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MACHYNLLETH. SOCIAL EVENING.—On New Year's Eve a social evening was held in the Wesleyan Old Chapel by the members of the young people's literary society of the Wesleyan Church. WATCHNIGHT.—At the Wesleyan Chapel services were held commencing at 11 o'clock, when the Rev J D Jones (pastor) preached an appropriate sermon. There was a good attendance. THE OLD AND THE NEW.—A muffled toll on the bells of the parish church accompanied the old year on its departure. On the stroke of twelve the bells rang out a joyous peal. Ihe ringers were Mr David Williams, the Rev D T Hughes, Messrs R Hughes, Lloyd Roberts, D R Roberts, and T Hughes. PETTY SESSIONS.—WEDNESDAY. Before Messrs W Bonsall, Edward Davies, R Rees Before Messrs W Bonsall, Edward Davies, R Rees and D Witringbam Stable. DRUNKENNESS.—Richard Griffiths, collier, Gar- shon, was charged by P.C. Ellis with having been drunk and disorderly in Pentrehedyn street on Dec 21.-The defendant did not appear.-P.C. Ellis gave evidence as to the misconduct.-The Clerk; Anything known about him ?-Sergt Owen said he generally got one when he came home from South Wales.—The Clerk Once a year.—Fined 10s, in- cluding costs, in default seven days' hard labour. P.S. Owen charged J Roberts, labourer, of Rhiw. folen, Penegoes, with having been drunk and dis- orderly in Maengwyn street on Dec 23. The Sergt said that the defendant, who did not appear, was fighting and swearing and creating a general dis- turhance.-The Clerk Did you take him into cus- tody ?-Sergt Owen: No, sir.-The Oerk Has he been before the Court before ?—Sergt Owen: No, sir; he is a native of Carnarvon-Fined 10s, in- cluding coats, in default seven days' hard labour. OBSTRUCTING THE POLICE.-Arising out of this case Evan Lewis, Bryntwda, Penegoes, farmer, was charged by P.S. Owen with having obstructed him in the execution of his duty on Dec 23.-The defendant did not appear. Sergt Owen said that the defendant in the previous case refusing to give his name, he and Constable Jones threatened to lock him up. At this point the defendant Lewis came up and demanded his release, at the same time putting up his fists in fighting fashion. He cautioned him not to interfere, but they would hwe been glad if he had taken the defendant off quietly. -Fined 10s including costs. WARRANTS TO BE ISSUED IN FUTURE. — The attention of the Bench was drawn to the fact that none of the defendants had so far put in an appear- ance, and the justices decided that in future when defendants were not present the cases would be adjourned, and warrants issued for their appre- hension. DRUNK ON LICENSED PREMISES.—Morgan Jones, farmer, Cwmdyryn, Uwchygarreg, was charged by P.C. J D Jones with having been found drank on the licensed premises of the Red Lion on Christmas ENe. The defendant did not appear.-P.C. Jones said that he went to the Red Lion and found the defendant in a drunken state. He went out when asked to do so.—The Clerk: Where did he get the drink ?-The Constable I don't know.-Fined 10s including costs. ON CHRISTMAS DAY.-P.C. Ellis charged John Evans, labourer, Llwynglas, Bont, with having been drunk on the highway on Christmas Day. The defendant did not appear.-P.C. Ellis said that the defendant was swearing and wanting to fight the best man in the place.—The Clerk Were there any men there ? No.-You were the only one?—Yes. Fined 10s including costs, in default seven days bard labour. THE NEW ACT.The Bench called the attention of the police to the new Act regulating the sale of drink to children, and they were directed to pay attention to the dinner hour period. THANKS TO THE CLERK.—On the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Mr Stable, the Bench passed a vote of thanks to the Clerk (Mr David Evans), for the excellent work done by him, and wished him a happy New Year, and expressed the hope that he would long remain with them to dis- charge the duties of the office.-Mr Evans replied, and referred to the cordial relations that had always existed between them. THE PRINCE OF "WALKS.-—On the motion of the Chairman, it was agreed to send a resolution con- gratulating H.R.H. Prince of Wales upon his accession to the title, and wishing him all joy in his new office.