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♦ MARKETS WELSHPOOL GENERAL, Monday. Wholesale price Butter, Os Od to Is 3d per lb eggs, 0 to 10 for le; fowls, 3s Od to Os Od chickens, 4s 6d to 5s 0 d; ducks, OsOd to 5s 6d; rabbits. Is 6d per couple. N EWTOWN GENERAL, TUESDAY. Eggs 0 to 12 for IS; butter Is 3d to Os Od per lb; fowls 3s Od to Os Od chickens Os Od to 4s 6d ducks Os Od to 58 Od rabbits, ls6d per couple. LIVERPOOL CORN, TUESDAY. — Wheat, fair inquiry, hair-penny to penny over Friday. 1 Boston, new, 6s 3|d to 6s 4d; 2 Kansas, new, 6s 3d to 6s 3J?d; Red Winter, 6s 4%d to 6s 5d. Beans, Saidi, 33s 3d to 33s 6d. Peas, 6s lid. Oats, new white, 2s lOd to 3s Id yellow, 2s 8d to 2s 9d black, ;2s 9d to 2s lOd. Maize, slow trade, old mixed, is 8d; old, 5s 8id. Flour, 6d dearer. LONDON HAY AND STRAW, TUESDAY.—Prices :— Good to prime hay, ICOs to 115s Od inferior to fair, 80s to 95s good to prime clover, 95s to 110s interior to fair ditto, 80s Od to 90s mixture and sainfoin, 90s to 105s Od straw, 28s to 40s per load. LIVERPOOL CATTLE MARKET,MONDAY.—Numbers: Beasts, 1,574'; sheep, 3,437. Quotf tions :—Beat beasts, 6kd to 6^d seconds, 5jd to 6d; thirds, 4^d to 5id; best Scotch sheep, 8d to 01; other sorts, 6d to 7jd lambs, 6id to 7J;d per lb. The supply of stock was larger than last week, showing an increase of 340 beasts and an increase of 769 sheep and lambs. Demand fair for a'l classes at about late rates. BIRMINGHAM CATTLE, TUESDAY.—Short supplies generally, and a fair demand. Prices ruled as follow :—Beef, llerefords, 5d to 6gd shorthorns, 6d to 61d; bulls and cows, <|d to 5Jd; calves, 6d to 7d; wethers, 71d to 8jd ewes and rams, Sd to 6d per lb. Bacon pigs, 9s Od to 9s 3d porkets. 10s 6d to 10s lOd sows, 7s 9d to 8s Od per score. SALFORD CATTLE, TUESDAY. —At market Cattle, 2,764, trade rather slow; sheep, 6,573, de- mand quiet, prices favouring buyers; calves, 126, with a fair trade. Quotations :-Cattle, 41d to Bid; calves, 5dto8d sheep, 6d to Bid per lb. CORK BUTTER, Thursday.— Primest, —s; prime -3; firsts, 114s seconds 92s kegs, —s thirds 91s kegs -s fourths -8; fifths -8; choicest -8; choice —s superfine 126s kegs 03; fine mild 98s mild —s choicest boxes —a choice boxes, 94s; 10 cwt of fresh butter A, 104s to 103s; B, 92s to 90s factory seconds, —. Total number of firkins 13. OSWESTRY MONTHLY HORSIt FAIR.—There was only a small supply of horses and the demand was not brisk. Cart horses sold at from £45 to £50, and cobs and hacks £18 to £25. OSWESTRY BUTTER AND CHEESB FAIR. At the Powis Hall on Wednesday, 100 tubs of butter and 56 cheeses were pitched. Quotations -.—Butter, lOd to lid per lb. Cheese: Skims, 27s 6d to 30s Od half meated, 35s Od to 40s Od fat, 45s to 50s per cwt. Bacon Flitches, 71d to 8d; hams, 93?d to lOd per lb. OSWESTRY CORN MARKET, WEDNESDAY. — The lowing were the quotations;—White wheat (old) 4s 2d to 4s 4d white wheat (new), Os Od to Os Od per 751bs red wheat (old), 4s 3d to 4s 5d red wheat (new), 03 Od to Os Od per 7bibs old oats, 15a 6d to 16s Od new oats, 12s Od to 13s Od per 200lbs; malting barley, 16s Od to 20s Od; grinding barley, 14s Od to 15s Od per 2801bs. OSWESTRY GENERAL MARKET, WEDNESDAY.— Quotations :— Butter, Is 2d to Is 3d per lb; eggs, 0 to 9 for Is; beef, 7d to 8d mutton, 7d to 9d lamb, 8d to 9d veal, 7d to Cd pork, 6d to 8d per lb fowls, 4s 0d to 5s Od per covp'e ducks, 5s Od to'6s0d; rabbits, 2s 2d to 2s 4d per couple; geese, 8d to 9d turkeys, Od to Is per lb honey, Is per jar potatoes, lOd to 13 per score carrots, Os to 4s per cwt cabbages, 2d to 4d cauli- flowers, 2d to 4d each; celery, 2d to 4d per stick; apples, Is 6d to 3s per 100; pears, 5 to 10 a Id walnuts, 4d to 6d per hundred filberts, 5d to 6d per lb chestnuts, Od to 2d per lb. OSWESTRY WEEKLY CATTLE FAIR.