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-*> TOWYN,


-*> TOWYN, Our representative in Towyn is Mr 0 W Hughes, Cader View, and we shall be much obliged if clerks of local authorities, secretaries of sports, &c., would send notices of meetings, and orders for advertise- ments and printing to that address. NEW YEAR'S DAY.—The opening day of the year passed off very quietly here, the majority of the younger inhabitants paying a visit to the Eisteddfod at the county town. The children, however, were early clamoaring for "clenig" and, as usual, received copious supplies of sweets, Ac, from the shopkeepers and residents. RETURN.—Mr J Clwyd Symond, third son of the Rev J H Symond, High street, returned home on Saturday from the West Coagt of Africa. Mr Symond was unable to stand the terribly trying climate of the white man's grave," and suffered severe attacks of the malarial fever. We are pleased to understand, however, that he is now progressing favourably. WATCH NIGRT.- Under the auspices of the Wes- leyan Connexion, a Watchnight service was held on Tuesday week, under the presidency of the Rev Robert Jones, Gwynfa. Songs were rendered by Mr H Morgan Jones, carols by Miss Edwards and party and the Pontfathew Glee Society (under the leadership of Mr Griffith Griffiths) and appropriate addresses were delivered by the Rev Peter Jones, pastor, and the president. There was a good attend- ance aull i)¡ cQ,-bÎ.orQ¡očor;r :rognltod. FOOTBALL,—Next Saturday Machynlleth are ex- pected here to play the Rovers in a friendly match. The latter been doing exceptionally well this season, more especially in the Welsh Junior Cap competition, and a keen game is sure to result. In view of the heavy expenses which fall upon the town club in connection with the Dolgelley Cup competition, we trust that the supporters will attend in as large numbers as possible. REMOVAL.—The studios of Mr C H Young, High street, are being removed by the builders from their present position to the new premises adjoining the police station, by the workmen of Messrs Jones, Hughes and Edwards. This will leave an unpleas- ant looking gap in High street, which possibly may be built up with houses. BETHESDA IMPROVEMENT SOCIETY. — The last meeting of this society, under the presidency of Mr Hugh Griffith, College Green, took the form of a prayer meeting in which members took part. At the close several members expressed their apprecia- tion of this form of spending the evening. DEPARTURE OF CAPTAIN KIRKBY.— Last Monday week Captain E W Kirby left for a voyage to the Cape, having been advised that a long sea voyage and a warmer climate would enable him to recover more lapidly. His progress, owing to the very severe wound which he received, is naturally slow, but his illness is borne with exemplary fortitude, At Towyn very great sympathy is expressed with the Captain more especially by the Volunteers, and his many friends most heartily wish him renewed health and strengLh ia the coming year. BANQUET.—On Monday evening, at the Corbett Arms Hotel, a complimentary banquet was given by Mr J D Latimer (the host) to his friends. There were present Messrs J Lloyd Hughex, F Thomas (N. & P. Bank), H F Carpenter, E Howard Daniel, J C Edwards, Ernest Vaughan, Rees Jones, Samuel Edmunds, R Jones, J Vaughan, R P Daniel, J Jones (ex-postmaster), T Charles Jones, J Davies (Red Lion street), John Lloyd, E F Tookey, and Dr E Lewys.Lloyd. A splendid menu was placed before the guests, and after the tables had been cleared the usual loyal toasts were honoured. Afterwards songs were rendered by Messrs John Davie! J C Edwards John Lloyd, W Rowlands, E F ToJkey a° if o wys-Lloyd, While recitations were Mr6E FT ? ud8' J YauShan> and J C Edwards. Mr E F Tookey accompanied, and a very eniovable evening was spent. y euJ°yame BETHEL IMPROVEMENT SOCIETY. At the last meeting under the presidency of the Rev T R Jones (pastor) a very interesting discussion took place as to whether it was right that women should take part in public meetings, &c. Miss A Daniel (Bryn. hyfryd), took the negative side in a very powerful and convincing paper.-Miss L J Roberts, Board School, was to have taken the affirmative but, being unable to attend, Mr J Maethlon James volunteered 5nll V f^pion. lengthy discussion .ollowed in which the following took parts-Rev T R Jones (president), J Geufrouydd Jones (vice- president), J Maethlon James, Miss Davies, Bryn- ZiVp8! iane/T' Messrs H Morgan Jones, and J Pritchard. On a vote being taken it was found that 23 were for the affirmative and 15 for the negative.—On the proposition of Mr E Griffith Daniel and M T of ?anks waa accorded Miss Uaniel and Mr James. It was decided to make the meeting of January 20 a public one, as a lecture is announced to be delivered by the Rev R R Wil- PETTY SESSIONS.-FRiDAT Before Messrs H Haydn Jones and J Hughes-Jones. A QUFSTION OF GAME RIGHTS.Robert Daviee Fndd Gate, near Corria, was charged by Mr Cruick- shank, inland revenue officer at Aberystwvth, with having attempted to kill some game without a licence, on the 19th of October.-The defendant was represented by Mr J Jenkins, Machynlleth- Mr Cruickshank read the eection of the Act dealing with the matter, and maintained that attempting kill game was equivalent to actual killing according to the Act, but stated that the question had been the subject of appeal before the High lqTv! n f u Tl °Jeth6 °aSe Were tbafc 011 iJl., r ober J[ast^jJefenda.nt was seen by David shooting at partridges. He fired two shots but 1 failed to hit any of them, but he considered that the offence was just as bad as if he had killed some, and asked for a substantial penalty as it was very difficult to get hold of such cases. The maxi- mum penalty for an offence of this nature was £ 20.