted to bestow upon it. I need not point out to you the great good accomplished by these meetings during the past half century in bringing out the latent talent of the young men and young women of the Principality. In institutions of this kind all music, literature, art, and, in fact, all that constitutes the best qualities of national life are inculcated and fostered, and therefore deserve every encourage- ment at our hands. Although Wales is now blessed with other educational institutions, there s still room for the eisteddfod as an educational orce. I am glad to find that Machynlleth people instead of going to Dolgelley eisteddfod as they have done for years, ha\e now established an annual gathering of their own. I hope it may long continue to be a success and beneficial to the town generally. The following competitions followed Quartette, Sleighing Glee," Miss Frances Lewis and party; essay, The services rendered to Man- kind by Undomesfcicated Forms of Animal Life," Mr John Rowlands (Crewi.) Contralto solo-" He was Despised," Miss Susie Jones, Pennal, and Miss Winnie Edwards. Pincushion-Miss Greenfield. Wool cuffs-Miss Bertha Pearce and Miss Hilda Harris. Bass solo-" Honour aid Arms," Mr Isaac Joues, Abergvnolwyn. Trio, Duw bydd Dru- garog," three parties, best Mr J Lumley and party. Neatest made Housewife—Miss Pollie Morris and Miss Mabel Morris. Male Voice Party-Only one party entered, Mr John Lumley, conductor, who were awarded the prize. Tenor solo—One competitor, Mr Erfyl Watkins, who gave a good rendering of "Thou shalt Break Them." Anti- macassar, Miss Lizzie Evans, schoolmistress. Handwriting for girls under thirteen, Blodwen and Maggie Humphreys. Baritone solo, "Lead, Kindly Light" (D P Evans). There were four competitors. Mr Price paid a Ligh tribute to each. He nlt-.ima.tp.ly divided the prizp between Mr Isaac Jones and Mr David Williams, Skinners Arms. Handwriting for boys under ten, Master Pearce. Darning on stocking web, Miss Greenfield. Neatest flannel patch, Miss Nellie Harris. TLe chief com- petition of its day was reached, when two choirs came forward, viz., Church United Choir, con- ducted by Mr Edward Edwards, and, Mr J 0 Williams's choir. The test piece was "Y Blodeuyn Olaf (J A Lloyd). The adjudicator, in a clear manner, dwelt on the different points in the rendering of this beautiful piece by the two choirs and awarded the prize of four guineas, given by the Marchioness (D) of Londonderry, to Mr J 0 Williams's choir. Mr Williams was invested amidst great cheering. After a vote of thanks to the President and Morfa, one of the most successful eisteddfods ever held at Machynlleth was brought to a close by singing of Hen wlad fy Nhadau," Mr T Maldwyn Price got through his arduous duties to the satisfaction of all. Valuable services were also rendered by Mrs A 0 Davies and Mrs Trevor Jones who acted as accompanists. The secretaries, Mr J J Humphries and Mr David Williams, are to be congratulated upon the success of their labo-irs.

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