— There was an average supply at the Smithfield on Wednesday, and the sales were good. Beef was a fair trade, store cattle showed an improvement and other stock were about the same. Messrs Whitfield and Sons sold 223 cattle and calves, and 764 sheep Messrs Hall, Wateridge & Owen sold 73 fat cattle audanumber of sheep Messrs Whitfield and Rogers sold a large quantity of stock, as did also Mr T Whitfield, Junr. Prices ruled as follows Beef, 61d to 61d per lb; veal, 7d to 8d per lb; mutton, 7d to 8d lamb, 7d to 71d per lb pork pigs, 10s Od to 10s 6d; bacon pigs, 83 6d to 9s Od per score. ELLESMERE, TUESDAY. -Quotations as follows I Wheat (new) 13s 6d to 14a 6d per 225 lbs malting barley, 18s Od to 20s Od per 280 lbs; oats (new), 12s Od to 14s Od per 200 ibs butter, lsld to Is 3d per lb; eg-gs, 9 to 10 for Is; fowls, 4s Od to 5s 6d ducks, 5s Od to 6s 6d; rabbits, ls8d to2s0d per C'npie. WHITCHURCH, FRIDAY. Wheat, 4s 2d to 4s 3d per 75 lbs; barley, 4s Od to 4s 3d per 70 lbs oatp, 3 j 9d to 4s 3d per 50 lbs eggs, 8 to 10 for Is; butter Is 2d to Is 3d per 16 oz fowls, 3s 6s to 4s 6d ducks, Os Od to 5s Od per couple potatoes, 2s 6d to 3s per cwt; beef, 6d to 9d mutton, 7d to 9d lamb, 7d to 9d veal, 7d to 9d pork, 7d to 8d per lb rabbits, Is 10d to 2s Od pei couple apples, 2d 3d to per quarter; geese, 9d turkeys, Is per lb. BRADFORD WOOL, THURSDAY.—The bright, pro- mising market with which the old year closed has been followed by one which has been in nearly every respect satisfactory. In all fine wools the better prices of Monday have been maintained, and even if business to-day has not been large, it has been because spinners have covered themselves for the time being, and with advanced rates will not come into the market if they can help it. It is, however, a very good feature that some activity has at last been shown on the users' side of the house." While topmakers have for some months shown a firmness of attitude, as to which spinners and manufacturers manifested considerable in- credulity, it now appears as if consumers of the raw material were admitting increased activity on their own part, and the result is a sounder feeling throughout the trade, from which, fortunately, any spirit of speculation is entirely absent. There has been, however, sufficient demand for topmakers now to ask 211d and 21d for super 64's merino, and 20kd for the best of super 60's ordinary merino and 60's B.A. have also come up in quotation to 19Jd. In fine crossbreds, both 58's and 56's are a farthing dearer than last-mentioned rates, but 50's medium are rather sluggish at something under 12d. In the lower grades 40's are nicely recovering to 7jd, and 36's and 32's are stiffening Ft 7d and 6|d. In English wools the effect has not yet been felt, and it is only the very best classes of lustre sorts that are maintaining their value. Indeed, during the last ten days some English wools have lost in value. Lincoln hoggs are to-day difficult to sell at even 74d and while some Lincoln wethers were sold last week at 5d, buyers will not do business to-day at 4gd. Best North hoggs are 8id and Yorkshire hoggs 9jd. Deep hoggs from the Midland counties are nominally 5|d, with wethers at 4fd. White super hoggs are sold with difficulty at 6d, and wethers are barely worth 4|d. Half-bred hoggs are down to 7d and wethers to 5|d. Selected Irish hoggs can perhaps make 7d, but wethers are not worth more than 5td. Kent wethers are also down 2 to the same figure. It is doubtful if pick" Shropshire hoggs will make more than 71d, and wethers are cheaper proportionately.