—Mr Jenkins, on behalf of the defendant, said he had a formal objection to make against the time of the serving of the summons, which according to the Act quoted by the supervisor, it was necessary to serve within seven days of the committal of the offence. This had not been done. A lengthy discussion of a technical character ensued, Mr Cruickshank arguing that the act mentioned by Mr Jenkins was an older one of 1868, which had since been repealed, but Mr Jenkins maintained that this section of the act, dealing with serving of the summons within 7 days, had not been repealed. The Clerk explained that it was necessary to give 10 day's notice before the hearing, and within 7 days after the offence.- Edward O'Connor Horgan, said that in consequence of information received from David Roberts, he went over to see Davies to hear what he had to say, and he questioned his (Horgan's) right, to do anything to him. Cross-examined He admitted that the summons was not served before 7 days were over.—Mr Cruickshank, interposing, remarked that this was immaterial, but he would admit that up to 1898, it was necessary to serve the summons within 7 days, but it was not so now.—Mr H Haydn Jones: It was not observed in the case ? Mr Cruickshank: No. In reply to the clerk, whether he could prove his statement, he said he had not got the act with him. Mr Jones proposed an adjournment, and Mr Jenkins asked for costs but Mr Jones stated they could not grant them.— Mr Jenkins: In that case I will go on with it.- David Roberts, gamekeeper, Machynlleth was the next witness called. He was in the employ of Mr Joseph Holt. He saw the defendant in the place mentioned on October 19. lie had with him a gun and a lurcher dog, and when a bevy of patridge rose, he fired at them twice, but missed. He (Roberts) was about 50 yards away at the time watching, and he went after him into the roadway, and asked him what he meant by i. He replied that he only shot at a woodpecker.—Cross-examined: He knew that Davies had a gun license, and had only been a keeper for about three years, previously to ttiat. hA was a labourer at the quarries. He was not trespassing as he was on his own land, asKea whether he was aware that Davies had permission from Miss Hewitt, to take care of the game on the land, he replied that he knew nothing of it. He only reported to his employer as he did not think it was necessary to do more. He knew that Davies had a gun license.— Mr Jenkins stated that the defendant was specially engaged by Miss Hewitt to look after the game, as she possessed the sport- ing rights over the land, and Roberts had no business to be on the land at all, in fact he was trespassing, and he and his employer had been repeatedly warned that they were doing so. Davies was carrying out his duties as keeper.-Robert Davies, the defendant, said that on the day in question, about 3 30, he was at Cwmcardin, and shot at a woodpecker. Davies came up and charged him with shooting game. Defendant said he had better send his dog to search for something, if he thought there was anything to be found. He did so and failed to find anything, but charged him with shooting at game, with intent to kill.— Mr Jones Parry, Esgair Hall, said he was steward to Miss Hewitt, who had the sporting rights of 2,000 acres, which she bad bought from Col Ruck. Roberts had no right to be there, but Davies had every right, as he had been engaged by Miss Hewitt. —After a short discussion the Bench decided to dismiss the case, each party to pay their own costs. WIfE ASSAULT.—The charge by P.S. Morris against Francis Francis, tailor, Red Lion street, Towyn, of unlawful wounding, was reduced to that of common assault. The defendant said that any- thing ha bad done was not intentional. — Ann Francis, wife of defendant, said that the affray took place on Christmas Eve. He came in about 11 30 that evening, and commenced to quarrel with the daughter-in-law, when she got hold of the poker and struck him. (The poker and tongs were pro. duced). He struck her on the side of the head with the tongs and she remembered no more for some time. She was attended by Dr Lloyd, and With defendant, which caused the quarrel AftZ the blow was struck, Mrs Francis was ?n an un! conscious state and bleeding profuselv nnH ■<- at once ran for a doctor -Dr F T ow 7.' T1 j"1^88 that he was called to°the ^o^e 6JIteed and found Mrs Francis in an unconscious condition be*1 ShS been in a serious condition, but had got over the crisis now. He was of opinion from the nature of te wound that it was caused bv the tones wf Said he had nothing to say exceDt thai accidenta11y struck her on the head. His wife added that she did not think it was u day6; "thfchfrdhLbo°urld g° t0 prisOQ CHIMNEY FIRING.—W. E G U j t • accident.-Defendant did not appear, and he was fined Sa including costs. MAINTENANCE.-Reea Francifl, Red Lion street, was charged by Wm Jones, relieving officer to thA Man'hy,ll.J-L rt- orto'oiTd ret»f« P»7<m father Thn n j« e ra^iatenance of his "i Cruardia,ns asked for power to increase the order to Is weekly._&ranted urease RIDINQ WITHOUT A LiGHT.-John Lewis Aher dovey, was charged by P.C Edward vu'i • ridden a bicycle without a light. The^defe T'T who did not appear, was fined 5^ indudingto^r'' ALLEGED BREACH OF SALMON FISHING ACT Hugh Evans, Maesyllan, and Rob^r/- j Hendre, Llanfihangel, were charged with ? 1 the defendants, and under the circumstances as DRUNK AND DISORDERLY. — tfwen T)wens~2Htr Robert W Jones were charged with being drunk and disorderly on the Bryncrng road on the 19th infit.-P.C. Jones said that they were staggering along the road, and swearing fearly.—The former appeared and admitted the offenee.-The Bench imposed a fine of 2s 6d with costs on each defendant.

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